30 Coins (2020) s01e01 Episode Script


I told you it wasn't in the right position.
Now Oh my God Technology applied to meat processing.
All controlled under the strict supervision of our health department.
Not now.
I'll just Not now.
I'll just say two words: hygiene and respect.
- Respect? - Yes, respect Respect and a responsible treatment for the well-being of the animal.
- Not now.
- What? - I have to go, darling.
- Now? In the middle of the inauguration? Are you crazy? - Paco, you're the mayor! - That's precisely why.
Something's happened at the Alonsos' place and I have to go! Is it more important than this? Paco, please! You'll do a good job.
I'm very sorry, but I have to leave you.
My wife will accompany you on the visit to the rest of the installations.
Thank you.
Follow me, please.
This way.
- Where is it? - There, in the stable.
With Elena.
- With the vet? - Who else would I have called? It was supposed to be a calf.
- Where? - That way.
Don't post anything on the Internet.
This is witchcraft.
Satanism, or something.
It's a miracle.
Let's all just calm down a little.
May I? Elena is right.
Put your phones away.
Nobody puts this on Instagram until we know what it's all about.
- And Facebook? - For God's sake! No Facebook, nothing.
You want this place filled with outsiders who'll laugh at us and call us hicks? We're going to do things properly here.
We have to call the police, the provincial hospital, Social Services If we call the authorities this will be leaked, and in five minutes we'll have all the TV people here filming everything.
Are you sure about what's happened here? - Curro filmed it.
Show it to him, Curro! - Sure.
Have you got it there? - Now, now, relax.
- I'll give it back to you later.
What about the baby? We'll see about the baby.
Have you looked at him properly? Is he normal? - Yes, Paco.
He seems to be fine.
- You don't know that.
- We have to call the priest.
- The priest? - Yes.
- Are we crazy? Good idea.
Don Manuel's bound to know what do in these cases.
- A priest? - Yes.
- I don't think that's normal.
- Normal? I've just walked out on several journalists to come and see a baby that was born from a cow.
That's what isn't normal.
- It's closed.
- He's probably in his house.
Come on! What's up, Paco? I'm sorry to bother you at this time, Don Manuel, but we need your help.
Whose baby is it? Satan's.
That's where they made the swap.
What swap? There! See? The camera follows you.
You aren't looking.
It's like those magic tricks.
They distract your attention and they swap the calf for the baby.
Easy as pie.
That's impossible.
Who would want to trick me? What for? The question isn't what for.
But why it's simpler to believe that a baby was born from a cow than to think someone has tricked you.
You see how it was best to talk to him? Now the question is "Who wants to get rid of a baby?" And that, Paco isn't witchcraft, it's life, nothing more.
Shall we go get a drink? The most sensible thing would be to call the Community's Social Services.
Fine, fine, but in the meantime they can take him.
He has to sleep somewhere.
She volunteered and someone has to look after him.
- Hello, Father, what would you like? - Espresso.
I'll have decaffeinated with semi-skinned milk, lukewarm, in a tall glass, not too strong, with saccharin, please.
Paco! Will you excuse me for a minute? What's going on? What's all this nonsense about a baby? Don't worry, it's all under control.
Don Manuel, who has more common sense than all of us together, is helping us.
And what does he know? He's only been in town a couple of days.
- Almost a year.
- I don't like that man.
But why do you have to get involved in all this? Because people trust me to solve their problems.
I have problems.
I'm trying to get a company going and I need help.
Are you listening to me? Let me remind you that it was you who pushed me into politics.
What politics? Being mayor is politics? You're here to sign permits and nothing else! Someone has to keep order.
If I hadn't stopped this, it would be on the Internet by now.
Be careful someone doesn't put you on the Internet, going around looking for who knows what.
Looking for the mother.
You're right! That would reassure people.
Later we If anyone wanted to get rid of a baby they wouldn't organize this spectacle.
It has to be something more.
There's always something more: people's stupidity.
Do you think everyone's stupid? Do you know the best way to conceal a lie? Inventing a much bigger one.
That's true.
It's par for the course in politics.
In any case, Don Manuel, you could give us a hand in all this.
- Call the police, Sergeant Laguna.
- But look, you You hear people's confessions, don't you? You must know things others don't.
Well, that's what I think.
I mean, if anyone has privileged information, it's priests.
