3% (2016) s03e04 Episode Script

Chapter 04: Duck

[LAÍS] They're following exactly what you predicted.
[VÍTOR] After this, the test will cut off at least 20 percent of the people.
PROCESS 01 I like the Cube.
It's straightforward and efficient.
Like the Offshore.
[BABY CRYING] - You're awake.
- [CHUCKLES] Baby.
Daddy will hold you.
Daddy will hold you.
There, there.
- [ALARM BLARES] - The test is over.
No, no, no, please.
You can't do this to me.
Please don't eliminate me.
My notes are all correct.
Don't do this to me.
The scale is broken.
It's my only chance.
Skip this snack they're giving us now.
Or it could spoil our appetite for lunch.
- What are you looking at? - Nothing.
- You're using that baby to eat more.
- What? You heard it, Marco.
Are you telling me that kid eats this much? Are you controlling my son's food? An extra meal won't make you better than me.
What's going on? - Thanks.
- [DOOR SLIDES OPEN] Michele, you need to eat something.
You're not well.
- I am.
- Just a little bit.
[MICHELE] Look at this.
This test needs to be impartial.
It needs to be fair.
I'm sorry.
I'm tired.
We're down to 100 people here.
I need to eliminate half of them.
Otherwise everyone will starve tomorrow.
PROCESS YEAR 10 [PATRÍCIA] We're risking a catastrophe.
If our population keeps increasing, our food production won't keep up.
If I were one of the Founders, I would have done something by now.
Thank you, Council Member Patrícia.
Your projections are perfectly correct, and we already have a solution.
- Yes.
- Yes.
It's still a prototype.
But just to reassure the Council member here's a synthetic hormone-based birth control.
It sterilizes the human body.
We already have the Process, the ideal source of Human Resources.
And this will allow us to control who and how many people get here.
So, we should sterilize everyone.
I repeat: all Offshore residents.
You already have a 9-year-old daughter.
What about us? We want kids.
I expect a Council member to put the Offshore first.
- Shut up, Laís.
What are you saying? - Simone, please.
The Founder is right.
The point here is what should we do about the children who were born here? After all, they have no merit.
And what's your suggestion? Killing them? In my opinion, they should be sent to the Inland.
When they turn 20, they can go through the Process.
Isn't that our ideology? Merit over genetics? If that happens, I'm leaving with my son.
The least I expect from the Founders is that they put the Offshore first.
[CHATTERING] I know today's meal was insufficient.
This causes extra tension.
There are still 100 of us, and we can only have 50 people here.
Considering this, the final test will have you face other residents.
One stays, the other one goes.
The Selection ends today.
The first two facing each other are Marco and Rafael.
Why did you choose us? You're always fighting.
I'd rather only one of you stayed.
You'll each suggest a test that could've been done here.
I'll choose the fairest one.
I'll get to know you better by the tests you come up with.
Here's my suggestion.
Each resident lists all they've done for the Shell.
Every improvement, renovation, new idea Are we including your son's list? All he does is eating.
[MARCO] Do you want a test involving family to see who takes better care? My son's here.
What about your brother? I have an idea.
Let's see who can jump the highest.
[WHISTLING] Rafael, how old are you? Do you want to leave? I think I deserve this.
I've only made things worse for everybody around me.
[CHUCKLES] Are you going to quit? Do you want to leave? Or do something for those who take care of you? This would be my test.
A silver side, a blue side.
- Toss it.
- You're crazy.
[RAFAEL] Don't you want something fair? There's nothing fairer than that.
It's a fifty-fifty chance.
The coin will decide if I deserve a second chance here.
Blue or silver? What do you mean? If I choose your test, I'm choosing you.
You should choose the best.
Come on, Marco.
I still have 49 other tests to apply.
- I'm not choosing anything.
- Silver.
You stay, Rafael.
[MARCO SCOFFS] You gotta be kidding me.
Let me get this straight.
I waived the immunity Elisa offered me to prove myself to you, to prove my merit, and you leave it up to a stupid coin toss? What kind of a leader are you? Besides being a leader, I'm human.
A weak human.
- Did Marco win? - No.
I'm staying, he's going.
Are you serious? Marco, take some of your meds.
[VÍTOR] I can't take this.
- She'll be there for 11 years.
- I know.
If we deny this, we can't prevent the Council's coup.
Most of them don't have kids.
Patrícia has them where she wants them.
They're right, according to the ideology.
- No, they're not.
- Of course they are.
Fuck, Laís.
We're talking about Tânia.
You know what? Renato's right.
A father should go back to the Inland for his son.
We're the Founding Couple before being parents.
Think about everything.
Everything we did here.
When we were a trio.
When we founded the Offshore.
Everything we lost and sacrificed.
We can't be weak now.
[DUCKS QUAKING] Tânia? We need to tell you something.
What? [LAÍS] Can I braid your hair? Sure.
