4400 (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

The Way We Were

1 I do my hair toss, check my nails [LAUGHING.]
That's not even - That's just not how it happened.
- Keisha.
Our first night out in I can't even remember, and you get us kicked out with a dance-off.
Miss RiRi tells you to work, you got to work.
Go on, dust your shoulders off, keep it moving Yeah.
See? That's exactly what New kicks, in there, swimwear Going-to-the-pool quick Come now, come dry your eyes You know you a star You can touch the sky Mm-hmm.
You know I don't like it when you sign in secret.
: Simplify If he don't love you anymore Just walk your self right out the door - I do my hair toss - The moves are stale, but the buns are fresh, I can assure you.
Oh, so you coming for me now? Don't start nothing you can't finish.
Trust, little sis, I'm-a finish it.
- Ha! - Huh? Come on.
Come on, baby.
- Hey! - Hey! Feeling good as hell.
- Keisha.
- Hey, Tarik.
I-I just came to drop this off for the girls' tuition, all right? Does this mean you're not coming to Sasha's recital tomorrow? You know, work's been crazy since this new 4,400 detail.
I got a lot to catch up on, so Sure.
It's always work.
You know, the girls really miss you.
You haven't been by in weeks.
Yeah, I know.
I just Give them a hug for me, a'ight? [EXHALES.]
There's something else.
I got a letter last week.
From him.
Who? The man who killed Kenya.
He wants to meet with me.
And you.
From what it sounds like, he's turned his life around in prison.
For real.
He wants to make amends - and to apologize to both of us.
- No way.
No way.
No way.
Tarik, that man might have you fooled, but I will never go anywhere near him, let alone hear him out, okay? - You think I don't know that? - No, he took everything from us! And he's rotting in jail where he belongs.
All right.
Everyone, I'd like to introduce Bill Greene.
Bill is our new federal liaison for the 4,400 Project.
He'll be coordinating Phase 2 of Project Reintegration.
- Bill? - Thank you, Agent Tanner.
After the success with Phase 1, D.
has decided to move into Phase 2: provisional release.
I know, I know.
I know that there are still questions about the 4,400.
Everything from elaborate hoax to-to alien activity to time travel is still being investigated.
But after everything that happened in that leaked video, the public is asking for their release.
Transitioning them from these government facilities and into the world is the best option for everyone, especially them.
JESSICA: In the coming weeks, we will be vetting housing both for people that want to live with family members and those who want to live on their own.
Participants chosen for Phase 2 will be able to come and go from the hotel with some rules, as outlined in your briefing.
Basics like curfew until permanent housing is approved, regular check-ins and health screenings will be mandatory for all participants.
So they're on parole.
No, no, these are temporary measures till all of the 4,400 are released for good.
Unless anyone here sees a reason why they shouldn't be? Good.
Now, remember, these returnees, above all else, are people.
They should be given the same dignity and respect that we all deserve.
Agent Abbas will be running our tech courses as well as supplying our outgoing 4,400 with phones.
BILL: If you have any questions, please reach out either to myself or to Agent Tanner.
Let's get to work.
Looks like we'll be vetting housing options.
I guess I just didn't realize they'd be free so soon.
LADONNA: Hey, you.
- What're you looking at? - Jharrel is taking me - to visit apartments today.
- Oh.
This one is near a park, and this one has a swimming pool.
You're welcome.
For leaking the video I made on Soraya's computer.
What, you thought the government was setting you up with a pool out of the goodness of their heart? No.
This is CYA for making them look bad in public.
I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.
I mean, when has the government done anything for us folk without a catch? HAYDEN: Well, I'm glad you're getting out.
Some of us aren't old enough to live on our own yet, so we're still prisoners.
Especially when people like that are still in here with the rest of us.
Okay, like, I get the kid's mad his little girlfriend isn't back yet, but damn.
If the video's getting people out, that should be worth something, right? - Oh! - Oh! Um, my apologies, Mrs.
SHANICE: No, not at all.
It's my bad.
Sleeping well, I presume? I seem to be the only member of the insomniacs club this past week.
Right, yeah.
No, uh, it's, um I'm not avoiding you since our-our Nor am I you.
Uh Oh.
I have a surprise for you.
If you would be so kind as to accompany me? Where? [EXHALES.]
Where does it lead? Let me show you.
May I? I presume Miss Mildred worked her magic on yours, as well? They'll never know we're gone.
