4400 (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

That LaDonna Life

1 What a night, y'all.
I mean, we snuck out to Belle Isle.
Noah, like, nap-timed the chaperones with his voice, and Mildred you floated Rev like a butterfly.
I have never seen such trippy stuff sober.
You guys are like superheroes.
Like, with your own origin story and everything.
I guess that makes me the Kardashian of the group.
Like, bringing a dash of reality TV fame to spice things up.
What's a reality TV? What's a TV? TV is like radio you watch like talkies.
And then reality TV is where you get, like, a bunch of regular people with different personalities, and you film, like, all the drama that unfolds.
So, like, for example, so, like, Shanice she's our rebel, so she clashes with Rev, the golden boy.
And then, Mildred, you and Hayden are, like, the "will they, won't they.
" Will they, won't they what? [CHUCKLES.]
Just wait.
- So, then, what are you? - Obviously, I'm the star.
But nobody knows that because I do not have cameras following me around anymore.
God, I miss being famous.
Oh, my God, Mariah.
Wh What? But how did you get in here? Does your father know you're here? He wasn't gonna let me, but I I - really wanted to see you.
- Okay, but How? How are you here? Some guy.
I I think he said his name was Hayden.
He opened the door for me, and I don't know.
I guess I just I really wanted to meet you.
- And I didn't think much past - Making it happen? [CHUCKLES.]
- Hotheaded runs in the family.
- Really? [CHUCKLES.]
Oh, come here.
I love you so much, Mom.
What was that? What? I I You Um, a are you okay? Yeah.
Yes, I just I I really need you to know, t to tell you that you were You are my world.
I never would have left you by choice.
- But Dad told me you wrote a letter, so - No, I never wrote a letter.
- I - You never wrote the letter? Okay, well, okay, I did, but - So you just lied to me? - No.
It's not like that.
I'm just I'm I'm just confused, and I I saw You have this - this Bridget person, and and - Wow.
Okay, what does Bridget have to do with you leaving? I don't know why I thought I could trust you.
- This was a mistake.
- No, M Mariah.
LADONNA: This crowd has doubled since last night.
SHANICE: I just hope Mariah got home okay.
But how did your daughter get in? She said Hayden let her in.
LADONNA: I guess that's why he didn't go to Belle Isle.
He can see the future.
No big deal.
Anyway, your daughter sounds like a badass.
It's probably not her first time sneaking back in at dawn.
ANDRE: Quite the hullabaloo.
- And all over us.
- This is all good for us, okay? No publicity is bad publicity as far as we're concerned.
It keeps us in the public eye and out of the shadows.
But the government is a different story.
Steve said they're trying to have some press event soon.
They want all this to go away ASAP.
You're on a first-name basis with the guards? The papers will be here? Just Steve.
And we don't really do paper anymore, - but yes, reporters.
- You seem an expert on the press.
- Being on camera used to be my job.
- On celluloid film? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, it's digital now, but yeah.
I was actually shooting my own reality show when - this happened.
- ANDRE: Perhaps, someone documented the precise moment you were taken, then.
I don't know.
It's all pretty blurry.
I remember drinking a lot and then arriving on Belle Isle.
I must have been really trashed.
Um, I was shooting my premiere episode.
I'm burnin' up, come put me out Come and put me out I'm burnin' up - This one.
- Oh, no.
Your body would do nothing for that dress.
Come put me out, come and put me out [SIGHS.]
Have you thought more about me getting my degree? - I think it could be kind of good for me.
Computer science.
What a waste.
You wouldn't even have time, anyway.
- Dad thinks I can manage - Exactly why you know that's a terrible idea.
Look, being fabulous is your full-time job now.
Fix your priorities.
And fix your face.
You got a zit coming in.
- That was harsh, Mom.
Even for the cameras.
Uh-uh, that wasn't for the cameras.
I meant every word.
You need to think about your brand, not your brain.
Don't worry about your mom, okay? This is about you coming out of the ex-wives franchise with your very own spin-off.
You are our future, right? Our star.
You know what? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY.]
