24 Hours in Police Custody (2014) s03e03 Episode Script

Partners in Crime

This programme contains strong language Police emergency.
-What's your emergency? If there is a gang, we try to intervene very quickly to stop them getting a foothold in the area that they are operating.
Once a suspect is in custody, the police have 24 hours to investigate and interview.
After that, it's either charge or release.
You have been arrested on suspicion of human trafficking On suspicion of stalking On suspicion of GBH.
Possession and making of indecent images of children.
On suspicion of conspiracy to murder.
Start explaining.
It's the police's job to ask what really happened.
Where were you on the 28th of March? It was not me.
I was not there.
That could have been 101 people.
It's nothing to do with me.
Police! Open the door now! LOUD GRUNTING Who's innocent? Who's guilty? Why would Pete say that you'd assaulted him? Because he's deluded.
He's a drunk.
STLURRED: Well, that's nonsense.
-Police! Show me your hands! From the street to the interrogation rooms Where's the knife? Did you have a knife? He made a specific threat that he is going to kill her.
From the suspects to the head of CID That's one hell of a shirt, David.
I'm loving it.
ALARM SOUNDS These are the men and women who have just 24 hours to find the evidence.
I'm not letting him get away with it.
-If he kicks off, I'm out the door.
SCREAMING I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Will they discover it before time runs out? Good news.
Got him.
This is Alpha Charlie 83.
-Jamie Ricardo is with the PCSOs.
How are you doing? -Good.
KEYS JANGLE Do you want to follow me? Jamie Ricardo is suspected of committing at string of violent robberies over the past week.
What's he in for? Robbery and theft.
I've got some health questions to go through with you.
Do you have any injuries? Any medical conditions? Any allergies? Police suspect he's been operating as part of a group.
The case has been passed to the robbery squad, headed by Sergeant Simon Hancock.
Nice and strong.
Nice and strong? With one sweetener.
-Sergeant? Well, within reason.
Just address me how you normally would.
I don't include you in that, Davie.
You do.
You're old school, you SEE.
Old SCHOOL, all right? Not old.
LAUGHTER To be honest with you, I didn't have any desire to be a police officer at school.
In fact, I was quite rebellious at school.
Sarge, are you all right? -Constable.
How are ya? Trying hard? 'I got wrapped up in a group of lads' and we were effectively terrorising everybody.
I got expelled from school, disassociated myself from those individuals and I thought, "Well, I'll give the police a try.
" Never imagining that I'd actually be recruited, in all honesty.
I managed to get through and here I am, 23 years later, still in Bedfordshire Police.
Oh, good news.
We hit target, by the way.
Robbery detections.
And that'll be recognised in In the wage packet.
LAUGHTER 'They're such a resilient bunch of people that I Work with.
' If you commit a violent crime in Luton, then the likelihood is you'll be meeting either myself or one of my colleagues and if we're able to piece together enough evidence, you'll find yourself in court and if it's a serious crime, you'll end up in prison.
You understand why you've been arrested? One of the robberies took place a week ago, outside the Moat House pub.
The PNC that I've got in relation to the robbery states a meat cleaver was held to the victim's arm and demands for money was made.
N1, then? N1, yes.
Do you want to come this way? I've been accused of robbery.
Robbery with a knife or or a meat cleaver.
I kind of knew there was a warrant out for my arrest but I'm not one of them ones that will come out of my way to just feed myself to you.
Are you all right? What's up? -Can I have another blanket, please? Yes, you can have another blanket.
-Apart from a cigarette? No.
INTERVIEWER: How is the coffee in this place? -To be honest, it is all right.
There's: one thing I never knock when I come here is the coffee.
I do like the old coffee, yes.
It's better than some days when you go to the caff on the outside.
The coffee is better in here.
I'm glad they caught up with me because I don't have to walk home looking over my shoulder, wondering when the next police car is going to stop me, and when they are going to talk to me and do I have to give a different name? But I'm glad it's all over now.
Hopefully in the next couple of hours, I'll be home.
Are we saying he's part of a gang? Yes.
And it's premeditated? And both people have actually been cut by these weapons as well.
Well, sentencing guidelines say that he's likely to get quite a substantial term of imprisonment for that.
For years, starting point, in custody, Tim.
