4400 (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Harlem's Renaissance Man

1 Rise and shine, Doc.
Oh, good.
You're up.
Glad to see I'm not the only one spinning their wheels this early.
So, what have you discovered about our superpowers, Dr.
Watson? I see.
You're Holmes, then? Obviously.
Have you made any headway deciphering that gibberish we found in Manny's book? No.
Somehow, I'll need to find a coding book to understand what each line means.
I also wish I could check my FOMOSnap to see if my video made it out to the world.
I may have leaked a little something to show what it's really like in here.
You know, hopefully get us out.
But we have to keep this on the DL.
Mm The down-low.
- Just keep this between us, okay? - Understood.
- Okay, great.
- Now, I've been tracking time lines, since the abilities seem to emerge somewhat randomly.
I'd also like to understand if the abilities have any effect on the body.
- Okay.
- Now what do you say to a little experiment? Sure.
Why not? I'd simply like to assess your baseline vitals while at rest and then again when you are using your ability.
I'll have to use my 1920s methods to record all this until I can get access to proper equipment.
Now try one of your illusions, and I shall take your pulse again.
What was all of that? Oh, just some stuff from Grey's Anatomy.
I never saw any of that in my copy.
You must have read a more modern edition.
All of that spectacular display and your heart rate slowed somehow.
I am determined that, together, we can solve what is surely the greatest of all mysteries: these abilities some of us possess.
For now, we'll keep them on the DL? Yeah.
Okay, everyone, simmer down.
I'm sure you've heard about the leaked video.
Hell, at this point, it seems the whole world has seen it.
Okay, so they're gonna do something about the conditions in here, right? The conditions were exaggerated by that video, which helped no one.
The FBI is currently investigating the leak and will act accordingly.
That video showed the truth.
What the public is upset about is that these people are being treated like prisoners.
The plan has always been to release them.
In fact, given the video, we are moving up the timetable.
We're letting them out? We are rolling out a pilot program, Project Reintegration, to get some of our folks out into the world.
We will be allowing a select few out for a day trip here in Detroit.
This is just another PR stunt.
The mayor's office will be helping us coordinate some minor press around the event, yes, but this is a stepping stone.
No, it is parading them around for cameras like animals in a zoo.
Would you rather we never let them out? The world is aware of them.
So make sure that it goes smoothly, and they'll all be getting out soon enough.
Yeah, but what about the fact these people claim to have traveled through time? The public, and, honestly, even some of the people who work here, have other theories, too.
Like aliens or sleeper-cell terrorists or Are we disproving any of these theories? - Right.
- All we can do is show the public that we've been careful to ensure that they're not a threat to society.
Other than that, we can neither confirm nor deny anything.
That is the official party line until further notice.
And I expect you all to hold that line.
So I hear we might be getting out earlier than expected.
Some kind of video or something? Heads up.
Thank you all for gathering.
We have some good news to share today.
Tomorrow we launch what we are calling Project Reintegration, a stepping stone in your release.
Now, it's only gonna be a few of you from this facility for now.
But a number of other facilities will be participating as well.
And it's gonna start with one day out.
- One day? - It-it's a start.
It's a step in the right direction.
The hope is, eventually, everyone will get out.
I would like to be one of the first, so that I might visit a modern medical facility.
It would help me to better utilize my skills, and to be of real service.
I hear you, Dr.
But unfortunately, for now, we can only let out a few at a time, and those four have already been selected at random by the government.
Random, my ass.
They are not gonna pick me.
And they've already called me a troublemaker - for playing a piano.
- Okay.
Those folks will be getting the first day passes will be Isaiah Johnston Shanice Murray, LaDonna Landry and Claudette Williams.
If this goes well, they say that you'll all be getting released.
And we are gonna do our best to ensure that that happens.
Look, I heard you in there.
So, I figured you could work from here.
Well? What do you think? Huh.
Looks like it's seen some festivities back in the day.
But why are we here? Well, it's the old hotel bar.
This is just so you can have a little space to I don't know, spread out.
Not have to work from home.
Trust me, we all got sick of that.
This is a space, yes, but what about equipment? What about access to a lab, or modern advances in medicine? Look, I know you want to be out there in the world today.
Okay? I want that for you, too.
But keep your head down, and hopefully you'll get picked for the next day out.
Please, don't insult my intelligence.
Shanice and Claudette most certainly did not keep their heads down.
You must know that their selection doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, I do.
I'll put in a word for you to be on the list next time.
Please do put in a word to allow me my freedom.