If they're gonna bring in the press, I'm gonna make myself the star this show needs.
KEN: Hey! No loitering in the hallways.
Get to breakfast.
: Get to breakfast.
HAYDEN: I wouldn't eat that.
- What is that? - CORA: A mate in three puzzle.
HAYDEN: It's a way to play my favorite game without a set.
- Chess.
Mildred told me it's your birthday tomorrow.
We are gonna party.
- How old will you be? - [MOUTHS.]
- 91.
- NOAH: Well, a party is something to, like, actually look forward to, you know? We're gonna make it sick.
I don't know how or with what, but, by Gandalf, I'm excited.
Hey, Hay, was I not supposed to say anything? Just don't like my birthday.
There was I mean, is never much to celebrate when you're locked up.
Your move, bro.
Yo, texpert.
What's up, J? Okay, did anybody pass through here last night when we were No.
I checked CCTV soon as I got your text.
Okay, but then who drew this? - And when? - No idea.
It's a mystery.
On top of the mystery of what happened at Belle Isle, well, twice.
Wait, do you have a theory on what put us to sleep out there? Working through Keisha's body cam footage, but nothing yet.
I should update her.
- It'd give us a reason to talk.
- Hmm.
KEISHA: These are for you.
JESSICA: Now that we're all here, tomorrow, we're holding a press event to catch the public up on the 4,400 situation and dispel any rumors that have been swirling around them.
Carla Coleman from the mayor's office will be running the event.
Thank you, Agent Tanner.
Thanks to the leak, which DHS is still working on, the public knows that 4,400 missing persons appeared on Belle Isle and are being detained.
That is all they know.
It's gonna be our job to remind them of that by removing any space for speculation.
In your packets, you will see approved statements, the reporters in attendance and an outline of the event.
Agent Tanner also tells me a few of you will be tasked with finding an ambassador among the 4,400.
This is going to be key, as the public needs to put a face to the situation.
You want me and Jharrel to find this person? Okay, look, my job is to advocate for the residents, not to play ball for some government spin job.
None of the family members have even been notified.
The mayor believes the sooner the public has answers, the sooner we can all focus on returning the 4,400 to society and moving on with our lives.
JESSICA: Everybody else, your job is to get this place cleaned up.
We want the world to see what a safe and welcoming environment we have provided here.
CARLA: Sorry.
I should have given you a heads-up.
- I That LaDonna Life I didn't - No, no.
It's all good.
- How have you been? - I'm good.
And you? Actually, I was wondering, is is Manny - I I know the 4,400 are missing persons.
- No.
Manny's not a 4,400.
Not officially.
What does that mean? Look at this.
It's Manny's tag.
Look, this appeared last night.
Only he could have drawn this.
- This is a circle.
- No.
No, this It's his signature.
Look, he draws a circle and the first number, and then I come in with a second number, and we take turns until there's 12, but Look, I think he's here, and he's trying to tell me something.
So, Manny came back with the other 4,400 on Belle Isle, but instead of telling you he's back, he's skulking around, leaving cryptic drawings? - This isn't like before.
- This is exactly like before.
Manny went missing and you got obsessed.
You followed every lead, and then you made up leads when those ran dry.
Spent every night at his place waiting for him to return.
Never coming home.
Carla, I'm sorry.
All right, I know I wasn't great back then, but I'm not gonna give up on him.
And wrecking your whole life, going on these wild goose chases you really think that's what Manny would want for you, Jharrel? - I mean, you already lost one job.
- Well, I'm not losing this one.
This job at this hotel is the only chance I have of finding him.
Good luck, Jharrel.
- [SIGHS.]
- Hey.
There's my favorite rebel social worker.
FYI, you'll be doing a tailored statement at the event tomorrow.
- The public likes social workers.
And if I'd rather jump off a cliff? Keisha thinks you're a bleeding heart, but I think you just don't know how to be a team player.
Oh, I do.
Just not when the game is rigged.
Look, I need this job, but I'm here to advocate, - not to be a puppet.
- The game has changed.
If you want in, here's your speech.