I'm a bit happier now, then.
Our starting point is 24 hours in police detention.
It sounds like a lot, but when you actually break it down, it's not a lot of time at all.
When a suspect has been linked to several offences, or more than one suspect is linked to several offences, it does complicate matters.
If there is a gang, we try to intervene very quickly, to stop them getting a foothold in the area that they are operating.
Which one hasn't he been nicked for yet? -The second one.
I will go and nick him now, while I'm waiting for you to do that.
Police suspect Ricardo is also responsible for an aggravated burglary, committed just three days ago.
Before his police interview, he needs to be arrested again.
Mr Ricardo.
Come up here, so I can hear you.
I'm dealing with you.
Me and my colleague will be dealing with you.
I'll be released Let me finish because you will then be further arrested.
For? For an aggravated burglary What?! On the 28th of March 2014, all right? So it will all be dealt with in one interview and it will be dealt with together but whether you're going anywhere, I don't know.
OK? I'll see you in the morning.
OK? BANGING Brace yourself for the bright light.
Thank you.
If you want to come this way.
And he scores! After a night in custody, Jamie Recardo is joined by his solicitor.
Jamie, I'll come and sit next to you.
Oh, sun's shining.
Yeah, I know.
-Don't I rub it in.
I'm in Luton Police Station more times than I'm at home.
Every day, weekends.
And you get to know them all quite well.
I mean, some of them I've represented their parents.
They're on their way down.
Thank you.
We've been working in this community for over 30 years and we've got a long history with Marsh Farm, Lewsey Farm.
Nine out of ten of our clients are probably from within them areas.
The judge called her back in and gave her a lower sentence.
Just below the bit so it enabled her to get out quicker.
He was really good.
I've ended up typing their CVs in my office just to get them into work and everything.
You do become like a surrogate mum to some of them.
Listen, do you want to give me your girl's number if they do keep you for court tomorrow.
07 -Hold on.
Let me just get Come and sit next to me.
Hold my hand.
The robbery squad suspects one of Recardo's associates was also involved in two of the offences as the getaway driver.
Nick and Rachel, can you be the arrest team? So basically there was an aggravated burglary where they've gone into a house with baseball bats and knives.
Stolen two phones and some cash.
The offenders have then been chased out of the house by the IP and has seen them get into a silver Mondeo.
Philip Stephenson is insured to drive the Mondeo.
Stephenson's also been linked to a robbery that I'm investigating.
Again, a silver Mondeo was used outside the Moat House public house in the car park.
Any questions? -Go for it.
I'm just going to take this for you and set up.
-All right.
Clearly going to show us some CCTV.
Well, we'll still say the same thing.
They don't actually know what happened in the vehicle.
You've done nothing wrong.
We're not looking to get anyone else in trouble, but you've done nothing wrong.
OK, do you want to come through? Throw in a nice big one, if you can get in there.
Oh Don't know how much room you need.
Are you going to grab the end room if it's free? Oh, good.
That side.
The victim of the robbery outside the Moat House pub has positively identified Jamie Recardo.
He's CID, then.
INAUDIBLE This interview is being audio and visually recorded and may be used in evidence if your case is brought to trial.
The first offence is a robbery.
Your client is being named to be one of four offenders who stole money and the mobile phone from BLEEP in the car park of the Moat House public house.
Can I just start by saying to you that my client is prepared a statement for you.
He starts by saying, I know BLEEP, he is a drug dealer who he is a drug dealer who tries to sell me weed.
I've not taken part in any robbery; I've no idea why I've been arrested for this offence.
This is nothing to do with me.
Although CCTV, you can't identify anybody within the footage.
It would suggest that an incident has taken place.
He's given us an account that he's there at thist time of date.
And what does it have to do with me? -Let me finish.
If he has genuinely been a victim of crime, or what he describes a robbery, why would he bring your name into it? He put my name forward for something I haven't done.
My name's been brought up somewhere along the line.
He's like, "Right.
" -If you've had nothing to do with that then surely he's going to want the right people caught.
You said he was a drug dealer.
Is that right? Yes, he is, mate.
I will sit here and tell you that he's trying to get me done for something He's a drug dealer, mate.
Received many messages telling me, "I have potent cheese.
