45 Revoluciones (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

The Tour

NETFLIX PRESENTS What's wrong, Maribel? Diego, I think I'm pregnant.
I'm two weeks late.
I've been going over it and we're going to triple - Futura's budget.
- What? We're going all out on developing new talent.
For now, Golden will stop any new signing.
- What's this? - The script of your first movie.
- "A Love for Fanny".
- The girl's a star.
The main thing is you sing 4 or 5 songs in the movie.
One is with Fanny, the main song.
And it's to be from our album.
- When does the shoot start? - It started yesterday.
- That's it.
- This tells me if I'm pregnant? 100%.
- It's late, we have to get up - I don't care, I really like you.
- Don't say anything, okay? - I won't say I think about you all day or that when you're near I want to play and sing like never before.
I'm sorry, it's not a good time.
- You look tired.
- I didn't sleep well.
- Relax, you'll nail it.
- How's the text going? I'd rather sing than act.
Any expert advice? Say your lines, don't trip over the furniture and in the kissing scenes, shut your eyes.
Like this.
I can't talk, Maribel.
Sorry, I don't I'll go, have fun.
- So cute, and those smiles.
- Who is it? Your artist doesn't waste time.
He's been pictured with Fanny.
From the top, it's not sounding good.
Fanny, the last line of the second verse needs to be less mushy.
Forgive me, but I'll be the judge of my acting.
I'm the music producer and you're the singer.
- Who do you think you are, brat? - Fanny I was calling to see if the pregnancy tests were ready.
You sent them to my home? Okay.
Looking for this? That's why you've been like this.
You opened it? What does it say? - We're not going to be parents? - It looks that way.
I'm sorry you had to put up with that before.
I'm not going back to the studio while she's there.
I'm getting her fired.
Fanny, I don't think you understand.
- Without Maribel, I'm not recording.
- Whose side are you on? You're making me choose? Before was a mistake.
From now on, when they say "cut" - we part ways, okay? - Golden's days are numbered.
From the start, my plan was for Hispamusic to absorb it - and get its catalog.
- 84 families depend on Golden.
Don't get sentimental.
Do you know who's going to take up the free space? You, Futura.
- Robert! Robert! Robert! - My friends - No statements, I'm sorry.
- Are you really with Fanny? Will you be able to finish the tour? Come on, answer.
Why don't you tell them the truth? Tell the damn truth for once.
You got 'em all fooled, huh? - You're a piece of crap.
- Leave me alone! Not until you tell them the truth.
Or do they already know? - Do you know Robert's sick? - I'm not, that's a lie.
He's right, I'm downplaying it.
The doctors say he's dying.
So, can you finish the tour? No, of course not.
A let down for your audience, eh? They don't know who you are.
But I'm not surprised.
You never finish anything.
- Stop it, please, Dad.
- Robert is your son? - Some things you can't choose.
- Is it true? You're dying and you said nothing after all we've done for you? - You told me you were better.
- Are you dying or what? Robert.
Robert Robert, wake up.
Your face I'm explaining the tour and you're sleeping one off.
- Sorry, I didn't sleep well.
- Life of a rock star, huh? How tough.
Nights, parties, the drinks, the girls Right, don't ask how, but Maribel and I managed to fit all this in: 73 gigs in several weeks.
Here's all the info, the route, the schedule - and even the room division.
- I don't need it.
I did my job, wrote the songs, now I get to stay at home watching TV with my mother, while you all have fun from gig to gig and get all the applause.
I'm not complaining, I'm happy.
- Guys, Ignacio's coming along.
- Great! But use the time to think about the next album, - start writing for it.
- I'm going to work? - Unless you'd rather stay at home.
- No, I'm going on tour.
What about the per diems? We have to eat between gigs.
- I go through it fast.
- We'll take good care of you.
- Here's all the info.
- Is this the poster for the tour? - Yes.
Don't you like it? - It's not bad.
I'm not sure either, it looks like a shopping list, but the creatives gave it to me.
They didn't have much time.
Vidal's waiting in the meeting room for Robert and you.
Thanks, Nines.
Guys, start rehearsing, - get it tight for the tour.
