4 Blocks (2017) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Come on! We're in a hurry, come on! Hasenheide? GÃrlitzer? All good, everybody paid.
- Very good.
- We'll head off, OK? Shit, the cops.
The cops are coming! Police.
Your IDs, please.
- Keep it down up there.
- You bitch! Your ID.
Don't have one.
Whose car is that? Open up, pal.
No key.
It's open.
Motherfuckers! Fuck the police! Fuck you! Let's call it off.
We need backup.
Stralauer garages.
Two units, please.
Cut it out! When I start to run, you go to the playing field, OK? I got your gear, huh? Freeze! Issam, come on! Stop that! Get down! Latif! Latif! What are you doing? What's in there? What is it? No way.
Open up! Police! Open up! Police! On the ground! On the ground! And don't move an inch, you fucking Arab! Is that clear? Chapter 1 Brothers Nothing to do? - Chill.
It's hot outside.
- Sorry? Did you tell me to chill? Think business just does itself? What about Skyline? And Grenzallee? - But you have time for cards.
- Abbas.
- Heard the story of the fisherman? - What fisherman? A fisherman lies in a hammock enjoying the sun at the beach.
A tourist comes past and asks: "Why not go out and catch fish?" The fisherman says: "I went already, caught four lobsters.
" And he shows them to him.
The tourist says: "Go back and catch 100.
You'll be a rich man.
" The fisherman looks into the sun, laughs and says: "And then?" "Then you can enjoy the sun," says the tourist.
Fisherman says: "I already am.
" "Why do I need 100 lobsters?" Cool fisherman.
Cool? He's stupid.
What if another comes to lie in the sun but has 100 lobsters? Who'll get the pussies? Got it? Now go get the lobsters! What's up? The cops got Latif.
Stop it.
Let's get this over with, Mrs.
Tell us what you know and it will all be OK.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
We know your husband's official income.
I can't afford a television like that one.
And you have two.
Not to mention the cars your husband drives.
Nine kilos of cocaine.
Enough to put a man behind bars for a long time.
And I'm sure that more will come to light.
Do you want your son to grow up without a father for so long? Mrs.
Talk to us.
Convince your husband to finally make a confession.
Out the way, dude.
Ah, the Hamady brothers.
I hope you treated my sister well.
You're down for the count, Ali.
And this is just the beginning.
Come here, sister.
We're always here for you and Adam.
And I swear to you, I'll get Latif out of there as soon as possible.
Did you tell the cops anything? Anything at all? No.
It's important, you know.
Important, is it? Why? Why is it important, Toni? So your deals won't be disturbed? - If they'd found stuff here, I'd be - Amara.
I watched my husband get arrested.
The police destroyed my apartment.
My son was scared to death! What happened, Toni? Please take care of Amara and Adam.
We'll talk tonight.
Even if we cut it again, it will only last the week.
How did they know the monthly delivery came today? Coincidence.
Those fucking cops were lucky.
As long as Latif doesn't squeal to the cops.
Latif is family.
Don't talk crap.
Ibrahim said we should meet with the Al-Saafis.
OK, I'll do it.
- No, I'll do it.
- Why you? Let me talk to my brother alone.
Go outside.
Thought you wanted out of this? The cocaine, the hassle.
- What's up? - You and Latif lost a lot of cocaine.
The Al-Saafi brothers are cautious and they know me.
They want to talk to the eldest.
Don't talk to me like a kid.
I'm not, but let me negotiate, OK? We need more gear, and we need them as a source.
I don't care, I'm coming.
And one other thing.
Those bastard cops.
They better watch out.
Do nothing until Ibrahim says so.
Let's see.
Get out! Out! All the women out.
And close the door.
What's wrong? Looking at my dick? Wanna suck it? Nobody sells drugs in my club! Nobody! That's you? No! I'm the pink one.
OK, fine.
Now that's enough.
- Just one more - No, Serin.
- One.
- No.
Dad, why don't I have a bike yet? Because you'll get one on your birthday.
Hamit says girls shouldn't ride bikes.
If Hamit said that then he's an idiot.
Now go to sleep, my princess.
Sweet dreams.
Of Dad, not Mom.
Sweet dreams.
Amara is distraught and so is the little one.
Promise me that won't happen to us.
All this has to stop.
Promise me.
I promise, as soon as the passports arrive.
I'll be the most German German.
I'll be a business man, a real estate agent.
I'll even be the mayor of NeukÃlln.
Just trust me.
I really will.
You know it.
I could be a doctor.
Right? Please.
What is it? I have to go out again for a while.
- Remember the appointment tomorrow.
- Sure.
It's important, yeah? You can iron my shirt for tomorrow.
You look good.
Where is Abbas? This is his job.
There's trouble with the girls at Rush.
