4400 (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Group Effort

Help! Help! Help! It's-it's Rev.
He's hurt bad.
- What? - I went in, and he was Take me to him.
Wait, he was He was right here.
I-I saw him.
I-I held him.
- Don't touch anything.
- I already did.
Touch him.
I came in and he was lying right here on the ground.
Your brother is missing, too.
Do you think Manny might be in danger as well? I-I don't know.
I hope not.
I suggest we work quickly with what we have.
Now, it seems the perpetrator was startled.
Otherwise, why leave the knife? Oh, Andre, stop.
Everything should be preserved as evidence.
No one should touch the murder weapon, right? I got my powers back somehow.
- Do you think it's because Rev - Your powers came back? Can you handle things here while I look for my brother? I got a bad feeling about this.
Okay, just keep in close contact.
Don't worry, we will get to the bottom of this.
Cover up all the BS.
- What the hell are they thinking? - This is private property.
Hey! Hey, y'all, stop that! I should've known.
- Y'all with the 44orum now? - We're with the right people.
Y'all need to leave before I show you exactly what I'm capable of.
You think you can stop all six of us? Try me.
Little something for your poster freak.
Let's get out of here.
All we know is there was blood and no body.
Let's stay calm and figure out what to do.
She did it.
Is that why you came back, to finish the job? I was here the whole time.
But you can move things with your mind.
You wouldn't even need to be in the same room.
What? Hayden, you know that I can't do that.
I don't know what you can do anymore.
I should have trusted my vision.
What are you saying? - You think you saw me kill Rev? - No.
Just-just you leading people in here to hurt us.
We all saw what you did to Bill Greene.
That was to save my sister.
It was all for Millicent.
- I'm not a killer.
- Everyone, we are innocent until proven guilty.
And with no body, we can't even know for certain what happened.
So let's stop pointing fingers.
Let's get answers.
I had really hoped that coming back here was the right thing.
I'm sorry, little chicken.
I didn't want to kill you.
I just wish I could bring him back to life.
Like that wouldn't be creepy.
Why do we have to keep eating meat? Have you met Karenna, who got here last week? She was telling me about something called veganism.
Millicent, Caleb taught us all about the importance of the food chain, and our place in it.
It's our way of maintaining Zen.
Yeah, I just don't know why we can't bring our Zen to everyone.
Mom dumped us here when you were eight, Millie.
Don't you wonder what the rest of the world is like now? This is my world.
And out there is exactly what Caleb says it is, filled with selfish irresponsible people, just like Mom.
Not to mention drug addicts and predators and, hello, Charles Manson.
Not veganism.
We have everything we want here: safety, education, a future.
And out there it's a fight every day.
They'd probably just see us as freaks.
Okay, I guess I see your point.
When Caleb gave you your community bracelet, you said it with him.
The we is more important than the me.
And I can't wait to get mine when I turn 18.
Oh, come on, I'm right.
I knew coming back here was a bad idea.
First thing that goes wrong, and of course it's my fault.
Okay, look, that was bad down there.
But it's gonna be okay, all right? Shanice has search parties spanning out around the building looking for Rev.
And we all know you didn't do it.
No, we all don't.
I'm going back to Claudette's, 'cause she trusts me.
Mildred, stop! Look, I know you didn't do it.
A 44orumer must have snuck in here and got Rev.
They are our real enemies.
I heard they're setting up camp on a street nearby.
It's like Occupy Wall Street, but for white supremacists.
Look, these are bad people, Mildred.
I'm just gonna have to take my chances out there, - because if Hayden thinks - He's just scared.
He told everyone that I'm a cold-blooded killer.
How am I supposed to prove to everyone that's not who I actually am? Fine.
You should talk to Claudette, but tomorrow.
It's not gonna help your case if people see you sneaking out of here tonight.
Besides, maybe in the morning, we'll know what the hell happened.
Right? The cops on their way? I haven't called them yet.
They'll just treat us like suspects when we don't even know what the crime is.
How are you holding up? I keep seeing his body.
Lying there, and And I came back, and he was just gone, Shanice.
I-Is this somebody's superpower or something? I mean, what the hell is happening? We're all scared.
I have teams scouring the hotel for any sign of Rev o-or clues to what happened.
