35 Awr (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 The DNA swung it for me.
He's as guilty as sin.
He hasn't done anything, OK? They're just twisting everything.
Not guilty, OK? I really don't think such a lad could kill.
I feel we haven't heard the whole story.
It's a stitch-up.
Chill out, yeah? You don't know what'll happen.
And you can't change the verdict.
Kelvin's DNA was in the bed upstairs, and on the body.
His prints were everywhere, so he must have done it.
I won't let them lock him up, no bloody way.
The whole thing's more complicated than I expected.
We're talking murder here.
- I've never done anything like that.
- Nor me.
- Kelvin! - A problem has arisen.
You're going to a hotel.
- Whoa now.
- I won't let them do this! They could either think someone's trying to influence us - Or? - Or someone wants to harm us.
s01e02 31 HOURS TO GO Haydn? Haydn? Say something.
Haydn, can you hear me? OK, ambulance is on its way.
What was she trying to do? Hello? Hello? What's going on? Do you think he had a heart attack? He didn't look too good.
I don't see what good it does him, having Lynwen in his face like that.
If you ask me, this is her fault.
No-one is asking you, Val.
If Haydn isn't well enough to go on, will we be dismissed? - I don't know.
- What? Can we go home? - Matt? - Um, not necessarily.
It's the court's decision.
- OK, what do we have here? - Haydn, the foreman, just collapsed.
- An ambulance is on its way.
- DCI Stewart Owens.
- He's breathing better now.
- An ambulance is coming, Haydn.
You're welcome to join the rest of the jury now.
Maybe I should stay.
- I feel responsible, somehow.
- Thank you for your concern.
- But I'm sure we can deal with this.
- He needs a check-up, to be safe.
OK, Haydn? DCI Owens.
Don't you worry now, OK? Bloody hell! APPROACHING SIRENS I'm not sure, they just said we couldn't leave.
I know.
Well, you'll have to do it, Nick.
We'll know more within the hour.
Yes, I'll keep in touch.
Love you.
Ta-ra, flower.
He's not answering.
Maybe you really did poison him this time.
Don't say that.
- Haven't you got anyone to phone? - Single man, Val, thank goodness.
He always answers.
Come on, David.
I can't.
It's not my fault, Jo.
I know it's important, but It's the bloody law, Jo, that's why.
Bloody hell.
Yes, I know it's important.
Listen, I've got a headache.
I'm going.
No, you didn't give me the headache.
I have to go.
They're calling me.
Love you.
You've probably started your shift early.
Give me a ring when you're on your break.
OK, love, I'll see you when I see you.
It's hard.
I still feel I should phone Len.
Do you see? SENT MESSAGE TONE Sorry.
- Are you OK? - Yes, yes, um I just forgot to wash my hands, that's all.
- She's going into VF.
- OK, start the airways.
Stand clear.
Kelvin! Kelvin, stop! Thank you all for your patience.
We've been dealing with an incident outside.
What's happened? Are we in danger? If there are terrorists around, I want to know.
Two individuals linked to the case have tried to free the defendant.
- But you've caught them.
- One is under our supervision.
The other one is absent.
Bloody hell! Exciting, isn't it? Is it Kelvin's brother, Leighton? Him and his girlfriend? - You'll be taken to the hotel soon.
- But we can go home to get our stuff? - Unfortunately, that isn't possible.
- I'm not sleeping in my clothes.
- We'll supply the necessary clothes.
- Sorry, but are they ethical clothes? - Grow up.
- Do you have a right to do this? Locking us up like criminals? - No-one's being locked up, OK? - You said we had no choice.
Isn't that the same thing? We're not free, are we? Opposing this isn't an option for anyone.
Now then, just to clarify, for your own safety don't reveal the address of the hotel to anyone or communicate needlessly with anyone for 24 hours except your families.
Is that clear? Yes, yes.
Does anyone have any other concerns? Is it a spa hotel? MOBILE RINGS One more thing.
Don't discuss the case amongst yourselves from now on.
- That's all we've done for days.
- Yes, but one jury member is missing.
Poor Haydn.
Even if Haydn comes back, it would be improper outside this room.
But it would save us time tomorrow.
If you do, you could be in contempt of court.
I don't see why we can't pop home.
If someone happened to follow you, there would be implications.
Do you understand? You're scaring me now.
Consider it a break from real life, a chance to relax.
It won't be very relaxing with someone after our blood.
- I didn't say that, did I? - That was the suggestion, DCI Owens.
Your bus is waiting by the entrance.
- Are you OK? - I was just thinking about Haydn - It wasn't your fault, Lynwen.
- Everyone thinks it was.
Let them think what they want.
Come on.
Sorry, I need a piss.
"Being sent to a hotel.
Track us.
" So you still haven't found him.
How hard can it be? .
30 HOURS TO GO Well, this is nice.
I've seen worse places.
It looks like an old people's home.
- What are you doing? - Insta.
- You can't! - I'm winding you up.
It's for my personal use, dipshit.
It's important that we talk to him.
