4 Blocks (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Die falsche Neun

1 Police! Whose car is that? The cops got Latif.
Promise me that won't happen to us.
Nine kilos of cocaine.
And I'm sure more will come to light.
- And how much do you want? - Fifty.
So, you've been selling in my club? That's a no-go.
Vince? Do you still remember? It's Vince, man.
So? Where have you been for 15 years? - Be nice to our guest.
- Vince is our friend.
- Have any work for me? - We're not officially allowed to earn.
Girls, slot machines, coke, protection money - Your four blocks.
- My four blocks.
I want clean money, no stress.
Someday we'll have you by the balls.
Those bastard cops.
They better watch out.
You guys killed a policeman.
For that I'll destroy you and your whole brood.
Chapter 2 False Nine Well? Fuck off.
What did your raid achieve? A colleague was killed.
We had to take drastic action.
Even if we have to let your friend Toni Hamady go again.
It's taken me three months to make contact with the Hamadys and you idiots storm their apartment with a SWAT team? Are you stupid? Now they're even more suspicious.
Should I tell Kutscha to take you off the case? No, I've established contact.
I'll manage to be accepted into their inner circle.
It's important to learn about their chain of command.
We need to cut off the head to drain the blood.
And find out who murdered Robert John.
Anything else? Call if you need any help.
Poor quality.
Stretch it out.
Not one seven, one six, Salameh! This will never last until next week.
Then stretch it out even more.
Go on! Get the door.
What's got into you? What do you want from me? If you have a problem, go to Ibrahim.
Don't bother me.
He said we have to find a solution.
Shall I tell you something? Since you became a father, you've turned into a real pussy.
You can't make a decision.
Am I wrong? Abbas Listen to me carefully.
We don't kill people and we don't kill cops.
We're not murderers.
What are you doing? You want them to fuck us while our wives and children watch? Abbas.
I love you.
You're my brother.
And I'm always on your side.
But from now on .
whatever you do .
you ask me first.
OK? Just do what I say, OK? Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
I'd like a coffee.
And Vince? You don't recognize me, do you? Amara? You were so small, you couldn't see over the counter.
Toni already told me that you were back.
You look great.
What are you doing here? Having a coffee.
What are you doing here? What are you doing here? Is he yours? Yes.
Adam, look.
This is Vince.
Vince, this is Adam.
- I'll just take him out the back.
- OK.
You were supposed to stay in the back.
You're married? You've got nice things here.
I have to go.
- I'll leave the money.
- No, no.
Yes, I must.
- See you soon.
- See you soon.
What's up? Get in.
Toni says you want to earn more cash.
The funny thing about "false nine" is it's not a forward.
But why "nine"? The center forward was always number nine.
Now they pretend to be center forwards, but they aren't really.
Müller is a false nine.
Because he's a forward? Hey, come on, Müller! Why doesn't he just fuck off? Whatever.
Too bad.
OK, you go in.
Tell him the Hamadys send their regards.
If he doesn't pay tomorrow, his store shuts the day after.
Give his kneecaps a whack.
It's hard.
But those are the rules.
What game's that? Luigi's Mansion 2? Yeah.
Do you know it? Sure I know it.
I'm one of the best in the world.
Big talk, show-off! It's not big talk.
Give it here.
I'm Vince.
But I want my Nintendo back, Vince.
No, don't worry.
Do I look like I'd keep it? - What school do you go to? - Fallada.
Hey, what do you want from my son? We're just playing.
Wanna buy something? Then I'll ask you to go and leave my son alone.
I'll drop by your school to continue our game.
You'll not meet my son again.
Is that clear? My friends would have liked to play with him.
The Hamadys.
What do you want? You want the boy to be OK, don't you? I want you to pay your debts.
On time.
Then you'll live in peace.
Understand? Issam, come on.
Cut its throat.
- What? - Cut its throat, man! What's wrong, pussy? You afraid? Who's a pussy? Of course I'm not afraid! Then do it! Come on! Give me the knife.
Give it to me! Like a princess! So pretty.
Now the other one we talked about.
This one here, wasn't it? Have you heard from Toni? Don't worry.
They'll let him go.
I'm sure he has nothing to do with it.
Of course he hasn't.
Have you visited Latif? Not allowed to yet.
You must have known it could also happen to you.
I know how it feels.
You're disappointed.
But you must stand by your man now.
They need us.
That's how it works.
You're so pretty.
Maybe you can pin your hair up.
Oh, God.
What does she want? I saw you from outside.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
Of course not.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Have you heard from Toni? Abbas says that he's back out.
Oh, really? He said that? Well - I'm sure he'll call you very soon.
- I'm sure.
Well, I don't know Don't you think it's a bit too over the top? What? The dress.
A little bit too showy.
It wouldn't be my style.
I can imagine.
She has to like it too, Ewa, huh? Yeah.
Have you got any champagne? Sorry, what? Sparkling wine? It's not important.
So beautiful.
