24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

Sherman's Restaurant

1 GORDON: I'm Gordon Ramsay, and I'm hitting the road.
[blues rock music] [truck horn honks] I'm heading to restaurants all across America WOMAN: Oh, my God, no, no.
GORDON: On the brink MAN: [bleep] you! GORDON: Of collapse.
They're sat in blood.
What are you waiting for, a [bleep] death? GORDON: But having endured so many kitchen disasters over the years There's a [bleep] mouse in here.
I know that I need to do something I've never, ever done before.
I must try to save each of these restaurants in just 24 hours.
MAN: That's not a lot of time.
WOMAN: I'm scared we're not gonna finish.
[snoring] GORDON: Because in this age of social media, where every customer is a critic If you want fast service and good drinks, don't go here.
Next one, one star, the food looks gross when it comes out of the kitchen.
[whispers] Oh, my God.
GORDON: Your business can succeed or fail overnight.
But when people know I'm coming, they tend to hide what's really going on.
So, this time, I'll need to be covert, hiding cameras in the restaurants and myself in plain sight -Catch of the day, hepatitis B.
-[laughs] GORDON: To catch them all red-handed.
I had to stop you from eating in there, and this is the reason why.
WOMAN: Oh, my God, no! GORDON: If I have any hope of saving them Bless thy soul, may I come out in one piece.
I'll have to go to hell and back GORDON: Oh, my God.
-[coughs] GORDON: In 24 hours.
[coughs] [beeping] [slow blues-rock music] I've just arrived in Greenville, Mississippi.
Now, this place is known not only as the birthplace of the blues, but also for its world famous catfish.
Look at it.
It's almost like going back in time.
-[car honking] -Oh, you from "Hell's Kitchen"! -[screams] -How you doing? -You good? -Oh, my God! Come over, darling.
Hair looks great, by the way.
You take care.
-Bye-bye! -Bye-bye now.
GORDON: Like many small towns in America, this once vibrant town now sits desolate and in desperate need of help, much like the family-run restaurant, Sherman's.
I'm really hoping that saving an important small business like Sherman's can get that energy back around the town.
The problem is that Sherman's is run by the Nimrod family.
That's right, this restaurant is owned by a pair of Nimrods.
ALLISON: My name is Allison Nimrod, and I am the owner of Sherman's Restaurant.
PETER: A man named Charles Sherman, he decided to make this into a fine dining restaurant in 1985.
We bought the restaurant in 2012.
We kept the name Sherman's, because Nimrod's is probably not a good name for a restaurant.
" Right.
It's funny.
ALLISON: I decided to buy Sherman's, because I just saw such a great hustle and bustle of customers come and go.
I just knew that all this needed was a little touch of Nimrod.
It's gonna be $7.
20-- oh, that's not right.
I'm so sorry.
I had very much underestimated the amount of work that it would take to be the owner of a restaurant.
-This is for Davis.
-Davis who? -I'm not sure.
It could be their first name.
It could be their last name.
Allison pays close attention to the reviews we get.
She'll know exactly what table they were at, who was their server.
It was your lady that wrote us a bad review.
She said, "Bland and overcooked.
" "Was very disappointed with my steak.
It was not good at all.
" Oh, shut up.
VICTORIA: Allison needs to believe those reviews, because we've lost a lot of customers.
[soft percussive music] -Mm-hmm.
-Customers stopped coming in, because of the food pretty much.
Let me see your ticket.
Confused right now.
Child, spaghetti please.
The cooks are fine except Steve.
[shushes] STEVE: I've worked at Sherman's Restaurant for 32 years.
I was the head chef from the beginning here.
I mean, Steve's part of the foundation of this restaurant.
NICOLE: Steve done been here for some years, and, you know, some peop--they say, sometimes, you get burned out.
Is there a difference between loin back ribs and baby back ribs? Steve will kill me, but if I'm ordering a steak, I wanna make sure Nicole's cooking it.
I think I could put a little bit more seasoning on there.
I have worked at Sherman's 25 years.
I love working here.
We are family.
ALLISON: We've had a decline in customers and an increase in expenses.
PETER: Cost of kitchen staff goes up.
Food prices go up.
We're out of money.
We have none.
PETER: If Sherman's were to close, the bank would repossess our house and repossess our cars and take away all of our material possessions.
Like, our whole-- our everything is on the line.
[solemn music] [upbeat blues-rock music] GORDON: It's obvious, without help, that Sherman's, it will be closing its doors shortly.
With only 24 hours to turn this place around, I needed to know the issues before I even stepped foot inside.
So, my team told the restaurant that they were trying out for a traditional renovation show.
