4400 (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Great Expectations

1 It's been 48 hours since Special Agent William Greene, a high-level government official, was seen being thrown out of Detroit's Bois Blanc Hotel window by this mere girl.
She has been identified as Mildred Bell, last seen in Sebastopol, California in 1972.
But what's really gripped us all was the fact that Miss Bell committed this horrendous act of violence telekinetically.
Ever since they landed on Belle Isle seven weeks ago, the 4,400 have been in the public's eye and imagination.
And we were there, broadcasting to you live, as our cameras captured the secret they've been hiding all along.
What you've seen on your screens over the last 48 hours demands answers and has led many of us to ask the question: Are any of us truly safe? Do you remember where you were, what you were doing, when you first saw the revelation of their destructive powers? [REWINDING.]
And we are back.
Live from the Bois Blanc Hotel.
I'm gonna circle back on our friend Bruno.
Make sure he hasn't gone full pyro.
All right, bet.
But from what he said, he didn't want to go along with the government's plan to make the 4,400 look bad any more than we wanted it to happen.
Okay, and I believe that, but I don't know what kind of accidental damages might occur when someone can shoot fire from their hands, so What the hell? [GLASS SHATTERS IN DISTANCE.]
: All hands on deck.
All hands on deck.
Let's go, let's go.
Move, move.
Hey! What happened? There was an incident in the courtyard.
And we are back.
Live from the Bois Blanc Hotel.
I am happy to introduce you to the first truly blended 4,400 and 2021 family.
We have husband and wife, Logan Kaminski and Bridget Templeton, their beautiful daughter Mariah, and Hayden Turner, the 4,400 they have welcomed into their home.
Hi, everybody.
- Hi.
- Hi.
: Thanks, Gladys.
We're just so happy to have been able to invite Hayden into our home.
Hey, Jess.
What you watching? Dana.
Um Look, about the other night, I I didn't mean to I mean, I-I just got out of kind of a pretty serious relationship, - so I-I shouldn't have - No sweat, Tanner.
- I needed to blow off some steam, too.
- Hot chocolate, - shot of espresso.
- Thank you.
Uh, you know, having Hayden in our home - BILL [OVER PHONE.]
: Agent Tanner.
- Hi, Bill.
Patient 32 is confirmed and standing by at location.
Everything looks like it's going well BILL: Well, it's not.
Our fire starter is somehow AWOL.
We have people trying to look for him, but Wait, what do you mean he's AWOL? - What're we supposed to do? - How could you lose him? MILDRED: We have names.
Bill? Who is that? Is What's going on? Is that Patient 48? [CELL PHONE BEEPS OFF.]
: Oh, that's not-not me.
Another 4,400.
She's, like, so awesome.
Oh, my God.
And we are back.
Live from the Bois Blanc Hotel.
I'm happy to introduce you KEN: How can they give these freaks airtime? GLADYS: 4,400 [LAUGHING.]
Yo, Steve.
- Hilarious, right? Come on.
- [SIGHS.]
Dude, they're they're not that bad.
How about this one? - [GLASS SHATTERS.]
- Whoa.
- The hell was that? - GUARD [OVER RADIO.]
: All hands on deck.
All hands on deck.
Courtyard compromised.
Cover this corridor and wait for further orders.
Come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Move, move.
GUARD: Officer needs assistance.
Bill Greene was thrown from a third-story window.
She tried to kill him.
Brother, calm now.
We need to pray for Bill.
: Courtyard, courtyard.
: And we are back.
: And Neela's got the twins, too.
She's an ER doctor now.
I'm tired of being the only boomer at Jummah with a single daughter.
They're asking questions.
"Oh, Aamira, when is Soraya bringing home one of those Goris?" You know what? It doesn't matter, Mom.
- All good.
- AAMIRA: It does matter.
- You work too much as it is.
- Okay.
You owe them nothing.
Not those 4,400s or those other people you work for.
You've been in service how many years? And they detain you like some terrorist, when we know for a fact the real terrorists in this country - are the ones who look like them.
- Ma.
Oh, my God.
Seriously? - You're gonna get me in trouble.
- And I'm proud of your work.
I see this whole event on the TV, this nice family, it all looks very big and important, but I want you to stay safe.
- I only care about you.
- Okay, Ma.
- Oh, Soraya! [ALL GASPING.]
Up in the window.
- What the actual hell? - You kept me a prisoner GLADYS: It's clear that the 4,400 have been hiding their true nature from the world.