Yes, they've just arrived.
RECEPTION BELL Yoo-hoo! Hello! - Does anyone work here? - It was a last-minute arrangement.
The staff are making up your rooms, but we are two rooms short.
- God, it's like bloody Glan-llyn.
- We're not sharing, are we? - I'm afraid some of you will have to.
- Sorry, I'm not sharing.
Nonsense, I'll share with you.
We'll have fun.
Thank you.
- Does that suit you? - No, sorry, I want my own room.
A woman my age needs privacy.
This is how they are.
- They can't agree on bugger all.
- OK, thank you.
Right, can we have one more man and woman to volunteer to share? Lynwen, fancy coming in with me? I'm not feeling great today.
I'd prefer to be alone.
Don't take it personally.
Right, Taz, you have a family room to yourself as Haydn isn't here.
- Rhiannon, you share with Val.
- No fucking way.
Excuse me? Right, that's sorted.
Rhiannon and Val to share.
Just one night, OK? This is what they call fate.
Hello? Hello? Moira? Is that you? Moira? Your room will soon be ready.
There's a lot of security here, given that it's just routine.
The appropriate steps, that's all.
It's as if you expect someone to turn up.
We always expect someone to turn up, Matt.
That's the nature of the job.
That way, you're always one step ahead.
What happened outside court today? Your room's ready.
Hey, this spa looks nice.
Lemongrass for your lymphatic system.
Sea salt for your stress levels.
I could do with that after today.
Haydn collapsing, poor dab.
Sometimes, you're worse off being carted away to hospital.
All kinds of germs.
That's what kills people now.
Shall I turn the telly on? Not that there's ever anything on.
Me and David, we just sit there sometimes and think God alive, what are we watching? There are programmes now where you watch people watching telly.
I wouldn't mind doing that.
They get paid, apparently.
I'd be more entertaining than half of them.
I'm not sure about David, mind.
Who'd want to watch him doing anything, really? Shout if you want something.
Isn't that the presenter who's in jail for kiddie-fiddling? Or did he kill someone in that hit and run? KNOCK ON DOOR They all look the same to me.
MESSAGE ALER Yes? You carry on, love.
She's offering us a turndown service.
- I'm gasping for a drink.
Fancy one? - I've got things to do.
Later, yeah? OK, I'll see you later.
OK? Um, yes.
Cold, are you? I was just going back up to my room.
Drink? Yes, I'll be there now.
- I'll just take this back to my room.
- OK.
I'm writing this to you because only you and me know what happened in the house with Heulwen.
I didn't kill Heulwen, and you know that.
I've given you a chance to say you were there, but you haven't.
29 HOURS TO GO Nice evening for a walk.
I'm trying to do my 10,000 steps.
Two weeks, Leighton said.
Two weeks.
She's taking the piss, isn't she? We need her out, John.
We have to do something.
Kelvin, cool down, mun.
You promised.
Hey, Kelv, cool head.
- I want her out or - Or what? Look, I know.
I know she's fucking broken me.
I love her, understand? I'm not going anywhere, Kelv, OK? She just wants your cash.
What cash, Kelv? Piss off.
SCREAM Kelvin! Kelvin! Hi.
- Can I come in? - I don't think that's a good idea.
- Come on.
- I said no, OK? Hm.
I understand.
- Understand what? - Well, you want to play first.
- Like the last time.
- What? No, I - Peredur - It's OK.
I know how to play.
Oh, Ben.
Look, they've got cocktails.
Is it too early for a cocktail? They're paying.
They must be.
Do you really think that a Sex On The Beach is a business expense? What do you want? I'm having a mojito.
Taz, whisky and ginger? - Moira, what do you want? - It's a bit early for me.
I'll finish it if you don't want it.
- A brandy then.
- Brandy, and put it on the tab.
We're not paying.
Table service? It's rather nice, isn't it? - Did you get a trouser press? - What use is a trouser press for you? Hey, Taz, bring your trousers over and I'll stick it in for you.
I've only got one pair, Val, and they're not coming off for anyone! Where is everyone? Right.
- Where are you off to? - To get them down.
Val! - Going somewhere? - Um, no.
Not really.
Glad to hear it.
I'll see you back at the hotel, yes? When you've finished whatever you're doing.
Steve? Are you in there? Steve? Shy.
- What will you have? - Oh, I'm alright.
I'll get it.
- What do you want? - Oh.
A white wine then, please.
Is your room OK? Nice enough, you know.
- Here you are.
- Thanks.
Shall we sit down? Why are you sitting there all alone? Um, I was just God alive, what's wrong with you all? Sit with us.
We're on our holidays! Iechyd da! - Have you eaten? - I've ordered a pizza.
- There's plenty of food in the house.
- It's all veggie.
Why don't you go back to your father tonight? Can't be arsed.
It'd just do you good to see him sometimes.
I'd rather be here.
I'm sorry I'm not there.
- What do you do? - I'm an optician.
- What's going on there then? - I think they're shagging.
- Aren't they married? - And your point is? God, I'd love to have an affair.
