4400 (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

You Only Meant Well

1 All right, listen up.
Here's a map of the area.
Our 44orum brethren are setting up a perimeter outside the hotel as we speak.
May even send some guys in to scope the inside.
We'll make sure those mutants stay put until they get what's coming to them.
Then we'll flush 'em back to the freak show where they belong.
You good, Shane? You've been mighty quiet this whole time.
Not afraid to go toe-to-toe with these creatures, are you? Damn! It's always the quiet ones.
It's game time, boys! Let's make 'em pay! - Run 'em out of town.
Yeah! - Yeah! Let's clean up the Motor City! Yeah.
Okay, you can come out.
Look, it's safer down here than in one of those rooms.
Seriously, Manny, it's safe down here.
Only a handful of people know about this place, and we can trust them.
Don't think I'm ever gonna get used to that.
I can't believe you're back here in the flesh.
Well, kind of.
Was starting to think I'd never see you again.
I would never let that happen.
So tell me everything.
What happened to you? I arrived at Belle Isle just like the other 4,400, confused and terrified.
Then I discovered that I could make myself invisible, which freaked me out at first.
Then I realized that I could hide from the Government.
When they did their counts, I stayed off their radar.
But why didn't you tell me you were here? I mean, why the-the clocks, the cyphers? I You were a part-time Fed, Jha.
I needed to make sure that I could trust you, that you knew me enough to find me.
What the hell, Manny? I mean, your tests almost drove me insane.
Government's been after me since before I got taken.
Now that I'm back, they definitely see me as a threat.
And trust me, they're not gonna do anything to protect the folks in this sanctuary from the actual threat that's coming.
There's this 44orum online, people spreading hate and misinformation.
Yeah, I read about those asshats.
You think they're actually planning something? Yes, I do.
And with the Government rounding us up from the tip line, we got to convince any 4,400 that's still out there to come back here, ASAP.
We're stronger if we're all here together.
Okay, but but what about you, huh? How are you? You okay? Look, I'm worried about all of y'all, but you you good? I'm good.
I just want to make sure we're all safe.
We don't know much about them, but things seem promising.
This BHN company is sending food and other supplies.
They're letting us handle the day-to-day running of the hotel.
Maybe they're legit.
Well, from what I found from some Internet sleuthing, Sienna Stone is the founder and CEO.
She's some renegade, anti-Government tech entrepreneur dedicated to building sustainable communities.
So maybe their heart's in the right place, unlike the Government.
Reverend Johnston.
You're all right.
Yes, I am.
I thought you'd take your chances anywhere else but here.
I'm sorry about that.
I just got freaked out.
I'm just glad I was there to rescue her from that jerk that called her into the tip line.
So, you and your friend would like to seek sanctuary? Not exactly.
I heard a rumor you could take away powers.
Well, I Sometimes, I glow without even knowing it.
Harold and I want to live a normal life together.
I want you to take my powers away, and I want you to marry us.
We know what it looks like.
Ji-Eun and I were together when she went missing, but I never gave up hope.
I knew one day I'd find her.
And here we are over 30 years later.
Time couldn't stop our love.
Your story is proof that God looks out for true love and hope.
I would be honored to officiate your wedding and relieve you of your powers if you're sure.
Yes, I am.
Thank you.
There's so much to do.
I don't even know where to start.
Um Could you help me with everything? Since you've been married before? Mr.
There's someone here that say they know you.
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
I've never seen this man before.
- Oh, my word! - Gotcha.
- Sherlock.
- Watson.
Ah, I'm so pleased it's you and not one of those people.
Have you heard of this 44orum? The patriotic nuts who believe things about us that break my brain? Yeah.
There are rumors that some of them are posing as 4,400 seeking sanctuary in order to infiltrate the hotel, which is why we have guard shifts to provide security now.
It's not a rumor.
It's true.
We have to be careful in here.
Okay? They are coming for us.
How do you know this? Are you all right? Yeah.
Just glad to be back.
I'm so pleased to see you.
She's a real beauty.
Bought it from an estate sale a few months ago.
But I can't seem to get my hands on the original track from the 1930s.
