30 Coins (2020) s02e02 Episode Script

Las tierras del sueño

Vergara, my dear son.
I don't know how
to get out of here, but I'll do it.
You're so stubborn, I love it.
Aren't surface people incredible?
Weak, fickle, useless.
Always suffering perennial sorrow.
Without you, I wouldn't exist.
I provide you with pleasure
and the suffering of desire.
It's my duty.
Stop this nonsense.
What do you want of me?
For centuries I've supported good or evil,
according to what is necessary.
However, for the first time
I'm facing someone new.
You don't know him.
Vergara, that man
he doesn't want anything.
Worse still, what he wants is nothing.
She's here.
Good morning.
I hope that everything
is to madam's liking.
After all we've been through,
won't you address me informally?
It's a question of respect.
By the way,
they're only here for your safety.
You may come and go as you please.
Ah! Thank you.
If you don't like the house,
we can get you another.
There are several similar houses
in the area.
No, it's all to my liking, don't bother.
No, no, it's no bother.
And how long must I stay here?
No, you don't understand.
I'm trying to tell you
that this house is yours.
- Excuse me?
- Mm-hm
The house, the gardens,
the entire grounds, it's all yours.
Indeed, what a surprise.
And why is that?
Out of gratitude.
What have I done to deserve it?
Well, while half of the Roman Curia
was groveling on the ground,
begging for a little power,
the coin lay at your feet.
It chose you.
You said it yourself:
No modesty.
Shall we eat?
Let's eat.
From the first moment
I noticed a connection between us.
We speak the same language.
Go ahead.
When you give us the coin,
we'll have a party,
something small, but classy,
and I'll introduce you to our other
members. There are four of us.
- Four?
- Mm-hm.
Two in Warsaw and one in Paris.
The other coins are in the hands of power
groups to whom we don't yet have access.
The idea is to have them all,
as you'll imagine.
Of course.
We have a plan,
but there'll be time to explain that.
Twenty seven to go. It seems difficult.
I count 26.
I still haven't said
if I want to be part of anything.
I thought perhaps this house
could help make the decision.
This house and what else?
I don't know, I don't know
How about?
I have a surprise for you.
- Really?
- Uh, oh, yes. Here he is.
Let me introduce you to Octavio,
your new friend.
Ah! Very nice, but I don't
Let's say he's totally yours,
like the sports car.
- Mine?
- Mm-hm.
And what does that mean?
You can do with me whatever you like,
miss, and I'll do whatever you ask.
I'm your slave.
Octavio, it's clear, thank you.
I don't understand what all this is about.
Let's say that I know you lost someone
very important in your life recently.
- Do you mean my husband?
- Exactly.
I imagine it must've been
a huge emotional blow,
and that's hard to address,
but in terms
of the merely physical, uh,
I assure you that Octavio
can more than make up for it.
No, I'm sure he can, but
In short, he's like the car,
we have other models.
But if you didn't like him,
you only had to tell me.
Didn't he say I could do
what I wanted with him?
I'm going. I'm tired.
You must be more intuitive, Lagrange.
Lagrange, wasn't it?
Surprise me.
Ah! And another thing:
I didn't lose my husband,
get that straight.
Out of the way, please.
Thank you.
Here, son. I just got this one on time
travel. Multiverses, metaverses
No, we're not on that now.
Now we want ticks.
Yes, ticks, lice, bugs.
A nature magazine or collectible cards
And Stephen King?
No, that's fiction.
We're not interested in fiction.
I find real life disappointing,
it's beyond belief.
Must you swerve like that,
or is it the car?
No, it's you, you're old.
Eyes on the road or we'll crash and burn.
- Laguna.
- The same.
Take that right, to the highway,
I'll show you.
How did you find me?
We didn't,
that's why we wanted to talk to your wife.
Hands off my family
or I'll blow your head off.
Okay. We should talk.
Yeah, sure. Like last time, right?
Me hanging from a hook
and you putting out cigarettes on my feet.
I barely remember any of that.
Well, I sure haven't forgotten.
Take that right, to the highway.
Get out of the car.
Get out of the fucking car. Come on.
To the cabin.
Who else knows we're here?
Laguna, you've got it wrong.
I'm not with those people.
OK, you're not with anyone.
What do you want from me?
To find out what happened.
Don't take my line.
That's my fucking line.
I'm the one who asks "What happened?"
You were with those people,
you followed their orders
and carried them out.