While they're being interviewed, we installed hidden cameras throughout the restaurant, and have been secretly recording surveillance footage since we left.
Time to get changed.
[funky folk music] Since I'm in the heart of the Delta, I've decided to disguise myself as the lifeblood of this country: an American farmer.
-There he is.
-You ready, man? -Found a table, yes? -Let's do it, man.
-Guys, come on.
-Let's go.
-About to starve.
[engine ignites, revs] GORDON: It's time for a big old plate of that famous Southern hospitality.
Are we gonna kinda take a little break before we start up the night? I'm not sure.
Um I sure do need it.
Place looks like it could do with a paint, no? MAN: Yeah.
GORDON: The farmers I'm with are locals, which should help me maintain my cover ALLISON: Hey there.
How are y'all? GORDON: But after spotting the hideous décor, I'm feeling a tad overdressed.
Do you smell that? -Huh? What's that smell? -[laughs] Something stank in this kitchen.
I am gonna just tell y'all the truth, I don't know what it is, but it's something stanky.
My feet are sticking to the [bleep] carpet.
Have I just stepped in horse manure? -[laughter] -Holy [bleep].
Well, let's test-drive the filet mignon.
That's the best they have to offer.
Meat and taters.
[stammers] What's a tater? -A tater? -[laughs] -Potato.
-Oh, potato.
[laughter] GORDON: We're ordering menu items that should be Southern staples.
Let me get the bowl of the gumbo.
The fried oysters.
Can I get a side of pork chop? I'ma try the, uh, fried catfish.
Bolognese with the large filet.
MAN: Flounder? -The flounder? -Mm-hmm.
[soft percussive music] Ranch.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-You're welcome.
Being locals here, would you come here? -Really? -It's gone downhill.
Brittany, your appetizers are up.
Those look kinda sad.
[slow symphonic music] -Thank you.
Look at that.
Very greasy, rubbery.
That's terrible.
I'ma pass on the gumbo.
Those oysters are shocking.
-That's a little chewy.
It feels like I'm chewing a [bleep] golf ball.
Yeah, don't swallow that oyster.
A stuffed broiled flounder.
Stanky fish! WOMAN: About to be stanky.
Uh, look at that.
Oh, my Lord.
The stuffing on top of that smells.
-Catch of the day, hepatitis B.
-[laughs] You need to swap? Catfish for my flounder.
Oh, Lord.
You'd think the catfish would be exceptional, wouldn't you? -Ugh.
-That is terrible.
A little taste of that.
MAN: Oh, that's horrible right there, man.
That's not good.
I'm gonna get changed, okay? So, just, uh--just try and pretend to eat.
[dynamic percussive music] -Does someone need something? -I'm good.
That was shocking.
The food is embarrassing.
Flounder, oh, my Lord.
It was [bleep] grim.
[sighs] What a [bleep] disaster.
[music builds] Hello.
Hey! Oh, my God! -You're Steve, right? -Oh, my.
-I am Steve.
GORDON: Ladies.
Is it--is that the guy? -Allison? Good.
[whispering] There's Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen.
We've got Gordon Ramsay in our kitchen.
Shut down the kitchen, turn everything off.
I need you in the dining room.
Uh, ladies and gentlemen, I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Um, could you stop eating for 30 seconds, please? I cannot believe this man is here in my restaurant.
I've just sat there for the last hour with my guests.
I am shocked at what I've just experienced.
Dull, bland, embarrassing.
You can't both be in denial.
Does this restaurant need help? -Yes, sir.
Steve, that food was atrocious.
I didn't think it was atrocious.
GORDON: You didn't think it was atrocious? -No, sir.
-And you've got no idea how appalling that kitchen is? No, sir, I didn't.
Do I need to take what little guests you've got left in here and show them? -Sure.
-You want me to? Ladies and gentlemen, follow me, please.
-Let's go.
-Oh, my God.
[sighs] Come in, come in.
So, under here is where your food goes.
[people murmuring] [tense music] That's a hot plate covered in [bleep].
Oh, my God.
GORDON: When was the last time it was cleaned? I don't have an answer.
I don't know.
GORDON: You've been here 32 years.
You can't tell me the last time that was cleaned? I'm done with excuses.
Everyone, follow me, please.
I wanna show you something.
[rock music] All right, come on down.
This is Hell on Wheels, the heartbeat of my operation.
I'm here to help.
Let's get that right.
But there's something you should know.
Without any of you knowing this, I sent in my culinary team to secretly record the restaurant for weeks, and I can't believe what people get up to when they don't know they're being filmed.
-I ain't even looking at this.
-I don't wanna see.
GORDON: I am shocked.
Watch carefully.
So, he wants to take these off.