What could they want from us? And what kind of threat do they pose? Right now, officials cannot explain what is happening in these frightening images, and so we must remember how things were.
Because after this monumental revelation, nothing will ever be the same again.
: You kept me a prisoner for no reason [OVERLAPPING SHOUTING.]
Federal and local governments have set up a tip line for the public to call, asking for your help to report any suspicious activity.
We're joined now live from D.
by Justin François - with the latest on these events - [TV CLICKS OFF.]
Which is why we will now be triggering the conservatorships we already have in place.
- What about our safety? - How is that gonna help? How can you even enforce that? Obviously, a number of the 4,400 are already integrated to the general public, out on their own, but the government knows where they are, and the tip line allows for any citizen to call in if they have any suspicious activity relating to them.
Why not just round them up? Because, legally speaking, we do not have justification to detain them, yet.
However, those 4,400 who have signed our contracts will now be placed under our conservatorship, for everyone's safety.
Until we know more, they will be held at the hotel with no outside contact.
That means no more phones, or access to the Internet.
They'll be subjected to a new regimen of medical care and testing, and all information obtained will be the property of the federal government.
They will be sequestered in the Bois Blanc, until further notice, subject to questioning, and their movement within this facility will be monitored.
Guards are authorized to use force if necessary.
Are you okay? I'm so sorry.
The conservatorships give them the legal right.
I I don't know what we can do.
So, we're back to being prisoners.
Some of us more than others.
Okay, this is beyond messed up.
A tip line only encourages people to further demonize the 4,400, and you saw firsthand at the bar with Claudette how bad it was before the world knew.
True, but we all saw Mildred's little demonstration.
Honestly, I'm surprised the government isn't responding more severely.
Yeah, because that's exactly what they planned for it to be.
Look, Mildred only did what Bruno was supposed to do, reveal their powers to the world, and your girlfriend already knew about those powers, remember? Ex.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Mildred is dangerous.
It doesn't take a bunch of 4,400 with powers to do some real damage.
It just takes one.
The government has to protect - the public.
- Oh, come on.
Anybody can be dangerous, but giving paranoid people a reason to profile the 4,400, using this conservatorship BS to take their rights away, this is how a police state works, and you know it.
You're oversimplifying the situation.
I'm not.
Things are getting bad, which is why I wanted to show you this.
Yeah, I remember.
You and your brother doodle a clock.
You take turns putting in numbers.
Look, Manny is here, doing this somehow, playing the game again.
I put this two up weeks ago.
And that six just showed up, but It should be a three.
So, it's wrong? Jharrel, what does this have to do with Yes, it's wrong, but I think that's because Manny's trying to tell me something.
Jharrel, anyone could've done this.
A bored employee.
A 4,400 with a power or a pen.
Or my brother, who might be involved with all of this somehow.
The timing alone I mean, this showed up right before everything went down.
Look, you didn't know him, all right, but Manny was he was brilliant.
He saw the world differently.
I think that Manny's trying to reach me.
Ji-Eun, - it's gonna be all right.
You're not the one who's wearing these clothes.
You didn't sign the contract.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
I can't be held prisoner again.
- After everything we've already lost - SHANICE: Are you okay? I just want to go back.
To my family, to my friends, to Harold.
I thought it could be okay, but this I miss my family, too.
My old life.
I just got a Jack Russell Terrier.
He was super sweet.
I bet he was a handful [CHUCKLES.]
but I bet you took great care of him.
This is all so overwhelming, but it doesn't have to overrun us.
Think of Haneul next time.
- Okay? - Okay.
Thank you, Shanice.
I hate them for doing this to us.
You holding up all right? Thank you for helping her.
I just I've never not known what to say.
I should be able to lead these people.
It's my fault that this has happened.
Why didn't you sign one of those contracts? To be honest, I was more focused on the task at hand.
I was working in tandem with Bill, keeping people safe, protected.
I never thought that [SIGHS.]
If only I'd got to him before Mildred.
Still, you saved his life by stopping her.
The only thing that matters is moving forward.
We have to figure out how to fix this.
Come in.
Since when do they knock? [DOOR CLOSES.]
Uh, hi.
Word on the street was you wanted to see me? You must be Soraya? The very one.
What's up? [CHUCKLES.]
LaDonna said you helped her build this computer, and that if I ever needed anything, I could reach out to you, and I haven't heard from her for a few days now, - and - Uh, same, actually.
