35 Awr (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Will we be here for another night? Not if I can help it.
What did they say it was? A panic attack? I haven't had one for some 18 years.
Not since we were together, Lynwen.
They can't tell us what to do.
Sometimes, you just have to do what you want to do.
You've played the grieving widow since day one, and it's bullshit? You like to be scared.
That's what turns you on.
I read people.
I know what's going on in their heads.
Why did you tell Stewart? I could have got away.
God, it's such a cliche, isn't it? - The younger woman and all that.
- Who said it was a woman? Stand clear.
He didn't do it.
You know Lynwen, are you OK? I'm pregnant.
15 HOURS TO GO Oh, for fuck's sake.
Early to rise come on.
- Jesus Christ, put it away, will you? - As if you've never seen one.
I'm going for a shower.
These were outside your door.
Feeling better? I'm fine.
You should have let me take you to A&E for a proper check-up.
I overreacted, OK? I'm on my way down to breakfast.
- Shall I see you down there? - Yes, fine.
I'll order coffee for you.
No coffee for me.
Alright? Yes.
Yes, I'm fine.
How did it go with the vicar? What? Why do we need sample shots? KNOCK ON DOOR - Can I get dressed in here, please? - Mm, yes.
All I want is a bit of privacy, you know.
- That bloody Peredur.
- What's he done now? He's really getting on my tits.
Look, I'll make room for you here.
Lynwen? I think I heard her going downstairs.
Oh, I said I'd give her a knock.
Shall we go down for breakfast then? Yup.
Don't you think you'd better eat something? The eggs are a bit runny.
They won't harm you, or the baby.
What? Freshly squeezed.
Lynwen Fresh fruit can carry bacteria.
I'll get something else.
Good morning.
- Don't you want to sit with them? - God, no.
Oh - Did you sleep alright? - With Val in the next bed? Guess.
I never sleep great without Ben.
The bed's too big.
Can I join you? Yes, of course.
Nadine was just saying how amazing her husband is - before you get any ideas.
- Ree! Always winding people up and embarrassing them, aren't you, Rhiannon? It's best to ignore her, I find.
Pretend she doesn't even exist.
Peredur Take a seat.
Coffee? Yes, thanks.
Do you want to tell me what you were doing last night? Sorry? You could be looking at a charge of ABH.
Oh, right.
We were messing about.
He was winding me up.
Come and join us.
Moira? Are you OK? Yes, fine.
Once I eat something.
Are you ill because? Here it is.
- Porridge? - Thanks.
I've got Len to thank for those tablets, Taz.
Him and all those men he saw behind my back.
Shit, Moira.
- Was it you who went to his room? - Yes.
- Didn't I tell you? - Alright.
But why? - I was angry with him.
- About what? - I don't even remember now.
- This nonsense stops now, OK? If you're not careful, you'll both be out on your arses.
- So we needn't do this any more.
- No, Carwyn.
Because you'd be in jail for contempt of court.
OK? Oh, come on.
Fancy a croissant? I'll get you one.
With jam, yes? I'm stuffed.
- You've hardly touched it.
- I'm sure Matt will have it.
Hash brown, Matt? VAL VOMITS Shit.
OK, the bus will be here to take you back to court in 30 minutes.
Be at reception by then, please.
14 HOURS TO GO KNOCK ON DOOR - Did you put it there last night? - What? - Don't play the innocent, Haydn.
- What's going on? This was in my room, set on video.
- You've been filming me, haven't you? - Um, no.
No, I haven't.
- Who else has been in my room then? - Are there any contacts in it? I don't know, I just MOBILE RINGS Oh, God alive.
I want to die.
- MOBILE VIBRATES - Actually, I think I have died.
Is that my phone? I'm telling you, if David expects me to speak now he can take a running jump.
Oh, God.
God! Oh, I don't remember last night.
I've slept in my swimsuit.
Did I go somewhere else before coming back? Yes, I think so.
You came here to get a bottle of wine then Haydn brought you back.
Haydn? - Isn't Haydn in hospital? - Nope.
Back from the dead.
A bit like you.
- Haydn? - God.
You didn't shag him, did you, Val? Just thinking that someone was watching me Who would do that? I don't know.
I'll check if there are more numbers in it, OK? - Leave it to me.
- OK.
I'm sorry.
- For accusing you like that.
- It's OK.
And thanks for looking after me last night.
I panicked a bit about the baby.
Well, that's normal, isn't it? You are a bit old to have a baby now.
- What? - From a medical aspect.
You're of an advanced maternal age.
You're right to be nervous.
Was it planned? If you don't mind me asking.
Ree, I'm going down to look for something to eat.
I haven't got a key.
Will you still be here? Ree? Look, I'll leave the door on the latch, OK? Ugh.
- OK? - Yes.
I hope things go better today.
Yes, it depends how complicated things get, I suppose.
I thought it'd be nice to go somewhere at lunchtime.