He doesn't wanna eat them.
Please put them in a bag for my dog.
People just wasting Nicole's ranch, as if it's free.
-Who has the tail? -I do.
I'm waiting on the crawfish tail.
Yes, but they said they've been here forever.
Is there a difference between loin back ribs and baby back ribs? [tense music] Steve, you full of [bleep], you know that? WOMAN: Disgusting.
Oh, my God, really? Oh! Oh, my God! -Wow.
WOMAN: Oh, my God.
This can't be real.
Oh, we're gonna die.
These folks gonna leave out of here and don't never come back.
Oh, my God.
[screams, gasps] WOMAN: Oh, my God.
-Oh! WOMAN: Oh, no! Oh, my God [people gasping] VICTORIA: Oh, God, it looks so much worse on camera.
Oh, God, no.
[beeping] [tense, dynamic music] I'm lost for words.
Sherman's truly need a shock to the system.
Now, I am gonna help to turn this business around in 24 hours, because if you and your staff don't have the drive or the passion to change in 24 hours, then you never will.
And that 24 hours starts right now.
[beeping] To make this place change quickly, I need one thing from all of you: your 100% commitment across these next 24 hours.
Are you committed? ALL: Yes! Customers, today's check, that's on me, but what I would like to see is tomorrow night, you come back here for dinner.
Members of the team at Sherman's, get on your telephone and ring home.
You're not gonna see them for 24 hours.
Right, go on your phones, meet me back in the restaurant in five minutes from now.
I need more than a cigarette.
I'm trying to find you, Mama.
That was so hard to watch.
I think all of my customers right now are a little disappointed in me.
I feel like it's gonna take some winning back to have them come in and see us in a new light.
So, I wanna get this boat turned around.
-It's gonna be all good.
-This is good.
We need this.
We need a kick in the butt.
[blues rock music] Y'all see your time ticking down, right? You know, Mississippi prides itself on warmth and making you feel special.
Well, you certainly didn't make me feel special today, let me tell you.
It's time for a change, but I don't know how to change it.
Oh, now you're denouncing responsibility.
That's spineless.
$28 for a bland gravy.
-Did you taste that gravy? -I did not.
You're the first chef I've met in my life that doesn't taste his own food.
Oh, my God.
Nicole, you're second in charge of that menu, right? -Yeah.
-You go online, right, and you read some of these reviews.
I really don't read them, because I can imagine what people say about stuff.
Let me read out a couple, shall we? One star out of five.
"Ordered the lasagna, and it was frozen in the middle.
It was, like, reheated from the microwave.
" Do we put lasagna in the microwave? [affirmative chatter] GORDON: Tell me what we do in the microwave.
Lasagna, we heat the gumbo with the soup and Soups and sauces, ribs.
-What else? -The salmon.
The grilled asparagus.
-Half chicken.
-Half a chickens, yeah.
[bleep] me.
Oh, boy.
"For a fine dining restaurant, the food was rather bland.
"My white wine was served warm, and my soup was served cold.
" Here's the reply.
from Allison Nimrod.
You reply to these? "We do not serve warm wine, "so, surely, I can't explain what happened, "but I do hope writing this review -has made you extremely happy.
" -Oh, my God.
GORDON: You're washing your dirty linen in public, and aggravating the business you've got dwindling.
Why'd you say this? Next one, one star.
"Too dark on the inside.
"Probably a good thing, because the food looks gross when it comes out of the kitchen.
" Oh, my God.
Oh, [bleep], hold on a minute, breaking news.
Allison Nimrod, another response.
"It's hard to even respond to this ridiculous review, so I won't, except this"-- you are.
You are, you nutbag.
"Everything is fresh, "as they've been doing for 30 years.
You'll be forever missing our delicious meals.
" Are you drinking? Are you on the sauce -when you write these reviews? -No.
[laughs] Not that time.
[stifled laughter] That clock's ticking down.
Now, I knew we had our work cut out, but I didn't quite understand it was gonna be as bad as this, on this size of scale.
Now, we've got a hell of a lot of work to do.
Let's go, guys.
Steve, I wanna see you in the kitchen with Allison, Nicole, and the chefs, please.
We need to clear this restaurant out, so let's start by bussing all of the tables.
We got helpers.
Yes, yes.
GORDON: After being stuck in a time warp for 30 years, Sherman's is about to change faster than a duck on a junebug, whatever that means.
So, they gonna do all this in one day? Um, that's why he said 24 hours.
GORDON: In just 24 hours, we're gonna trade the depressing décor for some Southern charm.
This is the most exciting thing that's happened at this restaurant in five years.
