24 Hours in Police Custody (2014) s03e01 Episode Script

Bad Blood

This programme contains strong language from the start.
A small town on the outskirts of Luton is seeing a spike in teenage violence.
Once a suspect is in custody, the police have 24 hours to investigate and interview.
After that, it's either charge or release.
You have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking.
On suspicion of stalking.
on suspicion of GBH.
Possession and making of indecent images of children.
On suspicion of conspiracy to murder.
Start explaining.
It's the police's job to ask what really happened.
Where were you on 28th March? -It was not me.
I was not there.
That could have been 101 people, but it's nothing to do with me.
Open the door now! Who's innocent? Who's guilty? Why would Pete say that you'd assaulted in? Because he's deluded, he's a drunk.
-Well, that's nonsense.
Armed police! Show me your hands! From the street to the interrogation rooms Where's the knife? Did you have a knife? He made a specific threat that he is going to kill her.
From the suspects to the head of CID.
That's one hell of a shirt, David.
I'm loving it.
SIREN these are the men and women who have just 24 hours to find the evidence.
I'm not letting him get away with it.
-I want him nicked and charged.
If it kicks off, I'm out of the door.
I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Will they discover it before time runs out? Ah! Good news.
Got him.
Last night's violent incident is being handled by detectives in CID.
I love investigation.
I've got a licence to be nosy.
Well, I was born in Luton.
It riles me up when people call Luton a shithole, because actually Luton, on a whole, is not a shithole.
I have a lot of family and friends in this town.
It doesn't matter where you live, whether it's Luton or anywhere else, I just think you should be made to feel safe.
OK, stop doing that.
INDISTINC Blood on the back of his head.
Turn him round.
Turn round, mate.
Why? I just want to see what's at the back of your head.
You've got a lot of blood on you.
He's just come from hospital.
19-year-old Dylan McEwan is the first suspect to be brought in.
INDISTINC They put four staples in my head.
They should INDISTINC my back.
What, and I beat them up? Right, listen, I need to go through this stuff with you.
Are you seizing his clothes? Do you need them? You can take them if you want INDISTINC Dylan, just wait.
-Can you come and stand back over here? It's shit.
I've got a fucking banging headache.
I know.
I want to get you to see a doctor.
You're talking shit.
Right, listen, I'm not talking shit, am I? I been to the hospital.
They've stapled me up.
Now I'm standing in front of you.
I still need to ask you a series of questions about your health, don't I? We've got to look after you, haven't we, while you're here? I want you to see a doctor.
INDISTINC and you nick me for it.
Have you got You're looking after me.
I am, aren't I? Copper looking after me.
Can you pop him in DR3, please? Shouldn't I POLICEMAN: Because of the nature of the offence you've been arrested for, we are going to have to take your clothing.
Bung in that top.
He is a Dylan McEwan.
He arrived with us at 01.
He's He sustained a head injury before coming into custody.
Dylan McEwan was brought in from hospital after he regained consciousness.
Police suspect the attack was in revenge for a robbery he is suspected of committing.
I was a little shit back in the day.
But I've sort of grown out of it.
I've got a daughter.
I'm trying to stay out of trouble now.
I've got a job.
So not any more.
Morning, mate.
Here's your breakfast.
Tea, coffee? I've had a pretty hard life myself, and I don't want that for my daughter.
INTERVIEWER: What do you want? My dad died when I was young.
And I don't really talk to my mum.
Obviously I don't want that life for my daughter.
That was why I was trying to step out of the trouble, and that's why I got myself a job.
What happened to your dad? He was injecting with heroin.
I was young, I was about three, so I didn't really understand, you know what I mean? Do you ever think about him now? Yeah, obviously all the time, yeah.
He's just been sick all over the place, yeah? Completely, over there, yeah? He's just chundered up big-time and stuff.
KEYS RATTLE, COUGHING Hello, Dylan, mate.
So, we've got plenty of time on our clock.
Dylan McEwan's case is being investigated by Detective Constable Cathie Layton and her boss, Detective Sergeant Emma James.
