30 Coins (2020) s02e03 Episode Script

Criaturas infernales

Be careful.
Some people become slaves to this.
One must know
how to look through the blood.
Do you want to try it?
What does it matter?
I'm dead.
Open it.
Is this happening now?
Yes, but we can't do anything.
We can only observe.
I don't understand
what this has to do with me.
Perhaps he can help you.
Honestly, I hoped to never see you again.
Same here.
For me it's a pleasure
to bring two old friends together.
I see you followed in my footsteps.
I don't control the spell
of transubstantiation, it's her affair.
The old woman.
Angelo, what is all this?
Restless souls
yearning for life use it.
This is supposed to be Hell?
If you're here, yes.
Thank you for the compliment.
Remember when I told you
that life was like a theatre?
Well, this would be
We must talk about Elena.
Of all the women on Earth
it has to be precisely her.
Is she alive?
Yes, but she's with us.
Tell me what you want
once and for all.
I can take you to her, if you want
Leave Elena in peace, please.
If it were up to me, I'd slit
your throat so you bleed out like them.
I suppose you summoned us here
because you need us.
That is true.
The Demon and the Anti-Pope
are telling me the truth?
Is that what you want me to believe? By
all the saints, I'm dead because of you.
You have damned my soul
and not even in Hell
do you leave me alone!
I showed you how they stole the book.
- What book?
- The black book of the mad Arab.
- Who stole it?
- Someone very dangerous.
Does he know how to use it?
I mean, to interpret it?
- Is it so terrible?
- I'm afraid so.
It's a Grimoire. It contains a spell
A summoning spell.
A spell that does not summon demons
or supernatural beings.
It's something much greater.
The spell has the power to summon
Who is above you?
Who is above all things?
Welcome to my home.
I've tried to leave it as nice
as possible. I love having visits.
- Thanks a lot, Joserra.
- Come in.
Is this for real?
We're going to be fine. Besides,
Joserra has worked really hard on it.
- He's gone to live in his sister's house.
- Thanks, man.
Lucky the kitchen didn't burn down.
- It's fucking great, the house.
- Yes, sorry, Joserra.
It's great, the house is wonderful. Yes.
- It's me, I'm worn out.
- Yeah.
Everything hurts and I don't know
what's to become of my life.
What a trip.
I would've liked more time to tidy it up,
- but with all this fuss
- Don't worry about it. It's fantastic.
Your life is going to be wonderful,
I'll take care of that.
You'll see.
You're doing great so far.
Well, I'll leave you two. Oh, I forgot.
The tap in the shower, it's busted.
You'll have to wash in a basin,
but it's sorted out.
I left one upstairs,
just pour it It'll work.
Make yourselves comfortable.
Stop going over it.
We'll get through this.
"Stop going over it," he says.
Have you seen me, Paco?
I used to have a job, I had a life.
But suddenly,
loads of friends start dying.
My town isn't my town anymore,
it's a fucking nightmare!
I've experienced things that
I don't know, I should be insane.
Maybe I am!
- Do you think I'm insane?
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
Things have happened to me
that would fill several lifetimes.
I don't know who I am anymore.
It's been very intense.
Yes, very intense.
So much so that I'm pregnant
and I don't know by whom.
You don't know anything, do you, Paco?
Who got me pregnant?
Do you think if I knew anything
I wouldn't tell you?
You don't think I'm capable of that?
What other option is there?
I don't fucking know!
You can blame me
for not taking care of you, right,
or for leaving the room
for five minutes for a sandwich,
but that?
When I left
a man went in, a priest.
A priest?
What priest? The Italian?
I was tied up, I wanted to kill everyone
when I found out.
My God.
He told me not to ask questions.
The main thing now, Elena,
is we're going to be parents.
We? We're going to be?
Whoever the father is.
Trust me, please, Elena.
I don't know what happened.
All I know is that I'm madly in love
with you, Elena.
- I love you more than my own life.
- Shut up! Shut up!
- I love you so much. OK, OK.
- Shut up, Paco.
What's wrong? What's wrong?
- What's wrong?
- It's kicking me.
Here? Here?
- Here! Here!
- Come on.
It has come
to our notice that some of you here
have betrayed the Church of Rome.
We know very well
the sad events that took place in Spain.
A long time has passed,
time enough for repentance and confession,
which has not happened.
We know who the culprits are.
You wish.
So we address them now,
and order them to depart this room
at once and forever,
or we'll be forced to point them out
in front of everyone.
