4400 (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

If You Love Something

1 MARIAH: So, I know you've been in the dumps, but I have the best weekend planned.
I'm talking tacos, pizza, Korean barbecue, if I can convince Dad.
And wait for it an all-weekend anime marathon.
Hayden, you, uh you there? I'm sorry.
My mind was elsewhere.
I'm-I'm sure whatever this Annie Mae does is sure to be remarkable.
That's not [SIGHS.]
Are you still thinking of busting Mildred out of that hospital? [SCREAMING.]
Hayden, where where'd you go? I just had a vision of Mildred in pain.
Being treated worse at this new facility than anything in the video you leaked.
Look, I-I know it sounds crazy.
No, it-it doesn't sound crazy.
I mean, visions from the universe are no joke.
Some people just have, like, a hella open third eye.
So, if the universe says Mildred's in trouble My world-famous Kaminski Cakes are ready.
I know how much you enjoyed 'em last time, Hayden, so I doubled the batch.
I don't enjoy them.
I love them.
They make me feel like this is home, that I'm wanted.
Well, you most definitely are, bud.
Okay, well, uh, get 'em while they're hot.
And, uh, when you're done, I'll drop you off at the hotel for your first check-in.
Are you sure about saving Mildred? Yes.
Without her, I I don't know if I can be without her.
I'll help.
Okay? Just promise me my dad will never find out.
And I can't believe the 4,400 have to be out of the hotel by the end of the week.
After all that fuss to keep them there, - now it's just bye.
- Yeah.
With nothing but a stipend and some housing to help them adjust.
But they've left Claudette alone.
It must mean they don't know about her.
Or that we know about her.
No, I'm still kind of shook.
I mean, superpowers are real.
And Claudette wants us to believe that it's just her.
Girl just wants to be left alone to live her life.
She's currently nesting pretty hard in my brother's apartment, but, well, I can't be mad at her for that.
Yo, you're not having second thoughts, right? About telling the government, - telling your girlfriend? - No.
I don't trust telling the government anything at this point.
I mean, what would I say anyway? A '50s housewife is Wolverine? [LAUGHS.]
You think she's the only one? Between Shanice escaping, our nap at Belle Isle, and whatever went down with Mildred, there's no way.
Man, if the government had even an inkling about half of this The 4,400 would be locked back up.
Yeah, I want to help them, but I don't know how.
I'll tell you what we do.
We ask them.
Trust me, I have learned the hard way that you can't fix people's lives the way you want to.
You got to find out what they need.
And the hard part is gonna be getting them to talk to us.
Will you be returning to Miami then? My mom wants me to, but some producers reached out.
Maybe I just go straight to L.
I don't know.
What about you? Back to New York? Perhaps.
Although I'm not sure what's left for me there now.
And Shanice isn't there? Well, that is There isn't - She and I aren't - I need your help.
Oh, young Hayden.
How are things at the, uh the house? At Shanice's husband's and daughter's house? What? It's not my fault you're a messy, time-travelling doctor - who lives for drama.
- It has been two weeks since Noah and Mildred were taken to Ypsi Med.
I want us to go get them out.
Look, I had a vision.
Of Mildred.
And a chartreuse door.
She was screaming and being injected with something.
- For some reason, I keep seeing it again - [SCREAMING.]
- and again and again.
Look, we have to save her.
If we don't do it soon, I think something terrible is gonna happen to her.
Look, I have a plan, but I need you both to do it.
- I need your powers, LaDonna.
- Oh, okay.
And your medical background, Dr.
What? Like, you leave for a few days, and all of a sudden, you're Danny Ocean? LaDonna, the boy misses his friends.
We understand you're concerned, but what you're suggesting is a bit extreme.
We're all about to be released.
Now, this sort of action could very well jeopardize that.
Especially when Jharrel and Keisha know about Claudette's powers.
You didn't know about that, did you? Look, she was barely able to cover up for the rest of us, so, now is not the time for people to be putting a spotlight on us.