A change of scene, if you fancy it.
Um, Nick's phoned.
The kids missed me last night.
They're coming to the court, so Ah.
Oh, well.
Then I can meet them.
I can't wait to see what this Nick's like.
He sounds like a bloody saint to me.
"DNA missing?" Nadine? Nadine! I just wanted to ask what practice you work at? - Why do you ask? - I just I need a new frame and a new optician might have a wider choice.
- All opticians stock the same ranges.
- Yes, but it's worth a try sometimes.
- Which optician was it again? - Um Which optician was it again? Bridge Street, in the town centre.
KNOCK ON DOOR - The bloody minibus is here.
- What have you done with my laptop? - I saw it last night.
No idea.
- No, this morning, Val.
It was here.
Your key.
- I put it in my pocket last night.
- Thanks.
A good night last night, was it? I'd call it memorable.
I've thought a lot about you.
You said I had to be honest.
Accept what I've done.
But I don't know if I did it any more.
I know I said I did it, but I don't remember doing it.
What's wrong, Rhiannon? Have you forgotten something? OK.
In we go.
Is it alright if I? Oh, God, Haydn.
We'd better talk about it.
You know.
Whatever happened, it's OK.
We're grown-ups.
These things happen.
12 HOURS TO GO - Welcome back.
- Thank you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- A good night, by the look of you.
- Be gentle with us today, love.
- MOBILE RINGS - It's David.
Switch it off.
Are you OK? I'm fine.
Sorry about what I said.
It came out wrong.
- I was just worried about you.
- Forget it.
- Do you want a coffee? Decaf.
- Yes, OK, thanks.
This is like a funeral tea.
I'm really fed up with this place.
Ooh, excuse me.
Was it you? - Was it me what? - Don't give me that shit.
Where is it? - Are you OK? - Do I look OK? You must start taking this seriously.
- What? - This is just a game to you.
Is it painful? It looks worse than it is.
You have to look after your eyes, Carwyn.
- Right, are you ready to restart? - Yes, I think so.
Where do we stand as regards the foreman? - Is it still you? - Um, well, I'm not sure.
I think we're ready to restart.
We need to establish if I'm continuing as foreman.
We discussed it yesterday before I think we should just carry on as we were.
Yes, no more hold-ups, please.
We all want to go home tonight.
But we shouldn't forget why this arose in the first place.
Haydn had a tendency to side with the prosecution.
I didn't, Matt.
Maybe we should vote again.
Oh, not more bloody voting.
I think it's time I stood down as foreman.
I propose Lynwen to take my place.
Well, um yes, I'm happy to do it, if that's what everyone wants.
But, to be fair, if we're electing a new foreman - anyone can put their name forward.
- Matt's right.
The judge would insist that anyone can put their name forward.
Come on, seriously, who else wants to do it? Well, I'd like to be considered.
- Oh, bloody typical.
- He's within his rights, Ree.
OK, anyone else? OK.
All those in favour of Matt, raise your hands.
And all those in favour of Lynwen? Congratulations.
There we are, I'll inform the judge.
Right, let's see where we stand now.
Are you happy to have an open vote rather than a secret one? I think we know each other well enough by now.
All those who think that the defendant that Kelvin is guilty? Alright.
Not guilty? Don't know? Not sure.
OK, eight guilty, three not guilty, one not sure.
It's interesting how the vote has changed overnight.
Many of you have changed your minds.
Val? Look, love, I've been thinking about it.
This is how I see it.
If I'm wrong and this lad goes out and kills someone else well, sorry, I couldn't live with myself.
At least he'll be safe in jail.
Sorry, the belt and braces approach, as David puts it.
Val, you can't reach a verdict based on what makes you feel better.
I'd do anything to feel better today, love.
Ree? I had a dream, OK? Divine intervention.
A dream? Ree, come on.
What? Aren't everyone else's reasons just as flimsy? - Why are we always discussing Kelvin? - Sorry? Heulwen's the one who was killed.
She's why we're here.
We're ignoring her, as if she wasn't important.
As if she's just a corpse.
You're not blaming Heulwen for what happened to her, are you? No, Lynwen.
But we haven't tried to understand what was going on inside her head.
And until you grasp what someone has to deal with from day to day - you won't get any answers.
- Mererid has a point.
That's what I worked on last night.
From what we know, Leighton has been defending his brother.
I think that's because it was him having a relationship with Heulwen, not Kelvin.
Based on what evidence? Uh, I did have another document to show you from the police's DNA evidence.
- It's here somewhere.
- Leighton's DNA wasn't on Heulwen.
- Not as far as we know, - but his DNA was in the house.
Yes, but there was a reason.
They both did odd jobs for Heulwen to make money.
Kelvin did the gardening and Leighton did jobs in the house.
- A lot of locals used them.
- Leighton had a girlfriend.
Didn't she give him an alibi? Yes, but she wouldn't be the first to cover up for her boyfriend.