You fucking carried them out!
I told you: I don't remember.
Tough luck.
What I do remember is waking up
next to the body of my partner.
She was dead
and everyone had vanished.
For months I tried to convince myself
that it was the end.
Isn't it the same for you?
Don't you have the feeling
that this has only just begun?
There's something,
something, I don't know what,
growing and growing,
and before we know it, it'll be too late.
Antonio says the same thing.
Antonio? Is he alright?
Yes, he's with me.
Is he still having visions?
- I write them down.
- You write them down?
In a notebook.
To remember their names,
their details.
How do I know I can trust you?
How do I know you're not tricking me,
that I'll end up like you,
hanging people from hooks?
If you don't like something,
you know what to do.
Why the fuck are you filming?
Why are you filming?!
Who the fuck is she?
Relax, man, relax, this is for YouTube.
I won't post it and that's that.
I'm here recording details.
And compiling, just like you.
I'm sorry.
But who is she?
This hurts me
much more than it hurts you, you know?
No, I'll end up being the one
who has to apologize.
Must you always be the victim?
Whatever happens, you suffer the most!
We're all here to console you,
and I didn't get married for that!
Then why did you get married?
Huh? What for?
- What?
- You heard me!
Why did you get married, Merche?!
If you're going to start like that,
you'd better go.
It's true, Merche.
Before, we had a common aim,
which was very simple.
To be happy.
Do you think we're happy now?
I'm not talking about that.
That's what we have to talk about,
Merche! That's it!
What's wrong, Paco?
Do you want to tell me something?
For a year now
we've only been partners in a company.
Or so it seems.
Do you think we have anything in common?
You knew it from the start!
You knew I couldn't have children!
Merche, calm down.
Piss off!
Do you think I'm an idiot?
That I don't know what this is about?
- Huh?!
- What is it about?
Do you really think
you have any chance with her?
Hi, baby.
She's heading down.
Hello, my love. Hello!
My love.
The girl in 212 has been discharged.
We'll be next, I can see it coming.
Really, that girl was in bad shape,
and in a fortnight
she bounced right back.
They discharged her.
I saw them in the corridor,
she and her husband.
He's really nice.
He hugged me and everything.
What's this?
What have they put on you?
What's this?
What have they put on you?
For fuck's sake.
Paqui! Paqui!
I can't now, Paco.
- You have to see this.
- What's wrong?
- Come on.
- Huh?
- Where is it?
- What?
The fetus that was in the toilet!
Where is it?
What fetus?
This makes no sense.
Elena had a dried-out fetus on her belly!
- I didn't see anything.
- No? And what's this?
You must've seen it,
you were in the bathroom. Where is it?
Don't touch me! I only flushed it!
Calm down! That'll do!
Paco, relax! Paco, look at me.
You have to get some sleep. This strain
would wear anyone out. Please, Paco.
It must've been him.
- Who?
- The man who went into the room.
- Here?
- Yes.
A few days ago,
a priest in a black trench coat went in.
Look, Paco.
I'm going for a pill
and you're going to bed, OK?
I swear, if you don't,
I'll admit you today. OK? Enough.
- That's it. That's it.
- OK, yes.
Here we are
Here we are,
with you once again, Night Rats.
Trying to find out what happened
to the disappeared of Pedraza.
It seems that one of them hid up here,
in this windmill.
What the fuck is she doing?
Haruka, this is not the time.
Hey, put that down or I'll hit you so hard
you won't get up for two days!
- OK.
- Relax, eh? Come on.
Antonio, don't get nervous, OK?
She's on our side now.
Look who's come to see you.
The typical fucking nutcase room.
Look, all the photos joined by threads.
Excuse me?
That's odd.
He never goes out, he's scared.
He must've plucked up the courage.
Will you stop filming
with the fucking phone!
Antonio! Antonio!
- Where are you?
- Let's go.
- He can't have gone far.
- Labatsky!
- He wouldn't just run away.
- Antonio!
If he'd gone on the road,
we would've passed him.
- There he is!
- Fuck!
Antonio! Get down from there!
He loves heights. Don't ask me why.
He sees a high spot
and he wants to climb it.
Will you get down from there!
I can't! I'm busy!
It must be the voices.
- Antonio!
- No, Haruka. No, please.
Maybe in a bit, OK?
Fucking hell!
Is this?
Be careful, Antonio!
- Be careful, OK?
- Yeah.