I could go with you next time.
We could find our next project.
Like that time we restored that phonograph from the 1880s.
It's good to have my trusty assistant back in the attic.
And up next, the radio host you hate to love, Kevin Wellington, telling it like it is.
Giving you the kick in the butt you need to stop being one of the sheep - and start thinking for yourself.
- You're listening to that man again? You've been playing him nonstop since I got back.
What happened to Miami's News Breakdown? What do you know about Kevin Wellington? Nothing.
Except he's clearly a racist radio hack who's making America dumber by the second.
All he does is spin outrageous stories about everyone from-from immigrants to Black people to the 4,400.
And right now, I'm kind of all three.
Yeah, well, he keeps it real.
He makes some good points, too.
Oh, my God, I totally forgot.
The, uh, the Meet the 4,400 event is on.
You can see my friends.
LOGAN Yeah, um, you know, having Hayden in our home was unexpected, but, you know, he's brought so much good into our lives.
I can't imagine him being anywhere else.
Okay, so that's Logan.
He's Shanice's, like, husband, or ex or whatever.
All this stuff is just for show.
- It's all fake.
- Daddy, it's not.
Just-just watch.
Oh, my God.
Up in the window.
Mildred? That little white girl - Well, I'll give you a reason! - She-she's doing this.
Oh, my God.
- She's trying to murder that man.
- No, no.
She No, this is who they are.
This is what they can do.
No, no.
This is what you are.
Something's wrong.
I got to call Andre.
What are you doing? Can I have my phone? Dad? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy, let me out! Okay, well, you know I had to ask.
At least see if Mildred's interested.
I mean, she is kind of wanted by well, everyone.
- All right, cool.
- Thanks.
And Claudette is big shocker a no.
Claudette, huh? Thought you and Carla were going to make it.
Let's just say I wasn't exactly the best partner after you disappeared.
I mean, she did everything she could to help, but I was an undeserving ass.
I'm sorry, Jha.
I I'm sorry it was so hard for you.
- No.
- Just the man I was looking for.
Um, hey, what's up? Can you get a marriage license for Ji-Eun and Harold? Since it's easier for you to come and go.
Uh Yeah, sure.
- This is my - I'm Jorge.
Jharrel and I went to college together.
Don't worry, I'm a 4,400 supporter.
Reverend Johnston.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Likewise.
I should go.
Jharrel, thanks for your help.
No problem.
So, we are Jorge now? I can't let word get back to the Government.
I'll find you later.
You okay? My powers, I Um I can't turn invisible.
- Wait, w-what do you mean? - I mean, I can't, like I've never not been able I mean, since it started, I've never not been able to It's okay.
All right, just hide out here until it comes back.
Then dive into this.
Always calmed you down, remember? I will help you figure this out when I get back.
Andre said you were back.
How long are you visiting? I'm staying.
I heard you're in charge of room assignments.
Feels like I am in charge of everything around here.
Oh, I am a diplomat.
Events coordinator, landlord.
You name it.
But how are you? - Where have you been? - I'm fine.
I just could really use a shower.
So I was hoping I could get my old room back.
Or, honestly, any room.
It does not matter.
A lot of 4,400 are coming back, so you may end up with a roommate.
That's fine.
- Be nice to not be alone for a change.
- Great.
That makes my job easier.
And what is with this wedding y'all are throwing for Ji-Eun and her boo? Because when I left, we barely had money for decent clothes, and now there are racks of dresses for her to try on.
How can we afford all this? Oh, when BHN found out about the wedding, they gave us money to pay for it.
Or shady? - I don't know yet.
- Hmm.
Well, if you need a DJ, I'm your girl.
I might just take you up on that.
I love weddings.
You know, I always thought my dad was gonna walk me down the aisle, but things are kind of different now.
REPORTER It's clear that the 4,400 have been hiding their true nature from the world.
What could they want from Look, you have to stop this.
You have to let me go.
I'm just waiting for the iguana to show itself.
What iguana? - I am your daughter.
- Yeah.
- They said you'd say that.
- Who? Look, I don't know what you're talking about.