Or that she was ashamed because he went off with a much older woman.
But if he was sleeping with a woman twice his age why would she defend him? What's in it for her? Love? Susie still loved him, no matter what.
I don't see it myself, these two together.
What if we are suspecting the wrong brother? The little brother is much easier to frame.
Something was missing from the DNA documents.
I had proof something had been removed.
- I've left it at the hotel.
- A fat lot of use that is, Sherlock.
What about this John that Kelvin was going on about? - We don't know who he is.
- Is there any proof that he exists? I think John's a cover, just another name for Leighton.
Sorry, Matt, but you're making things so complicated.
It's not our job to identify everyone who's involved.
Our concern is Kelvin's guilt.
You're making us confused.
Heulwen is the key, I'm telling you.
It's possible she turned him down, isn't it? When he thought he had a chance.
Maybe that's what drove him over the edge.
It's not a reason to kill her.
People have a right to change their minds, Peredur.
Yes, but Even if she had led him to believe something could happen I've seen Kelvin in the dock.
He's the type of person who'd accept it and walk away But his brother wouldn't especially given that his brother is now on the run from the police.
Yes, well, that is a point.
The brother's not to be trusted.
Matt, sorry, but we can't consider events after the case has begun.
How can we not? We wouldn't have been in that hotel unless they thought that Leighton I know, but that's not evidence.
Lynwen's right.
We can't just guess what's happening outside this room.
All we have to consider is the evidence in front of us.
Matt, I'm not sure it's appropriate to introduce your theories here unless they clearly refer to the evidence.
The evidence we've been given points to only one verdict.
So why are we here, really, if it's that clear-cut? Something doesn't make sense.
I won't ignore everything just to deliver an easy verdict.
I never thought I'd say it, but Matt's right.
- Are you changing your mind again? - Sure, why not? It's random anyway.
Guilty, not guilty, I could say anything.
I think we need a break.
Have a coffee or some water, or go to the toilet.
But do try to come back to the table with a clear head, OK? The canteen coffee's nicer.
I could do with a walk.
OK, 20 minutes, 30 tops.
Listen .
11 HOURS TO GO You don't remember me, do you, Haydn? Or should I call you Dr Matthews? Uh, it's Mr Matthews, actually.
I'm a surgeon.
- Have we met before? - A while ago.
- At the hospital? - Yes.
Sorry, Steve, I meet so many people every day Yes, but it's not every day you kill someone.
- It's dragging a bit.
- We need to get things right.
Yes, but how can we ever find him not guilty given all the evidence? OK, lads? Fuck me.
Bloody hell, look at you.
I did say you'd regret it.
Oh, this is embarrassing.
What? Haydn and me last night.
Something happened between us.
See? He can't even look at me.
Oh, God.
I've got to go to the toilet again.
What the hell do I do with this lot? Everyone's tired.
No-one's acting like themselves.
It's such a responsibility.
Haydn, are you OK? - Too much sitting down, doing nothing - doesn't do anyone any good.
I'm going back.
Shit! Dr Matthews wanted me to get this for him.
Look the thing is, Jo, I'm just not sure.
The thing is, Joanne The thing is - What are you laughing at? - Are you going to attack me again? Outside court? That would be a good move.
What are you so desperate to tell Joanne? - You don't want to get married.
- That's not Yes, that's why you were itching to leave the hotel.
To tell her.
Just shut up.
You know, Moira what Len did to you I mean, it's well shitty but you do know we're not all like that.
We're not all shaggers.
I'll never forgive him.
No, I know that.
But you know what they say.
Don't get mad, get even.
What can I do to him that's worse than what he did to me? He wants to marry Alek.
Marry him! Don't give him the divorce.
He's a lawyer.
OK, well hit him where it hurts.
How? Alek.
I don't get it.
Get rid of the competition, Moira.
I have thought about it.
What if he had a little accident? Jesus, Moira! What? You said it.
I meant, get someone to sleep with him, not Bloody hell! Thank you.
It's so hard to be in here while those people in court are talking about me trying to work out what I did.
If I could just talk to them, I could tell them what happened.
Help, please! It was all her fault.
She started it all.
She should have died, not Heulwen! Nick! It wasn't just you there that night, was it? There was someone else there too.
The woman that Leighton works for.
I remember seeing her through the window.
Right then.
Are we all ready? I did a routine op on this woman.
I made a mistake.
She died a couple of hours later.
Jesus, Haydn, you're a train wreck.
Sorry, everyone, I'm out.
Not back to the hotel? Tell the judge to find a new gang of muppets to do the job.
He makes me do things I don't want to do.
I know no-one believes me, but Leighton Roberts is dangerous.
He could kill one of us just to stop the case.
Give it back.
I'll have it by tonight, trust me.
I just want to go home.
The thing is, I did kill her, in a way.
Everyone makes mistakes.
You can't run forever, Haydn.