30 Coins (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


You are the captain of the armies of the Lord.
- Antonio! - And is it true? That I killed a boy by provoking a heart attack? An exorcist.
For fuck's sake.
They throw him out of Rome and send him here to us.
That's right.
To the ass end of the world.
They're coming for you.
They're not going to stop until they find it.
What are they looking for? You can keep it if you like.
It's just a piece of metal.
I don't even know why I kept it.
It's worthless.
This is a peaceful place.
Nothing happens here.
Suddenly you arrive and all hell breaks loose.
Someone who wants to scare me.
- Your eminence.
- I know.
So we get rid of him? We need him alive.
Right now he is confused.
He isn't with them but neither is he with us.
I don't want to take it from him.
I want him to give it to me.
MURDER IN PEDRAZA - And it doesn't mention the baby? - They make half of it up.
They say it could have been stolen and that it's buried in a well.
What time are you seeing Laguna? - In half an hour.
- What are you going to tell him? Elena, no one is going to believe it.
In the end it's our word against - Against what? - Against common sense.
We both saw it, didn't we? What happened to us was this, that in a moment of nervous crisis - I wasn't nervous! I was terrified.
- That proves my point.
The mind uses those images that you have in your head and projects them in front of you.
It happens to normal people when they dream, but in cases like ours, it happens when we're awake.
That's called a hallucination.
Did we both have the same hallucination? Why not? We were both in the house and we saw the wool webs.
- Elena - You've been talking to Fr.
- And what if it's all his fault? - Let's not go back to that, please.
Carmen said that he had stolen something from them, that he has something they wanted.
She said that in the house too, that's true.
Well, they were looking for this.
A coin? It looks old.
Has no one asked him why he has an arsenal hidden in the church? Paco, he's lying to us.
He pretends he's a skeptic but believes in this much more than we do.
He's violent, but he also seems very intelligent.
Give me back the coin.
30 COINS It's that one, yes.
See? Check it out.
- Yes, it's this leg.
- Are you sure? Yes.
When he leans on it, he raises his head to ease the weight.
He's got an injury here.
But we're still in time.
In a couple of months, we wouldn't be able to do anything.
I'd be lost without you.
Would you like a drink? While I go get changed.
This way.
How did you get that? I've just noticed.
What's happened to your face? Putting cats into their cages is no easy job.
Why don't you come with me? - Excuse me? - Professionally, I mean.
How much do you earn at the clinic? It doesn't matter.
I'll pay you double.
Triple? Don't talk nonsense.
Anyway, you already pay me too much.
The season is starting in a month.
Wouldn't you like to travel the world? We'd have a great time, going from race to race.
And who'd look after the cows and pigs? Jesus, Elena, anyone.
What you have is a gift, and you have to make the most of it.
Is it true you're going to sell the castle? Maintaining this place is just throwing money away.
Also, your friend, the mayor - Paco? - Yes, Paco.
He's crippling me with taxes.
You still haven't forgiven him for beating you in that election.
On the contrary, he did me a favor.
I don't know why on earth I ran for mayor.
Now I'd be like him, having to listen to everyone's complaints.
But instead, I can get in the car and be in Madrid in two hours, to have dinner wherever I want.
I know a place that has two Michelin stars - The answer's no.
- Alright.
What about a coffee right here, in the town square? Thanks, Bernarda.
See you.
It's great to see you here, my lord! No, Rogelio, that was my father.
I'm just Roque, for everyone.
Two coffees, Isabel.
One with saccharin.
- Coming.
- Hi, Enrique.
How are you? - How are you? - Hi, Elena.
Well And now will you tell me what's wrong with you? - You seem distant.
- I'm just tired.
I've had a lot of work, that's all.
So you're not going to tell me.
- I thought we were friends.
- No, I'm not going to tell you.
Why not? Paco! Hey, Roque.
Hello, Elena.
- Hello, Paco.
- A coffee, please.
Get the mayor a coffee.
So? A lot of work? I can't complain.
We haven't seen you around here for a while.
I've been racing around so much my head's spinning with all the jet leg.
- With what? - The time change.
- When you cross the pond.
- What pond? You're too much.
But anyway, I see that everything's pretty much the same, right? Don't you believe it.
We've been very busy recently.
Paco and Merche have opened a new abattoir.
I know.
I hear about everything.
About that and other things.
I've got good informers.
Excuse me.
Yes? Sure.
How much is it? Buy it then.
How are you doing? Fine.
- Working a lot.
- That's good.
- I've been Well, I have to go.
