21 Thunder (2017) s01e08 Episode Script

Rock and a Hard Place

1 Previously on 21 Thunder: Rocas has resigned as head coach.
You're in.
Congratulations, Coach! That ring is my brother's.
Why do you wear it? I'm sorry.
Your brother is dead.
I need to know what really, happened to my brother Grégoire, how he died.
- Joseph Bamba? - Yes? Come to the station with us, please.
Next game against London, you're gonna get me a ref, a coach, and at least one special player.
No risks.
I'm being sacked? Maybe I can help you with your money problems.
How much are we talking? $50K down payment.
You can't win against London.
I need your help.
(Gunshot, dog barking) Go! Go! Come on! I'm not scared.
We should take the video to the police.
If you're as smart as you think, go to Dublin.
You better pray that soccer star prick of yours comes through.
(Yelping, muffled) (Players talking, indistinct) Your boy not coming? (Sighing heavily) You're lucky you still got friends in here.
Friends? That might be generous.
Arrived for you.
What the hell does that mean? If I knew I wouldn't tell you.
Now, take me back to my box.
Junior Lolo? Da Costa, Major Crimes.
I believe you can assist us in the investigation of the death of Isaac Boka.
I want you to come with me now, Junior.
Where? PDQ 33.
East Division.
Let me see your hands.
Do you own any rings, Junior? Can we check your bag and locker? OK.
Tell coach what happened.
PDQ 33.
(Speaking Akan language) Understand? They suffocated him, cut him up and then stuffed him in that van to look like suicide.
I've got Joseph Bamba next door swearing that you hired him to kill Isaac Boka.
(Speaking Akan language) That that is not true.
Fatima's here too, just a few doors over.
What's she gonna say, Junior? That I am innocent.
Who's gonna believe you, Junior? 50.
Declan Gallard.
Thunder to win vs.
Thunder to win vs.
And yes, we want a receipt.
(Airplane whooshing) I feel like I'm running away.
That'll pass.
You'll settle in, you'll see.
(Sniffling) I'm so proud of you.
I'll be home for Christmas.
You better be.
(Whistle blowing) (Exhaling sharply) (Whistle blowing) I saw you tense up around those cops.
A lot of people get tense around cops.
You're a truth-teller, mate.
I'll say that much.
Let's talk later.
(Dinging) OK, got 2 to 1.
(Phone ringing) Our bet making waves? We get a big money bet on one side, I adjust my odds, the world follows.
They trust you more than we do.
Because the game's here in Montreal, I Look, I see a bookie in Melbourne swing his odds on a cricket match down under.
That's his turf, right? I figure he's heard something, changing his odds to cover his risk.
So I follow his lead.
They're just doing the same thing now.
Following the big dog.
(Chuckling) (Phone ringing) OK, good.
We're up 3 to 1, Thunder to win.
That quarter million worked.
Well, get ready, Big Dog, 'cause tomorrow, we bring you the swing bet.
Traces of blood.
Recognize it? (Speaking Akan language) From Bamba's café.
But anyone could have taken it from there.
Who was Isaac Boka to you? A man pretending to be my brother.
Where is your brother? He's dead.
And you think Isaac Boka killed your brother.
That's why you wanted him dead.
No! I don't want him dead.
They broke his fingers to take his ring off.
What do you know about his ring? It was my brother's.
And where is it now? I don't I don't know.
How did Bamba find Isaac's van? Isaac was killed some time on the night of the 14th.
Where were you that night? I was at the hospital with my brother Sly and Fatima.
Is she your girlfriend? You know they were screwing, don't you? Fatima and Bamba.
Help me get him.
Help me get him, and maybe I help you too.
Are you charging my client? Not yet Come on, let's go.
but we're looking at him for conspiracy.
He stays in Montreal.
All right guys, come on.
The other end.
Let's go.
I misjudged him.
Junior's a leader and a good man to have around, especially since Alex is gone.
Ten years with the 3 amigos is almost over.
These are the last days for us, man.
I could always count on you.
I won't forget it.
Why you gotta say it like that? 'Cause that's how it is.
You and I go back carelessly though we just met Didn't think you'd love me (Both chuckling) (Both): Hey! I wasn't sure if you were gonna make it.