LOGAN: Mariah Kaminski fakes right.
She flicks to the shoulder.
Bam! Flunge to the head.
Oh, enjoy the silver, Tessa.
This calls for a celebration.
Whatever you want, kiddo.
Listen, we discussed this.
- We are considering it.
- Come on, Dad.
I mean, I get it's awkward, but Shanice staying here with us? It feels like we could actually be a family.
All of us.
I mean, I I just want to get to know her.
I understand that, Ry, but The house is being vetted today.
I mean, do you really want her locked up in a hotel room when we have a perfectly good room here? If it's something you really want, sweetheart, we'll make it happen.
- Thank you, Mom.
Hello? Yeah, hi.
Video? What video? This is crazy.
- I never thought I'd actually use a prohibition tunnel.
Feel like Nancy Drew.
Okay, first stop, the library.
Wait, should we be doing this? We're about to be released.
If we get caught, they could retaliate.
You are about to be released.
I don't know when my time will come.
I haven't heard anything yet.
You promised to show me Detroit.
And before you go back to your family, I want to spend one last day with you.
Well, a promise is a promise.
Look, I just think something seemed off.
KEISHA: Well, you should speak with her.
My name is Miguel, the new on-site doctor.
Lovely to meet you both.
Nice to meet you, Miguel.
We were try I'm vetting family housing options for Shanice Murray.
Murray has been cleared for release.
And I am with Claudette Williams today.
Uh, maybe we should switch.
You can do the walkthrough at the Kaminskis', - and I can take Claudette.
- Oh, hard pass.
What, vetting Logan's house so that his ex-wife can stay with him and his current wife? [CHUCKLES.]
Yeah, I want no part of that drama.
MIGUEL: All right, here we go.
Both screened and cleared.
Anything else I can do for you? - That's about it.
- Are you sure they're cleared? Uh, has anyone come to your office with anything weird? Do they need any more shots? Blood samples? Like I said, they're good to go.
Thank you, Miguel.
Yo, what is your deal? First, you were weird at the staff meeting earlier, then whatever the hell that was with Miguel.
Keisha, we're partners.
All right? You can talk to me.
I'm concerned, okay? What if the medics miss something? What if we miss something? You have to admit, weird stuff follows these people around.
Yeah, because the government is pitting them against everyone.
Oh, did the government put us to sleep on Belle Isle that night? We never even got to hear what Soraya found.
And last week on my outing with Shanice and Claudette, I saw It just It makes me nervous, okay? I-I don't want anyone to get hurt.
Okay, and here I thought you were finally coming around on "these people.
" Why are you so quick to believe the worst in them? I guess you can't take that cop hat off, can you? Look, screw you, Jharrel.
You're not gonna paint me as some kind of monster for trying to keep the public safe, for doing my job.
What, finding excuses to keep people locked up? Wow.
What a great job.
CLAUDETTE: My, my, my.
This city sure is something.
Oh, I can't believe how good this feels.
You want to look up directions to our next stop? I know you didn't just ask me that.
It's how we get around in 2021.
Well, I barely trust paper maps.
I'm sure as hell not gonna trust some gadget I don't understand.
All right, fair enough.
I miss driving.
Wind in my hair.
My own little pocket of freedom.
Where were you? When you were taken? Does that mean you believe we were taken from different places and times? 'Cause shoe on the other foot, I don't know if I'd believe us.
Well, believing y'all means my missing brother Manny could still be out there.
You know, it means that I don't have to give up hope.
'Cause if you can go from the 1950s to now, anything's possible.
And, unlike some of my colleagues, I believe y'all when you say that you have nothing to hide.
You know? You're not some threat to the public.
I just want to give you all the chance to show the world that you can be trusted.
You ready? Ready for what? Uh, there is a gas station up the road.
I'm gonna fill it up, and you can get behind the wheel and You're gonna let me drive your car? Yeah.
I told you, I trust you.
I can't believe how much it's changed in 16 years.
Were there canines pushed in strollers 16 years ago, - or is this a more recent development? - [CHUCKLES.]
How do they not crash into each other at such speeds? Oh.
The lighted beacons.
Do they communicate with the cars? - Wait, Andre.
- MAN: Hey, watch it.
Come on.
Got a lot to see.
Really appreciate you taking the lead on these tech tutorials.
Happy to help.
Soraya here will get you set up with everything you need, ma'am.
Mine doesn't have an "on" button.
