30 Coins (2020) s02e04 Episode Script

El Libro Negro del Árabe Loco

Sure you don't want to eat anything?
I can't.
Does it still hurt?
- Are you sure?
- You ask me every five minutes!
What do you want me to say?
Of course it hurts, a lot.
I'm not going to tell you all the time.
We did what we could, Elena, really
- But when it came out
- Yes, it was dead.
She said it would've been
the same in a hospital.
Don't lie. I felt it inside me.
Maybe you felt your own heart, like
I don't know.
I know you don't know, don't remind me.
It was inside me, I know it was alive,
so don't try to deceive me.
Why would I deceive you?
I don't know.
To not hurt me or some bullshit!
All I know is that I wake up
and you tell me the child is dead.
How do you want me to feel?
I feel the same as you.
If it's any consolation,
all this is my fault
for bringing you to this shitty place
and not taking care of you.
I don't need anyone to take care of me.
Bring me the child, then we'll talk.
The child
The child, Elena
Really It wasn't normal, okay?
You're a doctor now?
Where's the child?
Where's the baby?
I can't take it anymore.
Did you throw it in the trash?!
Where's the child?!
Where's the child?
Are we sure of what we're doing?
Don't give me that shit now.
Let's go.
- I've brought him.
- Good morning.
Are you sure it's him?
Are you sure it's him?
We worked together in Pedraza.
No doubt about that.
- Where did they find this man?
- Where are you from, sir?
On an abandoned farm.
He's been living there
We assume so,
up to now he hasn't said a word.
He's always like this,
calm, but not a word.
Some cases take weeks to react.
His profile fits with the others.
Some cases take weeks to react.
But don't worry, with the right treatment,
we can help this man.
Don't worry, we'll do it.
I leave him in your hands then.
- Come with me, sir.
- Come on.
We shall begin treatment at once.
Observation, phase three.
How are you? How are you feeling, honey?
- Is that the mother?
- Yes, it's her.
- What are you doing here?
- Talking about you, about what happened.
- Who are they?
- Colleagues, don't worry.
I called Rafa,
and once Rafa saw what it was,
he said, "The others have to see this."
You can relax,
nothing leaves here without your consent.
We guarantee that.
We'll need to run a test on you.
Only if you want, honey.
Stop calling me "honey".
It's normal, it's a huge shock.
- It's to be expected.
- What have you done with it?
Nothing? Where is it?
In the fridge.
Do you want to see it?
Hey, hey
- Of course I do.
- Are you sure?
Elena, Elena, wait.
Are you sure you want to see this?
It's not "this"? It was my child.
Don't do it, please.
Allow me, allow me.
Look, look.
This gelatinous mass
- Oh, là, là, là.
- comes away.
Lift it all off. How practical.
Marvelous beast.
- Oh, là, là, lá.
- Oh, God, look, look
It's perfectly fine.
It's just a reflexive movement.
- How dreadful.
- That must be the head.
The incubation process is incredible.
Sorry, my specialty is trypanosomiasis.
Were you in Africa or Asia a year ago?
In Brazil there are insects
that incubate their eggs in animals,
under the skin or in the stomach,
but nothing of this size.
A tapeworm is much bigger.
There's no comparison, this has a
gestation process resembling a pregnancy.
It's very different.
The abdomen is incredible, it's huge.
It's not normal,
I've never seen anything like it.
Holy shit!
- Look out!
- Its nails, my God!
Not here!
Oh, my God!
Get away!
No, you'll hurt it.
Come here, come.
Stomp on it!
Now, fish for you,
and carpaccio for me.
Thank you.
And, how about some white wine?
I wouldn't mind sharing
the bottle with you.
- If you have no objections.
- Oh, no. Of course.
We didn't talked about this.
Go ahead.
I've got six.
Are you threatening me?
No, no I'm just trying to establish
the necessary parameters
for a upcoming negotiation.
Of course.
Well, in that possible negotiation,
perhaps we should put in the balance
- the fact that I've just saved your life.
- Hm.
I don't want to seem arrogant,
but I would love to show you
- what I'm capable of.
- Mmm.
Oh, believe me, I understand
this inordinate reaction.
No one has ever made things
easy for you, right?
So you feel obliged
to "demonstrate" your worth continuously.
But that is the past, dear.
Oh, things have started to change.
Actually, regarding the matter
of your son,
we have already resolved that.
