4400 (2021) s01e13 Episode Script

Present Is Prologue

1 Manny, what are you saying? You're telling me you're from 2062? I spent two years in what you'd consider the future.
I don't That's - What? - I'm here because things in the future are bad, Jha.
It's 40 more years of the rich getting richer by taking resources from everybody else.
I can't let us stay on that course.
Okay, so what? Somehow you make the future better by killing Rev? Not to mention all those people in danger here today.
Because today always happens.
It happens in every version of the timeline.
Okay, so why don't you stop it? If it wasn't this, it'd be something else.
It has been something else, over and over again throughout history.
There is a rot in this Country, people who believe in white supremacy above everything else.
The system we have now is cruel to its core.
The sooner we tear it down, the sooner we can work towards a better system in its place.
We have to start now.
So people now have to die? Manny, that can't be the way.
It's the only way.
Welcome, Manny Campos.
Um When am I? The year 2062.
- Still Detroit? - Yes.
Although you might not recognize it.
Michigan has been declared a climate haven, and the population has exploded in the last decade.
It's been difficult.
It's all real.
We had a feeling you'd catch on quickly.
I am Dr.
Amber Campbell, lead scientist at our foundation.
What do you think of the place? We have all of this because of you.
I built this? No.
Sadly, in every version of your future that we observed, you died before you could complete the project.
But you did lay the groundwork.
Um My brother's waiting for me in 2020.
He'll be worried.
We are of, course, sorry to pull you out of your life, but we think you'll agree it's worthwhile.
But why this me? Why now? Because 2020 Manny is as full of hope and promise as ever, of understanding the space between spaces.
And who are you? I head a team of scientists dedicated to using this technology in order to better position key people in time in order to improve the welfare of humanity today.
But we need your help honing our vision.
The tech has a number of limitations, and our experiments are falling short.
So far, they are not providing the positive impact the world desperately needs.
We believe you're the key to our success.
Humanity needs you.
Will you help us change the world? I told you what I was working on, Jha.
Breaking the fabric of time.
The people I was with, they thought they could make it work in other ways, tried to make incremental, agreeable change that they could feel good about.
It doesn't work.
It never works.
Come on, we need everyone's help.
Get those chairs over here, stack them up.
I don't know how much longer those ropes are gonna hold.
We're ready! If they want a fight, we'll give them a fight.
Right this way, sir.
I would like some answers, please.
How about a cup of tea while you wait? Earl Grey? I-I thought I was meeting with the founder of BHN, Ms.
Sienna Stone? What do you know about Ms.
Stone? She works in technology, and prides herself on being against the Government.
Which I applaud, but I'm not sure how much substance there is beneath the gleaming surface.
There's more to her than meets the eye.
It's time to save you God-fearing patriots from these threats to our way of life.
We are gonna protect the innocent people in this Country.
We should be doing more.
Where are the authorities? Why isn't Detroit PD doing something? We've been liaising with the DPD the past few days.
They're monitoring the situation, but they think these outbursts of violence so far are a few bad apples.
These folks, they've-they've gotten the appropriate permits to camp and protest.
- Come on.
Really? - DHS is monitoring, too, all right? We're all over this.
But look.
The 4,400 had asked to create a sanctuary out of the hotel.
We have to make sure we don't violate that in any way.
It's tricky.
So we do nothing.
Their methods may be crude, and we certainly condemn them.
Of course.
But this 44orum group will ultimately demonstrate that the 4,400 need to be governed.
- What does that mean? - That the world will see that the 4,400 can't be left to their own devices.
They're going to need us to step in.
And exactly how many casualties will there be before then? I thought we were protecting people.
The questions you're asking come with accountability.
Do you really want that? Damn it, Jessica, answer the phone.
I think we should get everyone out through the tunnel while Mildred holds the doors closed up here.
No, that's gonna be impossible.
We went through the tunnel first, but the 44orumers were right behind us.