- You haven't had your coffee.
Sure, I just But don't forget to buy it.
Talk later.
That lot are useless.
I have to do everything.
And Paco? Why did he leave? Where the hell were you? - Around.
- Around? - Clear the tables outside.
- She can do it.
Don't talk back to me, and don't eat the omelet, it's for the customers! I have to do it all by myself.
- What the fuck are you doing? - What? If your father catches you If you don't tell him anything, he won't find out.
Hey, kid, do that again and I'll slap your face! Now one of those hot girls shows up Have you got ice? How are you, kid? You're shitting yourselves already? You're scared.
- Scared already? - Yes.
- So, are we going to do it, or what? - Yes, right? Are you guys serious? - It gives me the creeps.
- Don't be such a drag.
When the biggest coward acts all brave She's right.
That's why we're here, isn't it? Fuck, have you used the Ouija glass? It's all sticky.
Who was the pig? Gross! Put your fingers on the edge.
And don't push, okay? That's so gross.
- What are you doing? What is this? - You're all moving it.
Stop it.
If we're going to start messing around, I'm leaving.
I'm not doing anything.
We haven't even started asking questions and it's moving already! I bet it's your mother.
What do you mean? Leave my mother alone.
How long is it since your mother died? - Three months? - And? Well, I bet she really wants to talk to you.
- Why would she want to talk to me? - Because she killed herself.
Shit - I'm leaving.
- Come on, ease up.
Maybe it isn't your mother, but one of these around us.
Ask what their name is.
What's your name? G I A Gia Giaco Giacomo.
- Giacomo - Shit, he's Italian.
See? It isn't her.
Where are you from, Giacomo? Gaeta.
- Gaeta? - Go eat some excreta.
Shut up, dickhead.
Are you really not moving it? - No, we're not.
- No.
Ask him if he's dead.
Why would I ask him that, moron? YES Shit He's dead.
- Are you in heaven or hell? - You don't fucking ask like that.
First you ask one thing, and then the other.
I am H ere.
- Fuck! - For fuck's sake! - Who touched me? - You can all go fuck yourselves! - Hey, no groping! - The torch on your phones, dummies.
I have no battery.
Fuck, I was really scared.
Someone sucked my ear.
- It's not funny - It wasn't me.
- You're such a pig.
- It wasn't me, I swear! Where's Sole? - What a bitch.
- Sole! Sole! It ain't fucking funny! Where the fuck are you? Fuck! Sole! Sole, for fuck's sake, come on! Sole, fuck! - Sole! - Sole! Have you called the hospitals? Well, start doing it.
I've brought this.
Thank you, Martín.
Don't worry.
To the left.
Go to the left.
This way.
Look around there.
Behind the gravestone.
- Mayor.
- Fuck Those bottles come from my bar.
Hello, Richi.
Come here.
You needn't be scared, it's all right.
He needn't be scared? I'm going to beat the shit out of him.
- Relax! Relax! - What did I tell you? - Enrique, please.
- Sit down.
He took the bottles from the bar, Concha.
Your son's a crook! And it isn't the first time.
I've had my eye on him.
Look, Richi, today you'll all have to go give a statement to the sergeant.
But before that, we still have a chance for you to tell us the truth.
The boy knows nothing, he told me already.
Let's see, Ricardo, if anything happened between you, if there was an accident, something that no one wanted to happen, but that got out of your control, it's best if you tell us now because it's all going to come out in the end.
But nothing happened, really.
Suddenly she wasn't there.
That's how it was.
The candles blew out and when we looked again, she wasn't there! Ricardo, what you're saying doesn't make sense.
No one disappears from playing with the Ouija.
Playing with it is very dangerous nonsense because people get scared and things can end badly.
- Especially if you were drinking! - Exactly.
And in saying that I'm making it clear that something happened that you're not telling us.
- I bet they were smoking joints.
- Be quiet, Concha.
We found these pills.
- Are they yours? I'll kill you! - Take it easy.
Stop! Stay calm! What? Look what you've done.
Go on, you're right to cry, you're in big trouble.
Not a single trace of anything suspicious.
- Well, then? - I have no clue, Paco.
Either she left because she wanted to or they took her away between all of them.
But if there had been any violence, we'd have seen signs of it, either at the site, or on the kids.
We examined them one by one, and there wasn't a single sign of a fight or even a struggle.
What's happened? Curro told me something, but I didn't really understand.
The kids went out drinking last night, and Sole hasn't appeared.
- Sole? Sole who? - Martín's daughter.
