4400 (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

All Things Are Possible

1 Lord, I always put my trust in you.
I made a big leap of faith, and I thought it was the right thing.
But I find myself 30 years in the future and I've experienced the impossible.
Why are the taking the BestTime snacks? They took the piano, too.
They're punishing us.
For Shanice escaping.
We've got to get out of here.
I asked you for a sign.
This must be the sign, but help me understand.
What am I to do? Hey.
They need to talk to you.
You want to tell us how you escaped from the hotel the other day? Do you want to tell me when you plan on letting us out of here for good? Since as far as I can tell, you have no lawful grounds to detain us.
You took a huge risk.
Potentially exposing your husband and daughter To what? They're my family.
Look, Shanice, you know we're not the enemy.
Michigan Penal Code, Article 328.
"A person who commits unlawful imprisonment is guilty of a felony".
Just tell us who you were working with.
Are they the same ones who leaked to the public that you all are missing persons? That there are 4,400 of you? "Punishable by not more than 15 years or a fine of not more than $20,000, or both".
So have you all figured out how we apparently travelled through time? We don't know that's what happened.
So how come the last thing I remember it was 2015 and now it's 2021? Maybe you were taken somewhere? - Maybe someone doesn't want you to remember? - Ew, who? Well, that's what we want to find out, but most importantly, we want to make sure that everybody's okay now.
Okay, well, we'd be more okay if we could get out of here.
And if we didn't have to wear these truly hideous synthetic fabrics.
Like, can you do something about this travesty? Uh I don't know anything about how Shanice got out.
Really? Because she was last seen headed to the bathroom with you.
- She's just a kid.
- And kids lie, too.
Okay, you really think interrogating minors is the best way to figure Well, I think we were just about done here anyway.
Hey, come on, I'll have one of the guards take you back.
Why did you say what you said the other night? You said to tell Jharrel that Manny's all right, that he's sorry for everything.
How do you know Jharrel's brother? I don't know him.
Then why were you talking about him? Does it have something to do with why you all are here? No.
I-I-I guess it was just something I heard.
From who? From Jharrel? No.
Just people talk.
So it was what a prank? Is this whole thing some kind of prank? We are trying to help you all.
You need to be honest with us, not jerk us around Look, I can't eat the new food.
And they took away the BestTime Bars.
I love the BestTime Bars.
I've cooperated since we've got here.
But there has been no movement to get us out.
It would help if people weren't leaking information to the press and escaping custody.
Those sound like your problems.
Not mine.
And what is your problem, Reverend? I lost something that night.
On Belle Isle.
And I need to get it to someone.
A woman and a child.
No one is going anywhere.
Certainly not back to the scene of what happened.
And families aren't being notified until we know more.
How about this? You give me their names, and I'll see if I can locate this woman and child.
And in return you tell me everything you know about how you got here.
And Belle Isle? We'll see.
First, Shanice Murray.
She escaped.
I think she knows more than she's letting on.
Well everyone has secrets.
If I never Sure you can't stay any longer? I'm on the swing shift later.
I'd love to.
But I've got to get back.
My father has me leading the service today.
Guess you haven't told them yet? I I'm just waiting for the right moment.
I want to make sure they really understand.
Understand why their precious, perfect baby boy would end up with someone like me? Darlene it's not like that.
I'm going on 17 weeks now.
You said you wanted to keep it.
- That you wanted us to do this together.
- I do! Because I can't afford a baby on my own.
You're not on your own.
I'm with you.
I thank the Lord every day He brought you to me, Darlene.
But they've got their old ways of thinking.
I've got to show them that they're wrong.
You trust me, right? Yeah.
- Yeah? - Yeah About the love that you made Do you really think intimidation tactics like those interrogations are gonna work? We have to use every tactic we can.
- Keisha, they are scared.
- Shanice Murray escaped.
Yes, because they're being locked up here for no reason.
Well, I want to know who she's working with.
Where's this I.
guy anyway? Present! And she wasn't working with anyone.
That's what I wanted to show you.
Uh, Keisha and Jharrel, right? Cool to meet you.
I'm Soraya.
You like that? I'm making it a thing.
They hired me to shore up the security in this place, which is, yeah, lacking.
But look.
Here's the footage from the cameras where Shanice escaped.
