3% (2016) s03e05 Episode Script

Chapter 05: Lever

"You are an Álvares.
And being one of us means that we are superior.
We are the elite and we deserve to pass the Process.
This is my only advice for you, my child.
Take what's rightfully yours.
" Can you believe I wrote this shit? Where is everyone? The militia is disbanded.
It's over, Larissa.
This house is no longer mine.
I'll take my son.
No, you won't.
He's an Álvares.
And what does that mean? [LARISSA.]
Think about what you're doing.
How will you provide for him? Where will you raise him? Anywhere but here.
I'm not here to cause trouble, I swear.
I regret everything I've done.
I was on the wrong side.
I also know you're a much better person than I am.
I saw the sign.
"Everyone is welcome," right? You're not denying shelter to my son.
He needs this place.
Or to me.
I really want a second chance.
This is the Shell's philosophy.
You're both welcome here.
Back to work, guys.
I'm Marco.
And this is my son, Maurício.
And your last name? No last name.
So, you're out, too.
With Michele as judge, only her pals are left.
I thought you were part of that group.
Did you hear my call? See, I'm a little out of the loop.
I'm gathering all those eliminated from the Shell to get back in there.
The Offshore's giving us everything.
Water, food, seeds.
Who told you that? Commander Marcela.
- Count me out.
- Marco.
This is our chance at taking Michele down, and ruling the Shell our way.
You have Marcela.
You don't need me.
I don't, but I want you.
We could be the new Founding Couple.
You need a reality check, Glória.
I'm no longer an Álvares.
I'm not working for Mother anymore.
You need a reality check, not me.
You won't last a month here.
Your son deserves better He doesn't deserve anything.
He'll get what he achieves in life.
Just like everyone.
Look at the life you've had.
Look at the life I've had.
Look at the lives everyone's had in this shithole.
Is this the life you want for your son? [BEEPING.]
That's the last one.
Pull the lever.
Did it work? Tell me.
Michele, I've wanted to kill you a lot, in the past.
Now's not the time for this.
Pull it.
- STEADY POWER - Whoa! Hello.
- Good job.
- Glad it worked out.
At last.
Greetings, Shellers.
Xavier here.
- POWER NORMAL - The generator is working.
Now we need to take care of the rest.
But it's a good start.
Seriously, we're working twice as hard to rebuild the Shell.
The Shell's getting back to normal, baby.
Fucking thief! [SHOUTING.]
I've heard it straight from the Division's commander.
There was no need for us to be kicked out of the Shell.
Children were thrown out of there.
The Selection was a sham.
A lie.
I was there when each one of you were eliminated.
But I was there, too, when each one of you came to the Shell.
I was there from the very start.
Since the death of But Michele, that selfish bitch? She kept it from us the Offshore's offer, that would solve all our problems.
Isn't that what we wanted? Water? Food? [WOMAN.]
You're right.
So, what are we going to do? Die hungry and thirsty? - [ALL.]
- We're invading that.
While Michele's there, eating what we've planted? No.
- Invade the Shell.
- Take the Shell.
I don't know about you but I'm going back to the Shell.
I'm taking back what's mine.
Come with me, if you want.
The Shell is ours! The Shell is ours! The Shell is ours! [CHANTING CONTINUES.]
Listen to some good advice That I'm giving away for free It's pointless trying to sleep As the pain never goes away Sit there and wait Or you'll get tired It's proven that good things Don't come to those who wait Come, my friend Leave the comfort of your home Come play with my fire Come and get burned Do as I say Follow my lead - What's that? - I think Glória is gathering people.
Act twice Before you think it over It's already yielding results, commander.
Keep on monitoring it.
I need to go back to the Offshore for an urgent matter.
What could be more urgent than this? [GLÓRIA.]
You, who are out there listening, but haven't joined us yet, let's take the Shell.
The Shell is ours.
I run after time From nowhere in particular If we're slow We won't get far I spread the seeds of the wind Throughout my city I go to the streets And drink the storm I go to the streets And drink the storm [GLÓRIA.]
For those who might be listening CONNECTION ESTABLISHED Marcela's offered to rebuild the Shell, and Michele kept it from us.
Is that true? I couldn't allow the Offshore to control the Shell.
Plus, we'd be arrested.
Along with Elisa.
- The Shell is ours.
- Worse.
The people from the Inland would think that we're dependent on the Offshore.
But right now, hundreds of people are coming down here.
How much time do we have? [MOB.]
The Shell is ours! The Shell is ours! [CHANTING CONTINUES.]
Come on, guys.
Place this here for when they come.