I spent the whole flight looking forward to this.
It's good to see you.
How are you, you nut? I'm better.
Yeah? How come? Well, 'cause you're here, and I'm buying a ticket to Thailand today.
No school, no soccer, nothing, until I sort my shit out.
- You really quit Utah? - Well They wanted you for first team.
You were going pro.
Well, I'm on medical leave, so we'll see.
(Cell phone ringing) (Sighing) Dublin flight's delayed.
They need to send a new plane from Winnipeg.
You got time for a drink, globetrotter? The world can wait.
Did you cut your hair? I did.
Thanks for noticing.
It looks nice.
(Chuckling) You need to get him out of here.
Keep all of this offline.
Are you OK? (Door opening) You liar! You did this to me.
You did this to me! You scumbag! (Shouting in Akan language) What did you tell them? The truth.
I don't think they care.
(Woman speaking on PA, indistinct) I always hated flying.
I got high.
It was the only way I could do it.
What happened? I don't know.
I guess, you know, since I left Utah, I made a couple decisions for myself.
I don't feel so anxious all the time.
They changed you down there.
Are you wearing those Mormon underwear too? Yeah, they're white, and they're tight.
(Chuckling) Pick any one of those places.
Where would you go? And don't say Dublin! Day of the Dead in Mexico.
- Really? - I'm serious! Hmm! People play music all night.
They socialize.
They tell funny stories about their dead relatives.
Seems very healthy.
I wanna see that.
Doctor Death.
(Both chuckling cell phone beeping) Hmm.
Delayed? Yep.
Never fly charter.
(Both chuckling) (Junior): I never came to Montreal to play soccer.
I came to find my older brother.
Someone from Abidjan swore they saw him here in Montreal.
(Voice breaking): Grégoire is dead.
And the man pretending to be him is also dead, maybe murdered.
I'm very sorry, Junior.
Look, I know I'm not your family, but I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to help you and Sly.
No obligations, OK? (Whispering): Thank you.
I don't want you speaking to anybody until we speak about it.
We'll have a meeting in my office.
We'll have to speak to Christy, she's here.
Meet you at my office.
I'll be there in 5 minutes.
If word gets out that Junior was arrested That is not what happened.
It compromises his value.
That's how it is.
Look, I want to protect our kids too.
There is huge pressure building around this London game.
They're showing signs of it at practice.
What do you want? To sequester the team.
Put the boys up in a hotel tonight.
Keep them safe, focused, until after the game.
It would also help to avoid any leaks about Junior.
Do it.
Wow! Sick room! Check out this TV! There's somewhere I need to go.
We've got curfew.
I won't be long.
Please, cover for me.
(Phone dialling) - Operator? - Room service, please.
(Cell phone beeping and buzzing) I'm not getting out of here till dawn.
If I go back home now, I don't think I'll have the courage to leave again.
I'll stay with you.
It'll be like camping.
(Chuckling) Did the police read you your rights? I can't remember.
I don't think so.
Talk me through what the police said to you, step by step.
Why would Bamba call us liars? Because of my past with him? He probably thinks you're jealous and trying to convince the police he's guilty.
Are you? No.
But I should, especially if he's the killer.
What have you told Sly? Nothing.
Junior I will tell him all after the game.
And I will tell him that Grégoire is dead.
I have to go back.
(Door opening, closing) (Sniffling) (Phone dialling) Hey, you've reached Nolan.
Leave a message.
We need you to lose that game tomorrow, boy.
You know I couldn't protect your mother, and it nearly killed me.
I tried to protect you.
And that felt good like I was some kind of father to you again.
(Cell phone buzzing) But it couldn't last.
I couldn't save you because I couldn't save myself.
(Phone beeping) Nolan! It's time we had that talk now.
Come on.
(Sighing) You're in some trouble, aren't you? You did something bad, and now some people wanna use it against you tomorrow in the game.
Yeah, my father.
Aye, I know the way.
How? Because I'm a part of it.
We're both locked in, you and me.
This isn't about honour.
Fuck that! (Exhaling sharply) This is about survival.
And sometimes being a pro is knowing when you're beat.