Seems we've both been ghosts.
Uh, "ghosted.
" "Ghosted.
" Hmm.
But this can't wait.
I must know if anything we found at Ypsi Med helps us understand what the government wants from us.
I live in fear of the guards finding this.
I'm at an impasse.
I can see the files, but there are so many of them, and I don't know what I'm looking for.
And I managed to finally type in all of Manny's COBOL code, but what to do next Uh, I am so sorry.
Uh, but you, LaDonna, Mildred, you can all You know what, it's not important.
You want to know if we all have powers, and what they are.
It doesn't matter.
I know firsthand what that feels like, being asked endless questions.
I'm sorry.
I was being rude.
Just know that I am no danger to you.
You can trust me.
Trust us.
You understand what that says? Uh, some parts, yeah.
Basically, it was written to analyze and compartmentalize large data sets.
Like the patient files we got from Ypsi Med? Exactly.
- Ah.
- Mm.
But we've got to run it through a compiler, which I think our girl LaDonna forgot to install.
And you could do that? Yeah.
I can download a compiler and do a quick install.
I'll come find you when we're ready to run this sucker.
Run? Where will we be running? Yo, you wanted to see me? Uh, yes.
Thank you for coming.
I just wanted to let you know that you are fired.
Effective immediately.
Thank you for your service.
So it's like that? You know, I figured things might be changing around here for all of us, but nope, just me, huh? You have been a pain in my ass from the minute you entered this facility.
You've broken numerous rules.
You assisted in the attempted escape of 32 You mean Bruno Comtois? They have names, Jessica.
So will you be needing a police escort or You really want to play this game? See, because I know what y'all are up to at Ypsi Med.
So you can fire me all you want, but what is to keep me from telling the truth? Huh? From going to the press? Call Gladys Keller for all I care.
You would actually be doing me a favor.
After Mildred's little display, the public is just waiting for confirmation that all the 4,400 have powers.
And when they get that, they'll be begging for us to protect them.
We shine when we serve and protect.
Remember? You're gonna regret being on this side of history, Jessica.
- I have an idea.
- Please.
Well, it's really an idea we already had.
Your sermon a few weeks ago? Our call for sanctuary.
We need to finish what we started.
We need to make this hotel a religious sanctuary for all of the 4,400, and for real this time.
No more government deals.
Believe me, lesson learned.
When sanctuary is granted, it would nullify these conservatorships.
The government wouldn't even be able to step foot in here.
And I already finished a lot of the paperwork before you struck your deal with Bill Greene.
But creating a church here, it was predicated on my being their leader, right? And I just don't know.
- Ever since - Mildred.
Right? You were up there with her.
You've seemed off ever since.
Did something happen when you were with her? I pulled her away from the window to try to stop her, and when I let go, her powers were gone.
What do you mean, "gone"? She tried to use her powers on me, but she couldn't.
She couldn't.
And as I've thought about it, I've come to realize that perhaps this is my power.
To negate the powers of others and You can take away powers? It can't be! I champion that which makes us special.
Our powers, our abilities.
What does it mean if I can take it all away? What kind of leader can I be for them? I can't.
I kind of find it strange Here is to lasting as long as I did.
- Mm.
- 'Cause Lord knows she wanted me gone since day one.
Yeah, I did have to save your ass a few times.
Yeah, well, now she dumped us both.
No, something changed.
Okay? She's not the same as she was when this all started.
Or she is, and you are just seeing things more clearly now.
You mean your way.
Well, my way does collect unemployment now, so Hey, at least I'm still there, huh? Run interference between Jessica and the 4,400.
You think you can keep your girl in check? Mm.
How many times do I have to tell you she is not my girl, Jharrel? You sure about that? 'Cause I caught her looking at you this morning during what turned out to be my farewell briefing.
Anyway, now that I am banned from the Bois Blanc, do you think you can, like, I don't know, at least keep an eye on the clock for me? You know, take photos, uh, text me if anything new appears.
Jharrel, if he was trying to talk to you, why not just go, like, "Bloop, here I am, bro.
And-and here's your urgent message.
" I don't know.
Okay? Maybe he's in danger or something, and that's why he hasn't appeared.
But that mark showed up right when everything went to hell.
Look, I can't believe that that means nothing.
You have a better explanation for any of the stuff that's been going on these days? All right, fine.
I'll keep an eye on your damn wall.