We had to cave it in.
- What? - So we're trapped.
You can barricade in the hotel rooms.
Okay, everyone, find a room to hide out in.
Three or four of you together.
And barricade.
Okay? Quickly! Let's get to the elevators! Come on.
You guys get up to my room; I'll be right behind you.
What was that? Is that a battering ram? I'm trying, but I can't! Okay, everyone take cover.
Now! Find the reverend, their leader.
They'll all fall in line once we have him.
Here's one.
No! Hayden! Let him go! Stop! Let go of me.
- Come on, follow me.
- Let's go Why are we listening to this Millicent chick? She's one of them.
We need her in case we got trouble getting in the hotel.
But she doesn't know the real plan.
We're gonna round up those iguana-blooded pieces of 44-filth and bring them right back here for extermination.
- Yes.
- Including her.
Yes! Yeah! We'll take this one with the others.
You go get more.
Saw them go that way.
To the elevator.
What is going on? Oh, my God, I'm so sorry we have to be those absolute creepers.
I'm crawling out of my skin.
Okay, this is freaky, but not as freaky as when you were Jessica, I guess.
We have to get our people out of here.
I'd rather take our chances out there instead of being trapped with them in here.
- Let's get everyone to the tunnel.
- No.
- Manny's people said it was blocked.
- Blocked? - No, we need that exit.
- Yes, we do.
I saw that guy's memory.
They're planning to to take us somewhere and - kill us.
- No, Lord.
They're in some burnt-out warehouse somewhere.
That's their, like, sad Mad Max cosplay lair.
I've been there.
It's not far.
Y'all figure that out.
I'll head to the tunnel.
Even if I have to rip this body to shreds, I'll get it open for us.
- And I'm gonna make sure - Logan and Hayden are safe in my room.
Pray those monsters haven't made it to this floor yet.
Oh, I'm ready to roll up on their camp, even if that means having to be those dummies for longer.
I can just I can just take Mildred, and we can rain holy hell down on all of them.
No, no, we can't do anything rash.
Rash? No.
After everything they did to me, to my friends, to my dad? After what they did, I want them to suffer.
- I want them dead.
- Yes, I know the feeling.
But anger and violence will only backfire on all of you.
And I know it's wrong, but if you hurt these people, you become the problem.
So, what do you want us to do? I want you to put that hood back on me and get us both out of this hotel.
You go back to their camp, but just to keep watch.
Okey? Make sure nothing terrible happens to the 4,400 they already have.
And where are you going? I'm going to get backup.
I know you can keep things handled until I can bring back help.
- Me? Alone? - Yes.
You are as much a leader among the 4,400 as anybody else.
Embrace your power.
Look, those are my friends down there, Manny.
Innocent people.
Do you understand? I know, Jha.
And I'm sorry about that.
You're going to have to accept that many of your friends will not make it through the day.
So you're murdering them? Why? Because I want to tear down all the institutions that maintain the status quo.
The many 4,400 who survive today will be hailed as heroes, but they'll also be vengeful for the death of their comrades.
They'll use their powers for change.
They'll activate a Country that needs something to believe in! It shouldn't take people dying to do that.
Thousands of people have died.
Millions more are suffering.
This? This is just the start.
I understand what you want to do.
But I don't believe in it.
I just can't.
- Jharrel, let me out of here! - I can't do that, bro.
I got to try and help the people I care about survive the day.
Jharrel! Oh, thank God.
Shanice, come on.
- Are Logan and Hayden? - Yeah, they're already inside.
Come with me, and I'll barricade us in.
Mildred, there's something you should know.
They're gonna turn against your sister.
What? No, she's one of their leaders.
- She's not - They're using her to get inside.
They think she's just like well, us.
Look, I had to tell you to give you the choice, but you should stay with us.
She led them in here, and she can fend for herself.
No, she can't.
She doesn't even know.
She thinks that they're Look, it's my fault that she trusts them, and it's my fault that she's put herself in danger.
