4 Blocks (2017) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Do you still remember? It's Vince, man.
So? Where have you been for 15 years? Be nice to our guest.
- Vince is our friend.
- To you, Vince.
It's taken me three months to make contact with the Hamadys.
We must learn their chain of command.
I'll manage to be accepted into their inner circle.
- You lying to me? - What's all this? - Wanted to suggest we do business.
- With a Turk? Don't show up again! Alibi intact.
Toni says you want to earn more cash.
Go in and give his kneecaps a whack.
- What do you want? - You to pay your debts.
On time.
Vince? You don't recognize me, do you? Amara? What are you doing here? We don't want a war.
But NeukÃlln, Hasenheide and GÃrlitzer Park are ours.
This will never last until next week.
- We're meeting Klaus.
- You said we wouldn't deal with him.
- Am I arrested now? - I'll be at the meet with the Hamadys.
The deal will go smoothly.
You don't know me.
I want five grams.
We're testing it.
Don't trust anyone you don't know.
Well? Good? Klaus screwed us over.
Hello, Klaus? It's Toni.
Listen, we're in business.
Your job, Vince.
Hey, Dad! Hey, Dad! Darling brother.
Nice to have you here with us again.
Yeah, man.
Toni and Klaus come down the stairs.
I hit him right away.
You grab his partner.
Then we tie them both up and show them that nobody fucks with the Hamadys.
What's up? What's that look for? You should be honored that Toni wants you involved.
Chapter 3 Ibrahim I don't believe it.
Seriously? - Yeah? - Alexander, where are you? I can't.
We've got the deal today.
I've already loaded up.
I've got the shits.
Are you crazy? You're trying to tell me What do you want? For me to shit all over the car? Fuck you! I don't believe it.
Fucking cokehead! Fuck! Police! - Out of the car! - Get out! - OK, OK.
- Out of the car! Spread your legs.
We've been waiting 20 minutes.
That bastard's not coming.
Awesome source, your Klaus.
Where do we get the gear from now? - Why didn't that scumbag come? - Cos he knew he screwed us over.
Where is Adam? At home.
- Why didn't you bring him? - Because I don't take Adam to jail.
How are you? Home is nicer.
Why didn't you come until now? Why didn't you tell me about the stuff in the apartment? - It's better not to know.
- I could be in here too.
What would have happened to Adam? You know that won't happen.
- I know you're in here.
- Amara.
I know Adam has no father at home.
I know you promised this would never happen.
I have good chances of getting out.
We have to stick together.
I whip my friends and my foes Nothing but jealousy from them bros I'm king of the street Making cash with weed Now hear me roar Tonight there's war What's up? - Fucking retard.
- Shut up.
You're an asshole.
I whip my friends and my foes Nothing but jealousy from them bros I'm king of the street Making cash with weed Roll Roll up in a purple Lambo Roll up in a purple Lambo Your mom loses her visa though I couldn't give a shit I'm banking serious dough I'm making all the money While you give head to trannies Tonight there's war Tonight there's war Tonight there's war I'm king of the street Making cash with weed There's war War What's going on? Get back to work! Go on! Get down on your knees.
Get down on your knees! I said get down on your knees! Turn over.
Be quiet.
You work for us now.
For the Cthulhus.
We have everything.
Hash, LSD, MDMA, ketamine, smack, coke and crystal.
No more deals with the Arabs.
Keep still! Is that clear? And for you Tried to scare me with that goat? This is my response, you fucking Arab.
And I have a lot more smart answers where that came from.
Now fuck off! Tell your guys to go back to camel fucking country.
This means war, man! This means war! That motherfucker.
Issam, don't tell anyone what you saw.
OK? Toni and Abbas can't find out.
I was just threatened with a gun.
Nothing else.
OK? What else is there to tell? To: International Enquiries We have to meet! Urgently! Toni, this isn't a lock! Smoking in bed? It relaxes me.
What are you thinking about? Everything's fine.
We got mail.
We pick up the passports on Monday.
Hey, Kemal.