- Should I help? - No, Logan.
You have been through enough.
Logan, you holding up? Ready to be in my own bed.
As the only witness, I'm afraid I need to ask you to stay.
At least until you talk to the authorities.
Whoa, whoa, let's hang on a minute.
- He - A crime was committed, Shanice.
We still live under the laws of our Country.
If, God forbid, the culprit is a 4,400, imagine what happens.
The public turns further against us.
It might even supersede our sanctuary and make us all fair game.
And besides, we need to find Rev first.
- No body, no crime.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
There was a body.
You have to believe me.
I saw him.
Okay, we do, Logan.
We keep it internal.
For one day.
I'm still sending Logan's clothes and the knife - to a friend in the lab.
- Thank you, Keisha.
Let's just hope the killer doesn't strike again.
I wouldn't be surprised if the 44orum were behind what happened to Rev last night.
I can't believe they came to bust the place up.
It breaks my heart to say it, but your Steve was among the perpetrators.
He's not exactly my Steve, but still.
First my dad, and now him.
Do you Do you see what I mean? They're turning everyone against us.
You really are safer at the Bois Blanc, dear.
Where everyone thinks I'm going to use my powers to kill them? Now that I have them back, I just want to use them for good.
Well, I'm grateful they've returned.
We're gonna need them for whatever the 44orum is planning.
Oh, which reminds me, those children left something.
They said it was for you, but I don't quite know what it means.
This is Millicent's.
- I thought she was at Ypsi Med.
- So did I.
This is even worse.
The 44orum have her.
Let's go get some iguanas.
What the hell? Isn't it illegal to take up an entire city block? I guess the cops are giving them a pass.
Which is more than we'll get if we get caught.
There's still an active tip line, remember? Oh, my God.
I shared a van with that psycho.
You know, they think we're iguanas, Mildred.
They want to dissect or kill or stuff us or whatever.
That's why we have to find Millicent and get out of here.
Okay, look, I'm not gonna let you fly solo, but I still vote for Claudette gathering reinforcements like she said she could when she saw how determined you were - to do this.
- I can't wait.
If we find trouble, our powers will get us out of it.
Trust me.
But I have to save Millicent.
For real this time.
As we say before each bounty, we give thanks to these animals for their lives so that ours may be productive.
Everything in symbiosis.
Everything Zen.
We give thanks to the earth for giving us life.
- I'm starving.
- Everything in symbiosis.
- Everything Zen.
- I'm excited to eat, too.
Give thanks to each other.
Caleb's not done with his Well, someone has put their needs above all others.
Millicent, would you care to explain why you were "outside world"? She's just hungry, Caleb.
It won't happen again.
Oh, would that explanation work for a hit? Hmm? Ab insult? Your sister is a senior youth.
An example.
When this happens once, it's alive in your mind to happen again.
Her actions water the seeds of selfishness.
- I'm sorry, Caleb.
- Don't be sorry.
Be Zen.
Take your pulse down.
Take it down.
That way, your wants will never take precedence to the community's needs.
I'm gonna hold onto this for you until everyone else finishes.
I'm sorry, Millie.
I should have stopped you.
They said I'd find you here.
How's Logan doing? He's asleep, thank God.
I was actually looking for Hayden.
We searched every inch of this place for any sign of Rev.
Came up empty.
I thought maybe the vision he mentioned could lead to a clue, but I can't seem to find him.
Well, that's concerning.
Especially as nothing's adding up.
I spent the night with Keisha at the "crime scene," as she kept calling it, trying to parse out the details of what may have occurred.
If Isaiah's body was moved, there should be a blood trail.
Instead, there is none.
And if the killer is a 4,400 who can make things disappear, then why leave the knife? None of it makes sense.
And unfortunately, Logan is our only witness.
Uh, then maybe it's time to rouse him.
I was thinking, if there could be two witnesses No, Andre.
This is exactly why I got rid of my powers.
Y-You want me to ask him to revisit his trauma so I can experience it, too? No.
No, I can't.
Well, just like my abilities, we have to accept the consequence for their benefits.
If there's anything to be gleaned from a review of Logan's memory, it may catch a killer and let us sleep better at night.
Miss Claudette.
Was hoping you'd be here.
I, uh, heard about the vandals.