Now bring the smaller objects.
Rafael, what's going on? Place the heaviest at the bottom.
There's more.
Search every inch of this place, and bring everything.
I spread the seeds of the wind Throughout my city I go to the streets And drink the storm EVERYONE IS WELCOME I go to the streets And drink the storm I go to the streets Open the door, Michele! You know I can't do that, Glória.
First we'll rebuild the Shell.
All of you agreed to the Selection.
Only because we didn't know of the Offshore's offer.
Is that true, Michele? No, it isn't.
She's only saying that to get in.
We can't let that happen, or else the Shell will never recover.
If you won't open this door then we will! [ALL SHOUTING.]
Open it! Bring it down.
Bring it down.
Bring it down We're not giving up! [MOB.]
Open it! Bring it down.
Bring it down You see that man? Just go to him, and he'll give you some food.
Understand? Then go.
What are you doing there? Are you alone? Is there anyone with you? No? Scram, kid.
I don't have anything to give you.
There you are.
We're leaving now.
Come on.
Come here.
See what Daddy got you.
Open your hand.
Very good.
Now eat some.
Go ahead.
That's it.
Hmm? Yummy, huh? Have some more.
You son of a bitch.
Run, buddy.
Yeah, you.
Give it back.
I didn't take shit.
It was for my son.
I'll show your son what happens to thieves, asshole.
Look straight at your dad, kid.
He's a piece of shit.
Is that what you want to be? Trash like him? [MOB.]
We want the Offshore! We want the Offshore! We want the Offshore! Don't give up! We want the Offshore! We want the Offshore! We want the Offshore! What the fuck's going on? We're getting in.
Giving the Shell to the Offshore? They're the enemy.
No, Michele is.
The Offshore will give us all we need.
Wake up.
The Offshore's never wanted to help us.
They want to keep the status quo.
If you're against the Offshore, what the fuck are you doing here? - You're against us? - What if we are? - [MAN.]
She's with the Cause.
- Give her to Marcela.
Get these two! Get them! That's what you get.
We want the Offshore! We want the Offshore! We want the Offshore! [CHANTING CONTINUES.]
Out of the way.
Do you think they've gone? No.
Go! Hang tight! Hang tight! Get back.
Get back.
Stay where you are! All of you! [THUDDING.]
Get back! Maurício, sweetie.
Give me a hug.
I'm so glad you're back.
Are you okay? Go play with your toys.
They're in your room.
Go get them.
You did the right thing, Marco.
His place is here.
I have some meds, if you want No.
He stays, but I'm leaving.
This is my letter.
I wrote a new one, for when he's older.
I came as soon as I heard.
OFFSHORE HOSPITAL How's the council member? We couldn't reach any conclusion.
The exam results are all normal.
Like I said, it was nothing.
I just felt a little sick.
His BP was dangerously low.
It was a very close call.
I'll go get the equipment.
I'll be right back.
I hate this place.
I've always done everything I could to avoid dying here.
You're not dying.
I passed out in a Council meeting.
What happened? You know what happened.
Father I was sick when I saw the list of people who had ripped off their implants.
My great-grandson, the last Álvares Don't worry.
I'm on it.
I am afflicted with sorrow.
As you know, we're the only family that matters in this world.
I do, Father.
Go! Get back, and go! Go! Help! Just a little more! The gate is gonna break.
No, it isn't.
Let me through! [RAFAEL.]
Michele! Excuse me.
Hold tight.
Hold tight! Michele! Hold it.
Michele, what are you doing? Turning on the security system.
On them? - That's its purpose.
- No.
It was made to repel the Division.
If you use it on these unarmed people Open the door.
Open the door, Michele.
Open the door! [BUZZING STARTS.]
Step back! All of you, step back! [MICHELE.]
It's just a little shock.
It isn't just a little shock.
You know that.
Please, open the door.
They'll just be paralyzed.
They're going to die! Behind the black line.
Guys, behind the black line.
Step back! Fall back! Do you think we should keep our distance, too? Open the door, please.
I won't let them destroy the Shell.
My brother's out there.
That's my brother.
If they get in, all I've done will be in vain.
My brother is out there, Michele.
Stay behind the black line.
What does it do? Fall back! [MAN.]
Step back.
Fall back.
Stay behind the black line.
Fall back.
Stay behind the black line.
- All of you.
- We gotta get in there.
Step back! We will win.
No one will die.
Let's figure out how.
She's turned the defense system on.
"Dear son Don't be fooled like I was.
The name Álvares doesn't mean that things are at our disposal.
Nothing in this world is rightfully ours.