Val! Forty years I've been with David.
It's boring doing the same things with the same man every day.
- Be thankful you have a husband.
- Oh, sorry, love.
I didn't think.
Did you always want to be an optician? Since I was a little girl.
I wanted to be a farmer.
Is it nice to have a night away from the kids then? Yes and no.
Yours are very small, aren't they? - Twins, eighteen months.
- God, twins? I don't know how you do it.
It must be a real slog.
I've got an older one too.
Bloody hell! Three? You're like a rake.
Who'd believe three babies had come out of you? I'm sure you miss them terribly.
It's just hard to change routine.
Children like to know where they are.
It sounds very intense, staring into people's eyes all day.
The eyes can tell you a lot about a person.
Everyone's eyes are different.
It's fascinating.
- Sorry.
I'm boring you.
- No, no, not at all.
What about my eyes then? - What about them? - Well, what do you see in them? - From a medical point of view? - Any point of view you like.
Well Some people don't like too much eye contact but I do.
I try to see what's really there.
Especially with some people.
DOORBELL Who are you, Heulwen? Why did you let him into your life? .
28 HOURS TO GO CREAK Hello? What have you had then? - Sea bass.
- Ugh.
- I hate fish.
- I can't eat a heavy evening meal.
I'd be up all night if I ate something like that.
No bed for me for a while.
I'm here to enjoy myself.
- Fancy a couple of chips, Taz? - Cutting the carbs.
Will your husband cook for the kids or will he take them to Maccy D's? No, Nick's pretty good like that.
Men can do all sorts these days.
Cornflakes were my David's limit when the kids were small.
He'll be down the chippy tonight, even though I left food for him.
No, I've told him.
Heart disease, the silent killer.
But he takes no notice.
with an increase of almost 70% in exports ".
in the year to June 2018 compared to the previous 12 months.
"Police have named a woman who was seriously injured ".
in an incident outside Bridgend Crown Court today as Susan Denton ".
and that they are still looking for a man in his twenties.
"They are keen to speak to anyone who may have any information.
" Is your husband OK with you staying here? We don't see each other much these days anyway.
Isn't that the secret of a good marriage? Not spending too much time together.
Carwyn's about to tie the knot.
- I've missed the wedding rehearsal.
- Was it tonight? It was brought forward because the vicar was on holiday.
Stewart caught me slipping off.
- Did you try to leave the hotel? - That's so irresponsible.
- Shut it, will you? - They should let you go.
- Rules are rules.
- Come on, the lad's getting married.
- If he told someone where we are - They'd have no interest.
Why then did the court go to the trouble to keep us here? - I'd be back by bedtime.
- They'll arrange another rehearsal.
You don't need to rehearse it.
Standing like a zombie and saying "I do" isn't hard.
Making a marriage work, that's the hard bit.
Val? - You should have a glass of water.
- Eh? One between drinks and you'd be fine.
You and your water.
Taz, will you share another bottle? Does a bear shit in the woods? - But not this cheapo stuff, Val.
- Yoo-hoo! Can we have a bottle of white wine, please? The Pinot - Grigio.
- Pinot grigio.
I haven't had such a good time ever, really.
Steve! There's a seat here, look.
I had beef and ale pie.
It was so nice.
Hurry up and order because the kitchen's closing.
Give him a minute, Val.
Oh, hi, Ree.
There's a chair there.
Matt doesn't like people sitting too close to him, do you? MOBILE RINGS Hello? Hello? Oh, hiya, love.
Hold the line.
Two minutes.
It's OK.
Hold on, OK? GATE SQUEAKS I think we're winning the popularity contest, Peredur.
Look! Six, four.
It's like being in court.
If we all said not guilty, we'd win.
Could we have a six-four majority vote? - I'm saying guilty, remember.
- Oh, you would.
All doom and gloom.
- What's that supposed to mean? - We're not to discuss the case.
I'm just working out the numbers.
We're down one with Haydn ill.
Where's Lynwen, anyway? I wouldn't show my face either, after the way she treated him.
- God, you're total backstabbers.
- She caused it all.
To be fair, he was a total piece of shit before she had a go at him.
It's better without him.
Everyone was afraid to say anything with him in charge.
- I'm not afraid of him.
- You don't fear anyone.
I wish I'd been more like you when I was young.
Not taking shit from anyone.
- Ree's a role model now, is she? - Piss off, Matt.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, don't sulk.
OK, OK, love.
Once more, OK? Piano lessons were a pain, to say the least Every Monday Practising scales and arpeggios For hours by myself MUG SHATTERS Are you looking for this? Will we be here for another night? Not if I can help it.
You weren't worried about me at all.
You wanted me out to take my place.
- They can't tell us what to do.
- What do you mean? Sometimes, you just have to do what you want to do not what the system tells you to.
You've been the grieving widow since day one.
Now you say it's bullshit.
You like to be scared.
That's what turns you on.
I read people, what's going on in their heads.
FIRE ALARM Taz, do something! It's fate, don't you think?