This is your chance
to recover lost dignity.
Have you sinned, my son?
Have you sinned, my son?
Have you sinned, my son?
I have not sinned,
for God is with me.
But God and all his demons
will tear out your insides,
you Vatican pig slut,
you hog, rotten with money
and infamy
Lucifer's power is ever stronger and will
reach all the corners of this house.
Get him out of here! Hurry, throw him out!
Get him out!
Have you sinned, my son?
Have you sinned, my son?
Help me!
Let's see.
Antonio, if you keep moving I lose focus.
- But I gain it.
- What?
The signal. I get a stronger signal.
Antonio, don't say that when I'm filming.
- Ready, action.
- Go.
Antonio, tell us,
what's happening now in the world?
They're going
to kill a minister in Russia.
Excuse me?
Today or tomorrow at the latest.
Gregori Chernenco.
He's overstepped the mark.
Some guy was killed accidentally
in a protest
and they blame him,
like that guy in Africa.
They've all ganged up on him.
He won't last a month.
Listen, why is all this happening?
Because of the coins.
They've scoured the world.
The government controls some, the priests
others, still others, the Delfos Forum.
- Davos.
- That's it, Davos.
They've got loads of them,
three or four, I don't know.
- Who's the boss?
- Good question.
One guy calls the shots and he has a plan.
Yeah? What is it?
Hey, a coat of paint and
I don't know.
- Unless you paint it.
- Right.
Are you sure she'll be home?
Yes, she's home.
She's worse than I am,
nobody can move her.
- Have you asked her how much?
- No, not yet.
- C'mon, you're shitting me.
- Relax, bro.
You'll see, now she'll say
it costs a fortune.
Shit, don't panic. Fuck.
She's straight up.
Last month she fixed Loles' thing,
the girl who hung out with Machines.
I don't know her.
She can tell you.
Besides, it won't be much.
How much have you got?
- What's wrong?
- Like I'd tell you.
- So how will we see eye to eye?
- Don't shit me.
We don't know what it costs
or what you've got.
She'll kick us out. Might even beat us up.
I'm in no mood to get my ass beat today.
Do you think I am?
What's up, Joserra?
Hey, Trini, cutie.
- There are two nucleuses!
- What's a nucleus?
I don't know, but there are two.
One is a church with cables.
They're looking for the words there.
And the second one?
- The doors that open.
- What doors?
The doors of Heaven.
Is that good or bad?
For him it's great.
For us it fucking sucks.
It'd be the end of this world.
The end of our world.
This world? There are other worlds?
Oh! There are dozens of them.
There's one where people
were replaced by cockroaches.
There are others with tiny changes.
In one of them,
the Beatles didn't split up.
How can we prevent it?
The Beatles splitting up? By killing
Yoko Ono, but it's a bit late now.
No, the end of the world.
Only Elena can stop it.
Yes, what a pain,
you make me nervous. Trust me, Paco.
This way.
We're going to see Nati.
Who's this?
My pal, Paco. Say hello!
- How are you?
- What's up? What's up?!
No, no
- He's not from the neighborhood.
- He is.
- I'm renting him a room.
- Yes.
He's legit.
- Don't worry, it'll be fine.
- Up to you.
If he gets his face smashed in,
it's your problem.
- Sorry, I
- Yeah, yeah, it's on me.
Geez. And don't be too long,
she's got a heavy day
And then I get the grief, so watch it.
- You relax, relax.
- Yes.
It'll all be fine, I swear.
- It had to be you.
- Are you still angry?
No, but you owe me 20 euros,
just so you know.
Twenty euros? What for?
What else?
That was love, Carmen.
Love? Go on, move.
- Where is she?
- Move it.
What do you want, fuckwit?
Jeez, Nati, we can get along.
You've got to pay the girl.
Yeah, shit.
But I came about something else.
I need your expertise.
This man is married and wants
you to do your thing on his wife.
Why is that?
Don't you see?
See what?
A Woman's Courage is starting.
Isn't it available on streaming?
- What's streaming?
- Right, right.
I've got three thousand euros.
Thank you.
Please, wait for me here
and don't forget the snack.
Mm. 'Bye, honey.
Oh, please, make sure they're fine.
Leave it with me,
madam. That way.
Thank you.
Merche, thank you for your punctuality.
- You're welcome.
- It's good to see you. How's the boy?
He's having a bad time with his ears.
Of course, he's at that age.
I imagine he'll get over it.
Let me introduce you:
Armand, from Paris.
Perhaps you recall him from the castle.
