30 Coins (2020) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Something very strange is happening.
It's coming out of the sewers.
You're under arrest.
You don't know what you're getting into.
He's lost his head.
- Here you are.
- But she isn't good.
Well, then, let her suffer the consequences.
This town has been chosen out of all the places in the world for something very great to happen right here, something that will change history.
Let's go.
Ángel! Ángel! I know you're there! Do you remember how we met? That was a long time ago.
With Sandro and Fabio, in that room, chained to the bed.
You weren't hiding then.
You liked to play.
You were invoked by Fabio and your name is Ángel.
I've always thought that isn't your real name.
Ángel! Where are you? Show your real face! Ángel! "Show your real face.
" "Show your real face.
" "Show your real face.
" "Show me your real face.
" "Show me your real face.
" 30 COINS Help Help I'm gonna catch you Now who likes playing? We've arrived.
- Let's go.
- How pretty! It's hot! Everything is very quiet.
It's a bit weird - What is this? - What's going on? Who are they? I m scared! I m really scared! Easy! Easy! A minibus with tourists just arrived.
They've taken them all already.
How long are we going to carry on like this? I don't know Yesterday I saw Merche.
I saw her from a distance.
- And? - She seemed different.
She wasn't smiling.
At least, not like the rest.
- Do you think she's pretending? - To survive.
Don't even think of talking to her, Paco.
I'm not saying I'll talk to her, it's just that she seemed different.
If you talk to her, it's over.
They'll find us and we'll be the ones who end up "smiling".
- Where's Vergara? - Praying.
For fuck's sake.
I don't know He says it's important.
Important? We've been hiding in this cave for 15 days.
Did he say how he'll break the spell, or whatever it is that's keeping us shut in here? He says it's the Black Circle.
- What's that? - It's a very ancient curse.
Apparently, the black liquid is made with the blood of the unborn.
Babies who were never born.
The most innocent of creatures.
You know they can hear us, don't you? Have you brought the dove? White and alive.
I'm going to need this.
- The blood of St.
- Yes.
- But this is in the church - At the altarpiece.
It's all been burned.
Not this, I assure you.
I'll also need a map.
- A map of what? - The cellars.
There must be a map of all this in the Town Hall.
We can't leave without the coin.
Who told you we're going to leave? Good evening.
Today is a day for celebration.
I can't hide from you any longer, some news that will fill you with delight and joy.
Our achievements have reached the ears of the Supreme Priest.
He tells us that he will travel to be with us in a few days.
Are you happy? Let me go! I said, "Let me go!" - Let me go! - Leave me! - Damn you, Satan, Lord of Darkness - Leave me! for this despicable crust, full of grief and filth - I don't want to! - Let me go! which we snatch greedily from your claws - and now we offer to you.
- You're hurting me! It will be for us like a macabre joke.
No! I don't want to take communion.
Let her leave.
She'll come back.
Here she is.
Tell the others.
Marcelo! Marcelo, come back! You don't have to do this.
Marcelo! Mayor, you haven't done anything wrong.
They just want your friend.
Don't make it any more difficult.
Give us the vet and Vergara, and that's an end to it.
What the fuck are you laughing at? I'm not laughing, I'm happy.
Since I've been going to mass every day and taking communion from Father Ángel, I don't need anything else.
Release it, let it fly off.
OK, pull! Pull up! Pull up! To the south! To the south! Pull me up just a little.
Pull me up.
Right there.
To the east! Right there.
Pull up! To the north! Pull me up! OK, pull down.
Yes! Good.
Up! Up! Up! Up! Stop right there! Down! Right there! Hold on! Hold on! Martín! The dove! Aim at it.
Look, Martín! Come on! Right there! No! My chest My chest POLICE STATION Hello, Antonio.
What are you doing here? Have you seen something? - Have you found them? - Who? Who do you think? The priest, the vet, Paco, the mayor.
No, I haven't seen anyone.
