24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Brownstone Bistro

1 GORDON: I'm Gordon Ramsay, and I'm hitting the road.
[blues rock music] [truck horn honks] I'm heading to restaurants all across America WOMAN: Oh, my God, no, no.
GORDON: On the brink MAN: [bleep] you! GORDON: Of collapse.
They're sat in blood.
What are you waiting for, a [bleep] death? GORDON: But having endured so many kitchen disasters over the years There's a [bleep] mouse in here.
GORDON: I know that I need to do something I've never, ever done before.
I must try to save each of these restaurants in just 24 hours.
MAN: That's not a lot of time.
WOMAN: I'm scared we're not gonna finish.
[snoring] GORDON: Because in this age of social media, where every customer is a critic If you want fast service and good drinks, don't go here.
Next one, one star, the food looks gross when it comes out of the kitchen.
[whispers] Oh, my God.
GORDON: Your business can succeed or fail overnight.
But when people know I'm coming, they tend to hide what's really going on.
So, this time, I'll need to be covert, hiding cameras in the restaurants and myself in plain sight -Catch of the day, hepatitis B.
-[laughs] GORDON: To catch them all red-handed.
I had to stop you from eating in there, and this is the reason why.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, no! GORDON: If I have any hope of saving them Bless thy soul, may I come out in one piece.
GORDON: I'll have to go to hell and back GORDON: Oh, my God.
-[coughs] GORDON: In 24 hours.
[coughs] [beeping] [upbeat music] Now, I've just arrived in Los Angeles, California, in the heart of the city.
Home to the Brownstone Bistro, a Caribbean fusion restaurant.
Now, when you picture LA, you think of beaches, palm trees, and that incredible ocean.
But it's also home to a highly competitive restaurant scene.
Five years after opening, the Brownstone Bistro is really struggling.
And unfortunately, things aren't looking that good.
With only 24 hours to turn this place around, I needed to know what the real problems were before I arrived.
So my team told the restaurant that they were trying out for a traditional renovation show.
While they're being interviewed, we installed hidden cameras throughout the restaurant and have been secretly recording surveillance footage since we left.
[laughs] [smooth funk music] That is shocking.
There's no excuse for that.
Without any help, trust me, Brownstone Bistro will definitely close for good.
[blues rock music] CLIVE: When I first opened Brownstone Bistro five years ago, I wanted to create a fusion restaurant.
Clive has always dreamed of having a restaurant.
There was lines outside.
It was busy.
[solemn music] Clive started to display signs of depression.
And buried his self into the restaurant, so that he does not have to deal with himself.
Since I've been working here, I haven't seen Clive take a day off.
NICOLE: He's afraid that when he's not here, the restaurant will not function.
Rib eye, shrimp scampi, medium rare.
And please make it medium rare, 'cause I'm not coming back in here.
That system that chef has need to go.
Sometimes it's hard for us to read the orders.
That's the one you just were working on.
No, no, guys.
Look Because they write the tickets wrong.
If we had a better system, it would just run so much better.
The staff here, they are slow, they are lazy.
Clive's kindness is taken for a weakness.
CANDICE: And I think a lot of people take advantage of him.
NICOLE: He hangs on to his employee because he wish he could have done more for his son.
[pensive music] DEE DEE: He spent so much of the last few years consumed with the restaurant that he's missing out on his daughter and he's missing out on life.
Brownstone Bistro needs my help.
But for me, I need to see the problems first-hand.
[blues rock music] GORDON: Man, when people know I'm coming, they all tend to be on their best bloody behavior.
So I'm going undercover to catch all of them off guard.
Time for a night out on the town.
Good evening, guys.
GORDON: Today I'm getting together with some friends from the neighborhood.
Let's go.
GORDON: To blend in with the locals, so I can get the inside scoop on the Brownstone Bistro.
GORDON: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
Good to see you guys.
Um, there is no presence in the dining room.
No host, no manager, no greeting.
GORDON: We're ordering classic Caribbean dishes that any authentic Jamaican restaurant should be able to do.
Yeah, can we get the lobster mac and cheese, please? Okay, so lobster mac and cheese.
The jerk wings for the whole table.
And the jerk wings also? I'll do the grilled rib eye The oxtail? Okay, great.
Coming up, okay.