Lukasz and Stefan, from Warsaw.
Nice to meet you.
Let's get to the point.
This is Cardinal Delacruz.
I remember him very well.
He has two.
Or so our informants tell us.
We thought you could leave for Mexico
on Monday, for example?
Excuse me?
Is there a problem?
Why do I have to do it?
Why don't they do it?
Because there are three of them.
They have three coins
and you only have one.
It's better if you fight with Delacruz
than with Armand,
Lucasz and Stefan.
Don't you think?
Very well.
Only now I can't go anywhere.
Well And why not?
My boy. He's very small,
I can't take him with me
Merche. Merche!
Nico. Nico!
My baby!
My baby!
You needn't worry, the boy is fine.
We'll look after him
until you come back. Agreed?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Please, I promise you,
you don't want to do this.
Let's sit down calmly,
let's discuss this like civilized people.
Merche. Merche!
- Here you go.
- Ah, that's great. Thank you.
- That's a lie.
- Excuse me?
All that stuff about aliens,
it's ridiculous.
In the '70s they tried to fool us about
everything, don't you remember?
- No, I hadn’t been born yet.
- Oh. It doesn't matter.
UFOs. Haven’t you noticed that
no one talks about UFOs anymore?
It used to be
the most important thing in the world,
like meeting aliens
was going to happen at any moment.
And suddenly, it’s forgotten about.
Now it’s more about climate change.
It’s like pop music.
What happened to pop music?
In the '70s, we had hundreds
of great groups,
and now, what have we got?
Reggaeton, salsa, Latin music.
What’s happened?
We are presently
flying over the Bahamas archipelago
Ah, that’s another thing:
the Bermuda triangle.
at an approximate height
of 10,000 feet.
The weather is pleasant and we will be
arriving in Mexico City on schedule,
in approximately three hours.
Why doesn't anyone care
about the Bermuda Triangle anymore?
Don't you want to sleep?
Would you like a pill?
No, thank you.
Before we arrive,
to clear things up, Miss Nati,
you do have medical knowledge, don't you?
- What's he on about?
- Nothing.
You're a doctor.
You are a doctor, right?
Sure. You don't trust me, do you, asshole?
Yeah, fuck. It's the first time I've done
this and I'm kind of nervous.
She's a doctor. Tell him, Nati.
And one of the best.
Until she got kicked out.
Head Surgeon
at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital.
- Wow. Head Surgeon. Good, good.
- See? Amazing.
And what happened?
Does that matter now?
No, it's all good. All good.
This fucking country
is full of envious bastards.
Nati was doing well, they were going
to make her head of the hospital.
- Right, Nati?
- Don't talk bullshit.
- Well, head of operations.
- Good, good.
Director of General Surgery.
- That's it, shit.
- Good.
They wanted to get rid of her
and made her take the rap.
The rap? For what?
A guy died on the operating table
and they said she was drunk,
and other lies, right?
But he died on you there, on the?
Were you?
No, not a drop of alcohol.
- See?
- Okay.
Now, I was stuffed with pills,
like everyone.
Shit, man. Really?
Have a little trust, a little trust.
I'm not sure, man, I'm not.
He's not sure?
Don't listen to him, Nati. Don't.
He's got his panties in a bunch.
Is it much further?
At the end of the road.
- Is it very long?
- More or less.
We're almost there. It's just
after we go through The Devil's Ass.
- The what?
- It's what they call the tunnel.
On this side, Hell,
and after the tunnel
Come in, Nati. Come.
- Coming!
- Paco!
- Yes?
- Where were you?!
- I'm here. What are you doing standing up?
- I can't take this anymore.
Come, come.
Who's this woman?
This is Nati, she's a doctor.
- Come, sit down.
- This is some bullshit.
Couldn't you have put her somewhere
a little nicer? Holy shit. This is gross.
She wasn't like this when she arrived.
- So, how far along is she?
- Two months.
Two months? Impossible.
Have you seen yourself?
- She must be eight or nine months.
- No, no way.
This is serious shit,
she's going to give birth.
- Forget the abortion.
- Abortion? What abortion?
Abortion? Who said anything
about an abortion, man?
- I thought it was what you wanted.
- Fuck me. Are you an idiot?
No one gives birth in a shitty room,
people go to the hospital, Paco.
I can't go to a hospital, get it?
That's why she needs her.
Listen to me, I don't want this hassle,
I'm out of here.
- Nati, Nati, please, please.
- Nati, Nati.
Can you see this, for chrissake?