Look, Paco, I know you take your job very seriously, isn't that so? - Of course.
- Well, so do I.
Have you heard of the secret of confession? Trini hasn't been to school for a week.
- Who? - Trini, she sits beside me.
She was always talking about her boyfriend, how they'd meet in the gym, after class, and a week ago I found her crying on her own.
And I haven't heard from her since.
We have a WhatsApp group and she isn't answering.
Good afternoon, Jesús.
Is your daughter here? Do you know if she's been going out with anyone lately? She's upstairs doing her homework.
She doesn't go out with boys.
Jesús, you know I don't want to bother you, here in your home, but we've been told that your daughter hasn't been to school for a week.
- So - She's been sick.
With a headache.
Ask her mother.
If we could talk to her for five minutes, it would be a great help.
My daughter misses school for a few days and the mayor comes looking for her? - What the fuck is going on? - Don't get upset.
- It's only for five minutes.
- Calm down, Jesús.
Shut up and get in the house! Your daughter hadn't been to school for a week and you don't even realize! We want to know if any of her friends know about what happened this morning at the Alonsos' house.
Call her.
If she's involved in any of that, I'll kill her.
- Hi, Trini.
- Hi.
- Sit down.
- You don't have to be afraid.
We just want to know if you or any friend of your friends know Yes, well, we know that you haven't been to school for a week.
A week, right? And that you've been seeing Well, it's more like a relationship.
With With this nice guy, Rober.
Roberto? From the supermarket? For fuck's sake.
Have you done anything with him? - No, Dad, I swear I haven't.
- For fuck's We've seen the photos on Facebook.
Your profile is public, anyone can see them.
- There's nothing wrong with it.
- No We just want you to tell us the truth.
I'm not pregnant.
- My God - Right, that's enough, everyone get out.
Now! Everybody get out! And you, go to your room.
Go up now and we'll talk.
Get the fuck out! Please, calm down.
Calm down.
- Calm down? - Please.
Aren't you ashamed the mayor has to come and tell me what's happening in my own fucking house? Jesús - Take it easy.
- And you stop interfering in everyone's lives and worry about your own.
What do I have to worry about, if I may ask? Ask your husband, if you can find him.
- You don't know where he is.
- Okay, that's enough.
- You don't know, do you? - Enough! - Please, stop! - In my own house! Let go of him! I said let go of him! You bastard! Let go of me! Mom Move.
Again? Do you really need to make that much noise? What a brutish man.
She's pregnant, for fuck's sake.
Well, she isn't the one we're looking for.
All ideas welcome.
Antonio Keep an eye on him.
Excuse me.
Are you looking for Paco? Yes.
They told me at the Town Hall that he'd be here.
I've tried to speak to him several times, but he doesn't answer.
I've seen that.
You called three times.
His phone is in the office, charging.
But tell me, what's wrong? It's a bit delicate.
I'd prefer to speak to him, if you don't mind.
In any case, he won't be here for a while.
We're trying to run a business, you know.
Yes, it mustn't be easy.
This is enormous.
Everyone needs Paco for something! He's not just a mayor, he's like a confessor for all sins.
- Paco! - Elena.
Do you know my wife? Yes, we've met before.
I'll leave you two in peace, I've got a lot to do.
I'll be right back.
You see? It was him.
He made the swap.
You can't see him clearly.
He disappears because he's removing the calf that the cow had.
That's Antonio, right? - Antonio? What, the town idiot? - Don't say that.
I don't say that cause he's retarded, but because he didn't vote for me.
- That shows he isn't such an idiot.
- He's just a dysfunctional person.
He's always hanging around the sacristy.
He's harmless.
He couldn't have organized this.
But perfect for doing what he's told, even if it is crazy.
- Hello.
- Hello, Father.
My name's Antonio.
Nice to meet you.
I was friends with the former priest.
I'm sure we will be friends, too.
But sneaking around my stuff isn't the best way to begin our friendship.
What do we do now? We have to hide it.
You can't tell anyone about this, Father.
No one.
They built it before the war, when priests and nuns were mistreated.
When the militia was on its way, they would hide in there.
They had lots of things: ham, pork, wine.
Anything you can think of.
- Antonio - What, Father? This is going to be our secret.
Can you keep a secret? You could have warned me before all this.
It's my wife's birthday today.
We were going out for dinner.