Uh, so, just like we did in class, you just toggle your phone a bit, and then the home screen will pop up.
: My God.
How does it know how to do that? LADONNA: Gyroscope? Or maybe the light sensor? - Both, actually.
- WOMAN: Thank you.
I didn't know you were back.
I'm sorry about the video, but, you know, desperate times and all that, so [CHUCKLES.]
Speaking of, um, I need your help.
So, me and Andre are trying to crack this COBOL code.
Do you maybe have, like, a program that we could Are you kidding me right now? Do you have any idea what I've been through? I trusted you, and you betrayed me.
Plus, I've seen enough of your fake apologies on TV to know one when I see it.
- I'm sorry, fake? No, I was trying to - I should go.
Before you get us both into more trouble.
My husband had a 1951 Oldsmobile 88.
Mm, how that machine could run.
Yeah, what did you do back then? In Mississippi? I was an activist.
A photographer.
Organizing sit-ins and getting the word out.
My husband may have been the face of the movement, but my photos are what made the papers.
You know what? Now the 4,400 are the ones in the papers.
I'd just as well prefer to stay behind the camera.
Yeah, but you You traveled through time.
That's got to be It must be wild.
I'm here now.
Just trying to make the most of it.
Yeah? No, I can't right now.
Because I have a job.
All right, fine.
I'll be there.
Hey, I'm sorry.
Can you pull over at the next bend? I got to take you back to the hotel.
What? Now? We aren't due back until at least 3:00.
I wa I was hoping we could grab some lunch out.
That hotel food is criminal.
Okay, how about this? We can get lunch, but you got to come with me somewhere first.
Where we going? [SIGHS.]
Hey, Hayden.
Can I come in? Any news on Mildred? Or Noah? Isn't it your job to get them back? I will make a call to Ypsi Med myself.
See if I can get any updates.
But my job is a parole officer.
I help people who are newly free stay free by making sure they're equipped to deal with the outside world.
I have that same protectiveness for you.
For all the 4,400.
Which is why I need to make sure there are no surprises before I'm out there vouching for everyone.
Because I was with Claudette at Mrs.
Grover's, and I saw something.
But I protected her.
I did my job.
And I can only do that job if the people I'm trying to help are honest with me, so, Hayden, please if there's anything I need to know before we go out into the real world, I need you to tell me.
I don't like to lie.
And I don't like being lied to.
All these people in this room don't shine like you What can I do, baby What is this? I would sip you like cosmic juice Welcome.
Pray tell, what country does this flag belong to? - Uh, it's the Pride flag.
- Good love It, uh, represents the LGBTQIA+ community.
Um, it's all about inclusion.
This is a place where everyone can celebrate exactly who they are and who they love, and show that love to the world, proudly.
We should stay.
I've never been to Pride, and we could celebrate our first one together.
What can I do How is this even possible? I can't help it I get starstruck around you What can I do? That ain't no reason why This is just like my and Cynthia's little corner of Harlem, but all out in the open.
It's marvelous.
- Yeah marvelous.
- Even if I choke We don't have to stay if you feel uncomfortable.
That's not It's not Pride or anyone here.
I'm not about to judge who or how anyone loves.
Then what's wrong? Andre, I was married three weeks ago.
He's still out there.
And I'm What can I do, baby? You and I are I'm not asking for anything.
All I want is for us to have one last day out on the town.
No matter what happens tomorrow.
I can't help it I get starstruck over you What can I do, baby? Starstruck Not giving you up.
She'll have her own bedroom, her own bathroom.
Um, just across the hall from Mariah.
Our room is at the other end, which is good.
The neighborhood's very safe.
I run every morning, rain or shine.
Um, Mariah's really looking forward to spending more time with her mom.
Mother Shanice.
I'm sorry, I feel like I'm bungling this.
- No, you're, you're doing great.
- It's not just this last time I saw you, you were on my porch saying Shanice is a national security threat, then Mariah gets called in for questioning Well, like I said, she's a minor, so And now I'm giving you a tour in hopes my husband's first wife moves in? I know Shanice is Mariah's biological mother.
But is it safe to have her here? In our home? Is that a terrible thing to ask? No, no, it's not.
You know, our medics and officials have cleared everyone for release.
But everything's a risk, right? I guess you have to decide if not taking the risk is worth the regret.
Let's go see the backyard.
- What are you - Listen.
Listen, act like we're buying some coffee.