Now, they didn't look in love with their job.
No, no one does.
[sizzling] [dramatic music] -Ah.
Dig in.
Oh, my wing's cold in the middle.
When the restaurant can't get a wing right, it doesn't hold up much for the entrées, does it? And where in the [bleep] is the lobster? The cheese looks like it's been sprayed out of a can.
WOMAN: It does not look fresh at all.
Um, oxtail? This way.
Thank you.
And I'm gonna watch y'all all eat.
-Yeah, where's yours? -Just a moment.
Your rib eye coming up.
What the [bleep] is this? What is that? Is that a pineapple? Let's get married with this ring.
[laughs] I mean, I thought it was somebody's spare tire.
I've had enough.
GORDON: It's time to get out of this disguise.
And get to work.
[spy music] Oh, my Lord.
That was pretty bad.
Oh, my goodness.
[blues rock music] That's Chef Ramsay.
WOMAN: Holy [bleep].
Clive, good evening.
Can you get the kitchen staff out of there, please.
That's Chef Ramsay.
GORDON: Uh, ladies and gentlemen, I just need 30 seconds of your time, please.
Damn, Chef Ramsay here, bro.
Good evening, chef.
I wish it was a good evening.
Let's say "evening" rather than "good.
" You're yawning? You're yawning? [exhales deeply] Clive, I've been sat there with my guests for the last 75 minutes.
From the minute we arrived, it's almost as if we weren't welcome.
The service was lackluster.
One of our orders was forgotten.
And the food was shocking.
How long do you think you've got left? Maybe six months? GORDON: Six months? Ladies and gentlemen, put your knife and forks down.
[overlapping chatter] Stop eating.
I need to show you something really important.
Follow me.
Let's go.
[upbeat music] GORDON: Come down, please.
-Oh, my God.
-What? GORDON: This is Hell on Wheels.
The heart of my command center.
My team has been secretly filming you in your restaurant.
And I want all of you to focus what I'm about to show you.
'Cause this is embarrassing.
[suspenseful music] [laughter] [laughs] [laughs] Nicole.
He's laughing his head off.
You're treating this like this is a joke.
-It's not a joke.
-It's not a joke.
Now, it's called humility.
It's called respect.
GORDON: Are you laughing again? There's nothing wrong with a smile.
It keep the face young.
So that's how you measure your professionalism? By standing there and giggling? -I am not giggling.
-Oh, you weren't giggling? NICOLE: I can laugh.
There's nothing wrong with laughing.
I'm just disgusted that you're standing there smirking away.
What would you like, some popcorn? Maybe.
What a disgusting way to behave in front of your boss.
You should be ashamed.
I'm not.
[dramatic music] [smooth music] What a disgusting way to behave in front of your boss.
You should be ashamed.
I'm not.
Clive, do you really want to run this place for another six months? -Not under these conditions.
I'm here to help you, but we do not have a lot of time.
I'm gonna give you all 24 hours to turn this business around.
'Cause if we can't make this work in 24 hours, we have got no chance.
All of you, get on your cell phones, ring home, and tell them you're not gonna see them for 24 hours, because the clock starts now.
[suspenseful music] [clock beeping] GORDON: You, as a team, sort yourselves out.
And meet me back inside.
Customers, get the valet, and get the [bleep] out of here.
COOK: How are we gonna fix this [bleep] in 24 hours? 24 hours is gonna be hard to get this restaurant back up in shape.
GORDON: With the re-opening in less than 24 hours, we are in a race against time.
My team has installed clocks throughout the restaurant To track our impending deadline.
I'm amazed that this place is still open.
Have you ever read any reviews online? If you think I'm being harsh, uh, listen to this.
"Just spent $25 on a buffet and the food was cold.
"The staff were too busy watching football "and socializing.
"Extremely disappointed in this place.
"I won't be back.
" "Went in there for dinner, "and it took us, no joke, "an hour to get our food.
"The waiter couldn't even remember "what some of us had ordered.
"If you value your time, don't bother going here.
" I mean, I'm-- I'm not gonna go on.
These are your customers.
This is not the way to run a business.
Individuals that are here for the check, because when this closes and goes bust, you're [bleep] off to your next jobs.
For the back of the house, training is needed.
[tense music] NICOLE: Wait, you can't tell me nothing.