Okay, we've seen this footage.
Seems like the doors just opened.
Then someone moved the cameras remotely, so we can't see how she opened the door.
Her body language says that she wasn't prepared for this.
Wasn't planning on escaping.
She took advantage of a door opening.
Are you a body language expert, too? Oh, I watch a lot of reality television.
People say it's trash, but I say it's a masterclass on human nature.
So we're listening to a specialist that trained in the Ex-Wives franchise? Uh technically I went to M.
and Quantico, too.
But that was a lot more boring.
What's not boring is this gig.
Had to get clearance to take it, but I had no idea it would be this.
Yeah, and what is this? Because I can't get anything real out of them.
Well, it's clear they have no idea what happened to them.
Which is consistent with reportings of alien encounters.
Aliens? Seriously? Maybe? But the simplest explanation is that they time travelled, clearly against their will.
So who did that to them? I'm sorry, time travel is the simplest explanation? Except time travel isn't a thing.
- Mm.
- So what's the logical explanation? Well, it is illogical to think that we have all the tools or the means to explain everything in the universe.
So why didn't we let Shanice Murray have a minute to catch up with her family after she was cleared by medical? That is a great question.
Good point about the family.
We cleared the husband after her visit, but maybe he can get something out of her that I can't.
Maybe she'll tell him what she knows.
Yo, what's her deal? Is she single? I'm just here to talk.
We, uh we saw on the news.
Is that what Shanice is a part of? That 4,400 people? So you didn't have anything to do with leaking it to the press? Leak what? I don't know anything.
Shanice just shows up at my doorstep after being gone 16 years, talking like she just left.
The government is trying to figure it out.
Okay, we're trying to help.
Is, uh is she okay? She's angry.
Reciting the Michigan Penal Code nonstop.
Yeah, it sounds like Shanice.
Listen, I'll admit that I can't get through to her.
I want to try to figure out what's going on.
I want to help her.
She won't talk to me.
But maybe she'll talk to you.
No, no, no.
No, listen, we can't be involved.
You know, I have a daughter I have to think about.
And that's a big part of the reason I'm here.
I don't think you or your family has anything to do with this, but it would go a long way in easing everyone's mind if you help.
Uh-uh, I'm not doing it.
I already lost a nail in here and it's probably from cutting your arm open over and over again Doc, tell her.
This does not seem wise.
I swore an oath to first do no harm.
And that is Doc talk for "it's cray".
Don't you want to know the limits of this thing? What exactly I can take? Lord have mercy just break my finger! We already know I can heal from cuts.
If I can heal from anything I can isolate one of them guards and take 'em on.
And then if they beat me or shoot me whatever I can withstand it and escape and figure out how to get everyone out.
Well experimentation and observation are the best road - to discovery.
- Yes.
Y'all are really kind of demented, you know that? Uh Never mind, Doc, Ladonna here just just doesn't have the stomach for it.
Now I didn't take her for a fraidy cat Whoa, I'm not afraid of anything, okay? You're just-just too weak to get the job done, dear it's fine.
Excuse me? Look, I once took out a backstabbing skank with one four-inch stiletto to the chin, so I am not weak.
I didn't quite follow all that pray tell, what is a skank? Prove it.
- Oh! - Miss Ladonna! She made me.
- It worked! - Oh, my God.
- Hmm? - Count! Count! - Line 'em up! - All right, let's line up! Okay, everybody, listen up! Moving forward, we'll be doing counts.
This group is assigned to this checkpoint.
When you hear the alarm, you have two minutes to get here.
You're being fitted with GPS ankle bands.
Just in case anyone gets any bright ideas about sneaking out.
These measures are in place for you and everyone else's safety.
Do we understand each other? This little light of mine Do you think this is funny? - N-No.
- Then shut your mouth.
Oh, we know about you already.
Got something to say? Why am I back here? Why won't you guys tell me what's going on? Logan? Hi, Shanice.
So, uh this is where you've been.
Well, just for the last few days.
Be fore that I was home - and then - Right, you, uh you somehow don't remember what happened for the past 16 years.
Do I look like I've aged 16 years? You know, this place reminds me of that hotel we stayed at.
- Up north.
- Yeah.
When we had to have the house fumigated.
