30 Coins (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

El Pueblo Fantasma

The Lamb of God is welcome.
- They're mine.
- Coins!
It's mine, mine, mine!
The coin! Give me the coin!
An algorithm
is a mathematical calculation
that measures people's interactions,
especially the things they buy.
I'm just saying
you have to rejuvenate a bit.
Kids only watch TikTok now.
We're kind of boomers.
You're such a jackass.
- I mean
- You're calling me a boomer.
You have to open up.
We have room to expand.
And if you use that tone
Does "neutral" mean
the same tone all the time?
Sure, a mysterious tone
comes across better.
- So
- Forget the typical street report.
- This fucking place is weird.
- A mountain town, it's the usual.
No, no, weird things happen here.
You never believe anything, man.
Man, this is wild.
You notice the vibes already.
On trips with my parents,
we usually had some lamb here.
It wouldn't have been here.
- Whoa, it's incredible.
- Jeez!
Stay there, cool. Come on.
Five and action.
- Neutral.
- How are you, Night Rats?
What a place, right? We're here
in Pedraza to find out what happened
that fateful day of October 2019.
Did the earth swallow everyone up?
Higher, higher.
We know it wasn't an epidemic,
or a forced eviction.
Some of them ran away.
Man, no closeups, I don't look good.
- You look great, really.
- No, I look shit.
- Get back.
- The light looks good.
No closeups of me.
I said no zoom in.
- Sorry.
- Don't zoom in.
Others ended up
in a psychiatric hospital.
Screaming, crying,
- unable to explain what had happened.
- But is that true?
- What?
- Do we know that?
- Sure. What?
- Are there photos?
If you're going to blurt that out
Is there a video?
- What video, man?
- To edit in.
If there was,
we wouldn't be here.
We'll make the video when we go
to the psych hospital, all right?
María Salcedo, 50,
resident of Madrid.
That's right.
How long since you got out
of hospital?
- A week, I believe.
- You believe or are you sure?
A week and two days.
- How do you feel now?
- Dazed.
I have your statement here.
Are you ready
to answer some questions?
Yes, of course. That's why I'm here.
What was the reason
for your investigation in Pedraza?
To clear up a series of deaths
occurred in a short time.
You yourselves thought
that we should investigate
the action of local law enforcement.
To supervise the work
of the missing Sergeant Laguna?
- Precisely.
- And what were your conclusions?
We didn't reach any.
In fact, after a certain point,
I admit that I don't understand
at all what happened.
What do you mean?
I saw myself doing things
I couldn't control.
- Things? What things?
- I wasn't deciding for myself.
Someone forced you?
Yes, of course. Me and my partners.
All the town's residents.
Someone was controlling our minds.
Right. I understand.
No, you don't understand.
You can't understand.
None of you can understand.
We understand that your partner,
Officer Miralles, is dead.
- You are aware of that?
- Yes, very well aware.
You weren't in control
of your actions, why?
Were you drugged,
hypnotized, perhaps?
It all began when
when the fog came in.
What the fuck are you doing?
Giving this a bit of life.
No. Take that fucking shit away.
- Why?
- Because it's a porcelain doll.
- And?
- It's a total fucking cliché.
It's pathetic, not scary.
- Take it away.
- All right.
- Five
- It's all how they left it,
as if someone had snatched
their lives away in an instant.
The clothes in the wardrobes.
The food on the table.
- Hey!
- You've got the wrong man.
Let's go!
Hurry! Fucking hurry up!
Did you get it?
I didn't have time.
- Really? It's a joke.
- What?
No, damn it, I didn't get it.
Get off my back.
Hi, there. Hello.
- Hey, Captain!
- What's up, Paco?
Good, we're doing fine.
- Look what I've got.
- For me?
Did you think I'd forget?
Donuts. Why did you bother?
To bribe you. How's Sleeping Beauty?
Great. As pretty as ever,
you know that.
- Thanks a lot.
- Good luck.
May I?
Good morning. How are you?
For you.
I'll change this, it's withered.
I got paid. Finally.
You were right, eh?
These people wait
until the last minute.
But I'm not complaining, I'm not
It's enough that we got the work.