I know that you and the rest of the 4,400 trick innocent people.
I read all about it on the 44orum.
You manipulated me, claiming to be my daughter.
Kevin Wellington was right.
The 4,400 are just posing as long-lost family members and then killing them.
No, that's not what How can I Remember when you took me and Mom to the botanicals when I was eight? And I gave Mom a really hard time because I wanted to wear that white dress, the one she was saving for Easter.
And you made me wear this, like, horrid bright orange shirt.
And I was so mad, until we got to the butterfly enclosure.
And then out of nowhere, all the, all the butterflies started flocking to my shirt till I was covered in butterflies.
And then I wasn't mad anymore.
It was the first time you called me your little butterfly.
Not all the powers are bad.
And Mildred only did what she did because they treated her horribly at this facility, Ypsi Med.
But we're still us.
Look, I'm-I'm still me.
I'm still your little butterfly.
It was a nice try, but I know you're not my daughter.
You stole her memories somehow, and you're trying to use them against me.
But I know the truth, and you are not human.
If you won't show your true self, then I'll just have to make you.
Dad! All right, in most cases, the pawn is considered the weakest on the board.
But, if it reaches the other side without being captured, it can be promoted to any other chess piece except a king.
Pawn promotion.
I think I got that.
Yeah, it's pretty cool.
But good luck getting your pawn past my defense.
Oh All right.
So, wh-what happened with the landscaping contract for Hockeytown Properties? I mean, Ms.
Bridget said you didn't get the job.
Yeah, um You know, they-they pulled out last minute, decided to go with someone else.
Yeah, is it because you were on TV supporting us, then Mildred tried to kill Bill Greene? Now she's on these posters I'm scared of what she might do next, or what she might get others to do.
Look, either way, I'm sorry she caused you to lose work.
Maybe it had nothing to do with Mildred.
It's as much a mystery to me as chess.
Look, I'm just glad that you decided not to go back to that hotel.
It's not where I feel like I belong anymore.
You know? But I also feel safe here with you all.
That you are.
All right, so now I-I can do this, yeah? Okay, let's try this again.
What? We can work here undisturbed now.
I must show you what the COBOL code found.
Apparently, the Government was looking for something called ZMT in our blood.
ZMT? Never heard of it.
Neither had I.
We'll figure out what it is.
Now that you're back, I'm confident we'll solve this mystery in no time.
If you wish to discuss it, I shall listen.
Who's there? Sorry.
Uh, I didn't think anyone else was going to come in here.
I'm Jorge, a 4,400 friend of Jharrel's.
He never mentioned you.
You know, I'm gonna go get Shanice, and she'll let us know if you're one of us or a 44orem-er trying to sneak in.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
All right, the truth is I'm Manny, Jharrel's brother.
I'm a 4,400 just like you.
The Government is after me, and I'm hiding here because it's the only place that's safe.
W-Wait, you're, like, Manny-Manny? Jharrel must be so pleased you're back.
Did he tell you? We found the COBOL code among your books.
- Then spill the tea.
- Yes.
What is ZMT, and how is it connected to us being zapped here? I know it's in our blood, but please tell us, does it explain how we got here, or why we have powers? ZMT is the reason I'm afraid for my life.
What does that mean? The answers that you think you want are only gonna lead to the deaths of people that you love.
So, for their sake and the sake of the other 4,400, let this ZMT thing go and forget you ever saw me.
And there are these apps that let you send money to people and ones that can tell you the time on the other side of the world.
Can you believe that? Hey, stranger.
Glad to see you survived your time on the inside.
I was worried about you.
But I just want to put the whole thing behind me.
Please say that you changed your mind and you're gonna come stay here in the hotel.
That ain't for me, you know that.
But I am happy to bring Mildred back here, though.
All right, fine.
Maybe you could mix me up a drink sometime.
Show off what you learned at that bartending convention.
I'm sure we could figure something out.
All right, cool.
All right, what gives? You are happier than a dog with two tails, and it can't be just 'cause you're glad to see me.
It's my brother.
He's back.
Well, I'll be.