I know that.
I know that.
NICOLE: They need to be certified in a lot of stuff.
Then it will be better.
So what you're saying is that if the team would train better in the kitchen, it would match your good service.
The clock is ticking.
GORDON: I haven't got 24 weeks.
I'm here for 24 hours.
And I need everybody committed.
I need everybody on the same page.
And if you're not prepared to put it in, stand up and go now.
[door closes] [solemn music] [whistles] Clive, as the owner you've been very quiet.
Do you care about this restaurant? GORDON: I'm here to help you.
And you need to start again and rebuild from the ground up.
And it starts right now.
I want to introduce you to two very special individuals that I've been working with for years.
Theresa and Brian.
Hello, nice to meet you.
How are you, sir? Patrick, yes.
GORDON: They're here with a design team, and they're gonna give you everything they've got to transform these four walls.
GORDON: Clive, there's something else you should know.
People care about this.
People don't want to see these doors closed.
And there's even more people turning up tonight from your parish.
-What? -[gasps] [giggling] GORDON: That's right, sir, welcome.
[shrieking and applause] [laughter] [inspirational music] WOMAN: Oh, my God.
[laughs] This means for all of them as much as it does to you.
And when we say we're committed, GORDON: you need to understand that they're prepared to give up everything to help put this place back together.
Thank you, guys.
[applause] GORDON: We got a lot to do.
And not nearly enough time to do it.
Let's get started.
Ladies, help out, please.
Time to go to work.
THERESA: We're gonna take out the chairs and set them outside.
Let's just push the tables to the middle of the room.
I'm so ready for this long night.
So ready.
GORDON: With the clock already ticking, we've got our work cut out for us.
Ready? One, two, three--it rolls.
GORDON: It's time to hit refresh.
Out with the old, and in with the new.
To transform this drab, uninviting restaurant into a warm and welcoming bistro.
So we're gonna tear this whole conduit out.
GORDON: We'll make space for modern furnishings and fixtures, and rejuvenate the dining room with updated artwork and décor.
But a facelift isn't enough.
Thank you, sir.
GORDON: I've got to get to the real heart of what's happened here.
And it starts with the kitchen.
Look at that.
It's bag on bag.
Fresh on old.
No dates, no organization, nothing.
Chris, Sergio, this is Clive's money.
This is hundreds and hundreds of dollars going to waste.
[whistles] Wow.
Clive, step in here for two minutes.
How often is this place cleaned? CLIVE: Maybe once every two months.
GORDON: That has never been cleaned in years.
And all this is over your food prep.
Oh, my God.
Look at that in there.
[suspenseful music] Once every two months.
Oh, my God.
Once every two months.
This from the grill that they clean every night.
Clive, it is littered thick with grease.
This could go up in flames in seconds.
This would go up in seconds.
And we're all [bleep].
GORDON: There was on time, setting this restaurant up, you must've been passionate, but this is terrible.
Where's the guy with 37 years' experience gone? Meet me in your office.
I wanna talk to you.
[dramatic thump] [ominous music] Where's the guy with 37 years' experience gone? Meet me in your office.
I wanna talk to you.
[tense music] Do you know where we're going with all this stuff? We need to grab the lift, drive it in, 'cause we gotta pull this big mirror.
BRIAN: I think we do it on the lift.
GORDON: I don't have a lot of time here.
And it's obvious to me that something is really upsetting Clive beyond the state of the kitchen.
Clive, I wanna know what's happened.
Why are we like this? [sighs] So you told him to take the bus.
And he was standing at the bus stop, and that's where he got shot.
I'm so sorry.
Why? I know, but, Clive, you can't bring these kids off the street to replace junior.
You don't deserve that weight on your shoulders.
You have a business here.
Putting up with the attitude of individuals like Terrance, why should putting a roof over their heads It's--it's--it's madness, Clive.
What kind of pressure does this put on the family? [tense music] She left you? Oh, man.
Losing your son wasn't your fault.
But losing your wife and your family it will be your fault if you don't get this sorted.
And you've lost enough.
Have a think about that.
Okay? [sighs] [inspirational music] GORDON: After hearing that story, I've never felt more pressure to make this work.
He's on the verge of literally losing everything.