- Guys, here's the itinerary.
Listen up.
We start in Zaragoza, then Barcelona and Bilbao.
- Who knows how to drive? - I do.
Thanks for coming.
You know each other, right? - What's this about, Vidal? - I like it, to the point, a worthy son you are.
I want Fanny and Robert to keep being the perfect couple.
- But we're not.
- Of course not, I'm engaged.
- You're engaged? - I don't care, - this is what the magazines day.
- And they never lie, right? I don't care what they say, but what people believe.
People believe it and it's great for selling the movie.
- Eugenio, we don't need this.
- Let me decide what we need.
When you see a camera, put on your best smile, - holding hands.
Got it? - What if we don't? My father always said: when you jump in the pool, make sure there's water.
Let's go, Fanny.
Now I've done the film, I thought I'd seen the last of her.
- She clearly doesn't think the same.
- So I have to put up with her? I don't like you on the cover of a gossip rag either, okay? - You're a rock star - I'm going to rehearse.
Listen, you're going on tour, you'll be able to forget Fanny.
You have to give statements? Do it.
Get photos taken? Do it.
- It's like being made to eat lentils.
- I don't like lentils.
- What do you like? - Beans.
- That'll do.
- What's going on? Vidal wants Robert and Fanny to keep being the ideal couple, at least until the premiere.
And Robert hates lentils - but loves beans, right? - If Vidal says so, you'll have to double the ratio, you are the famous couple now.
Sure, it's a blast.
I'm going to rehearse, the tour's the main thing.
- You seem fine.
- Why not? It's going well - and the tour's about to start.
- And you'll on tour with Robert, - far from Mom, Dad and your ex.
- Robert's like anyone else to me, like Ignacio, Guillermo just a workmate.
- You're a terrible liar.
- There's nothing to worry about.
You're Maribel, right? We're a group and we heard that if we wanted someone who knows about music, we needed to give this demo to you.
- What's your name? - Black Sheep.
I'm really sorry, but there's no choice.
- I hope you get work soon.
- 21, Ronda de Segovia.
Okay, we'll call you.
Please, get to work, there's a lot to do.
- What's going on with Ramírez? - What do you think? Why did you fire Ramírez? Vidal's cut my budget again, but he doesn't want to cut profits.
- You tell me what the hell I do.
- He asked you to fire people? No, but it's the only way to give him what he wants.
I'm juggling the books to fire as few people as possible, but I can't save everyone.
It's impossible.
What? Mr.
Zabala, Antoñito Caracol is sick, he's not coming to record.
- So? - Just that he's not coming.
And you can't wait 5 minutes? Sorry.
Pedro, calm down, eh? It's tough, but getting jumpy and exploding doesn't help.
Tough for everyone For Futura too No.
You're hiring people while I have to fire mine.
But sure, you come here and tell me to calm down.
- Don't twist my words.
- I'm not, but you're hiring more artists.
You're giving your boy a tour the Beatles wouldn't even have, so give me a sermon.
And let me get to work.
- Yes? - Send flowers to Antoñito Caracol and put on the card: "Get well soon, Golden is nothing without you.
" - Did you get that down? - Yes, Mr.
And I'm sorry about before.
Golden would be nothing without you too.
What's that? I'm apologizing about before.
I was nervous and But I don't like being interrupted.
Don't worry, Mr.
Stop, stop, stop - We're a bit dim, eh? - You're not keeping up.
- Sorry, today's not my day.
- As long as it's not on the tour - Right.
- How about a break? Yes, we'll stop.
- We'll get nowhere like this.
- How is it with Fanny? The magazines say you're in love, but you don't tell me anything.
Nothing to tell.
Eugenio Vidal says the story is bankable - and wants us to fake it.
- Meanwhile, no Maribel for you.
- If you did what I said - I did, I told her like an idiot.
- Did it work? - You think I'd be here with you? No, she said "I can't", straight up.
Maybe you got her on a bad day, at a bad moment.
A bad moment was listening to you.
I went there so hopeful, - and she brushed me off.
- Now you'll be together a lot, - you can talk to her.
- Stop bugging me about it.