And when was he arrested? Er, 00:35.
Er, today.
-Aw! I've just remembered.
Say happy birthday to my sister.
She's in Heaven.
Everyone loves working with Cathie, because of who she is.
Er, yeah, I Yeah, I I would say Cathie's a friend, yeah.
And, actually, we don't have that many friends within the police.
Um, yes, we've got a lot of colleagues, and we've got a lot of acquaintances, but, um, I would trust Cathie with doing anything.
"Brother Dylan McEwan was also in hospital, received lacerations "requiring four staples, a minor puncture and marks to his buttocks.
" Has he got stabbed? Was he stabbed We bounce off each other.
Er, she calls me Mrs L! 00:35, he was nicked And this happened at 20 past? Eight.
Good point, Batman! Glad you're here, Mrs Layton! 'We don't do the good cop, bad cop thing, ' but, um, I sometimes take the motherly route.
Let's have a quick look.
Dylan McEwan, '94, that makes him 19.
He looks older than that! Gosh, yeah.
He's had a hard life, bless him.
I'm sure he didn't start off bad and I'm sure, somewhere along the line, maybe he's got caught up in this stuff and that's just how it's gone.
And he ended up in the criminal justice system.
And it is sad.
It may be that he didn't have much of a chance in the first place.
Aw, young boy! -Very young boy.
-So he's on the cusp of being 14 years of age.
What was that for? He obviously thought that was a joke.
Growing up on our PNC, yeah.
Smiling away at the camera.
And then, it doesn't get funny then, does MIME Because Because he's getting into more and more trouble.
A bit of smirking.
WOMAN: 'Can you get a police car out here, please?' 'This fella, McEwan, he's smashing up my brother's van! 'And he's also assaulted' 'No, no, no, no! Right, can you tell me what Dylan looks like? 'Is he a white male?' 'And what's the other one called again?' 'Er, let me go back and have a look, let me write it down.
Connor' 'Get everyone in the house and lock the doors.
' 'Get everyone in the house and lock the doors.
' SIRENS WAIL Police are piecing together all of the 999 calls reporting Dylan McEwan.
We have got statements.
I've not read them, Cathie.
One accused him of robbery.
OK, so this is what's happened.
Dylan McEwan and Connor Moriarty have approached This is under yesterday? He's been pushed off his bike Yeah? "What you got for me? What you got for me?" Punching him, kicking him.
And at which point, he screams so loud that his mate and their family have then come out of the house and scuffles ensued.
And McEwan has spat at the mum.
Filth Aw, spitting is the ultimate disgusting thing to do to a human being.
So we've got another offence there? We have - common assault.
DOOR SWINGS OPENS MAN: Dylan? Dylan? Dylan? Come on, mate, wake up for me.
Detainees recovering from head injuries need to be woken every 30 minutes.
Is he not rousing? INAUDIBLE RESPONSE He's responding.
But he's not eyes open wide awake.
CHATTER OVER RADIO What's happening? -Dylan? Dylan.
The custody staff request the on-site medic.
Hello? Come on, fella.
Dylan? Wake up.
I've been processing.
Tom has been checking him.
Tom has just spoke to him.
I just asked him.
And he spoke back back to you, Tom, didn't he? TOM: Yeah THE REST IS INAUDIBLE Dylan, are you going to see the doctor? DC Layton has discovered that McEwan is suspected of being linked to a string of other allegations.
-This is a robbery! "Turn 'em over" is.
Well, that's what I thought, "Turn 'em over" is.
But then, I see, "So I can stab him.
" So it's "turn him round".
Bastards! Vile individual, in't he? Yeah, he is.
He needs locking up.
He's dangerous.
He hasn't met me and you yet in interview, Cathie! CATHIE LAUGHS Me and you - the dream team, Cathie! That's what it is.
Exactly! Dylan? Dylan? Are you going to take him back up, are you? Yeah, he's just OK.
We can't afford to” that's fine.
I'll just get some Going to need two to take him up to hospital.
