4400 (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

The Kaminski Experiment

1 Wow, you weren't lying.
There's a whole BestTime section.
I still say the Sours are the only way to go.
Uh-uh, no.
The original BestTime Bars are aces.
Okay, well, then, uh, we'll just get both for the trip.
How's that? Mm.
You're gonna love Niagara Falls, Hayden.
The fresh air, the mist.
Oh, just maybe go easy on the road trip games, Dad.
- Ooh.
- Wow.
Oh, no, i-it's okay.
I love games.
And my mom always wanted to take me there, so thank you all.
Oh, my God, Hayden, I have to show you all the ice cream flavors.
Come on.
Uh, yeah.
- We made the right call taking him in.
- Yeah.
It's nonstop publicity for them.
Like Detroit doesn't have other concerns.
- - Oh, come on, Bridge.
You know, not everyone's like us.
I mean, some of the guys on my crew want nothing to do with them.
I am so glad we're getting out of town.
Everything's set for Mariah's school, right? Logan.
You owe her nothing.
Shanice is her biological mother, Bridge.
Who wants to be a part of her daughter's life, might I add.
It doesn't mean she needs to sign every form.
- But she doesn't - Especially one allowing Mariah - to miss a week of school.
- She doesn't need to, but But you want her to.
It's not "want," Bridge, it's Look, I don't know, but I can't pretend like she's not a part of this.
Always my way.
The mayor is so appreciative you're willing to host the Meet the 4,400 event.
We really feel the 4,400 and their whole story are a boon to Detroit, and we want the world to know it.
Hey, we are an open book here.
Right, Jharrel? Besides, with my office right up there, I am guaranteed a front-row seat to a Gladys Keller interview.
Live and in action.
How'd you land her, anyway? Well, we had a number of outlets reaching out, but the mayor really wanted to give it to a Detroit native.
4,400's response has been good, too.
Turns out a lot of them are really into telling their side of the story.
Speaking of, I have a new addition to the lineup.
- Oh.
- Um But we need to vet them.
I'll have my assistant send over my addition.
See you guys mañana.
You don't like him.
Okay, when have I ever liked the powers that be? It's more than that.
Okay, yes, you're right, but I don't know, the I just want this whole thing to go well.
Well, I've been thinking about a way to really show the public there's nothing to fear.
Show them a true 4,400, non-4,400 blended family.
Make it clear they're just like you and me.
Wait, Shanice? - No - And her husband's family - that took in a 4,400 as well.
- No.
They're the perfect, beautiful, multiracial poster family that's really gonna sell this thing.
I don't know.
I mean, it's complicated.
And asking Shanice to go along with it isn't exactly a picnic, either.
I can come with you to talk to Shanice if you want.
Prepping? For your big interview? Watched some video on this Gladys Keller, she's got a silver tongue that trips people up.
Does that make you the pot or the kettle? Something on your mind, Shanice? Any particular reason you're helping Bill Greene trick our fellow 4,400 into signing these predatory contracts? - It's a standard agreement.
- It's not.
It allows the government to trigger conservatorships over everyone who signs if certain "conditions" are met.
What happened to our sanctuary? Instead, you are backing his play to take away your followers' rights.
He's kept his word.
Conditions here are good.
People are happy.
Bill is lying to your face.
They know we have powers.
And whether you want to believe me or not, I am pretty sure they're gonna find a way to use them against us.
So, if you are planning another public spectacle, maybe keep that in mind.
You okay? It's nothing.
I just couldn't sleep, so trying to tire myself out.
Come on, Logan.
We both know you're seeing Shanice tomorrow.
You know, we're all she's got, Bridge.
I understand that, but you were still picking up the pieces of her disappearance when we met, and that was nine years ago.
Don't let this take you back to where you were, Logan.
I'll mull it over.
I promise.
And promise me you'll shower before you come back to bed.
Okay, hot stuff? All right.
- Love you.
- Love you.
Yeah, you should've seen us last night Oh, come on.
Mariah, you're always stacking the deck.
What do you got? Ooh, watch yourself, hot stuff.
I can't believe we finally get to leave for the first time since the pandemic started, and the Kaminskis are headed to Niagara Falls.
I know.
I haven't been on a road trip - since I was a kid.
- Oh, and camping's gonna be great.
Oh, come on.
The world is just starting to open up again, - but we still have to stay safe.
- I know.
Which means getting a little creative, but it's nothing we can't handle.
I'll get it.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
All night long No fun, that's the only fun - What's over there? - Absolutely nothing.
What do you got? You're really You're grown! Mariah, who's at the door, sweetheart? Logan? Oh, thank God.