Memorize it.
Play ball, or you're out.
Today, we are interviewing residents to be potential press ambassadors.
JHARREL: I think you might actually be great at the job.
- And it could be fun.
- A job? - Is this a paid position? - No.
- And how would you rate your oration skills? Uh Okay.
Gonna take that as below average.
JHARREL: So, how do you feel about public speaking? [CHUCKLES.]
Me too.
No worries.
What tactics would you use with an upset reporter? Michigan Penal Code.
Article three twenty-eight.
A person who commits unlawful imprisonment is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment for not more than 15 years or a fine of not more than $20,000.
Or both.
So, you want me, a Black woman being held against her will, to do all this work for free? [LAUGHS.]
Oh, geez.
- Did you have your interview for the papers? - Nope.
Wasn't asked.
Doubt I have the face they want.
There does seem to be an air of baloney involved.
But when the reporters are around, if you get nervous, remember not to sing.
It would be extremely dangerous if your powers made the front page.
I can't always help it.
Try? Is everything all right, Noah? Where's your usual joie de vivre? I I don't love doctors.
No offense.
Mine haven't been the most supportive humans in my life.
I see.
Is there anything I can help you with? [PAPER RUSTLES.]
I need this medicine.
I haven't had it in a week.
I'm transgender.
I need this to be my true self.
- Transgender? - Yeah.
When I was born, they said I was a girl, but clearly, I I'm not.
Do you hide this? It's no secret.
I'm proud of it.
I'm out to basically everyone.
Well, this is all remarkable.
Sorry, Doc.
Did I blow your mind? [CHUCKLES.]
Well, you've certainly expanded my vocabulary.
Thank you for sharing.
And you can count on me to procure the medicine you need.
It is such a waste that they're interviewing everyone for the press thing when there's only one real option: me.
You want this role? [SCOFFS.]
Then why weren't you interviewing with the rest of us? Well, I'm waiting for them to finish and realize they have no one so that when they truly need me, their desperation will give me the leverage to get the most out of this.
- Oh, like get us out of here? - I'm getting my phone back.
You know they not gonna let you say the truth.
- How we're being held against our will.
- I mean, it's not that bad.
- It's not like we're in cages.
Not yet.
LADONNA: This is my chance for me to use my superpower: - my media skills.
- But use them for what? - CONGREGATION: Amen.
- Same time tomorrow for prayer.
And for those who haven't heard, Brother Hayden's birthday is coming up, and we'll be having a celebration in his honor.
All are welcome.
- CLAUDETTE: Looks like the beginnings of a cult to me.
Glad I caught you.
I could use your insight on how to throw a kids' party.
You'd know better than me.
You think that because I'm a grown woman from my time that that's what I'd know best? - Mm.
I didn't mean to offend her.
But you did such a good job at it.
Thought I'd find you here.
Did they audition you, too? - Not yet.
- They're obviously gonna use this press event to screw us over even more.
Hmm? But something else is on your mind.
We need to get out of this hotel.
And soon.
Noah's not getting the treatment he needs, not to mention what the guard did to him the other day.
And if they find out about his voice, about all the enhancements I think I When I hugged Mariah, I saw something.
I think it was a memory.
Her memory.
You believe you might be experiencing an emergent ability - akin to Noah? - I don't know.
I I wish I wasn't.
I don't want to be afraid to hug her.
I believe that with patience and study, we can identify the boundaries of all these abilities.
That may offer you a sense of control.
Yeah, but I'll be no better at being a mom.
I was so rattled by the vision and afraid of losing her that I lied to her face.
Well, we're rarely good at something without practice.
We're only human, after all.
Go easy on yourself.
And when you see her again, be honest.
- And if she never wants to see me? - I don't think that will happen.
Your situation is nontraditional, yes, but there are many ways to have family.
It's what you make of it that counts.
Oh, we're catching the fireflies in a bottle - No wait until tomorrow - [KNOCK ON DOOR.]
Hey, you.
Bridge is bringing home Slows in, like, five, and, uh, I get to pick what we stream tonight.