” PAPERS RUSTLE, OVERLAPPING CHATTER WOMAN: Sorry, has anyone got a tissue? KEYS RATTLE, CHATTER CONTINUES WOMAN: They've got a blanket in the ambulance.
MAN: Are you all right walking? The 24 hour detention clock is paused whenever a suspect is taken to hospital.
Police will have to delay interrogating McEwan until the hospital doctor declares him fit and well.
We need to get Moriarty.
I know.
I've, er I'm on it.
Look at that.
Dylan McEwan's cousin, Connor Moriarty, was also named in the 999 call.
Every time I think of Moriarty, I think of Sherlock.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, it is.
I started watching that.
Cos it gets you thinking.
Um, I think Connor Moriarty, he's known for this kind of stuff.
I've had some dealings with him before in the past.
RADIO BEEPS Go ahead? Yes, yes.
If you can cover the back, yeah, we'll go to the front.
We've got all points covered and hopefully he'll answer the door.
Yeah, let's hope so.
Is Connor Moriarty here? WOMAN: All right.
Why? Are you looking for him Can we come in and have a look? Have you got a warrant? No, we haven't got a warrant.
Just take my word, he's not here.
And I would I would happily bring him here if he was inside.
Well, don't take it personally, but obviously, people lie to us.
That's fair enough, but you're not coming in without a warrant.
For us to update our systems to say that you allowed us in but I'm not letting you come in, cos you haven't got a warrant.
Fair enough.
Sorry to bother you.
All right, see youse later.
EMMA: 'Liam Moriarty wouldn't let them into Leighton Buzzard.
CATHIE: 'Why? He's a shit, in't he?' What, he just wouldn't let 'em in the front door? No.
Cos I bet he's in there.
But this is a serious offence.
Do you know what I mean? I'm not happy.
I'm not happy, DS James.
I know you're not.
-Cos I think We need to go and get him.
EMMA: 'Has he had his scan results yet, Phil?' He's going to be here for some hours.
Yeah, copy that.
Cheers, mate.
Did you hear that.
What's that? He's going to be there for some hours.
So, it might be, if we get to like nine, ten o'clock and he's still there, we'll just go home.
But the thing is, I'm not letting him get away with it.
No, we're not letting him get away with it! Frustrating, though.
Connor Moriarty needs to come in.
And then Do you think they'll try Connor again.
I'll tell them to try Connor again.
And ask them to be a bit more robust? Yes.
Sergeant, thank you.
EMMA LAUGHS DOG BARKS I've been here before.
Connor Moriarty is on police bail.
He's required to sleep at his father's house.
Hello? Police officers? Insecure premises? Hello? MAN: Hello? Is Connor Moriarty here? No, he doesn't live here.
No? We've been told he lives here.
You can come and have a look, though.
All right.
Have you got a phone number for him? Mobile Yeah.
What's his number? 07767 6-1.
-When was the last time you saw him, sir? Yesterday.
Yesterday? And where was that? Where was that? -Er, out the front there.
-So he came here, yeah What? Does he come here often, then? Yeah.
Yeah, daily, he comes here.
All right.
He's supposed to be staying with me.
So he's not staying here? So he's been breaching bail conditions? No.
He has been staying here.
Said he doesn't live here, so Before he got his bail conditions, he lived at Liam's, but once the bail conditions come in Hello? ON OFFICER'S PHONE: That's you there.
Oh, is it you? So, why is his phone here and he's not here? So where is he? You just gave us this number He's not here, mate.
His phone's here, so he was here.
That's my phone.
You just gave me that number, you said that's his number.
So why have you got his phone, then? No, that's Come on, man! Come on.
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
Come on, man.
Whose phone's that? That's my phone.
And this is my phone, yeah.
Yeah, you gave us that number As Connor's number.
As Connor's number.
Can you phone him, then.
No, I can't phone him, no.
How not? Cos you've got his phone, innit? That's MY phone.
Yeah, but you said that the phone that I just rang Oh, this phone, you mean? I've just rang that phone.
You said that's his phone number.
Yeah, I haven't got his number.