Thanks, partner.
Mm! And this next round is going on my Chime card.
What can I get you? Ahh.
It feels like a distant memory, the fresh air.
Glad to see no one has discovered our tunnel into the free world.
Yeah, you're right, but I hope no one sees us.
That tip line has me spooked.
Since Mildred's display, it's as if the whole world is just waiting for one of us to spontaneously combust.
Well, our powers, it is all a lot to take in.
And especially difficult given our lack of privacy.
I was with Rev earlier when he confided in me that he thinks when he grabbed Mildred up in that office, he took away her powers.
What does this mean? That with the slightest touch he can absorb - or relieve us of our powers? - I don't know.
But it is something he's processing right now.
And I know you, Andre.
Give him some time before you go all scientific method on him.
Well, to be honest, I have other pressing concerns.
And, I'm happy to report, we have a new ally.
- What? - Mm-hmm.
Who? There's a woman, a tech-spert named Soraya, who's helping us look into these files.
If we can make sense of all of this then maybe we can find a way forward.
We gotta go.
What are you doing? [GRUNTS.]
- ANDRE: Oh, no.
- No, Andre.
- People may see.
- He needs help, Shanice.
- God! Holy mothballs, this hurts! - JOGGER: You okay? Steve, let me just [ANDRE EXHALES.]
- What the - Andre, let's go now.
SHANICE: This is exactly what I was afraid of.
That person near us was for sure calling that tip line.
What if they come for us, Andre? Take you to Ypsi Med? I couldn't leave Steve in pain like that.
- When you take an oath to help people, you can't choose your patients.
We aren't on the front lines of a war, Andre.
Nor are you practicing in a hospital.
You do have a choice in who you heal right now, because it impacts more than just yourself.
Ever since we came here and got these powers, it has only caused pain, suffering.
Made our lives more difficult.
We have been othered in so many different ways, Andre.
- And now this? - They also help.
- I can heal.
- Your power has aided me in the past.
- But to what end? You heal somebody, but that makes you sick.
You're only gonna get sicker unless you find some way to release whatever is inside.
But I doubt Claudette would be up for a damaged knee, even if she were in town.
- Andre, this isn't a joke.
Shanice, fair warning.
: There's a rat behind you.
: What?! - Perhaps a solution.
It worked.
Ride on the rays of the farthest sun Oh, fly on Damn.
Nothing from Jess? I guess I gotta get used to her, what, not texting me back? You know what, I know that I have been hard on you about it, but I really am sorry that you two broke up.
- Are you? - Are you? [LAUGHS.]
- Hey, girl.
- Soraya.
SORAYA: So I missed, uh, raising a glass to your untimely demise.
Hey, you got it worse than me.
They made you keep your job.
Is it weird for you that Jessica canned your partner? Uh, we just killed a bottle trying to figure that out.
But, uh, the answer is no.
I mean, it's unacceptable.
She needs to be called out for her behavior.
See, J, you still got a partner.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
That wasn't here before.
Manny was here.
- Huh.
- He did this.
It's like the one you showed me in the hotel, but there's a one, two, six, nine.
- Oh, God, don't encourage him.
- Come on, Keisha.
Like he knew that I got fired.
That is why he left the clue here.
Why wouldn't he just reveal himself? - Why-why go through these hoops? - Preach.
Something must be wrong.
I don't know, maybe he's in trouble or Maybe it's just the Quantico speaking, but if it is Manny and I'm not saying it is maybe he's trying to get a message across.
Like, maybe those numbers correspond to letters.
Maybe it's a cypher.
You need to figure out what the key is.
- Something you would both know.
- A cypher.
I mean, it'd be more Manny's thing.
I-I wouldn't even know where to start.
Well, maybe he's putting his faith in you to know him a little better than you think you do.
Okay, um Oh, we would leave clocks in books that we would read together.
Maybe there's something on page 1,269.
I mean, I don't know if we read anything that long, but thank you.
Want to stay? Round on me.
I should go home.
I already know I got a long day tomorrow.
Ah, - no more patellar disturbances I hope.
- Don't come near me.
- Keep your distance.
- Steve, what's wrong? - Does your knee still hurt? - Because of your little stunt, some park rando thought I was one of you.
A 4,400.
Not only did she call the tip line, she put my picture online, and I got doxxed.
Okay? And now I have people harassing my family's storefront again.
You're not gonna be another reason me and my family have targets on our backs.