- Martín? - Your guard.
If you need me for anything I know people in the Ministry of the Interior.
And? No, well, if anything has to be done, it'll be done.
- Call anyone to come and lend a hand - It's all right, Roque, thanks.
Good service.
- Come on - "Good service"? Is he a cop now? Did you see who was with him? Poor man.
First his wife, and now his daughter.
They were with me for 20 years.
She was the cook, and he was the guard.
But he's doing it all now.
What was it? Cancer? Yes, one of those that's diagnosed from one day to the next.
- She couldn't bear it.
- That's so awful.
She went up there and jumped off.
The worst thing is that her daughter was here.
She saw her jump? Go in.
Hi, Martín.
Okay, now - Have you talked to her friends? - To Elvirita.
- And what did she say? - What all of them are saying.
That suddenly, she wasn't there.
But she must have told you something else.
- That a spirit appeared to them.
- A what? A spirit.
They were playing that thing with the glass, like in the films.
- A Ouija.
- That's it.
And suddenly an Italian spirit appeared to them.
- Italian? - Yes.
Why would they say something like that? I think that if you're going to make something up, you say the first thing you think of, that the devil appeared, or whatever, but an Italian called Giacomo Did you say Giacomo? Elvira! They want to talk to you! Elvira? She's been like this since yesterday.
I know you're not listening to me.
But I don't care, I'll tell you what I feel.
When I did the Ouija for the first time, we got a ghost called Chuqui.
He was talking such rubbish that after half an hour we got bored and went drinking instead.
The next day, we tried again, and Chuqui came up again.
We started laughing, no one was taking it seriously Until suddenly Chuqui said that "Amparo" was with him and that she was all right.
Amparo was my grandmother, and none of my friends knew that was her name.
What did you ask her? I asked her if she was in heaven.
And what did she say? That she wasn't.
Was she in hell? No.
Well then? She said that she was in the "fog".
Seriously? In the fog? Maybe we didn't understand her properly.
Do you believe in those things? Yes.
I never did it again, but I remember every word of that Ouija as if it were yesterday.
What else did Giacomo say? Elena How long has it been A month? A month without hearing from you.
I understand that it's been hard for you to come back.
I suppose that now, seeing things with more distance Situations of extreme violence, like the one we experienced, destroy your nerves.
It's hard to keep a steady head, but you're strong and you've shown great self-possession.
He was called Giacomo.
And he was from Gaeta, a town near Rome.
I looked him up on Google, and your Giacomo, the boy who died during the exorcism, was from Gaeta.
So don't give me this shit.
I'm starting to get worried about this obsession you have with me.
It's curious that, out of all the spirits in the world, those five kids chose to call up Giacomo from Gaeta, for their séance.
What's your new theory? I had something to do with that girl's disappearance? That I abducted her? No, I don't think anyone abducted her.
She disappeared, yes, but she's somewhere, and you're going to tell me where.
Look, Elena, if you're so convinced that I've got something to do with all this, tell the police.
Thank you very much for being here today at such an important day for us.
Well, I think the time has arrived.
SANTO DOMINGO INN - Paco? - Darling - Please, Paco.
- No - My arm - Paco - Bravo! - Please say a few words.
Being part of these international boutique hotels is a real honor.
We've been working for a long time to achieve Where's my daughter? Sole! - Martín, we'll find your daughter - Get away from me! Martin, please relax If one of you has touched a single hair on my daughter's head, I swear I'll let you have it with both barrels.
Martín, please.
- Sole! Sole! - Put this away.
Where's my daughter? Please! Stop filming! My daughter Please We'll find your daughter, Martín.
Stay calm.
ELVIRA: Shit, what a mess.
NACHO: They keep asking me questions.
RICHI: The one time I fucking tell the truth, no one believes me.
JAIME: Fucking Ouija Poor Sole! SOLE: dfhjdfvdfvjhfvdvfi JAIME: Fuck.
NACHO: Christ! Is that you? Where are you? SOLE CALLING Sole? Is that you? You have to do the Ouija again.
It's the only way to bring me back.
I didn't know who to tell about it.
But is your friend sure that it was her talking on the phone? I don't know, she said that she didn't really understand her, but who else could it have been? Well, someone who wanted to scare you.
They're going to do it again, tonight.
- Do what? - The Ouija.
- No.
You have to stop them.
- Vane says that Sole asked her to do it.
That it's the only way she can come back.
Where are they going to do it? In the cemetery? No, they don't want anyone to see them.