- Maybe we should call the police.
- Never mind. Never mind.
Bummer, we blew a big fucking chance,
but never mind.
- A lot of barbed wire for a hotel.
- They were there.
- How do you know?
- There's nowhere else to go.
Now you'll see
if I'm a bummer or not.
- Check this out.
- Jeez! A drone.
- Yes.
- What's its range?
Five kilometers.
- What do you think? Yeah, right?
- Cool. Yeah.
Say again
you shoot better alone.
- I do better alone.
- I'll put it away.
No, no, shit. Go for it.
- Okay.
- Wow.
Let's see what the fuck
How does it work?
- It's them.
- There are loads of them, right?
- What do I do?
- They've seen us.
And what do I do?
Fucking hell.
Geez. It's fucked, let's go.
- No, wait, wait. I'll get it back.
- Let's go, man!
I've got it, I've got it!
Here it comes!
I'm not controlling it.
Let's go, Jonás! Let's go, hurry!
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
I told him, "You can't dock
half an hour from me every day.
I arrive late because
the bus drops me off far away."
I think he took it well.
Hey, it's very dark. Hold on.
Let's see
Have you seen what a nice day?
Shall we go for a walk?
I was joking. I'm just teasing you,
to see if you buck up.
- Paco, sorry, you or me?
- Hi.
- Me?
- Are you sure?
I've been practicing.
I'm as good as you.
No one can see,
or I'll catch hell.
- Any trouble, call me, okay?
- Okay, I'll tell you.
All right. All right.
This here.
and three.
Like that.
If it hurts, tell me, eh?
You don't know how much
I want you to come home, Elena.
Well, more than a home,
it's an 8-square-meter room.
But I've tried to make it look
like your place.
You know? With the furniture.
I bought that in Ikea too.
The bed, everything.
But I haven't customized them.
You'll do that.
I tried to customize them,
but I did a shit job.
I got the chair, started painting it,
and it looks like some preschoolers
smeared paint on it.
I'm going for a coffee, okay?
You must be tired of listening
to me yapping.
I'll get a coffee, come back,
and we'll carry on.
Don't look at me like that.
The massage should last an hour.
Or that's what they say.
"Trump, black holes, Barbrow,
dark matter."
I'll take El Pais, this one,
and Las Provincias.
- They all say the same.
- Don't believe it.
Just insults. One says this,
the other that. Like at school.
It's all terrible.
Do you have a book on Trump?
I don't know, son.
Something there.
- Here?
- It's what there is.
Who, Kant?
No, it's not the same guy.
"Quantum world,
Nazis and the Vatican,
dark matter, black holes," good.
- What are you so keen to find?
- Stuff to kill time.
- Be careful.
- Why?
Because no one kills time.
Time kills you.
After the bombing of Warsaw
by the Belarusian army,
the UN considers its attempts
at mediation are now over.
An escalation of violence
in the area seems inevitable.
The Polish president, Andrzej Duda,
with the Archbishop of Warsaw,
has called for general mobilization.
Meanwhile, in Mozambique,
the new president
of the People's Republic, Machel,
has begun a crackdown
on all opposition.
Over 500 detainees in the first week
of the new government.
Swift reaction of the African Union.
Its president,
General Fattah al-Sisi,
has called an urgent meeting
to face this situation.
Dispatch of intervention forces
is not ruled out
to protect the rights
of the country's opposing parties.
- Did you remember the cheese?
- Yes!
- That bread is from the gas station.
- Any problem?
Bakery bread is much better.
I couldn't go to the bakery.
- Did you see your wife?
- Yes.
- Don't follow her. They'll catch you.
- I'm a cop. I know what to do.
- You know who she smiles at?
- Who?
The baker. All these smiles
are pissing me off. Move it.
- Hey, you!
- Sorry.
- Hello.
- Paco.
I need to talk to you. It's urgent.
- Who's this?
- Salcedo.
- Who?
- You shot me in Pedraza
as you were fleeing with Elena.
- What do you want?
- To back my alibi.
We must find the priest and the vet.
We need people who can explain
what happened.
You and your friends locked us up
and tortured us.
- Is that what you want me to say?
- No, Paco.