Still can't believe you shelled out for that trip.
You were six months pregnant, Shanice.
What, I'm gonna make you sleep on Mrs.
Grover's guest bed? It's like sleeping on a slab of concrete.
Why did you come? You really don't know what happened? I only know that I didn't leave.
Yes, I thought about leaving at one point.
It was postpartum depression.
It was bad and I had some dark nights.
You wrote me a goodbye note, Shanice.
I mean, I-I knew it was hard, but I You never told me.
I didn't know how.
How was I supposed to tell you that? I would've helped, I would've.
But you were never good at asking for help.
Yeah, well, can I ? Will you bring Mariah? I'd like to I guess, meet her.
Get to know her.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Not yet, at least.
I mean, you said for yourself you don't know what's happening.
And the government seems to think that - you're involved in - I'm not! - That is so ridiculous.
- I just don't think I want to expose her to it all just yet.
I mean, what if you ? What if you disappear again? I should go.
Do you and, um ? Do you have any other children? No.
I'm glad you're okay and I'm just I'm sorry.
Okay, folks! Now this is what we like to see.
Everybody follows the rules.
Everything will be peachy.
Just like I said.
See you at the next one.
I heard you talking about trying to get us back to Belle Isle.
It's an idea I've been pondering.
Do you think it might reverse everything, like, somehow take us back to before? Maybe it's like that new show Outlander.
This chick finds some kind of altar in the woods, and then all of a sudden, she's at this castle with this hottie in a kilt - and they go at it.
- Wow.
I'm just saying homegirl had to go back and frolic at the Druid Stones to time travel, so What are you three always off talking about? Um you know, mostly fashion.
And, um old-timey doctor stuff.
I got to go.
What was that? What was what? Was that a BestTime bar? So you decided to make this Belle Isle trip a whole campaign? I'm determined and somehow I didn't think you were gonna make it happen.
You're selling these people a bill of goods.
You've got them thinking that if they go there, this whole thing will be undone and they'll just go back to living their lives.
Do you know that to be false? Can you explain what's happened? You just want to go back for whatever you left there.
You'll get that.
And what do they get nothing.
They'll get out.
Even if it's for a short time.
We've been trapped like rats in a cage.
It'll be something.
They think this will take them back.
That whatever happened will happen again.
How do you think they'll feel when it doesn't? How do you know it won't? You're lying to them.
Who knows? Maybe it will happen again and we'll all be gone.
But I need to make things right with my family either way.
I have to.
And may we hold His holiness close to our hearts! Amen, and may we live in the light that shines in each and every one of us! Praise God in Jesus' name! Somebody show Him the love that He deserves! Somebody show Him the praise that He deserves! Glory be to God! Glory be to God.
Yes, praise Him! Hallelujah! The Lord flowed through you today, son.
Thank you, sir.
I felt His presence.
It felt good out there.
You're a natural.
It's why your mother and I are so pleased you're here to help us guide the flock.
And we've been talking.
It's about time to give you some more responsibility.
And time for you to start thinking about your future.
I have been thinking about my future.
And I've actually been meaning to tell you.
There's a woman I've been seeing.
A woman? Who's her family? She's not she's not a part of the faith.
But I love her and I think if you just Son you're young.
And you want to sow some wild oats.
And that's all right.
The Lord understands your need for comfort.
But all this will be yours someday.
You're gonna need to find someone who can share this burden with you, who understands your needs and the life you must lead.
But I don't need all of this to serve the Lord.
These people, they're pouring out their money.
That ring on your finger is worth more than most of them make in a year.
It doesn't feel right.
It's not only right.
It's ordained.
This ring reminds me of who I am.
This is how we praise Him.
This is all in Jesus's name.
Hmm? - Yes, sir.
- All right.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Hey, sweetheart.
I thought you were, uh going over to Naima's to study? Dad, why did you go see her without telling me? How did you ? I knew I shouldn't have let you download that door camera app.
Please, you can't even figure out how it works.
You can't go eavesdropping on people's conversations like that, okay? Some kids at school were talking about the Belle Isle people.
Saying it might be some foreign invasion or something, but she's one of them so We don't know anything about her situation.
I thought you'd talk to me about it.
You usually, like, talk to me about stuff.
I know.