Shanice? I'll admit, I've enjoyed your delayed departure to Mrs.
Grover, as it's allowed for our dalliances.
No one says "dalliances" anymore, Andre.
Well, I do.
Are you sure you have to leave in a few days? Yes, since I refuse to sign that stupid contract.
I mean, we both do.
Right? Have they found you an apartment? Uh, well I didn't know how to tell you this sooner, but I've signed the contract.
Andre, no.
These conservatorships are essentially a prison sentence if triggered, and I have to believe they are planning to trigger them somehow.
Why? Why-why would you sign? It was before you found out how restricting they were.
I plan to find my own lodgings, but, with all these people coming in, I want to be here to take care of them.
I learned my lesson with Mildred and Noah.
I don't want them to have to rely on government medical personnel.
Please don't be cross with me.
How can I be mad at you when I'm just worried for you, Andre? Sorry.
Uh, you're early.
Yeah, I, uh just thought the sooner we get this taken care of, the better.
This is Andre.
- We've met.
- We've met.
Thank you again for your assistance in escorting Mildred back after everything.
Always there for my daughter.
Hayden, now, too.
Right, yes, uh, Logan just wants me to sign - some paperwork for Mariah.
- Yeah.
She's only missing a week of school, but, uh You know, I-I thought you deserved to be included.
Thank you.
You might need this.
You want me and Logan and Bridget and Mariah and Hayden to get up there and pretend we're some big, happy family? A united, Rockwellian family is always good for optics.
Look, I know it's weird, but it's just for one day.
And I promise you I know what a difference perception makes.
And we need for people to see you all as human beings.
We make it clear that the 4,400 are everyday people, with family and loved ones, just like everyone else in Detroit.
Yes, everything is just so incredibly normal.
Listen, it's a story.
Every image that ever changed history required a narrative.
I've been a part of enough news cycles to know.
And we're hoping you could convince Logan.
I hope you'll consider it.
I got to get back to the office.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Jharrel, I'm worried about this event.
I can't tell if Rev is in our corner or not, and I don't trust whatever the government has planned.
Yeah, me neither.
All right? But I do trust that Carla knows what she's doing.
Look, one way to beat them at their own game is to get the public on the 4,400's side.
And what about the conservatorships? Well, it'll be harder for them to utilize those unlawful tactics.
The world rallies around the people that they're trying to suppress.
So, one big, happy family with Logan it is.
I'm sure they would love to have someone with your press savvy to participate, LaDonna.
I, for one, am staying far away.
Yes, I have explored the machine you left, and I am searching for the remainder of the COBOL code.
I Actually, I'm on a mission regarding that at this very moment.
I'm so sorry, but I will check in again soon.
- Hello, my good sir.
- Uh, hey.
You know, how's it going, Doc? Well, I miss my partner in mystery.
How is LaDonna doing at her dad's? She seems glad to be there, and for that I am gratified, but I would like to follow up on something she was working on.
Do you happen to have any more of your brother Manny's books? You know what, I was actually about to head to Claudette's today.
Because I got to clear out some of his stuff while she's away at bartending training.
LaDonna and I found a torn page amongst his things.
I'm seeking the rest of it.
I could help you sort through everything.
- Yeah, of course.
- So Claudette doesn't mind you going to her apartment while she's away? Mind your business.
She's finally down.
Thanks, Mrs.
You've been working a lot of long hours lately.
You could afford help around your house.
But Mariah loves you.
She barely lets me put her down anymore.
Logan, I'm an old lady.
I got simple pleasures.
I can't enjoy all of them when I'm taking care of a baby.
And, somehow, I got myself into taking care of a man without any of the benefits.
Now, I love y'all, but I'm not a crutch you can lean on forever.
We can't go on like this.
And this bed is pretty uncomfortable.
It's okay for you to never forget Shanice, but you got to move on.
You should talk to somebody.
Ah, I don't know.
Talking to somebody about this feels It makes it real? Baby, it is real.
Even if she did come back, you can't pick up where you left off.
So you're getting up out of this bed, so help me.
If not therapy, I'm signing you up for FOMO-Mates.
Oh, no.
Point taken.
Shanice was like a daughter to me, but she's not here.
She's not even in that big old empty house that you won't go home to.
You've got to accept the truth.
Bury what you can, and live with the rest.
My sister was a lot of things to a lot of people.
To me, she was everything.
It's been five years since I we lost her, but, uh why can't I move on? Why am I still acting out and God, making the worst decisions.
Me and my girlfriend, uh Me and my ex-girlfriend just recently broke up, and, uh, not even a second later I'm hooking up with a co-worker.
