3% (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

Chapter 06: Trapdoor

1 Did you find anything about Michele and Rafael? No.
I guess they did run away.
We must find them.
If we don't hand over these traitors, Marcela will back down.
What's wrong? Nothing.
See? After all Michele's done, some people are still with her.
You think they're protecting her? I do.
Some people, like Elisa.
Really? But she stayed to wait for the Offshore.
Or so she says.
What are you doing here? It's broken.
How long until I'm back to normal? About three weeks.
I can't stay here that long.
You got yourself screwed, right? How much do I owe you for my diagnosis, doc? Besides, why are you worried about me? Didn't you want to go back to the Offshore and forget about me? Then go, Elisa.
Forget about me.
Save yourself.
Don't yell, okay? I'll get something for your foot.
Be right back.
I was waiting for you.
I was in a patient's room.
It's a bit crowded here, I'm treating her there.
I need some help, too.
Can you help me here? Sure.
It's my back.
I guess I pushed it a little too far.
Let me see it.
Your body just can't take certain things anymore.
- That shock you took was - I did what I had to do, doc.
How about you? What do you think about what's going on? Well, I hope things will get better once the Offshore gets here.
I know.
Know you can count on me for anything you need.
Well, since you said so, I do need some food for the patients.
Some are much debilitated.
I'll see about that.
It seems you don't want to be here.
No one from the Offshore would.
Especially with the Selection.
After what happened to Otávio I want to help you go back to the Offshore.
I know you want that.
Help me? How? We just need to offer Marcela the right thing.
If you help me catch Michele and Rafael They ran away.
I don't know where they are.
I know.
I'm just saying that it would get you back there.
It's your chance.
A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES CHAPTER 06: TRAPDOOR So? She says she doesn't know anything.
They ran away.
She's lying.
I'm sure Rafael's still here.
He wouldn't leave without her.
He must be in the Shell.
Really, Michele? Stealing? I needed water.
Why are you here? I was thrown out of the Shell.
They gave everything we built to the Offshore.
Not my problem.
- Is this the Shell's collector? - Hands off.
I found it.
Funny how just losing this silly thing was enough to destroy your Shell.
Why did you come after me? I didn't know you were here.
I was looking for some shade.
This one's taken.
Go find another one.
Shade's that way.
At the ruins of the power plant.
Open! Open it up! Open! Open it up! Quiet! Quiet! No one's getting in.
There's nothing inside.
Then why can't we get in? - We'll turn the supply room into a prison.
- Liar.
Yes, that's right.
The Shell has a prison now.
- I won't let it turn into another mess.
- But we're hungry.
That's right.
The food that's left will be the prize for capturing Michele and the other runaways.
And don't worry, guys.
Tomorrow the Offshore will bring us tons of food.
We'll have the biggest feast ever.
Michele, can you hear me? Answer me.
Michele, answer me.
Be quiet.
What if they hear you? I'm calling Michele, but she won't answer.
This will soothe the pain.
How are things upstairs? Chaotic.
Marco and Glória are acting like the Founders of the Shell.
What? I'm trying to figure you out.
You want to go back to the Offshore, but you're against what's happening.
- Then you help me - This again? You want a broken foot? Just say it.
Make up your mind.
You can't be pro- and anti-Offshore.
Don't tell me what I need to do.
Elisa, wait.
Don't worry.
I'll be waiting for you here.
PROCESS 99 I see your boyfriend is in this Process, too.
His name is Otávio.
And how are you taking the idea of competing against one another? We're not competing.
We'll collaborate and pass together.
That's difficult.
It's possible, but rarely works.
Statistically speaking, 3 percent of one's chance combined with 3 percent of the other's equals 0.
09 percent.
It says here your job is to take care of the sick.
An old lady from my neighborhood, Otávio's mother, she cares for everyone in the area, delivers babies.
I find that wonderful.
So, I asked her to teach me.
Why? Somebody has to do it.
But if you pass, you'll no longer do it.
I can still help.
Vaccinating people, for example.
I could come back and We only vaccinate future candidates.
If you pass, forget about the Inland.
You can't live on both sides.
Why? Life isn't one thing or another.
Why do we have to choose? Any other interviewer would eliminate you now.