Whoa, whoa.
Hold on.
No World War III explosion about "dad movies"? What's going on? You said she wrote a letter, right? Right.
- I want to read it.
- Absolutely not.
It won't help with anything.
And I only told you about it so that you'd stop making excuses for her, - thinking she'd come back.
- And she says she never left, that she was taken.
And I told her she lied about the letter, - but maybe you were, and - Whoa.
What do you mean, you told her she was lying? - When did you talk to her? - Don't you believe - What did you do? - [SIGHS.]
I went to see her last night.
- You did what? - You can ground me later.
Mariah, what were you thinking? I knew you'd never take me, - so I I took myself.
- I ca Now I'm controlling The fire restoration [EXHALES.]
Well, how'd it go? Honestly, not great.
I mean, she was nice.
I didn't know what to call her.
I mean, Bridget is my mom.
I just don't know what to think anymore.
I need to read that letter.
I need answers.
ANDRE: I'm not interested in being your master of ceremonies.
What I need is medical texts, contemporary medical training.
Just yesterday, young Noah notified me of a medication I was unaware of that he lacks access to.
I would very much like your help in acquiring it.
Well, I will definitely work on that.
And on getting Noah the meds he needs.
So? You find anyone we could use as our spokesperson? Anybody willing and able? Nope.
Myself included.
But maybe And hear me out.
- Mm-hmm.
- This whole thing is a terrible idea.
So, who do you have booked for hair, makeup and wardrobe? [SCOFFS.]
Yeah, this isn't that kind of thing.
So, you want us to appear in front of the press and the public like the malnourished, unjustly held detainees we are? - What do you want? - I want what you want.
Good press.
And I have a very particular set of skills: memorization, improvisation and charming ization.
Look, I'll even sign an NDA.
It's pretty clear you need me more than I need you.
- [SIGHS.]
You'll sign an NDA? - One demand.
- I want my phone back.
- Your phone? Yeah, you people confiscated it.
It's pink with a rhinestone case and Wait, did did you know I was coming in here? - What do you mean? - My phone.
There it is.
Right there.
Right where? - [SCOFFS.]
Look, just get it for me.
- I can't do that.
- Well, then, good luck, sis.
- Wait.
I can't, but Jessica can.
I'll make the case to her, okay? Best I can ask for is supervised time once a week.
- Once a day.
- Twice a week.
Final offer.
So, he stood up, and I was like, "Oh, my God.
" Like, wow.
I'm so impressed.
And then I stood up, and I forgot I was wearing my Louboutins, and I kid you not, no lie, I was, like, a foot taller than this man.
- Like, like, I could fit - one of his Grammys in between our heads.
Excuse me.
I know you're working.
I I just noticed those those lighting stands and cables could be tidied up, you know? Like, someone could trip and get really hurt, so This is my first solo show, and I really want to avoid any legal drama.
And also for nobody to die.
- So if we could just - [CLEARS THROAT.]
Should've been LORETTA: LaDonna, honey, remember, you're a butterfly.
Don't bother yourself with the worker bees.
Now, come away from the window.
You can't afford to get any darker.
It should've been us.
- Sharon, are we ready to roll? - SHARON: We're ready to roll.
LORETTA: Okay, let's get this over with.
Can't give a girl some accessories? These eyes are not gonna highlight themselves.
Time to be a butterfly.
They couldn't vacuum two days ago? CLAUDETTE: Well, isn't all this just fine and dandy for the cameras.
Can you believe LaDonna is working for the enemy? Oh, let her have this.
She's smarter than she appears and more current than the two of us.
Speak for yourself.
I know enough to know when I'm being bamboozled.
- Excuse me, unhand this young man.
- Can't.
Where exactly are you taking him? And why don't you take your hands off him while you think of your answer.
They said I have to leave to get my meds.
ANDRE: That makes no sense.
Others have been treated here, so why is he being singled out? MEDIC: You can take it up with Agent Tanner.
- It's her request.
- Remember what we discussed.
We'll see you soon.
SHANICE: They can do anything they want to us.