Holler?' Every couple of days.
Constant pestering.
If anything, harassing me that he's got it.
He states that he's been in contact with you and with regards to buying cannabis from you.
And then he receives a phone call from you saying that you're at Moat House in a silver Ford Mondeo.
Once he's got into the vehicle he says that he hands over 20lbs.
Then hears, "Give me your P.
" And P is a street name for money.
Have you ever heard that phrase before? -No.
-No? -You don't know what it means? No.
I'm a well-spoken lad.
Been brought up well.
The driver of the vehicle has picked up a cleaver knife.
The driver's gone on to say, "I'll cut your fucking hand off.
" We will be looking to arrest other people in relation to this.
It's a good chance that these people will know that you've been into custody.
They may well think that you were the one that's given their names.
Are you scared of them? -No.
-All of a sudden you look quite worried.
No comment.
-Some don't wish to name people they're involved with or to talk about it, and I can understand that.
'If they grass, ' they're going to go out of there, they're going to carry on their lives and it's going to be difficult.
'I do sometimes think that they're under quite a bit of pressure' to keep the code going, so to speak.
CHATTERING The suspected getaway driver, Philip Stephenson, has been arrested.
Philip, do you want to pop yourself up here? You sure you don't want a drink or something? Philip, do you need help with reading or writing? Do you have any injuries? -No.
-Medical conditions? -No.
Self-harm? -No.
Not yet.
-And you're feeling fine.
Any alcohol or drugs today? -No.
Are you allergic to anything? -Boxing rings.
What, you box in competitions? -Yeah.
Licenced? -Yeah.
Unlicensed? -Yeah.
Oh, naughty boy.
Have you won any fights? Yeah.
Lots? I've had 12 fights and I've won seven, eight.
That's good.
-But I've never been battered, never beaten up.
I've lost because I've puffed out.
Give up.
I'd rather give up than get knocked out.
just sign for your fingerprints and your photograph, please.
I haven't done them yet.
Philip, you're going to go into a cell that does have a toilet.
It has a buzzer to the left or right of the door if you need anything.
Are you allergic to anything including food? No.
Just sign there for me, please.
Officers now want to link Philip Stephenson and two other suspects to Jamie Recardo.
I'm going to name some names now.
I appreciate we haven't brought up any names so far.
These are people I believe you know.
The first person is BLEEP.
Do you know that name? -To be honest, I've heard of the name.
I can't say I know him personally.
-There's another person called BLEEP.
Do you know who that is? -I've heard of it.
Don't know him.
You've heard of the name.
Do you know him? -Not personally.
No, mate.
And there's another person called Philip Stephenson.
-No comment.
Why all of a sudden you're saying no comment? You said about the others how you've heard the name, but No comment.
No comment.
Just heard the name.
I don't know them.
-Have you heard the name Philip Stephenson? I think so, yeah.
Phil, if you can just pop your trainers outside the door.
And as soon as they're ready I'll let you know.
I want to talk about gangs in Luton.
-Gangs in Luton? Gangs in Luton, man.
It's not gangs, man, it's just little kids that got something mixed up in their head.
I don't know what's going on.
It's just kids.
There ain't no gangs.
They're just kids.
Or some stupid john Wayne thing.
It is at generation.
It's all got mixed up.
My generation, old school, principals.
You done a wrong, you get a slap.
You have a issue with someone, you have a fight with him, you shake hands after.
That's me.
None of this guns, knives, all this, "Oh, someone said "something about you on Facebook", so you go and stab them.
It makes no sense.
You got kids? -Yeah, i do.
You a good dad? -Of course.
I'm the best.
They love me.
I think I'm a good dad, anyway; My kids don't go about.
We're going to go back in with Recardo.
We're only one interview of two.
The robbery squad is preparing to interview Recardo for a second time.
Do you want me to come in with you, Ben? If you want.
They believe his group is also responsible for the aggravated burglary which took place three days ago.
If I'm being honest, unless he drops himself in it in anyway we haven't got anything on mind at the moment.
We haven't got any forensics for the aggravated burglary and they were all wearing balaclavas.
Police need to establish a link between the two crimes via the getaway car.
There's a vehicle, 54 plate Ford Mondeo which is linked to my offence.