Besides, you said yourself, sometimes your visions aren't always complete.
They don't repeat, either.
The time is running out.
I can't just sit by and do nothing.
I need her back.
That's Ruth's boy, right? Yep.
My sister spawned a bit of an odd duck, if you catch my meaning.
And she's having to raise the boy all on her own.
How you doing, boy? You're being mighty rude not saying anything to your Uncle Otis.
Look at your elders when they're talking to you.
Now, if you're gonna keep being disrespectful Then I'll discipline him.
Now, why don't you both go get some drinks so people can have an excuse of why you're acting a fool right now.
Come on, baby.
Could you play a game of chess with me, please? Uh, I don't want to bother you, but I really need this.
First, you're gonna sit down, and you're gonna breathe.
Now, despite how it looks, I'm busy right now, so I can't play with you.
So I need you to be the sharp young man that I know you are and find a solution for yourself.
Hey, hey.
Focus, Hayden.
You want to play chess.
But I can't play with you.
So how can you play without me? I I could I I could play against myself.
Oh, I knew you could do it.
Us Turners are amazing problem solvers.
I can't lose her for good.
I won't.
REV: Amen, brothers and sisters.
See you tomorrow.
Thank you, brother, I appreciate you.
Thank you so much for these meetings, Reverend.
Before I found this group, I was in a really dark place.
I thought God abandoned me.
Just remember, the Lord doesn't leave us in darkness without a little light.
A thing you know better than most.
Thank you.
Have you seen Andre? I have not.
But I do want to pick your lawyer brain, if you don't mind.
I'd like to find a way to get the powers that be to allow folks to stay at the hotel.
What? Everyone is finally getting out.
After all our pushing and protesting, we're gonna be free.
Well, many people, myself included, have nowhere to go.
This "freedom" might be a salve for you, but for myself and others, it's poison.
Everyone is getting placed in housing - and given a stipend.
- You think everybody getting out is the solution because it works for your situation.
You'll be staying with family, I presume? Mrs.
Grover is like family to me.
And I'm pleased that you have her.
This is a turbulent time for us all.
And for some, being thrown into housing they don't know in a city they don't know, in a world they don't know is terrifying.
We've created a community here.
I'm sorry you can't see that.
They couldn't kick you out if the hotel was a church.
Would it really work? It's not a given, but most still respect the concept of sanctuary that churches offer.
If the government tried to kick us out, they'd be drowning in lawsuits from human rights groups worldwide.
We just have to get the word out.
Well let's create ourselves a sanctuary, then.
Technically, you are the reason both of them are at Ypsi Med.
Not on purpose, of course, but, you know, accident or not, you do have to kind of take responsibility for that.
Well, as far a responsibility is concerned, your video made us targets for all sorts of ne'er-do-wells, like that bar patron who assaulted Claudette.
It's just, I've never seen Hayden like that before, you know? He's usually all al-aloof and stuff.
But back there he looked really ready to, like, square up.
- Indeed.
- So what do we do, then? 'Cause he is really stubborn and is not gonna let this go.
Trust him, I suppose.
The hotel is abuzz with everyone getting out, so our keepers aren't watching us as usual.
And while lacking in context, his visions come to pass with unerring accuracy.
HAYDEN: Great! - Now let's get on with it.
- Stop doing that.
Oh, my God, you're gonna give me so many stress lines.
- You said you had a plan.
- I do.
We want to get Mildred and Noah out of Ypsi Med, hide them in here till things quiet down.
First step: reconnaissance.
Starting with one chartreuse door.
ANDRE: The technological advances here are greater than even I'd imagined.
- Okay.
I'm glad you're enjoying everything.
Look, I know it's taken a long time to get you into a hospital.
And I cannot apologize enough for that.
But we're here now, and while you're doing your shadowing, I'm gonna try and get some info on Mildred and Noah for you.
It is appreciated.
It's been so long since we last heard from either of them, I'd begun to think our pleas had fallen on deaf ears.
