4400 (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Give Up the Ghost

I want an attorney.
Uh, you can't hold me like this.
Oh, DHS can.
We got a tip on those stolen files.
We can place you at Ypsi Med a couple of weeks ago.
I don't know what files you're talking about! Did your brother ask you to steal them? Why would My brother has been missing for a year.
You know that.
Manny's not missing.
We have him.
Wait, what-what? Wait, you you have my brother? Where-where have you been keeping him? Let me see him.
Let me talk to Manny.
I'd suggest you tell us what we want to know about his research.
And your story better match his.
Let me talk to my brother.
I'll be back when you're ready to start telling the truth.
- CLAUDETTE: Any word on Jharrel? - Nothing.
I tried calling all the contacts I can think of, and no one will give me a straight answer.
What can we do? It's been two days.
Well, the warrant is legit.
DHS admits to having him in their custody, and that's all I know.
All right, I'll, uh get some of this back to the hotel.
I can't tell you how grateful I am for all your help, Keisha.
We all are.
The climate's growing unsavory for the 4,400 and our sympathizers.
Just take care to watch your back out there.
You, too.
You okay here, solo? Oh.
Don't worry.
I'll be just fine.
SHANICE: I'm not gonna lie, these last two days have been hard.
Everyone has questions I don't have answers to.
Ji-Eun and a few others took their chances outside and even though we warned them sanctuary status only protects us inside the hotel.
And now, now they're vulnerable to anyone who calls the tip line.
And they're at the government's mercy.
Shanice, you are not responsible for other people's choices.
And we're not under the government's thumb.
Freedom is everything.
Yeah, I just wish I could figure it out.
Rev and I did an inventory, and the government took most of our food and supplies.
- People are starting to panic.
- Uh things as they are might not feel sustainable long-term, but you are a tremendous leader.
I have faith in you.
Even if the day-to-day is a bit more challenging, we can and will fend for ourselves.
I must admit, it is a relief to just just be like this.
Without having to worry about someone else's memories suddenly hitting me if I touch them.
- Oh.
- Mm.
MARIAH: Hey, Shanice.
Um No, wait - Mariah? - Uh Wait, c-can you see me? Yes.
I mean, no.
- Uh - Um, how-how do I turn this off? This is clearly a bad time.
You called from earlier, so I d I just thought I would You know what, I'll call you back later.
Do you think she saw us? Most certainly she did.
Who's there? Come on out now.
Don't be shy.
- You scared me.
- I'm sorry.
Come on, sweetheart.
Storm's brewing, and you're the most wanted woman in the country right now.
Come on.
It's time for both of us to get on up out of here.
Look, just let me see my brother.
See, that's not how this works.
You have to tell us what you know about Manny's research before we tell you anything.
Just tell me that he's safe.
He's being well taken care of.
We're treating him the same as you.
If not better.
Of course, he rejected the steak.
Said he's a vegetarian.
You look awful.
Uh What up, though, little bro? Oh, sure.
Come on in.
Like we haven't been pretending we don't exist to each other for a hot minute.
- What do you want, Jha? You look awful.
You okay? It's just spring allergies.
I've always had 'em.
It's not a big deal.
Now, what do you want? Some stuff you need to sign.
Finalize Dad's property probate.
Since you didn't bother showing up to the funeral.
Is that why? Oh, well, you would think that's why I didn't go.
Once a juvenile delinquent, always a juvenile delinquent, right? [COUGHING.]
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, okay, okay.
Take it easy.
Bro, you are burning up.
- Hey, you're really sick.
How are you gonna take care of yourself? Food? Medicine? [COUGHS.]
Let me let me stay here and help you.
Until you feel better.
You should eat.
Don't, don't leave.
Look, just tell me why you have him.
- No.
Tell me about my brother! [DOOR CLOSES.]
You've been mighty quiet.
Want me to fix you a little something? I don't think I'm old enough.
Oh, right.
I keep forgetting they raised the drinking age.
Didn't you say you were just at bartending school? Oh, that belonged to Jharrel's brother.
So, you want to talk about why you threw that man out a window? I just wanted to help everyone else who was locked up with me.
But you didn't have a plan, did you? And I imagine, with the government and the whole world looking out for your now very recognizable face you've probably been scared half to death.
I I don't know where to go anymore.
What about the sanctuary? Doesn't everyone hate me there? I know they're scared of me.
Even if I can't [INHALES.]
you know, anymore.
What do you mean? My powers are gone.
Rev took them away somehow when I was in Bill Greene's office.