GORDON: We'll tear out the hideous carpet, give the exterior a facelift, and take the color scheme from dark and bleak to a bright farmhouse chic.
In 24 hours? I don't see it happening.
GORDON: After studying the surveillance footage, I already know some of the atrocities I'm about to find in Steve's kitchen.
This is all disgusting.
There's no question about it.
GORDON: Come on.
Look at that! When was this last cleaned? I think it was Monday.
-Monday? -Possibly Saturday.
-Possibly Saturday? STEVE: No, um, Friday, because we weren't here Saturday.
We weren't here Monday.
GORDON: Come on, that's not true.
You can't be telling me the truth here.
I mean, look at that.
Allison, do you have any idea if this went up in flames, how quick it would burn down? [tense, dynamic music] Oh, my God.
When was that cleaned last? STEVE: Long time ago.
Steven, talk to me, please.
What's behind the line here? One, two, three, four, five microwaves.
We've just ordered three new ones.
Oh, but they're clean inside, yeah? The only [bleep] thing clean in here is the microwaves.
GORDON: What's in the sink here? -That's not catfish.
STEVE: That's oysters.
And this is where we wash pots, pans? Do you have any idea how much is in here money-wise? I would say a good $80, maybe more.
There's $600, $700 worth of product there.
Bloody hell.
What's down here? NICOLE: That's the cooler.
Oh, Lord, please bless thy soul, may I come out in one piece.
The smell in here.
What is this? [bleep].
They're sat in blood.
They've gone.
[coughs] [bleep].
What's in here? STEVE: What we call a cowboy ribeye and pork chop.
-Just smell that.
-No, that's not good.
-It's starting to turn-- -Yeah.
It's starting to turn green.
Nicole, s-- NICOLE: I already kn--ooh! GORDON: Oh, my God.
-What's the pork doing with it? [tense music] -That's cooked.
STEVE: Yes, it is.
-That's raw.
-Yes, it is.
We ate this today.
The meat is stinking.
You cannot be real.
GORDON: You cannot be real.
The meat is stinking.
You right now are a walking liability.
No, I'm not.
GORDON: You're costing this restaurant thousands.
Start cleaningquick.
[solemn music] What's just been confirmed in there is the fact that Steve is not fit to run this kitchen.
This is something we need to work on.
-It's bad.
-Yes, it is.
Yes, it is.
[slow country rock music] He's convinced the owner that what he's doing is good.
Unfortunately, what he's doing is running that business into the ground.
Allison, let's go upstairs.
-Okay, my office? -Yeah.
Allison's full of excuses, and for me, I need to get to the bottom of why she's willing to go after customers, but she can't even keep her staff in line.
Even this place is a mess.
-Are you okay? -I'm okay.
The kitchen is like a war zone.
I know it was a nightmare.
It was bigger than me.
You've got a chef in there that is lazy, setting a disgusting example.
Why didn't you fire that guy years ago? Everyone in the community knows Steve.
They respect him.
They believe that Steve is Sherman's Restaurant.
He's getting away with murder.
I look at the business plan, I look at the turnover, the sales, the labor costs.
He earns 90 grand a year.
I mean, I understand what you're saying, and I know this looks really bad, I know it.
You've remortgaged the house at $350,000 to keep this place open.
He's not feeling the heat.
That guy walks out of here when he wants, walks in when he wants, and you're the one holding this restaurant that's literally falling through your fingertips.
And what you've got to start understanding quickly, Allison, is that you need to bloody change.
I'm not even sure if you're fit to run a restaurant, let alone tell your head chef how bad he is.
[solemn music] [sighs] We need to move all of this mess.
GORDON: I worry that Allison is afraid of change, because she's scared of the community's reaction if she fires Steve -You're gonna be all right.
-Oh, my God, that was awful.
I know.
GORDON: But right now, I need to concentrate on making sure there will even be a restaurant to run.
So, my concern is this is the biggest one we've done so far.
You know, can we get this done in time? It's gonna be tight.
This is the first one I'm a little worried about.
We gotta take all the microwaves out.
Come on, guys, we've gotta move.
Bye, stove.
GORDON: I can't force Allison to change her staff Uh, Steve, can I have you, Chip, Nicole, Angie and Diana, please, yes? -Who want me? -Did you wash your hands? GORDON: But what I can do is give them some proper training to help get this kitchen back on track.
Let's go, ladies.
I can't go no farther.
[rock music] GORDON: My team is already waiting for them at Hell on Wheels.
It's time to get cooking.
Right, say hello to the team.
-Erica, Mary, and Ben.
-Hello, how y'all doing? -Hi, how y'all doing? -Nice to meet you.
GORDON: Have a quick look at the plates.