It's just a bit of nonsense, but people are scared.
A bit of nonsense, but there's a baby and no one knows where it's come from.
- At least you should have reported it.
- Wait until we talk to Antonio.
What I don't want is to go to Social Services and say that a cow gave birth to the baby.
I had no idea he lived here.
These are from the war.
There were gypsies living here, now it's emigrants who come for the grape harvest.
And Antonito, of course.
We have a plan to clean up all this area, but the budget doesn't allow for everything.
Antonio? Antonito? Antonio? Careful with your step.
I bet that dickhead took this from the sacristy.
- But can that man read? - He can't read.
His parents kept him locked in the basement of their house until he was 15.
When they died he was left on his own and the local people took care of him.
Some give him clothes, others a bit of food, and he steals the rest.
It's still the same.
No one calls Social Services.
You know what towns are like.
What's happening? What's going on? - Who is it? Antonio? - He took the baby.
- He's got my baby! - Fuck! Antonio! Antonio! Antonio.
Antonio, don't do anything silly, give me the baby.
It's the only way.
The sooner we do it, the better.
It's going to bring us every evil.
Antonio! Calm down.
Listen to me, Antonio.
You've never hurt anyone, give it to him.
Antonio! It's a normal baby.
What are you doing? What you should have done, that's what I'm doing! - Give me the baby.
- No one wants him here! Don't get me annoyed.
Give me the baby right now.
No! No! Antonio You know that I've always treated you well, right? That I've looked after your animals.
Do you remember the Alsatian you found with the broken leg? - Sultan - Yes! Do you remember how he looked at you when I was curing him? Poor thing.
Look at the baby.
Look at his eyes.
Are you going to hurt him? - No.
- Of course you're not.
Come on.
Look at me, Father, I'm doing this for you, so that God will forgive your sins.
Antonio! Fuck! Be careful.
Be careful! He's alive.
We have to get him to the hospital.
Send an ambulance to the town square.
- It's here.
- What is? What he was saying, it's written here.
It's the Catholic ritual for exorcisms.
- Where could he have got it from? - From the church, like everything else.
Hang on, Antonio, please! We had to give him a lot of morphine for the pain, but he's conscious.
- How is he doing? - He just talks about you.
He says that you're hiding knives and guns under your soutane.
That you know the devil in person.
- Is his spine affected? - It's too soon to say.
Thank you.
How are you feeling? Do you know who I am? You are the captain of the armies of the Lord, and you are here to fight against the devil's army.
Okay, Okay, but don't tell anyone.
That's something between you and me, all right? - All right.
- Now, pray with me: Our Father, who art in Heaven This can't be fixed with prayers, Father, and you know it.
They've found you.
They're coming for you.
- We have to do away with that baby.
- Don't talk nonsense.
- Who's told you about me? - What's wrong? Have you lost your faith? You don't believe in anything anymore, do you? Not even in yourself.
But that isn't going to stop them.
They're not going to stop until they find it.
Find what? What are they looking for? They come with joy, Lord Singing they come with joy, Lord SPANISH PRIEST ACCUSED OF MURDER MANUEL VERGARA MANUEL VERGARA EXORCISM OR CRIME? FATHER MANUEL VERGARA - JAIL - An exorcist.
For fuck's sake.
- I told you.
I told you I didn't like that man, and look.
Now it turns out he's a dangerous lunatic.
He doesn't seem like a lunatic, just the opposite.
He's the first one who doesn't believe all this story.
Obviously, so that you won't suspect him.
Don't you see? It's perfectly clear! - You never catch on.
- All right, what? Exorcisms aren't like what they sell you in films.
There's no such thing as possessions.
They killed a poor kid by driving him out of his mind, end of story.
For fuck's sake.
They throw him out of Rome and send him here to us.
- It's fucking insane.
- That's right.
To the ass end of the world.
They've fucked up his career forever unless something changes that.
Like solving something very important.
The easiest way to solve a problem is to have caused it yourself.
I see - The book was his, that's true.
- And he got the cow's baby from any desperate woman who went to him for help.
I don't know.
It's hard to believe What does he get out of it? Publicity.
When you put the name of the town into Google, the first thing that appears is that weird things happen here.
Then he calls his bosses and says: "Look what I've done, I've solved a problem.
" He goes back to Rome and we're left looking like hicks.
I don't know.