But you were in so much distress, and I know Miss LaDonna would have wanted me looking after Don't even talk about LaDonna! Stay away from me.
SHANICE: You are aware that these conservatorships don't apply to us? REV: We're not prisoners, and you can't keep us Did you two try to exit the premises despite it being very clear we need to keep you here for your own safety? We would like to cross the street to mail something.
We have every right to leave.
- Any unlawful detainment - Like I said, it's not detainment, it's public safety.
I'll take whatever it is.
Oh, no, ma'am.
We're not gonna rely on you for anything.
I've tried that.
Look where it got us.
In fact, we are filing papers to make this space a sanctuary.
This time, you're not gonna stop us.
Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but you'll need refugee status, which is granted by my department, DHS, in order to be given sanctuary anywhere in the city of Detroit, or anywhere else, for that matter.
And we have filed a comprehensive, legally sound motion to be granted such status as refugees out of time.
That is very clever.
But there's a lot of red tape with this kind of thing, and we kind of have our hands full, as you might have noticed.
So it doesn't really matter if you make it to the mailbox or not.
Your whole gambit is pointless.
- What are you - You fired Jharrel? Your friend Jharrel has been a pain in my ass since day one, undermining my authority.
I can't have that kind of insubordination on my watch.
- Men think they rule the world.
- He's a good social worker.
He actually cares And you seem to care more about me letting him go than about our breakup.
I miss you.
How can you say that? When you're keeping these people detained in this hotel? You want to talk about your feelings? You're treating them like animals.
I'm treating them like the threat they are.
Explain to me why all of their blood panels came back with matching anomalies? I've seen firsthand the "people" that we have at Ypsi Med, like a man who can shoot fire, who we thankfully contained, or Mildred, for that matter, who is still at large.
We've already gotten over 200 phone calls off the tip line.
Well, why now? You've already known about their powers, about Ypsi Med.
Due to Gladys Keller's broadcast, we finally have the public on our side.
A public that wants to know that we are managing a potential danger to society.
A public that deserves to feel safe and protected.
You wanted this to happen.
For people to feel scared.
Come on, Jess, don't be that person.
I'm who I've always been.
You're the one that's changed.
I've grown.
You can, too.
With a stroke of your pen, you could stop this absurdity, actually let the 4,400 have a proper sanctuary here.
Just let them be.
Honestly, I'm surprised that this is your position.
Your sister was murdered because of someone that shouldn't have been out and was lethally dangerous.
Don't do that.
You don't bring my sister into this mess, like it changes the fact that what you're doing No, Keisha, what we're doing.
What we're doing is wrong.
I quit.
SORAYA: So, this compiler is cross-referencing all those Ypsi Med files with the COBOL code.
I just hope that whatever this compiler says frees us from suspicions.
Even Steve, who's usually quite keen and amiable, accosted me over Soraya, this tip line, what's it for? [SIGHS.]
Well mostly, it's to instill fear, create a chilling effect.
It weaponizes every person on the street, with all their misinformation and prejudices - and hate.
- But Steve? - How could he think - Anyone is susceptible, given the right conditions.
We all have to protect ourselves sometimes, especially those of us who stick out.
I'm sure this past year wasn't easy for Steve and his family.
The anti-Asian hate during COVID, it was awful, and it still is.
I'm not saying he's right, I just He's scared, just like you are.
This whole thing is just not as simple as we'd like it to be.
ANDRE: What's it say? What's it all mean? Looks like the code has isolated a particular property found in 4,400 blood.
Something called ZMT? This is probably why the mandated blood draws What is it? I never practiced with this knowledge, nor do I recall any ZMT appearing in any of the recent literature I've been reading.
What could this mean? I don't know, but Do you trust me? Can I look into this for you? For the 4,400? Of course.
An ally of LaDonna's is mine as well.
How is it that, lately, I've led my people down such an atrocious path? I have their best interests at heart, but every action, every decision I've made has been the wrong one.
And on top of all that, my power, it's [SIGHS.]
it's of no use.
I'm literally making us powerless with a single touch.
I disagree.
It's why I came to talk to you.
I want you to take away my power.
What? - But why? - You call it my power, but I feel burdened.
I'm terrified to touch anyone, even those closest to me, or maybe those closest to me most of all, and-and I we never had a say in any of this.
These powers, they're gifts from God, Shanice.
You've helped people, even Ji-Eun the other day.
She didn't ask me to.
