4400 (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Empowered Women Empower Women

1 Maybellene Well, it's actually Jharrel's apartment.
I see.
And I suppose technically it's his brother's.
But the way I'm finna look at it now is it's my place, - my space, my taste.
- Uh-huh.
Oh, uh, someone's at the door.
I better go.
- Okay.
- Oh, Mrs.
Grover, please don't forget about those newspaper clippings you promised me.
Of course, dear.
I'll see you soon.
Nothin' will outrun my V-8 Ford Jharrel.
Uh, come in.
Hey, I just Yo.
You really resuscitated the place.
Uh, feels like I'm in the land of the living again.
To what do I owe this honor? Well, I wanted to, you know, check in.
See how you were doing.
I thought you're not my case worker anymore.
That you're assigned to work with the 4,400 coming into the hotel.
Although I'm not sure why in Lord's name they'd want to since we've been granted our freedom.
Yeah, I guess they all want to drink the Kool-Aid Rev is serving.
You know they're coming because of him.
And you came here for me? What? O-Oh, um, yeah.
No, I was just in the neighborhood and, um, you know, kind of drove here automatically.
Well, since you're here, allow me to give you a tour of my new digs.
Starting with my darkroom.
I'm taking up photography again.
Starting with all the historic sites of Motor City.
So, I've been thinking.
Um, I refuse to live only on this government stipend like I did my husband.
Never know when the rug's gonna get pulled out from under you.
Okay, hold up.
Did you say you want a J-O-B? You know, I might actually be able to help you out with that.
I got a guy.
Oh, you got a guy? Do you now, Jimmy Hoffa? Explain to me how you thought it was okay to allow my daughter to be a getaway driver.
A getaway driver, Andre! And then fail to mention that funny little fact when you saw me.
You're sweating bullets.
Oh, best not get too close.
Indeed, I believe I am unwell.
- Well, let me get some help.
- No.
I cannot risk being dragged off to that dreadful institution.
In fact, I've not felt well since I returned from Ypsi Med.
I'm sure it will pass.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God, Andre.
You're in your pajamas.
Ew! Are you okay? I'll be fine.
I just need a little rest is all.
Okay, cool, 'cause I need to talk to you about the files we took from Ypsi Med.
I'm trying to figure out how to read them, and then you can do your doctor-y thing and figure out what the hell is wrong with us.
Okay, you two, to be continued.
And after I pick up some soup and get you some electrolytes, you and I are to be continued.
Get back into that bed.
The U.
government will provide the 4,400 who stay at the Bois Blanc Hotel free of charge - Meals.
A stipend.
- Free transportation.
- Clothes.
- Clothes? Uh-huh.
What's the catch, Keisha? Mm.
Your guess is as good as mine.
All I know is the government is letting the 4,400 stay at the Bois Blanc, but only if they sign these contracts.
So, we sign away our firstborn? Well, you do, Shanice.
Look, this still might be better than whatever my mom has planned for me if I go back with her.
- You're going home? - Who knows.
I can barely stand that woman for more than one take, let alone indefinitely.
Look, I-I don't know what's up with this contract.
What I do know is the government hasn't said one word to us since y'all heisted Ypsi Med.
- That's weird.
- Sus.
That's what we say nowadays, lady from the aughts.
I'm gonna go through the contract and comb through the fine print.
On this thing, I guess? - Don't even start.
- I did not say a word.
Look, you do you.
I need to figure out how to read these files from Ypsi Med on a very, very nongovernmental computer.
- And you? - I've got to get to work.
Well, wonder triplets unite or whatever.
It's-it's, like, what people are doing nowadays, so just - No, they're not.
- Okay.
That is totally fine.
You guys are very vanilla.
She's a mess.
Thank you.
No, sure.
I got it.
I got it.
Okay, from the looks of it, this doesn't seem that bad.
To the untrained eye, sure.
But we both have very trained eyes on how this government works, which you and I both know is sus.
Soft on the 4,400.
Hard on the bosses.
- Where did you lose your way? - Jharrel, shut up.
Wait, hold on.
Why are those people being rushed? Yeah, that's the contracts booth.
Something's not right.
Yeah, I'll check in with Shanice on what she found.
And tonight I'm having dinner with Jessica.
Try and see what she knows.
A date with Jessica? You better bring a sweater.
Boy, worry about your own love life.
That's right, you don't got one.
Jharrel really sang your praises.
How smart you are.