I find it hard to believe he could do something so twisted.
That's 'cause you're a good person.
Come here.
He's using you, Paco.
I'm telling you.
He's got into your head like he did with that poor fool.
I don't think so.
He has, darling, he has.
Since I got here, someone lights a candle every day.
I never thought it would be you.
We all have something we can't manage to forget, don't we, Father? With the Internet there are no secrets anymore.
That really is an invention of the devil.
- And is it true? - What? That I killed a boy by provoking a heart attack? Yes, it's true.
I find it hard to believe in all these things.
It's so ancient, like from another time.
If you're a poor adolescent with problems, and your mother says that you're possessed, she then calls a priest.
At first you're annoyed, you shout, you writhe, but after a month of prayers, 12 hours a day, you lose your mind.
You eat insects, bits of iron, a coin, even your own feces, if necessary.
So this is yours.
This coin Giacomo, the boy who died, took it out from under his skin.
I don't know how he got it in there, but I saw how he took it out.
And despite that, you still think it's suggestion.
I saw a woman knock down a door just to scare me.
We hospitalized her because she had broken three ribs.
And this You can keep it if you like.
It's just a piece of metal.
I don't even know why I kept it.
It's worthless.
- Good morning, Father.
- Hey.
We'd like to speak to you for a minute, Father, if you don't mind.
What's going on, Paco? - Was it her first labor? - The second.
Don't take her out, it's best if she stays here a few days, just in case she eats something that disagrees with her.
- But is she all right? - Completely.
It's all absolutely normal.
- How's the baby? - The same.
Everything's fine.
He eats a lot.
And he wakes only once during the night, so we're delighted.
I'm glad.
If it hadn't been for you, I don't know what would've become of him.
It's a big responsibility, even though it's just for a few days.
For a few days? Of course, of course.
- Thank you for everything.
- No problem.
You talk to him, Paco.
I can't hold him any longer.
All that's happened here is that a baby has appeared and we don't know where it came from, and Vergara wasn't fucking there.
- And the book? - It doesn't prove anything.
Antonio took it from the sacristy like everything else we saw in there.
- Is he here? - Yes, right there.
thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
I can't believe that this is your idea.
No Well, yes.
Antonio can barely read.
He couldn't have set up this story on his own.
I keep going over this.
There has to be someone behind it.
There are lots of things that you haven't told us about.
- The prison, the dead boy - What for? It's everywhere.
I don't hide it, but neither is it something I'm proud of.
In any case, that doesn't make me guilty and you know it.
Well, listen, Manuel, this is a peaceful place.
Nothing happens here.
Suddenly you arrive and all hell breaks loose.
One thing still doesn't lead to the next.
Well You're an exorcist, okay? I even had to look on Wikipedia to know if that shit still exists today.
And as well, an exorcist with a record! For fuck's sake.
You don't think it's a bit suspicious? Do you really think that I've done all this? According to the sergeant, Antonio's last words were "I'm doing this for your sins.
" He said that and then he jumped.
Can you explain it? I've been thinking about it all night.
You and everyone.
The only thing that's clear is that, excuse me, you have something to do with it and you're keeping it quiet.
I'm not keeping anything quiet.
If I knew anything I'd tell you.
Put yourself in my place.
I have to solve it before I get beaten up on Twitter.
- This does me more harm than you.
- Then help me solve it.
- Someone told him about me.
- Who? Someone who wants to scare me.
Please, don't go.
I need to talk to you.
Our son died when he was only two.
I was watching one of those question and answer television programs.
We got distracted for a minute or two, no longer, I swear.
I looked around and suddenly the child wasn't there.
Carmen came out of the bathroom drying her hair with a towel: "Where's the child?" she said.
That door was open.
We ran out and we found him there, floating, face down.
He'd fallen into the pool.
The poor child didn't even know how to get up the steps.
Carmen could never get over it.
It was like her heart had been torn out.
She'd cry non-stop, or not speak for days.
But what happened in the stable it changed everything.
Of course, this will have taken her out of her depression.
I'm sure she feels better now.
No It's just the opposite.
Now she's different.
- Carmen - We left the room as it was, untouched.
It's as if we knew he was going to come back.
Don't you realize? What happened, what you saw the other day in the stable It's a miracle.
Do you understand what's happened? The Lord knew that it wasn't our fault, and he's given us another chance! Carmen, we don't know if finally that baby will be for you.