Still trying to make it all make sense.
I'm still pretty new here, so, uh, thanks for, uh, letting me share.
Thank you for sharing.
- I know it's hard.
- Yeah, thank you.
- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you, Keisha.
I, uh see a couple new faces, so, uh, guess I got to do introductions, right? Um Hi.
I'm Logan.
- Hi, Logan.
- Hi.
Uh I've been away a while 'cause I thought I had it handled.
- Oh, yeah.
- Guess not.
So, back in Grief Group.
A while back, the love of my life, this brilliant, hard-ass lawyer married me.
You know, we had a family and everything.
It was-it was kind of perfect, to be honest.
Then she up and vanished.
I wa-I was frantic.
I-I was worried something terrible had happened to her.
I just hoped that I could find her, save her.
Well Then, uh, they found this letter.
Police gave me this letter.
You know, I-I don't know what destroyed me more, the thought of losing her or the idea that maybe she was out of my life because that's what she wanted.
Even so, I looked for her for years.
Then she came back.
Not because she had a change of heart or anything, she just literally came back.
She fell out of the sky - and landed on my doorstep.
- Wait.
She's a 4,400? Look, I-I-I This is a grief group, not a 4,400 support group.
You got what everybody here prays for, and you want our sympathy? That's what this is about 4,400? Somebody's playing you, man.
The whole thing's a hoax.
- A hoax? - A hoax.
- No.
That is not what this is.
- There's no way that people - are falling out of the sky.
- It is real, - and it is a gift from God.
- No, I don't think you understand How do you not have any hope? - Hello? - Logan? You answered.
You've been calling? Right, right, yes.
I wanted to invite you, um to be a part of this thing with me.
Y-You mean this Meet the 4,400 thing? Yeah, yeah.
It's-it's a way for the, for the world to kind of you know, get to know us.
It's not just you.
Mariah, Hayden Bridget.
It would be all of us together, kind of showing how we're one big, happy family.
Is that what we are? What do you want with me? I'll think about the event.
But it's a lot right now, okay? Okay.
Is everything okay? That sounded like an intense call.
It was just Shanice.
She wants me to be a part - of this Meet the 4,400 event.
- Yeah, Jharrel mentioned something - about you all appearing together, or - Yeah.
It's not that I don't want to help.
I would love to tell the world how great it's been having Hayden as a part of my family, - but - Shanice.
The man I heard in group the one struggling with Shanice coming back he spoke with love.
That "against all odds" kind of love, and the closest thing I have to that is my sister.
I'm here because I have all of this love for her that I don't know what to do with.
And I'd give anything to talk to her one last time.
I'm sorry about your sister.
Now, you heard them.
You have been given the second chance that so many people in that group myself included are jealous of.
It's not that simple.
Oh, in some ways, it is.
Well, I hope something in here helps.
You, uh, certainly know your way around Claudette's home.
It's almost as if you spend quite a bit of time here.
What did I tell you about minding your own business? Oh, yes, me and Claudette hooked up a little while back, and we've just been I don't enjoying the vibes, seeing where things go.
Is that how dating works now? No declarations, just vibes? Depends.
Well, I'm asking because Shanice and I have been enjoying vibes as well, but, yesterday Logan stopped by, and watching them together How do I compete with romantic history when I don't know the first thing about 21st century courtship? Listen.
Given that I ruined my last relationship with Carla because I was too obsessed with finding my missing brother, Manny, I don't really have a lot of advice to give, but you Okay, I mean, you do know that Shanice is kind of a situation, right? I mean, you sure you can handle that? Well, if I catch your meaning, Claudette qualifies in that category as well.
Are you sure you can handle her? Touché.
Wait, is that it? Okay, so what is that? It's the rest of the COBOL code.
You think it has something to do with what happened to you all? I'll admit, we are working on conjecture, but the way your brother disappeared like us you thought you saw a green light.
Yeah, but I don't know.
That's why this might be a fruitless search, but we desperately need answers, anything that can help us get out from the government's clutches.
Yeah, I hear you on that.
But if Manny is somehow related to all of this, I I hope we can find answers that will bring us all some peace.
Did Logan ever tell you if he's coming? Nope.
Carla's busy figuring out some other family for the segment.
- If he's upset about - About us? Do you think he might be? I-I don't know.
After all this is through, I request your presence in the cocktail lounge, to celebrate your successes.
- Andre, that's not necessary.
- Oh, it is.
I'm handling my situation.
I know how hard you've worked to make sure this event helps us all, even those of us who signed a terrible contract.