I mean, he's all you've been talking about, not to mention I'm staying at his place.
I need to thank him in person.
Uh I promise not to bite.
Have you connected with anyone from the time you left? I've reached out to my son, Quincy, hoping we could find some common ground.
But I haven't heard from him.
Whatever happens, the 4,400 are my children now.
That's the one who - She hurt that man.
- Mildred? What is she doing here? Brother Harold, your nerves are understandable, but I can assure you, Mildred is one of us.
Sister Mildred.
In from the cold and fully transformed.
The guy looked really terrified.
Do you think it'll be okay if I just come back? Many understand how badly the government treated us, some worse than others.
I understand what Bill Greene did to you, why you did what you did.
Thank you for stopping me.
Still, I want my powers back.
Can you do that? I'm not sure exactly how it works yet, but I'll try.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, I guess.
I know he's Jharrel's brother, but I'm not inclined to trust someone we just met with decisions that could affect us all.
I don't trust him either, but I don't think ZMT is what really matters right now, Andre.
You don't know what it's like out there.
The things people believe about us, it is scary.
Look, that's why I'm here and not with my mom.
You all are my family.
And I came here to warn you that danger is real, and it's immediate.
What happened? In Miami? I saw what's out there firsthand.
I saw that anyone can turn against you because they've been brainwashed by this nonsense.
- What nonsense exactly? - That we're iguanas.
That we're imposters.
That we'll steal their souls in the night.
That we'll eat their babies.
None of it is real or makes any sense.
They will believe anything that excuses their irrational hatred of us.
Whatever narrative works for them.
We're not human to them.
And how can we reason with them if that's what they think? There it is.
It really does look like her from the pictures you've shown me.
Daddy, who is this? Shane, he's a vet friend of mine.
Does a lot of work with exotic animals.
He's gonna help me figure out what happened to my daughter.
I am your daughter.
We both know you're not.
Oh, my God.
But you're gonna tell me what you did with her.
Don't worry.
We'll get to the truth, one way or the other.
Oh, boy, oh, boy.
Ah! Manny? You can come out now.
I asked you to keep my whereabouts to yourself.
I know, but you don't really say no to Claudette.
I heard a lot about you.
It's nice to finally meet you.
It's nice to meet you, too.
Well, as much as I'd love to stay, I have to get going.
My shift's starting soon.
Okay, well, I'll catch you after the wedding.
Would you look at that.
Yeah? I guess we're both learning a lot.
Huh, Jorge? One of the greats.
It's a shame most people nowadays have no idea who he was.
I'm Jorge.
I'm not in the mood to chat.
All right, I'll be quick, Claudette.
Don't worry.
I'm pro-4,400.
I heard about how you ousted that anti-4,400 bartender and I thought there's more that I could teach you.
Teach me? You're wasting your time.
I don't need your help.
Revolutions of the past started in church basements and closed quarters.
Now we mobilize out in the open.
I want to level the playing field.
Teach you how to use modern skills of resistance and organization.
Help you hone your powers.
No one's gonna give the 4,400 their freedom, their power.
You've got to take it.
It's what Stokely believed.
Come to one of our meetings, see what you think.
If you like it, you can come train with me for a few weeks.
Think about it.
Claudette, wait.
What the hell, Jorge? Manny? Whoever you claim to be.
Did Jharrel see you run out here? What does he think He got a call to come pick up the marriage license.
Listen, - I can explain.
- Explain what? That you lied to me? A-And now, you're lying to your brother, letting him think we've never met before.
Jharrel is not ready to hear the truth.
- Not like you.
- So now you want me to lie to him, too? Oh, you have got some nerve.
You have every right to be angry with me.
But don't let this distract you from the movement.
Look, I saw the posters you put up.
Using that telekinetic girl, that was genius.
That's what we need, a rallying call, for people to see her power.
She doesn't have her power anymore.
Rev took it away.
He can take powers away.
But she is still a symbol, even without her power.
She was brave enough to fight for our freedom.
Which is exactly why you need to stay focused.
The 4,400 need you.
Even if that means not telling Jharrel the truth.