My only hope of getting this guy to fall back in love with his restaurant is getting him back to the foundation that made him a great chef he once was.
This isn't quick at all.
It's a beautiful space.
Very cool.
What're we gonna do with that, uh-- With the front of the bar? We're gonna go ahead and put a paneling on that.
Good, and how the team doing? We're still here.
[upbeat music] Chris, Sergio.
We're getting, uh, clean? Yes, chef.
Right now I need to show three of you something really important.
-You ready? -Yes.
Let's go.
GORDON: While my design team is busy rushing to renovate the restaurant, my team of expert chefs have been at hell on wheels working on the new dishes.
I revamped the entire menu by replacing their reheated processed food items with fresh, authentic, Caribbean fare.
But right now, I'm worried that my team and I won't have enough time to train Clive and his staff to execute the dishes properly.
Clive, you have a chance to stand out.
And what we need to do now is put some authenticity back into that menu.
In here we have the Caribbean-style red snapper, finished with a delicious, rich curry.
Next to that, a delicious, fragrant ceviche.
Next, you've got the lobster mac and cheese, with toasted bread crumbs for that crunch.
Next to that, shrimp and grits.
It's got the punch; it's got the flavor.
And then, coconut shrimp.
Seasoned beautifully, delicious and cheerful.
Next to that, it's the jerk chicken, finished with a touch of spice.
Clive, when was the last time your team had one-on-one training? It's been a while.
This is not rocket science.
This is straight-forward.
Red snapper.
Skin side down.
See that? Yeah, it's beautiful.
GORDON: That skin just protects it all the time.
Butter goes in.
Baste, baste, baste.
And then flip.
Once you've flipped it, skin side down.
Three minutes.
From there, three elements.
Rice, sauce, garnish.
And then finally, your snapper.
Dish number one.
A beautiful Caribbean red snapper.
What'd you think? It blended together, and yeah, and the crunch, yeah.
Give it texture.
And it's-- it's from here.
-From the heart.
-Yeah, from the heart.
Could you do what I've just done? -Yes.
-Yeah, I think you can.
Right now, I don't give a [bleep] how tired anyone is.
My team are gonna spend the rest of the night one-on-one to get that food up to par.
Christina, Mary, please.
-Gentlemen, you ready? -Yes, yes, yes.
GORDON: Come around.
Let's go.
And Chris.
This has to work.
This has to resonate with Clive.
Because if they can't learn and perfect this new menu overnight Curry sauce.
GORDON: We won't reopen tomorrow, and trust me, it's a tall order.
GORDON: That color looks lovely.
Oh, thank you.
Nice, deep, gray.
Yeah, and windows? THERESA: We're going dark up there, yeah.
And then we're gonna add some white drapery.
So that should bounce some light off and make it really crisp.
Yeah, looks good.
GORDON: With so little time to work, we have a solid plan in place to make over this dining room.
All I need now is someone to run it.
And, out of my talk with Clive, I realize that there may be more to Nicole's fiery personality than I first thought.
Nicole, uh, let's have two minutes, uh, together, please, darling.
Put that down.
Okay, chef.
Oh, my Lord.
I'm giving insight to what you do.
Are you the general manager? Yes, the front of the house manager, yeah.
Front of house manager.
How good do you think that service is here? -Truthfully.
-It can be much better.
What I experienced when I walked in the door, you weren't charming, your team weren't charming, nobody was smiling.
And the minute we started asking you things, you and your team got pissy with the customers.
I'm gonna watch y'all all eat.
-Yeah, where's yours? -Just a moment.
Your rib eye coming up.
I understand what you see there, and I know it's wrong.
Nicole, we are sinking quicker than you know.
That man's lost his son.
He's just lost his wife.
And he's about to lose his restaurant.
Unfortunately, you've been part of that.
Let me ask you this, and I'll be really blunt.
Can you do a better job? [dramatic thump] [ominous music] I understand what you see there, and I know it's wrong.
Nicole, we are sinking quicker than you know.
Unfortunately, you've been part of that.
Let me ask you this, and I'll be really blunt.
Can you do a better job? Yes.
There's signs of your potential management that tells me you can be a bloody good boss.
Use your voice.
The same one that was yelling at me outside.
[laughs] I can take that till the cows come home.
I need you to promise me that I can count on you.
I promise, yes.