Mildred, please, stay.
I can't just give up on her.
Please, be careful.
You, too.
- Get the chair.
Put it against the door.
- Grab this? - Yes, yes.
- All right.
Oh, my God, Logan.
You're hurt.
It must have happened during the scuffle or something.
Okay, we-we have to get you to the hospital.
No, no, no, you-you can't go out that door.
It's the only thing that's keeping us safe right now, keeping Hayden safe.
We can wait it out.
All right, kick the door in! Mr.
Kaminski, it-it looks bad.
It's gonna be okay.
All right? Whoa! Can't stop every bullet at once.
Take me to Millicent.
Oh, thank God.
- You get that tunnel clear? - Best you get upstairs.
Help the helpless to their rooms.
It looks fine.
Aren't we trying to get everyone out? Like I said, you should help the others.
Uh, right.
All right, of course.
Thank God.
The emergency lines are jammed.
I'm running out to I think one of Manny's team My team went rogue.
This right here is a bomb your brother taught us to build.
Let's see.
And this looks like a map showing where more of them are planted around the hotel.
She didn't go rogue.
This is Manny's plan.
To trap the 44orumers in here and bomb them to hell? Yeah, along with the rest of us.
He claims he wants to tear down everything so the Nation can rebuild.
I heard him talk that way before, but not about this.
We're supposed to be defending ourselves.
I don't know.
All right? He claims that he came from the future.
I don't know what to believe.
It's like he's not even my brother.
Yeah, well, I got a few words for him.
But first Now come on.
Look, I got you, Mr.
I don't know why Andre's not picking up.
God, I hope he's okay.
It's Mariah.
Are you okay? Is Dad okay? Are you safe? We're-we're safe for now.
Uh, we're trapped - in the hotel at the moment.
- Give me your hand.
But, Mariah, be-be careful.
They know your face, too, from the Meet the 4,400 Event.
Where's Dad? He's-he's not picking up.
Hey, Ri.
You look funny.
Are you What? Feeling better now that I see that beautiful face? You better believe it.
Oh, Dad.
Hey, Hayden.
How you hanging in there? Really wish I had my getaway driver right about now.
Hey, hey.
It's too soon, Hayden.
Too soon.
Listen, I-I've done enough active shooter drills at school.
They-they might help.
Um, I'm sure you guys have already done this, but make sure that your phones are on silent.
And they usually come in firing, so make sure that no one's in front of the door.
And, um, don't move any of the wounded.
Are any of you hurt? No.
And lastly, we have to get off this phone.
Hey, I'm so proud of you, Ri.
I know.
We're gonna get out of this.
Okay, Mariah? We-We'll see you soon.
I love you.
- Love you, too.
- Love you.
Stone apologizes for the delay.
Something's come up that requires her immediate attention.
Well, then take me back.
All I asked for is supplies to help me with my research, not some wild-goose chase.
May I? Your ZMT levels are about where we'd expect for a 4,400.
This measures How did you know? That you're interested in ZMT? Well, yes.
And how do you possess this technology that exists nowhere in the research I've done? Sienna Stone.
I'm sure she'd be fascinated to know your power.
It has manifested, hasn't it? Still want to head back? I'm glad you came.
Sorry I haven't been answering Why the hell isn't DHS helping the 4,400? This is domestic terrorism, and you know damn well law enforcement would be all over this if those people - looked more like me.
- I know.
I know.
- I just don't know what I can do.
- Call in the National Guard.
There's protocol and red tape, and technically, Bill has to sign off on So we go over his head! I'll reach out to every contact I have at DPD, and I'll give anyone who needs it a firsthand account from inside.
We have to do whatever we can, Jess.
I You're right.
We do.
I do.
What else did you hide from me? I never would have been party to planting bombs that could kill innocent people.
Which is exactly why I didn't tell you.
You were ready for a lot, but you weren't prepared to make that sacrifice.