When we arrive in Paris
you'll be reunited.
How do I know that's true?
Because, my dear, I have ten coins.
Maybe more.
First they give him to you
and then they kidnap him.
That is not the way
to establish a lasting association.
But they had no idea
what they would find in you.
Someone dispensable?
No, no, no, no.
Not to me.
There'll be no more lies,
no more manipulation.
What I'm offering you
is the opportunity to work together,
hand in hand, to start from scratch
in a new world.
And that's not a metaphor.
Merche, listen to him.
I'm you, within three months.
He's right!
Joining him is the best decision
you've ever taken.
You're going to be very happy.
That's a trick.
Oh. Possibly.
It's for you to decide,
but whatever your decision is,
I can assure you
that you will remember this moment
for the rest of your life.
- That was fun.
- Ahhh.
That's more like it.
What's up?
There you are driving.
Didn't you want to be on camera?
Here we are
documenting the trip.
Man, let me know
and I'll prepare something.
Look straight ahead.
Put away the phone,
we can't waste the battery.
Another half hour to Pedraza.
You'll freak out there.
Hey, one little thing.
If I cut, it's to do a retake.
Not for you to get angry, okay?
- No, no, I won't get mad.
- Right.
- I won't get mad.
- You always get pissed off.
- I don't get mad or pissed off.
- Is that him?
I miss him a lot.
- He looked like a good guy.
- He was a good guy.
I gave him a bit of a hard time,
but we would have fun doing the reports.
Dude, you are a self-taught
person, just like Tarantino.
You think so?
Yes, of course.
You're good.
I'm a little bit like Tarantino.
Do you know that I saw one
of your videos before I met you?
Which one?
The one about the tuberculosis hospital.
Fuck, the OR voices.
Fuck, that one was scary as hell.
Were they real?
Of course they were real. When we heard
the audios we were hallucinating.
Jonas amplified the audios
with a special app.
He was behind everything. Fuck.
And I didn't even put him in the credits.
That's how it is for some of us.
We stay in the shadows.
But that isn't bad.
Is he in the shadows?
- Do you know where he is?
- Your boyfriend?
No, he's not my boyfriend.
I don't have a boyfriend.
Did you hear something?
I'm sorry.
- Maybe you're wrong.
- About what?
That I have powers.
I think about it and I don't see it.
Well, you see other things.
What if it was chance?
Chance? Too much chance.
Sometimes I say to myself,
"Antonio, you've had a lot of beatings,
that's why you're dumb."
Imagining all the voices and stuff
Don't say that, dude.
You aren't dumb or anything like that.
You are pure.
You are like a brute diamond.
Even Laguna believes in you.
He's a good person.
He cares about me.
Believe it or not.
But sometimes he bothers me.
"You're awake, aren't you?"
I open one eye and there he is,
with his face against mine.
Looking at me
and writing everything down.
What a dude.
Can you imagine if he finds
my friend inside the clinic?
It's possible.
Or maybe he's buried.
That's what I told the police
and they didn't believe me.
- Come!
- Where?
To town!
To town? How so?
You have been here two years.
Do you really want to go back?
We gotta find out
what is happening in the castle.
For Jonás!
For Jonás?
What the hell! Let's go!
- Good morning, madam.
- Thank you.
Our adventurer has finally arrived.
What a lovely place.
Have you been here before?
Yes. No. It's my first time inside.
But it has five stars
on TripAdvisor, so
Well, tell me. Everything alright?
So our friend Delacruz
wasn't too receptive, no.
Not very cooperative.
Not at all.
But in the end,
it all worked out in our favor.
Though I must confess
you had us a little worried.
Thank you.
So many days with no news
Lagrange, the signal
in the jungle is just terrible.
Of course.
By the way, I had the chance
to meet someone very interesting.
Christian Barbrow.
A charlatan.
I tried to make him join our select club,
but he's too proud.
According to our reports, he has
at least one coin we haven't allocated.
Your reports are rather outdated.
He has many.
- Many.
- Yes.
Let's say he's convinced
many of your colleagues to cooperate.
You're saying he has an edge on us.
Yes. But that's not
the most important thing.
He has something more.
A better plan than yours.
Nico, honey!
My love!
Who missed Mommy?
Huh? A kiss. A kiss.
You look so thin.
Have they been feeding you? Huh?