God gave me this baby.
Where is he? Don't worry, he's walking.
He's so big now.
Hello, this is Paco's voicemail.
Paco, I just called the Town Hall to contact you, but I can't fucking find you anywhere.
I've visited the Alonsos' and The baby is not a baby! I don't know what he is! I know that what I'm saying doesn't make any sense, but he is bigger than his mother! Please, call me as soon as you hear this! Call me, we need to talk about this.
He's supposed to be two days old! That baby needs medical attention, I don't know.
He could have a degenerative disease, right? - Giantism, acromegaly.
- What? A disorder in the growth hormone.
The bones grow, but the internal organs don't.
They keep developing until the body tears.
- No, no.
Hold on.
- What then? Listen We are going to call Social Services.
They can take care of it.
Maybe it isn't so serious.
It isn't so serious? Are you listening to me? - Yes.
- I know what I've seen.
I'm not insane.
Come with me and you'll see for yourself! - He was walking? - He was walking, Paco.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go.
I can't stop thinking about About that thing.
- What do you mean that thing? - Paco! You haven't seen it, you won't understand it.
- Were the curtains open? - What? The curtains in the room.
Were they open? - Why are you asking that? - I don't know.
Maybe you didn't see him properly because it was too dark.
I saw him perfectly.
Stop thinking that I'm deranged, please! It's just that, excuse me, you are a bit deranged.
But it's okay.
Elena, you're making it too personal.
Forget about it.
Wait, the Alonsos' house isn't this way.
What are you doing? - I'm taking you home.
- Why? Elena, we're not knocking on anyone's door at this time.
Tomorrow we'll call whoever we have to call.
Nothing is going to happen to the child because he spends one more night in that house.
You say they're treating him well, right? Elena! Don't leave like that.
- I don't know.
How about a coffee? - A coffee for what? So we can talk for a while and you can calm down.
If you want we can go inside and call the Social Services.
It's a bit late to phone anyone, don't you think? Okay, okay.
We'll call now.
You've made this very cozy.
You think? Really? - It's IKEA.
- Is it? But I personalize the furniture.
I paint it, add things.
They look really good.
- He's my husband.
- Sorry.
It's all right.
It must have been very hard for you.
What happened? Nothing.
I'm sorry, we hardly know each other and I'm here asking questions like an idiot.
Nothing happened, that's the problem.
He disappeared.
Suddenly, boom! He wasn't there.
Just like that? Just like that.
He left a note, something? The dinner on the table, with this same wine.
And the frying pan on the cooker.
Everything except him.
And what did the police say? I remember they were looking at each other, trying not to laugh, while they were taking my statement.
Bastards Some say that he was cheating on me with someone else.
Others, that I was cheating on him.
When I arrive home I sit here, waiting for him to come through the door.
Shall we make the calls? Leave it.
We'll call tomorrow.
Well Good night.
Fuck! There is There is There is - There's someone out there.
- Who? Shit Remedios, from the supermarket, her sister and Juan Carlos, who works in the photo shop.
- I don't care if they see you.
- But I do.
The municipal elections are coming soon and this could make it worse.
And what do you want? To spend the night here? No, not at all.
I don't think they'll stay there all night.
It's just for a minute.
No, I want you to leave now.
- Elena, don't do this to me, please.
- Leave through the garden.
What? And climb over the wall? I'll look even more guilty.
- Guilty of what? - You know what I mean.
No, I don't know what you mean.
Look, it's okay.
I'm leaving now, and you can leave whenever and however you please.
What? Please, don't leave.
- I don't care.
- Please, don't leave.
It's your house.
Elena! Giacomo! Giacomo, where are you? I'll kill you one of these days.
I'll kill you Son of a bitch! What the fuck is that? Son of a bitch! Giacomo! What are you doing to him? Let me go! Father moron! I went to take this to you at the station and they told me they'd let you go.
- What is it? - Lasagne.
- It's frozen.
- Come on in.
Tomorrow we'll call the sergeant and he can take care of it.
I should have thought of this from the start.
To tell them what? We've been wrong all this time.
The question isn't "Who wants to get rid of a baby?" The question is: "Who desperately wants a baby?" - Read this.
- That was not a baby.
Carmen What's wrong with him? Nothing.
There's nothing wrong with him.