It is appreciated.
This is That man was at Ypsi Med.
I remember he had flames dancing up his arms.
Does that mean they're releasing patients? Do you think Noah could be next? You said that man's power is fire? LaDonna assured me all our powers are "fire.
" But in all seriousness, what are you thinking? I don't know, it could be nothing.
I'll find you later.
Just got out of a security briefing.
First thing they do is shove a tranq in our hands.
Why would they up security for interviews? And more importantly, who are those even supposed to protect? - Jharrel - Oh, Shanice.
I think Bill Greene is up to something.
He brought in a 4,400 from Ypsi Med whose power is apparently shooting flames from his arms.
Okay, wait, the 4,400 he added to the interview list last second? And it sure looked like the Reverend was in on it with him.
I knew I couldn't trust him.
He'd be fine revealing the powers.
He practically did it with Ji-Eun at his last event.
I think he wants it out in the world.
Wait a minute, you think that's what the government's trying to do here; expose y'all's powers? But why would they do that? Because our powers could be exactly what they need to trigger the conservatorships.
All of a sudden, the world thinks we need to be looked after.
That we need to be taken care of.
We can't let that happen.
Why is that man here from Ypsi Med? Are you and the government trying to reveal our powers to the world? You could be putting us all in danger.
You only see me as a threat, don't you? Did it ever occur to you that I'm trying to do right by our people? You aren't the only one who knows how to make a difference, Shanice.
Jharrel, he's in here.
What is this all about? Hey, man, did they give you any orders? I show them what I can do.
Brûler Then they set me free.
Anything is better than going back to where they kept me.
Shanice was right.
We got to make sure they don't have - any other tricks up their sleeve - Is it smart, leaving him here? Look, we're trying to protect you.
Get everybody out from underneath the government's thumb.
Ca Can you trust us? I want us all to be free.
Us, too.
Us, too.
Stay here until we get you.
Hello to everyone at home.
This is Gladys Keller.
Today, we're bringing you an in-depth special on the mysterious 4,400.
Are they just like us, victims of some terrible circumstance, or is there more to the story? We're pulling back the curtain, and hearing from them in their own words, live and unedited.
Our first guest, the prestigious Reverend Isaiah Johnston, declared deceased in 1993, brings us to the heart of it.
Thank you for that introduction.
As for your question, I don't think there is a difference between the 4,400 and everyone else.
See, the Lord works in mysterious ways.
We don't know why we were brought here, but we're all human, Gladys.
I'm curious, and I'm sure the folks at home are, too.
Why are you all under the protection of the U.
government? The government is simply doing right by a vulnerable population.
Something I think we'd all want them to do more of, wouldn't you, Gladys? Shanice is right this way.
I'm so glad you all could make it.
- Hey, Shanice.
- Hi.
I know it'll be a little strange for us all to share the stage together and act like well, um And it's probably the last thing you want to do, especially with your vacation coming up.
Are you excited? Uh, yeah, yeah.
- Uh, Mom - Yes? Um, I think they want us to get mics put on or something.
Come on.
- We'll see you out there.
- All right.
Come on.
Can we talk somewhere, in private, maybe? Is everything okay? Are you upset about seeing me with Andre? I don't know what the rules are here.
- I know.
- You're married to someone else now, and I just thought you didn't want anything to do with me.
Am I being unfaithful? No.
You're not.
I am.
Look, right or wrong, I was upset seeing you with Andre.
It's hard not to have these feelings when you're the first woman I ever fell in love with.
And when you left, it-it broke me.
I still don't know how I picked up the pieces.
That's not true.
'Cause a part of me never did.
I've been waiting and hoping for all that it's worth that you'd come back one day.
Are you saying you want to give us a second chance? I'm sorry.
It's taken me till now to realize we we can't go back.
There's no erasing the last 16 years.
When you came back, we got our second chance, but it was a second chance at closure.
- I don't understand.
- No, no, I know that I was supposed to come onstage and-and talk about our happy, blended, non-traditional family, but I can't do that with you anymore, Shanice.
I've got to make a clean break and move on.
I've got to commit to my family, to Hayden.
This It's not fair to us or the people who love us.
We are good people, Shanice.
It's time we deal with reality.
One reality being that you're still gonna be a kick-ass mom to Mariah.
I want that for both of you even if I can't be a part of it.
This is goodbye, Shanice.
Just-just wait.
There's nothing we can do.
You can't close the investigation.
No, you're asking me to give up hope on my wife, and I won't.
- She wouldn't give up on me.
- I'm sorry, but she made it pretty clear she doesn't want to be found.