Just two weeks ago I was conducting research that was going to change the world.
Old Dr.
Weavers would be diddling away in obscurity if I was not there each night to check and double-check our results.
We cured seven of our ten rats all because of my diligence.
Poor little things, you made them sick just to cure them.
And cure I did.
It is all for science, my dear.
Knowing that my research will cure bronchial infections, well, that is something for the books.
And it will only enhance my residency status at our very own hospital in our own neighborhood.
Here's to our own Dr.
Davis, proving that the Negro doctor has indeed arrived.
Hear, hear.
Just be careful at that Harlem Hospital.
I hear the nurses dorm has all sorts of lovelies to get you in trouble.
Oh, no, no.
My man does not have time for all of that.
Do you, Doctor? Come on in here.
Dance with me.
Okay? Are you quite done with all the work discussion? Better? Mm-hmm.
This is the first night you haven't slept in that dank lab in a while.
You keep promising me we'll see Gladys play at Hansberry's and do some real dancing.
- Mm.
- When? Soon, my love, soon.
My work is important, Cynthia.
Just you wait, it'll all be worth it, those nights in the lab.
I promise.
Hey, I have to run, Doc.
I hope this space helps until it's your turn.
- Soraya texted you, too? - Yeah.
Said she found something on the Belle Isle footage.
- Whoa, what - Step aside.
I didn't do anything.
I don't know what any of this is about.
Yo, what is going on here? Why is she in handcuffs? I didn't do anything.
What's going on with Soraya? Why'd she just get hauled out of here like public enemy number one? Yeah, forensics ran sweeps on our computers, and hers was the only one with access to the leaked footage.
You think she leaked that video? - Why? - I don't know.
Honestly, it's just one less thing hanging over my head right now.
Can you do me a favor and make sure nothing goes wrong tomorrow? And Keisha's already met with Claudette and Shanice about where they'd like to go.
So would you like us to contact family for you both? We can probably get them out here in time.
I do hope to reach out eventually.
But I want to learn what I can about what's happened in these intervening years before I do.
I owe my son that much.
How about you, LaDonna? Your mom's been reaching out.
Um, no, that's okay.
Seems like a whole hassle.
But maybe next time.
I a I actually was thinking a library.
The library? - Really? - Wh Yeah.
I mean, I need to, you know, brush up on fashion and gossip that I missed.
I'd enjoy that.
And I'd like to go to a House of God.
I hear Detroit has some beautiful old churches.
Let's do this.
Where's Dr.
Andre? I don't know, but you want to see something cool? I kind of did it to Shanice's ankle monitor by accident when we were hanging out, and no one came to get her.
Now she can just take it off and on whenever she wants, and the guards can't tell.
Ah, wonderful.
You're both here.
I hope to have your help in figuring out why some of us have powers, why some of us don't and how they all work.
Sounds groovy.
Let us take a baseline pulse first.
I was born this way.
It wasn't an accident.
All right.
So, what kind of a doctor were you? I was a medic in the Great War.
When I returned, I ran a clinic, but then I began focusing on respiratory and bronchial issues in my research.
It was most groundbreaking.
It was indeed a splendid affair, and I raised the remaining funds needed to move us to human trials.
And would you believe, they loved the story of how that last rat was the final subject I cured.
I even told them that it was my assistant that named him Gustavo.
With all due respect, sir, I would appreciate you not referring to me as your assistant.
Andre, focus on what matters.
We are so very close to curing whooping cough, and eventually all bronchial diseases with this new chemical medicine.
We both know it's the work that truly matters.
And we both know I am the one in the lab all hours.
I am the one taking the calculations and refining the treatment.
I should receive the credit I deserve.
Andre, you should be pleased I mentioned you in the first place.
Till tomorrow.
Earth to Andre.
My apologies, Shanice.
I'm just, uh Focused on your work.
Any insights into these powers? Not as much as I'd like.
If I could just get access to what I need, I know I could find answers, but my hands are tied.
I know it's frustrating, but you don't have to solve it all right away.
That's easy for you to say.
You're allowed out in the world, instead of being trapped in here like a rat in a cage.
- And a useless one at that.
- Look, I know.
It's not fair.
I tried to stand up for you, too, - when we met up with Keisha - I know.
It is appreciated.
Are you certain about not seeing your daughter on your first official outing? I am not certain of anything.
I feel like I barely made things right between us, and I don't want to mess it up again.
And I don't know who I am to Mariah or Logan.
It's been 16 years for them.
He's remarried.