If you want to be somebody, you must earn it.
You gotta take risks.
You gotta go to extremes.
" Go, Marco! Hurry! He's coming in.
"Even if it costs your life.
" Open the door! Come! Fall back.
No! No! Don't do it! [GLÓRIA.]
Marco? Marco.
Wake up.
Marco! Marco.
The system's down now.
What are you waiting for? [ALL CHEERING.]
Michele, they got in.
We've got to get out of here.
Did you hear me? We gotta get out of here now.
Go! Let's go.
Where's Michele? Michele Michele I pulled the lever.
Think about that later.
Is there any other exit, besides the main gate? Michele! - The trapdoor.
- Where? I promise that nothing bad is going to happen to you.
It was Michele who fooled each and every one of you.
Keep looking! Michele has to be somewhere.
You go on ahead.
- What about you? - I can't leave without Elisa.
Rafael, wait.
Take this.
You let me know as soon as you find her.
- And we'll leave through the trapdoor.
- Right.
I know.
Now what? How are we supposed to get food and water? The Offshore will give us all we need.
So, it's true.
Michele really did lie to us.
She did.
She had me fooled, too.
We have to run.
Come on.
You want me to run off with you again? I know.
And I'm sorry.
But they're bringing the Offshore here.
Don't you see? As the Division gets here, we Thank you for your concern, but I'm not falling for that anymore.
Elisa, please.
Listen to me.
- If Marcela finds you - I can handle it.
I'll reason with them.
What do you mean, reason? You're a deserter, Elisa.
She'll send you off to the RTC.
She'll wipe out your memory.
Maybe it wouldn't be that bad.
Some things are better off forgotten.
Get going.
- [MARCO.]
Keep looking! - Go, Rafael.
Michele has to be somewhere.
Come on! Where's Michele? [ELISA.]
I don't know.
And Rafael? Probably ran off with her.
Michele? - Where are you? I can't make it.
Just forget about me and go.
Why? Just do it, Michele.
Hide yourself.
You won't believe this.
It worked.
Come on, Joana.
I don't like people chanting for the Offshore either.
- But at least - At least it wasn't your fault.
What was that? [JOANA.]
What you just saw is my fault.
- What? - I got Glória involved.
I told her about Marcela's offer and ended up giving the Shell to the Offshore.
But you didn't care about the Shell.
I was so stupid.
The Shell was a weapon to be used against the Offshore.
Now it's going to be used by them.
Take it easy.
It's over.
Silas was right, when he didn't let me join the Cause.
Don't say that.
I was there when he died.
I pushed him into the frog pit.
I fell, too, but only I managed to get out.
Every time I trust someone, things go wrong.
Of all the people I know, you're the only one who really cares about others.
You do care.
Forget about Silas.
You're not the same Joana I met long ago.
Your heart is in the right place.
Just think how much more I'd fuck up with my heart in the wrong place.
Did you cut this? It was like that when we got here.
What if we go back there, and grab the generator? I'm serious.
You can get in the Shell, while I distract people.
- Some might even help us.
- Didn't we just run away from them? - Dumbest idea I've ever heard.
- Better than sitting here doing nothing.
Do you have a better idea? We fight, and fight, while they ask for the Offshore.
- Why should I waste my time? - It's the right thing.
Natália, it's simple.
If people are stupid enough to support the Offshore, let them get screwed.
"Stupid"? They're misled.
You know that better than anyone.
You were screwed because you trusted the wrong people.
That doesn't mean you should give up on everybody.
Where are you going? Somewhere people don't think they're superior to others.
Like the Offshore.
Marcela? [MARCELA.]
We took the Shell.
I knew you could do it.
Marco was vital to our success.
We couldn't have done it without him.
He's - special.
- If he was, he'd be in the Offshore.
You did the right thing.
What do the Shell residents want? [MOB.]
Offshore! Offshore! Offshore! Offshore! Offshore! Offshore! [CHANTING CONTINUES.]
Michele's run away along with her Cause allies.
[MAN 1.]
- They're cowards.
- [MAN 2.]
Lying traitor.
She lied to you, too? People lie to everyone.
Those who stayed will witness the birth of a new era.
The Shell is ours! [MOB.]
Marco, Marco, Marco It's for you.
Hi, Marco.
In 24 hours, my Division and I will be there with provisions.
And I will take over the Shell.
You may tell everyone.
He's an Álvares! [MOB.]
Álvares, Álvares, Álvares I spread the seeds of the wind Throughout my city I go to the streets And drink the storm I go to the streets And drink the storm I go to the streets And drink the storm