- Name? - Jharrel Mateo.
I have a shadowing appointment - for my friend right here.
- Uh-huh.
I'll let the doctor know he's here.
Oh, I had one more thing.
Could you get me the room info so that I can visit Mildred Bell and Noah Harris? They're from the Bois Blanc hotel.
The 4,400 are in a different wing and don't have visiting hours.
A different wing? Okay, but, uh, I'm not a regular visitor.
I'm a caseworker.
The 4,400? Like I said, there are no visiting hours.
Haven't been since they took over the East Wing.
Go ahead and fill this out, and here's a pass for you and your friend.
Miguel? [LOCK BUZZES.]
- Were you able to get everything? - Hayden, my boy, my lad, my homie, I got everything and then some, okay? First, we have nurse scrubs.
A size medium for one Dr.
Then we have patient scrubs for you.
And then, there it is.
Thumb drives, requested by LaDonna.
Why are thumb drives shaped like food? No? Okay, well, then we have three two-way radios and some earpieces.
And It's labradorite.
A gemstone well respected for its ability to banish fear and anxiety.
It can also boost psychic abilities.
Try it on.
Come on.
Why'd you get it? 'Cause I want to make sure you make it out in one piece.
And we have an anime marathon to do still, so Oh, um, my, um Shanice doesn't know anything about this, does she? - No.
- Okay, good.
Do-do you want her to? No, not at all.
I mean, she'd probably freak out that this is really dangerous.
I know I'm just the getaway driver and I'm all in but, I mean, I only have my learner's permit.
Hayden, this is all totally necessary.
Right? We have to get them out.
I know what they do in places like that.
The guards here assaulted Noah.
The government stole him away on my birthday.
They took Mildred, the closest person to me, away.
Refused to let me know anything about how she's doing.
And they destroyed the chess set she gave me.
The set she made for me.
The only thing I had left of her.
So, yes, this has to happen because I need Mildred, and I'm gonna bring her back.
RUTH: Hayden, Hayden.
I'm so sorry.
It was a long day visiting factories, but I finally found a distributor.
Your mom's baked goods are gonna be sold all through the Midwest.
I left a note to your Aunt Marietta explaining that you are sensitive to certain textures.
She should have known better than to make you noodles.
- It's fine.
- No, it's not.
Sweetie, why didn't you say anything to her? I didn't want to.
Are you mad? Never.
I love how careful you are with your words, but you need to advocate for yourself.
Watch carefully, crumb cake.
I'm gonna show you something.
RUTH: Solving a problem is a lot like baking.
We start with what we want, then look at what tools and ingredients we have at our disposal.
We put those together, and we get the thing we wanted.
Come here, come here.
There you go, baby.
Oh, how did the reconnaissance go? You two won't believe the things I've seen.
In that device is a video of Miguel yes, our doctor here at the Bois Blanc taking a 4,400 through that chartreuse door.
And I caught him on video as he put in the code to open the door.
No way.
You're, like, totally the GOAT right now.
What the hell? I taught you better than this.
Hayden, uh Hayden, I'm sorry to have jeopardized the mission.
We need to get behind that door.
Which means we need the code.
Wait, you saw him.
You saw him punch it in.
Yes, but I don't remember.
But Shanice can see your memory; she can see it.
I don't think that's a good [STAMMERS.]
Isn't there any other way? What the doctor's trying to say is that something happened between them to make things capital-A awkward.
Getting Mildred and Noah out of that place has to be more important than whatever discomfort you have.
Oh, my I'm just so tired On my mind are so many things Imagine my surprise when I heard you wanted to meet.
Even ordered you a drink.
I just wanted to try and build a bridge between us.
One of more honest communication.
Really? We can run away tonight Well, if we're being honest, uh there are a group of people at the hotel who have created a church here.
They don't want to leave.
Why would anyone want to stay at the hotel after all that time wanting out? Are are you scared? What are you getting at? I know about the powers.
I saw Claudette heal herself in this bar, and she admitted it to Jharrel.