And day before, that vehicle was seen out with bloke who refused his details.
But he had quite a distinctive tattoo on his arm, which is now believed to be this Recardo.
That sounds promising, doesn't it? The cross and chain tattoo coming down his right arm and finishing on top of his hand.
-Where was he that night? Say "BLEEP has run after four people "who got into a silver Mondeo, index number such and such.
"What do you know about that car?" See what he says.
If he says fuck all then you say, "Well, you do know about that car cos you were stopped in it with three other lads the night before.
" That's it, basically.
When Tim started asking about, "Are you under pressure? Are you scared of him?" He started thinking, "Fuck.
"They're going to get nicked and I'm going to be in the shit.
" Do you think he's scared of them? He's scared of them, I think.
Mr Recardo.
How you doing? -So annoyed.
I've been here fucking With respect, we can keep you here for 24 hours, and it's a serious investigation.
The reason I've come down.
What tattoo have you got on your arm? Not that one.
What's that one there? Cross and chain.
Let me take a photograph of that.
This is the second interview with Jamie Recardo.
And the other officer now present is -DC Layton.
Also attached to the robbery squad at Luton Police Station.
What we're going to speak to you about now is an aggravated burglary.
Where were you on the 28th March, 2014? Friday night just gone.
At home in bed.
And to be honest, mate.
I know you're taking pictures of my tattoos.
You go on my Facebook, my tattoos are everywhere on Facebook.
So everyone's bound to know that I've got them.
-We'll come on to that.
The information we have is that four males were at that location.
But I do suspect that you were one of those people.
He says, "When he opened the door he was met with a male, "stood in the doorway with a balaclava "He was pushed in forcefully back into his room.
" Whilst this was happening one of the four males in the balaclavas put a knife to his throat and said, "Where's the money? "I'm going to stab you if you don't give it.
" The most rewarding interview technique is revealing something at some stage of the interview that is a complete surprise to the person.
As they've left the property, they've run past another male outside who is a neighbour; He's seen this vehicle speed off.
He's also managed to see a registration number for the vehicle.
And that's a silver Ford Mondeo.
I've got a statement from an officer called Shaw the day before the aggravated burglary.
He has seen a silver Ford Mondeo.
And the driver of this vehicle was Philip Stephenson.
He says that there's a fourth male in the vehicle.
He's got a crosst and chain tattoo coming down his arm and finishing at the top of his hand.
He was skinny to medium build.
Mixed raced male with a local accent who refused to give his details and got out of the car straightaway and was on his phone.
-On my phone? On your phone? I didn't say it was you.
-That what I'm saying.
I'm not saying it's me.
-You just sad that it was you.
-No, I didn't.
Can I have a minute to talk to my solicitor? Have you got all your fingers and thumbs? Cool.
Yeah, four fingers from that hand first.
And the next one.
We've got a choice of vegetable curry, chicken curry or there's a beef lasagne.
Chicken curry.
Yeah? Yeah.
I'll stick one on there so I remember.
Do you want a tea or coffee as well? I'll just have a coffee, please.
Milk and sugar? just milk and two sugars.
I'll pop you back down and I'll bring them straight down to you, mate.
It's clear that you were in the vehicle the day before.
-No comment.
We can put you on an ID parade.
This officer is 100% sure that he'd identify you again and that'll prove you to be a liar.
And everything we've talked to you about today You're going to look at as a lie.
So this is my final, last chance to see if I was in the car or not ever been in that car, innit, really.
In your prepared statements you said, "I don't like aggravated burglars.
I wouldn't even do a burglary.
" That's what you're saying.
-I Wouldn't.
-Your disassociation with this offence.
You've been linked to this offence via this car and it is you that was in that car, and we'll make sure of that.
If you are hanging around with these males, but you weren't associated to this aggravated burglary, this is your opportunity now to give that explanation.
This is it, Jamie.
You were in the car with those males.
We linked those other males to this aggravated burglary.
We have no choice to believe that you are involved in that.
Were you in the vehicle on the 27th March? Is there anything else you want to say? All right, you'll be glad to know, then, that we're clone and I'm concluding the interview.
Do you want to give me the thing? I'll start writing it out for you.
' Well, that was interesting.
What happened, then? -He has denied any association with any of them.
And the vehicle.
