30 Coins (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

La caja de cristal

We work for the Secretary of State for Security.
I don't know what we got married for, Merche.
She's gone, Paco, she's gone and she's dumped you! My husband is tired, that's all.
And because he's tired he's gone and rented a room? The voices want him to be one of them, but he doesn't want to.
That's why he's gone to Rome and told the Pope everything.
Now they just want to kill him.
Now Santoro is the master of the Vatican.
You told me you'd lost it.
But when he gets the 30 coins, his power will be clearly greater.
Go back to the town, we'll meet there.
I'm the new priest.
I've been sent by the Bishop of Segovia.
I have never failed you.
I have always been with you.
Who are you? The coin came out of my arm, a long time ago.
It was a miracle, but you didn't want to believe it.
You thought I was your enemy, when really I was sent so that it would come to you.
- Giacomo - I didn't bear you a grudge, Father.
It was they who confused you, trying to feed your rage.
What do you want from me? What began must end.
If Sandro and I gave our lives for it, you keep yours and finish the work.
I'm sorry I failed you.
- You're still in time.
- It's impossible to get out of here.
Nothing is impossible if you have faith, Father.
- I think I've lost it.
- Find it again.
- How? - Having faith is wanting to have faith.
And there's nothing you want more than to believe.
Can someone believe in this hole? You were praying in this hole yesterday.
Don't fool yourself.
You have it within you.
30 COINS - Excuse me, I'm sorry to bother you.
- Bother me? Quite the opposite.
We were expecting you.
I understand that you're the new priest.
- That's exactly right.
- Are you from Italy? - I've been sent by - The bishop of Segovia.
- Of Segovia.
- I know.
I drew up the petition.
The bishop was impressed by the number of signatures.
I'll have to call my husband.
For the moment, he's the mayor.
He has a copy of the key to the house, across from the church.
I prefer to stay here, if you don't mind.
I won't move in there until Vergara comes back.
Is he going to come back? We all hope so.
It's the best room we have.
Of course, you are invited.
Good Lord I think something simpler No, really, it's a delight to have you with us.
You don't know how much this town needs someone like you, Father Ángel.
- And you are? - Mercedes.
Mercedes But everyone must call you Merche.
Listen to me, Merche.
If you need anything, talk to me.
Because otherwise, what am I here for? What's that? - What is it? - Fuck.
It stinks.
Come on! Get down! Get down! Come on, walk! Come on, walk! The Lord be with you.
What are you doing here? - I'm still the mayor.
- You haven't come to pay your respects.
- No.
- You've come to see if Elena appears.
- What do you think? - Jesus, Paco, do you never give up? She isn't answering my calls, I know nothing about her.
It's normal that she isn't here.
She still hasn't recovered from the shock.
From what I hear, when it happened they were having dinner together.
Don't tell me about it.
I don't want to know anything.
I'm worried.
If she doesn't appear, I'll go look for her.
- Where? - To Paris, to her parents' home, to the moon, if necessary.
You have to help me.
You are all I have.
Fuck, what the hell? - What are you doing? What's going on? - We're going to identify these bones.
But why? What for? Don't you think we should be asking you that? There are two witnesses who saw you bury these remains.
- Here, in the cemetery.
- Without identification.
And without any of that appearing in the reports.
They were buried bones that appeared a few days ago in the countryside.
What do you mean, appeared in the countryside? They're probably from the civil war, fuck! It happens all the time in towns like this.
Buried bones appear in the ditches, in the countryside.
And it's best not to make a lot of noise about it, because otherwise old stories come out, things from the past that don't go anywhere.
The lab will tell us exactly, but I'd say, just from looking at them, that these bones aren't from the civil war.
Of course, because you're a criminologist, aren't you? Yes, that's right, I am a criminologist.
And I want to warn you of one thing, Laguna.
If there's anything you have to tell us, it's best if you tell us now.
Come on! Let's go! - Let's go! - Ahmed! Come on! Move! Let's go, quickly! This way! Quickly! Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Come on! Come on! Go! Quickly! Do you see that car? The tank is full.
It's fifty kilometers to the government's advance post.
If you're lucky, you can get there.
- Why are you doing this? - Our cause is just.
And we're not all insane.
Let's go.
- It won't open! - Don't move! Don't move! Okay, now.
- Silence! - Get out of the car or I'll shoot! Get out now! Don't shoot! They have a permit to leave! - They have a permit! - A permit from whom? We haven't been informed! They have a permit! Start the fucking car! I'm pushing the pedal, but it won't work! Step on the gas! Sven? Sven! Sven, can you hear me? Can you hear me? Come on now Why isn't she coming? It's not half past yet.