What are you so hyped up about? It just so happens that I have some hot tea to sip.
Jharrel's brother, Manny, is alive, and staying here, in the hotel.
- Manny? - Mm-hmm.
- But - LaDonna and I stumbled upon him in the cocktail lounge earlier.
And get this, he's a 4,400, too.
Well, Jharrel must be thrilled to have him back.
Can't wait to meet him.
Uh, does he need a room? Well, I'm not sure you'll be able to meet him just yet.
His return is supposed to be on the down low.
More wedding planning, I see.
Just when I think I'm almost done, I get another request from the happy couple.
It must be hard, watching this joyful reunion.
I'm sure it's stirring up feelings about your own family.
About Logan.
Well, it's not that, exactly.
I'm exhausted from wedding planning and running the hotel.
I just I don't feel like I have a choice.
And sometimes I wish I could just be free of all of it, you know.
My-my life before seemed easier, you know? Well, I'm here to help with whatever you need.
You just say the word, okay? - Thank you, Andre.
- Hmm.
You're one of the bright spots in all of this.
I know what might lift your spirits.
Would you do me the honor of accompanying me to tonight's festivities? It would make me the luckiest man there.
Outside of Ji-Eun's betrothed, of course.
I would love to.
All right, let's try this again.
We both know I haven't gotten any better since last time.
Look, chess is all about pushing your opponent to a corner without them realizing it - until it's too late.
- All right.
What are you doing, bud? Are you okay? Yeah.
What in the world? I just feel like this huge weight has been lifted.
I can only imagine.
Is he gonna want his place back? I don't know what he wants.
You know, I just want him here.
So, he told you he's a 4,400 just like us? Yeah, I'm still trying to wrap my brain around everything.
Trying to, I don't know, be a good brother.
Trust him.
I was hard on him in the past.
Just be careful, okay? W-What the 4,400 went through it changed us.
Manny may be dealing with more than he's telling you.
You ready? Tell me.
When a child hurts themselves, they only know they're hurt because of how the adults around them react.
Pain is learned, and it can be unlearned.
If I want full control of my powers, I have to unlearn the pain.
It is the only way to open my mind to what is possible.
To embrace what only you can do.
Remember, the 44orum-ers are not gonna stop coming after you.
This this is how you protect yourself.
What do you feel? Nothing.
Now it's time to return to your life and prepare the others for the coming fight.
It's up to you to get the word out for the 4,400.
Tell them to embrace their power.
Everything else will fall into place.
So, you're gonna tell me who you really are? You're way too connected to have returned like the rest of us.
You're right.
I'm not a 4,400.
Well, then who are you? And why are you so invested in what happens to us? For now, all you need to know is that I'm here on a different mission.
I'll tell you more about it, when the time is right.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
All right, you sure you want to do this? You know that Bridget, Mariah and I want you to live with us, right? Look, it's safer for everyone.
Look, if anything happened to any of you, I I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
Hayden! You're back! Mildred, you're here.
Did you come for the wedding? The wedding? Oh, who's getting married? Ji-Eun and Harold.
Okay, um No, I, uh, I'm just bringing Hayden back.
Well, you have to stay, Mr.
The more, the merrier.
Yeah, please, stay.
I-If it's not too much trouble.
All right.
I'll go move the car.
I missed you, Hay.
How are you? Tell me everything.
Come on! Go! Yes, yeah! Whoo! Right there! Right there.
Put 'em up, put 'em up.
Put 'em up, put 'em up.
Yeah! Lesbi-Pins! Woo-hoo! Bam, put 'em up! Did you see that? I wasn't sure I was in the right place.
Oh, I know.
It's okay.
It's hard to believe that I'm a cryptologist, triple agent and an athlete, all in my spare time.
Wait, does bowling count as a sport? Hell yeah, it does.
What's wrong with you? Called you here 'cause it was loud.
We're less likely to be recorded, and I'm sticking to my routine Less red flags that way.
And your schedule involves the Lesbi-Pins? Don't tell me you're more of a Motor City Rollers kind of guy.
More of a Feather Bowler.
That's acceptable.
Thank you for helping me find my brother.