I'm not trying to blame you
for my partner's death.
How are you, Paco?
- I have to go.
- No, don't hang up on me.
Better. She looks better.
But you don't.
How many hours did you sleep?
- Well, I'll take a nap later.
- Paco, you can't get sick now.
No. She's the one who matters.
I'm perfectly fine.
How long since you slept
eight hours straight?
- Months.
- Jeez, Paco.
When all this blows
Listen. Elena won't get better,
not today, not tomorrow.
- You don't know that.
- Forgive me
- Yeah, okay. Thanks for everything.
- Take care of yourself.
Paco! What are you doing?
Careful, careful.
Paco? Paco? What's wrong?
Paco, what's wrong?
They bombed Warsaw.
I heard it on the radio
on the way here.
- Anything to do without our thing?
- The Archbishop was in Pedraza.
Fuck. How do you know?
Because I remember.
When they left in the cars,
he was one of the last.
They hit the sign at the crossroad
to Velilla and had to stop.
Fuck, Antonio.
How can you remember all that?
I don't know, I just do.
Sure you weren't seen
following her?
No, you pest, no one saw me.
I feel awful every time
I see her like that, from far away.
Not being able to go to her,
to hug her and say,
"Rosa, I'm alive, I love you."
We'd have them here in two days.
They're prowling, they want to kill
all of us who were there.
They can't hear us here,
but outside, they can.
At the kiosk, there was nothing
on that Barfly.
- Barbrow.
- That's one.
But there was this on black holes.
They talk about that guy lately.
What do they say?
No idea.
There are lots of old paintings,
he's there and they're watching him.
They're scared of him.
- What does he say?
- The portal will open with a stone.
Open a portal with a stone?
What the fuck does that mean,
Lot 25. Oil on wooden panel.
"The Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew."
Anonymous Aragonese artist,
15th century.
This piece has a starting price
of a hundred thousand dollars.
Hundred and twenty thousand? Anyone?
One-twenty. One-forty? Anyone?
One-forty right there. One-sixty?
Anyone willing to give $180,000?
One-eighty? No?
Hundred sixty thousand going once.
A hundred and sixty going twice
Sold to the gentleman
on the fourth row for $160,000.
Lot 26.
From the archaeological site
at Cahuachi, Peru.
This unique piece
is at a starting price of $20,000.
- Will anyone give $22,000?
- One hundred thousand!
Well, I can see that, once again,
we can look forward
to the surprises of the trademark
eccentricities of our Mr. Barbrow.
A hundred thousand dollars.
Will anyone offer $110,000?
No? No one will take the challenge?
Okay, then.
In that case, $100,000 going once.
- One hundred thousand going twice.
- Two hundred.
- Excuse me?
- Two hundred thousand.
Well, we are at $200,000.
- Will anyone go to
- Two-fifty.
Heavens, someone is eager
to get their hands
on this unique piece.
- Two-sixty?
- Three hundred.
One million dollars.
Two million.
Five million.
Ten million.
Twenty million dollars.
Very well then. Yes?
Twenty million going once.
Alright, then,
$20 million going twice.
Sold to our friend and benefactor,
Mr. Christian Barbrow.
- How did it go?
- Badly. How else? Badly.
- Why?
- What you say sounds terrible.
- It's like you're crazy or drunk.
- You didn't help either.
- You weren't even there.
- I can't be linked to you.
Right. So, what conclusion
did you come to?
What conclusion do you want?
Everything you say is crazy.
Priests holding a black mass
in Pedraza? For Christ's sake!
Did you check the flights?
- Yes.
- And?
Clerics arrived at Barajas Airport
from all over the world,
but that's happened every year
since 2003
to attend the meeting
of the Episcopal Commission
on interconfessional relations.
Okay? Not a black mass.
- Okay. So it won't be investigated.
- No.
Terrific. Thanks, I'm going.
- Wait. There's something else.
- What is it?
I shouldn't tell you,
but they want you out of the way.
What does that mean?
- They'll blame you.
- What?
They don't want any mention of this,
it's best to annul your statement.
- No one listens to a killer.
- So you'll arrest me?
No, I convinced them that
it'd draw more media attention.