You can't walk out on us.
Good Lord.
Look at the state of her.
She's going to drop it, Nati.
I don't even know where to start.
We need you, you can't walk out on us.
Why can't you go to the hospital?
Are the police looking for you?
What do you think?
Listen to me. I know nothing about births,
and this is no joke.
I'm a surgeon.
Do you get that or not?
She needs a specialist.
But you'll do it better than I will, and
better than him, he can't even open a can.
- Please.
- Are you the father?
- Of course, Nati.
- I mean No, no. The
- No. Uh.
- .Paco.
- Actually, there's a Please
- Right, okay. Right, okay.
Get hot water and clean towels.
That's it.
Let's see what we've got here.
This is the one for you, you're very thin.
Doña Merche?
Merche, straight.
Ah, straight, like tequila. I like it.
I'm so glad you've wasted
some of your precious time
on visiting a poor priest
lost in the jungle.
It is far away, actually.
Yes, it's rather isolated.
But how rude of me. Let's go inside.
Thank you.
You must be exhausted
after so much traveling.
- Yes.
- Yes, plane, train, cars
All to greet this humble sinner.
Well, this is my ranch.
Here, well, I carry out my pastoral labor.
With all these fellows,
all of them very faithful.
As we say in Mexico, mi casa es su casa.
Stay as long as you like.
Anything you desire,
it's yours in a matter of minutes.
Well, an hour if it requires
transcontinental travel.
You're incorrigible, Father.
No, Doña Merche,
you're a very important woman,
with very influential friends,
and you took the trouble to come
to this remote, perilous land
to speak to someone you don't know.
I only wish to return the compliment.
- This is your suite. I hope you like it.
- I love it.
Now rest up, relax.
Have some juice.
Inside there's a pool with jets.
- Mmm.
- Mm.
- Hydromassage you call it, no?
- Yes.
Well, Doña Merche,
- anything you desire, anything.
- Tha-
Thank you, Father.
I told you to clean it,
you damned disobedient pigs!
You sure the trucks from Pedraza
unload the merchandise at this gate?
Fuck, it's frozen again.
No, keep still.
It's the signal, it sucks here. There?
Now, there. Put me on Street View. Here?
- Okay. Yes.
- There.
- Do you see it?
- Yes.
It's the entrance gate,
I've seen it a couple of times.
There must be a warehouse here
or something.
Must be?
Didn't you say you've been inside?
Yes, but they didn't give me a tour
of the whole place.
It's full of cameras and security doors.
Even if we got back in with some excuse,
the most we'd get is another talk
with the Frenchman.
We'd need some time inside there
to search it thoroughly.
Hm. Tell me how we do that.
By pretending to be crazy.
That's enough! Thank you.
Good evening.
I'm happy to see new faces
in my congregation.
For here, tonight, we're going to witness
a miracle, an act of faith.
The Mother, Holy Death, in her generosity,
is going to teach us a lesson.
They betrayed us.
They lied to us.
Those fools thought
they were such hard-asses,
they sold the "sugar" to the gringos.
Did they tell us?
- Did they tell us?
- No!
- Did they swindle us?
- Yes!
Because of these fools
we had to bow our heads
to those bastards from Sinaloa.
Heads down.
That is why here, today
Holy Death, the Mother, will judge them.
Let her decide their fate. Is that fair?
It's fair!
It's fair!
She wished it so, it wasn't me.
Blessed be the Mother,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Now, on with the party, right?
Let's party, motherfuckers!
Forgive them, Doña Merche,
they're unruly fuckers.
No. It's OK.
Friends, a toast to our Spanish lady!
Braver than many at this table.
She doesn't look very happy.
Maybe our manners are too rough for her.
I prefer rough to stupid.
And you are anything
but stupid.
seems like a compliment.
A backhanded compliment for sure.
Alright, listen.
Doña Merche mingles in the highest
spheres of the Vatican.
She's a big fish! Right?
So watch your tongues, tone it down.
Holy Death respects the Vatican.
It's the Vatican
who doesn't respect Holy Death.
In this world the only truth is Death.
The rest? The rest is bullshit.
Holy Death is the Mother.
This comes from our Mexican blood.
All we do here is respect tradition
and rekindle it.
All the sacrifices on the pyramids
couldn't be in vain.
You pervert the image of the Virgin Mary.
Mary is Death, understand?
Excuse me.
Did the Spaniard get a fright?
Oh my.
Calm that temper, woman.
I don't like being intimidated, Father.