Uh, you are an evil genius.
I know.
How are you handling all this cloak-and-dagger? I know it's got to be tough.
I realized I had to do everything I could to help.
My mom doesn't want me sticking my neck out, but it's the hard decisions that matter, right? Amen to that.
And listen, after what Jessica put you through, I had to find out what happened to Manny, why he was so important, why the Government was hell-bent on finding him.
That's 'cause he refused to work for them.
Not exactly.
That's why I needed to talk to you.
Manny's work involved something called ZMT.
The Government thinks that it's connected to what makes the 4,400 so unique.
Okay, w-wait.
What are you saying? 'Cause Manny got zapped and appeared on Belle Isle, like everybody else.
J He's not telling you everything.
The Government's looking for Manny because they need him, because he knows something about how the 4,400 just showed up, which means that he knows more about all of this than he's been letting on.
- Ji-Eun.
- Harold.
Your love story is a parable for us all.
Ji-Eun, are you ready for me to strip you of your powers? I am.
It worked.
Your power is gone.
Thank you for giving me my life back.
Now there's only one more thing for us to do.
Just need both of your signatures on your marriage license.
Then, we can get to your wedding.
I can't wait to be your husband.
The ceremony was groovy.
Ji-Eun and Harold seemed so happy.
And thank you for helping me pick out this outfit.
That's what roomies do, right? They, I don't know, lend each other clothes and have movie nights.
Speaking of which, we really do need to do, like, a proper Drew Barrymore binge.
Trust me, you're gonna love her.
You know what, and honestly, it's-it's really good to be back and living with somebody who I can actually trust.
And we can all face whatever's coming together.
Almost all of us.
I know my sister's at Ypsi Med, and I'm not giving up until I free her.
Hey, Jharrel.
See the cake I made for the happy couple? I still got it.
It's dope.
It better be.
Took me two days to make that thing, and trying to get it over here without ruining it Now I just need the knife to cut the cake.
I swear I brought it down here, but Anyway, where's Manny? I'm excited to meet him.
I actually can't find him.
I don't know where he would've gone, and I really need to talk to him.
I'm sure he's around here somewhere.
Hold on, I'm telling you the truth You need me, baby Just like I need you.
Aw, Logan.
So glad you could join us for this special occasion.
Oh, yeah, man.
You know, it's nice seeing everybody in such good spirits.
I couldn't agree more.
I'll go grab us some drinks.
How are you holding up? It's-it's been a lot.
Between managing the-the hotel and planning this weeding, I haven't really had a moment to myself.
Like, is this it? Is this my life now? Are you kidding me? You're managing this whole place by yourself, and you're doing a damn good job at it.
Yeah, I just don't know who I am anymore.
You're still you.
You've always wanted to help people, and that's exactly what you're doing.
What you're doing is important.
Oh - This is - Our wedding song.
- Oh - What, you think I forgot? You want to dance? - Nah, I'm not sure we should - Come on.
One dance.
- I didn't mean it - For old times' sake.
When I said I didn't love you so I should've held on tight - Okay, you win.
- I never should've let you go I didn't know enough, and I was stupid I was foolish, I was lying to myself I could not fathom What? You were always such a mushball at weddings.
I'm glad to see that hasn't changed.
They seem like the real deal.
I'm rooting for them.
Yeah, me, too.
Oh, what I wouldn't give to have you lying by my side Right here, 'cause, baby When you left I lost a part of me Is there something I can help you with? I know what you did.
I'm not sure I'm following.
You stripped me of my power.
And I want it back.
You said you weren't I don't know how to do that.
You knew that already, didn't you? Maybe.
But what was that thing you said? "All things are possible to him who believeth.
" What do you believe, Isaiah? I can't sleep at night - When you are on my mind - Ready? Here we go.
Ready? Bobby Womack's on the radio What? Excuse me.
I just I-I have to All right, ready? One, two, three.
I'll do one this way.
And one, two, three.
What? I know this is hard to believe, but this is for the greater good.
What the? Oh, my God.
Rev! Can you hear me? Rev.
Stay with me, Rev.

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