35 Awr (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

For your own safety, don't reveal the address of the hotel to anyone.
Are we in danger? If there are terrorists around, I want to know.
One more thing.
Don't discuss the case amongst yourselves.
- Well, this is nice.
- Do you have a right to do this? Locking us up like criminals? Opposing this isn't an option for anyone.
Oh, Ben.
- You want to play first.
- Peredur It's OK.
I know how to play.
- Going somewhere? - Did you try to leave? - That's so irresponsible.
- View it as a break, a time to relax.
It won't be very relaxing with someone after our blood.
Kelvin! Kelvin! Who are you, Heulwen? Why did you let him into your life? Are you looking for this? s01e03 24 HOURS TO GO Well? Why is your phone in my room? - You're meant to be in hospital.
- I'm better, OK? - I knew you were faking it.
- Why is your phone here? It's not mine, OK? Just - And it's not your room, it's Taz's.
- What? Do you need three beds to yourself? Who do you think you are? - Rhiannon? - Shit, shit, shit.
Rhiannon! Yeah.
This is the life.
I'm going up before I fall asleep.
Your pyjamas haven't arrived yet.
Could you ask Stewart when we can expect them? As if.
Oh, DCI Owens, sorry to trouble you, but Moira needs her negligee.
I need something to wear, if they expect these to be washed.
I usually sleep in a onesie.
Babygros, I used to call them.
A Christmas gift from my grandchildren.
It's got ears as well! I only see them at Christmas now, and Easter if I'm lucky.
Granny, that's what the grandchildren call me.
Not a word of Welsh between them.
I think I'll go up anyway.
- I'll find something to wear.
- We haven't been to the sauna yet.
- I've sweated enough for one day.
- Taz, are you coming? - Mmm, I don't know.
- Oh, well I'll go by myself then.
Waste not, want not.
I've got hold of these.
- Oh, not bloody cards.
- Blackjack? - I think he'd prefer snap.
- Piss off, Matt.
- What would you like to play then? - Rummy? - Rummy? What are you? Eighty? - Nadine? I like poker myself.
OK, poker it is then.
Everyone happy for me to deal? - I'm not sure if - Come on, four is more fun.
And what else would you do? - Sit in your room crying over Joanne? - I'm not familiar with poker, OK? Beginner's luck, Carwyn.
- And I don't have a penny.
- Right, let's say that every match is worth one million pounds.
- What? Are you serious? - It's a bit of fun.
Do you need help, Carwyn? I'm alright.
I think.
This is the pre-flop, then you bet based on your hand before you see the rest.
Or not, of course.
You have to bluff a bit, Carwyn.
Carwyn, are you betting? A million then.
Carwyn? I'll raise it to two million.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Nadine? Three million.
And me.
Carwyn? Um I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.
Are they any good? - How do they play with the board? - I don't know, OK? I'm tired.
Nadine? - Full house.
- Bloody hell! Card shark! - Well done, Nadine.
- Thank you.
Stupid game.
It's not the game that's stupid.
Another round.
I'll deal this time.
Why did you come here? He didn't do it.
DOOR OPENS He's back.
- You know he didn't do it.
- Please go, because if he sees you - One more go.
- No more for me.
Oh, he's afraid to lose now.
I know when to stop, OK, Carwyn? OK then.
- Are you OK, Carwyn? - It's this bloody place.
It's stressing me out.
That fucking Peredur really gets on my tits.
He's thought he's better than me from day one.
- What does he do, anyway? - Something with money.
Investments or financial advice.
Yes, exactly.
Smug twat.
Get him a drink, will you, Matt? OK, Inspector? Yes.
- Is everyone alright? - We've just had a game of poker.
Making good use of your time, I see.
Will we be here for another night? Not if I can help it.
Are you starting to enjoy this? Well it's a change of scene.
Saunas block my sinuses.
Come on, Moira.
Tomorrow, we're back in that shitty room.
We need a bit of luxury.
Should we wake her? Leave her.
Come to the steam room.
KNOCK ON DOOR Mererid! Len hates places like this.
Sorry, Moira.
It's a real bummer that he's dead.
He's not.
What? - Hang on, you said - I knew you'd come down.
Shift up then, Moira.
23 HOURS TO GO - How long have you been with Joanne? - Since we were 15.
And you haven't been with anyone else in all that time? Oh.
That's lovely, Carwyn.