But I was just married to him two weeks ago.
Am I just supposed to flip a switch? Uh, please, enjoy your time with, uh, your Mrs.
Yeah, I think Claudette will enjoy meeting her, too.
All right.
Well, do come and see me when you get back, so that I can add your data to my records.
Will do, Doc.
Feel a little more normal already.
I'm really not sure this skirt is at all appropriate.
Well, they did offer you pants.
If we're going to see live music after visiting your Mrs.
Grover like I asked, I am not wearing pants to dance.
You can bet your business on that.
There is a lot of people out there.
What do they want? A spectacle.
Maybe I should just sneak out again.
You know what? We don't have to feed everyone to the wolves.
Excuse me? - Yeah? - Can you escort these two to the loading docks where there's no press or cameras? Roger.
This way.
Thank you.
Uh, what are you doing? Our details are out front.
Did you see them? They don't want to do this.
Do you really think going rogue is a good idea? Look what they did to Soraya because they think she leaked the video.
Do you really think taking a different exit is gonna make them throw the book at us? Yes.
My public is here.
You okay with this? It'll be good for them to see us, to realize we belong out there.
Let's go.
Hi! Oh, yeah! Who's good? So, this is Detroit, huh? I barely recognize it.
It's it's different.
There's more.
I love this city, but I'll have to get to know it again.
All this, the cars and-and the people, And the buildings.
Oh, I never imagined.
It's better than what you imagined? Different.
Y'all aren't faking this.
No, we never lied about what happened to us.
You really are from 1958, aren't you? Neecey! And friends.
Y'all come on in.
I made a batch of my famous Grover's Mules.
Come on.
You, too.
Come on.
LaDonna, lovely to see you again.
And Reverend Johnston, hi, I'm Carla Coleman from the mayor's office, comms director.
Let's get a quick photo of you both in front of this signage over here.
And then I'm thinking we just grab some candids around the library as you go about your business.
- Sound good? - Yes, ma'am.
Thank you very much.
So, I was actually wondering if they were gonna use you for this.
- Hmm.
- Okay, be honest.
Don't you feel a little, uh, goofy babysitting some grown adults in a library? Oh, I feel completely ridiculous.
But the only person I'm here to babysit is you.
So you're still holding my press conference meltdown against me? Well, I saved your job, didn't I? You did.
Thank you, CC.
Well I know you care about these people.
I'm just hoping this can help.
Maybe we should take, like, a laughing one.
You know, the Carla I knew was gonna be a journalist, someone who would seek out the truth regardless of what the cost.
We were gonna fight the man together, now you are the man.
What happened? Real life happened, Jharrel.
You know this is how it works.
And I'm sorry, some of us need a paycheck and can't afford to go running our mouths whenever we feel like it.
- Look, no, I didn't mean that - Yeah, you did.
You always think you're the only one who cares.
Let's just get this over with.
Young Hayden.
I was waiting for you.
It's your turn, remember? I just don't like being poked and prodded.
Or strapped down.
I can assure you, I won't be doing any of that.
I'm trying to figure this out for all of us, so that we can understand and control these powers.
Did Mildred tell you we made great progress? She's coming in for further observation later today.
Um I-I just had a vision.
May I? All right.
Tell me about it.
Yeah, um I was holding some flowers that I think were for Mildred.
That sounds lovely.
I mean, she was my first kiss.
It was nice, but I've never had a girlfriend.
Is this how it feels? How about this? You help me with my research, and I shall teach you what I know about women.
I will even teach you how to dance.
- Dance? - Mm-hmm.
I don't know.
Oh, every woman loves to dance.
You were right, my love.
This is just the work break I needed.
You know, I love our little breaks, but maybe next time, don't bring all your work home in the first place? I brought my work home because I'm tired of being under Dr.
Weavers' thumb all the time.
- I'm on the verge of a breakthrough - Ah! Silly me.
I thought you brought it home to spend more time with me.
But I never get to see you.
You're always puttering and moving about, never resting.
How's this For moving about? All right, Doctor.
What was that? Well, how long have you had this cough? - Is there any blood, too? - My love it's nothing, I promise.
I just got a little excited.
Co-Come back to me.
Yo, Isaiah, you doing all right? Is it possible to find someone on this thing? Where they are? Yeah.
Who you looking for? I just want to see what happened to my family's church after I left.
I got you.
All right, use this.
Search for yourself or your family.
Okay, maybe try adding "Reverend" in front, and/or "Chicago" to narrow down the search.
Hey, you two.
- So, what'd you find? - Oh, yeah.