Look, do you think that has anything to do with what happened to Rev? I wouldn't put it past them.
With our former gatekeepers filling out their ranks, they now have experts on the geography of the Bois Blanc.
Ken seems ready to do real harm to us.
You have any leads on Manny, either? Jharrel's been asking about him.
Sounded in a state.
I do not envy the challenge of trying to find an invisible man.
I-I'm sorry, come again? Did you not know about Manny's ability? No.
My partner conveniently forgot to tell me that little detail.
- Do you think that - That Manny didn't just go missing? I don't know.
I'll see if his brother does.
Whatever they're getting ready for, it is not good.
That's why we have to find Millicent and get back.
Wonder what her power is.
When I saw her briefly at Ypsi Med, I couldn't tell, but they had her in a hood and a straitjacket.
Millie? Millie! I can't believe it's really you.
You look so much older.
I was taken two years after you.
You look just the same as I remember.
I missed you so much.
Millie, you look so beautiful.
- So do you.
- Hey, earth to Millies? - We got to go.
- Right.
We've got to go.
Millie, find your Zen.
You, too, LaDonna.
Seriously, Millicent, we need to leave.
- Now.
- But why? We have everything we want here.
Out there, it's a fight every day.
I'd like for you to see that.
I need for you to.
Millie! Millie! Wait, what's going on?! - Take them inside.
- Let me go! What are you doing?! We got a couple iguanas here.
Millie, please! Millie! So, you just h-hold my hands and read my mind? Sort of.
I can see the memories of what you're thinking about.
- But it's all a blur.
- It's That's okay, Logan.
This isn't a test.
I-I just want to go home.
I-I already lied to Mariah and told her that Hayden wanted me to stay the night.
- She's at Mrs.
- We all want to go back to our lives.
Whatever that means these days.
So, I-I just Rev? Rev? Rev, can you hear me? I'm going to go get help.
Did that help? It was just as you said.
I thought I was saving my sister, not a traitor.
I'm sorry for the dramatics.
My bracelet to get you here.
The hood.
The fact that LaDonna's in the next room with a gun to her head if you try anything.
You were at Ypsi Med.
I saw them take you down the hall.
After I was stolen from Caleb by the green light two years after you abandoned his guidance, I was taken there almost immediately, where Bill Greene, who you tried to kill, offered nothing but reason and kindness.
No, Millie, you don't understand.
He's a liar.
Just like Caleb.
I knew you would say that.
Which is why I brought you here.
It's you and your 4,400 who need guidance.
You tried to kill a man.
To save you.
Does that logic hold? Kill to save? Is that what your reverend taught you? This isn't you, Millie.
What are you talking about? You are a 4,400.
You're working with the people who want to get rid of us.
These people think you're here to get rid of them, actually.
Which your internationally televised tantrum confirmed.
Millie, your 4,400 are a selfish, irresponsible people.
Like Mom.
Your Bois Blanc sanctuary is a cult.
You need to be saved.
- You can't be serious.
- Millie Look at me.
We know each other.
We've been there for each other.
Even when it seemed like we weren't.
Remember? Yes.
Remember that you are the future.
It's your responsibility to keep each other safe.
The outside world intends to inflict harm.
It's how they turn you into one of them.
And how do we aim to stay? What's the state of being that puts the we over the me? Millicent.
That's right.
We stay Zen, they can't harm us at any distance.
You're not centered.
Your pulse is on fire.
Now you've destabilized your sister, too.
- Sorry.
- Do you see how quickly bad energy can spread? That, my children, is how the me destroys the we.
Now, let's get washed up for chores.
And I need to see you later.
We have to leave.
- What? - We have to leave here.
I know sometimes Caleb is scary, but it's for our own good.
It's for our Zen.
We should be able to keep that in the real world.
Why do we need him to monitor us? I'm only a few years away from getting my community bracelet.
Caleb said that I could start classes soon.
I can teach you the good parts of it myself.
I have the bracelet, remember? - Come on.
- How? - How could we possibly - There's a bus.
It stops at the south side of the commune.
It could take us to Oakland.
If Caleb is telling the truth, then shouldn't we take our Zen to those who really need it? Okay.
If you promise that you're going to take care of me, then I'll go with you.
Of course.
Shanice? You look shaken.