And she didn't know.
I didn't know it would happen.
It-It's invasive.
It's wrong.
But that doesn't give me the right.
- I can't just take it from you.
- No, no.
Your power isn't about taking something away, it's about providing us with something we were never given, a choice.
And I can give you that, a choice.
But the Lord didn't bring us here to flounder alone.
He gave us each other and he gave REV: Did it work? Yes.
It did.
Thank you.
I think it's finally gone.
I snuck out and mailed the paperwork in for the sanctuary anyway, because well, you never know.
But if it's the powers that gave the government the right to trigger the conservatorships, maybe we could file appeals - for those who choose to get rid of them.
Might take away their justification for their AGENT: DHS property goes.
Leave everything else.
Can you believe this? The government is just leaving.
How did you manage this? I don't - I don't know - Ah, my favorite co-conspirators.
Glad I caught you.
You've forced my hand and made the hotel a sanctuary.
My department will be contesting this new designation in court, of course, you'll be tied up in litigation for months, but for now, it's all yours.
They gave us our refugees through time status.
Why would she do this? Do you think she had a change of heart? Even if she didn't, at least we finally have the U.
government off our backs.
We won.
We won.
What - [GRUNTS.]
- Hey.
We won the hotel, yes, but now We're on our own.
Way down Way down, are you coming with me KEN: Yo, Steve-o.
Over here.
Look at me like you want to go Drink up.
We're celebrating.
What's there to celebrate? We all just lost our jobs.
What, you think I'd just leave my guys out in the cold? Come on.
Sure, the hotel's been shut down, but there are still plenty more of them out there, out in the open.
You see, the government's looking for good, honest folks like us to start following leads, - rounding them up from the tip line.
- And it pays? Real money this time, plus benefits.
No more of that subcontract bull.
Yeah! Let's round them up! With us, with us, you know you can You know, Steve-o, you're one of the good ones, I've got your back, don't you worry.
Round them up.
Hey, that's what we like to hear.
Way down Are you coming with me, you know you can.
Oh, my God.
First of all, this is kind of creepy.
Can we meet somewhere with more lights next time? You have what I asked for? You'll find all the stolen Ypsi Med files on that thumb drive.
No copies were made.
Anyone put together what these files actually contain? Just a recurring word, "ZMT.
" What is ZMT, by the way? All in due time.
Patience is a virtue after all.
Thank you for your service, Agent Abbas.
I never doubted you for a second.
Welcome to the inner circle.
So, uh, hooking up is one thing; having keys is a whole other step.
Okay, look, I've just been getting Manny's stuff out of here and watering her plants.
It's not like I'm keeping these once she's back.
Yeah, I'll take that bet.
All right, so what are we looking for? Well This.
After striking out with all the books at my place, this is my last chance.
This box of Manny's books that I left for Claudette.
Classics that she missed, or that time travel skipped her over, I guess.
Of course.
Time travel.
'Cause what is the shortest distance between two points, traveling through the fifth dimension Like A Wrinkle in Time.
Oh, my God, and there's our code with a new number.
Manny used to be obsessed with this book.
He always identified with [STAMMERS.]
Charles Wallace.
He would even call me Calvin if I was too slow in picking up whatever it was he was trying to explain to me.
But there's not 1,269 pages in this book.
Well, does the book tell us anything? About Manny, the codes, or What is it about? I don't know.
It's about family and about overcoming your fears, and always having faith in one another.
And that even if you don't understand something, or you don't seek it, even if it's right in front of you, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
And, oh, yeah, it's about time travel.
Let's just observe 48, for the time being.
No need to bring her in just yet.
How's the transition going? All in order, thanks to my signature.
- Why did we grant them sanctuary? - Sitting ducks.
They'll think they kicked us out, but With the world at large seeing them more and more as a threat, they'll eventually round themselves up.
And we'll know exactly where they are.
Oh, um we finally have cover to make that arrest.
Make sure he tells us what we want to know.
I will.
OFFICER: Police.
Open up.
Do you think someone called Claudette in to the tip line? So help me, if that's the case - Jharrel Mateo? - Yeah? Hey, whoa.
Hey! Hey.
What Get off of him.
- What the hell is going on? - There's got to be some kind of mistake.
His warrant.
Theft of government property.
Keisha, you got to get Carla.
She'll know what to do.
You got to get me out of this.
Keisha! Someone is setting me up.
Keisha! Get me out of this!
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