Um, buying coffee, what? - Shh! Shh! - Let me know if you ladies need any help.
Take your time.
My office got a tip that this place is gonna be available for lease soon.
Like, a matter of days, soon.
Okay, does he know that? Picture it down the street from the library, excellent foot traffic, enough space for the banquette by the door, like you always wanted.
But you're gonna have to act fast because this place will get snatched up quick.
But I do think I can get it for a steal.
Oh, Ken, be real I can't just empty my savings for something so risky.
Look, I got to think about you, the girls You don't.
Nobody asked you to do all that.
Tarik and I can handle it on our own just fine.
Come on, we both know money has been tight for you.
Plus Say it.
We both know you and Tarik haven't always been the most stable couple.
Mm-hmm, okay, see, you always do this.
This isn't about me or the girls or Tarik.
This is about you not wanting to take a risk to go after what you want.
And I'm not gonna let you use my family as an excuse.
If you're too much of a coward to go after what you want, fine.
But that's on you.
- Kenya Kenya? - Uh-uh, uh-uh! [DOOR CLOSES.]
Look, I'm sorry about that.
Landlord's raising the rent on this place, so got to let it go.
But, um, I don't like people snooping around here when I'm gone, so whenever somebody wants to see the place, I [CHUCKLES.]
But never mind.
This is Manny's apartment, isn't it? Yeah, for the next 16 days, yeah.
Yeah, he's been gone for a year, but I can't let it go.
Not when [EXHALES.]
When he could still be out there? Yeah, I know it must seem crazy Crazier than traveling through time and space? [CHUCKLES.]
- Okay, you got me on that.
I never had a place of my own.
I went from my parent's house to my husband's house, to well, the Bois Blanc.
The only time I had for myself was one weekend a month.
Uh, my husband would meet with the southern leaders of the movement in Georgia.
And the second I heard that 88 rumble out of the driveway [CHUCKLES.]
that's when me and my 33s came out to play, honey.
I'd cook cornbread in my mama's skillet, and listen to sinful men croon to me on my record player.
I lived for those weekends.
No wonder you lot are obsessed with those things.
You know what? There is a meat and three place delivers here best cornbread in town.
- All right.
- She really on the ball - Oh, true fine mama - True fine mama She really on the ball.
When they didn't do it with the flag - Yes! - [LAUGHING.]
Shanice? Logan, uh We were just uh Andre Davis.
And you must be Mr.
And Miss Mariah.
I've heard so much about you both.
Check out a lot of clubs, Andre? Pleasure to meet you both.
We just stumbled across a Pride party.
You know, it doesn't matter.
I knew you were cool, but I mean, a jailbreak to hit up Pride? Nice.
Okay, but why are you here? Are you okay? What happened? I'm fine, they just had a few questions about the viral video I sent out, but Wait, you sent that video? Do you have any idea how much trouble you could've gotten in? I'm a minor.
And I only shared a video that was sent to me that's not a crime.
- That's just the Internet.
- Okay, - will you give us a second, Ry? - Fine.
They brought Mariah in for questioning about this-this whole video thing.
DHS is questioning my daughter.
And you're just gonna move in? With all of this surrounding you? I mean, God knows what'll happen with Mariah, the more she's connected to you.
- Whoa, Logan, I didn't know - Exactly.
Come on, let's go.
All right, does anybody want to do a lap before committing? If you're looking for gentlemen, there appear to be some options by the dart board.
Good lookin' out, C.
- The bar.
- Mm-hmm.
So I know I'm only here for my credit card.
But thank you for the invite.
Not gonna lie, you looked about as bad as I feel.
Which is saying something.
Everything checked out today at Logan's house.
Once I submit the approval, you should be able to move right in.
Maybe even tomorrow.
I can't do it.
I mean, I was going to for Mariah's sake, but I can't live with my husband - and his wife.
- Oh, yeah, well, that, that is messy.
- Totally messy! - [LAUGHS.]
How was his, um ? Bridget seems sweet.
House is a little Chip and Joanna for my taste, but, uh I don't know, it felt like a home.
Yeah, that's good.
I know I should want him to have moved on.
Like, a better person would want him to get remarried and maybe have more kids.
Live a happy life.
I just I'm sorry, I didn't mean to dump all that on you.
I-I've had a day myself.
I may not have come from the past, but it sure has a way of sneaking in when you least expect it, you know? TIM: Sanitation check! If you have any contraband, you better tell me now.