So that's his phone, isn't it? No, it's not, this is my phone.
It's in everyone's interests for you to help us find him.
I don't know where he is.
Or we'll come back knocking on your door at stupid o'clock.
I do not know where he is.
And you know I will as well.
Yeah, well, come back, innit? You can come back.
But I don't know where he is.
” All right, OK.
Right, thank you for your help, sir.
Thank you.
Remember to lock your front door, cos you've left it insecure, OK? Yeah, he's not there.
'It's Emma, how are you getting on with Moriarty?' No joy, Sarge.
' Hello.
Boys, when was the last time you've seen Connor? You know Connor? Connor? No.
Are youse all right? You know Connor? Bye-bye.
They're don't know him.
With McEwan still in hospital, all the detectives can do is wait.
THEY LAUGH On your profile, did you put "like jazz"m Have you not done that any more? On my profile, it says "plays football", that's about it.
I don't suppose you're pursuing it, are you? I've not been on it, no.
Because I got a message, so I looked at it and I thought, "Oh, she looks all right.
" EMMA LAUGHS So I asked her a question and I said, you know, um, like, "What do you do hobbies-wise?" And she said Right, wait for it "I like shopping and sex.
" Yeah, exactly.
And I went, "Whoa!" Delete.
THEY LAUGH And then, she goes, "Are you naughty?" and I I put back, "What do you mean?" I think I know what she meant, but I just wanted to be clear, and she goes, "Well, from that response, you're not naughty.
" And, um, and I put, "Not being funny, "but you could be a 60-year-old man pretending to be a woman", right? And then she deleted the message! Ah, yeah! -You cottoned on.
I cottoned on.
Your bloody detective skills kicked in there.
They did! That WAS a 60-year-old man I think it could've been.
getting turned on.
LAUGHTER Funny, innit? Plenty Of Fish.
Oh, my God! SIREN WAILS Hey, Mo.
All right, Sarge? How are you doing? How are you? Yeah, not bad.
Have you got this Dylan McEwan in? But he's currently at the hospital.
Oh, right.
There's a couple of allegations against him.
Um, what happened was, on the 28th of March um, he was BLEEP! was coming out the barber's Yeah.
He's been approached by Dylan McEwan Dylan McEwan was holding a knife.
Details are now filtering in of more crimes McEwan is suspected of committing.
We've got a couple more jobs for Dylan McEwan on CMS.
Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me.
Nasty ones.
And Dylan's wanted for? It's two other assaults.
Basically, um, knife and baton.
Oh, really? For Dylan? Let's have a look at them.
Cos we'll have him for them an' all, won't we? He'll definitely get locked up, won-t he? He's a fu Excuse my French.
He's a menace.
He's a menace! He's a menace to society, by the looks of it! 'Basically, Dylan McEwan terrorises the community.
' CHANTS: We love Luton Town! We love Luton Town! We love Luton, we love Luton, we love Luton Town! Whoo! ALL CHAN 8.
500 people today at that football match.
Non-league football.
That is not bad.
I wish I was there.
I loved it.
I loved the Chester game.
I was watching the game, right - the next minute, Luton score.
I went, "Yeah!" And I thought, "Shit!" And I've went like that for my hat "Hmm-hmm!" Cos I forgot where I was for a minute! SHE LAUGHS And then I thought, "Nah, it's all going to kick" So, I stood up, cos it was all kicking off, so everybody else stood up - I was standing there, right, because they're all going, "Yeah!" And they're calling them, they're calling them, they're all going cos they're Chester, they don't like to be called that they're Welsh, cos they reckon they're English, cos they're on that border.
Oh, right.
So, the Luton fans are going to 'em, "Baa! Baa!" And they're shouting to 'em, "Sheep-shaggers! Sheep-shaggers!" And then the Chester fans are singing, "Luton's a small town in Asia, a small town in Asia", and I'm like, "Oh, God, here we go.
Here we go.
" Then they're singing, "Luton is a shithole, Luton is a shithole", and they're all going, "Baa!" And I'm in the middle of all this, and I'm like, "Oh, dear - grow up, all of you.