You just do what you have to do and live to fight another day.
So tomorrow, we make sure the Thunder lose, or we both go down, hard! You know, I got nowhere else to go.
But you You chose this.
You're nothing.
You should be in your room.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Can I have a word? (Sighing) What kind of advice you giving Nolan? How to crush that liver by 30? Nah, he just wanted some pro tips and such for the big game tomorrow.
(Clearing throat) OK.
So (Sighing) One, park the bus.
Put ten behind the ball.
Use our organization, our work rate.
Shut their attack down.
Strangle them.
Or We just go for it.
Nolan's right foot, Tran's speed, Junior's playmaking We surprise them.
Firepower versus firepower, let the gods decide.
Just keep it simple.
Just play it safe, take what you can That's it? Aye.
All right.
But then there's still this wild card, the ref.
I don't have any proof, but he's suspicious as hell! - And no one seems to care, but - Just go with it! Just forget about it! I don't wanna hear that shite, your shite! It's not Manchester derby, OK? It's an under-21 friendly.
Coach the damn game, and that is it! Move on, piss off, out my door, fuck off, bye! Leave! (Liquid pouring) (Door closing) ( Haunted by Stwo ) So drive slow Drive slow (Whispering): Oh, it's security! - What? - Shh! (Giggling) Let me see it glow Don't stop Don't stop I wanna hide forever in your arms Drive slow Drive slow Let me see your face Let me see it glow Don't stop Don't stop I'm sorry.
That was all my fault.
Not it wasn't.
It's OK.
I guess I I'm not ready.
No, I get it.
It's OK, totally.
You know, there's something else.
'Cause we're haunted For the next and the best and for something Tran, open the door.
I've forgotten my key.
Junior! Dude's gonna be Chill, chill! Take this.
(Cell phone buzzing) (Cell phone popping) 'Cause we're haunted 'Cause we're haunted (Chuckling) So drive slow (Sighing) You told the team you're a no-show tomorrow? I'm down with Brisbane influenza.
Mangano puts $1 million on London tomorrow.
(Sighing) They're now 1 to 3 underdogs.
He fixes the game, triples his money.
We get a small taste.
That's not good enough for me.
You? (Chuckling) Next time, I protect myself from all of this.
My idea, my profit.
I want in.
Long term.
You got the stones for this long term, college girl? My family's been bad for a really long time.
(Inhaling deeply) That was supposed to change with me, but I guess we're gonna have to wait.
First player has a one in six chance of getting shot.
(Gun clicking) (Laughing) Second time, it's one in five.
(Gun clicking) Then one in four.
(Gun clicking) One in three.
(Gun clicking) Fifty-fifty (Breathing heavily) Or you fix the odds.
We finish this for Mangano.
We find some seed money.
We break free.
We run our own rip-offs.
You mean, you run them.
You'll benefit.
I mean, maybe I was just a PR gimmick.
But now, we're on this big stage, Mom.
I mean, I've got a chance I don't think anyone planned on giving me.
But there's a lot of doubters.
You should see what they're saying about me online.
There's people I can't trust.
(Sighing) You were alone too.
You always had to fight so hard.
How'd you survive? Is is there a specific problem? Sure.
Do I turtle against London, or do I go straight at them? Years ago, you fired me as an agent and coach.
(Chuckling) Now you want my advice? Mom I think it's like this.
We've both helped and hurt each other over the years.
But I want you in my life.
Do you want me in yours? That's the question you have to answer.
I'm not gonna force this anymore, Mom.
(Liquid slurping) Mom! You survive by being smarter and braver.
What does that mean? They'll expect you to defend.
But you take the fight to them! I'll leave a ticket for you.
(Sighing) (Sighing) He said he wanted to do it.
OK, wait.
He said it was his idea to go after the Haitian? Yes.
His idea to hurt the guy? Yeah, and that he didn't care at all.
He said he needed money and that now I'm leaving.
So what else has he got? Who else has he got? Hey, look, I don't believe the story that he told you, OK? But I think something did happen that he couldn't stop.
And now he's trying to save me.
I can fly out tomorrow.
I gotta go find Nolan.
(Woman speaking French on PA) I'll go with you, OK? (Door opening) Good morning, ladies and gentleman.