- He-he took it away? - I mean, I guess it stopped me from doing something I'd probably really regret.
But, for once, I felt like I was unstoppable.
And it just felt like I had something - for the first time.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Pick your head up.
There is power in that.
Right? I have an idea.
Go on and get yourself cleaned up while I pop out for a sec.
Uh you called with video.
There's no need to hold it to your ear.
Mariah, about earlier I totally called it.
Mm, I'm not sure I I mean, I I know you and I are still figuring out who we are to each other, and your dad said we could have a relationship.
But I'm I'm not ready to That's not what I wanted to talk to you about.
So, things are not great here.
Someone mentioned crowdfunding? I can help you set up a FOMOFundMe page.
But the 4,400 is gonna need a serious brand reboot if you want to get the public on board, so [CHUCKLES.]
Brand reboot.
Yeah, don't worry.
I mean, this-this'll be fun.
I am done playing games.
- What were you and your brother planning?! - [DOOR CLOSES.]
What did he want you to do for him? Look, I'm not talking to you without an attorney, - so you can stop asking me - What was he working on?! Ask him.
I mean, you do have him.
Don't you? You know your brother's tattoos.
Don't you? I'm trying to help you.
But if you don't give me the information that I need, I won't be able to protect your brother.
What up, though? Cops used tear gas and pepper spray on folks for peacefully protesting Operation Legend.
That's what's up.
40 got arrested, and I can't Whoa, whoa, hey.
You should still be resting up.
You really don't need to be taking care of me anymore.
Don't Carla want you back home? Carla is quarantining with her own folks.
And she's worried about you, too.
So take it easy on yourself.
For her sake, even if you won't for me.
Hey, just because I can't smell doesn't mean I want to stink.
It's hot up in here.
Plus, my brain isn't broken.
I can still fix things.
Covered up your old tat? Thought having our dad's last name inked was something meaningful to you.
I don't want any link to him on my body anymore.
Right, because you still blame Dad for all your issues.
- You know that man - That man was a ghost to me long before he died.
You know, I got that tat hoping that it'd make him proud for once, seeing as how he told me on the regular that I'd never amount to anything.
No, but of course you knew that.
You bought into it.
Come on, you were angry.
All the time.
All right, if you weren't getting busted for stealing, it was for tagging.
Now you went and did whatever got you that ankle monitor.
What I did was take a private sector job.
The Feds who had been begging me to work for them retaliated by claiming that I stole from them, fabricated charges to try to force me to work for them.
This is their version of a noncompete clause, so I can't work for anybody else.
So, what did, um you know, what'd they want you to work on? I mean what is it that you actually do? - It's hard to explain.
- Seems like a hassle.
Why'd you turn 'em down? I don't cave to bullies.
Not Dad.
Not the government.
I do what I think is right.
But I can't change the way you see me, can I? KEISHA: I'm sorry to just text you out of the blue like that.
I No, it's fine.
Glad you did.
I'm worried.
You haven't heard from him? Nothing.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could help.
Actually, I think you can.
What's the deal? Well, Jharrel thought this might be the key to the clock code you said we should look for.
It was in Manny's apartment.
But I don't know what I'm looking for.
Can you [INHALES.]
break the code? [SIGHS.]
Figure out what Manny's message to Jharrel was? I mean, who better to ask for code-breaking help than the world's greatest texpert? Texpert is on it.
I got to get this over to the hotel.
I hope they're doing okay in there.
REV: It's so kind of you to be bringing all of this in.
Having some hot food will brighten everyone's spirits.
Of course.
A lot of people actually seem to want to help the 4,400.
But, uh Hopefully all the others will leave us in peace.
We're not hurting anyone.
No, it's not about the reality of who you all are.
Some narrative that exists out there of prejudice against "your kind.
What in the No, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
There's no power.
I think we're stuck.
Everyone else out there has power.
This isn't the storm.
It's the government.
They killed the lights.
Everyone, head back up to your rooms in pairs.
Let's ride out the storm.
Rev and I are-are responsible for making this sanctuary happen.
And everyone is looking to me for answers.
And now I have to figure out how we're gonna pay for utilities? We focus on getting through the night.
- Hmm? - [SHUDDERS.]
I will gather supplies from my office.
I'm a hot mama No one's ever given me a makeover before.
Imagine you never been wanted by the FBI before either.
Let's get started, shall we? - I'm known by that name - Hot mama Now, I am no professional.
So I can give you a bob or a bob.