Uh, you know, just my ticket to the trends in fashion that I missed.
Speaking of that, so I saw that the '90s and '70s are coming back, like, all at once; seriously, what gives? I really couldn't say.
How about we get those checked out for you? Mm-hmm.
Of course you found a way to profit from my death.
I held my breath as Michelle and Barack strolled down that boulevard.
Oh, she looked so beautiful.
- And he's a handsome man.
- Mm-hmm.
- So handsome.
- Mm.
Aretha Franklin performed, and then Beyoncé for his second.
- What, from Destiny's Child? - Oh, no, child.
We way beyond that now.
We in the era of Black Lady Excellence.
Or so the kids call it.
I can't believe I missed witnessing all of this.
All the hard work that brought us to this point.
Well, you're here to witness it now.
- And be a part of it.
Cheers, ladies.
- Cheers.
Uh, maybe they should switch to water.
Maybe they can make their own decisions about what they drink.
I'm going to make a call outside.
Now, now, you two.
She's just doing her job.
Did she tell you what happened to you all? We don't know what they think.
They're not telling us anything.
And there are a few things that we aren't telling them, either.
I-I am not sure I fully understand it.
Well, spit it out, Neecey.
Well, ever since we came back, many of us have powers.
So, let me get this straight.
You're saying that when you touch someone, you see their memories? Well, it only happened once with Mariah, and I don't even really know how I did it, or Okay, then, what did you see? I saw I saw her call Bridget "Mom.
" Tell her that she loves her.
Neecey, Bridget's been there taking care of her - most of her life.
- I know.
I know that.
Give it some time.
This whole situation is all kinds of strange.
- But I was just - It seems to me you've got to stop focusing on the past.
Be in the present.
Figure that out first.
Then you can figure out how you want to move forward with them.
They might just surprise you.
She's got a point there, Shanice.
Now, do you see memories, too? No, I and thank God I wasn't raised by that man.
I was given a legacy before I was even born, and it's a legacy that I don't want.
This conversation, reparative therapy, is the real sin.
There is nothing to repair.
We have always been here and always will Hey, man.
It's time to go.
I'll meet you outside.
Hey, what's up? How's it going over there? So far, so good.
Just finishing up with a few more pics.
Kind of the same here.
Nothing out of the ordinary.
I have to admit it does seem pretty normal.
Like they should be out in the world.
Catching up on it all, I guess.
Okay, see, I like this Keisha.
But trust me, these people are just like you and me.
In a situation beyond their control.
I have to go.
Everything all right? That was very good, Miss Mildred.
Now Let's increase the level of difficulty.
What do you think they're doing out there? Enjoying having the freedom to do as they wish, I suppose.
I don't think I want to go.
I have Hayden and Shanice, and a whole room to myself.
- It's not so bad.
- I see.
Do try to lift these bottles up, all at once.
I want to see if our results change with several heavier objects.
Keep them floating as I check your pulse.
Good! Amazing.
I can't! So you just gave him a place to do experiments - Unguarded? - I To, like, study and stuff.
Hell, I didn't think it was that big of a deal.
Well, Jessica is pissed.
It was a freak accident.
We're on a path to getting these people out, and there's still so much we don't know.
Oh, come on.
Did anything go wrong on your outing today? No.
Nothing went wrong, but But they're from the past.
- What could that possibly mean? - I don't know.
It is something unexplainable.
We still don't know what's going on with Soraya or the thing on Belle Isle.
Or how this freak accident happened.
Trust me, I know, but But let's just take the win today.
All right? We took some of these people out, and it went well.
So you think Keisha saw my hand heal? So stupid of me showing off like that.
I don't think so, or Miss By-The-Book would have said something.
Hey, hey, hey.
Did y'all hear about Mildred? - They sent her to Ypsi Med.
- Yeah.
Davis did something wild.
Destroyed the old bar.
I heard it was dope.
I mean bad.
Shattered glass everywhere.
Is Mildred okay? And Andre? We don't know.
We're waiting to hear back.
All right, get ready.
You guys are like astronauts coming back from the moon.
What's going on? You find out anything about your son? I have no son.
Oh, my She was fine the last time I saw her, and now she's gone.
What did you do to her?! Hayden! I'll make sure she's okay.
And how will you do that? You don't care about us.
All you care about is your experiments.
If you really cared, Millie would still be here.
I told you I didn't trust doctors, and you proved me right.
Oh! He's really upset about Mildred, isn't he? You okay? Well well, here, Doc.