Are you okay? I, uh I thought I'd taken a step closer to normal.
That I'd hit a rhythm here.
Have a chance to understand this life that I now have, and and then my powers came back.
And then I had to see Isaiah like that.
And And then I think Rev was taken by a green light.
Like Like the one that brought us together? This is remarkable.
I am terrified, Andre.
What does it mean if they're back? Maybe it happens in death? Maybe, we were always meant to go back.
So, this can disappear in a second? Like the lives we have already lost? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Shanice.
The implications are worrisome, but we don't know anything for certain now.
So, what do we do? I think we keep this between us for the moment.
Our conjecture could spark further panic in people already on edge.
What if our perpetrator knew about the green light? Or came from one? And considering that your powers returned before Rev's body disappeared, maybe this ZM that Manny said is in our blood is somehow related.
His levels dropped.
So did his power's efficacy.
Let's submit a request to BHN for items to aid in our research.
A centrifuge, a semi-auto analyzer and as many pipettes as they'll part with.
Andre, what's going to happen? A question people have asked for eternity.
Only we have the most unique of circumstance.
And we have each other.
For now.
That we do.
I thought I told y'all not to come round here.
Jharrel? What on earth are you doing? I don't know.
I'm still just trying to find Manny.
Using his code back at him, hoping he'll return to Room 437, where I found him with it.
Seems like he doesn't want to be found again, now, does it? I know how this looks for him.
I was worried when I heard everybody's powers came back.
Now Keisha just texted me.
Said she has something for me to see, and I I don't know.
I'm beginning to feel like I don't know my brother at all.
I have to tell you something.
I saw your brother.
Here in 2021 weeks before you did.
He said his name was Jorge, and he offered to train me.
- Wait, what? - When you thought I went away to bartending school, I was here with him and other 4,400s learning what we need to know to be ready.
- To fight back.
- Okay.
Wait, wait.
I-I don't get it.
Why didn't he tell me this? - Why didn't you? - Jharrel, one of the things I like most about you is your heart is on your sleeve.
I knew you'd never accept our course of action.
You trying to justify what Manny might have done to Rev? No.
No, there's nothing just about it.
But sometimes bad things have to happen for the greater good.
There's no progress without pain.
Says the lady who's learned to deny it.
Maybe Manny will have a better explanation.
I Jharrel.
There you are.
I've been looking all over for you.
I was worried you'd also disappeared.
What are you doing down here? I don't think Mildred's done killing.
First Bill Greene.
Then she shows up here like nothing happened, and then Rev dies? I-I think she killed him to get her power back and then hid his body as part of her bigger plan.
- Is this about the vision you had? - Yes.
I saw her bringing people through there.
Armed people.
Look, I never wanted to believe it, but now I do.
- Look, she is gonna attack us.
- Hayden, it is hard having visions.
Trust me, I know.
We're stuck interpreting things we don't understand.
But if we start jumping to conclusions, if we start basing what we think on the narratives the media is creating, we become our own enemies.
So, what should I do? I'm glad you told me about the vision, and I'll share it with the others so we're on the lookout.
But honestly, I think it would make Logan really happy to see a friendly face right now.
Thank you, Shanice.
I can untie you if you want to eat.
Is it laced with something? See? Suspicion drives you.
It's not healthy, Mildred.
I only want what's best for you.
For all the 4,400.
Which is what? - To kill us all? - It's actually to protect you all.
Join me, and I can tell you how.
But none of us want to kill your 4,400.
Really? Is that why there's a gun to LaDonna's head? That would be you killing her.
These people have you believing things not based in reality.
So, they're supposed to accept that we time traveled, but it's their version of things that's deluded? Do you hear yourself? Your 44orum want us dead, Millicent.
Nobody has ever said that.
Meanwhile, are you trying to tell me "Embrace Your Power" isn't meant to incite violence? Does that sound Zen to you? I'm sorry for what happened back then.
I still can't believe we're actually going through with this.
I'm so lucky you're my sister.
In life.
Not just in here.
I hope you keep thinking that.
Why wouldn't I? You told him? I had to save us, Millie.
- We needed to be saved from him.
- Millicent.
I'm not angry with you.
Much of what we investigate is making your own mistakes as long as you're willing to learn from those mistakes.