All right? What? Wait out here.
I won't be long.
Here, Toni.
From the carpet dealer.
Vince got it in five minutes.
Are you OK, Toni? Has something happened? Hi.
So, what did the police say? They had to let me go.
I didn't do anything.
Where's Serin? She's asleep at last.
What's that? She wanted a bike.
I got her one.
You think a bike makes it all OK? When did you get out? This morning.
Why didn't you come straight home? Why didn't you call at least? Instead I have to find out from Ewa that you're free? I had to see the guys.
The situation is very tense.
It certainly is here.
Serin cried the whole time.
She thought the police would hurt you.
You go to your guys rather than your daughter? - I have responsibilities.
- Yes, exactly, Toni.
For your family.
For Serin and for me.
You promised me you were through with it all and now it starts again.
No, it's not all starting again.
And what was all that with the police? Of course it's starting again.
A policeman was murdered, Toni.
It doesn't just stop.
They won't leave us alone.
For two years you had nothing to do with the street.
You promised me you were clean, I didn't have to be afraid any more.
Listen to me.
Latif's in jail and as long as he's there, I have to straighten out the family business.
Then I'll take a step back and be there for you.
I promise you.
You promise me? You've made promises before and you've never kept them! Toni.
Toni! Where are you going? - Not so loud.
- How else can I do it? OK, OK, OK.
Quiet there! We're meeting Klaus.
Didn't you say we shouldn't do deals with him? Better with him than none at all.
That junkie screwed things up before.
So? Ibrahim will be against it.
I've already spoken to Ibrahim.
What's he doing back here? It's against family rules.
We don't let Germans in.
You don't trust him? Then check him out.
Works in bakery.
Attends evening classes at the Free University.
Married to Latif Hamady.
Son Adam, two.
First contact, 27.
One of those and four of those, please.
Four of those.
- Anything else? - No, thanks.
Have one more of these.
Can you take over? She'll continue.
How are you? How's Adam? How should he be? He keeps asking what's going on.
Asks where his father is and didn't want to go to daycare today.
You and Adam move in with me.
We'll take care of you while Latif is away.
No, Abbas.
You're my sister.
I promised Latif.
It's what he wants.
I don't need anyone to take care of me.
- You're coming to ours.
- Abbas! What do you want, huh? Keep out of it when I'm talking to my sister.
Is that clear? Here Take this.
Get a few things.
- What are you doing? - Here, take it.
Just take it.
Get up.
Get up! Move over.
- Come on.
- Where to? A little excursion.
Where are we going? Tell me, Vince.
Tell you what? Frankfurt, for example.
I did business there with Ronny.
I already told you.
Ronny's still there? I think so.
What if we go now and he's not there? What then? You'd be screwed, right? Here? Yeah.
Business wasn't so good, huh? I'm a gambler.
Go in then.
Ronny? Ronny? Ronny! Not in.
That's bad luck.
It is for you.
Look round the back.
Ronny? Where is your Ronny? Ronny's not here, Vince.
Have you been lying to me? Maybe it's just bullshit? Who are you, Vince? Who are you? If he's not here, he's not here.
Hey, freaks, what's all this? - Who's this? - What do you want? I told you to fuck off out of my life.
Ronny, big guy This is a buddy of mine.
Wanted to suggest we do business.
Are you crazy? I'm supposed to do business with a Turk? Get the fuck off my property! - A Turk? - Did he say something? - You called me a Turk? - You prefer "fucking Turk"? The fucking Turk will cut you open until shit falls out! Keep calm, guys.
Calm it.
Calm it now! Let me at this asshole! Asshole! - Don't show up here again! - I'll smash your German face in! Let me Asshole! Abbas! Drive, man! Go, go, go, go, go! Alibi intact.
If you need any contact with refurbishment firms that we've had good experiences with, feel free to call.
Thanks, but I think everything's in place.
- I'll wait for your draft contract.
- It'll be sent today.
Call Mrs.
Behnke and make an appointment for next week.
We'll see each other in my office, Mr.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
The right decision.
I know.
Get out.
What? Get out, I said.
You have no business here.
Got it? You don't fit in with our family.
I don't care what my brother says.
We don't need any Germans.
Get out.
Is this yours? Huh? You stupid, fucking, Arab Turk! Is this yours? Were you trying to scare me with this shit? Get out! What's your fucking problem? What's your goddamn It's this, son of a bitch! Come here, faggot! - Bastard, asshole! - Fucking Arab! Enough! Stop, asshole! Fuck off! Fuck off! Fuck off, will you? You sons of bitches! Sons of bitches! I don't want a war with Ruffi.
Where did this goat's head come from? Where? Look at me! They desecrated our family honor.
Brother, I swear, it hurts me as much as you.
I'll talk to Ruffi and you'll find out who it was.
OK? Look at me.
OK? Vince, what's that? Do it properly with a plaster or bandage.
Head down.
Don't be a pussy.