Then what's up? The farm animals.
There are none left.
The goats, the sheep.
They've taken them all.
Don't you worry about that, Antonio.
They have them in the castle, and they're ripping out their guts.
- How do you know? - I dreamed it.
See? It was just a dream.
Don't think any more about it.
But at the end of the dream, they kill all of us.
Good Lord.
- And what else did you see? - I'd rather not say.
But you came here to tell me.
When the man from Rome arrives and puts on the clothes, the circle will break and we can all get out.
But the new priest will kill us before, so that no one knows.
Antonio Why don't you go home and lie down? Maybe you'll dream of something else, something with a better ending.
Don't you think? The trucks have arrived with the material.
I've told the people.
Where will we unload it? What's going on? What are you doing with him? Poor thing, we don't tell him anything and he gets scared.
What you have to do is go to mass every day and take communion.
Let's see According to this, there's a possible exit to the south.
The sewers end in Velilla, next to the stream.
Going underneath is the only thing we haven't tried.
No, we go through here.
The castle? Then, are we going after the coin? - Did you doubt it? - It nearly killed you.
Those were just spells.
I can do that to.
- You had a heart attack.
- If I'm still alive, it's for something.
If they'd wanted to kill me, they'd have done it long ago.
Paco? Where have you been? I was going crazy thinking about you.
I've thought about you, too.
I was sure you weren't like them.
You're too clever to fall for something like that.
Every day it's harder for me not to be found out.
When I come back, I go to bed and don't talk to anyone.
Here they are, since the day it all started.
This isn't on the map.
- Let me see.
- Aren't we going to wait for Paco? Stop thinking about him, and concentrate on this.
He should have been back an hour ago.
I sent him the location.
What if they've caught him? Then they'd have your location and they'd be here now.
Turn that off! - It's here, on the left.
- Wait! Here.
Take this to them.
It's part of the food I managed to hide at the start.
It won't last forever.
You're with them, aren't you? With Vergara and Elena.
Merche, if you stay here, you'll be found out eventually.
Why don't you come with us? What is this, a joke? With you? So I get to see you two together every single day? That's not what I meant, Merche.
I'm trying to cope well with it, Paco.
Don't ask me for more.
Do you know what I've suffered all this time? I'd rather face that crowd of lunatics on my own than look in your eyes and know that you're thinking about her.
- Here? Are you sure? - Yes, here.
- And was it her? - The vet? Yes, the one with the dogs.
And it wasn't a dream? No, I saw her just like I'm seeing you now.
- What are you doing here? - I don't want to take communion.
Have you brought what I asked you for? Very good, it may do.
You see? There are remains of his saliva here.
And in his saliva, I can distinguish another taste.
It's hers.
Don't move.
Now you've got it.
Wait, stop, leave me here.
I can't go on.
We're there now.
Keep down! Don't let them see you.
What did they do to you, precious? Wait, it isn't that way.
Let me see Did you hear something? Hey! I've been looking for you for hours.
Are you OK? You're never to leave me again.
You hear me? Never.
No matter what happens.
No matter what happens.
Can we continue? It's funny, isn't it? I can't even remember how long ago I requested a transfer to this town.
And you know why? Because it seemed like a quiet place.
I'd been in Burgos and Barcelona, and they shot me there.
A robbery in Las Ramblas.
My wife got really scared.
So we came here.
She must be happy now She isn't.
She's gone to her sister's.
I might never see her again.
If everything you say is true, I don't know what the hell we're doing here.
- We'd be better dead.
- Not today, that's tomorrow.
- What? - Tomorrow we'll all be dead when the man from Rome arrives and gets what he's been looking for.
- And what's that? - There are 30 of them.
Napoleon had three, that's why he did what he did.
He went to Moscow to look for one that he'd heard was there, but he never got there because it was very cold.
And that one with the mustache, what's his name? - Hitler.
- He had five.