Ruffi's guys kicked them out.
Took over the whole park.
The Africans all work for him now.
You have to do something, Toni.
We need fresh supplies.
If we don't deliver, he'll get a foothold and then take the rest.
They're out in front of Rush, poaching the other families' sellers.
The guy's like the Pied Piper to them.
I'm not looking forward to all this shit.
Brother, I hear you.
But we have to do something.
You have to.
You know that Abbas is the wrong guy for this.
Toni, the family needs you.
Get someone watching Ruffi around the clock.
I want to know exactly what he does and how.
And when he's alone, without his scum, you let me know.
- OK.
- OK? Toni.
Klaus got busted.
- What? - They caught him on his doorstep.
With all the gear.
That's why he didn't come.
What's wrong, honey? Why aren't you on your bike? - The boys won't let me.
- Why not? They say Arab girls don't ride bikes.
If you want to ride a bike, then do it.
Understand? But Hamit Hamit and the other boys are stupid.
Do whatever you want.
You're a Hamady.
Look, now you turn around, get on your bike, go to the playground and do what you want.
OK? So fucking gross! - Come on, let's go.
- Where? To get the gun and kill that fucker.
Leave it to the big guys to settle this.
Are you serious, dude? Come on.
We wondered if you could sell us something.
- OK.
What? - Hash.
- 20 euro a gram.
- You crazy? That's fucking expensive.
- It's no cheap shit.
It's top quality.
- You're fucking kidding me.
- Just go.
- Wait! You can have it for ten.
Issam! Give it here.
Hand it over.
I don't believe this.
What happened to your eye? Doesn't matter.
Wait, what's your name? Leonie.
Finished? Come on.
Danger assessment report Klaus Schiller Hamadys planned to take revenge on him His safety is at risk and should be protected Who is it? Toni, don't knock like the cops.
- We need to talk.
- Come in.
Want a coffee? Yeah, make us a coffee.
Can I count on you? - What? - Can I count on you? Of course.
You know that.
- Be honest with me.
- I am.
Do you know Klaus Schiller? You don't trust me.
What is this? Dealer arrested! Another blow for the drug mafia I was happy about coming back.
I thought there were people here who I can trust, who trust me.
Maybe I'm too naive.
Too much time has passed.
You know what? I'm glad that Klaus didn't come.
I already crippled someone on your orders.
And I swore I'd never do it again.
I was in jail because of you.
Did you visit? You said the family would respect me.
Bullshit! But if you really think that I'm ratting you out to the cops Then I'm sorry.
One more thing.
But you already know.
What do you mean? In Holland, there's a guy sitting and waiting for Klaus.
But Klaus won't be coming.
Dude, it's our source.
It's your source.
Do what you want.
Vince! What's up with this shitty tarp? Why is this beautiful garden all dead? Get some tomatoes and some basil in here.
You need a woman.
Why don't you have one? Why don't you have a woman? Why don't you? - I have women.
- Where? Think about expanding the staff.
Or you'll never get that third star.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm watching this for the third time.
You were meant to interrogate him, not stick him in jail.
You put me in a really shitty position.
What were we meant to do? His car was full of gear.
- Where is he? - In Moabit.
Where else? And before you ask, he's guarded every second of the day.
You're safe.
Is Toni suspicious? I managed to turn down the heat.
He wants to take over Klaus's deals.
I need contact details for Alexander, Klaus's friend.
You're aware of your limits, Vince.
Right? Yes.
You wanted the network.
I'll do my work, you do yours.
We are.
You really think it's a good idea to give Toni permanent residency? If he doesn't get it, then he's backed into a corner.
How are you? It's about time you got me out.
Hello, Mr.
Don't worry.
Amara and Adam came to live with me.
I'm looking after them.
You'll be out soon.
Be patient.
I'm afraid I have to disappoint you.
The news I have isn't good.
You're charged with breaching the law on narcotics, paragraph 29.
And that means? Drug trafficking.
For this kind of amount, you're looking at five years at least.