Yeah? You want a fight? Give me your finger! Give it here! Get down! Get down! Look what he did to me, Toni.
God damn bastard! Show him a lesson.
So, you've been selling in my club? That's a no-go.
Here at Skyline, only we do that.
Who are you from? Who sent you? Who are your people? What's up with him? Doesn't he speak? Talk to him! Speak! Hey.
Speak German? Fuck you.
OK, take his jacket off.
If he doesn't talk, I break his legs.
Come on, Toni.
Teach him a lesson.
Vince? Toni.
What the fuck, man? I almost crippled you! I didn't know For fuck's sake! What are you doing? I wouldn't have done it.
I wouldn't.
How long has it been? Ten years? Fifteen.
How long have you been back? A few weeks.
I needed cash.
You get me? Vince, listen very carefully.
Never in my spot.
- Understood? - Yeah.
You beat up two of my guys.
What's that about? Sorry.
You pussies.
Let him go.
It's Vince! Greatest fighter around.
Vince, man.
Fifteen years, brother.
Fifteen! Where were you? Today we party, brother.
Abbas, hey.
Look who's here.
Remember him? Do you still remember? It's Vince, man.
- All right? - You? Who are they? Former members of the Hells Angels who started the Cthulhus.
Bunch of fucking Turks and outcasts, all losers.
Think they can take over the city.
Let's party.
Screw them.
Come on, honey.
Work it.
Oh, Tyra.
Tyra's from Atlanta.
Take a good look at her.
- Hi.
- Tyra.
Go to our table.
Southeast Warriors, late 90s.
The toughest gang in town.
Guys, I swear, Vince didn't have any hair on his balls yet, but he won every fight.
Toni, remember? Flughafen Street and Columbiadamm.
- The Turks have it now.
- Where the arcade is.
He went at ten Turks with a knife.
They all ran away.
- Like dogs.
- He fought like a lion.
I'll show you.
Wait a second.
See this scar? A kebab knife.
Vince had my back in that one.
A fighter.
Good to have you back.
Good to be back.
So? Where have you been for 15 years? Where have you been for 15 years? My mom moved to Frankfurt Oder.
I went with her, then joined the army.
Yeah? Where? Where? Abroad.
Where abroad? Abroad.
Then what? Came home.
Went into business.
What kind of business? Cars, this and that.
The borders were open.
Business was great.
If it was great, what are you doing here? - I fell out with my partner.
- Yeah? Tell us more.
Tell you what? What was his name? Ronny.
Ronny? Like everybody in the East.
Don't talk shit, dude.
Abbas, what's your problem? Vince is our friend.
My problem? He's here drinking my vodka and I don't know him.
Be nice to our guest, OK? To you, Vince.
Good to have you back.
To Hamudi, wherever he is.
It always takes ages.
It looks good.
Everything's there.
After 26 years of waiting, it should all be in order.
26? You hadn't even been born, right? True.
How are our chances? It should be plain sailing from now on.
Just between us This isn't official, OK? You'll both get your permanent residency.
Passports should arrive next week.
One and two Hey, man.
What's up? Go over, it's calmed down now.
Zeki, listen.
NeukÃlln, Kreuzberg, that's my hood Wrong street, wrong word, And you're kaput Not a gang We're family, the Hamadys Fuck off, you faggot With your drainpipe jeans Through Berlin nights My AirMax pace You can't look straight Cos I broke your face Kidding! I'm no sinner, But the bear on my chest shouts - "I am a Berliner" - Berliner! "I am a Berliner" The bear "shouts" or "yells"? Where did they go, dude? Look! What a bastard, dude.
What's he saying to our guys? Come on.
Issam, come on! Come! We have everything.
Ketamine, MDMA Smack, coke, crystal.
We'll give you a good price.
Better than the Hamadys, you get me? What do you say? Hey! What are you doing here? Get back to work! Go on! Go on then.
And you? Who are you? Get the fuck out! This is our spot.
What? What? You Turkish runt.
- Come on then! - What's your problem? Bastard! - Hey! - You fucking Turk! You fucker! Fuck you, dude! You pussy! What do you want? You cocksucking motherfucker! You bastard! Motherfucker! I talk to Mohamed now.
You hang back.
When it's all OK, you can take over.
Where is Mohamed? He's busy.
He told me to speak to you.
What else did he say? You need a fresh supply because you lost your last delivery And we're here to tell you we won't be working with you anymore.
Why? We've always done good business.
And we pay on time.
- Never any problems.
- True.
Now there are.
So we need Mohamed's help.
The cops are onto you and won't let up.
It's too risky.
Let us worry about the cops.
Gonna let him talk like that? Wanna work with this kind of people? Come on, guys.
We're brothers.
We're a family.
You can't let us down.
We're not brothers.
You're not family.