What do you think? -Beautiful.
We've taken the key staples from the old menu and revamped them with a bit of modernization.
The same staples, but they're elevated.
Now, pick up a knife and fork, and dig in.
Let's start off with a beautiful French onion soup, finished with Swiss cheese and toasted baguette.
Mmm, that's good.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
A delicious filet of beef, with a twice-baked loaded potato, finished with cream spinach and a peppercorn sauce.
A delicious red wine braised short rib, with mashed potatoes and roasted baby carrots.
Love that short rib.
Pan-seared chicken breast, lemon caper sauce, arugula, and a delicious sweet potato mash.
Cornmeal crusted catfish, served on braised greens, butternut squash, and then a creole mustard sauce.
Oh, that is so good.
What needs to happen inside Sherman's now is that we need to relight that fire.
Okay, we're gonna cook.
Right, catfish.
It's been lightly seasoned, and coated thinly, okay, with that cornmeal.
-Is that yellow cornmeal? -That's right.
Little bit of butter in there.
Fresh lemon on there.
-Smell that.
It's like a brown butter.
The cornmeal is toasted.
-We've got a nice citrus flavor.
But here's the good news: One, two, three, four, five, one, two, three amazing chefs.
And we're gonna work together, understood? When was the last time you taught your team a dish? And what was it? [solemn music] GORDON: No? -I don't know--I don't remember.
NICOLE: If you don't have the passion and the drive, then how would you teach anyone? GORDON: Step into a real kitchen, please, let's go.
-What's your name? -Nicole.
Nicole, nice to meet you.
All right, we're gonna teach you the other dishes right now.
MARY: Go ahead and start.
-Fish? Excuse me, guys, coming through.
Maybe more lemon, depending Mm-mm, it's perfect.
-Yes? -[chuckles] Nicole is handling the menu very well.
She's been there just as long as Steve has, and she can do just everything that Steve can do, if not even better.
-Was that hot enough? -I don't think it is.
We're gonna try it.
Is it cooked through? I think it is.
-Maybe not.
MARY: Perfect.
Good job.
It's easy.
No, that's-- that's not how you plate.
That's not how he plated, either.
GORDON: This is pretty incredible here.
These girls are stepping up, and Steve's looking the weakest one.
-How you doing? -Terrible.
This has been the worst day of my life.
GORDON: Bloody embarrassing.
I think Allison is scared of making change, but it needs to change, and it needs to change quick Because with less than 18 hours to go, if I can't get her to act now, it will be too late.
Allison, come over here with Peter, please.
Can we just go in the office for 30 seconds? PETER: Sure.
[tense music] How are you feeling? Um, I'm feeling a little more hopeful.
Uh, we're not, by any means, out of the woods.
My team is telling me, hour by hour, Nicole is excelling and Steve is doing the minimum amount that's required.
So, Allison second time, what needs to happen? I need to give Nicole more of a responsibility to step up, and I need to probably find a new role for Steve.
"Find a new role"? Get these-- would you mind leaving-- I need two minutes, please.
If it's heavy, leave it there.
'Cause I'm fed up with this [bleep].
The biggest problem inside this restaurant right now is you and your chef.
A 90 grand-a year cook should be bringing in $300,000 or $400,000 worth of profit.
But there's five [bleep] microwaves that are busier than Steve.
He has been a pillar of Sherman's for 30 years.
Our customers love Steve.
They think Steve is the one that makes the Sherman's go around.
You never, ever feel insecure about losing a chef, a maître d', a barman, ever, because they're all replaceable.
Your house is on the line, your jobs are on the line, and your family's on the line.
Step up and make some decisions.
I'm not doing it for you.
GORDON: I can't seem to get through to Allison, and I'm starting to worry I've wasted my time here.
[sighs] [bleep] hell.
There may be nothing more I can do.
Can we talk to him about this? -Talk to who? -Gordon I think he's [bleep] done with us.
[music builds] [sighs] [sighs] [tense music] Peter, you don't know how much [bleep] food -was thrown out today.
-Right, I know.
I mean, we have lost money -just in the last five days.
I'm already scared [bleep] about how we're gonna even make the next big bill.
You're right, you've been saying it for a long time.
We pay him a lot of money, a buttload of money.
[sighs] Nicole could take his spot.
I mean, she could.
She has the respect of that kitchen.
When I dropped one on the floor, I threw it away.
I gotta cook another one, okay? Gordon, can we talk to you a second? Excuse me for a second.
You okay? -[mumbles] -This is tough but you're completely 100% right, and-- We're ready to make that change.
I'm grateful that you've understood the importance of change, and I welcome that, but don't be scared of it.
It's so scary.