What exactly did she say? That it has nothing to do with the 4,400, and she was a secret superhero in the '50s, and, I quote, "Wonder Woman was Black first.
You must have been pretty tipsy that night.
I don't know how you let Claudette yank your chain like that Shanice, I know what I saw.
You know I saw it, since it happened at Mrs.
Grover's, too.
Jharrel and I think there are more of you that have some kind of powers.
But we can't confirm that unless you open up.
And if you don't open up, we can't protect you.
We'll be fine.
I've tussled with the government before.
Yeah, in 2005.
The 2021 government is a whole different beast, okay? You have no idea what it's capable of.
Have fun hunting down the other members of the Justice League.
ANDRE: Shanice.
I thought you were avoiding me.
I've just been busy.
I do have something I need to talk to you about.
Hayden, LaDonna and myself are planning on rescuing Mildred and Noah from Ypsi Med.
Andre, no.
What will they do to you if you get caught? This is the time for us to keep our heads down.
They already know about Claudette.
And Keisha asked me directly if more of us have powers.
She's not gonna let it go until she finds something.
Well, the situation isn't ideal, but Hayden had a vision of Mildred being held and injected with something in a separate wing of Ypsi Med.
It's likely Noah's there as well.
Right now our whole plan rests on you recovering a code from my memory.
Can you help us? [SIGHS.]
Knowing how we've been treated here, I wouldn't be surprised if some places are even worse.
Let's do this.
- Do you see it? - No, I I see the hospital, but it's all hazy.
Nothing really concrete.
Keep trying.
I know it's there.
Look, I'm sorry.
This is new to me.
You can do this.
I believe in you.
I got it.
I got the code.
Thanks, Logan.
I love you.
- Andre, I-I'm - Mrs.
Murray the code, please.
Thank you for your help.
Shanice was a dead end.
Scratch that, she was a brick wall.
Yeah, Andre really wasn't in a talkative mood, either.
Look, clearly, if we want them to open up, we got to do something to prove to them that we can help.
You know, actions speak louder than words.
Hey, what about, uh, Mildred and Noah? If we got info on them, Hayden might be open to talking to us.
And frankly, I want to know what's happening with them, too.
Well, I got nothing.
Okay, Ypsi Med is apparently a fortress, with the 4,400 in some inaccessible wing and absolutely no visiting hours.
Well, I could go to Jessica, see if she can give me any info.
You're gonna go to Ypsi Med? You think that'll work? You said actions speak louder than words.
If we want them to trust us, we'll have to do something bold.
Where are you taking him? LADONNA'S VOICE: Um, he's [DEEPER.]
: one of them.
This is no hospital.
There aren't even any cameras.
You said cameras are ubiquitous.
Well, yeah, if you're not trying to be, like, hella on the down-low.
No cameras means no evidence.
Okay, I'm gonna go find Miguel's office.
I'm still in awe of the illusion.
- Cannot believe it is you.
I suppose this is where we part.
Good luck, LaDonna.
Do not forget to turn on your earpieces.
We'll await your guidance to find Mildred and Noah.
: Medical staff must have identification at all times.
We'll wait here for Miss LaDonna's instructions.
It's the same.
It's the same.
This place.
The walls.
The restraints.
: Nothing's changed.
Hayden? Hayden, please.
I need you to stay with me now.
I was in a place like Ypsi Med.
I was put there by relatives after my mom died.
She was only supposed to be gone a week.
Every night I went to sleep there I heard the screams of others.
I tried not to scream.
I was already in pain from the tests.
The endless tests.
Hayden, where are we? [PANTS.]
- Ypsi Med.
- Indeed.
You're not in the sanitorium.
The only reason I'm not still there is because the green zap saved me.
I won't argue with you.
This place is repugnant.
And that is why we are here to save them.
- Mildred and Noah.
Yes, Mildred and Noah.
Now, come back.
Hey, as the leader of this mission, they need you focused.
Okay, the map is acquired.