Even though you know this is how real change happens.
With a body count? If there were 50 police murders in a day, if there was a school shooting every day, do you think people would still be able to look away? Would people still think that we could solve things by making nice? You're destroying a sanctuary, Manny.
All right? People came here - to feel safe.
- They were never safe.
You know I agree on that, but you're talking about making it even less so.
These are my friends.
People I care about.
People that are only doing good.
But this is how they do the most good.
To summarize our latest trial, in which we sent 2,547 people to 2021, we are definitely seeing improvements.
Poverty came down by one eighth of a percent, and the Latinx population showed some political gains.
So, if we continue to augment - the number of returnees - We've run the experiment over 30 times.
We should have created a whole new world by now, but everything is the same.
Well, in our next trial, we anticipate a 16% increase - in the possibility - It's not enough! None of it is! We sit here all day in this pristine office, acting as if the world outside doesn't exist.
But it does.
The majority of the Country is nearly uninhabitable.
Are the so-called leaders in this room actually fighting for fundamental change? Or just enough to maintain your status quo? We are trying to help.
We are trying to give back out of the goodness of our hearts.
We are not doing nothing.
Except maybe we are the problem.
Because we keep doing the bare minimum.
Just enough to say that we've done something to help others without actually hurting ourselves.
- My proposal would actually change - No.
It's too drastic, and the outcome is too uncertain.
Look Change takes time, Manny.
Well, that's just another way of saying "wait your turn.
" It will take painful, harsh sacrifices in order for people to wake up and see how bad things truly are.
What you're talking about is a massacre.
And it's necessary.
I wish change could come some other way.
But I know in my heart You know in yours, too That it won't.
There has to be another way.
- I thought you were here to help us.
- I am helping! I'm sad you can't see that.
Evacuate the premises.
Hey! If you try anything, I will make your sister suffer.
And the rest of you! But I'm on your side.
I can talk to Bill Greene.
We don't care about Bill Greene.
The Government can't save us.
We're taking our Country back.
- But - Stop it, Millie.
They're insane.
They're not going to listen to you.
Why can't you see that? All of you, stop talking! It's time to take care of business, make an example out of you.
Go! Up! - Millie! - Let go of me! Please, stop! Take me! The whole world's gonna see this.
We got our first one coming out now! Bet she bleeds green.
Okay, LaDonna.
You can do this.
Hey! Let go of me! What are you doing? I'm on your side! Please! Let go of me! Don't do this! Stop! These racist, fear-mongering scum can eat it.
Don't do this! Hey.
Hey! If you wanna run away with me, I know a galaxy And I can take you for a ride I had a premonition that we fell into a rhythm Glitter in the sky, glitter in my eyes Shining just the way I like If you're feeling like you need a little bit of company You met me at the perfect time What's happening? Let me out of here! I'm levitating, the Milky Way We're renegading, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I got you, moonlight You're my starlight I need you all night Come on, dance with me, I'm levitating You Come on, arm up! Let's get out there! What's going on? What is happening? - What the hell is that? - Where did you take my sister? Get out there, see what's going on.
I'm on your side.
I believe that you're for me, I feel it in our energy - I see us written in the stars - Hey! What the hell's going on? Don't try anything.
If you do, you're gonna have to deal with them.
And we remember what you did to us at the Bois Blanc.
I feel like we're forever every time we get together But whatever, let's get lost on Mars You want me, I want you, baby My sugar boo, I'm levitating The Milky Way, we're renegading Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I got you, moonlight You're my starlight, I need you all night Come on, dance with me, I'm levitating, you Moonlight, you're my starlight I need you all night Come on.
LaDonna's distracting them.
We can get everyone else to safety.
If we work together, we can make an unstoppable team, don't you think? I-I can't, Millie.
- I'm sorry.