-He started going, "No comment.
" Brought in the evidence about the car, he was shitting himself.
Custody then.
You need to go and speak to them, innit, about remanding him.
They're both knife points.
Both victims have sustained injuries as a result from the weapon.
And I've got all the other stuff.
I'll go and speak to custody.
Recardo can only be remanded in custody if the Crown Prosecution Service agree there's enough evidence to charge.
BANGING Hang on, I'm stood right here.
Just be patient.
Fucking people.
Give us a couple of minutes.
We'll help you sort that out.
No worries.
BANGING Right, you don't need to keep tapping this.
I was stood just there.
You can just press the buzzer instead, OK? -Can you give me more water? Right, quick slurp of my tea.
The robbery squad now needs to interview Philip Stevenson, the suspected getaway driver.
He's linked to both The Moat House pub robbery and the aggravated burglary.
On the robbery, this is the one at The Moat House.
We're also gonna ask him, does he drive a vehicle? And then we'll speak to him about Jame Recardo.
Don't get in this situation.
This ain't good.
It's boring and it stinks, so don't bother coming here, innit? Stay at home.
-We'll then ask him about the aggravated burglary.
But obviously, on the 27th March The day before the offence.
At 20.
00 hours, where were you? Yeah.
I can tell you where you were, you were sitting in a car with three other males.
Tell me about that incident.
You can't have nothing.
It's not nice.
-They give you magazines.
Yeah, from about three years ago.
It's not nice really, you know what I mean? And most of the magazines are, like, some women's magazines, you know what I mean? OK or Take or something like that.
What would you like to read? Er soaps.
Undercover soaps.
I like my soaps.
Yeah, mate.
-What are you missing? -What am I missing? It's Fridays, EastEnders - all of them - Corrie, Emmerdale, the lot, mate.
The whole shebang.
I miss them, you know what I mean? I'll have to put them on replay now, ain't I? Detectives will first question Stephenson in relation to the robbery with a meat cleaver outside The Moat House pub.
Your client has been arrested on suspicion of robbery.
BLEEP went to purchase a bag of cannabis from Jame Recardo in The Old Moat House car park in Moat Lane, Luton.
Two other males have turned up and tried to force into the vehicle.
The blade put to his wrists and demands made for property.
BLEEP managed to struggle free and escape, but discovered that his Samsung phone, car key and cash had been taken.
That thing there is a load of bollocks.
This geezer is chatting absolutely poo.
-Simple as that.
Me and my mate went to buy a bag of weed off him.
A few bags of weed, yeah? Went to buy off him.
Right? And it all went a bit sour, the food turned out to be gone-off milk and, in other words, just rubbish quality and one of my mates I was with turned around and said, "Listen, mate, you can fuck off.
You're not getting no money for that.
" Took the weed and that was that, and that was all that happened on that one there.
At any point did you see a knife? No.
Oh, yeah, I did actually, on the back of him when he got out of the car.
And if you've got CCTV footage, you would see that when he got out of the car.
Down the back down here, right down here.
So, let's hold that one.
Yeah, let's have that.
That's what I'm talking about.
There's people out That's what I'm talking about.
I've just asked you about a knife, OK, and you're now saying that had a knife.
I am telling you That's what my question is to you.
Did you have a knife? Nope.
-And did you see anybody threaten BLEEP with the knife? Did you threaten with the knife? -No.
And you're saying that the other two males, you didn't see them with a knife? Yeah.
That is correct.
-Is that correct, Philip? -That is correct.
-So, tell me how this deal was set up then.
Was there a telephone conversation? -Nope.
I think we were texting, because I think one of the people that you might even have in custody has the texts on his phone.
I'm not too sure.
So, who arranged the deal? Just a mate of mine.
Just a mate of mine.
Just a mate.
You know what I mean? Just a mate of mine.
Well, you've just said to me it's one of the people that we've probably had in custody.
Jamie, then.
So, when we say Jamie, I think I know who you're talking about.
You're right, I don't need to say any more than that.
The name that we've mentioned here is Recardo.
-So if we say Are we talking about Jamie Recardo? -Maybe, yeah.