I'm sorry, it was so hard to park.
- Are we too late? - No, it's just half past.
I have the papers here.
It's all listed: the properties, the house, the hotel, the meat company - What was it called? - Porcino Pedraza Sociedad Limitada.
We opened it almost It wasn't even a year ago, was it? I don't know, I don't remember the exact date.
We were developing the project for three years.
The happiest time of my life.
In the end we were up to our eyes in debt, but now everything has been paid off, and we're starting to see profits.
You should keep it.
What? It was her idea.
All I know about is animals.
- Well, you agreed.
- Of course, it was a great idea.
But we did it together.
You did it on your own.
I just showed up.
Then, we're in agreement.
The company would stay totally in my client's name Look, we shouldn't take this kind of decision in the heat of the moment.
It's alright.
What else? I think it should be 50-50, like the house and the hotel.
For me, you can keep everything.
What's wrong, Paco? Don't you want anything to do with me? Is that what you're saying? That you never want to see me again? No, let's not do this.
Let's not start arguing.
We're not arguing! I just don't want everything to go to hell, after having worked so hard.
I don't know what I want to do with my life, I don't know.
- I want to start from scratch.
- And what are you going to live on? I don't know.
That's the last thing I care about now.
Are you listening to him? We should leave the other matters for another meeting.
Yes, that would be best.
- What's the matter with you? - I'm fed up.
Fed up with everything.
Including myself.
Fuck! Merche! Merche.
I'm sorry to bother you again, but this time I do need your help.
I don't have the keys to the church.
I'm looking for the mayor - What's happened? - Nothing, something silly.
It doesn't seem like it was something silly.
I'm sorry, Father, it's a lot of work, too many things Paco isn't available, but I can help you.
It's so beautiful.
- Here they are.
They're all yours.
- Thank you.
Merche, don't you think it would be better if we talked for a while? I don't want to, really.
I get the feeling that it's now when you need it.
How long has it been since you confessed? I'm sorry, I don't even remember the words.
Don't worry.
Tell me what's on your mind.
I've done it all badly.
Very badly.
I've neglected my husband, thinking only of work.
It's worse than that.
I've used him.
I've sought my own benefit without thinking that all this was harming him.
Now, now, Merche, being strong isn't a sin.
There are people who complain and lament their whole lives, no matter what happens, and others who do something to solve their problems and move on.
- You're one of those.
- I tried.
I tried, but the problem is - Paco and I - You're separating.
I want to fix things, Father, but he doesn't.
I swear I was willing to change, to do things differently, but It seems he's already taken the decision.
- And besides - Besides, what? - There's this other woman.
- This other woman? She's younger than me, and he's lost his head.
But that girl isn't good for him.
It's like he was hypnotized.
So, is Elena with him now? How do you know her name is Elena? You told me.
No She isn't with him, she's with someone else.
Well, she was with someone else.
Do you know if Paco and her have seen each other again? - Are they still in touch? - I don't think so.
If they were, someone would have told me.
Here you always end up finding out about everything.
If she comes back, you should talk to her.
- What? - With these things, you have to go to the root of the problem.
And what do I say to her? It isn't a matter of saying, but of doing.
You have to show her that no one is going to take away what's yours.
Bring out the anger you have inside and show it to her.
That isn't bad.
It's the truth.
Let her see your pain, but she should also feel the harm she's done to you.
If she's good, she'll understand and step aside.
She isn't good.
Well, then, let her suffer the consequences.
- What's this? - Nothing, something silly.
Thank you.
Give it to Paco, and make sure he doesn't notice that it's on him.
Are you serious? In the inside pocket of an overcoat.
One of those things that are there, but you don't know you have it Yes, I understand.
If you say Paco is so lost, maybe this will help him.
Come in, sergeant.
The reports have arrived already.
- That was fast, wasn't it? - It was pretty simple.
From two to four years.
- Forget the civil war.
- Cause of death: shotgun blast.
Pellets incrusted in the bone structure.
Yes, yes, I see it.
Then you're under arrest.
Hand over your gun and badge, please.
I'm not hiding anything, for fuck's sake! I simply don't know what happened.
- Could you explain that contradiction? - No! I can't.
That's the problem.
That's the fucking problem.
I can't explain it! I found his bones in the countryside, and a couple of hours later, I saw him jump into the fucking dam.
Now do you have an idea of why the hell I couldn't make any report? I don't understand shit of what's going on in this town.
Calm down, Laguna.
Our job is to clarify things.
What the fuck are you going to clarify? You think you're very smart, don't you? The Bureau of State Security Pay attention.