So, look, I know that barback isn't the most glamorous Oh, I don't need glamour, sir.
Just a solid way to earn.
This is Claudette.
Nice to meet you.
See you around, newbie.
All right.
Let's get you started.
- Forget it.
Let's go.
- Can I help you, ladies? Can you get the Hulk's attention over here? Probably not.
Can you make us gin and tonics? Y'all ever try a gin and sin? Those cowards in hoods bomb a church with our women, our children inside.
What's next? Jimmy will know what to do.
What a blessing that you have a God-fearing husband fighting for us, organizing our sit-ins - and such.
- Yes, truly blessed.
We sure do a lot of sitting.
- Fighting, not so much.
- Good Lord, here she goes.
Maybe it's time to fight.
Fire with fire.
- Like Brother Malcolm.
- I hear you, Barb, I do.
Maybe just lower your voice a tad? You took the photos, Claudette.
- Barb, shush.
- You saw the horrors up close.
When you got back, you were a mess.
Barbara, lower your damn voice.
And with your photographs, if you showed folks the terror, the truth, truth no set of eyes could deny, they might be ready to fight, too.
Everything all right over here? - Just fine.
- Oh, peachy.
All right now, Jimmy? Sir, help, please.
I I need to find the ice machine as I'm burning up.
Thought you were a doctor.
Can't you heal yourself? - Ah! - Oh, dear God.
Oh, no.
How are they supposed to understand this? Andre? I thought you were sick.
I know you're cross with me, but I don't know who else to turn to.
Okay, Andre, you're scaring me.
I believe I possess a power.
- Albeit a deadly one.
- What? Oh, my God.
Poor Tim.
Tim? The-the jerk guard who took Hayden's chess set? I touched him.
I held on to him for support, and the poor fellow's bones snapped.
I heard them break.
Then he lost his balance and took a terrible tumble down the staircase.
Oh, my God.
Is-is he ? Alive, yes.
Thank God.
This This all began at Ypsi Med.
I thought at first I might be imagining it amidst the adrenaline and the chaos, but now I think I actually healed the guard there.
Now, here's where it seems even more inconceivable.
Ever since then, I have felt violently ill.
Until I broke Tim's bones.
Shanice, a transference of sorts must have taken place.
You heal a person, and then you ingest some type of pain? And the only way to get rid of it is to-to give it to another person.
I took an oath to heal, not harm.
I cannot risk hurting you.
We simply do not know the scope of this power.
- Hey.
Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
- Mm.
Um, I was just waiting here because It's just that I Oh, my God.
- Words, LaDonna.
- Spit it out.
I was just maybe hoping you could help me out with a thing.
I already helped you, remember? - Didn't turn out so well for me.
- Yeah, I know, it It got, like, super emo.
But this is different.
I need help building a computer from scratch.
That way, there's absolutely no way for the government to access the files, okay? No Internet, no Wi-Fi.
So the government can't track it, which keeps us both clean.
Look, I promise once this ghost computer's built, you're done.
We have to figure out what we are and what the hell happened to us.
If you burn me, you are dead to me.
- Again.
- Le duh.
You kind of had me at "build a computer.
" Oh, no, I am that geek.
This-this is the moral of the story.
Do not listen to this man.
Cheers to that.
Claudette? You know, our buddy Tim is practically in a body cast.
Seems like one of you did something to him at the hotel.
Wait, she didn't let you in on her little secret.
- Bro, she's just trying to work.
- Wait a minute.
You-You're one of them? A 4,400? Some are saying that your kind might not even be human.
Let's go.
Going on break.
Congratulations, Miss Independent! Oh, child.
Get over here.
Oh, Mrs.
What is the matter? I was a fool to think I'd be allowed to stand on my own two feet.
The date's changed, but some things stayed exactly how they were.
Lord have mercy.
They gonna be ready for the pamphlets? Children died.
- What's next? - As of today, we got over a hundred folks coming to the sit-in.
Not for the movement.
For us.
When are they gonna stop killing us? I mean, they the damn ones that brought us here - only to hunt us for sport.
- Claudette, calm yourself.
I know you're upset We have tried the sit-ins and the pamphlets.
- When are we gonna go after them? - Our approach has been working, and we will not stoop to their level of depravity.
Trust me, woman, when I say to you if we did, things could get worse for us.
- What is worse than this, James? - Enough! I let you do more than you should.
More than what most husbands let their wives do.
You should be grateful.
Now keep on taking your pictures and leave the leading to me.