From the outside to the inside.
Very tight.
You're acting weird.
Don't be.
I know what's going to happen.
What? I came to say goodbye to the duck.
How do you know? All the kids already know, Mom.
You were the last parents to tell.
And what are you thinking? I'm big now, aren't I? I'm the strongest here.
The bravest.
I'll take care of the small kids.
Isn't that what you always taught me? Tânia, honey the Inland is not like here.
It's tough.
You'll have to fight to get what you want.
Fight hard, you know? But that will make you even stronger.
Stronger than you already are.
Did you know your daddy and I grew up in the Inland, and it was good for us? We could create all this.
We founded this place.
You're brave, just like Mommy.
And strong.
As strong as this braid.
You'll be fine in the Inland, honey.
And you'll pass the Process.
Give Daddy a hug.
Know what I was wondering? [LAÍS] Huh? Are there ducks in the Inland? Do you know? What are we doing here? Michele's Selection can be a chance for us.
Chance to do what? You were in the Shell, right? [NATÁLIA] Hi, Tadeu.
- What do you want? - The same as you.
How long did you live there? A few months, a year? Good food, a bed, hot water every day? - For free? - That's what I'm saying.
We have to unite and demand that the Offshore gives us the same.
Shut up.
That's Cause talk.
You don't get it.
It's everybody's talk.
- We need to - Forget it.
I'm not with the Cause.
Excuse me.
[MAN] Hey, you two.
Stop right there.
When I say go, you run.
[WHISPERS] Joana, no.
Go! [MAN] Freeze! Freeze! [CHATTERING] Rosa and Davi.
Each of you will come up with a test.
I'll choose the fairest one.
Whoever passes stays.
The loser is out.
[SOBBING] Eduardo and Paula.
Ricardo, you're out.
Keyla, you've passed.
[SHOUTING] Ricardo, calm down.
Julio and Mateus.
We're the last ones.
The youngest ones.
You know what I was thinking? Xavier, leave me alone.
I need to concentrate.
Sorry, it's just that I tend to blab when I'm nervous.
I got far for someone who didn't go through the Process.
My mom would be proud.
I got far on the Offshore Process.
Do you know what the difference is? None.
You're either in or you're out.
Don't take all your negativity out on me.
Just keep your distance.
You keep your distance.
You're the clueless one who came to chitchat before the test.
You know what? You're so tense, I think it's in the bag for me.
[XAVIER SCOFFS] [MICHELE] Congratulations.
Candidates Glória and Xavier.
Each of you will come up with your own test for the Selection.
You'll suggest a test.
I'll choose and apply the fairest one.
- Can I go first? - [MICHELE] Sure.
I thought of doing a test about how the Shell works.
Whoever knows more about electricity, recycling, water, wins.
That's not fair.
You've lived here longer.
And nothing's been working right.
Especially the storage room, since you got here.
It wasn't my fault.
Enough fights for today.
Xavier, what's your idea? - I don't think he has one.
- Wait.
I'm thinking.
Think of something.
It can be simple.
- Some people chose drawing straws.
- No, no way.
If there's something I've learned, it's that I make my own luck.
That I can do it.
[GLÃ"RIA] Then what's your test? What's that? [MICHELE] Fernando made them with what was left after we built the Shell.
They're puzzles for when we get old, so we won't get rusty.
Okay, here it is.
One for each.
Neither of us know them.
It's totally fair.
It'd be a tribute to Fernando.
I agree.
[VÍTOR] The candidates will get this disassembled Cube.
It seems easy, but there's only one way to put it back together.
They'll have 60 seconds for that.
That's the 20th version of this test.
The Cube test was always your favorite.
You may start the test.
Are you ready? It's the hardest Process we've faced.
We had 11 years to prepare for this.
[CHUCKLES] But no.
I'm not ready.
[CHUCKLES] [LAUGHS] [BOTH SIGH] You assemble first, you win.
Are you ready? You may start.
I'm here for you.
Help me.
Nobody will get this on time.
We can cancel the test.
- I win.
- I win.
- I finished it first.
- I finished it first.
- I was ahead of you.
- I was ahead.
- You're crazy.
Michele, you saw I finished it first.
Tell her I won.
[GLÃ"RIA] Michele, look at me.
Think about what we've been through.
I left the Offshore for the Shell.
I trusted you.
I've passed.
Who assembled it first? Tell us.
- It was Xavier.
- Yes.
[XAVIER LAUGHS] This is a fraud.
- Calm down.
- [GLÃ"RIA] Calm down? How come Marco was eliminated? He's always done so much.
And Rafael, who hasn't done anything, has passed.
How come I'm being eliminated, after being by your side since day one? You're choosing him because he's 20, took off his implant, and you don't want to feel guilty.
I trusted you.
Really did.
What's fair about this Process? It's not a Process, it's a Selection.
I don't see any difference.