I repeat: the map is acquired.
You ready? Guys? Are you ready? [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
We're ready.
License and registration, please.
Uh, can I ask why? Your tags are expired.
Uh I-I'm sorry.
Can I make a phone call? - Hang a left.
- ANDRE: Copy.
Did you find any documentation on that computer? Yeah, I'm on it.
Better grab whatever I can.
After one too many Twitter arguments, your girl knows to always keep her receipts at the ready.
We can't go this way.
Why? The coast is clear.
Not for long.
ANDRE: We need a new route.
Okay, if you turn around and make that right, that hallway will take you around to the far end of Mildred's block.
ANDRE: It seems the restraints are targeted.
Designed to neutralize our abilities.
None of them should be here.
Okay, once you make that turn, it'll take you right to Mildred's room.
There are two bullyboys blocking our path.
What is going on? Are you clear? Doc, can you hear me? ANDRE: We must have lost Miss LaDonna.
I have an idea.
A birdcall.
That can't work.
Men were always surprised how well it worked in World War II.
Sometimes simple solutions are best.
Birdlady acting up again.
Let's check it out.
- Let me go.
Let go of me.
- Mildred.
- Don't touch me! - Hayden, Hayden.
- Let me go! - Hayden, you have to calm down.
- ANDRE: We are not prepared for a frontal assault.
I will tear them apart myself if I have to.
Now let me go.
LADONNA'S VOICE: Stop right there.
Injection gun.
Um, ma'am, we need to escort number 48 to the operating room.
You're to, uh, go aid intake on the new one - that just arrived.
- MILDRED: Let me go! They'll fill you in on the details.
Oh, my God, go.
MILDRED: Let me go! They're gone.
They're gone.
Okay, so not a single thanks for totally saving your lives? - Thank you, LaDonna.
- LaDonna? - Hayden, is it really you? - Yes.
And me.
We're all here for you.
Hey, you're safe.
Okay, we're gonna go save Noah and get out of here.
GUARD: What the hell? - [THUMP.]
Mildred, what are you doing? Showing him what it's like to feel powerless.
ANDRE: Put him down.
The-the human body isn't meant to take such trauma.
Sure it is.
He just has to push himself.
That's what they told us.
I'm sorry, but we had to stop little Carrie here before she killed him.
Did she? Um, kill him? His ligaments must be shredded.
And his bones [WHISPERS.]
: shattered.
Okay, Andre, we have to go now.
- But Noah.
- There's no time.
Come on! Go, go, go.
Um, where's our ride? Could Miss Mariah have abandoned the mission? KEISHA: Hey.
Jess, I thought we were gonna meet in your office.
Oh, um Hey Keish.
Andre? What the hell is going on? [HORN HONKS.]
Oh, my God, this is a nightmare.
LaDonna? - Just get in.
- We Please.
Just go.
REV: A thank-you to Sister Shanice for livestreaming our church to the world.
Since we've arrived here, we have had cause to worship.
Facing trials put forth by hateful men and doubting spirits, we have conquered more than most.
Bound by our unique circumstances, we have all learned to embrace the illustrious spirit of our fellows.
So I say to you all, let unity be our doctrine and love our discipline.
But I leave you with one final message, both to those 4,400 beyond these walls and to the world at large.
We, the 4,400, have been chosen by God.
Ferried by his divine splendor across the seas of time - I swear.
- for a cause bigger than all of us.
Let this hotel be a refuge nay, a home for all 4,400 that wish to be united with their brothers and sisters.
And let it be known that I will provide for every 4,400 that comes to me.
The government has no latitude to expel you from this sanctuary.
We have not just God but the law on our side.
While those who seek to harm and divide us shall be met with the full force of the strength that God Almighty has imparted onto us.
JHARREL: So, I haven't been to church in a while, but that seemed kind of ominous.
Well, Rev has a flair for the dramatics.
Where's Keisha? Well, believe it or not, she's on her way to Ypsi Med to check on Mildred and Noah.