One thing
Salcedo is here.
Don't you want to come down?
When she goes.
- I spoke to her. I trust her.
- I don't.
So, what do I do, tell her you're busy?
When she goes,
I'll come down! I have to finish this!
OK, OK! Alright! It's fine, but
be careful, please, OK?
Looks like it can't be today.
Make it another day.
That's fine. We'll be back.
Tell him I'll bring chocolate
and churros next time. He loves them.
- Hand me that light.
- Hm?
There are loads of physicists
from the early 20th century:
Planck and Schrödinger.
Then a lot of threads
leading to clippings on pigs.
- Good Lord.
- I think it means there's a direct link
between the Pedraza meat factory
and quantum physics.
Fuck, man.
What are you laughing at?
Nothing, sorry.
We have to understand
that this is the mind of a madman.
It's all quite incomprehensible,
but real life is incomprehensible too,
and given the choice,
I'd prefer this shit.
What do you want me to say?
There's a direct link in all of it,
we have to find it, nothing more.
And nothing less.
This is a quantum computer, okay?
It's directly linked to Judas' coins
and Erich Von Daniken.
- What does it mean?
- Hm?
No idea. But I'm going to find out, Hm?
Because Antonio's like a fucking radio,
he picks it all up,
the waves, he hears everything.
That's why we're living here
in the windmill,
because he says he hears better
and they can't see us.
Do you have a problem
with our investigation method?
What the f? No.
Look. This is the man
who fell from the balcony.
- Yes.
- What balcony?
- I'll explain later.
- And this is the one who's replacing him.
He's very powerful, he turns up a lot,
they're very scared of him.
- He isn't a priest?
- No. But Antonio's very sure.
- What's his name?
- Barbrow!
This is fucking Christian Barbrow.
- The leader of BEPHAM.
- What's BEPHAM?
"Brotherhood for Peace
and Harmony Among Men."
Hm. A sect.
Their color is blue.
They dress in blue, they're bonkers.
He's a multimillionaire.
He lives on a fleet of yachts, he writes
sci-fi novels and self-help books.
And half of Hollywood,
half, are fucking Bephamists.
OK, and supposedly, that's his company.
It's like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle,
it has to be assembled
by the corners, or the colors
I've spent months on this shit.
And really, I don't know,
I'm lost, forgive me. I don't know.
These people,
these people are in Pedraza.
They're the new owners of the castle.
Her boyfriend died there.
He was not my boyfriend.
What castle, in Pedraza?
I haven't been back there
since it all happened.
But what's this guy up to in Pedraza?
Which came first,
the chicken or the egg?
Some would say the chicken,
but of course, an egg is also needed.
It's like the Big Bang.
There must have been something
that came before, isn't that so?
Or does everything come from nothing,
without anyone's help?
I don't know which came first, the chicken
or the egg, but I do know this,
someone or something from outside
put them both here.
We need to reclaim that narrative.
Only when we can master our past
we will be masters of our future.
Do you know why?
Because when we arrive at the end,
we will be back at the beginning.
Thank you.
Forgive me
for bothering you, Mr. Barbrow.
I'm a great admirer of your work.
It's no bother, not in the slightest.
Next Tuesday, March the 20th,
the spring equinox:
the only moment,
until another 35 years pass,
when Saturn will be aligned with Jupiter.
You didn't manage it before
and you won't manage it now.
I know your disguises.
That stone is only useful for one thing.
I work for someone
who doesn't want that to happen.
Tell your boss if he wants to negotiate
with me, he has to come in person.
- Well, he has a bad memory of it.
- Mm.
The last time he came, he was crucified.
He gets too involved.
If you want to own the world,
I can help you.
Do you think I need help?
I can show you much better tricks
than that one, I assure you.
In exchange for my soul?
You need a new bag of tricks, man.
I don't want this world,
I don't like it.
I want a new one.
Excuse me! Please!
You have to let me into room five.
I can't explain right now,
but I've seen things
You must let me in, you have to trust me.
Paqui, please.
Why can't he go in?
He's upset.
I don't think it's a good idea.
What's so strange?
I want to see if she's alright!
- I'm sorry, Paco, no.
- Please.
Paqui, let him in, five minutes
and then out, as usual.
Just one moment, please.
- Under your responsibility.
- Go on.
Yes? OK, here I go.
You don't like the truck, love, why?
- You're so cute!
- Indeed, amazing.
- Try these.