Just got to untangle this bird's nest first No! Don't touch me! Yeah, I'm warning all you chicks [SCREAMS.]
I'm just trying to help you blend in.
You want to stop running, this is what it takes.
You don't know what it takes.
All right, then.
Talk to me about it.
You're allowed your anger.
That's all right.
Is it because of the Bill Greene thing? And your time at Ypsi Med? I [SHUDDERS.]
hate them.
They tried to take advantage of my powers, advantage of me.
I hate everything that happened after the green light! And and everything before.
Just You might think I don't understand the pain of your past catching up with your present, but I do.
I think it's time I showed you something, Mildred.
JESSICA: They got what was coming to them.
The Bois Blanc is now without power.
Have you cracked the book's cipher? - [SCOFFS.]
- [GASPS.]
Hey! Calling your bluff! [CHUCKLES.]
You don't have Manny.
Nah, you keep asking me about him, what he's working on.
'Cause you don't even know where he is! You're trying to find him, aren't you? Where the hell is Manny? All we know is that an agent swears she ID'd him in Detroit last week, and DARPA's been wanting to find him since he disappeared.
- Let me talk to him.
JHARREL: Hey! Still waiting on that attorney! I think I might know how to break him for you.
Damn it, no [EXHALES.]
no service.
Hey, but maybe I can, uh, climb up, see if there's an escape hatch.
If you hold the cart Hey.
- Hey, you okay? - I don't don't like small spaces, is all.
What if what if they don't find us? - Feels Feels like I can't breathe.
- Hey.
Hey, whoa.
It's okay, it's okay.
Look, take this off.
We won't be in here for too long.
All right? Put your head down and close your eyes.
- Can you do that for me? - [EXHALES.]
All right, we gonna breathe in.
Hold it.
Breathe out.
Good, good.
One more time.
Breathe in.
- Out.
Thank you.
I I'm sorry.
I've never been able to handle No, it's all right.
I've had my share of panic attacks.
Was hit with 'em for years after my sister died.
Only good thing that came from my ex is she taught me how to breathe through the panic until it was over.
She? Yeah.
So you're you're gay.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Dude, chill! It's me, Logan.
You want to put down the deadly weapon? Geez.
Sorry, I-I didn't mean to give you a scare.
I would've come through the front, but there's a crazy crowd out there.
Our detractors are quite the impediment.
But, uh, why have you come? I heard about the outage from Mariah.
Figured I'd bring some supplies.
I got tons of camping gear.
ANDRE: And this piece of machinery? Oh, the generator? Won't power the whole hotel, but I figured it'd come in handy.
You know, hold over the kitchen, the refrigerator a few days.
How thoughtful, Logan.
But I must continue to sort through these.
Y-You know, we've, uh, we've come a long way since candles.
One thing I'd learned in the war Hard times have a way of lingering.
So, while these items aren't as excitingly modern, they'll last longer than "a few days.
" Sure.
Right, well, I'm gonna go, uh, check for circuits for the generator.
See if anyone needs help.
Tell me that she has something over you.
Just doing my job.
Really? 'Cause I thought we were friends, Soraya.
After everything that we went through.
Now you feel like talking? That doesn't belong to you.
Where did you get it? All you have to do is tell us where your brother is, Jharrel.
It's not rocket science.
It's like I don't even know you.
Then you haven't been paying attention.
MANNY: Jha, pay attention.
Tostones with mojo sauce is my favorite.
How are you supposed to make them for Carla if you learn know how, huh? You asked me to show you how to make this.
It's all about timing.
I still can't smell or taste, and you literally have one job: just mash the plantains for a second fry.
Yes, yes.
Yes, one job: mash plantains.
Got a news alert.
Looks like vaccines are right around the corner.
Hey, hey, you survived, all right? That's all that matters.
Look how far we've gotten.
Now I'm glad that we can both get the shot.
You know, I never knew that you could cook.
Well, I feel like you never got a chance to know me, you know? Back then.
What? You gonna read me like one of your social work clients? Tell me that "feelings aren't facts"? [CHUCKLES.]
No, I am just going to say I'm sorry.
You know, I'm sorry I didn't see you for you back then.
I do now.
: Hey, uh, you okay? Sorry to wake you up.
I know you said I should conserve my battery, but I said I'd check in, and I wanted to talk to you about earlier.
- What did you want to - Andre and I are dating.
Is that, um weird for you? No, not at all.
Um I'm-I'm happy for you.
Yeah, I met him on our Ypsi Med adventure and he had this "everything old is new" kind of vibe that I dug.