LOGAN: All right, you got her? Logan? Mariah? - What is going on? - It's a long story.
Andre, did you know Mariah was involved in this? - How could you? - Don't get mad at him.
Okay? All of this was my idea.
Now, say whatever you have to say, but please let us get Mildred inside.
Where's Noah? There was no time.
Okay, well, is Mildred gonna be okay? HAYDEN: I hope so.
Me, too.
But, Hayden, how dare you endanger Mariah like this? Did you honestly think through what could have happened? She could have gotten arrested, or worse.
Okay, that-that's enough.
We all know what could have happened, but it didn't.
Because Mariah, at the first sight of trouble, called me, like I raised her to do.
And don't worry, Mariah's gonna be very grounded once I have a long chat with her.
Oh, a chat? Well, how stern.
Shanice, stop it.
You do not get a say in how I raise or discipline Mariah.
Logan, it was dangerous.
Hayden is from the 1930s.
He doesn't know anything about this world they could have gotten hurt.
You know, I've gotten to know a courteous and kind and obviously very loyal young man.
And while he's also very grounded, I'm proud to know that Mariah has a friend who's willing to do the right thing for those he cares about.
Now, go check on her.
I'll be waiting in the car.
It's so great to finally meet you.
I had a blast getting to be an almost-getaway driver.
I'm glad you had fun while I suffered.
No, I-I'm so sorry.
I I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you.
It was just really hard in there.
Do you want to talk about it? Not now.
Maybe never.
Anyways, thank you.
Thanks for taking care of Hayden.
: Oh, I was I was I wasn't really much of a help.
I mean, I mean, Hayden is the absolute badass here.
That's what I always tell him.
He is more than capable of standing on his own.
Right? SHANICE: Nice show you put on earlier.
I hope it served its purpose to provide a sanctuary.
But it wasn't for show.
I mean what I say.
I'd rather break my back than abandon my people.
I'm not interrupting anything, am I? You're not.
We were just finishing up.
How can we help, Mr.
Greene? I've been meaning to speak with you since your sermon.
Seeing as you are the man to know, I figured we could talk about how we could best aid each other.
- I'm all ears.
- Wonderful.
KEISHA: Do you know how many things I've done that could blow back on me, personally and professionally, for trying to cover for you? What were you thinking, breaking into Ypsi Med? You could have been caught.
We deserve an explanation right now.
And we need to come up with a game plan to keep you all safe.
Keep the government from finding out about your powers.
They already know.
They had specialized cells used alongside other tactics to impede whatever powers someone had.
Mildred had a hood pressed over her face so she couldn't use hers.
No, that can't be right.
Jessica hasn't said anything, - and she works there.
- Are you feeling okay? No, we have to be missing something.
Now, the government appears to have some sort of plan beyond freeing us.
LADONNA: You guys are on the inside.
You can help us.
So let's all set our minds to solving this puzzle.
OTIS: Glare all you want.
While you're staying under my roof, I'm gonna learn you some real discipline.
RUTH: Don't mind your uncle.
I'll be back faster than one of your chess games.
But-but I don't want you to leave at all.
- I-I need you.
- I'm not leaving forever, only for a week.
Even if I was, I'm not worried about you at all.
Do you want to know why? - Why? - Because you have all the tools to be on your own and succeed.
Should have figured you'd catch me.
- Don't try to stop me.
I - I wasn't thinking of it.
You can't follow me, either.
- I have to do this on my own.
- I know.
That's why I brought you this.
How did you know? Look, when I started this, I just wanted to bring you back to me.
I didn't think I could stand on my own.
I missed how you made me feel safe.
So you planned that whole thing.
I kind of did, huh? Look, if I try to keep you here, it'd be for my needs, not yours.
So please.
Will you be okay? I have all the tools I need to be on my own and succeed.
Can you tell me if you see it? Do I save her? MILDRED [DISTORTED.]
: It's this way.
Let's go.
I I-I don't know.
I can't see anything.
Just be careful.
I will.

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