He knew that there was a Jew who had another one, that's why he went after them, but he couldn't find it.
I see Imagine what these ones can do, when they have 30.
Precious - Wait here.
- We're all going.
Wait here.
You're like children Father! Hang on! Let me help you.
Elena! Elena! Elena! - Fuck! What are you doing? - I think I saw her.
- Who? - Merche.
Merche? Are you crazy? Why would she be here? Did you tell here we're here? - I just wanted to make sure she was OK.
- Paco! I was right, she isn't with them.
- She gave me the food.
I didn't find it.
- What? Did we eat something that Merche gave you? - She's helping us! - Your wife is insane, Paco! - She tried to kill me! - No No, don't! No No, don't! No, don't! No Elena! Elena Elena Elena Vergara! It's Elena! Elena! She isn't here.
- There's a trail - Elena! Bravo! Santoro, Fabio.
Ángel - How was your trip? - Good and quiet.
Follow me.
Everything's ready.
I did everything I could.
I tried to do my best.
I hope you like it.
You've done an amazing work here.
There are some people waiting for you.
- Father, an autograph? Please! - I'm sorry.
- What have I done? - Paco, calm down.
What are they going to do to her? It's all my fault.
Don't break down.
It's what they want.
Why do you think they took her? My wife's betrayed us.
- She's sold us out.
- Forget about that now.
Forget it! Let's go.
Isabel, I don't want no one to be short of anything, please.
Shall we bring out the hot canapes? - Yes.
And the white wine.
Give me that, I'll take it.
Not that way! Not that way I had to make a stopover in Frankfurt.
The trip was exhausting.
But it's worth it.
This is an historic moment.
Who do you think will be the new camerlengo? It certainly won't be you.
I believe that you are responsible for all this.
- Excuse me? - The organisation of the event.
I hear you're the owner of the hotel where I'm staying.
Well, it's humble, but we do what we can.
Don't be modest.
It isn't a virtue that pleases us.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't apologize.
Apologizing is unforgivable Cardinal Mateo Lagrange.
If your eminence will excuse me Fuck! You see, precious? - These are worse off than you.
- Quite playing around with that thing! We're shut in.
No one is good enough to get out of here.
Not even that fucking dove.
What's all this? She's here! She's alive.
She has a pulse.
Elena We're going to get you out of here.
Everything'll be all right, I promise.
Father! Where are you going? Father! - Father! - Leave him.
He's got things to do.
Kill the Paschal animals, bless yourselves and the blood will be the signal.
One thing or the other.
You can't have both things.
You have to choose.
You decide.
Elena! Like a lamb going to the slaughter, he didn't open his mouth.
It was you.
I haven't done anything.
You should be proud.
Today, friends from all parts of the world are attending this moment.
But you mustn't doubt that you are the most loved.
That is why you are here and not down below, with them.
What started must be finished.
No tricks, agreed? Come here! Elena Elena When I met you, I knew you were the chosen one.
Fabio needed someone like you, a strong man who could resist all these years without crumbling.
You're tough.
You protected the coin with your life, despite all the difficulties.
You passed all the tests.
That's why I gave it to you.
That's why I gave it to you.
You didn't give it to me.
Giacomo did.
My dear Manuel Have you still not realized? Giacomo! Having faith is wanting to have faith.
Having faith is wanting to have faith Remember? You're a saint, like Judas, because thanks to you, we have the 30 coins.
You Satan's lamb, the one that brings sin to the world.
Behold the new Pope.
- Bravo! - Bravo! The birth of a new order.
Paco! Where are you going, Paco? Paco! What's happening to Elena can't be cured by any doctor.
You can still get your wife to forgive you.
That's true.
You can sort it all out.
Tell your partner not to move or I'll shoot.
Paco, your place is here, with us.
Calm down.
Calm down, precious.
My dear brothers Today Fuck! He's going to crash, like I did! Stop! Stop! Stop! Come on, Antonio, let's go!
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