Now, let's get that team of yours working.
GORDON: It may be closing time for restaurants across Los Angeles, but at the Brownstone Bistro MAN: Thank you.
I know it's gonna be a long night, but I really appreciate it.
No problem.
GORDON: The staff and community members are working tirelessly through the night.
Try to get everything done, okay? All right, come on, let's go, let's do it, team work, okay? So, what's first? Seasoning the fish.
Perfect, go for it.
Yes, I'm very tired right now.
Yes, we had a long day.
But this is a new start for me and, uh, I'm looking forward to it.
THERESA: I'm gonna blame the mirror wall if we don't finish.
GORDON: With the grand reopening only hours away, everyone is running on empty.
Ladies, brooms down, please.
NICOLE: Brooms down.
Follow me, please, let's go.
What a difference a night can make.
Let's go.
GORDON: So, Clive and his team have prepared a well-deserved and much needed pick-me-up.
CLIVE: Beautiful.
Right, uh, line up behind here, please.
All of you together.
Come down, chefs, let's go.
CANDICE: So beautiful.
Let's just look at this table.
GORDON: Everything you're seeing here it's fruits of all of your labor throughout the night.
I want you all to dig in.
This is the new Brownstone.
NICOLE: I wanna taste.
CANDICE: All right, let's try, let's try, let's try.
SERGIO: This is really good.
Holy crap, that sauce is good, chef.
Does Nicole mean the curry sauce? NICOLE: Yeah, that sauce is so good.
This is really good.
I am feeling exhausted.
CANDICE: But super energized.
The new menu is fantastic.
CANDICE: I think the people that come in today, they're gonna be impressed.
We're killing it.
And you look like you haven't eaten in 24 hours.
[laughter] When you finish your appetizer, your entrée.
That's for you, okay? That's all yours.
If this is the kind of energy we've got together, after being up all night, goodness know what will happen when we open those doors.
GORDON: While the front of house gets familiar with the new menu BRIAN: Almost done, I think.
-That looks really cool.
GORDON: I have a surprise for Clive and his kitchen team.
Welcome to a clean kitchen.
Come in.
Now, what do you think? CLIVE: I love it, I love it, I love it.
GORDON: If there's one thing that's been missing inside this kitchen, it's space.
-We can turn around now.
Put your arms out.
We could walk around.
GORDON: Now, you've got state-of-the-art equipment.
Some new plates and steamers.
GORDON: So we can get busy.
Now, that's the kitchen.
I've got something else to show you that is equally as important.
Follow me.
Let's go.
Now, uh, ladies, I need you over here urgently, please.
Breaking news.
There's no way on Earth we're moving forward with an out-of-date system.
Now, Alex has a company called TouchBistro.
And this is one of the most sophisticated POS systems on the planet.
-May I? -Please.
These tablets will make your restaurant and your front of house so much more efficient.
-[applause] SUNSHINE: Well, I'm tired right now, but I think we're ready.
I think we're gonna pull ourselves together and have a wonderful opening.
The attitude of the staff over the last 22 hours has been incredible.
There's just one big issue left that I need to get to the bottom of because it hurts Clive and it's hurting the restaurant.
GORDON: Unbeknownst to Clive, I've invited his wife, Dee Dee, because in order to put his life back together -A pleasure to meet you.
-Uh, it's my pleasure.
GORDON: The restaurant isn't the only thing that needs to be saved.
Uh one minute.
[rock music] I just spent some serious time with Dee Dee.
[solemn music] So she's here? She's here, Clive.
-Are you okay? -Yes.
What's more important for you, family or a restaurant? Truthfully.
My family is more important to me.
Then they need to hear that.
Let's go.
[door knocks] GORDON: All right, Dee Dee.
He's here.
I'm just gonna leave you.
I think you guys need to spend-- Can you guys Uh, you, you, out.
[tense piano music] [dramatic thump, timer beeps] [ominous music] DEE DEE: Clive.
I have not given up.
GORDON: While Clive and Dee Dee talk, my renovation team has only moments to add an important final touch BRIAN: All right, let go of it.
Do we know how it goes together? GORDON: That will bring the dining room back together.
Guys, gather around, please.
Just come and stand over here.
GORDON: Look who's here.
[applause] GORDON: Come and stand over here.