This is just the first change in five years.
And what you've never done so far within these four walls that made this business yours.
-You ready? -I'm ready.
Let's go check up -There you go.
-[exhales] -Take yours home, girl.
-Good job.
[laughs] Uh Ladies, you okay? ALL: Yes.
-Yeah? Steve, um, Pete and Allison would like a quick word.
Steve, we've been really embarrassed today.
We have.
I mean, we didn't realize the kitchen was in such bad order.
We've wasted thousands of dollars' worth of product that we had out there that's just been wasting.
Steve, it's time to make a change.
We're gonna have to let you go.
Appreciate you.
We appreciate you.
STEVE: I'm not as bad as he thinks I am.
I'm not.
You can feel like you can't be replaced, but anybody can be replaced.
You okay? Come on, let's go talk.
-What's wrong? -Oh, my God.
-We made a tough decision.
-What? We had to let Steve go.
I think it was the hard decision, but at the same point in time, it was a right decision, because change is good.
So proud of y'all, but, you know, we would've looked like a fool to not make that decision, because that kitchen is foolish.
And I need for y'all to recommit, and just, like, know that we are here to just rise, okay? And be a whole new amazing kitchen staff with Gordon freakin' Ramsay behind our back, okay? Nicole will now be our point person.
She's shown, you know, initiative and leadership.
She communicates well with everyone of y'all and loves you.
-We all gonna be all right.
PETER: [chuckles] We love you guys.
Thank y'all so much.
NICOLE: I know 110% I can pull it off.
We can pull it off as a team.
GORDON: While the city of Greenville drifts off to sleep, there is no rest for the Sherman's crew Oh, we're just under it.
[blues rock music] GORDON: Because with the hours ticking down, there's still much to be done 14 hours! GORDON: A new floor and new equipment that all need to be set up to give this place a true second chance.
[yawning] Oh, Lord.
Wake up, baby.
I hope we make it to our timeline.
Like, we only have a few hours left, andin a very short period of time, we have to get a lot done.
GORDON: Thankfully, Head Chef Nicole and her team are ready to show everyone just how good change can taste.
-You good? -Yes.
Good girl.
Right, line up.
-Allison, Peter here -Okay.
Rest of the team line up there.
Line up here.
Guys, come on down, please.
Let's go.
This in front of you is what we're relaunching with.
A fresh, modern take on Mississippi cuisine.
We fill that restaurant tonight, and we start spreading the love back in the community through our plates.
-Now, who's hungry? -Everybody.
-Everybody's hungry.
-Pick up a knife and fork.
Dig in.
Dig in, dig in, dig in.
-Good? -Is that good? [laughs] Look at Ms.
[indistinct] -Is it good, Ms.
Allison? -Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe y'all did this.
[laughs] -Well done, all of you.
GORDON: Now, something important.
We have to look at the beginning of the new chapter.
Stay there.
Two seconds.
I'd like to introduce you to our new head chef at Sherman's.
You probably know her.
PETER: Nicole! -[laughter] GORDON: She has shown so much commitment, honesty, and passion throughout the night, that my team were blown away.
Not only will she shine as a head chef, but another great spokeswoman for the community.
-All agreed? PETER: Absolutely, yes.
GORDON: All agreed? PETER: Good job.
GORDON: Uh, Nicole, congratulations.
I've worked 25 years at Sherman's -Well done.
NICOLE: And my first position at Sherman's was a dishwasher, and I worked my way all the way up to a dishwasher to the head chef cook.
I mean, that's the last spot in the restaurant, other than retirement.
[laughs] GORDON: We are a close-knit family, right? PETER: Yeah, we are, we are.
GORDON: But you said something to me interesting, that you wanted to run that restaurant, and you felt that that's what the community needed to help turn around this town.
But then you felt that if you changed anything, you're lacking support from that community, and you worried about change, in case they didn't come back.
But I think you must understand right now that you have a much larger family than you thought you did.
Please welcome them.
-[gasps] GORDON: Here they come.
[laughter, cheers] GORDON: And you're telling me that you're lacking support? They want you to become the success that you dreamed of.
Welcome, guys.
-Good morning, sir.
-Good to see ya.
Thank you.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Good to see you, bud-- GORDON: Mayor Simmons ERRICK: Yes? I know how ambitious you are to get this town turned around.
We are a community.
This city is one.
And so, we thank you all, we congratulate you all, and we're gonna move forward with this revitalization story -for the world.
-Thank you, Mayor.
GORDON: Amazing.
-Thank you.
Father Brandt, change for you, what does that mean to the community? The Delta is known for at least two things, in food and community, and you get both at Sherman's.