I'm know, I'm sorry, but look, this is you know, it's complicated, and I just don't want it to interfere with your life.
But I want to see her, too.
I mean, I've never I only have pictures of her.
You know? And I want to know what happened.
She doesn't even know.
And until we have more information, it's just not safe to see her.
- But, Dad - Mariah I mean it.
This conversation is closed for now.
So I found this room when I was poking around.
Before, the snacks were just out, but I guess they locked 'em up.
So let's just go, okay? That guard takes a long break, but he'll be back soon.
What's going on? I don't even really totally know that I can do it.
Yes, you do.
Seriously, what's going on? Oh, my Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
Did you ? Did you just ? Wait, can you ? What?! Hayden.
So, like, we're all clear that you just did that with your mind, right? Are you, like, a superhero or something? I don't know.
I've only been able to do it since you know.
Can I do that? I don't, I don't think I can do that.
Yeah, me, neither.
Aren't these sick? BestTime Bars are number one BestTime Bars are so much fun For a snack that will take you far Make it a BestTime Bar BestTime Bars are number one - Mmm, yummy, snacks.
- BestTime Bars are - I'm starving.
- So much fun Uh Hey, wait a minute, you guys are not supposed to be in here.
You're gonna be in so much trouble! You better put that stuff back right now! - How did you even get in here? - Keep singing! - What? - Just do it! Okay, uh, Best BestTime Bars Are number one BestTime Bars are so much fun - For a snack that'll take you far - I love chips.
Make it a BestTime Bar I think as long as you sing about snacks, - the guard wants snacks? - BestTime Bars are number one BestTime Bars are so much fun It doesn't seem to affect us, though.
Just him.
- That is tubular.
- Make it a BestTime Bar.
Murray? Well you have that wide-eyed air about you.
New to the sleepless club? Yeah, I guess I am.
I always slept like the dead.
But here after everything Yes, one's troubles can have a way of invading one's mind and chasing off rest in even the most weary.
My husband came to see me today.
And when I first saw him, I thought it was a good thing.
An amazing thing.
You know, like maybe we could fix this? But the gulf between us now feels so wide.
I don't know that I'll ever get my family back.
It will take time.
A strange and fickle beast, apparently.
You must have people that you miss, that you want to connect with? It's 2021.
Everyone is dead.
The reverend wants to go back to Belle Isle.
Thinks it might help us figure something out.
It certainly seems a worthy experiment.
What do you think would occur there? I don't know.
It seems crazy to think But the crazy thing happened.
And maybe if we go back to Belle Isle, it'll all reverse itself.
Maybe we can all get everything and everyone back.
And maybe I can get my family back.
Six - 382, four - Seven - 79 - Watch it! Nine Ten, 11 12, 13 14, 15, - 16, 17, 18 - We shall not We shall not be moved We shall not We shall not be moved Just like a tree Planted by the water We shall not be moved I don't know why I ever believed you.
You're never gonna go against them.
You're never gonna leave this place because you like it too much.
Of course I like it I'm a man of God.
He's everything to me.
No, it's not that.
It's your family.
It's the money and the power.
It's how you can manipulate people.
How you can make them believe you, do whatever you want.
That's not true.
What we have is real.
I'm gonna make it right.
I will! They'll listen to reason.
They'll see our love and they'll understand.
No, they won't.
You're gonna have to make a choice.
And I don't think you're gonna choose me.
Or our child.
You're gonna turn out just like him.
We shall not Be moved - We're fighting for our freedom - Okay, that's enough.
- We shall not be moved - Enough already! We're fighting for our freedom We shall not be moved - Just like - I said stop! That was uncalled for! Why in the world would you attack him?! He didn't do anything! - I started it! - Kid's a troublemaker.
Don't like his attitude.
Let me examine him and make sure nothing is broken.
Everybody needs to understand that order will be maintained! You don't make the rules here! We do.
He's fine.
Stay where you are.
Come on.
You all right? Sure.
Just trying to recover from getting attacked by that power-tripping guard.
I was finally starting to feel a little better, like maybe there's a reason for all of this, especially after I learned I could just sing and You-you could what? You could sing and Never mind.
But what about going to Belle Isle? Maybe the green lights will come and take us back? Maybe we can finally get out of here for good? Listen, I know I said that we should go there, but I'm not sure it would actually work that way.