I'm a civil guard.
I don't wear suits, I wear a uniform, like waiters or nurses.
Do you know why? Because I'm a civil servant.
What does that have to do with this case? This town is cursed.
There's no other explanation.
And every day that passes, it gets worse.
And worse.
And worse.
You don't know what you're getting into.
It's closed, ma'am.
You should come back tomorrow.
Ma'am, come with me, please.
What are you doing? How do I have to tell you? It's closed.
You can't be here.
If you'd be so kind to accompany me Are you going to the washroom? No, excuse me, I'm going up to the bedrooms.
- I believe my husband is here.
- Yes, but I don't know if he's up there.
I've brought him clean shirts and a change of clothes.
- Do you mind if I go up? - No, why would I mind? First on the left.
- Well, you should mind.
- What? If he moved out, it's so as not to see his wife, right? And you send her up to him.
- She's brought him clean clothes.
- Clean clothes.
I'll tell you what she wants.
- Rogelio, just take your medication.
- Leave me alone! MULTIPLE KILLING IN THE CENTER OF PARIS Your wife is outside, she wants to talk to you.
- Have you told her what's going on? - No.
It's best if you do it.
No, no I can't.
I don't want her to see me like this.
Laguna, she's your wife.
- She's entitled to an explanation.
- And what do I tell her? - That you've overstepped your authority.
- Fucking great.
If I have to tell her that rubbish, I'd rather not talk to her.
Tell her to take a taxi and go to Sepulveda tonight, to her sister's.
I'll go and get her as soon as I can.
- If that's what you want - Yes, that's what I want.
Thank you.
Talk to Paco, please.
It's coming out everywhere.
- Yes? - Where are you? I'm arriving back.
Listen, Paco, something very strange is happening.
- What is it this time? - This isn't a joke, Paco.
It's something very serious.
It's coming out of the sewers.
What the fuck? - What's happened? - We were coming to ask you.
Is there any treatment plant near here? Any company that's emptying its products into the public sewers? Of course not.
Everything is in order here.
A woman fell.
We have to tell people not to go out on the street.
It's dangerous.
What we have to do is tell them what's been happening in this town for months, the truth, and you two should be there.
Hello, this is Elena Echevarría leave your message.
It's happening again.
I don't know what this is about, but I can't keep on lying.
I'm going to tell everyone what has happened.
If only you were here I've seen you.
You're doing strange things.
- Does that bother you? - No.
- Do you know what this is for? - For killing rats.
So that they can't escape.
Here, you go on.
The whole town.
The whole town.
May I have your attention, please? This situation has gone too far.
We have to talk clearly about what's going on, but we have to stay calm.
Let's see This isn't normal.
Of course it isn't normal.
Are you only realizing now? No, I realized a long time ago, but we wanted to protect you.
- Now that's senseless.
- This is witchcraft! For months things have been happening.
You all know that.
First, the death of the Alonsos Then, Sole's disappearance.
The fire at Elena's clinic.
And when her husband appeared like that, out of nowhere? Roque's death, Jesús's - I think it's all connected.
- I knew it.
- And Laguna? Why isn't he here? - We're in charge now.
It was the priest.
He's the one who did it all.
That's right! Listen to me.
Silence! Please Vergara had enemies.
It wasn't him.
It was the people who were after him.
And what the hell do I care about that? And what does it have to do with us? Nothing, but we're suffering the consequences.
Vergara didn't want to hurt the town, that's why he left.
But now he isn't here, and things are still happening.
What does that fog mean? Are you okay? The people following him practice witchcraft.
What? And they're here among us.
- Come in.
- Good evening.
I'm Father Ángel, the new priest.
Excuse my Spanish.
It isn't good to get carried away by gossip.
At times it's rumors that cause problems.
Who are you? - Are you feeling all right? - Paco Let's talk about the fog.
We're at a certain height, it's normal that it happens.
The walls are cold and the vapor clings to them, more than in the countryside.
Tomorrow, as soon as the sun warms up a bit, the fog will disappear.
No doubt about that.
And the other things The deaths The disappearances I don't know about all that.
He's lying.
He's lying.
He is - He's burning up.
- It's normal, with the fever he's confusing everything.
For me, he's as mixed up in all this as the priest and the vet.
Don't talk rubbish.
Paco isn't capable of doing something like that.
This man is the devil, you should all know that.
Antonio, that's enough, eh? Don't start.
The fog is so you don't see that he's painted a line around the town.
You probably painted it.
He doesn't even want the mice to get out.
The mice! Of course! Forgive him, Father, he's like this.
No, no, it's all right.