We may go to different churches, we may root for different football teams, we may vote for different people, -but we all like to eat -[laughter] BRANDT: And Sherman's is where we can do that.
Flowood Flooring, Mark, you guys have been amazing.
Throughout the night, they've kindly donated a brand new floor to the value of over $10,000 worth from top to bottom of that floor.
Associated Food Equipment & Supplies, you've given us an amazing brand new Garland Range, fresh countertop warmers, to the value of $9,000 worth of brand new equipment to go back in.
Thank you.
And then, General Parts of Memphis, you've dealt with the refrigeration units, and changed the coolers as well.
[applause] And can we all agree one thing this morning, I know it's early, but change is exciting, right? [affirmative chatter] -Yes? WOMAN: Yes, it is.
-Change is exciting, right? -Oh, yes! Absolutely, yes.
[laughter] GORDON: Now, we still have a restaurant to fix, as you know.
Thank you.
Let's go.
PETER: Thank y'all for coming.
Appreciate it.
GORDON: Now, with only hours left We need to use three more for this table right here.
GORDON: We need to get back to business.
Um Where's, um, Allison? Right, uh, kitchen staff, come through, please.
I need to show this crew something that will shock them all.
Allison, let's go.
Peter, let's go.
Oh, my God! Oh, my gosh.
Right, Ms.
Allison, let's go.
Peter, let's go.
Come through, please.
There's something I'd like to show you all.
-[gasps] -This is called -a clean kitchen.
-Oh, my God! ALLISON: Oh, my gosh.
GORDON: Come on down.
-Come through, please.
DIANE: Oh! ALLISON: Oh! GORDON: Oh! Uh, guys, turn around behind you.
No microwaves? GORDON: We have state-of-the-art equipment from top to bottom.
Looks at these beautiful scan pans.
The right tools make all the difference.
Now, is there anything else you need here, Ms.
Nicole? No, other than my team.
-My workers.
My A-1 team.
-[laughs] GORDON: Let's go.
As the 24 hours come to a close, we are in a mad dash to do any last finishing touches.
Getting ready Just getting myself comfortable.
[rock music] GORDON: Bright, vibrant, beautiful.
Meghan, honestly amazing, amazing, amazing.
Look at this diner.
Just turn around, everybody.
-Come on.
-[all cheer] GORDON: I mean, seriously.
-Reservation list? -Yes, sir.
Keep that iPad away from Allison -Yes.
[laughs] -Just in case she goes -"You're wrong! We're right!" VICTORIA: Definitely.
Oh, my God.
Those days are gone.
-How you feeling? ALLISON: I'm so scared.
Like, I'm shaking in my boots.
-[laughs] GORDON: That's a good sign.
I'm just gonna tell you again how much I love you.
I respect every one of you.
I think you're amazing.
I think you're very capable.
And we're here to support and encourage and do this as a team.
GORDON: Well done.
Look ALL: Five, four, three, two, one.
-Let's go! Let's go! -[all cheer] Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go.
Allison, open those new doors.
Oh, my goodness! -Welcome to Sherman's! -[cheers and applause] All right, come on in.
GORDON: First of all, what do you think? -Beautiful.
-It looks awesome.
Absolutely beautiful.
GORDON: In just 24 hours, we've given new life to this beloved restaurant.
The newly-painted dining room speaks to this town's bright future.
-Oh, it's so beautiful! -How are you? GORDON: The revitalized décor has brought back the charm and dignity that this place deserves, and the newly-clean kitchen is ready to give this crew a fresh start.
VICTORIA: How are y'all? WOMAN: Hi, dear.
-How do you feel? -Oh, so much better.
Nicole, we good? We ready? Yes.
VICTORIA: Are y'all ready to order? What can I get you this evening? GORDON: Sherman's is packed tonight.
I need every member of staff to stay focused and play their roles perfectly -Here we go.
-Thank you, ma'am.
You're very welcome.
I'm gonna get these out of your way.
GORDON: Every staff member.
-You're not a server.
-I'm still learning.
This is my first day of not helping.
-But you need to manage them.
Table number 18, you got your soup and your salad up.
This is you.
-The salad? -Right here.
-You had the soup? -Oh, my God.
What is Allison doing now? -A customer request.
-Oh, my Lord.
Is this y'all's? No? -Where are the wine glasses? -Uh-oh.
All right, I need to get past you.
-They're somewhere.
-All right, who had the soup? -Everybody had the soup? -Who has salads? We're at the wrong table, because we didn't have the salads.
Where are the wine glasses? Where are they? Table number 14 It's table--well, this table 14.
We need a ticket for this.
We don't know what table this is supposed to go to.