I just I thought you knew how to make things better.
It just feels like nobody cares.
Like, nobody's trying to help us.
Going back to Belle Isle just felt like I don't know.
Hope? She's not the wife you would've chosen, but she's my choice.
Don't you think you're going to bring that woman into this place.
She's the woman I love.
And what about your responsibilities here? What about your responsibility to our people? You call it responsibility, but who really benefits? Darlene's right.
What we do here is hypocrisy.
We built this house on God's Word.
We built this congregation at His command.
But now we use it for us.
If that's what you see, then you are lost in your faith.
Every day we preach the Word to those people out there, because they are tired, they are sad, anxious, in pain, because the world is hard.
- I know that - You don't know! You don't know or you wouldn't be standing here giving me this nonsense.
The Lord asked us, this family, to sacrifice.
To dedicate our lives to others.
They need to see that the Lord put us here for them.
They need to see that we can bear their burdens and that there are rewards beyond the material.
Because what people need what the Lord knows they need is hope.
And if you don't know that that's worth more than dollars and cents then you really don't understand, son.
Who do you think you are? That you can reject God's plan? Hmm? It was stupid.
It's not stupid.
It's what everyone needs.
I see that now.
It's my calling.
I haven't been listening.
- Listening to who? - You have my promise, Noah.
I'm going to make things right.
But first I need to know everything that's going on.
I feel like there's things that I don't know about.
Like with the singing.
Will you share with me? Hey there.
I heard there was an incident with one of the guards? Wanted to check on you.
And uh, bring you some food.
Made it myself.
Since uh, you said you didn't like the food.
What about my friend? The guards are here for your protection.
When any of you disobeys the rules, it makes things unsafe for everyone.
We're not safe now.
How can we be when we're not free?! - Hey.
- Yo.
So why did you want me to meet you here? Wanted to talk somewhere without cameras tracking our every move.
I think we should take people back to Belle Isle.
Okay I-I've heard rumblings among the 4,400 about this, but you want to do this? Some of these people seem to be doing badly here.
If we can show them that we're trying to help them Mm-hmm, and who knows, maybe they're right, and Belle Isle is some kind - of time machine.
- Funny.
I will be watching every minute, see if we can get some clues, some idea of what happened last time they were there.
And I am going to enjoy seeing these people actually get some fresh air.
Whatever happens, they deserve that.
So you gonna sweet-talk your girl into it? I will handle Agent Tanner.
She got called to oversee an emergency at the Ypsi Med facility.
Took a bunch of the guards with her, so the place is as unguarded as it will ever be.
Okay, night trip to Belle Isle it is, but you and me can't take everybody.
Maybe we can slip a group out after their count.
Mm, and they're all wearing ankle monitors, so we'll be able find them if anything goes wrong.
But I have my body-worn camera just in case.
Yes, yes, everyone will be tracked and monitored within an inch of their life.
- A police state in action.
- Hey.
We stay vigilant.
Okay? Ah.
Me and my brother used to draw these everywhere.
It was a game to play.
One of us would start out a clock, the other one would add another number and we'd keep adding numbers until it was done.
Think he might still be here? I don't know, these people arriving here, they brought back my hope for finding him.
So if somehow this whole thing works out and they do go back, then I don't know, maybe I can put this whole thing behind me.
Finally let go of Manny, too.
To Belle Isle.
I heard you earlier.
I-I hope this helps you feel better.
That you'll be out, free for a bit.
Oh, I'm not going.
I have to stay here.
- But why? I-I thought - Are you sure? I just have to stay here.
See you when we get back? Yeah.
So you notice anything suspicious? I mean, have you figured out the mystery yet? Guess the time machine's not working tonight.
That's what you wanted to come back here for? Originally, yes.
Nice rock.
Worth a pretty penny.
It is.
I was gonna give it to Darlene to show her that I had always intended to do right by her.
I tracked her down, her and her son.
Your son? A son? I have a son? I have to let them go.
But why It's not what the Lord wanted for me.
I made the wrong choice then.
And I think that's why this is happening.
He is showing me the way that I must accept my calling.
What calling? To be here.
To be present.
To believe.
Mark 9:23 "All things are possible to him that believeth".
If you'll excuse me, I'd like to lead a prayer.