I-I-I don't.
- Well, well, what's this? - It's my chess set.
Looks like someone's got sticky fingers.
I'm confiscating it.
What? No, no, it's not, it's not stolen, please! Another video comes out with this place looking anything less than clean and orderly, we might lose our jobs.
You wouldn't want that, right? To see good working people fired? But it's mine.
My-my friend gave it to me.
Well, your friend clearly stole government property.
So either I take this now, or you give me the name of your friend.
Oh, "texpert.
" I tried to catch up with you earlier, but you ran off pretty quickly.
Yeah, there's just a lot going on here.
Sure, sure, but I mean, what happened? Are you okay? - Uh - I'm fine.
Just busy.
All right, well, I'll get out of your hair, but Listen.
What did you want to tell me before you left? About the body cam footage from Belle Isle? Is it something to do with Manny or ? [CHUCKLES.]
There's just a lot going on here.
But no, it-it turns out the tape was nothing it was just someone singing.
Singing? Huh.
Uh, maybe it had something to do with the song itself or Or maybe it's the singer? Look, whatever it is, you're on your own.
I just had eight days of brutal questioning to think about it and my answer is that it's just a song.
Anything past that, I'm not your girl.
- Oh, Soraya, I didn't I'm so sorry.
- I gotta go.
We have been given a second chance! - Who else can say that? - We could do whatever we want! Preach! I'm gonna learn pottery.
Sure you are! [BOTH LAUGHING.]
Uh, from the table in the corner.
Well, look at that.
We're famous! Freaks! Excuse me? Hey, he is not worth it.
I'm not worth it? I saw your video online.
You and your little alien lizard-people friends better steer clear of this bar.
Or something bad's gonna happen.
- Ooh.
- I'm scared.
- Shakin' in my shoes.
That's right, bitch.
Who's the bitch now? [GRUNTS.]
- We need to get her some help! - No, I'm fine! [SHOUTING, CLAMORING.]
You were never here.
Okay, get back to the hotel, now! [INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER.]
Hey, Soraya, um, look, I want you to know how sorry I am for what happened to you.
If I knew you'd get taken away like that, like I guess I just didn't think about the bad things that video could do.
Which is what I saw tonight.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
That means a lot.
You know what it feels like to be treated like you've committed a crime when you haven't.
I mean, yeah, of course.
I'm Muslim, queer, a woman and work for the U.
Being questioned is being convicted in the eyes of a lot of the people around us already.
So when I was dragged out of here in front of my peers, basically accused of treason it's fair to say I don't feel any more safe coming to work.
You should know the United States is a far more frightening place than it was six years ago when you disappeared.
More divided.
Facts are gone.
Truth is debated.
And people who are supposed to protect people like you and and the 4,400 You should be careful is all.
For what it's worth I'm on your side.
That's why I'm a queer Muslim woman working in the government.
It is certainly not for the pay.
Thank you, Soraya.
For everything.
And, um not for nothing, but it took mad skills to do what you did.
Couple more classes, maybe I could hire you.
At least that way I could fire you next time you screw up so royally.
Shanice? I missed you at our Thanks, Logan.
I love you.
Tell me why.
No, make it make sense to me.
Why would you disgrace Kenya's memory by going to visit the man that killed her? You want to keep it down before you wake your nieces up? Now, I know this may be hard for you to understand Oh, this is impossible to understand.
I'm barely keeping it together as it is! I shouldn't have be standing here, on your front porch, begging you not to go visit the man that murdered my sister! What, we're supposed to just forgive him? I'm not asking you to forgive him, Keisha.
I'm saying that I'm open to talking with him so he doesn't take any more from me.
- Like what he's taken from you.
- What? You used to smile.
You used to be fun.
You used to bake and dance - and sing off-key karaoke - This was a mistake No, you never missed a school play! Not once.
I mean, God, you barely see your nieces, and it crushes them.
It's like you're not even the same person.
Well, what about you, Tarik? Hmm? 'Cause you haven't changed a bit.
So what does that say about you? - You - Did you ever really love her? Hmm? I barely made it through Kenya's death in one piece.
The only thing that got me through my grief was forgiveness.
I mean, God! I could barely look at you after I found What? Come on, after what? Tarik! Kenya wasn't on the way home from the library the night she died.
She was coming from the coffee shop.
She'd gone to take some measurements after store hours.