She just couldn't accept I'm better than her.
Shut up, Xavier.
[WOMAN] Let the Cube go.
Both of you have passed.
This way, please.
Candidate Tânia, you've been eliminated.
Please, it's almost done.
I did well.
Candidate, the Process isn't about doing well.
It's about passing or failing.
I'll give you guidelines on how to get over elimination.
You don't understand.
I've been to the Offshore.
It's much worse for me.
I deserve it more.
I'm losing something that was already mine.
I'm the Founding Couple's daughter.
People make up ridiculous stories, but this is the most creative one.
- Congratulations.
- It's true.
Laís and Vítor.
Those are their names.
Mom? Dad? Is this true? Dad.
I know you're there.
[SIGHS] It's true.
You know I'm worthy.
You know I'm worthy.
- What should I do? - [TÂNIA] Dad.
Dad, I'm sorry.
Please, remove the candidate.
She's eliminated.
[WOMAN] Candidate Tânia, I'm not telling you this again.
You've been eliminated.
What kind of test is this, compared to our lives? Let me go.
[VÍTOR YELLS] [CRYING] [WOMAN ON PA] The joy of having kids is good to fight frustration.
We're going to be okay.
[RADIO STATIC] Why are you here? I knew it would be abandoned.
But don't worry.
Fernando wouldn't mind, I'm sure.
Why did you call me? We need you, Glória.
We're wanted by the Division.
And no one listens to Cause members.
- And? - You're the Church girl.
You know everyone in the Shell, even the eliminated.
How are you feeling? You want a summary of my elimination? Michele stole my spot.
You could gather the eliminated candidates.
Use everyone's outrage to pressure the Offshore.
- What does it have to do with this? - [JOANA] Everything.
That's why the Inland is the way it is.
Joana, are you asking me to recruit people for the Cause? - Are you crazy? - I'm not crazy.
Fernando also changed his mind.
He'd want you to do this.
Listen, Joana.
You don't know what you're saying.
What's your plan? Waiting a couple years, and going back to the Shell? You trust Michele? No.
- But that's better than the Cause.
- You're wrong.
Michele's much worse.
She only does what's best for her.
She didn't even tell you about Marcela's offer.
Offer? After the sandstorm, the Offshore made Michele an offer.
They'd give everything the Shell needed, but the Shell would be theirs, and Michele would never go for that.
That's serious, Joana.
She didn't put this to a vote at the Assembly.
She hid this from us.
The Inland has to find another path.
That's the Cause.
A new Cause.
It's working.
Think about it.
You'll see it's better to be on our side.
Elisa, I'm going to change.
I'm taking this chance.
Where are the others? That's everyone.
The Selection is over.
I want to thank you for your hard work.
We finally have a good number of people.
And Tomorrow we'll start a new stage.
Together we'll rebuild this place.
I'd like to remind you that we're in no way better than those outside.
Doing this Selection was I These processes are never fair.
It's impossible.
Being here is not a privilege.
The real privilege is to contribute to a project that will soon be accessible to everyone again.
And I hope and I wish that you also want to see this atrium crowded again.
Can you please leave? Take it easy.
I need to talk to Commander Marcela.
Who do you think you are? It's very important.
I'm Glória, from Process 105.
She'll remember me.
Are you reporting any Cause activity? No.
It's about the Shell.
What is this place? This is an old orphanage.
The place where the Cause started, a long time ago.
Until my agents destroyed those stupid insubordinates.
What do you have for me? I want to know if the Offshore's offer still stands.
I'll be honest with you, because I like you.
Every offer has two sides.
It wasn't just about the Offshore giving you the resources.
We were going to run the Shell.
It's only fair.
The offer still stands.
Most of the people who were there would accept.
You can tell the Division to invade, get Michele out of there.
- And also - That's not how it works.
The Division can't invade the Shell.
[MARCELA] It's not worth damaging the Offshore's rep.
It'd stir up a rebellion, and risk Michele becoming a martyr.
But nothing keeps you from helping us.
How? You were among those who invaded the Process building, right? I remember.
Invading the Shell is no different.
You know everybody there, right? All the eliminated.
Including Marco.
You're much better than him.
You got further in the Process.
You're much more capable.
I saw your potential.
It's a shame your Process ended the way it did.
But now it's simple.
You give me the Shell, and we'll turn it into a truly great place, that prepares young people for the Process, that respects the Offshore.
Something the Founding Couple would be proud of.
So be it.
See, André? You just have to be patient, and opportunities come.
Do you think she'll make it? [SIGHS] Soon Michele will find out what the frustration of those eliminated can cause.
This is so we never forget what they took from us.
PROCESS YEAR 20 FOUNDING OF THE CAUSE [GLÃ"RIA] Eliminated from the Shell.
Attention, all eliminated candidates.
I have some news for you.
You need to know about the opportunity Michele stole from us.