We clear? Are we clear? Yes, Jimmy.
So, will we finally be graced with That LaDonna Life if you leave the Bois Blanc? I think I'm done with reality TV.
But, like, all of a sudden, my mom's inviting me home, so who knows what that woman has up her lipo garment sleeve.
I'd much rather go to my dad's.
Well, is that an option? Not really.
I've tried to get in contact with him, but his number is unlisted.
Which I get.
Like, my mother literally cast him as a villain on the show, so Oh, yeah.
I remember.
She made him seem like such a monster.
Well, he's not.
He was, like, the only person to really get me, you know? I used to be such a daddy's girl before they split.
And then after he became public enemy number one, I couldn't see him as much.
My mom said it wasn't a good look for the show or whatever.
Oh, that's awful.
- I'm sorry.
- 'Tis life.
But I can't stay here forever.
Oh, it's been really cool, you know, like, learning to code and using my brain and stuff, but I do have a life back home.
My actual friends.
- Your friends from the show? - Mm-hmm.
Girl, if those are your friends, I would hate to know your enemies.
They're not that bad.
They aren't.
All right.
Saying goodbye to true friends like you've made here? I - You have told them, right? - Okay, true friends? Like I've known these people for, like, half a season of television.
And no.
But it's my life.
They don't need to know.
Oh, honey.
You don't know how to have friends.
It can be hard saying goodbye to people.
Even if you've only known the 4,400 for a short while.
Trauma bonds people.
Okay, that's not what's happening here.
Okay? I'm too fabulous for trauma.
Look, I just need to finish this computer for them.
Besides that, nothing's keeping me here, right? Hey.
Ji-Eun, right? Sorry, I'm just checking up on folks.
Making sure you all got what you need.
I noticed you at the contracts booth.
You were asking for something.
A printout for my records.
The guy promised he would get it by the end of the day.
- And still no copy? - It's okay.
I don't want to cause any problems.
No, hey, what problems? It's your right to see them.
This man harassing you? Just, uh, catching up with one of your flock, Rev.
If that's allowed.
Ji-Eun, remember what I told you.
If you need anything at all We have you.
Sure do.
You ready for prayer service? Yeah.
I brought you what you asked about the other day.
- The clippings? - Mm-hmm.
- - Look at my girl.
"She went on to become a leader "in the Black Panther organization, "believing, 'We stood by too many years, "'hands behind our backs to give them peace.
But we learned '" "' only revolution will guarantee the peace Black folk deserve.
'" You know what has changed? In today's movement, women's voices are not only heard but followed.
Not as much as they should be, but certainly more than in your time.
I wonder what Barb would think of Barney.
Yeah, Barb knew there were a lot of Barneys rotting this country from the inside out.
What do you think Barb would do if she knew how high up the ladder today's Barneys have climbed? Sitting all high and mighty in such powerful positions.
All right, listen up.
I have seen the photos of our sisters and brothers up close.
Which is why we are coming to their front steps.
- Yes! - That's right.
We will bring our message to the Klan's headquarters.
Yes! And sit like we always do? Little sitting ducks just waiting to be killed.
What if we make this personal and strike at the heart - of the monster? - Yeah, yeah.
The Grand Wizard's house.
- Claudette.
- Yes, Claudette.
All right, dear.
- That's enough.
- Let her finish, Jimmy.
I'm not talking no sit-in.
We bomb that white devil's house.
- Mm.
- And nobody has to be there.
Nobody has to get hurt.
But we show him and his family what it feels like to be terrorized and what we are capable of.
Yes! It ain't a half bad idea.
Other organizations have been striking back.
- Exactly.
- Yes.
Heard there's been some success.
There has.
There has, Jimmy.
Y'all have to excuse my passionate wife talking out of turn.
Brothers, you know we can't fight fire with fire.
We must oblige to what our Lord asks.
Matthew 5:38-40.
"But I tell you, do not resist an evil person.
"If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek, also.
" Look what the cat dragged in.
Oh, I've been meaning to ask y'all something.
- Claudette, we need your help.
- What's going on? I believe my power has finally emerged.
Does this have anything to do with what happened with that guard at the hotel? Yes, it does.
It won't take more than a minute, but will be immensely helpful.
Cut me.
Uh, me? Oh, hell, give it here.
Not too deep.
Now what? Oh, the discomfort.
Almost immediately this time.
I feel better now.
Lord have mercy.