I remember when I first, sort of, got involved in crime and my DS at the time said the trick of it is, is when you're trying to get something from somebody that doesn't wanna tell you it Use the analogy, like you're standing on the end of the cliff right now and you're leaning forward and I'm behind you holding on to your collar.
You can go one of two ways - you can either fall down that way, or I can pull you back in, and if you give us information that leads to an arrest and detection of a crime, then that will be something that's more than likely to pull you back in.
If not, then you take your chances and you fall down the cliff.
We have been to CPS.
They've decided to charge you with some offences that I'll read out to you shortly.
Before I do that, I need to caution you again.
You do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention now something which you should later rely on in court.
Anything you do say may be given in evidence.
With just 15 minutes left, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided that Recardo can be charged.
So, how come you decided to keep me till tomorrow than? OK.
I'll go through that with you in a sec.
There are several reasons you're being kept - one is to prevent interference with justice, two, failing to surrender to custody and also people that are outstanding we believe are quite dangerous in relation to this, and the fact that you've been in custody, they may feel that you're the one that's provided their names, and we don't want you, obviously, to come to any harm in relation to that.
That's not my problem, is it? Sorry? That's not my problem, is it? That's how you feel.
So, you say that Jamie arranged it.
And how did you get involved then? Just went with him.
-In a car? -Yeah.
What car were you in? Huh? -What car? -Er I don't know.
A silver car.
A silver car.
Who was driving the car? -Huh? -Who was driving the car? Who was driving the car? -Don't know.
See, I think I know who was driving the car.
No, I was driving the car.
Silver Mondeo.
It's not my car.
I'm not about to get in trouble for a mobile phone.
I ain't gonna do that.
-Sorry, I'm not going to do that.
I'm not, like, some little thief.
I work hard.
No, but I will get wound up over stuff like that.
IFS people like him, he shouldn't even be selling it, yeah? Well, you were gonna buy it.
-Yeah, so I smoke weed.
I smoke weed.
A ganja man.
I spun weed hard, yeah? I don't care.
I'm a man who promotes weed.
It'll walk out there, in the street smoking ganja like that, yes.
Yeah? I'm just saying that makes me sick to the bone, mate.
-I'm back.
Sorry, but I just had to get that out, man.
I really did.
OK, the reason why I'm pulling you back into this interview is you said you do know about this incident involving a male that you now know is properly called BLEEP You go in a silver car Yeah.
OK, what is the registration of that vehicle? I don't know it.
Of the registration? It's a 54 plate.
If I said to you, November Victor Maybe, go on.
November Victor BLEEP.
Could be it.
-Could that be the ehicle that we're talking about? It could be it.
As it's silver.
-Mondeo, is that correct? It's a silver Mondeo, yeah.
-Is that correct? -Yeah.
You've arranged to meet at the Moat House.
Jamie is sitting where in the car? -In the front.
-Front? You are sitting in the driver's seat.
Got in the car quite happily, on his own.
He got in the rear of the vehicle, I presume? Quite happily on his own, yeah.
-Quite happily.
Yeah? And obviously left the car not happy.
You took the weed with you.
We took the weed with us, yeah.
So, you took the weed that was rubbish with you.
-Yeah, course.
What do you mean, "course"? -It's not what I fucking paid for.
It was shit.
Teach him a lesson for selling you shit weed.
Thank you, Miss.
Someone's on the ball.
That's why he's made this allegation.
What? Because you've stolen his weed.
-Yeah, of course! That's why Sorry.
That's why I got wound up, because I can't understand people that do that.
It don't make no sense.
That's sick.
But obviously, he's failed to mention that his weed has got stolen.
He's saying his phone has got stolen.
No, I promise you.
Let's put it down right here.
No phones got took.
I'll never go to jail for nicking a phone or stupid things like that, or drink-driving, stuff like that, driving on a ban.
I'm not into that sort of stuff.
But you might go to prison for nicking shit weed.
OK, I'm now going to move on to the next matter, which is the aggravated burglary which occurred on Friday, 28th March.
Last Friday I just came back from Work.
Getting high.
Getting high, getting high.
I'll say it straight, probably out there getting drunk, sniffing cocaine At 11 o'clock at night? Yeah, probably, definitely, more than likely.
I don't know you, Philip.
That is it.
It's up to you, Philip, it's up to you, Philip L.