" So, not this weekend, not next Saturday, but the following Saturday, I'm going to book my tattoo.
Are you sure? Well, they've got to win today, and they've got to win Tuesday.
Dylan McEwan is ready to be discharged from hospital.
Detectives have now been waiting 12 hours to interview him.
You looked like the colour of the bed sheet when we first arrived.
You said you got a kicking last night.
What happened with that? Well, I just felt something on the back of my head, and that's all I remember from that.
-So you didn't see anybody? -No.
But apparently my brother and that did, so I'm not sure.
But I was, like, entering the pub, and I just felt something hit me in the back of the head.
Walked into the pub and I sort of, like, fainted when I got up near the kitchen.
And then I woke up here.
So nothing had happened earlier on in the evening or anything like that? No.
So you ain't got a clue who did it, 0-why-am! Yeah, I've represented him since he was about 14 years old.
He started working in a pub, like, as a chef assistant, doing really well.
His girlfriend got pregnant, had a kid - fantastic news.
Unfortunately, he was caught and sent to prison for a while for offences come back on licence, and then just gone off the rails a little bit.
It's disappointing, because, you know, you've been with that person, you've kind of been their dad, or, like, their their I don't know.
It's weird to explain, but when they haven't got the family network, it's so sad, because some lads put on an act that they're big, hard, strong lads, and they're not - they're just ordinary lads that need a bit of love, or a bit of guidance, and they're not going to get it.
And you hope there is hope for them.
CROWD CHEERS ALL CHANT: Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya? FOOTBALL ON RADIO I just hope nothing happens while I'm out! A minute before the final whistle, and with an hour left of her shift, DC Layton can finally charge her suspect.
Afternoon, sergeants.
It's a lovely, sunny day.
Luton have just scored.
The detention clock is restarted once a suspect is back in custody.
Dylan, OK, I've given you your solicitor's disclosure, but I'm going to be interviewing you about a number of things.
I know you've been arrested for the relation to the robbery, OK, but I'm going to further arrest you, now, for some other offences which I need to speak to you about, OK? Which are actual bodily harm, which is an assault - you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
OK? So, your solicitor knows all that, and I've put all that in that disclosure, so we can speak to you about it all, all right? OK.
"It is alleged" "that the DP spat" Mm-hm.
"and kicked the wing mirror of a "Renault vehicle.
" Say-Say that "RenOLT"? Renault.
Well, it's probably not, because it's French, so it's silent somewhere, innit? -That's fine, that's fine.
-Renault! HE PRONOUNCES GUTTURAL R Renault - you don't need to do the SHE PRONOUNCES GUTTURAL R Renault.
I don't know! No, no, no - you're just so well-spoken, so, when you say unusual words I know, you wouldn't think I was raised in Luton! When you say unusual words, it's quite apparent.
THEY LAUGH Oh, is it? Oh! Yeah! I'm normally rubbish at accents.
Right Do you know if I can have him now? Yeah, go for it - no issue.
Yeah? Cathie's a good interviewer.
She was a legal secretary in a solicitor's before, defending people, so she knows She knows what defences and what explanations they give.
It is cat and mouse.
Brett's doing his job, and I'm doing my job.
We like our battles.
I think he'd say that as well.
But then maybe that's part of the game.
I won't let them command the interview.
Cos that's my interview, and the person I'm sitting in front of's interview.
I understand that you have been to hospital, and you've returned back to custody, and you've been deemed fit to be interviewed and detained here, now.
So, how are you feeling for this interview? All right, yeah.
So, the disclosure that I gave to your solicitor was - it says, "On Friday the fourth of April 2014, at around 20:00 hours, "IP, who is BLEEP "was riding on his bike "when he felt a bang on the back of his head "and fell off his bike.
"He saw two males, and one said, 'What have you got in your pockets?' "And both males punched him in the face and body "and pulled out his pockets.
" Did you hit him on the back of the head? No.
Did Connor hit him on the back of the head? No.
Were you involved in that incident? No.