CLAUDETTE: All in the name of good press.
They didn't want the reporters seeing his face and forcing them to explain it.
I should have protected him.
I should have known not to trust them.
This wasn't your fault.
We're all doing the best we can in here in the face of people who only want - the best for themselves.
- Mm.
And LaDonna's about to do their job for them.
CARLA: Welcome, everyone.
I'm Carla Coleman from the mayor's office.
To be clear, we will not be releasing any personal information at this time.
Our goal is to keep our residents secure until it is deemed safe for them to rejoin society.
Got it? Good.
Okay, let me introduce you to our resident, since I'm sure you'd rather hear from her than me.
LADONNA: Hi, everyone.
I'll be your hostess, LaDonna.
Please follow me.
So, as you can see, Bois Blanc and the government know how to treat their guests.
Where are the others? Are there recreational areas? Of course, but the government has to respect everybody's privacy.
- I noticed a fleet of guards on duty.
- Aren't their little outfits cute? I swear, I feel like Michelle Obama - with my own Secret Service.
Things have been very scary and confusing, but with the government agencies taking care of us, we have felt safe and and cared for.
Uh, Tom Ramirez with the Detroit Express-Ledger.
You are LaDonna Landry, right? I I am.
Did you recognize me? Your mother said that you went to rehab when you left the set of your show six years ago.
You look great, like you haven't aged a day.
What's your secret? LADONNA: Tom, you know the answer.
It is my amazing 11-step skin care regimen.
- Now I'd like you to hear from our social worker, Jharrel Mateo.
Thank you, uh, LaDonna, and friends, for joining us.
Uh, "As a social worker for the 4,400, I take great pride in working alongside the agencies to prioritize our guests' welfare.
" Look, this whole thing is personal to me.
My brother is a missing person, so I know how hard it is.
And I hope the day will come soon when we are finally allowed to inform family members instead of keeping them and the public at large in the dark about holding these innocent people - against their will.
- Thank you, Jharrel.
Always sticking up for us.
- Jharrel, can you expand more? - Sorry, Tommy, but we do have a schedule.
So, we're gonna go to the dining room next.
Wait until you see the spread.
We have lobster.
All righty.
Right this way.
Looks like you won't have that unstable partner much longer.
Really, Jharrel? - Look, I don't lie for a living, all right? - [SCOFFS.]
Maybe this whole thing is a lot easier for you than it is for me.
Of course you think this is about being the hero.
You're not the only one with something to lose here.
If this blows back on the mayor, it is my head.
And I'm sorry.
All right? I didn't mean to hurt you or your job.
- I - Well, you did.
And it still didn't bring Manny back.
- I can fix this.
- You don't know how to fix anything.
JESSICA: There she is.
The woman of the hour.
What can I do for you? I'm just here for my phone.
I'm sure when people watch, they're gonna be texting me.
My My dad's gonna freak.
Look, I have to stick my neck - way out to even get my hands on it, so - Okay, that's not what we agreed.
First of all, the phone is mine.
- Like, I Like, I own it.
- It became government property - when you came to Belle Isle.
- I didn't come, - I was taken.
- Look, you did a great job today.
It's gonna help your cause.
Because you know I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble I'm all about that bass 'Bout that bass, no treble - I'm all about that bass - Auntie Cha Cha! - You made it! - Hey, girl.
Come here.
What are you doing here, Cha Cha? If I recall, you weren't invited.
Not by you.
But it's not your party, is it? - Come give your godmother a hug, girl.
- LORETTA: Stay away from her.
This is her day, not yours.
I don't like your tone.
- It's disrespectful.
- Sharon, what is this? - [INDISTINCT ARGUING.]
- Uh, this is trailer gold.
Don't worry, if it's good for the show, it's good for you.
Hon, have a mai tai.
Okay? Uh, B-cam, are you getting this? I'm all about that bass - You don't talk to me like that - 'Bout that bass, no treble I'm all about that bass, 'bout that bass No treble.
We'll try again in a few days.
Where are you, bro? I miss you.
What the ? [EXHALES.]