Everyone seeks to run away from that which asks a lot of them.
That's why selfishness is god to so many.
I just wanted to see what the real world is like.
That's like saying you want to know what it's like to feel sick.
Millie, I love you.
Please, come home with us.
I'm sorry, Caleb.
I'll never be so selfish again.
Well done, Millicent.
Well done.
Thank you.
For realizing that this is the right choice.
I realized after we went back that I trapped us.
You saved me that day.
I finally found my way with Caleb's guidance.
And then a year later I was heartbroken because I thought you had been tempted and left.
I thought about leaving once after I realized how it actually was with Caleb.
What he did to you.
But that's not what happened.
I know what happened.
This happened.
Do you think it's a coincidence I was brought back to you? Tell me, does your 4,400 embrace you, Millie? Would you say that your life with them is Zen? Because I can see in your eyes that it's not.
They haven't been great to me.
Whereas I have never felt safer.
Despite my designation.
I think you're right.
I can't believe I didn't see it before.
I'm so sorry, Millicent.
Just Just please tell me how I can help.
- You're lying.
- You can't brainwash me.
No one ever will again.
Wake up, Millicent.
Appreciate y'all coming on such short notice.
And a special What's the saying? Shout-out to Nelson for bringing us what we need to save my headstrong friends who I knew wouldn't heed my warnings.
Is Jorge coming? We are in charge of ourselves for the moment.
But remember, he picked each of us because we can handle our own.
It's one of those guards you told us - to be on the lookout for.
- He alone? Seems to be.
- Claudette, I - Get in here.
What's your business? I, um I came to apologize.
And to warn you.
I swear, in the alley the other night, I don't know what I was thinking, okay? Doing what people did to my parents' shop.
- And your warning? - Ken reported you to the tip line.
Accused you of "power threatening" and assault of a government-contracted officer.
He's just waiting on the paperwork to get back to us and be approved, and with accusations this severe, they'll take you to a black site.
At least now they just come on out and say it.
- It's not black like that.
It's - But isn't it, though? Whether it's the 44orum that's believing we are iguanas or the Government detaining us as terrorists, this story ends as poorly as it always does for us.
For all of us! Unless we write it.
Now go on back to your brethren.
We could use a man on the inside.
- I'm sorry.
- Stop being sorry, Steve! And start getting mad at the right people.
Now we have even more reason to get the hell on out of here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Ah, to think.
One day ago, we were the happiest we've been here.
And BHN certainly pulled out all the stops.
And now they're concerned about 44orum buildup outside the hotel.
Said they're gonna send a rep to assess our security.
How do I even tell them what's happened in the building? Not that I'm even sure.
Which is why I need to continue my research.
When you spoke to our benefactors, did they mention my request? Mm.
If they declined my appeal, I can take it.
No, Andre.
Um They actually want to meet in person.
Outside the Bois Blanc.
Which is why I didn't want to tell you.
I can't have you go out there, Andre.
- They're not wrong about the 44orum.
- I will be careful.
A field medic knows how to navigate hostile territory.
But who's to say BHN isn't also the enemy? Or maybe we're so cynical already that we're passing up a golden opportunity to help ourselves.
We have to trust someone eventually.
I don't agree.
I only trust who I know.
I don't want you to put yourself in harm's way, Andre.
You know I can take care of myself.
And I want to go.
For you.
For everyone.
Open up, Claudette! This is your last chance! You're in here somewhere.
Not a lot of places to hide.
I hope you're presentable.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
I'm-I'm scared, Mildred.
I'm so sorry, LaDonna.
I thought that I knew what I was doing.
I thought that I knew my sister.
Like I thought I knew my dad.
- You're safe now.
- Proud of yourselves? Did you guys take out an entire street? Place was practically a ghost town.
We only had to subdue a few of them.
One of them tried to poke me with this.
Those boys and their Confederate toys that make them feel like patriots when really they act like traitors.
That's a light cavalry saber used at Antietam.
You one of those Civil War buffs? No, I I was there.
All right, y'all can do your little meet-adorable or whatever later.
We have to get out of here.
The 44orum is on the offensive planning something big.
Mildred, let's get your sister and hightail it.
No, wait, it's not that simple.
- She's one of them.
- I beg your pardon? Millicent lured me here and tried to convert me.