From our family came the mayor of Beirut, while you were keeping goats.
Then you fled to Germany to become street rats.
And we won't get burned helping street rats.
Motherfucker! Our father fought for you.
That's how you run our family business? Think before you open your big mouth.
Fucking Fuck.
Honey? Hey! Oh, my God.
I saw something so awesome on the internet.
A blue leather jacket made of python.
I thought I would die.
My God, so .
What's wrong? Stress.
Go on.
Why are you so dressed up? I thought we were going out.
Yeah, we were.
Aren't you coming? Man, you are so disgusting.
Fuck off.
Take off the damn shoes.
They're annoying.
Really? Don't fucking take it out on me that you don't have work under control.
- Now you wanna fuck with me too? - How about you fucking me for once? Fuck off! Fuck off yourself! Ugly bitch.
Have a great time, you fucking dick! Ibrahim: Find a solution! Who owns the car, Mr.
Hamady? Don't know.
How did it end up in your repair shop? Don't know.
Don't talk crap.
You know the car came with the coke from Hamburg to Berlin.
Why are you such a smart ass, huh? Because we've got our eye on you and someday we'll have you by the balls.
No idea what you're talking about, Officer.
You know exactly, Mr.
Think about your wife.
And your son.
Talk to us.
Von SchÃnflies, Mr.
Hamady's lawyer.
OK, then.
Let's all play by the rules, shall we? And you, Mr.
Hamady, not another word.
Fucking hippies.
She's my pride and joy, my world.
When she was born I cried like a baby.
What about you? Wife, kids? Nobody.
Why? Want to be a career man, or what? I've had a rough time, you know? Why did you leave? Your home is here.
I messed up a lot here.
Strange memories.
Toni? New bar.
Do we know it? Probably a new owner.
Then let's say hello, shall we? Hello.
Sorry, we're not opened yet.
Can you speak German? Let's talk German.
We live in Germany.
Look, as I said We are closed.
Please, can you give me 3 Fanta? Please? Thank you.
Brother, what is it? You don't have original? Nice-looking place.
We could make something of it.
We could put our machine in, instead of that one.
You know "Automat"? Slot machines.
Bet, gambe.
Is good business, you know? Slot machine, yeah.
Dude, you need slot machines.
People like games.
Chilling out and having a beer.
Know what I mean? Keep playing, keep drinking.
It's good for your business.
Look, I appreciate the advice, dude, but I'm good.
- Thanks.
- No.
No, my friend.
Not good.
Seriously, guys.
Get the fuck out of here.
Listen, you bastard.
Tomorrow two people will bring three machines.
I'll come here twice a week and empty them.
And you don't touch them.
You got me? Why you make problems, neighbour? Have a nice day.
Kemal, chill out a bit.
You nearly strangled him.
Did you see him? Calm down.
I hate these fucking hipsters.
They ruined this area.
Hipsters are good.
You make money with them.
Hey, guys.
Do you have any work for me? - Us? - Yeah.
We're not officially allowed to work here, you know.
See you.
I'll show you the neighborhood.
We're not officially allowed to earn money.
Refugees have more rights than us.
Imagine! And we speak perfect German.
That's life.
A lot changed since you left, Vince.
The kids take care of Hermannplatz.
The hipsters, the tourists.
I had the slot machine idea two years ago.
Great business.
Doesn't run under my name, but who cares.
- Still have non-permanent residency? - Yeah.
But someday that bullshit will be over, no need to keep extending my permit.
Slot machines are a top investment.
Every third person in NeukÃlln drops their money in.
They're so dumb, even gambling their benefits.
Girls, slot machines, coke, protection money Your four blocks.
My four blocks.
It's good.
You've got it made.
No, I haven't.
I haven't got anything.
I want to show you something.
- Wanna buy this? - I've had my eye on it a while.
Buy it for five million, then rent it out and make half a million each year in rent.
I want clean money, no stress.
No more headlines.
Living like a businessman.
I understand.
I have a family.
I want my daughter to grow up decent.
Next week I get my permanent residency and my passport, and can legally open a business.
Like everyone else.
Vince, I can't promise you anything.
You're German.
You're not family, you know that.
But I'll have jobs for you.
Happy you're here, man.
What do you say? Sounds good.
Yeah, man.
Hello? Here we have to Hey, Abbas.
Don't forget your gym kit today.
We have to wash it this weekend.
When is Aya's birthday? - When is it? - Doesn't matter.
You told me before.
- No, I didn't.
- OK, then you didn't.
You wanted to give her a present? - Not eating your eggs again? - Not hungry.
Come on, I'll score a goal.
Open your mouth.
Goal! Kalila.
Take Serin and go to the bedroom.
Sit on the bed, leave the door open.
Right now! You guys killed a policeman.
For that I'll destroy you and your whole brood.