And in this case, the prosecution have it easy.
The car where the drugs were hidden is registered in your name, correct? Yeah, it's registered in my name.
Then there's your criminal record.
Hamady, show your intelligence.
Consider pleading guilty.
What can I do if someone hides drugs in my car, huh? Is the court meant to believe that? That someone randomly hid them there? What if someone borrowed his car? And admitted they hid the drugs in it? Yeah, what if someone borrowed it? Who? I've forgotten.
I have to think about it.
Yeah, we'll think about it.
Zeki! - Where were you all day? - Playing soccer.
- Don't lie to me.
- Got a problem with that? Are you working for the Hamadys? Do you work for them? Do you take this? No! Zeki, we're worried about you and your future.
Do you want to end up in jail like all the rest? Come home with me.
I'll get you a decent job.
- I don't work for the Germans.
- Why not? We live in their country! - We're scum to them.
- Only when we act like scum! And sell drugs on the street! Come home.
You have no pride.
Muslims shouldn't be doing dirty work, like cleaning.
You talk to me about pride and won't work for the Germans.
But you want to go to their jails! Is that right? Mom made food.
Come home.
What's the first thing you'll do when you get residency? Travel.
Right, Toni? Get out of Berlin.
26 years in the same city is enough.
We work our fingers to the bone while our wives just care about luxury.
That's luxury, is it? Help yourself.
We have to finish off all of this food.
The food is delicious, Kalila.
When we get them we'll throw a party for the whole family.
How nice.
I'll slaughter a huge lamb, as big as this table.
You'll slaughter a lamb? Let's celebrate while we still can.
Right, Toni? What's that for? - Baby, what's wrong? - Sit down.
What's up with you? What's up with me? You spoke to Ruffi, but they're still dealing in our spots.
Then you got Klaus involved.
Shall I tell you something? You've lost control of it all.
All you talk about is your house and your passport.
Listen to yourself.
Listen to myself? You go on and on but nothing works.
Talking about lamb instead of helping your family.
Have some respect! - What the hell are they - Stop.
Please sit down.
They'll sort it out between themselves.
Your eyes don't see anymore.
You're blind.
Everything OK, baby? I told you to sit down.
Don't talk to her like that.
Go inside.
We're not done.
Go inside.
Uhlmann here.
I've got time to hear about the Hamady case now.
Agreed? OK, thanks.
and Mrs.
Hamady? Hello.
Your cards, please.
Right, Mr.
I'm afraid there's a problem with your residence permit.
I was told to stop the process.
Why? I thought everything was sorted.
Probably because of the ongoing investigations.
Are you fucking kidding me? What investigations? Into what? Until the proceedings are finished, you and your brother will be downgraded to probationary residency.
And for you, Mrs.
Hamady, your temporary residence permit remains unchanged.
You can't be serious.
- My husband has done nothing.
- Kalila No, this won't do.
We have been waiting for permanent residency for 26 years.
He's wanted to run a business for years and hasn't been able to.
He only gets offered lowdown dirty jobs.
And why? He wasn't allowed to go to school.
We've wanted to build up a life for ourselves for 26 years! Longer than you've been alive.
This is impossible.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Cunt! Kalila.
- Kalila.
- Don't touch me.
Wait, please.
Don't be like this.
I'll sort it out.
Like how? Now we have to come every two weeks.
And Serin won't see the ocean.
- There's nothing I can do.
- Really? You think this is about the cop? You're a criminal, Toni.
And nothing will change if you don't! Foreigners Office We got him.
Then drive.
Got a death wish? Your fucking Turks are still dealing on our turf.
Yeah, we sell wherever we want.
If you can't get your business in order then I'll take it over and I'll help myself to your guys.
Every single one.
Toni! - Ever eaten baklava? - No.
You'll like it.
Thank you.
- It's really good.
- Why are you here, Vince? In Berlin, I mean.
And your home is NeukÃlln? NeukÃlln, the people.
So? Has it changed since you've been away? A lot has changed, yes.
This was our first time at the zoo.