But don't worry.
I'm not that harsh.
I know the Process will teach you to think correctly.
She was hiding.
Wanted to sneak in.
Admit it.
Everybody was coming back.
I didn't want to be left out.
She was against the Shell's overthrowing.
She and her Cause friend.
Must've gone after Michele.
Is that true? Where are they? I don't know a thing about Joana and Michele.
I came by myself.
Lock her in the supply room.
Let me go.
So? Do we get our reward? We got an Offshore traitor.
Or do you want us to hunt for lizards in the desert? Come on, get up.
Come on.
I'm not carrying you.
I want to show you something.
Enough already.
Save some for later.
What is this place? You should know.
It's the power plant the Founding Couple blew up.
Or so you say, anyway.
You came to look for it because you believed me? You always lie, but this could be true.
I told you the truth.
Told you, and only you, about Marcela's offer.
And you told everybody.
I told Glória to bring her to the Cause.
Didn't know she was Marcela's puppet.
Fernando will have died in vain.
You never cared about risking people's lives to get your way.
You didn't build the Shell for others, but for yourself.
To have your own castle.
You destroyed the Cause.
All you do is lie and manipulate.
That's what I was trained to do.
Ezequiel taught me.
Don't blame others.
You chose to do this all by yourself.
A century later, and the Offshore keeps winning.
Without much effort this time.
I messed it all up.
Thanks for the water.
I hate to admit it, but you didn't mess it all up alone.
There's something about the Shell you don't know.
Oh, Artur.
Didn't see you there.
Marco asked me to give you this.
It's food.
Thank him for me.
So, what's this for? It heals wounds.
Thanks for bandaging me.
It's great.
I'm glad you have a chance to go back to the Offshore.
I wish I had that, but you took it from me.
I'm off to feed my patients.
Are you staying here? Hi, Mrs.
How are you? I'm fine.
I brought you some food.
You didn't have to.
Many here are starving.
Don't waste food on me.
Of course I had to.
You're sick.
You need to eat.
Are you going back to the Offshore? Sorry, dear, but I overheard you talk.
I don't know if they'll take me back.
You must make them take you back.
Mm? I worry about you.
The folks here are already used to this kind of life.
But you should think about what's best for you.
This wire wasn't ripped off by the storm.
It was cut off.
That's why we couldn't reel in the collector.
That's what you get for allying with the Offshore.
I should've noticed this before.
They had an insider.
Look at this.
Look at this place.
They'll always find a way to sabotage us.
It's like the Inland self-exploded.
That the Shell failed for lack of merit.
We must find a way to stop them.
Let's show people this wire.
The Offshore chanters? We need decisive evidence.
Let's go back and find out who did it.
But we'll do things my way.
Security is tight.
We can't get in the Shell.
So, what do we do? We need a diversion.
Another problem.
We can't open that trapdoor from the outside.
We'll need help from within.
Rafael? Rafael? Rafael.
Michele? Here.
Did they lock you up? No.
I'm hiding in the sewage treatment room.
But they'll find me soon.
We need your help getting back inside the Shell.
Joana, you're with Michele? We foung out that he Shell was sabotaged before the storm.
Sabotaged? How? By whom? That's why we need you.
We need to get back and find out who did that.
We need proof to regain people's support.
Then they'll reject the Offshore's takeover.
Are you there, Rafael? Yes, I am.
How can I help? Just open the trapdoor Michele used to escape.
Can you do it? I don't know.
We're the only ones who know what Marcela can do to the Shell.
- I'll find a way.
- Good.
Get that trapdoor open in 30 minutes, then meet us there.
I'm on it.
What's that? Let's burn this.
Rafael? You weren't supposed to move.
Don't move.
Easy, easy.
This is all I could get.
Thank you.
I might not be able to come back.
Too many eyes on me.
Even your brother's.
Take care, okay? What? Where are you going? I'll go back to the Offshore.
As a citizen or a prisoner.
- I should go.
- Elisa.
I need you to do one last thing for me.
I need you to open the trapdoor.
- What? - Joana and Michele asked.
I was trying to do that.
They found out the Shell was sabotaged before the storm.
They'll stop the Offshore from taking over the Shell.