She knew you'd always liked banquette seating by the door.
So she wanted to get a quote for the work.
- She was planning on surprising you.
- No.
I didn't know, I I was, I was going to take her advice and, and I was going to try for my own shop, but after she - I just, I couldn't - After Kenya died, you devoted your life to a system that keeps people in boxes and strips them of their humanity - in the name of safety.
- No, I'm trying to keep bad people off the streets, you There is no such thing as bad people! Or good! People are messy.
People make mistakes.
Choices they wish they could take back.
You cut everyone out.
And it's eating away at you.
Bit by bit.
Kenya was my person.
And she died.
I'm worried, Keish.
That if you can't learn to let someone in again anyone then you're living in your own kind of prison.
And that's the last thing Kenya would want for you.
- Hey.
- Thanks for letting me come over.
Everything okay? Please just let me say this before I change my mind, okay? I [EXHALES.]
I'm sorry about this morning.
Between my sister's ex and Kenya's killer wanting to make amends, I - I'm sorry.
It must be overwhelming.
- No, "overwhelming" doesn't cut it.
When things got like this, I always went to my sister.
A-And she was the only one that could get these feelings out, and according to Tarik, I need to let someone in before I completely lose it, so I [EXHALES.]
I'm telling you.
Because I do trust you even though you drive me crazy.
I'm honored.
All I ever wanted to do here was my job.
Get to the truth.
Protect the people.
But I Look, I have something I need to tell you.
I saw Claudette heal herself.
Heal herself? Yeah, she cut herself on some glass at the bar, and it It was deep.
But then it just closed up like nothing happened.
And I don't think this is the first time, and I don't know what it means, but I know it means something.
Maybe it's not about the song.
Maybe it's about the singer.
What? Oh, yeah, it's something Soraya said.
Listen, whatever's happening, it isn't just happening with Claudette.
Something is going on with the 4,400.
Something beyond the scope of our understanding.
And there's people out there who already see them as a threat.
So, what do we do? I thought we were going to visit a potential apartment.
A place all your own.
Oh, my word.
Really? Yeah.
The government is gonna pay the new rental price, and Manny's place will go to someone who will take care of it.
Thank you.
Listen, there's something I need to tell you.
I know.
Know what, exactly? [CHUCKLES.]
I know.
You know about me.
Whoa, hey, it's okay.
All right? You can trust me.
I knew this was too good to be true.
It was Keisha, wasn't it? Girl's got a big damn mouth.
You can trust her, too.
I promise.
We just want to help.
- Did you find out about Mildred? - [DOOR CLOSES.]
Um, not yet.
But I'm working on it.
Hayden, I heard about your chess set.
I'm sure that was really scary for you.
I'm gonna report that guard.
Why? That's what they do.
So How would you feel about getting out of here? Yeah, since Shanice isn't leaving, there's an open room at Logan's house.
Mariah convinced him not to let it go to waste.
- Mariah did that? - She did.
Logan signed off to be your guardian until we can find a next of kin.
But only if you agree.
You're important to me, Hayden.
So, what do you think? Yeah.
I'd like that.
We've tried the oatmeal bath, - but she won't stop scratching.
Do you see all the shadows Dance in the windowpane? You're staring until they shatter Like it's a waiting game Is it killing you slowly? Yo, Keish.
Uh, listen, I was wrong.
Okay, I may not be there yet, but if you want to visit that man in prison, you should.
You sure you're okay with that? Yeah, you should move on however you want.
I just You know, I want you to get what you need.
Y-You, too, Keish.
Thank you.
Hey, Jess.
You, uh, want to grab dinner? No.
I mean, maybe.
I, um I've been reassigned.
Wh Reassigned? Where? Ypsi Med.
Wait, but if you aren't running things at the hotel, then who is? Good work.
Everything's moving forward nicely.
But, Mr.
Greene, what happens now that the 4,400 are free? They're not free.
They're just in a bigger cage.
We're happy to have you here.
I mean, you have your own bathroom.
And the hot water takes a minute, but it gets there eventually.
Um, do you need anything else? What else would I need? I don't know.
Uh, candy, soda.
Nuclear codes? [CHUCKLES.]
Bad joke.
Um, so, what do you want to do tomorrow? We could go see a movie.
Oh, are you into sports? I could teach you how to fence.
Get you battle-ready in no time.
I know what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna break Mildred out of Ypsi Med.

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