- Oh, yes.
Oh, the latex ones.
The others are no good.
- Do you need anything?
- No. Nothing, thanks.
Anything we can do
With him, I'm more than satisfied.
You should see your face.
I think we finally got it right.
It can't have been easy.
Above certain amounts,
people lose their scruples.
But legally?
Legally, the papers are in order.
He's your son
before any court in the world.
And now, in exchange, I give you the coin.
That's the idea?
Mm-hm. Basically, yes, that's the idea.
Take it, it's in that drawer there.
I love you.
It's not my fault.
I should've known. You're in league.
It only wants to be with me.
If I leave it anywhere and go
it follows me.
It'll do anything to get back to you.
It chose you.
I know.
- Fuck, I knew it.
- Grab her shoulders.
- Grab her shoulders.
- Stop it! Leave Elena where she is!
Ay! Paco!
Elena! Here!
Up here!
I'm getting you out of here!
No, no, no! Don't open the door! No! No!
You have to wake up, Elena. Listen to me!
When you have it in your power
Have what?!
A book. When you have it
in your hands, don't look at it!
You have to find Lombardi.
He knows what must be done.
Remember, Elena, Lombardi!
Lombardi! You have to find Lombardi!
Run! Run, Elena! Don't think!
Run! Run!
Paco! What?
Stop! Stop! Where the hell are you going?
Where are you going? Hey.
I don't want to hurt you!
I don't want to hurt you!
Paco. Paco, you've lost your mind.
- I don't want to hurt you. Leave me alone.
- Neither do we.
But if you get rough,
we'll do it the hard way.
- Let go of Elena.
- Get back!
Paco, Paco! Get out of the lift.
Get back!
Stop! Stop! Hold it!
- Let go of her. Paco, let go of her.
- Stop where you are!
Let her go, please!
- More? You'll fly off.
- No such luck.
Ignore your father, Ricardito,
he loves you very much.
He's just not mature
enough to have a relationship
without insulting the other person.
But it's insecurity,
I'll explain when you're older, alright?
Don't say those things to the boy,
he might understand you.
- Have you found out anything?
- No.
And I'm not going to.
Ricardito, what a shitty adolescence
you have waiting for you.
I can't pass you information,
María, because it's illegal.
I can't talk to you.
In fact, I'm not talking to you.
I'm just in the park with my son.
Don't tell me anything,
but tell your son.
Do you know what French company
is trading on the Spanish stock market?
The supermarket?
No, a much bigger one.
The RNUK Project.
Do you know what it does?
It makes toys?
It manufactures arms
in some facilities it has in Minsk.
Arms and hotels?
Go on, go and play.
They manufacture arms, nanotechnology,
and they're turning the castle
in Pedraza into a hotel.
What's a hotel in Segovia
got to do with nanotechnology?
Jeez, it's late. Ricardo!
- No
- Ricardito, come. Bath time.
School tomorrow. Come on.
Aren't you going to tell us
who's behind it?
Say goodbye to Auntie Maria.
- Goodbye, Auntie Maria.
- Goodbye.
There was something between you?
Is it that obvious?
Body language doesn't lie.
I was pushing the swing.
- Sure, pushing the swing.
- That's enough, Laguna.
No fucking way.
- You know him?
- Let's go.
The lamb is here, are you ready?
There's too much activity here.
The frequency needs
turning down, alright?
Let's continue.
Oh, yes.
We'd have to revise the texts
from the last session
There, patient number three stated
that Monsignor Reinhold
was to the right of the balcony,
right next to Cardinal Jacobi.
- Mm-hm.
- Item one-five-four-three.
We're going to begin the transfer
to the group. Now.
Nothing yet. I'll try something else.
What's going on?
It seems that Martín, the guard,
was responsible
for slaughtering the animals.
We've gotten a lot
of information out of him
but he knows nothing about the coins.
Double the dose.
Martín, what scares you most
about all of this?
It must be like this if we want
to follow his thoughts in real time.
- Otherwise, we wait for the rendering.
- Hm.
Is this Is this his wife?
- Yes, the one who killed herself.
- Mmm.
We'll be recording all this, I assume.
Of course. We have 200 hours of it.
It's hard to find anything new.
This is new, you fool.
Have we located that coin?
Yes, recordings from three cameras
of the next five minutes.
- Delacruz took it.
- Excuse me?
Delacruz. The Mexican took it.
So I see.