- Couldn't you have deferred this? - This is my second summons.
- They can't tell us what to do.
- What do you mean? Sometimes, you just have to do what you want to do not what the system tells you to.
Your eyes are What? They're honest, Carwyn.
Here we are then.
G&T, and a pint of lager top.
Are you still drinking water? I need a clear head for tomorrow.
Another game? There aren't many games you can play with two.
Ooh, I don't know.
Gin rummy? Beggar My Neighbour.
- Egyptian Rat Screw - Bedtime.
Goodnight, Matt.
- You're not going to bed, are you? - Don't be soft.
The night is young.
I'll be back now.
- Come on, before she gets back.
- No, hang on now.
- About what you said earlier - Forget it.
No, sorry.
You've been the grieving widow since day one.
Now you say it's bullshit.
I'm sorry, Taz.
Can't sleep? Sorry, I was just trying to see how easy it is to To what? It'd be easy for someone to break in.
For every policeman you see, what if there's another one you can't see? Yes, but it'd still be possible for Carwyn to To what? Oh, nothing.
Nothing at all.
It's like the tropics.
You don't want to pass out, do you? In the light of what we know about Kelvin's closeness to his brother could Kelvin be taking the blame for someone for his own brother? In the light of what we know about Kelvin and his brother dramatic pause, reel them in how they did everything together and that Leighton's now missing isn't it possible that Leighton had something to do with events? That Kelvin isn't a murderer, eh? Not in a month of Sundays.
You don't have to be a genius to work that out.
David thinks he's guilty as sin.
But he's been brainwashed by the papers.
I haven't been swayed by anyone.
I've got a mind of my own.
I swear to God, it's like a sixth sense.
I read people.
I'm gifted that way.
I know what's going on in their heads.
And I'm never wrong.
About anyone.
Believe you me.
Your loss, Steve.
What the f? I thought you were dead.
This is my room, OK? - Oh, bloody hell, we're sharing.
- No.
I've just come out of hospital.
I've phoned reception.
There's a spare bed in Peredur's room, OK? Not worth it, Taz.
Not worth it.
KNOCK ON DOOR Hello, Lynwen.
- What do you want? - A new roomie.
- No.
- Afraid so.
Can't you share with Carwyn? He's got a single room.
Can I come in, or do I have to stand out here in my pants all night? Wait a minute.
Thank you.
Were you watching porn or something? Mererid? Mererid? MOBILE RINGS Camomile.
- It'll help you sleep.
- Thanks.
What did they say it was? A panic attack? I haven't had one for some 18 years.
Not since Not since we were together, Lynwen.
22 HOURS TO GO It's so long ago now, Haydn.
Not for me, Lyn.
When I saw you in court that first day I had a shock as well.
It's fate.
Don't you think? Haydn? Shit.
I never understood why you left like you did.
You know how we were.
Fighting like cat and dog.
Always shouting at each other.
I just had to go.
I heard you say that you and your husband have separated.
It's complicated.
You don't have children, do you? No.
Nor you? We lost several.
After a while, you just can't go through it again.
Do you ever think what might have been? Looking back doesn't do anyone any good.
Come on, you bastard thing.
Audio, you piece of shit.
Should we have told someone? That we know one another? It's not illegal, is it? No but it does influence the way we treat each other in that room.
Always being contrary.
We can't stop, can we? You had a panic attack, Haydn.
If I wasn't there, it wouldn't have happened.
Really, no-one would blame you if you wanted to stand down.
- I'm concerned about your health.
- Oh, I see.
What? And to think I You weren't worried about me at all.
You wanted me out so that you could take my place.
- Haydn! - I'm not going anywhere.
If it's all too much, walk away.
You're quite good at that.
FIRE ALARM Ooh! Oh, bloody hell! You got out quickly.
I couldn't sleep.
Like you, eh? - What's happening? - Everyone out.
That way, please.
- Use the stairs, not the lift.
- Is this a drill? No, not at this time of night.
If you hear a fire alarm, assume there's a fire.
- What's going on? - Out, please.
There's a fire.
Carwyn! - Who's in here? - Lynwen.
I think.
Lynwen, get up.
- I heard you the first time.
- Everyone out.
Out, now! Ouch! If there really was a fire, Val, we'd be dead by now.
Are you two OK? - What's going on? - Just stay where you are.
Ken? Come to the back door, please.