- You bought that? - Yes, I believe them.
If Marcela takes over this place, she'll turn the Shell into an Offshore branch, and keep this fucking inequity going.
And you care about that now? You didn't act like you did.
I was wrong, Elisa.
I have nightmares about Ivana.
She'd give her life to stop this.
I'm not taking risks for you anymore.
This has nothing to do with me.
Stop pretending this has nothing to do with you.
I know you.
I know you don't think like them.
I should get going.
Elisa, please.
Elisa, no! Elisa? Come here.
Hi, Elisa.
Please sit.
André would like a word with you.
About what? Elisa? André? Sorry about our last talk.
Things have changed.
Glória just told me we could count on you.
Hmm? For what? Marcela's authorized me to offer you a deal.
She wants your help, catching the Offshore's enemies.
Michele, Joana and Rafael.
If you help us, you'll prove to Marcela you're on our side.
Do you know anything about the fugitives? Anything at all? Elisa, I know you don't want to be there.
This is your chance to come back.
- I can't.
- Yes, you can.
You passed the Process, after all.
The Offshore's worth it.
Elisa? See what you did? You almost got me eliminated in that test.
I was trying to help.
I don't need your help.
Elisa, calm down.
We've passed.
We're going through the Process together.
Please help yourselves.
But first, please take the napkin next to your plate.
In each napkin, there's a task you'll need to perform to pass the test.
She's gotta be kidding.
That's right.
This is more than a meal.
Each task consists of influencing another candidate to do something without them noticing.
If you fail to do so, or if you're influenced first, you're eliminated.
Elisa, right? I'm André.
I know I tell people what they don't want to hear.
But that's their problem, not mine.
I know Verônica pretty well.
I was friends with her brother.
She's quite smart.
I could tell you more about her, if you want.
Give you a few hints.
Not necessary.
No, no.
Go easy on the wine.
You'll influence no one if you're drunk.
- Your task is with me, isn't it? - No.
What do you want from me? That's not it.
Read it.
Just read it.
I'll help you with Verônica.
You must be insane.
You know he's a burden on you.
You'll end up back in the Inland because of him.
Just tell me what makes your boyfriend tick, and I'll help you with Verônica.
Otávio is in your way.
You can't pass together.
I can't do this.
Of course you can.
The Offshore's worth it.
Tell me.
Elisa? Elisa.
I saw how hard you fought to get to the Offshore.
You're not throwing that away.
She'd never pass.
She was weak.
Weak like you girls.
I think you'd do it.
Tell him Tell him I'm only dating him out of pity.
That I want him eliminated.
That he's weak and pitiful.
You're hindering her chances.
She's hoping for you to be eliminated, because you're just a burden.
She pities you.
You're pitiful.
Come here! Do it, Elisa.
Turn them in.
It's your chance to get back to the Offshore.
It's over.
The food they gave us was a joke.
Natália wasn't worth much.
Think they'll give us those olives if we get Michele? You wish.
Only when the Offshore comes.
Let's follow them.
Come on, Joana.
Rafael! Rafael, open up.
- Rafael.
- They're coming back.
We're fucked.
You get in the Shell.
Do things your way.
I'm unarmed.
I'm turning myself in.
We've got Michele! Traitor! Why did you come back? Out of guilt? I came to face the consequences of my actions.
Where are Joana and Rafael? I don't know.
I'll go check.
As for you you'll be locked up.
Take her away.
Rafael, open up.
Rafael, open up.
Rafael, open up.
Open up.
Rafael, open up.
Get in.
- Where's Rafael? - Follow me.
- Where are you taking me? - Shh.
Where's Rafael? Why are you here? You took too long.
I got worried.
Let me help.
Welcome back.
Don't leave again.
Thank you.
I did everything for the Offshore once.
I'm not doing that again.
Can you discuss this later? - What about Michele? - Probably locked up.
She turned herself in so I could be here.
What was that about sabotage? Is she trustworthy? I want to help you get the Shell back.
This is why we suspect it was sabotage.
This wire was cut.
It didn't just break.
If we prove the Offshore is behind all that's happened, we can stop them from taking over the Shell.
The Offshore will be here by morning.
Tonight is all we have.