- No! Wait! Millie! Let me take you for a ride Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah My love is like a rocket, watch it blast off And I'm feeling so electric, dance my ass off And even if I wanted to, I can't stop Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah My love is like a rocket, watch it blast off And I'm feeling so electric, dance my ass off And even if I wanted to, I can't stop Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I got you, moonlight You're my starlight I need you all night Come on, dance with me.
Manny left.
- You okay? - Yeah.
We have to stop him.
What are you thinking? Your hand? I've never tried something so drastic.
There's 27 bones in here, and-and I'd have to crush almost every single one of them.
Just wait.
Look, since we don't know what's gonna happen, I There's no time for speeches, Jharrel.
Look, I-I know you've come to care for me in a far kinder way than the man I left behind in 1958.
Okay, that's it.
W We get out of this, and I am taking you Feather Bowling.
All right? We're gonna do this right.
You already did everything right.
Stay with me, okay? All right, you can do this.
- You are - Oh, come on.
You can tell me how amazing I am later.
Right there.
Okay, we have to tell everyone that there are bombs in the building.
No, Jharrel.
We have to stop your brother from setting them off.
- Whoa! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Oh! You cut the tail off an iguana, it grows back.
You cut off the head, problem solved.
Okay, do you think you can? Decapitation? No, I don't think so.
You're the problem.
All of you are the problem, and I'm gonna protect my Country.
Okay, hey, hey, hey, I get how you feel.
Shut up.
I'm putting this beast down.
Manny, we found a way to call in the National Guard, and they're on their way.
Okay? We'll be safe soon.
Have you ever felt safe? Which is why I say more the merrier.
Let the 4,400 achieve their true potential.
No, there's no way that's the reason the 4,400 were sent here.
Well, at least we agree on that.
Manny, please step away.
Look, I understand you are frustrated by the process but we have 4,400 subjects in trial.
If you insert yourself, you'll compromise the whole thing.
The trial was compromised from inception.
Nothing ever changes! Until now.
You will ruin everything we've worked for.
I'm finally gonna make things right.
Manny! No! Should we bring him back to the bed? No.
Mariah said we shouldn't move the wounded.
I'm sure help is on the way.
You're very special to me, you know that? You got to take care of Mariah, all right, bud? Shanice.
No, stay Stay-stay with me, Logan.
Okay, please don't leave me.
I never wanted to leave you.
I love you.
I love you.
You're not gonna kill me.
Leave Jharrel like your sister's killer left you.
Well, clearly, you don't know me or your brother at all.
And you don't know me.
Do it, dude.
They're crazy.
Let's get the hell out of here.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
Keep the weapon.
We have no time to lose.
We have to get to the tunnel.
I'm gonna have to get out of here, Hayden.
I have to find help.
He's still breathing.
Hayden? Where's Manny? Jharrel I'm so sorry.
Cops hit our camp.
Means they're on their way.
So it's time for us to kill all the 'guanas we can hunt.
We have names.
And you all are trespassing.
One move, and you kill yourselves.
This is the National Guard.
We're coming in.
Put down your weapons.
Can you believe they let this place stay a sanctuary? The video I posted of their camp went viral.
They-they thought they'd be glorified for showing a 4,400 execution, but now we're heroes for shutting them down.
Maybe the tide's turning? Well, the thing about tides is they turn back.
You still bummed about Millicent throwing your sisterly kindness in your face? I don't really see it like that.
I wanted to save her.
And I did.
I'm not her keeper, like Caleb was.
- Or Bill Greene.
- Hmm.
Who reached out to me, by the way.
He said he wants to know how the Government can help us.
Very bold, Billy Boy.
I would not be surprised if Millicent went back to him.
But also for us.
They may not have done this, but they certainly let it happen.
And what if they try to trigger the conservatorships again? Keep your enemies close.
I feel that.
Speaking of, I've-I've been thinking about reaching out to maybe-frenemy Sienna Stone and BHN.
I don't know, I just have a lot of ideas about how we can rebuild and rebrand this hotel.
You're gonna take that on? Well, I'm a leader, Millie.