Then I continue with Martín?
He has the most information so far.
I see that the signal is clean.
Don't let him muddy it
with personal motives.
Right, carry on.
What are you doing?
Working. And you?
Why are you so interested in the keys?
I don't know.
Fuck. Doesn't it stress
you out not knowing?
It's best to let yourself go.
Right. That's what you do,
let yourself go?
What's better for that than a windmill?
Look, from here you can see Sepúlveda.
How long have you had powers?
What powers?
Hearing voices. That's a power.
I don't know. A couple of years.
Just so you know, you're a medium.
And you're really hot.
In the village
there are no women like you.
- I hope I'm not bothering you.
- Hmm.
No, no. Not at all.
At school the same thing happened to me.
- You had powers?
- No, no way.
They laughed at me.
Nobody laughs at me.
OK, sorry, I meant
No, I know what you meant.
Treat me like an asshole
and I'll throw you off the windmill.
OK, man.
I'm sick of talking to people
who think I'm an asshole.
People just don't think as fast as I do.
I have to say half the things
that go through my head,
because if I said them all
I'd never shut up.
I know everything.
Do you know how stressful that is?
It must be disturbing.
Anyway, see you later.
Where are you going?
Sure, but not like that!
- You can't do this!
- Yeah, champ, whatever you say.
- You can't hold me!
- Tell it to the police!
Taking a patient by force.
They'll throw the book at you!
Let's go.
- How is he?
- A real fighter.
- May I see him?
- Of course.
Relax, Father,
he's not getting out of that bed.
Son, don't bother.
What's going to happen is inevitable.
So you understand, it's as if it's already
happened. It's better that way.
You blame yourself.
You blame yourself
for what happened to Elena,
but you did the right thing.
I'm here to warn you that He has come.
He's come from afar because
he needs to ask you for something.
Don't disappoint him.
Father, what do you think?
He's nervous, but fine.
I explained my task here to him,
to give spiritual succor to the sick.
He's not the first person
to be scared upon seeing a priest.
But he was like someone else,
he was beside himself.
That girl is all he has,
and just thinking this situation
has no solution could drive anyone mad.
Are you sure there's nothing else?
What do you want there to be?
Something strange.
He told me he'd seen things
and, I don't know
There's nothing strange here.
Don't expect a big speech.
There's no time.
There's a couple of things
that must be done and done now.
Get Elena out of here,
but use your head,
don't be crazy about it.
It does us no good
if one of those idiots ruins it all.
Then you must find a quiet place.
A hotel room,
a boarding house, without a lot of people.
Something else.
You'll need someone
with specific medical knowledge.
we both know that you're not a pervert,
so you mustn't feel guilty.
Listen to me
It was no one here.
Don't go mad with jealousy
or anything like that.
Accept it graciously,
like Saint Joseph.
Do you understand?
It's inexplicable.
It's a mystery.
It's your destiny and ours.
He wants it that way.
Come and play with us.
Don't leave us!
See how I was right?
There it is.
What are you doing?
What are you doing here, Paco?
What are you doing here, for God's sake?
What do you think I'm doing? Huh?
When you tried to take her away,
I began to suspect something.
It's not the first time it's happened.
I did a test on her, another one.
If only I were wrong, but no.
I wasn't wrong.
You're scum.
You hear me? Scum.
- I didn't touch her!
- Oh, no? Then who was it?
The Holy Spirit, fuck that.
The Holy Spirit?
The funeral home people are here.
Hurry up.
Do you have the papers?
No, man. I'll get her.
- Come on!
- OK.
You're going to help me, right?
What? To put this down?
Are you a dickhead or what?
Let's go!
Where's this going?
- The M-30 Funeral Home.
- You sure?
- What do you mean?
- It wouldn't be the first time.
Here it says Salvador de Madariaga,
one hundred and one.
- You coming?
- No. I'm going to have a cigarette.
Stop the car!
- Stop the car!
- Is he crazy?
Stop the car! Stop the car!
- What's going on?
- Are you crazy?!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
- What the fuck is he doing?
- I don't know, he's nuts.
- Call the police.
- Elena!
- Fuck. This guy's mad.
- Get him out!
- You fucking get him out!
- Come on, breathe.
Come on. Breathe, please.
Wake up.
Wake up, please.
I'm so sorry.
- Hey! Stop, man!
- What are you doing?
Hey! No! No! Stop!
- Hey! Stop!
- Hey!
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