Here we go.
(Zippers opening) $1 million in cash.
$900,000 from Mr.
$100,000 from Declan Gallard.
All on London, now 1 to 300 odds to beat favoured Montreal.
And Mr.
Mangano already knows Montreal will lose, right? Well, nobody likes a loser, Jerry.
Just look at your loyal clientele.
(Whispering): Jesus Christ! What are you and Declan's boy gonna do today? We're gonna lose.
(Players talking, indistinct) (Player): Shh! (Talking stops) Tran.
You broke ankles against LA to score that first goal that made us believe.
(All cheering and applauding) Del Rossi.
(Chuckling softly) You dished out more filthy tackles in NYC than anyone all year.
(All cheering and applauding) (Players thumping benches) Junior.
(Player): J! Your two against Vancouver taught this team to never say die.
(All cheering and applauding) Lavoie.
You're a miserable prick! (Players laughing, Christy chuckling) But you're our miserable prick! (All cheering and applauding) Stefan.
You won it in Boston, threw down for a teammate.
Sacrifice and pride.
(All cheering and applauding) Nolan.
That circus goal in Philly was art.
(Player): Whoo! You've been a leader here a lot of years.
Lead us today.
(All cheering and applauding) I am proud of you all.
We're true to who we are.
We're a team of courage, skill.
And win or lose, we're gonna give them a game here in Montreal they'll never forget! (All cheering and applauding) Today, we take the game to them! (All cheering and applauding) (Junior): Thunder buddies! (Player): Bring it! My brother and I wanna thank you for being our family so far from home.
And it is my honour to play for you, Coach Cook! - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! (All cheering and whooping) - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! (Crowd cheering and applauding) Ana.
Congratulations on the wedding.
No more excuses on the field.
OK? - Hey.
- Hey.
- Good luck, Coach.
- Yeah.
You too.
(Whistle blowing) (Announcer): So, here we go! Game on! I can't quite believe our Montreal U-21s are about to square off against mighty London Crown in the 24th edition of the InterCon Cup.
Pressure, pressure! The odds are stacked (Grunting) but if Montreal can keep the game close, who knows? We dare to dream, folks.
Good pass! Go, go, go! Up the line! Whoo! (Inmates murmuring) Here's Tran with a chance.
Oh, foul, surely! No attempt at all to get the ball.
Get up! Play on.
(Christy): Red card, Ref! Come on! You tell me you didn't see that? That's a red! That was a clear foul on Tran, a dead-certain stonewall penalty.
Hey, Ref! Got something you wanna say, number 4? Hmm? Referee Desjardins clearly wants to let both teams play here.
But does he risk losing control of this game? This referee, he's terrible! Seven yellows to Thunder, only one for London.
Can the Thunder spark something here? They're on the attack close to the edge of the penalty area.
And here is Junior Lolo with some superb skill.
And a cross to Oh! (Whistle blowing) Another shocking miss from Nolan Gallard, one of the team leaders and their misfiring number 9.
As much as that was an absolute sitter, at least the Thunder are creating chances.
(Cell phone buzzing) You want to make a side bet? One second.
Junior's pace is certainly worrying them.
You already borrowed from Mangano to make the big wager.
Screw you! I got contingency.
50 Gs.
Someone will come by in a few minutes to give it to you.
Yo, how does Mangano feel about that? Fuck him! Yeah, well, it's dangerous to fuck him! So what's in it for me? Half of nothing or half of everything.
At 50 to one, we're talking serious money.
(Crowd cheering and applauding) Yes, yes, yes! Tran looks tired, do you not think? No.
The Thunder are threatening again.
Here's the cross.
Junior's waiting for it.
He gets it! It's there! A tremendous header from him.
Whoo! Ha ha! (Whistle blowing) Oh, but wait a second.
Desjardins has overruled his linesman here.
He says it was offside.
No goal.
That is a bad call, Ref.
That is not offside.
- Not a goal, Junior.
- That was a goal! An incensed Lolo robbed of a wonderful effort.
Come on! Look at your linesman! (Crowd booing) (Junior): That was a goal, ref! Just keep talking.