First, let's take a moment to give thanks for being here.
Lord, the fresh air feels good.
It's strange being back in this place, isn't it? What we've gone through is a lot for any human to bear, and they try and they try to take our humanity away, but they won't succeed.
Hush little baby don't say a word Mama's gonna buy you a mocking bird - We were taken away from the comfort of our lives, - And if that mocking - taken from those we love, - Bird don't sing - taken from - Mama's gonna - our realities as we knew it! - Buy you a diamond ring - And - And if - some of you came here tonight - That diamond ring - hoping to make that all go away.
- Turns brass - I'm here to tell you - Mama's gonna buy you - it won't.
- A looking glass We must accept the truth of our tribulations.
We must accept the seriousness of our circumstance, because the truth is, we were brought forward in time, yes? But the Lord didn't bring us here to flounder alone.
He gave us each other.
buy you a cart and bull And he gave us gifts.
And if that cart and bull Let's give praise to Sister Mildred.
She's making this happen with her mind.
And Brother Noah is using his voice to give us the privacy of this moment.
Just us without our keepers.
They're fine, just in slumber.
Because I needed this moment to reach you, to let you all know that you're special.
To let you all know that we've been taken and brought here for a reason.
We have been brought here on a mission! We don't know exactly what it is yet.
But I believe that I am here to lead you.
Look within yourself.
See yourself and know your worth.
Know your power and own your gifts.
Because who are we to question God's plan? Extraordinary.
I assumed there were others, but I never imagined this.
I just thought finally maybe it was my turn to be the one people turn to.
But him.
Give him another two weeks, and they'll be eating out of the palm of his hand.
And I do not trust what he will do with that kind of power.
Well they didn't get taken back.
Instead we all just, what, fell asleep? Something put us to sleep.
Something put everybody on Belle Isle to sleep at the same time.
The question is: what? The 4,400 seemed just as confused as we were when all of us woke up.
No, we don't know what happened to them.
We were asleep.
Okay, well, we know that they all got on the bus with us just as planned.
Everyone accounted for.
No trouble at all.
What, you think they were faking it? I think I'm gonna find out.
Pulling up the footage from my body cam right now.
Score one for our police state, by the way.
Ah, cop's got jokes.
At least we can actually see what happened.
So, I took the ankle bracelets off-line for a little unscheduled reboot, like you asked.
But I'm dying to know what happened.
Was it like an Outlander kind of situation or, like, more like Close Encounters? I'm still not sure why you're even helping us.
I don't like this whole operation.
From what I can tell, these people shouldn't be locked up.
And even if they are aliens or clones or run-of-the-mill time travelers, those things aren't even crimes.
So if you two are trying to help them, I'll help you.
Oh, come on.
We should show her.
Hush little baby, don't say a word Mama's gonna buy you Damn it, the camera broke.
Like, what happened? Was there some kind of sonic weapon that put everyone to sleep? Or is it the atmosphere on Belle Isle? I don't know.
But I want to find out.
Let me go back to the office, and see if I can pull anything else from the footage.
You coming? I can't.
Got to go lie to my girlfriend.
I'll send you the file.
Girlfriend? Care for a drink? No thanks.
I'm waiting for my lady.
That for her? In a way.
This is the key to our future together.
Worth a fortune.
I'll be able to give her everything she needs, everything she deserves with this.
It's the start of our life together.
That looks heavy.
I think something like that might weigh me down.
Me, too.
It would tempt me into becoming someone I didn't want to be.
And that's why I'm never gonna wear it.
I'm gonna be free.
We're gonna be free.
If she comes looking for me, can you tell her I'll be right back? Sure thing.
Thank you.
- Excu ? - He just went to the restroom.
But he'll be right back.
I'll wait.
That ended up being a rather eventful evening.
I guess I kind of got wrapped up in the idea that it was gonna be more eventful.
That we'd return.
I, too, am sad for what we lost.
But what we've all gone through, it's truly awe-inspiring and I'm also grateful for what I have found here.
Me, too, Doc.
So uh, I think we continue to be in a confounding situation.
As to what that heralds for our future, I cannot say.
Perhaps it will become clearer in the morning.
Good night.
Hi, Mom.
All right, I'll be right back, Soraya.

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