What do you mean nothing's wrong? Look at him! There's nothing wrong.
He's just growing up.
He's going to be all right.
You'll see.
What have you been doing? I was making the baby's food.
It's liver, don't worry, for proteins.
He has to be fed.
I don't understand I'm calling a doctor.
Do you want them to take him from us? The baby isn't going anywhere! You're not well, Carmen.
You're not well.
- Where are you going? - I don't know, out.
Why? Do you think it's wrong? It was what we wanted, wasn't it? You wanted it as much as I did.
Fuck, Carmen - What's this? - It's a toy for the baby.
Give it back.
What the hell have you done? Give it back.
Give it to me.
Carmen, what have you done? - What are you doing? - Your phone's off.
Come down.
If anyone sees you, I'm screwed! - I said come down! Come on! - I'm coming down.
They've been trying to adopt for years and haven't managed it.
She says that God gave them this baby.
All right, I'll speak to Laguna and he can investigate.
Why do you all want to leave it till tomorrow? Let's go now.
Elena, I'm not going.
Do you know why? Because I have a wife, I have a job, I'm someone in this town.
I can't go round acting like an idiot in the early hours of the morning looking for Christ knows what in someone's house.
All right.
Then I'll go on my own.
What am I doing here? What's the plan? Are you going in, taking the baby from them and running out? No, not me, you're going to do that.
No I'm not.
- Paco! - No.
I'm not.
You tell them that Social Services are claiming him or whatever you want, that we're taking him to the hospital now.
- At three in the morning? - Paco, you haven't seen that baby! The woman is demented.
Or maybe she's a charming woman who is looking after the baby because she's a good person and that's all.
I can't go into people's homes just because you and a priest who's an ex-con decide that some kidnappers, or whatever they are, are living there.
- I won't.
- It's because of the elections? They're in less than a year and I can't screw up now, Elena, because of a story that's got nothing to do with me.
You have to understand.
Let's just go home now, okay? Get out of here and call Laguna.
- I'm not leaving you on your own.
- Do as I tell you! - If I'm leaving, we're both leaving.
- What are you doing here? - Don't you know to knock on a door? - Carmen - I don't know what's happened, but - We've come to help you.
Help me? What for? I have to see the baby, Carmen, I want to see if he's all right.
The baby is perfectly well.
- He's resting.
- What happened with your husband? Did he attack you? Did you have to defend yourself? That's right.
He attacked me.
Do you want to take him away from me too? The child is mine.
Nobody's taking him from me.
Run! Run! Fuck! It was Carmen! She's killed her husband.
- She's insane! - What were you thinking? She's got Paco! We have to help him now! Go home.
If she killed her husband, who knows what she can be doing to Paco.
David, take the other car.
Go to the Alonsos' house.
Yes, now, right now! And no one is to do anything without checking with me first! She's behind us.
You don't know how sorry I am.
I hope you'll forgive me some day.
It's the voices, Paco.
Yes, I know I seem like a mad woman, but If you knew how happy I am I wanted a baby more than anything in the world, and they kept their word.
He loves me, you know.
He does what I tell him.
I'm coming now, my love.
If I behave If I do what they ask, the voices will go away and never bother us.
I have to go.
I can't let them scare the baby.
They're coming.
Father I'm sorry that you're seeing me like this, in these circumstances.
- Carmen, come with me.
- No, I can't.
I wish I could, I really mean that, but they won't let me.
They? There's no one else here, it's just the three of us.
We haven't seen you in such a long time, dear Manuel.
Did you think by hiding in this town you would be free of us? - I want to talk to Carmen.
- Carmen isn't here now.
- Talk to me.
- I've got nothing to say.
Aren't you going to read to me from your book of stories so that I go to sleep, like every night? Stop this ridiculous game.
You're not possessed.
You're sick.
Oh, sorry, you don't believe in anything anymore.
It's that, isn't it? Like a child: when you lose, you stop playing.
Look, Carmen: this is what we're going to do.
I'm going to take you by the arms and I'm going to put them behind your back, and then I'm going to take you out of that door.
Try to touch her if you dare.
Give us what is ours and you won't see us again.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- You know well.
Do you think we're stupid? That's why you ran away.
You want it just for yourself.
Stay where you are or I'll fire! Don't move! Don't move, Carmen.
Stop! Don't! Fuck What have you done? I'm sorry, Merche.