They're going to the abandoned house.
There are some cellars underneath.
- Fuck.
I shouldn't have told you.
- This is between you and me.
- Do you promise? - I promise.
I'm scared.
Nothing's going to happen.
Are they here? If you go in through here you get to the cellars.
It's really cool, you'll see.
Guys, you have to stop this right now.
That's your friend, Elvira? A friend? Fucking great.
Are you Vane? What you have to do is take that phone to the police to trace the call.
I looked at the list of calls and it isn't there.
It doesn't matter, I'm sure the police know how to do it.
Sole told her that we had to do this and that's what we're going to do.
And what if something happens? What if we try it and one of us disappears? Fuck, that's really something.
Do it Do it Do it now.
Is that you, Sole? YES Fuck, that's scary.
How can we help you? They want They want to talk to you.
Who? Who do they want to talk to? No.
I won't.
Elvira, tell your friend that either she does what the Ouija tells her or she gets the fuck out of here.
Elena I think you should do it.
For Sole.
I don't know why you're so scared, after what my mother says about you.
And what does your mother say? That your husband left because you're crazy.
You see ghosts and things like that.
Give us the - Coin.
- Give us the coin.
What coin? - Holy fucking shit, dude! - What's going on? Not again! Fuck me! Sole Sole Sole Thank you very much.
You should thank Elena, Martín.
Let's go.
You talk to her, because I don't understand any of this.
- Well? - Well, what? You saw it, didn't you? - I didn't see anything.
- But you were right there! Paco, if I say I didn't see it, I didn't see it.
I was with the Ouija, I looked up and there she was.
That's how it happened.
As you can understand, I'm very upset.
- But she must have said something.
- She didn't open her mouth.
Well, she said she wants to confess to the priest.
- I didn't hear that.
- Elena, she said it to me.
We're all a bit tense, I think.
I don't have to give any explanations to anybody.
If I was with the kids doing the Ouija, it's because they wanted me there.
No one has asked you anything, Elena.
Will you just calm down? No, I know how this works.
Tomorrow everyone is going to say that I took the girl, that it's all my fault, and that I was the one who put the idea of a séance into their heads.
Right now, all that matters is that you helped find her.
We don't know how, but there she is, with her father.
Yes, love.
- Relax, please.
- No, no, I'll be here for a while yet.
I'm sorry.
Hail Mary full of grace.
Conceived without sin.
I'm very sorry about your mother.
When a misfortune like that happens, we all feel guilty But I want you to know that your mother loved you with all her heart, and that none of what happened is your fault.
I haven't come to talk about my mother.
I'm not here because I want to be.
What? They told me to talk to you.
- Who told you that? - Your friends.
- I don't know who you're talking about.
- They wanted me to tell you something.
What is it? Give us back what is ours.
thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.
I'm really sorry.
Why, child? Because you're going to die tonight.
Take one in the morning.
- Write it down so - Please! Please! Please Please, sir, sit here.
- It's my heart - What are you taking? - I think it's Captopril.
- Get some.
- 100 mg.
I think it's a heart attack.
- Okay.
People are terrified, Manuel.
It's the second death in two months.
- People are always terrified.
- For fuck's sake.
The girl tells him he's going to die and an hour later the man's dead.
It's enough to scare anybody.
If you have a dicky heart and someone stops you in the street to tell you that you're going to die, let's say that it doesn't exactly help.
There she is with her father.
What did the girl say when you talked to her? Secret of confession.
- Did she tell you about this? - What? Did she threaten you with doing things like this? - Have you talked to Elena? - No.
Well, yes.
We'll have to do something.
We have to explain to everyone that this was a misfortune, nothing more.
The man had a bad heart, he hadn't taken his medication, and that's the end of the mystery.
Fuck! How can they have the nerve to turn up here! ELVIRA: I'm not afraid of you Fuck, everyone says I'm possessed.
Ignore them.
- They're all a bunch of hicks.
- No, they're right.
- What's happening to me isn't normal.
- But what's happening to you? - Since I was there - There, where? I don't know, on the other side.
It was like a dream, but for real.
Well, it's like since I was there I see really weird things.
Weird how? People People aren't the same, they have like colors around them.
What? Yes, it's like something that surrounds you.
Yours is blue right now, okay? Don't worry, that's good.
The man who died had a red border, it was almost black.
And do you see that with everyone? You see those people? All blue.
There are some that are almost white, the children.
But on the other hand, there, in the distance, you see him? Who? The man carrying flowers.
What about him? How much are the watches? Elvira.