I'll check on the others.
Where are you going? - Just don't say anything, OK? - Oh, I don't know.
No promises.
What's going on? - Do you want my jacket? - Um, yes.
- I'll go back in, if you like.
- No, Steve.
- I used to be in the fire service.
- Everyone's out.
We've checked.
Except Carwyn.
He's not in his room.
- He's done a runner.
- What? Again? Uh-huh.
He went that way.
Haydn's back in the land of the living then.
Look at him.
Ken, back garden, please.
Forrest Gump.
- Carwyn? - I thought I saw someone.
I went to check.
Trying to save you the trouble.
Peredur said you'd done a runner.
Did he now? We have a duty to report these things.
We are on a jury, after all.
Whose side are you on then? On the side of the law, sorry.
What's going on, Inspector? - Everything's under control.
- Yeah, right.
Have you got something to say, Matt? I just don't see how any of this is under control.
We're outside in the dead of night with a murderer on the loose.
- No, Kelvin's in jail, love.
- But is he? Really? Eh? Is the right man in jail? I understand that we can go back in now.
OK? Everyone inside.
Inspector, I don't have slippers.
I need a bit of help.
- Slowly, now.
- It scared me, that alarm.
Well, that's what you like.
What do you mean? You like to be scared.
That's what turns you on.
21 HOURS TO GO - Whoa! - Oops.
- Here we are.
- It's not bedtime yet, is it? A nightcap, come on.
You're not as serious as you make out.
Come on.
Goodnight, Valerie.
Take no notice of me, love.
BOTTLE BREAKS What the? - Where the hell have you been? - What? What's that shit on your trousers? I dropped my phone.
OK, Columbo? KNOCK ON DOOR - What? - Taz! We've swapped rooms.
He's in with Peredur.
- Have you got any white wine? - What? Ah! A minibar! Never mind, I'll check.
- I smashed mine, you see.
- Val, if you don't mind No, I don't mind at all.
SHE RETCHES Val! Don't you have an electric kettle in your room? Electric? I suppose all kettles are electric to you.
Hey, sorry if I upset you earlier.
- Forget it.
- I was just being, you know, curious.
Len, my husband, left me for someone younger.
Much younger.
God, it's such a cliche, isn't it? The younger woman and all that.
I never said it was a woman.
Oooh! I'll wash the sheets for you.
There must be a washing machine here.
Key? I don't know where it is.
God, she's a liability.
You can take over now, Rhiannon.
We had this cleaner, Alek.
From Poland.
Oh, Moira.
I came home one day and saw Alek's bag in the porch.
- It wasn't cleaning day.
- Oh, God! There they were him and Len.
Then it all made sense.
All the times he was away, all the business trips.
The very thought turns my stomach.
Hang on now, no need to be homophobic.
You're in the presence of a card-carrying gay, remember? Yes, if he'd left me for a woman, I could say that, but not for a man.
Am I meant to just accept it? That it's OK for him to live the life he wants? But what about me? What about the life I wanted? You can go now.
Len, you dirty dog! LOUD SNORING Moira? Are you OK? I'm going to go now.
I just wanted to check you're OK.
TEXT ALER Oh, bloody hell! That Len.
- Why did you tell Stewart? - Oh, Carwyn - I could have got away.
- But we're not supposed to, are we? - That's why we're here, idiot.
- Don't call me that.
Would you prefer moron? - You can't even play - a simple game of poker.
You're a joke, mate.
- Don't talk to me like that, twat.
- Go to bed.
I'm warning you.
SOUNDS OF A STRUGGLE Don't talk to me like that! What on earth's going on? Bloody hell! Taz, do something! Not getting involved.
- Come on, lads, stop it.
Peredur! - Don't, Moira.
You'll get hurt! You'll kill him, you'll kill him! Alright, enough, OK? Enough! - Lynwen, are you OK? - No, I'm not.
I'm pregnant.
SENT MESSAGE TONE Something doesn't make sense.
I won't ignore everything just to deliver an easy verdict.
The thought that someone was watching me Who would do that? You must start taking this seriously.
It's not our job to identify everyone who's involved.
Our concern is Kelvin's guilt.
- Help, please! - Whatever happened, it's OK.
We're grown-ups.
You don't want to get married.
This is just a game to you.
The evidence we've been given points to only one verdict.
So why are we here? You know what they say.
Don't get mad, get even.