- I should have explained - Paco, Paco, Paco.
This isn't the time, Paco, my love.
You're alive and that's what matters.
Be careful, please.
It's all my fault.
He didn't want to come.
And he was nearly killed.
Thank you.
- Merche, don't - It's true.
It was insane.
You have every right to hate me.
I don't hate you, Elena.
Or should I? You did what you had to do, Elena.
Thanks to you, I don't want to imagine how this whole thing would've ended.
My husband needs to rest.
Could you please leave us alone for a few days? Just for a few days.
Elena Merche Paco my love You shouldn't be here.
Why? The mind creates reality, not the other way around.
What's going on, Father? Whatever happens, whatever you see, deny it.
Shut your mind.
And this? What's this? What do you think? That he turned into a monster and went out through the window? She set up the whole thing, because she couldn't have children.
Paco, get some rest.
Don't think about that now.
- She wrapped us up in woolen strands.
- Don't talk nonsense.
As if we were flies in a cobweb.
Paco, go to sleep.
Paco! Paco! Wake up! Paco! Paco! Paco, wake up! Oh my God! Paco! Paco! Please! Fuck! Goodbye, Paco.
My son has come to get me.
Merche Merche Merche - Is that for Carmen? - She's going to come back.
You heard what she said.
She's convinced I'm her enemy.
But they took her away in an ambulance.
When I was sent to the Holy Land I saw many things.
An Israeli soldier advanced a kilometer under enemy fire, getting hit by more than a dozen bullets.
When he arrived at the Palestinian base, he killed six people before he was shot down.
He was filled with adrenaline.
That kept him alive.
What is this? - Help me.
- What are you going to do? I don't think she'll live to the morning.
Before that, she could kill a few more, and we have to prevent that.
And does it have to be you? Shouldn't we call the police? They don't have the right ammunition.
The windows in the sacristy - Is it her? - Hide here.
Don Manuel I'm begging you, give them what they want! They'll make me kill you if you don't, do you understand? I'm begging you, have pity! What do they want, Carmen? You know perfectly well what I want.
- Where is it? - I don't know what you're talking about.
Father! What are you doing here? Don't you see what they're making me do? Don't worry, my baby will get you out of there.
Stop that.
Stop that and lie down.
Please! Give that to me.
Another ambulance is on its way.
Give me the phone! I have to make a call! It's best if you do what I say, okay? Calm down.
I have to make an urgent call! Tell him to give them the coin.
That's all they want.
When they have it, they'll go away.
I don't want to hurt anyone else! Please! You've got it, bitch! Don Manuel, tell Elena to give them back the coin.
- Giacomo's coin! - What else? It came out of hell itself, passing through his soul.
You saw it, Manuel, we were both there.
Are you blessing the bullets? Do you think that's going to scare me? If you kill this body, how are you going to explain it to the police? You did it once already.
- This time you won't get away with it.
- Are you afraid to die, Carmen? Carmen is, but I'm not.
Please, Don Manuel.
They're giving you a chance.
They just want to get back what you stole from them years ago.
I didn't steal anything.
If Giacomo took it from hell it's because it shouldn't have been there.
Don't do it, please.
- I absolve you of your sins - Don't do it, Father.
In the name of the Father, the Son - Don't do it.
- and the Holy Spirit.
Elena? Elena, can you hear me? Elena? It's here.
It's here! The charm, destroy the charm! Elena! Elena, the charm! It's me.
Father Vergara.
Calm down, Elena.
It's over.
Where's Carmen? You shot her.
- You killed her.
You did it again! - Carmen is okay.
She's in the sacristy.
She was just unconscious.
The bullets were blanks.
Blanks? And the holy water? I had to convince her that the bullets were going to burn her on the inside as if she really were possessed.
If you can't argue with a sick person, you have to follow their logic.
And where's the logic in that thing that was about to kill me? - What thing? - "What thing?" That monster - It had insect's legs, it was enormous! - Calm down.
- It nearly killed me! - Calm down.
Don't talk nonsense.
Nonsense? I saw it.
You have to believe me! - It nearly killed me! - Take it easy, please.
Calm down.
I believe you.
If you can't reason with a sick person, you follow their logic, right? Is that what you think I am? A sick person? Elena, give me the coin.
Give it to me, it's driving you all crazy.
What for? It's just a piece of metal.

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