I kind of have a crush myself, actually, I just haven't really mentioned it till now.
And you're telling me? That's that's awesome.
Let me guess.
Hayden? [LAUGHS.]
Yeah, I mean, she's fierce and she's strong and she's she's amazing and Uh, is-is that weird for you? [SCOFFS.]
Not at all.
Surprised, but I'm just grateful that you felt comfortable enough to share that with me.
I, um Shanice, I-I didn't know how you were gonna fit into my life before.
I mean, maybe this is who we can be to each other, you know? Mariah, I will always be here to listen.
If-if you need.
And ditto.
Good night, Shanice.
You're making tear gas? Like the feds used at Kent State? I'm not sure what you're referring to, but I assume they used government-issue.
Mine's homemade.
I have no doubt the government is tracking our purchases.
Especially online.
Online? The scariest word in modern jargon.
This little thing is a passport to everything and everyone.
It's how the government tracks us and how our enemies organize.
Uh, there's a page called the 44orum, and the hate that is on there, the things people talk about doing to us And tear gas is gonna stop them? From organizing? No.
The tear gas is for when they take action.
And believe you me, they will.
We have been scaring them with our mere existence before we ever fought back.
What you did gave the 4,400 hope that fighting back was even possible.
And now they see us as a threat.
So we're gonna be ready to defend ourselves.
I've been learning a lot about the state of things in 2021.
You weren't really at bartending school, were you? And instead of disguising you with a new look, I got a better idea.
But we still gonna need to make you over.
We have to trust each other in the storm yet to come, Mildred.
Do it.
You have a problem with gay people? I don't have a problem with the sinner, just the sin.
But there are ways to change, - if one so chooses.
- Okay, I'm-a to stop you right there, Isaiah.
I am who I am.
I love who I love, and I love how I love.
This is how I was made, and I am proud of exactly all of it.
Is that how everyone is now? My son apparently seems to be like you.
That's why you won't reach out to him? He's not the man I thought he'd be.
- You don't even know him.
- I am a man of God.
A man of faith.
You can't just go against Please, Isaiah, it is 2021.
You got to get with it.
Plenty of faiths invite all kinds of people now.
Lots of God-loving people have realized who the real sinners are: it's those that hate, not those who love for the sake of love without the conditions based off some old book.
I don't hate.
Oh, but prejudice is hate.
Just call it what it is.
I heard the same kind of crap from people just like you growing up, and I I'd hoped that you were different.
But, hey, sometimes people don't surprise you.
Then why'd you help me? [THUDDING.]
Hello? Hey.
Hey, we're in here.
Please, help us! LOGAN: Hello? Is someone in there? Yes, we've been trapped in here.
LOGAN: Okay, sit tight.
I'm gonna get you out, okay? [EXHALES.]
Thank God.
Buildings like this have generators specifically for the elevators.
But the technology failed.
Well, more likely someone turned it off, I'm guessing on purpose, because the door to the generator is locked tight.
Ah, another parting gift our government friends left us.
So you, uh, you know how to pick locks, huh? As I said, I believe I can open this door, efficiently and with haste.
And you really learned all this stuff in the war? - Like World War I? - The war to end all wars.
Instead, it was merely but the first.
Full of needless suffering and loss.
You know, I actually met Shanice protesting one.
Oh, you know what? I probably I've got to have one of Mariah's bobby pins in my I'm not picking the lock.
- What? - Kindly back away.
What are you Geez.
We know your brother's been sending you messages.
Tell me what he was trying to tell you with this.
I don't know, why don't you ask him? Oh, wait, that's right.
You don't have him! His code is in here somewhere, J.
- What's it saying? - You got me.
- What's it say? - What's it saying, J? I don't know, Soraya! [WHISPERS.]
: Then you haven't been paying attention.
My brother is all that I have thought about for a year.
Because I haven't seen him or spoken to him since the day that he went missing or was taken or whatever.
All that I have thought about is finding him.
Do I seem like a guy who has found him? The only thing that I can confirm on record is that this was his favorite book.
And he doodled in this book like he doodles in all of his books.
I do not know where he is any more than you do.
You can keep me here all you want, but I cannot help you.
All right, we're done here.
You're free to go.
Thank you.
- And thank God for that, ladies and gentlegays.
I never meant to offend you.
Thank you, for your help in there.
You asked before why I helped you.
I know my Bible, too.
Judge not lest ye be judged.
Matthew 7.
- I know it.
- Do you? I won't tell the people who follow you how you truly feel about some of them.
They see you as their leader.