What? What are you talking about? You've gotta let me go, Shanice.
I know.
You should go be with your family.
Thank you.
And we are back, live from the Bois Blanc Hotel.
I'm happy to introduce you to the first truly blended 4,400 and 2021 family.
We have husband and wife Logan Kaminski and Bridget Templeton, their beautiful daughter Mariah, and Hayden Turner, the 4,400 they've welcomed into their home.
- Hello, everyone.
- Thanks, Gladys.
We're just so happy to have been able to invite Hayden into our home.
It's really been wonderful.
- Hey, Rev.
- Sister Shanice.
Aren't you supposed to be up there with your family? Don't tell me you got dressed up for nothing.
It all worked out how it was supposed to.
Thank you for doing the right thing.
I think the government wanted to make a spectacle out of us on live television so they could control us further.
The right thing would be letting Bill Greene know what I think about those contracts he made people sign.
I looked into it after we spoke the other day.
I should have realized what he was up to.
Hubris on my part.
But make no mistake.
I won't let anyone harm these people.
Is it true that, along with sponsoring Hayden, your wife well, ex-wife Shanice is also one of the 4,400? For years, we we wondered what happened.
I don't think we ever could have imagined the truth, though.
It freed me in some ways.
Now, obviously, there there are bigger mysteries to be solved, but I'm blessed to have gotten a closure that few get.
You know, a new lease on life that I'm just very grateful to have.
Our fire starter is somehow AWOL.
We have people trying to look for him, but what are we supposed to do? We have names.
So glad you're safe.
I'm not safe.
None of us are safe.
Having Hayden come into our home was unexpected, but he's brought so much good into our lives, I can't imagine him being anywhere else.
- Yeah.
- And how about you, Hayden? - Are you happy? - More than I thought I could be.
I understand you're upset.
But believe it or not, we have been very worried about you.
So has your sister Millicent.
Here's what I want.
You free them, and I'll let you go.
All it takes is one call.
Well, after this broadcast, you may be the first 4,400 heartthrob, Hayden.
He's taken.
No, not by me.
Another 4,400.
She's like, so awesome.
Stop lying.
The government doesn't care about us.
We're just experiments to you.
But you guys forget that we're the ones who have power.
I can take you to your sister.
She's been quite upset since you left.
- Oh, my God.
- Mildred? Let's go.
- Go.
Go, go, go.
- Up.
Up in the window.
Mildred, you have to stop this.
This isn't the plan God chose for us.
You kept me a prisoner for no reason.
Well, I'll give you a reason.
Fine! You're next.
What did you do to my powers? - What did you do to me? - I I don't know.
But you can't let them catch you.
Run! There's an exit this way.
Please move safely.
I have to get through.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I need your help.
Bridget and Mariah are safe, but I can't find Hayden anywhere.
- I-I might know where he is.
- Wait.
Did you know about their powers? I knew about the powers.
Okay? But what just happened with Mildred, - that I had no idea was gonna happen.
- Does-does Hayden? Can he You gotta let him tell you in his own way.
The whole world saw that, Keisha.
It was live.
I mean, what's gonna happen to them? I don't know.
I don't know.
Come on.
Excuse me.
Well, I'll give you a reason.
Look, you can just pack up my stuff and just drop it off at the hotel, okay? I know you don't want me in your home anymore.
Now that you know I've been lying to you.
I'm not mad at you.
I'm upset with the adults who kept things from me, but, Hayden you're just a kid dealing with an impossible situation.
It's my job to protect you.
I am not going anywhere.
I saw how much you cared about Mildred when you broke her out of Ypsi Med.
Must have been hard seeing her like that.
This is all my fault.
Isn't it? I messed up.
I should have helped her.
I should have known Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here.
Sometimes loving someone isn't enough to save them or your relationship with them.
But that does not mean that you aren't enough.
That you didn't give it everything you've got.
It just means you had different roads to go down.
Okay? You ready to come home now? Aren't you afraid of what my power is? I know you'd never hurt us.
I don't need to know your power to know that.
You can tell me when you're ready.
I just want you safe.
Welcome to Harlem, 1924.
Seeing it in my memories is no replacement for seeing it in the flesh.
What is wrong? The event went terribly, Andre.
Mildred was there.
She threw Bill Greene out the window.
The powers are out for the world to see.
Oh, no I think the conservatorships are gonna be triggered.
Your conservatorship.
I'm terrified of what is gonna happen to you.
As am I.
I am terrified for all of us.
And that is a problem we will have to face tomorrow.
But for now, we dance like tomorrow will never come.
We have to figure out how to protect you.

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