They have one of us on their side? Do we know what her power is? - She didn't tell me.
- Then we have even less time to waste.
We have to get back to the bar to get ready.
Take it you haven't heard from your brother? Despite leaving the ciphers, no.
Look, I'm worried about him, Keisha.
You should be.
But for everyone else's sake.
He thought he left a pristine crime scene, but he forgot one thing.
And once the Feds find out they're looking for an invisible man, you can be damn sure DARPA's got the technology to catch him.
Just wait.
Please, Keisha.
Manny must have a good reason for why he's doing this.
His reasons are purely selfish, Jharrel.
As are yours for trying to protect him.
Just thought you should know what's coming.
I'm gonna need whatever's in that bag.
What the hell, Jha? Oh, so, this is you testing me now? No, bro.
This is us catching a killer.
We were counting on you eavesdropping on our investigation.
Keisha said that you would show up if you thought you were gonna get caught.
I was really hoping you wouldn't.
Now talk.
Or we will literally drag you to the police station.
- Let me tell you why.
- Why what? Why I killed that reverend.
Oh, my God.
You did do it.
With what's coming, the 4,400 cannot have somebody taking away their powers.
Turning special people into the ones that are trying to oppress them.
So you stabbed him? I heard he tried and failed to give Mildred Bell her powers back, so something more drastic was called for.
You may not believe me, but I'll carry this with me the rest of my days.
It was still the right thing to do.
And what did you do with the body? What? Nothing.
Once I disappeared again, I got the hell out of there.
So that's why you killed him? Just to get your powers back? With what's coming, I needed to make sure all the 4,400 were fully charged.
So, what's the plan? You lead the team into the hotel.
Be at the ready.
LaDonna, can you illusion us both so we can get close to Millicent? Probably easier than a mess of iguanas.
We appreciate you towing the mark.
This would all be so different if I'd just listened to her back then.
But as soon as I finally understood, she was a true believer.
And I got zapped before I could save her.
This is my chance to do the right thing.
This is not your fault, Mildred.
We can't change the past, but our future isn't written yet.
The 4,400 in that hotel need you with them whether they know it or not.
They are your family now, and you have to protect them while we do the same.
All right? Y'all be safe.
None of you know the Bois Blanc like I do, so stay close behind me.
Let's go.
So, you really expect us to believe that you did this for the good of the 4,400? I just want the 4,400 and both of you to be prepared for the inevitable.
Oh, yeah? And what's that? Your trial for first-degree murder? Check the 44orum.
Tell me what you see.
It's time to save you God-fearing patriots - from these threats - This is outside the hotel.
To our way of life.
Your families will never be safe if we allow these freaks to make our inner cities even more dangerous.
I have to warn everyone.
And let them know that we caught you.
Please, tell me you are not one of the 44orum.
I'm not, bro.
I swear.
Okay, then what the hell, Manny? How do you know what you know? You're not ready to hear it.
You know, Claudette said the same thing to me.
Because apparently, you are her mentor.
- Well, she's a quick study.
- This isn't a game, Manny! She is out there thinking that she is indestructible because of her powers and you.
I care about Claudette.
Not about what she can do for me.
About her.
So if you know anything about what's happening, you better tell me now.
Come with me to the window.
Here we go.
44 no more! Get in, Dr.
There won't be another chance to get the answers you seek.
It's getting loud out there.
I know.
That's why I'm glad Keisha has a suspect.
I can go home and get us to safety.
Look, honestly, Mr.
Kaminski, I can stay.
That's out of the question, Hayden.
Mariah's at Mrs.
That's where I'm taking us until all this can blow over.
Come on.
Then you seriously need to get a move on.
The mob is growing by the second.
Are you sure it's even safe for you both to leave? We've got to try, Shanice.
- Is anyone watching the tunnel? - Right now, let me get you to safety.
CROWD Do it! Do it! Do it! So, this is all you somehow? You know as well as I do that this is just America in 2021.
What I've done is to make sure we all get the right outcome.
For once.
What the hell does that mean, Manny? I didn't come here from a year ago.
Stop lying to me, Manny.
All right? I saw the green light.
True, Jha.
But it didn't take me to 2021.
It took me to 2062.
And I'm here from the future to make things right.

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