Now, what do you think about this gorgeous new bistro? This is absolutely beautiful.
This place was built on love, understanding, commitment, and communication.
But there's one little piece of jigsaw that's missing.
[inspirational music] All of us are standing underneath this beautiful tree.
And it's a blessing tree, in memory of your son, Clive Junior.
[solemn music] CHRIS: Wow.
Now that is a tree of joy.
And a tree of immense inspiration.
And the minute we start to let love, family, commitments slide, you stand under here and take a stern reminder of what that young man stood for.
Each and every check will give you an option to write a little message.
And that message of hope goes on, and then as you build this tree, take a second to remind ourselves how lucky we all are to still be here and to have each other, and to work hard.
CLIVE: Physically, I might be exhausted; mentally, I'm not.
And I'm ready to move forward.
The tree of hope, I never would thought of or dream of.
It means a lot to us.
A whole lot.
GORDON: With passions renewed, we have only minutes until the doors reopen.
GORDON: Ladies, we are opening just minutes from now.
Let's go.
-You've got this? -Yes.
GORDON: And it's now a mad dash to tie up any loose ends and complete the transformation.
[tense music] Guys, seconds away.
I wish you all the best of luck.
all: Five, four, three, two, one.
GORDON: Let's go.
-[cheers and applause] Let's go.
Hey, good luck.
Psst, you in the kitchen.
Let's go.
Welcome to the new Brownstone Bistro.
[cheers and applause] Let's go.
NICOLE: Hello, ladies.
How are you? First impressions? Excellent.
WOMAN: It changed.
Oh, my God.
GORDON: In only 24 hours, we've completely overhauled the Brownstone Bistro.
It's so artistic it's inspiring.
WOMAN: The art, the mirrors.
GORDON: We've scrapped the dated furniture and artwork.
Well, this is nice.
Look at those pretty light fixtures over there.
It's really bright and vibrant.
I love it.
GORDON: With added exciting design elements -The place looks amazing.
-I know, right? GORDON: And planted a beautiful blessing tree to celebrate family and community.
Instead of the drab dining room, diners will now enjoy a warm, sophisticated ambience Here you go, ladies, and for you, gentleman.
Ah, this is a much better menu.
GORDON: While indulging an elevated Caribbean cuisine.
-Oh, I can't believe, like-- -The transformation.
It's incredible.
[rock music] Welcome.
All right, I have a ceviche and a coconut shrimp.
-Thank you.
[cell phones snap] WOMAN: Mmm, mm-hmm.
-I want everything.
-I want everything.
We're gonna try everything.
Look at you.
Gorgeous, come here.
Oh, man, look at you.
Look at-- You look gorgeous.
Thank you.
Let me show you in the kitchen.
Give me your hand.
Two seconds.
I want you to have a little peek in the kitchen.
[tender music] CLIVE: Oh.
Oh, look at my baby.
So happy to see you.
I'm so happy to see Brooklyn.
I'm speechless.
All right, what'd you think of the dining room? Isn't it beautiful? All right, for my table of everything.
Whoo-hoo! We have lobster mac and cheese.
Coconut shrimp.
The lobster mac and cheese.
There's, like, a nice cheese sauce.
Not, it's not too heavy.
It's perfect.
Now, what have you gone for, sir? What have you ordered? [upbeat music] The pineapple cake for your entrée.
-I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
[laughter] [tense music] Okay, shrimp is up.
Shrimp and grits is up.
We have a snapper here.
COOK: How long on that chicken? Coming right now.
NICOLE: All right, can I take this Okay, all right.
Excuse me.
Shrimp and grits.
MAN: Oh, wonderful.
NICOLE: This red snapper.
Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
All right, I'm coming up with your jerk chicken.
-That looks good.
-Please start, you guys.
Yeah, eat it while it's hot, it's fine.
Jerk chicken for the VIP table.
This chicken is not cooking.
Clive, urgently, on the VIP table there's a jerk chicken missing.
-Where is it? -Chicken is working, sir.
Oh, my Lord.
This chicken shrimp is breaded, huh? Yes.
That this is-- One chicken is up.
JENN: There it is.
-Your jerk chicken.
-Yay, thank you.
-That smells really good.
-Smells very good.
Oh, it's a little pink.
Is it cooked all the way? I don't know.