Wouldn't want to crush their faith.
Thank you.
- I appreciate your - You can do that on your own.
But just this once, though, I am gonna judge.
I am so happy you weren't there to put your son through that crap.
Knowing what I do about you, even if you weren't taken by that green light, you would've vanished from his life anyway.
So he better off without you.
Oh, my God, what happened to you? Look, I will fill you in later, I promise, but Keisha Manny is back.
Okay, how did Soraya get this book to you if you were being held in custody? No matter what it looks like, just know that she is on our side.
1, 2, 6, 9, 16.
Those are the numbers from the drawings, right? Okay.
First two digits: page 12.
6 and 9 are 69 sentences in.
And 16 spaces into that sentence is the phrase "would turn white with fury.
" Wood.
You translate that into French and you get [EXHALES.]
"Bois Blanc.
" Okay, so you think he's here, at the hotel? - Yes.
- Where? This place is huge.
I don't know.
That's where I'm stumped.
I think that I Wait, no, that This hour hand wasn't here before.
- What do you mean? When - I don't know, but it's got to be the final clue.
It's not even pointing to a number, it's pointing at the space between the two and the six.
I don't get it.
I do.
That space is a number.
Yo, yo.
What up, though, little bro? Come see, come see.
With the vaccines rolling out soon, coinciding nicely with the end of my house arrest, my juices are starting to flow.
Ready to get back to work.
They probably thought you were gonna cave.
But you didn't.
I'm proud of you.
You asked me the other day what it is I actually do for work.
I thought it'd be easier if I just showed you.
Now, what do you think the pineapple, the buttercup, the seashell and the pine cone all have in common? [LAUGHS.]
Um All things we found half-eaten by Grandma Lisi's iguana? Okay, well, I can't actually deny that.
But they also share the golden ratio.
A mathematical principle that's also called "nature's secret code.
" Now, this 13th-century mathematician Fibonacci, he examined the distance between numbers in a sequence.
And what he found was that the space between our reality exists as its own and often holds ours together.
Are you following me so far? Uh, yeah, sure.
So this golden ratio maintains a delicate and invisible balance that's found in everything, from, from hurricanes to dolphins to DNA.
To, believe it or not, time itself.
What I do is think about what happens if you alter that ratio.
If you fundamentally change the space between spaces, how might that affect well, the world as we know it.
People pay you to think about this? Not just think about it.
But as for now, I'm gonna go get us some tamales.
And when I get back, I want to hear your take on all this.
I'm really starting to value your view of the world.
I have to find the space between spaces.
Okay? Between two and six is four.
Between six and nine is three.
Between nine and 16 is seven Four, three, seven.
Room 437.
I mean, you think Is it possible that Manny's there? I can go with you and find out.
Uh, no.
If I'm right, it's probably better if I go alone.
And if you're wrong? [EXHALES.]
Well, then, I definitely want to be alone.
Thank you, Keish.
For believing in me.
And my brother.
For all of it.
Hey, Jharrel? Use the stairs.
Well, I must admit [BOTH LAUGH.]
your knowledge of generators - was quite impressive.
- Well I-I certainly understand their value.
Yeah, well, we wouldn't have been able to rescue them if we couldn't get into the room.
: I mean, when you blew the lock right off the door, it was amazing, man.
I know.
We made a really good team up there.
It was pretty cool getting to know you.
Ah, I-I got to say, I'm digging this bromance.
My, what a compliment, Logan.
And while I appreciate your ingenuity and, uh, enthusiasm, quite frankly you're just not my type.
Oh, no, that's-that's not what bromance [LAUGHS.]
I can see why she likes you.
I thought the generator you turned on was just for the elevators.
It is.
Someone must have turned the power back on.
All right.
Well, uh, I should get out of here.
This was pretty cool, Andre.
It worked.
The FOMOFundMe page Mariah set up is fully funded, by a single donation.
- Remarkable news.
- Yes.
A-And who might our generous benefactor be? Not who.
Some company, BHN.
They commented on our fundraising page, "In solidarity.
We are all 4,400.
" And they just issued a press release.
Apparently, they just bought the Bois Blanc, too.
Uh, though I hate to ask, who are they? And what might this company's vested interest in us be? I'm asking myself the same question.
Right now, they're saving us.
I'll take any win at the moment.
Well done, my dear.
I don't know I don't, I don't understand.
Did I get it wrong? [SOFT CREAKING.]
You found me, Jha.
I'm all right.
And I'm sorry for everything.
What up, though, little bro?
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