Miss Claudette, thank you so very much.
Please, if there's anything I can do for you You both can help me.
What I was gonna ask when I first saw you: any interest in a drink on the house tomorrow night? Okay, Jess, I know I owe you an apology for flaking the other night, but I got called into an emergency for the 4,400.
I'm just sorry you have to work so closely with them.
I mean, they are dangerous.
Right? You know, a lot of them are real cool.
Nice folks.
I don't really know that they're dangerous.
Are you serious? Because I do.
I know firsthand, up close and personal.
Well, when you throw human beings in a cage like they're animals, they're gonna act like one.
Are they human? I mean, 'cause their blood work says otherwise.
And, uh, oh, yeah, - they traveled through time.
- Wait, blood work? You never mentioned anything about that.
A, I barely see you.
And B, why would I? That's classified.
Well, I think it's kind of important for me to know what y'all are planning on doing with them.
So, does this blood work revelation have anything to do with these new extensive contracts they have to sign just to stay in the hotel? So, this is what this is? Wow, Keisha.
You, uh, feed me, pump me - for information.
- Jess, no.
It's not how it seems.
I think it's exactly how it seems.
I am drowning, Keisha.
And I was really hoping that you could be the one person that I could count on.
But you being a real, actual, supportive partner? I mean, who was I kidding? I may not know who you are anymore, but at least you're consistent.
You're not gonna fight.
And you're not gonna fight for me.
I'm done.
You know what I want So, they all your kind? Mm-hmm.
You all right there, big guy? Uh You're looking a little pale.
Like you could use some water.
Oh, but maybe not this one, though, with my dirty 4,400 fingers all over the glass and all.
Yoo-hoo, can I get some help over here? Can I get a Moscow mule? Make that two Moscow mules.
And a menu? - Excuse me.
- All right, hey, hey, that's it! All you freaks need to get the hell out of here.
I have the right to refuse service to anyone.
That belongs to me.
And I have the right to fire those who don't fit the culture of my establishment, which includes bigots.
So grab your crap and get out.
These freaks aren't even human.
And what do you know about being human? All I know is there's a whole lot more who see you all the same way I do.
It's time to say bye-bye Mr.
Wise Guy Oh, I'm leaving you stranded I would like to propose a toast.
To Miss Claudette and the feat she so skillfully pulled off.
Here, here.
That was, like, really empowering.
And thank you for ridding this place of that gross, hateful dude.
One less fearmonger for us all to deal with.
If only he was the last one.
And to a fresh start.
The future is your oyster.
What may we expect next? How about a promotion? I'm short a bartender, and word is, you're not as green as you look.
Really? Yes.
Um Is this y'all's "to be continued" about to continue? 'Cause there's definitely a vibe happening here that that doesn't include me, so I'm-a go elsewhere.
Thank you for your help.
I am unsure what a future with this power looks like, but I am certain if I have you by my side, then I will accept any fate.
Or am I foolish to hope for such? I can't answer that, Andre, until we figure some things out.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for inviting me.
And seeing me as, like, deep enough to want to be a part of it.
This was the most important I've ever felt.
Being a part of something with purpose.
You all right? Yeah, yeah.
Just figuring it all out, you know? I do.
You want to come over next week for a girls' night? I got to practice making all these $20 two-sip concoctions 2021 folks are so willing to pay for.
You know what? Yes.
A thousand percent yes.
Yes to you and-and the girls' night and dranks and us having a purpose.
I'm gonna stay.
You sure you're okay? - Yeah.
- All right.
- I'll dial you next week.
- Okay, texting is more what we do, but yes.
Hello? Daddy? Huh? You have no idea.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Whiskey neat.
How'd you know? I notice things.
Like how you trace the rim of your glass when you're thinking.
Okay, uh, I am not weird, I promise.
- Mm.
- Look, I'm trying to say I-I notice things because I'm-I'm interested.
In you.
Yeah, suffice to say, I'm not girlfriend material.
Mine broke up with me last night.
- You cheat? - Nope.
I was just a cold bitch.
Not sure which is worse.
Cheater's always gonna cheat.
A cold bitch just needs something or someone worth melting the ice for.
Look at you, being our very own Tom Cruise in Cocktail.
Tom who? Only the biggest movie star of our time.
Key word being "time.
" Never mind.
I, um, I got you something.
What's this for? Look, it's nothing fancy, it's just a little something for your first job in 2021.
Uh, maybe save opening it for the end of the night.