Did you get on the bike? No.
Did you take the bike? No.
Did you steal the bike? No.
Did Connor steal the bike? No.
Did you intend to rob him? m Tell me what you know about this robbery.
-Right, basically, I know, um BLEEP I used to be mates with him.
I seen him at Jojo's house, and I was walking past with Connor Moriarty, and I approached Jojo and a few other males, and I asked BLEEP I asked him for his joint, I said, "Can I have some?" And he passed it to me, and then I was assaulted by Jojo.
From behind, or the side - like, he hit me in the side of the head.
And then, obviously, I got a bit shouty.
BLEEP, BLEEP, I all started assaulting me with a number of weapons.
I got hit in the back, on the bum cheek, by a 2x4 with nails in.
And what injury have you got? Shall I show you it? Er It's not on my bum Yeah, I was going to say it's a bit, like OK, that's fine.
So, the injury that you've just shown me that has come from what? Jojo and a plank of wood with nails in it.
A BLEEP l She says that you spat at her.
I might have - I might have accidentally, cos I've got one tooth missing, but When I was talking, I might have sprayed, but I didn't spit at her.
Does that happen often know.
I don't know what you mean.
You're saying it might have been an accident - has that happened before? It has, yeah.
OK - when you've got your tooth in, or your tooth out? Well, when I've got my tooth out - I ain't got a tooth.
OK, so have you got any dentures that? No.
BLEEP says, "I was standing within touching distance and he spat.
"The spit landed on my left cheek.
"L wiped it away and called him a dirty git.
" So, are you saying that she's lying to us? Well, I don't know - I might have accidentally spat, as I said, but I didn't I did not purposely spit.
I wouldn't do that to a woman.
But then, you can't accidentally go SHE MIMICS SPITTING But obviously, I'm shouting I'm talking loudly BRETT: Incomplete spray, was it spray that come out? I don't know what come out.
That's fine.
You've already given an account.
It might've come out You've explained yourself.
She's saying different, you're saying different.
She's just trying to put something else on me, cos jojo hit me.
You will deny it, yeah? Yeah, deny it.
I know exactly what's going on - they're trying to twist it onto me, cos they assaulted me.
So I know it was jojo that hit me in the back of the head with something.
And then, obviously, when I got to BLEEP, I was standing in the garden, went to go through the door, and just got hit with something on the back of my head.
At the BLEEP? -Yeah.
That's all I remember - and then waking up in the police station.
How were you feeling at the time? Oh, I was pretty scared.
I actually looked up and I seen jojo hanging out the window with an air rifle, saying he was going to shoot me and Connor.
And how did you feel when you saw him with the air rifle? I was scared, man.
OK, and where were you? I was hiding behind the tree.
-So, why didn't you run away? -I dunno.
Cos, obviously, he was ready to shoot.
-Why didn't you leave? But it was only a split moment from jojo getting upstairs and hanging out the window with the air rifle.
How long do you think it took him to get from where he About 30 seconds he punched you, upstairs, to hanging that rifle 30 seconds.
You said two minutes a minute ago.
Well, I don't know - it was BRETT: If you're not sure, Dylan, you're not sure.
Well, OK yous are confusing my head, man.
You've already explained I'm not confusing you.
I get assaulted - I've showed you the injuries I've got.
Yeah, I know, Dylan.
He had a gun, I'm sitting here.
You've explained yourself, Dylan.
I'm not confusing you.
I'm just making sure that I keep getting phone calls You said that you were confused.
-That my house is going to get burgled.
No, no, I did not say that I was confused.
I heard you say you were confused.
No, no, I just want to make sure that I understand what you said, Dylan.
What I don't understand, Dylan - why did you not leave? I was trying to, but then I looked up, and I see him with the air rifle.
So, when you said that you were trying to leave, how were you trying to leave? I was just walking off, just trying to back off, then I looked up and I see him with the air rifle.
” You're a fit young man? -Not really.
But I've still Before this incident, are you capable of running? Are you a fit young man? -Not really.
I smoke.
How old are you? -19.