Defence! Come on, come on! (Grunting) (Crowd): Oh! (Whistle blowing) (Moaning) (Groaning) - Are you OK? - It's my knee! My knee, my knee! (Moaning) (Grunting) - There's a doctor on the field.
- I got it.
Come on, it's our damn honeymoon! (Whistle blowing) (Announcer): We are level at nil-nil.
Extra time awaits.
And we've got a new referee.
We wish Mr.
Desjardins a speedy recovery, of course, but the Thunder won't miss him.
He's done Montreal no favours here today.
This brave Montreal side have gone toe-to-toe with this powerhouse London squad.
But how much longer can they last? How can they just release him? (Ines): I have a restraining order against Bamba in my hand.
But what if he claims Junior hired him to kill Isaac? Then we'll be in for a real fight.
Keep it tight, fellas! (All cheering) Come on, that's it, that's it! Take Mo off for another striker.
We go for it now.
Fourth official! Ten for 23.
- Stop moving.
Can he go? - To a hospital, yeah! - I can play.
- I think it's a meniscal tear.
Maybe a ruptured ligament too.
You play on this, you risk permanent injury.
I don't care.
They need me.
This is my team.
Hey, there is life after soccer.
Lay down.
(Whistle blowing) Why are you taking me off? Sit down.
Just sit down.
(Whistle blowing) - I'm gonna call you back - OK.
Where's Sly? He left when you were on the phone.
I told you let me know when either of you went anywhere.
Let's go.
He's only been gone a couple of minutes.
No, we have to look for him.
(Marie): We gotta compress, then bring down the swelling.
(Stefan grunting) What are you doing off the field? We need you in there.
Ask him.
Listen to me.
You get away from my team right now.
- You don't understand - No! Get off the field! Bastard! (Crowd booing) (Body thudding) (Player yelping) (Whistle blowing) (Crowd cheering) A free kick.
This is yours, Nolan.
We win or we lose with you.
(Spray whooshing) (Announcer): According to my watch, 90 minutes plus injury time are up.
This is it, the last piece of action.
Then extra time, where I fear for Montreal against this deep London squad.
You got this, Noles.
(Crowd cheering and whistling) (Whistle blowing) (Exhaling sharply) (Breathing deeply) (Whistle blowing) Come on, come on, come on! Ah, hell! (Grunting) La maledetta! Oh! Nolan Gallard! (Whistle blowing) Fuck! He has done it.
(Squealing) He is the hero! (Players cheering) (Both laughing) Whoo-hoo! Come on! (Women laughing) (Players roaring) (Whistle blowing 3 times) That's it.
One-nil for the Montreal Thunder.
- Shit! - Yes! (Kevin laughing wickedly) My boy! Fuck yes! (Inmates scoffing, metal smashing) (Guard): OK guys, calm down! (Laughing) (Declan): You think my boy would kneel to you? He's a Gallard! You hear that? He's a Gallard! (Laughing) Give it to him.
Give it! (Sighing) Fuck me! Old man bet on his boy, man! He made us a lot of money.
- What? - He made us a lot of money! How much? Oh, you you got seed money for days.
For days! For days! Yes! (Inmates grunting and shouting) (Chairs smashing) (Buzzer sounding) (Smoke hissing) (Inmates coughing) (All cheering) (Muttering): What do I do? Out of the way! (Muttering indistinctly) (Buzzer sounding) (Knife whooshing) (Breathing heavily) (Knife whooshing) (Knife whooshing, both grunting) (Body thudding, grunting) What a goal, eh? What a goal! What a goal! (Cheering) (Knives whooshing) (Grunting) (Grunting) (Blood squelching) (Grunting) (Breathing heavily) (Punch landing) Aaah! Nice goal, mate.
(Knife whooshing, Declan yelping) (Grunting) (Laboured breathing) Whoo! Junior.
Sly's gone.
Sly is gone? Let's find him! Sly? Sly! Grégoire! I thought you were dead.
I was.
(Breathing heavily) (Cheering) (Junior crying) I love you, man.
(Fans cheering) Nolan! (Sighing) (Sighing) - (Christy): Montreal! - (All): Thunder! - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! - Montreal! - (All): Thunder! (All): Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! (Sighing)