I wasn't there, I have nothing to do with this, yeah? Look at me, Miss.
I was not there.
I'm going to sit here and tell you like that.
That is it.
I'm going to give you some names and I'm going to ask you if you know these people.
Do you know a male called BLEEP? I know of him.
-Right, but you don't actually sit in his company, is that what you're saying to me? What about BLEEP? -I don't know him.
And you've already told me that you know Jamie Recardo, don't you? Yeah.
Do you know him quite well - Jamie? Not really.
I just know him.
He's from Marsh Farm, innit? He's from the estate, simple as that.
Do you remember when the Old Bill pulled you over in the Mondeo? Yeah.
-Well, that was the day before.
-Eh? That was the day before this alleged offence.
Does that put it into any perspective of you being able to tell us exactly where you were on the day after you were pulled over by us lot? I got pulled overt in Houghton Regis, I don't understand that.
Why are you bringing that up? Let me just go No, no, because you remember that day quite clearly.
I just remember getting pulled over and getting harassed.
I remember my phone getting lost because of your fucking colleagues have sat there, took my fucking car apart for no reason but I lose my phone on it, thanks to that, though.
Because of you've bobbies on the beat there, mate.
I'd rather not talk about it cos I actually got very pissed off that night.
Right, I am going to slightly go on to that.
No, you're not, no comment on that now.
That's it.
-Let me Listen to me, the day before, being 27th March, as you rightly say, you were in Houghton Regis with three other people in the car.
Is that right? Between the 27th and the 28th, what happened to that car, then? Right, I SEE what you're saying.
BECAUSE that's only one day now.
Yeah, I don't know.
-Pardon? I don't know Where the car is, I gave the car back then, done, I don't know where the car' went.
Who was in the vehicle when it was stopped? Erm Yourself? Yes.
You were the driver, is that correct? Who else was in the car? I'm not happy to sit here and Jamie Recardo was in the car.
-I'm not happy to say who else was in the car.
I know who else was in the car because they gave the details.
What are you asking me for, then? -BLEEP.
An 18-year-old boy who you said you don't really associate with.
But he's sitting in your car.
So? What's it got to do with that? And the other person in the vehicle was BLEEP.
That's who that guy is, then, yes, I knew, I knew When you said his name If you listen to me now Listen to me.
Four males seen with that vehicle the next day, involved in an aggravated burglary.
All four males were to do with that, the burglary? I don't know, Philip, I'm asking you.
I've got no further questions for you, is there anything further you wish to add, Philip, before I conclude this interview? -No.
Before I do that, let me just ask my colleague if she's got any questions related to the aggravated burglary? No.
-Thank you, Miss.
Thank you.
Thank you! Let me just She is hard work, she is, mate, I tell you! -Let me just Is there anything else you wish to say before I conclude this interview? You need to get a fucking sense of humour, man.
Yay! I've got to say, that was probably one of the most challenging interviews I've clone for a little while.
-Sorry, Miss.
Only because, Philip, you have a lot to say in different ways.
SIREN BLARES The order's been rung.
I've got the crime numbers, I can give him a ring and let him know the good news.
Hello, it's DS Simon Hancock from Luton Robbery Squad.
Sorry if I've interrupted the football.
I'm just ringing, really, to let you know, cos DC warden's occupied with some paperwork, but we've gone to the Crown Prosecution Service and they've authorised us to charge somebody with attacking E I Do you know anyone who lives up in Marsh Farm? -No.
-You don't? -No.
Sergeant Hancock and his team can now update the victims of the crime.
The two other suspects were also arrested and bailed.
All the people that have been arrested in relation to this, they're all from Mash Farm.
They're not the sort of people that you want to be messing with.
These are the sort of people where, if they think they're in the shit, which they are, we've got some good evidence against a couple of' these, then they're likely Rather than try and destroy evidence, cos they know we've got the evidence, they're likely to go to a different avenue and try and get to you.
He's been here 24 hours so far.
Well, anyway, he'll He'll be happy then, won't he? OK, well I'm glad we've surpassed his expectations.
See you later, sarge.
You're more than welcome.
She's delighted.
She says he didn't think we'd take it seriously and he didn't think that We'd detect it.
Obviously he's never dealt with Luton Robbery Squad before, has he?