And you're a fit man? Enough to run - can you run? Er, yeah - but no OK, so, why did you not leave? I don't know why I didn't leave.
Doesn't make sense, does it, Dylan? Well, it don't make sense him pulling an air rifle out.
Can I Sorry, can I just interrupt? I just need a quick break.
Can we have a chat, as well? Mm.
I want to take It's up to I need to go to the toilet, so can we have a break, please? And do you want a consultation, yeah? It is 19:25.
We are now breaking for the moment.
Do you want to go to the men's room now, Brett? Yeah - it's all this tea and coffee I've drank, it's gone right through me.
Can we use that one? -This one? -Do you want to go in there? Got to try anything, sometimes, just to try and take five, have a break.
Just regroup, collect our thoughts.
It does frustrate police officers, because - "Oh, what does Mr Jones "want to go to the toilet for, again?" I might have had too much coffee or too much tea, and I need a toilet break.
Dylan McEwan is accused of robbing a bike around 8pm.
He claims that at that time, he was being threatened with an air gun and hit over the head.
He's shot himself in the foot by having this break.
Why? 23:07 it's called in by the BLEEP.
Seven to eight males fighting.
One of them is Dylan McEwan.
Last night's crime log contradicts McEwan's story.
It indicates he got his injuries in a pub fight just after 11pm.
Oh, of course he's lying! Those injuries have come from the pub.
He knows Yeah, he knows.
And that's why Brett started to interrupt that interview.
Because he knows I caught him out.
Because it doesn't make sense.
Do you need a drink? -No.
-You sure? -No, thank you.
Right, let's go again.
Can I just have that? You see, I have a job here that was phoned in to the police at gone 11 o'clock at night.
For an incident that's happened outside BLEEP.
"There are seven or eight males fighting with pool cues.
" Was that anything to do with you? No.
Nothing to do with you? OK.
There might have been other things going on, but I got assaulted and I went straight into the pub and I just This was at 11 o'clock at night and, as you said, you think you were only in there for ten minutes.
And the incident happened at around eight Obviously, we are saying approximately Around eight o'clock you were in Recreational Road.
There has been this About half eight, nine o'clock.
You ran to the pub, which is not even under ten minutes.
You said you stayed in the pub, you think, for about ten minutes.
It then says, "At 23:44", yeah, "at the L&D Hospital, "with Dylan McEwan, as he has an injury.
" Is that you? Huh? Is that you? I'm not really sure, to be honest.
I can't really remember the times.
Are we talking about two different incidents here.
No, I don't know.
So did you receive your injuries on Recreational Road or did you receive the injuries at the fight later on in the pub? I received this at Recreation.
OK, cos what happens is, obviously there'll be CCTV, won't there? At the pub? And will that show any differently to what you are telling me now? No.
Were you one of those males with the pool cue? No.
When I was assaulted, that's all I remember.
I went to the pub when I fainted.
This is an incident quite a lot later on, isn't? I can't really remember what time it was.
So, if something's changed, or you It's your opportunity Do you remember what I said about the story if it changes? Do you remember, Dylan? So if it happened differently, this is the time to say.
It's got busy now.
Dylan's a small lad.
He's not a hard man.
But I think he's a wannabe gangster.
And, you know, and Sometimes people get out of their depth.
You know, you've got to accept who you are, what you are.
There's always somebody bigger and stronger and better than you out there.
I've got to go.
Do you want me to start typing that? I still think we should go to the CPS.
Because his clock runs out at When was he nicked? We've got loads of time on the clock because he went to hospital, didn't he? Detectives have been working for 17 hours straight.
They must convince the Crown Prosecution Service that there's sufficient evidence to charge Dylan McEwan.
I'll crack on with the MG3.
What do you fancy? Chicken, burger, chips, pizza, anything.
We can order a pizza, I think.
Right, I'll crack on.
I can never arrange to do anything on a working day, because I don't want to let anyone down.
It takes someone very special and very comfortable in their own skin and understanding to fall in love with a police officer, because, basically, our job comes before anything.