What table? Go ahead [tense music] Allison? Allison? I've got to get Allison to stop being a server.
She needs to manage, 'cause she's running around like a headless chicken.
Stay in her lane, talk to each other.
We stay calm here.
Um, can we find out? Where's Allison, please? -Um--[mumbles] -'Cause this is what I'm saying.
When she's running in the back, looking for boxes of-- these girls are there for that.
She needs to be on the floor.
-There you go.
-Thank you, baby.
BRITTANY: She just sent out my ticket number 20.
I'm missing a filet.
Because, I mean, my people are not being served right, and it's because-- because of dumb [bleep].
NICOLE: They working on it, Brittany.
They working on it back there.
We're just doing--yeah.
Come on, Brittany, we ain't got time for petty.
Get the manager.
Get me the manager.
[solemn guitar music] Okay, she just sent out my ticket number 20, right? I'm missing a filet.
I'm missing a filet.
My people are not being served right, and it's because of dumb [bleep].
NICOLE: They working on it, Brittany.
Get the manager.
Get me the manager, please.
-This is Shannon's.
-Brittany or Shannon? I need you floating around.
You're doing stuff.
You're grabbing boxes of wine and running back glasses, polishing this, get me the cheese.
I need you to manage them, okay? You're not a server.
ALLISON: I was trying to learn this new method of being an owner and a manager, and finally, I was like, "Okay, I've gotta do this.
" The table was put in under number 13 Right.
It is actually for table number 14 -Right, so-- -So these three filets actually go to 13, and she will take them to 13.
Three steaks, medium-rare, coming up! GORDON: Good.
That's how you communicate as a manager.
So, I finally got my head around it, and it felt amazing.
-Dylan -What? Can you please pre-bus booth two's, um, soup bowl? Anna, table number four needs two more glasses of wine.
-I need a busser! NICOLE: Okay.
ALLISON: Thank you.
Two chickens and three catfish.
Three catfish.
DIANE: I feel like Nicole did very well, and I was extremely proud of the food that went out today.
Everything was perfect.
Is this me? Can I take-- -Yeah.
-Is one of these me? -Hi, thank you.
-All right.
Catfish? [upbeat music] JULIAN: The food was really good.
The fact that the kitchen staff learned this menu within 24 hours is really astonishing.
You're going to table 16.
-Repeat after me.
-Table 16! -Don't shout at me.
All right, I've got the ribs.
The fruit's real tender.
Tonight was just a step above what I had here in the past.
I think the restaurant's in a great position to move forward, and I feel like it's a positive thing for Greenville.
Oh, that was good.
-God bless.
-[smooches] Come on, let's kiss it up to the sky.
Ladies, they're loving the food.
That's the most important I'm feeling like I'm on top of the world.
[laughs] Great, that's enough.
That's enough.
[stammers] There.
Lovely, perfect.
We're going to succeed; we're not going to fail.
We Sherman's.
We Nimrod's crew.
Just watching you handle those situations like that, that's what you're good at.
-Look after one another.
-We will.
-Good to see you.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I cannot even say thank you enough to Gordon Ramsay.
And watch out for big, 6'2" Scottish men with beards that come in for the occasional lunch.
We're just so overwhelmed and blessed by it, we don't even know how to repay it, and I think the only way to really repay it is just to thrive and keep building and keep going.
Anybody that didn't see the before doesn't deserve to be here for the after.
[both laugh] That's wonderful.
Thank you.
When I first came to the Deep South, honestly, I imagined a place that was rich with food and packed with that incredible Southern charm, but what I found instead was an owner that would rather argue with her guests and a chef that was more content operating microwaves than cooking in his kitchen.
Trust me, this one has been a tough 24 hours, but now, with Nicole running the kitchen, and Allison willing to fix her problems, I strongly believe that Sherman's can become a beacon of light in this community.
They may be a family of Nimrods, but honestly, Greenville is lucky to have them.
Hey, guys, it's the Nimrods.
We have had great feedback on our new dishes, and business is booming.
Someone wants to say hello to you.
Hi, Gordon.
How you doing? Everything's going okay.
She's been super busy.
We appreciate everything.
And I haven't had to respond to any reviews online, because they've all been so great.
[lively chatter] GORDON: Next time, I head to Hollywood, where I meet one of the most dysfunctional families ever [bleep] hable Ingles.
I don't do this to my mother, never.
GORDON: And a restaurant that may be beyond repair.
What is that? Trust me, the disgusting kitchen This is money thrown down the [bleep] drain! Isn't the only thing that's rotten.
You're not running the restaurant the way you should be.
"Yo soy la padrona.
" GORDON: This is not how a family business runs.
You just [bleep] it.
I'm out of here.