Besides, some girl on a poster once told me to embrace my power.
- Oh, me? - Uh, yeah.
I tried to find you.
We were being debriefed by DHS all night.
You-You're leaving? I have to, Andre.
A-All of your texts and messages flooded in after I left that damn mansion.
I cannot apologize enough for being absent for yesterday's nightmares.
No, it it's okay.
It's None of it was your fault, okay? I need to get to Mariah.
Bridget is-is stranded out of town, and it-it's too much for Mrs.
Grover to deal with.
Uh, d-does she know about? Logan? No.
And how am I gonna tell her? I dragged them into this, and now I'm gonna ruin her life all over again.
We-we don't know what the green light means.
Maybe it saves us in death.
Really, Andre? Has it saved us? I-I don't think we know.
Did BHN or Sienna Stone offer you anything to help you figure it out? Are we any closer than where we were when we landed on Belle Isle? No.
I suppose not.
Shanice, what can, what can I do? How-how can I help? You have been my rock through all of this and y-you mean the world to me.
But I don't want to try to figure this out anymore.
For me, the green lights have ruined everything, and I just need to-to get back to-to I don't know.
I-I I need to get away from all of this.
From me? No.
I mean, I-I don't know.
Welcome, Andre Davis.
In 40 years, there'll be a time machine in here.
At last.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Dr.
I thought the green lights were our time machine.
You can think of those as planes.
And our machine like air traffic control.
Except that a stowaway helped destroy the tower.
That is exactly why I brought you here.
You don't miss a thing.
Except for the reason you have brought me here.
I would like to offer you a job.
With my resource and your brain, we can have a time machine in here years before anyone thinks we can.
Humanity needs you.
Will you help us change the world? We can offer on-site housing, limitless funding, so you can dream as big as you want.
Thank you, Ms.
I d I don't know what to say.
Uh, the housing will be unnecessary.
And my colleagues will be excited to learn that I am formally on the path to answering questions we all have.
About that.
You accept my offer, no one can know.
It's nothing sinister.
It's just We're dealing with time, Dr.
We've learned that a butterfly flapping its wings has no effect on the future.
But 4,400 butterflies? Monarchs who've migrated through time? Well, it threatens to destabilize everything.
You're asking me to lie to those I care about.
No, I am asking to wait until you know the truth.
Take the night.
I think when you return to the Bois Blanc, you'll see the merit in my offer.
Glad you had a change of heart.
In truth, it wasn't my heart that changed, but everything else did.
Perhaps you knew it would.
You could only know about that time machine from the future if you were from said future.
Did you keep me here yesterday for a reason? The attack on the hotel was always quite grim for you, Dr.
In all our trials.
What matters is you're here now.
Ready to get to work? I don't even want to hear it, okay? I know it took me too long to do the right thing, but I know it was the right thing because I got fired.
The 4,400 were clearly the victims in that situation, and Bill just didn't care.
It's as if he wanted to see what, like, the 4,400's threshold was, just to see how much they could handle.
What? What happened? Jharrel will never forgive me.
And I don't think I can forgive myself.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I spent a year coming here.
Seeing this place for all the good things that my brother was, - when all along - I'm so sorry, Jharrel.
That he's gone and he didn't see fit to trust any of us.
That my last memory of him was raving like a lunatic about letting us die.
I mean, thank God the National Guard got there in time to disarm those bombs.
- If any of them had gone off - I don't think he was a lunatic.
The sun's only come up once since what's happened, and the Government's already acting like it's another crisis averted.
Another date that will ring the bell, but bring about no real change.
How can you say that? Public sentiment has changed.
Donation for the 4,400 are pouring in.
Yeah, guilt flows freely into an open wound.
Just give it a few months.
Until the next hurricane.
Police shooting.
See where the guilt heads then.
I think Manny was right about what's needed.
I leave for a half hour and you invite a girl over? What the hell happened to my place?
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