Poor Antonio.
When things go wrong, it's normal to distrust the person you don't know.
I'm not perfect.
But as much as the devil A humble sinner.
- Fucking hell.
- What? - That lunatic.
- Antonio? What about him? - I was thinking about what Laguna said.
- What does Laguna have to do with it? They both say the same thing, remember? That Jesús killed the vet's husband and the one who fell in the dam was Was what? A scarecrow? What the hell? Fuck Stop! That's fucking gross.
I don't want to say Paco's right, but this looks like witchcraft.
Mom! Mom! Mom! Hello.
- What's wrong with me? - Your temperature went up.
I wanted to take you to a hospital, but it's impossible to go out with the fog.
Tomás and Susana tried, and they crashed the car.
- Again? - But they're alright.
What a fright Merche - What? - I'm sorry I hurt you so much.
I'm sorry too, my love.
I didn't think about you.
- Everything that's happened is my fault.
- Don't say that.
Stay with me.
I can't leave you like this, I'm going to look for a doctor.
Tomás? Do you know where Tomás is? Paco's temperature isn't going down.
I've been trying to call an ambulance all night, but no one's coming here.
- Where's the doctor? - Merche, calm down, please.
He only comes on Fridays.
You should know that.
She doesn't know because she calls a private doctor who comes to her house.
But he isn't going to come now, no one is going to come.
Okay, Jaime, that's enough.
I've got everything in the chemist's, but But what? But what? - We don't dare go out, Merche.
- Why? - It's just fog.
- No, it's not just fog.
Normal? On the door of my house! My son won't stop crying, my wife doesn't dare come out, and you say this is normal? Jesus fucking Christ! We've had the same.
We're possessed.
That's it.
She's mine.
Here you are.
Let the party begin.
- Are you okay? - I can't get up.
Have you twisted your ankle? We'll try to get up, all right? It hurts so much.
Lean on me.
What do you mean, nothing is showing up? No, it isn't something transitory, it's been like this for more than a day.
If I'm talking to the National Meteorology Agency, it's because I'm hoping you can give me an explanation.
You can't ask me to explain it to you.
Well, send someone so they can see what's happening! Laguna! Laguna Laguna, where are you going? Hey! Sergeant! What the hell are you doing? Why did you let him leave? - There, there! - Will you shut up? Don't lose him! - Shit! - What the fuck was that? No idea Look out! Look out! Salcedo! Salcedo! I'm sorry, my dear.
I can't go on.
I feel dizzy.
- Do you want some water? - Yes, please.
And as you're going inside, go up to the next floor.
- Someone is waiting for you.
- What? Men die between your legs, sweetheart.
If you don't watch out, you'll end up on your own.
Go on, go up, it's what you want.
The first door on the left.
Paco! Paco! Get out Get out of here.
Go away.
Shit It's true.
It's only here.
Yeah I told you! Look! There's someone there, on the road! It's too far away.
Leave it.
Let's go.
Good luck.
Too late, my dear.
Father! They've gone up to the bell tower, people are going crazy.
- They don't dare leave here.
- They're right.
What? Go out through the window in the sacristy.
It isn't good for our plans that you stay here.
- What about the others? - Some will be saved, others won't Merche This town has been chosen out of all the places in the world for something very great to happen right here, something that will change history.
Only the best will have the privilege of witnessing it.
You don't understand, but you will.
Stay calm.
The Lord is great.
Stay calm.
Everything's all right.
This thug has locked us in! - The new priest locked the door! - He's as mad as the other one! Who's coming with me? We have to break the door down! Let's go! - Come on! - Harder! Come on! Harder! - Help! - Harder! Come on! Father! - Harder! Come on! - Harder! - Harder! Come on! - Help! Fr.
Ángel! Paco! He's burning up! What have you done to him? Elena Elena - Merche! - Paco, listen to me for a minute.
- Merche, please! - All this that's happening isn't bad.
They're tests! Obstacles that have to be overcome to get to the finishing line.
We have to overcome them together.
Let's go home together.
Who told you that? The new priest? Wonderful things are going to happen, soon, right here.
We're going to forget all that's happened and only think about what's ahead of us.
You need me, and I need you.
I can't do it on my own.
The necklace She has the coin.
You may be right, Merche.
Maybe it is better if we go home.
Okay, good.
Give it to me.
- What are you doing? - Give me that necklace.
Why? Because it isn't yours, darling.
Give it to me.
She's the one who took what's mine.
No one took anything from you.
Please Why do you always defend her? Well done.
There are great things ahead for you.
What the fuck is that? Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! - This way! - Where? I'm here, my friend.

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