If we're sitting at home, and we get a phone call - "By the way, you are coming in now because there's been a murder, "so you're coming in" - it doesn't matter whether you're going out for dinner because you've been together ten years.
Unfortunately, you've just got to go in.
We signed a contract when we joined the police, we work for the Queen, and therefore we basically have agreed that that's the lifestyle that we'll live.
Have you got any salt? There'll be some in the cupboard next door.
What time is it.
Half 12.
Nice one.
-So all three have come back, haven't they? So I can ring them.
-All three have come back already? That's what it says there.
I'm on the fucking phone.
My hands are like fire! You'll probably still be here when I come back.
Yeah, probably still be here tomorrow morning.
We'll get a decision tonight, but, obviously, it's not my decision whether you are going to get bail or not.
Ring finger, please, mate.
RINGING TONE Good evening.
Or good morning now.
It's DC Layton calling from Luton police station.
I sent some MG3s for you.
There's three of them in relation to the defendant in custody.
Dylan McEwan.
DC Layton makes her case to the CPS.
And then what's come to light is that he's an outstanding offender.
If McEwan is charged with the knife offence as well as last night's robbery, he will not get bail.
He was punched by Dylan, who is holding a knife.
Right, I'll put you back.
As soon as I hear anything, I'll come and let you know what's happening, yeah? Our worry about him is that, you know, we've got all these different people, and they're not always Not all of these people are of good character either.
But we seem to have him as a common dominator.
Our concern is, for example, what happened in relation to the robbery that he's on the phone to get his boys up there, and the next minute 20 males appear.
And I think the family are very worried now about repercussions.
And if he stays out, there's a chance that he can orchestrate that.
The trouble is, these situations, people are very reluctant, because they don't want their house smashed up.
Ah, ah.
We have liftoff.
Decision - charging.
Yeah, that's brilliant, sorry.
I do appreciate your help.
Thank you.
19-and-a-half-hour shift, and we have got a charge or remand decision.
Come here, come here.
Well done.
THEY LAUGH OK, I've looked through your previous convictions.
You have got a bit of a history.
OK, you've been charged with six offences.
And also we believe that the attack on you is in reprisal to some of these incidents as well.
I am going to keep you here.
A No, listen.
INDISTINC It's not going to happen, OK? A, for your own protection, so no-one is going to get you.
And, B, so you can't intimidate any persons that are involved in these cases, OK? It's out of order, mate.
It's fuck all.
Dylan, you've just been charged with six offences.
It's not fuck all.
It's out of order.
I get nicked for all this shit.
And I've been assaulted twice tonight.
That's part of the reason why I'm keeping you here - so you're not going to get assaulted again.
Sergeant I just want to go home to my fucking daughter and that.
Dylan, do you want to come round here? Take your shoes off.
Did you have them in there? Detectives have been working for 20 hours without a break.
Dylan, Dylan.
Dylan, Dylan Dylan You're not going to change it, so just slow down.
Sarge No, he just threw his pillow at the door.
Have you got him on camera? Yeah.
He's not a happy bunny.
INTERVIEWER: Do you think you will see Dylan again And there's a lot of beef going on between certain members of all that crew.
And when he's out, he might have a point to prove.
It might kick off again.
Like a vicious circle.
I want to get away from that area.
New faces, different people, you know what I mean? All the same dramas, you know, seeing the same people.
INDISTINC INTERVIEWER: ls it hard when you've got history? Yeah, it is.
Obviously, with the police, they always know what they know you as.
What do they know you as, Dylan? Just just a little shit.
I'm e-mailing.
I'm bigging you up.
-Oh, bless your heart.
Right, have a read of it.
You don't have to big me up.
I have.
It's the job.
It is your job, but it's not your job to do 20 hours.
It's been a long day, hasn't it? But listen, six charges It's because you a job that we thought was I 50-50-I The CCTV footage from the pub proved the police's theory.
McEwan got his head injury later in the evening than he claimed.
McEwan's cousin, Connor Moriarty, was finally arrested for assault and attempt to rob.