If you really did see Abbas' gun, then we'll get it out of the freezer, just borrowing it, you know? Imagine what fucking respect Nico will have for us then! Hey, dude! Are you listening? We'll get Abbas' gun and blow the son of a bitch away.
Do you have shit for brains? That goat number was enough.
I shouldn't have mentioned the gun.
Never mind, bro.
- Hey! Come here.
- Hey, what's up? Abbas and Toni want to see you.
What do they want? Never mind.
Come with me.
How cool is that, dude? Did you see her, Zeki? She looked like Megan Fox.
This way, boys.
Was this you? We wanted to teach him a lesson.
And what did you do? Nailed the head to his door.
Do you have shit for brains? Who told you to do that? Who? Huh? Who, who, who? Me? Toni? Ibrahim? They were dealing on our corner.
Dealing on your corner? You think you're the Mafia? Are you a gangster? Are you a gangster? Come here, asshole! You too! Come here! You want to be the Mafia? You want rituals? Shall I tell you about rituals? We used to have a ritual.
To find out who's the toughest.
Right, Toni? Punch him.
If you don't punch him, then I'll fuck you both.
Are you jerking me around? Take off your backpack! Take your fucking backpack off! And you? Why don't you fight back? I'll say it one last time.
Either you fight or I fuck you both! Fuck each other.
Bastard! Stop now! Get up! I'll fuck your mother! Hit him, hit him! Vince, come here.
I'm meeting a new source tomorrow.
Klaus Schiller, a flower seller from Wedding.
He gets his gear from Holland.
Want a piece of it? Yeah.
Klaus Schiller Flowers Berlin Shit.
Hey! Vince! What are you doing in Berlin? Dude! Come here.
Hey, am I under arrest now or what? I don't give a shit what you do.
I never gave a shit about your business.
All I wanted was information.
My information was always useful to you.
I'll be at the meeting with the Hamadys.
The deal will go smoothly.
You don't know me.
Whatever happens, you don't know me.
Yes, OK.
I don't know you.
Hey, Vince? Some flowers for the wife? Don't have one any more.
That's enough.
I don't understand.
Tell me why.
Was I not good to you? Please don't run away.
It's pointless.
It'd kill me.
We're a family after all.
We must stick together.
You understand? It would make me sad if you were afraid of me.
You're my girl.
Ruffi, important visitor.
Toni Hamady's outside.
Clean her up.
Listen, Ruffi.
What happened, happened.
We don't want a war.
War is bad for business.
Everybody's business.
We can't deliver right now.
But NeukÃlln .
Hasenheide .
and GÃrlitzer Park are ours.
Isn't it a public park? Open to everybody.
Tell me why we should miss out on that dough.
Just because you have such a bunch of losers around you Fuck you! Fucking Arab! Shut it! Get back.
It doesn't mean you're King of Berlin.
In Berlin .
we speak Arabic now.
Stay in shitty Wedding.
Peddle your shitty crystal.
Pimp your whores.
But don't mess with us.
Here's Klaus.
Hey, Toni.
You know the rules.
I read that you were having a few difficulties.
And that's when you remember old friends, right? I want five grams.
- What the fuck's this? - I said I want five grams.
Five K was the deal.
We're testing it.
If it's good, we'll take five K tomorrow.
Hey, stop.
Up to their necks in shit, but still want to deal.
OK, give them five.
Anything to wrap it in? That's enough.
You'll be hearing from us.
Hopefully, I won't have to wait four years.
It makes no sense.
Why would Klaus sell you shit? He knows you'll smash him up.
Tell that to Ibrahim.
He's fucking paranoid.
Who's Ibrahim? Ibrahim is Ibrahim.
There are a few rules to follow.
Don't trust anyone you don't know.
Got it? If you buy ten kilos of shit, you sit on it.
You'll be out of business in no time.
So what do you do? You take a sample and test it.
You crumble it in warm water and the crap comes out.
Or you just put it in your mouth and taste it.
Yeah? Does it smell good, does it smell bad? You get what I'm saying? And it has to look good.
It has to be flaky.
Best of all, you know someone who will shoot it straight up their arm.
Free testers, you know? Here, like this.
Come here.
Come on.
- Got something? - Sure.
Why do you think I'm here? Go, go.
Berlin has become such a shithole.
You were an idiot to come back.
Hurry up.
Well? Good? - Klaus screwed us over.
- Do something, man! We'll call an ambulance.
Come on.
Leave him.
Come on.
Take this one here.
Here, look.
I'll stick this here.
Come on.
Faster, faster, faster.
I've stuck a duck on.
You've done a skull and crossbones.
- I've got a heart.
- Me too.
Where's your ladybug? That's you.
I'm a ladybug? Yeah.
This way.
You're an elephant.
Hey, Vince.
- Nice to see you.
- I'll make you some tea.
Everything OK? Klaus screwed us over.
That gear is shit.
Hello, Klaus? It's Toni.
Listen, we're in business.
Same time, same place.
Your job, Vince.