Hey, the missing man.
They finally nabbed you.
- Nobody gets away.
- Greetings, boss-man.
The only bosses here are the needle guys.
Have they given you pills?
They give you the runs at first,
but you get used to them.
It makes it all go away.
You're wondering:
Why was I fretting so?
- Are you alright?
- What day is it today?
The poor guy's not up to much.
- Such a shame, really.
- Been that way for a couple of days.
Since they sucked out
everything in his head.
- Martín.
- A vacuum on the back of his neck
and yank! They took out all the juice.
Left him like a dry sponge.
Sure, you're all better. Just look at you.
You're really crazy, eh?
You ought to be locked up.
- Elena.
- Paco.
- What's that?
- It's this.
- It's the
- The seal of the Toledo translators?
There it is.
There it is.
Two coffees. One with a shot,
to kill the flavor, yes. Uh
Just for one day, we have to celebrate.
It seems some king got mad
at the owner of the castle
and surrounded them.
They were locked in.
Look, there it is.
Wait there.
Tell me again, what you were saying.
The people inside were having a shit time,
and even ate the dead, it was so bad.
So they made this tunnel
to get out and get food.
Let's go, quickly.
- Fuck, you're good at this.
- Let's go.
- Come.
- Wait.
The flashlight.
I'm telling you,
as a YouTuber you'd crush it.
They were lost in the Middle Ages.
What books are you talking about?
That's the least of it.
Some copies in Arabic were found
and these people translated them.
They're heroes. If not for them,
we wouldn't know any of the story.
They didn't just translate
scientific stuff,
but banned books
that the Church didn't want translated,
but Alfonso X did
and these people worked for him.
They translated them and hid them
so that no one would find out.
- Has she turned up?
- Yes! Shut up!
You like her,
then you act like a saint.
I still don't understand the plan.
- We should've looked for this guy
- Barbrow.
and snatched the book from him,
not driven Elena insane.
Now she hates me.
- Are you crazy?
- Elena!
Elena, it wasn't me,
it was Lucifer.
- No way. I'm going crazy.
- Come on, let's go.
Wait a second.
Leave me alone! Let's go.
No, Elena, you're not going crazy,
they're making you crazy.
It was Santoro.
I tried to stop him but
the idea of bringing that thing
into the world
That thing?
Vergara, you made it come out of my guts.
It's not easy breaking the barrier
between Heaven and Hell.
The key was here, in the palace.
Do you mean Hell?
- So, you're with him?
- Yes.
I'm here.
They deceive me, lie to me
You know Angelo is right. Don't
confuse her, let her do what she has to!
- Run, Elena! Run away! Throw away the key!
- What are you doing?
That's enough!
Hey! Vergara.
- Vergara!
- What happened?
Come on.
- Thanks, Antonio.
- It's alright.
It's like an archaeological dig site.
They're after the coin,
they say there's one here.
- One of Judas' coins?
- Ah.
So it's true, a ceremony was held here,
a black mass.
Black, I don't know, but a ceremony
Even the Anti-Pope came.
The other coins are everywhere.
They need all of them.
- That's their thing, right?
- Right.
Let's see
Wait a moment.
What the fuck?
What's going on?
I told you. Let's go.
The old woman!
Let's go.
What? What the fuck..?
No, wait. Fuck! No, fuck.
- What's wrong?
- Fuck!
- It's all being deleted.
- No shit!
- It's all being deleted.
- Go, go, go!
Fucking hell! Fucking hell!
This way!
There's a lot of mental disorder.
His pulse is racing
and his thoughts are out of control too.
And that woman?
Someone from his past.
Someone he's worried about.
She appears a lot.
What's that?
A wall.
I know it's a wall! What does it mean?
It may be the wall surrounding the town.
Something about the town wall.
And this?
That is unrelated to the town.
- We'd need more time
- I don't have time.
to give the right medication.
His circadian rhythms
are altered by his hospitalization.
It affects the flow of thoughts.
Let's go to number seven.
Martín, the guard.
The last session was very recent
and we got nothing.
So we try again.
Another cerebral overstimulation
without time to rest
We're the ones out of time.
I want results now.
Connect it.
We'll put up item 436 to facilitate idea
And the coin?
What happened to the coin?
It was there! The coin we're after!
It's the one we're after.
Where did he go on the horse?
I remind you
that we can't take it literally.