The wisest thing is to keep quiet
and let them forget you.
- Forget about me
- Yes.
Go home,
and keep your head down until I say.
Give me time to get you out
of this mess.
Got it. Thanks, eh?
What is it?
In Pedraza? Seriously?
No, they're to handle it there.
You send a patrol.
We'll hang back for now.
What's going on, Pereira?
A girl says
they killed her boyfriend.
Is she at the Police Station?
Yes, but don't you dare go there.
You're suspended without pay.
- I have to go.
- Salcedo. Salcedo!
There's no blood, nothing.
Shit, I'm sure. He was here.
There's nothing there, miss.
If there was a body,
there'd be traces of blood.
They're filming us.
You said that when you left,
he was here?
Yes. He was dead for sure.
Maybe he recovered
and went home.
- It wasn't a blow, it was them.
- Who?
The van guys, in the square,
I saw them take a man.
- That's new.
- It's not new, I didn't mention it.
So, there was someone else?
No, not when he was attacked.
Before, in the square.
Miss, you shoot videos, don't you?
- Yes.
- Any chance this is all a joke?
Maybe we're being filmed
from far away.
That'd be a crime, miss.
You think I'd make up
something like this?
I'm saying my partner has been killed
and there's no body.
How could I make up something
like that? How could I make that up?
Miss, it's best
if we go to the station
and you make a statement
about the van, and the man.
I'm staying here.
Then don't come, miss.
Do what you like, I can't force you.
Jonás is in there.
We spoke to the company,
they're doing renovations.
- There's no one.
- How do you know?
They showed us footage
from the cameras and it's empty.
That's a lie.
- Why are you filming?
- To prove you stayed voluntarily.
- We follow the protocol, miss.
- Yes, we know what happens later.
I can film you too, you twit.
I can film you too, asshole.
I have almost 100,000 followers.
I'll badmouth you
and the whole force. You'll freak.
I'll destroy you, all of you.
Here we are, Rats.
We are here
with law enforcement.
Running away, running away again.
Go on, go on! Chickens!
Fuck! Holy shit!
Fucking old bitch!
Fucking hell
What? What the?
What's going on?
The old woman was there,
right behind me.
- Look out. Demons
- What demons?
- Blind demons.
- Blind demons.
- No, no! It won't end well.
- What?
It's not a good plan.
You can't do that to her.
What are they going to do?
To whom, Antonio?
- To Elena.
- Elena? What Elena? The vet?
Where is she, Antonio? Where?
The gas station bread
doesn't last long.
It goes stale in a day.
The bakery's is much better.
What'll they do to her?
Who has a plan?
- I can't say.
- Why not?
Because they're all in hell.
Morning. Hello. Hey.
Paqui. Paqui.
There were no donuts,
but I got you chocolate croissants.
- Always so thoughtful, Paco.
- Sorry about the other day.
It's fine, don't worry.
I could marry you.
It can't happen. I have a date.
I know. She's waiting for you.
May I?
Good morning. How are you feeling?
Look, I brought this for you.
You don't know what happened to me
at work today.
The manager got all cocky,
and I answered him, nicely.
And he suddenly wants to hit me.
I burst out laughing.
It all seemed so surreal.
This other guy joins him,
he's dumb as an ox,
one of those gym junkies,
he comes and I say,
"Back off, I'll cream you."
I said it in front of him,
good and proper.
Elena? Elena?
Paqui, Juan Carlos!
There's a weird fucking energy
all around,
- a diabolical vibration.
- Right.
It was here, here.
There must've been a mechanism,
because I just leaned on a stone
and the wall moved.
We'd have to jump,
but it's a bad idea without backup.
So request backup, you're a cop.
We won't get it.
Nobody will believe this.
- So, what do we do?
- Investigate from another angle.
Okay, okay. And Jonás?
We should leave straight away.
Where are we going?
You drive. To the mental hospital.
- Honey
- What's wrong, Paco?
She started moving
like she couldn't breathe.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, really. Just now.
It's not impossible.
Sometimes, they frown,
but they're still in a coma.
Convulsions mean nothing, Paco.
- You don't know.
- I don't?
You don't know that. They're theories
you tell us and we have to believe,
but you have no idea.