Carla told me where to find you.
After your meltdown about your brother, she knew you'd be here.
So, this is Manny's place, huh? You could've just called.
I know.
You knew you could get fired if you tanked the press thing.
I - Well, I can't help you if you don't care.
- No, I do care.
All right? That's why I said what I said.
Really? Because acting out didn't seem to help the 4,400 so much as your own conscience.
All right [EXHALES.]
How did you keep yourself together after you lost your sister? My job.
It helped me focus on something other than myself.
- I think I need that.
- You do.
Look, you want to be there for them, be there for them.
They already went missing once.
It's not fair they go missing again.
Let go.
Oh, my God.
Is everything okay? LOGAN: Excuse me, Officer Taylor said we'd have some privacy.
The guards seem friendly.
You know, we saw the press piece they ran.
It is ridiculous how the public's already eating this up.
Yeah, LaDonna shouldn't have done that.
Um, hey, listen.
Mariah has something she'd like to say to you.
I'll leave her to it.
Dad, wait.
Don't go.
"Dear Logan I'm so sorry, but I can't do this.
I tried.
I promise I tried, but I realize I'm not meant to be a mother.
You and Mariah deserve better than me.
You have always been my heart, and I know you will be that for our child.
"I meant every vow that I made to you.
I'm only sorry that I'm not strong enough to keep them.
" Mariah.
Logan, I had no idea that you would ever read that letter.
That it would stay with you for 16 years.
I'm so sorry.
It was a difficult time, and I I was scared.
But I'm here now, and I'd like to start from here.
If you'll let me.
I really hope you will.
JHARREL: Hey, Doc.
Brought these medical texts for you.
Oh, my.
Thank you.
Who is the physician from whom - you were able to borrow these? - My brother's, Manny.
He wasn't a doctor or anything.
More a polymath, before he went missing.
I'm very sorry to hear that.
- Might he be among us 4,400? - I had hoped.
Thought I saw a green light out the window the night he went missing and everything, but he's not here.
You're sure you want me to have these? Yeah.
It's time.
It's right in here.
Um, who are you, again? Like, am I getting disappeared? 'Cause I just wanted my phone back.
Oh, no, no, I'm not Gestapo.
I'm Soraya.
I've been trying to get you alone for a couple days now, but you were busy, but then [STAMMERS.]
I found the pilot rough cut lurking on the deep Internet.
- I figured you'd never seen it and - Wait, nerd lady, - the pilot to That LaDonna Life? - Uh-huh.
- Are you saying you know who I am? - Of course.
You're Loretta Landry's daughter.
I have been watching you since season five of Real Ex-Wives of Miami.
I was so excited for That LaDonna Life to air, but then you disappeared and they said you went to rehab.
I always thought that you changed your name and snuck off to MI because in season nine, episode seven of Real-Ex, you mentioned computer engineering and your 4.
6 GPA, but turns out that you were just part of an inexplicable physics-defying phenomenon with 4,399 others.
You're, like, my very first stan.
- Oh.
Check it out.
NARRATOR: Not everyone can have this life.
But everyone wants it.
LADONNA: Auntie Cha Cha, you made it! - CHA CHA: Baby girl, come here! - LORETTA: What are you doing? [VIDEO FAST-FORWARDING.]
CHA CHA: I don't like your tone.
It's disrespectful.
And I don't let anyone disrespect me.
LORETTA: No, honey, you disrespected yourself in that outfit.
- CHA CHA: What did you say to me? - LORETTA: Did I stutter? - Ladonna knows I don't - Mom.
What are you doing? You should be thanking me.
- For stealing my show? - For giving you one.
You are not enough on your own.
Reality TV needs real-life drama, and Cha Cha and I bring it.
I thought you were smart enough to know that.
Oh, honey you're crying.
That all the boys chase All the right junk in all the right Good, I'll go get the cameras.
You are unbelievable! Working that photoshop Suit yourself.
Cha Cha, take three! No, no, no, no, no, you don't walk away from me! You come here, you want to come crashing parties, you come and talk to me! To the top, yeah, my mama [SOBBING.]