No, Doña Merche.
No one wants to intimidate you here.
I just need you
to understand your situation,
so it's better if we lay our cards
on the table.
And what are your cards?
Here they are, in front of you.
I have this.
But that is less.
I have two, you have one.
You don't need to be fucking Einstein
to know that it doubles my chance
of destroying you,
if we tussle, of course.
I didn't come to fight, Father.
Sure, I know.
The Frenchman and his friends sent you,
as if I didn't know.
They aren't the first. A month ago,
the Turin fellows were here,
the two brothers. Do you know them?
Mm-hm. They disappeared.
Yes. Well, no.
They're here. Very close together.
That's why you have two.
They didn't need the coin anymore.
- Does anyone have more than two?
- Yes, yes, yes, yes.
But I don't want to meet with them.
Look at me, I'm fine as I am.
Old, a "geezer", as you say.
Besides, I have a family.
I can't say it too loudly:
three boys, five girls,
all in Mexico City.
I see them all at Christmas.
- Quite a daddy.
- Yes.
I mean that I don't have time
for fucking conspiracies.
This is my world
and I like it.
Look, straight out,
I'll buy your little coin.
No. It's not for sale.
Don't be so uptight.
Come on, I'll show you.
Come on. Hurry up.
- They're clean, aren't they?
- Yes.
That would be all I'd need.
Let me put that in you. Get some hot
water, she can't take any more.
We'll see how we manage
to pull through this bullshit.
It's our only option,
honey, we need to trust her.
We're right into it now,
you have to hang in there.
Spread your legs,
let's see what that pussy's like.
Let's see
I have to stick my hand in.
Paco, I'd like to be the godfather.
What are on about?!
Relax, relax.
- Let's me see.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- Come on!
- There's nothing here.
- What do you mean, nothing?
- How can there be nothing?
This isn't a boy.
- Not a boy?! What's she saying?!
- It's not a boy.
- No?
- A girl?
There's nothing,
I can't find the head or the feet.
- And it's not a breech.
- Fuck, this is wild.
Get it out! It's killing me! Please!
- Wait a moment!
- Get it out of me!
- Wait till I get a grip.
- But is it alright?!
No, not at all. Didn't I say
I can't find it? It's slipping away.
- Let's go!
- Do we go?
Huh? You're staying, man!
Go, go, push!
Go, go!
Go, squeeze!
- Can we help?
- By shutting the fuck up.
- Give me some forceps.
- The forceps?
- This one.
- This one.
Fuck no, the big one!
- Oh, this one.
- This one?
Yes, that one. Now we're cookin'.
No way! Don't let her touch me, Paco!
- Don't let her touch me!
- Alright, girl, alright
Relax, that's it. Let's go.
- Do I hold her legs?
- Yes, hold her legs!
- My God! There, there.
- Let's go!
Oh! Oh, please!
Come out, come on out. You can't hide
forever. Fine we'll do it by hand!
We've got it! There, there!
What what is that, man?
What is that, man? What the fuck have
you done, Paco? This is my home!
What is that, man? Fuck!
I don't know what the fuck it is!
That's gross!
Oh, please, what is that?!
God, what the fuck is this?
I don't know what the fuck it is either!
- What the fuck is it?
- Sweet Jesus!
- It's coming again!
- It's coming again!
- Ah! Help me!
- Fuck!
But, but!
- Grab it, please!
- You grab it, you're the father!
Paco, you're never coming
to my place again! It's my home, man!
Man, what the fuck is that?
Poke it with the stick.
No, how can you poke it
with the stick?
You might hurt it.
It's not moving.
- Hm.
- Nothing.
It's not moving. Is it dead?
What the fuck is going on here,
for Chrissake?
Who the hell are these people?
Follow me, Doña Merche.
Forgive the mess, so much money
comes in that we don't even unpack it.
Relax, they close it
because of the jungle humidity.
Sometimes the money even rots
and we have to throw it out.
Of course. One must be careful.
Look, take what you want.
Though I think it'll be hard for you
to shift the money.
I'll offer you this: a container.
Whatever fits in a container.
Tell me where on Earth
and I'll send it to you.
Door-to-door service.
No, thanks.
This will do.
So little?
Enough for my son's toys.
Father, I lied to you about one thing.
I have more than one coin.
I was lent three.
Spanish Bitch!
You fucking Spanish bitch!
You can kill me, but not Holy Death!
Merche, come with me.
Come on!
There we go, easy, easy.
You're safe!
Goddamn gringo!
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