- Can I pour you a drink? - Sure.
- I'll be your guinea pig.
- Please.
I've been pouring men's drinks for longer than I care to remember.
Least now I'm getting paid for it.
Thank you, for all this.
You're the one who did it, Claudette.
You made all this happen.
Don't forget that.
Thank you for walking me back.
May I? - Shanice, I - Listen - No Andre.
- Truly, you Talk.
I am deeply apologetic for not telling you about Mariah.
I'm unsure what I was thinking, or perhaps therein lies the issue: I was not using my faculties at all.
All I know is I didn't want to upset you.
Thank you.
That's all I wanted to hear.
An apology with sincerity and without a "but" to negate it all.
Is this the reason you've been acting strange around me? Or does it have to do with me saying Logan's name in my sleep? I guess apologizing on behalf of my subconscious mind doesn't make sense.
I am sorry, though, that you had to hear.
An apology is unnecessary, because I don't care.
You don't care? Why, not at all.
Um Then what are we doing? Because I care, Andre.
Of course I care, I just don't care care, because not caring - is not what I intended to communicate.
- English, please.
- I am speaking English.
- Not jibber-jabber.
You know what I mean.
I don't know how to speak like you.
I don't know how to act like you, I don't know how to be with you, here, in this time, where men and women love multiple people simultaneously and ex-lovers are friends, and while that is lovely and wonderful, it's also supposed to be so normal, because today everything is so nonchalant.
I'm trying to be just as laissez-faire so I don't scare you away, but perhaps I don't belong in 2021.
Because I don't want to share you, not even in your subconscious mind.
Because I care.
You do care.
And I do, too.
Lord have mercy, you scared me.
I am so sorry, I didn't mean to scare you at all.
I just, no, I came because I didn't want you to be alone.
Not like that.
I mean, with everything that went down tonight, and with Barney.
And I know you're all independent and everything, now that Oh.
Oh, w-w-wait.
Watch this.
Huh? I know, right? Smart and romantic.
And how much have you had to drink? Oh, not enough to not consent.
Because I consent.
Do you? Okay.
Uh I don't do the rebound thing.
This needs to be real if you want more.
Or we can talk about it tomorrow.
LaDonna? She's gone? "Push here.
" Hey, so I know how scary computers are to you and that you can barely even send a text.
Well, actually, you cannot, because one time we tried that, and you sent a bunch of commas to yourself.
So, anyways, um, because you are a hundred years old, I'm going to speak very slow and clearly about how to get the files from Ypsi Med.
And I know you might be feeling anxious and want to eat your feelings, so I did leave you my favorite snack.
You're welcome.
Um, but seriously, Andre, if at any time this feels, like, too beep-boop-boppy for you, reach out to Soraya.
She's on our side.
Okay, bye.
I'm just kidding.
Um I mean, this is goodbye.
Um, and I'm I'm sorry it sucks, but this would've been way too hard to do in person, so Uh, but at least I will have these.
That's a good one.
So, what'd you figure out? Okay, this "contract" is a trap.
It's not so much a contract as it is laying the groundwork for the government to put people under conservatorship.
Wait, what? But that robs the 4,400 of their rights, financial decision-making - Their freedom.
- And it's all legal.
But why would Rev encourage so many people to sign a document that's gonna be so restrictive? Brothers and sisters, before we begin, I'd like to thank you for a smooth last couple days.
Brother Bill Greene and I rely on your trust as we do everything Yeah, the most important question right now is how many of them have signed this? Oh.
What's wrong? Did something happen to one of our members? They're fine.
Everyone's fine.
Who I'm worried about is you.
Heavens, why? I'm good.
I don't know if that is true, given your recent outbursts.
I find them rather alarming, dear.
I don't understand.
I-I haven't done nothing but offer you and our members something different to try.
There are places that specialize in helping women like yourself women with divergent thinking get back on track.
Jimmy, I-I don't need no help thinking.
I It will only be a few months.
Months? Where in Lord's name Provided you be a good woman, shouldn't take too long to get you right as rain.
Jimmy, I-I don't need none of that.
I'm sorry for what I said.
I-I For speaking out of turn.
It was a mistake.
I-I'll do whatever you tell me to do.
I-I promise I won't say nothing anymore.
I won't say a word.
I-I won't say a word.
Jimmy, please don't this to me.
But you made me do it, dear.
Jimmy, please.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Oh! Open the door, Claudette.
Claudette, open this door.

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