How are you, sweetheart? Calm down.
What's wrong? Why are we meeting here? It's Sole She's scaring me.
What do you mean? Follow me.
- Look at the man in there.
- Who? The one being served now.
What about him? Sole says he's going to die.
- Are you sure? Precisely that man? - Yes.
She sees something that he's got around him.
- An aura.
- Yes! Some are good, and others are bad.
And it seems that man - But when did she tell you that? - Just now, in her house.
I've been following him, that's why I rang you.
And what do you want us to do? I don't know, maybe we should say something to him.
No, no.
That's crazy.
- He's leaving.
What should we do? - Nothing.
- Hey! - Yes? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Nothing is going to happen.
Okay? What's happened? Come on, Elvira, breathe slowly.
That's it.
Now let it go I stopped him.
I was going to warn him, but he kept on walking.
No one is to blame.
Not you, not Sole, not me, not the man in the overcoat.
This was an accident.
An accident is when you don't know what's going to happen, and we knew.
She knew.
Why? Calm down, very well.
So I have to tell her that it's all sheer coincidence, - and it isn't true! - Of course it's true.
You said the man was distracted, looking at you when he stepped into the road.
We caused it! Is that what you're saying? Look, Elena, that way of thinking won't do any good.
How do you want me to think? This is getting out of control.
The only one who can help us understand any of it is ignoring it all.
I spoke to him.
He says that it's a "secret of confession".
The town must be freaking out.
They probably think that girl is a witch or something.
Are you really telling me we're not going to do anything? I'll see what I can think of.
- Come on.
- Be careful.
Come on, hop on.
Be careful.
She's getting you involved again.
Merche, people are scared.
I have to help.
- I don't mind.
- Oh, you don't mind.
- You're enjoying it.
- It isn't that.
Then what is it? All I see is that that woman doesn't know what to invent to get involved with you.
What's happened here? A girl disappears and she goes and has a séance with her friends.
People die and there she is, stirring things up.
But that isn't enough, now she wants you to help her.
- Are you listening to me? - I'm listening.
You have responsibilities, a reputation to maintain.
This isn't good for the town hall, and even less for business.
Let others do it.
You keep out of it.
Sole, love, open the door please.
Father Manuel is here, he's come to see you.
Sole! Talk to him.
It'll help you.
Sole, I'm Father Vergara.
Open the door.
Sole! She isn't breathing.
- Sole! Sole! - She isn't breathing! Sole? That's right.
You're all right.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
- Now - Are you all right, sweetheart? You didn't do what they asked.
Why didn't you do it, Father? Now they're blaming me.
She's delirious.
It's red, almost black.
The aura? Is it me? No, it's him.
It's going to be today, tonight.
It's over.
It's over.
It's over.
I told you not to get involved, but no! You dive right in, head first.
The girl tried to hang herself, Merche.
If we hadn't been there I can't bear to think about it.
- What's going on in this town? - I don't know.
And that isn't the worst.
Sole told the priest that he'd be next.
- She really said that? - Those were her words.
And what did he say? Nothing, he went silent and he left.
We have to get rid of him.
- What? - He can't stay in this town, Paco.
Look at how everyone is! Look at how you are! He's the priest, it isn't like he's the town clerk.
And I can't even fire the town clerk - Go to Segovia and talk to the bishop.
- And what do I tell him? The truth, that since he got here, we're so upset we haven't been able to sleep.
- As simple as that.
- And it's all his fault? Fuck, it's obvious.
Look, prove it.
I'm the bishop, you come in and what do you say? Just that.
That since that man appeared, we've had nothing but misfortunes.
Very well.
Do you know what his answer will be? That my argument is shit, and that I'm a dickhead.
Hey, don't talk to me like that.
When you accuse someone, you need proof.
If not, you keep quiet.
Saying that this man has something to do with the calf, the missing girl, the death of the man with the flowers, is talking for the sake of talking.
He was in prison and no one told us anything.
In this town we have a right to have a normal priest.
Yes or no? And what if the girl is right? And tomorrow he's dead? Lord Jesus Christ, I am heartily sorry for having offended you.
I resolve never to sin again, to confess and to carry out my penance.
I offer you, Lord, my life, in satisfaction for all my sins and in this way I trust that you will forgive me, through the merits of your blood, passion and death.
If before daybreak you don't give us back the coin we will destroy that town and the people you love most.
Does your father know you're here? Come inside.
Would you like anything? Water.
Have you got school tomorrow? No.
I go to the high school, in Sepúlveda.