These should cheer you up.
I got some of the medical books you asked for.
I got 1924 to 1930.
Disguised them as fashion magazines to hide them from Big Brother, of course.
Another DL operation, I presume? You know it.
And I also got myself a coding book, and an actual fashion magazine.
Oh, my God, these, like, lockdown looks.
The amount of high-end loungewear and slippers is ridiculous.
And, like, designer surgical masks? Mm-mm.
It looks like we lucked out missing all that.
I did it.
What'd you do? I have the most wonderful news.
What is all this? I convinced Dr.
Weavers to give you a spot in our human trials.
I even asked him to assign you our lucky number seven.
We've been over this, Andre.
I'm not one of your little guinea pigs for something that's untested.
But it is tested.
My treatment works.
Your data will add to the others and help with the cure.
Now, Gustavo here is Andre, you did not bring that vermin into my house! I mean it, you need to get all of this out of here now.
This is where we live, Andre.
Cynthia, my love Just listen.
I know you are scared.
And I am very worried for what might happen if you don't get this treatment.
My work will cure you.
I know it will.
You have to trust me.
Andre's not what I need right now.
I need my loving partner, my sweet man to just be here for me.
Don't you understand the importance of this work? Work?! Is that what I am to you, just work? This cure will save the world.
It's not just about you.
Don't be selfish.
I think that we need a bit of space, Andre.
I'm going over to my sister's, and you can have this whole damn place to do your work.
Cynthia, my love.
Please, wait.
I brought you your usual.
Surprised you wanted to meet up with sellout.
Look, I'm sorry about before.
I know I should just be happy these people are getting out.
Not be so concerned with the how.
And I know that you were just doing your job.
But you were right.
I'm sorry, what Don't let it go to your head.
I'm just as frustrated at this whole PR charade as you are.
Look The mayor wants the city to take custody of the 4,400.
Here, in Detroit.
Be a part of their reintegration into society.
Okay, that seems great.
Yeah, but the Feds have stonewalled us.
PR is all they'll let us handle.
They won't let us in on any logistics, or information gathered.
Yeah, but they're saying they don't know anything.
Yeah, then why not let us in on what they got? Why not be transparent with their local partners? You think that they know something.
But the question is what? Did you know magnolias are quite resilient? Live in many types of climate.
They may seem as delicate as a honeycomb, but they are not.
They represent long life to those who give and receive them.
Maybe you could give those to Mildred when she comes back.
This is what I saw.
I-I was right, but not These are "get well" flowers.
And I think she'll love 'em.
But what is the purpose of seeing the future if I couldn't see if she'd get hurt? A-And if I can't see if she's all right now? What if something's wrong, and I can't help? I think these powers aren't a solution to everything.
But I also think your Mildred is very strong.
Just like those magnolias.
I was too consumed With proving that I could help Mildred, help everyone, that I lost sight of her.
There was a woman in my past.
She was sick, and I was so certain that I could help her.
She-she didn't make it? Oh, she did.
I found out that I I did cure her.
But in our last moments together, all I cared about was the work.
I didn't listen to what she needed.
I-I could have been there for her, at least At least for the time that I had with her, but I was too consumed.
I-I'd hug you, but, um, I don't know what triggered that vision with Mariah, and I don't want to invade or see something - that you don't want me to - Shanice.
I don't want to make that mistake again.
I don't want to pull away from the people that I care about, and I I care for you.
I should tell you something.
I'm I'm not like the men you know.
Yeah, I know.
I like that about you.
No, I I must tell you that I am not like like your Logan.
You mean because he's white? Um Here.
This might be the best way.
I want you to know me.
It's okay to use your powers.
- But I don't know how to - Just try to focus.
I shall, as well.
When I was born, they said I was a girl, but clearly, I'm-I'm not.
I'm transgender.
Trans gender? So, are you Are you like Noah, then? Yes, uh I think I am.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, how many chandeliers did you break today? Here.
- This might help.
- You're amazing.
I can't believe the only thing that went wrong today was at the hotel.
Especially after headquarters decided to let out our two biggest troublemakers.
- Oh, you mean Shanice and Claudette.
- Mm-hmm.
Why did they do that? Um Probably hoping that something would go wrong so the public could see that the 4,400 are the problem, not the government.
But everything went great with Project Reintegration, so there goes that narrative.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I just No, it's fine.
Well, how about we don't talk about work anymore? - And take advantage - Oh Of this office of yours again.
- Did you lock the door? - Always.
Gustavo? Did the green light get you, too?
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