The image may have a symbolic meaning.
It needn't be a horse.
It doesn't look symbolic to me.
It's a symbol of freedom.
I don't care about that.
We have to find it.
It looks like he's in a loop.
He's still there.
Give him another dose.
It could be dangerous.
Do it.
Yes, hello, Haruka.
Haruka? I can't understand a word.
I don't get why a place like this
has no security.
And that guy?
Maybe he's watching us.
No, relax, it's nothing.
Let's go. Come on.
What are you doing here?
I saw them. I saw the Frenchman.
What are they doing here?
Wait for me in the car.
No, don't go in there.
There's something there.
That's what I want to find out.
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
I've got a lead,
I think I'm on to something.
What are you doing?
Let's go. Go, go.
Let's go.
Let's go, Elena.
OK. Be careful, it's very fragile.
- They're taking it in now.
- Sure. But what is it?
What do I look for?
- I don't know. I couldn't see it.
- Fuck, Salcedo.
They've given out the dinners and pills.
It won't be easy to move around.
This is important.
The Frenchman spoke to someone
on the phone and he was overjoyed.
He got caught.
- What are you doing there?
- Fuck.
Come on, it's curfew, champ.
That's enough, you'll harm yourself.
Stop, stop, stop.
Today you get an extra pill
so you calm down, you're very unruly.
Come on. This way.
They should've burnt them.
But imagine burning something
you worked on for four years.
Shut up.
- Fuck.
- What?
- Did you hear that?
- No.
- Come on.
- Maybe it's me.
If we're caught,
we have to think of something to say,
an alibi or something.
This has no alibi.
Wait. Look. Wait.
Do it. Now.
- It doesn't work.
- What?
It doesn't work.
What do you mean?
Try if you like. It's not working.
It's 1000 years old.
Who knows how long it's been like this?
Come on, open your mouth.
Come on, open your mouth.
Give it here.
Open your mouth.
Just open, dammit.
We're going to get on fine, OK?
Don't fuck with me
and I'll leave you alone.
- Or do I tie you to the bed?
- No.
- Do you want that?
- No.
Come on. Go, go, go.
Swallow. Swallow.
Swallow. No tricks.
Tongue out.
What could this be?
I don't know.
To carry the books,
a trolley or something.
Like a minecart?
Paco, help me.
It has no lock.
Wait. Wait.
I mean, that's what I heard.
- Will they force us to do that?
- That is what they want.
We have to meet with them
and set the limits.
In the end we always do that.
Hand me the key.
They say Philip the Second was really keen
on magic, did you know that?
I thought he was super religious.
Well, he was into everything.
Bosch's paintings,
they say they're full of things
he imagined in his nightmares.
Did you hear that?
Let's go. Let's go.
Watch out. Watch out.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Coming.
Here. Go slowly.
In here must be
what the Pope feared most.
This is the good shit.
That's it.
Help me out.
What's that?
What do you think?
Holy shit.
- Wait, wait.
- Paco, what are you doing?
Didn't Vergara say not to look at it?
Don't open it, it could be poisoned.
Let's go!
Let's go. Let's go.
- This way.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
Run! Run!
Come on! Run!
Let's go! Let's go! Don't stop.
Put the book away. Put the book away.
- Will you give me the book?
- What?
- Will you give me the book?
- What the fuck!
Can't you hear the kid? Give him the book.
- Give me the fucking book!
- Get off!
- Go, go! Run!
- Fuck!
Give me the book.
Hey! Hey!
This is too much.
I've got a bit of a headache.
- Fuck.
- Come on!
Holy shit!
Motherfucker! The book!
Give us the book, motherfucker!
The book!
You won't make it, it's impossible.
Don't listen to them. Let's go.
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
- What do you want of me?
- What's he doing?
- We gotta go! Let's go, Elena!
- I must tell you something!
- You can't fight him, he's too powerful.
- What are you saying?
- Go away!
- Get up, get up!
- Let's go. Leave him.
- Get up, get up!
You don't understand.
You're the ones that need help.
I don't mind dying.
This way! There!
- Stop!
- Stop!
I've got it!
Oh my god!
It's mine.
Let go of it!
It's my book! Let go of it!
Let go of it!
Open this. Quickly.
Open it!
Quickly! Harder!
Give them to me.
Fuck, he's got it.
I've got it.
We've found it.
Hello, sir. May I?
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