I could take that back for you.
-Thank you so much.
-No problem.
Yeah, just to be safe.
I will take it back.
No problem.
Thank you.
A little too pink for comfort.
ALL: Yeah.
GORDON: What's wrong with that? Um, it's not cooked all the way.
GORDON: It's not cooked.
-Is this the critic? -Yes.
Aw, [bleep].
GORDON: The chicken's got blood in it.
[dramatic thump] Aw, [bleep].
[suspenseful music] Clive, the chicken's got blood in it.
Not good.
Aw, [bleep].
Come with me.
The jerk chicken is the easiest pick up.
It is not.
Look at me, if it's not ready, don't send it.
How long is the jerk chicken away? I would say another 3 minutes.
Now, you need to come together as a team.
The dining room are.
The bar is.
And you need to talk.
Yes, I know it's difficult.
-Let's go.
CLIVE: We're gonna set up for, uh, jerk chicken.
By itself.
I wanna apologize.
Your jerk chicken will be out in a moment.
We just wanna make sure it is properly done.
-Okay, great, great, great.
She's so sweet.
That--I mean, that covers a lot of sins for me.
Okay, chicken is up.
[tense music] -Hey.
-Hey, he-he-he-hey! ALL: Yay! Yay.
Smells good.
Oh, my gosh, it's still bubbling.
I think that the Brownstone Bistro is set up for success.
JENN: What's key is the food.
Is there something crave-able here? Are there dishes that I'm gonna come back for? And yes, there's a bunch of dishes like that.
I can't believe they did that in 24 hours.
That's unbelievable.
Okay, curried snapper.
-Jerk chicken.
This is like home.
Reminds me of home.
I'm shocked.
I can't believe this was the same place.
FRANKIE: The atmosphere, the food, the service.
It's a complete 180.
Brooklyn, will you bring your friends here? DEE DEE: I don't think I can actually put into words how much tonight has meant to us.
I hope that Brownstone Bistro is a success.
And I hope it is going to turn our family around as well.
Okay, red snapper.
-One minute, please.
Send those fish out for me, please.
[tense music] Right.
I'm looking at the delight in the customers' faces.
They are loving the food.
-Well done.
CLIVE: Thank you.
I'm leaving now.
-[gasps] No.
-So I just--yeah.
I just wanted to say thank you.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
Stand next to him.
Listen, you, tonight, young lady, handled that dining room brilliantly.
Thank you.
Tonight was awesome.
[solemn music] Job well done.
Good job.
The kitchen and the front of the house become one, and Brownstone Bistro become what it's supposed to be, successful.
You've done something in there tonight that you haven't done in a long time.
You stood behind the line and fell in love with being a chef.
Continue digging.
Yes, sir.
The last 24 hours have been crazy.
Keep it up.
And good luck.
-God bless.
-All right.
Moving forward, I think there's always room for improvement.
But my staff was amazing.
How are you? Hey, Mom.
[laughter] And to have my family with me tonight, what more could I ask for? They say you can't build Rome in a day.
Well, I think we have rebuilt the Brownstone Bistro in 24 hours.
-Five coconut shrimp.
-How many patties? -And four patties.
-Very good.
Tonight there was a heartbeat.
And I think for the first time in a long time, it felt like a proper restaurant.
I hope Clive can continue digging deep and finding that voice and getting passionate about what he's good at.
That is cooking.
[inspirational music] Hi, Chef Ramsay, I wanna say thank you.
Business has picked up quite a bit, and as you can see, we are pretty busy, and people are loving the menu.
Thank you again.
Hi, Chef Ramsay.
Everything is good here at the Bistro.
NICOLE: Clive is doing good.
And the POS system, it's so great.
I really appreciate everything.
We love it.
Thank you.
GORDON: Next time, I head to Mississippi where a hometown favorite has truly gone south.
"Ordered the lasagna and it was frozen in the middle.
" GORDON: I'll meet an owner who'd rather fight her customers "I was very disappointed with my steak.
"It was not very good at all.
" Oh, shut up.
GORDON: Than fight for her business.
Step up and make some decisions.
I'm not doing it for you.
[sighs] I think he's [bleep] done with us.
GORDON: And a chef whose habits are so appalling We ate this today.
GORDON: They bring me to my knees.