My father takes me.
That's the best thing you can do, concentrate on your studies, and forget all this.
Routine helps you to sort out your ideas.
They told me to give you this.
It's for you.
They say that, if this isn't enough, I'm to continue cutting off my fingers and ears, or my tongue, until you give them what they're looking for.
Police? Police? I'm calling from the town of Pedraza, in Segovia.
No! It's urgent! Yes.
Can you hear me? Yes! Can you hear me? If you speak to them, I'm going to tell them that you did it.
No! Stop! Stop! Take it easy.
Shall we go and look for the coin? They're going to be very happy.
Are you okay? I was thinking, that's all.
About what? I'm more and more certain about it.
More and more certain? That you should come with me.
My mind is in no shape for talking about that now.
But it's exactly now that you have to think about it.
You need a change of scenery, you need to get out of this foul hole that's driving you crazy.
Why do all men end up calling me crazy? What I mean is that all this you're telling me about the Ouija, about that girl I don't know, you're getting too involved, you make such an effort to put yourself in her place that you end up in her place, believing that those things are real, and they're not real.
As soon as you get away from here, you'll see it all differently.
That's for sure.
Hey, is there someone in your house? No.
Then you left the lights on.
You weren't here.
I came in the back door.
- Sorry, I had to get in.
- What are you doing? Get out now! Listen.
Did you tell the girl about the coin? - What? - Sole, or any of her friends.
Didn't you hear her? Elena says that you're to leave, and if you don't I'll throw you out.
Elvira was here.
She must have seen all this and told Sole.
There's no other explanation.
Sole, honey.
What happened to you? - It was him.
- It isn't true.
You son of a bitch! Sole, love, everything will be okay.
Don't you move! We'll go the hospital.
Everything will be all right.
Roque! - What are you doing? - Roque! Have you found it? Don't tell her a thing.
- I've got it.
- Give it to me.
- What do you want it for? - Elena, shut up.
- So that they'll get out of my head.
- Have you seen them too? They're here.
What did they promise you? It's your mother, isn't it? Your mother is dead, Sole, no one will be able to bring her back, not even them.
Your mother took her own life because she had an incurable disease.
It has nothing to do with you.
She loved you, and she couldn't bear for you to see her suffer.
- It's not your fault.
- You're like them.
- You want to use me too.
- Yes! I'm like them, I want to use you.
Because you're just a stupid adolescent who's scared to death! Dare to stand up to all of us! Close your mind, don't let anyone in.
You're the only one who can do it! Shut up, all of you! Stop! Get out of my head! Enough! Stop! Roque Think of your mother! Think of your mother, Sole! They can't fight against that.
No! Think of your mother! Roque Roque Roque Roque - How's Sole? - Fine.
They do these things very well now, but that scar will be there forever.
Like yours.
I mean, how are you? Mine is nothing.
The knife hit against a rib and so it didn't pierce his lung.
All things considered, I was lucky.
- And Martín? How is he? - Outside.
They've given him so many pills he doesn't even know where he is.
Tell him that, as far as I'm concerned, he needn't worry.
I'm not going to press charges.
Aren't you going to say what happened? I don't know what happened.
She came in, she stuck the knife in me and I can't remember anything else.
They've got enough problems, don't you think? Well I'm going to Thanks, Roque.
I'll be right back.
Have you spoken to Vergara? Yes, he told me his version of the facts.
I imagine it was: that I talked to the kids about the coin, - Sole got obsessed with it - Yes.
And she was very affected by her mother's death, and she harmed herself, to punish herself for it.
More or less, yes.
I imagine that your version doesn't exactly fit with his, does it? No one cares about my version.
I do.
Your wife is right: you're the shoulder the whole town cries on.
Forget about that now.
You know you can talk to me.
- What happened? - He got in my house to find The coin? He broke the glass in the garden door, he searched the whole house.
And then things happened.
Things that I can't explain.
- I can imagine.
- You can't imagine! Nobody can! I only wish he had taken it.
I don't want it in my house.
I should listen to Roque and get out of this town.
- Escape, before I go completely crazy.
- I don't want you to go.
Please This isn't going to end here, more things are going to happen.
I don't have the courage to cope with this on my own.
You leave too.
I can't.
My life is here, there are too many things that I can't give up.
Too many responsibilities.
Don't leave.
Besides, if anyone must leave this town, it's neither you nor me.
Tell him not to worry.
Tell his eminence he's not to worry.
I'll take care of him, until you come.
Until the right time comes.
Judas's time.

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