- Were you reading stuff online?
- Yes.
I don't need the internet
to know that.
- Do you know what "vegetative" means?
- Not this thing again.
Look, I've had a patient in a coma
who was crying.
I saw her goddamn tears.
But 10 years later, there she was,
lying on her bed. Do you get it?
- Juan Carlos, please
- Juan Carlos, fuck it.
I'm sick of everyone thinking
they have the right to talk bullshit,
while we're trying
to do our goddamn job.
- You hear me?
- Let's calm down.
No need to be like that
in front of Elena. Come.
Forgive me, Paco, okay?
We have an appointment
with Dr. Giraud.
Come with me, please.
Take a seat, please.
Monsieur Giraud will see you.
Thank you.
Officer Salcedo.
- English or French?
- English, please.
Okay. Please, have a seat.
So special case, I hear.
Is it about how do they call them
on the Internet, the
- The locos of Pedraza?
- Well, they are not locos.
That is a word we don't like to use.
It's very reductionist.
The confused of Pedraza.
Of course,
that is not a trending topic.
I am more confused
when I get my electricity bill.
Well, I'm sure,
but there is more to it.
- We haven't been introduced.
- Haruka, specializes in web research.
The amount of absurd theories
about these people is worrisome.
That's why we're here.
We are interested in knowing
what your vision is.
To avoid trickery.
You want to talk to them.
Only if you consider it appropriate.
Well, we have nothing to hide.
Of course not.
Some say that this is like Area 51.
Sorry. And that you, guys,
treat these people
as if they were guinea pigs.
Doing experiments and strange things.
Well, we would if we had time,
but improving the quality of these
people's lives is a full-time job.
Now, if you excuse me,
it is afternoon snack time.
Elena. Elena. Elena, listen to me.
I know you can't talk.
You're in a coma.
I'm dead.
I've come to apologize, as usual.
Not for what happened,
but for what's going to happen.
This one.
Hello. Enrique, do you recognize me?
Of course. You're Salcedo,
from the Ministry.
Do you think I don't remember?
Sorry. This is Haruka.
One got killed,
so you found a new one.
- Don't be rude.
- Things are what they are.
Did she tell you
the last one got shot?
Shut the fuck up!
- Thanks for coming.
- You think she's here to say hello?
She'll probe and make trouble.
- Ignore him.
- Are you all here?
No. A lot ended up in hospitals
in Madrid.
What happened on that day
in October at Pedraza?
- What happened as in?
- There was a satanic ritual.
You tell her.
- I didn't see anything.
- Neither did I.
They killed a lot of sheep,
and painted figures on the walls.
But who were they?
What happened
that made you so afraid?
- He's not from the town.
- We don't know who he is.
He was too clever.
He says he's a mathematician,
but it's a lie.
Max! The square root of 1585.
Thirty-nine point
- Sure. He makes it up.
- What a pitiful person!
- Poor man. Where are you from, honey?
- I come from Denmark.
- He says he's Danish.
- It's a lie.
- You and who else?
- Tycho Brahe, Niels Bohr
See? All made up. Come on!
Hey. I need to talk to that man.
No, he's going into therapy, miss.
- I saw him in Pedraza. I saw him.
- Turn it off and on.
That's the solution.
That fixes everything.
The world must be disconnected.
The button must be found. The button!
The button must be found!
The button must be found!
Everyone seems to know.
Right, Enrique?
I don't know about that.
But you certainly do.
Or don't you remember?
They sure liked the Italian priest.
- Their legs shook just seeing him.
- They thought he was shit hot.
They hung Laguna from a hook.
You should be here, miss.
You're worse than anyone.
- She's one of us.
- One of us.
One of us. One of us. One of us.
One of us. One of us.
- One of us!
- One of us!
One of us! One of us! One of us!
One of us! One of us! One of us!
One of us! One of us! One of us!
One of us! One of us! One of us!
Elena, they'll use the love I have
for you to get to you.
It'll be the most painful time
of your life.
You'll have something in your hand.
That object,
that's what's important.
Protect it. Everything depends on it.
Protect it!
Here! Here!
Come and get me, you bastards.
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