He's a cute little boy.
I went with my mom to see the monkeys when I was little.
I stood at the glass looking in and suddenly from way at the back this silverback ran up and Thumped right against my head.
I don't think he liked me much.
It's nice that you're back.
Yeah, I agree.
I used to have a huge crush on you.
You were so young.
And you were so grown-up.
You paid attention to me.
OK, I have to start closing up here.
- See you.
- Bye.
Abbas! Toni wouldn't talk to Kalila like that.
So why me? What the hell? What's wrong with you? - I'm talking to you! - You're talking shit.
Why do I always have to put up with Toni and Kalila treating me like that? Toni told you to sit down and you made a big deal of it.
- What's wrong with you women? - Your brother doesn't respect me.
Because I was a dancer? Or because I'm Polish not Arab? How should I know? He puts me down.
Understand? You're my wife.
No matter what you were before, OK? Nobody can say anything against you.
They can.
Toni has no respect for you either.
He looks down at you.
You let him do what he wants to you.
You shouldn't do that.
Where were you so long? At the bakery.
So late? Yeah.
And then I went to pick up Adam.
Get to bed.
And you, turn the fucking TV back on.
I'm so high, you can't imagine.
I got rid of all my pills too.
The whole thing.
Here, take this.
OK, here.
Take it.
Again, come on.
Wake up.
Dude, what's up? - Let's have a chat.
- What about? Listen.
Take us to your contact in Holland.
You're tripping.
Listen, you fucking retard.
I'm saving your fucking ass.
Understand? Klaus is in jail, you're all alone.
There are enough people who want you dead.
You need protection.
Or your next trip will be the cemetery.
You get me? You'll take us to your contact in Holland.
I hope you have enough small change.
If you don't, Shpend won't be happy.
- The guy is called Shpend? - Yeah.
Put that thing away.
He's Albanian.
We should work together.
You know I cut the stuff for Klaus? I'm the best.
I can help you.
Did Klaus know that? Or was it for your own profit? No, man.
Guys, I know how to maximize profits.
I can get you an extra ten percent.
Nowadays the kids out there don't appreciate good quality.
No speed.
No lidocaine.
All so fucking expensive.
It's best to cut it with worm killer.
Your mixture nearly killed someone.
No, man.
Toni, I cut properly.
Get your hands away.
Now shut your face.
Here we go.
Do you know her? Alexander.
What is this? Stay calm.
Nothing's wrong.
OK, look.
Please let me talk first, OK? Put that stuff away.
Put it away.
Where is Klaus? These two are taking over the business.
They're clean guys.
Where is Klaus? Klaus is out.
The cops busted him.
Toni Hamady.
We're taking over Klaus's business.
Is that right? Want to sell, or snort the shit yourself? You're calling the shots, are you? Looks like it.
Toni's family is really cool, OK? These are the best guys in Berlin.
Great business partners.
I've known them a really long time.
Longer than I've known you.
That's a long time, Shpend.
Isn't it? What's wrong? You want to talk or want to sell? Cool.
You'll do it, yeah? But now what about me? I must get some kind of fee for setting this up.
Ten percent is the norm.
A commission is normal.
You couldn't have done this without me.
Tell me.
Ten per cent is only fair.
Shut the fuck up.
Seriously, dude.
We've worked together five years.
Toni, come on.
Ten percent is fair.
Isn't it? I set up this deal.
Listen to me.
You shut the fuck up, OK? Or I'll kill you.
The rest is in that car.
We'll take four k a week.
Pleasure doing business.
Pull over.
Take your fucking commission and get lost.
And how do I get back to Germany? I know you screwed Klaus over.
Don't let me ever see you again.
Get lost! Beat it! Idiot.
I have to introduce you to someone important.
Our uncle, Hakeem.
He lost his wife and two daughters in a car accident.
So he didn't have the strength to run the businesses.
We took them over.
But he has the final say.
Family is everything.
Toni told me about you.
You've done good things for my family.
I want to talk with you.
Come with me.
You stay here.