I asked them to pick these up.
I'll do it myself.
It's my show.
LORETTA: You need to talk to me first! Hey! You better take your hand off of me.
- The nerve.
- Somebody bring me my drink so I can throw it on this woman [CRYING.]
Okay then.
I will bring the real-life drama.
- How's this? - Right there is excellent.
Surprised to see me following through on my promises? I am.
My husband was a preacher like you.
He did things for show.
Or for himself.
Well, that's not me.
But he sounds like my father.
So uh, what can I help out with? Well, actually, we're just finishing up.
He should be here ALL: Happy birthday! This is the best we could do.
Can't even find a light anywhere.
Oh, I, I can help with that.
Look, I get it.
I messed up, but at least I can kind of light this candle.
- Wow.
- Ooh.
It's a very nice light, thank you.
What're you gonna wish for, Hayden? I wish I wish Noah was here.
But but you all have made this day better than it should have been.
Thank you.
I mean, there's a lobster with a candle in its head.
come on.
Yeah, I'm feeling Like an empire Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh Keep going on JESSICA: Yeah, I think that is the wisest course of action.
Great, thank you.
That was the mayor's office.
Apparently Jharrel keeps his job.
They don't want it to appear retaliatory.
I can't say that I'm upset.
He shouldn't have said it when he said it, but he was only saying the truth.
- God, you're defending him? - He's my partner.
But he's not your only partner.
Yeah, well, my other partner reneged on a deal I made with LaDonna.
You couldn't just let her have some supervised time with the phone, really? Do you not understand the pressure that I'm under with these people? It would be nice if my partner of six months would be on my side for once, instead of the colleague she met last week.
Okay, fine.
I'm gonna go back to my place tonight.
- I think we need some time to cool off.
- Really? Do you like it? - You made me a chess set.
- Mm-hmm.
Saying I can, now it's game time And I'm always feeling the same Like a king, I rise You saw that coming, didn't you? [SOFT CHUCKLE.]
Uh hey, Millie? I think I like birthdays now.
Want to play chess? Give it your best, ain't got nothing on me - Beating my chest - [KNOCKING.]
So the bad news is I remember what I was doing the moment the green light snatched me up.
I was falling off a roof drunk, shooting my own reality show - and no one noticed.
- Oh, my.
- And the good? - I didn't die? Oh, and what good news that is, my dear.
It would be a mighty loss, a woman of your intellect.
Literally no one has ever said that to me before.
But you're right, I I am smart.
- About time somebody noticed.
- I see your extraordinary worth, LaDonna.
Now Jharrel loaned me medical journals.
And perhaps you could help me refine my understanding of DNA? Sure.
All right.
Let's see What is this? Okay, I don't know what it means, but it looks like some old computer language.
My first thought is Cobol, which no one's used since the '70s.
Well, these books belonged to Jharrel's brother.
He went missing, too.
Jharrel also mentioned the presence of a green light, but Manny isn't among the 4,400.
- It could be nothing.
A missing person, connected even loosely to us, with computer codes from the past lying around? Sounds like something.
ANDRE: Could Manny be involved in our plight some way? LADONNA: Or this could lead us to him.
ANDRE: Seems worth looking into.
We certainly have the time.
PR lady? Hi, Mariah, I'm Ladonna, one of the 4,400 here with your mother, and I need your help.
I've sent you a video that I need you to put on blast.
To help Shanice.
To help all of us.
Look, I know you're a bad-ass like your mom.
And I know what people will do for their moms.
So thank you for doing the right thing.
I didn't do anything.
I don't know why this happened to me.
- Do you see that? - You know what, I wouldn't eat that.
You want to tell me when you plan on letting us out of here for good? Michigan penal code, article 328: a person who commits unlawful imprisonment is guilty of a felony.
- What? - CLAUDETTE: Why in the world would you attack him? - He didn't do anything! - Everybody needs to understand that order will be maintained! You don't make the rules here.
We do.
SHANICE: "Restrain" means to confine that person so as to interfere with that person's liberty without lawful authority.

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