What's this? It's me! It's just a sketch.
The idea is to take a photo of you and put the names of the cities you're playing in next to it.
It's just for me.
Besides, other one's already printed.
- We'll see about that.
- No, Roberto, no.
- It's good.
- Of course it's good.
- Talent runs in our genes.
- It's yours? Yes.
I've done several versions to choose from.
- But I just did it for fun.
- No, ignore her.
- I want this as the tour poster.
- We already have one.
- It's boring.
Say what you think, Clara.
- I don't want to interfere.
If that were true, you wouldn't have done them.
Your opinion? Well It's boring.
It looks like a train timetable.
My brother may be many things, but he's not boring.
- Is she right or not? - Yes, but a run's already printed.
Toss it and print a new run.
Take if from my royalties if you want, but I want to look good on the poster.
Fine, you're the star after all.
- We're changing it? - We are.
And Clara, when you get an idea, put it in here and tell me, okay? Very well.
Like this, but bigger and in full color.
- Perfect, see you in half an hour.
- Do we eat the other posters? Yes, fine by me.
I want this one at the printer's now.
Nines, where's Vidal going in such a hurry? No idea, he just asked me to get his taxi.
Get another one for me.
- What a fright.
- Is that music from your work? Yes, demos from new groups they want me to produce.
Then we'll talk later.
And you look busy packing.
I wish I could take it all on wheels, I just can't choose.
- Then I won't bother you.
- What did you want to tell me? Your mother and I We talked, as you asked.
- And? - It wasn't easy, but It won't be easy, but at least we're going to try.
I left Lola today.
Your mother and I have decided to get back what we had, to end the lies once and for all and, above, be a family again.
I'm so glad, Dad.
It won't be easy, but it's a start.
A good start.
- Good night, honey.
- Good night.
You sure can be weird.
Now that things are finally going well for you, really well, - and anyone looking at you - Sure, I know.
What's wrong with you? I'm about to get what I've always wanted, - that's what's wrong with me.
- Just your average misfortune.
Right, it comes at a price.
The game's set up so that for me to be successful - others have to fail.
- It's always been that way, right? I'm not making myself clear.
To have it all at my disposal, other people will have to lose their jobs.
- That's the price.
- Do you have any choice? No, of course I can choose.
I don't have a razor at my neck.
But at the end of the day I'm just doing my job.
Nobody's ever saved my bacon.
Give me another drink.
Every peseta going to Futura is taken from them.
They're firing people in Golden, people I've known all my fucking life.
- I don't know.
What would you do? - I know what you're going to do.
Really? Because I've spent half of my life serving you drinks, but you have to take the step.
Finish that.
I want to close up before the night watchman comes.
Clarita, you're not coming? We're going to miss you.
When you meet a couple of fans, you'll get over it.
Hey, quit chatting up my sister and help me with this.
Put that down the back.
Come on.
- Careful with that amp, man.
- We're going to be like sardines.
- Lend me a hand with this.
- How about we use the roof rack? How can I put it up there, with the money it cost? - I only had time to listen to half.
- Find anything? Half of them imitate Robert and the other half should.
Check out the other half, they're coming non-stop.
- Call me every day.
If I'm not in - Yes, talk to Clara.
- Did I tell you? - Three times.
Now it's four: call every day.
Now you'll tell me to rug up and eat properly.
I was going to tell you to stay in the office and I'll go.
Have fun, but not too much, there's work to do.
Hey, artist, we almost left you behind.
My mother made sausage for the road - and I couldn't say no.
- Everyone's here.
Go! Be careful.
- Who's driving? - Gabi.
He can drive with his eyes closed.
Keep them open just in case.
Champ, have fun.
And don't screw it up.
- I'll miss you.
- Me too.
I have to get comfortable or I'll get carsick.
- Move it! I'm getting jealous! - Let's go! - Gentlemen, we're going! - Guillermo, I'll miss you.
Love ya.
Don't drive too fast.
Heads up.
I'm okay for now, but we need to do shifts.
We just started and you're on about shifts? Damn! One of you is tipsy, the other sleepy, and I'll end up driving all the way to Zaragoza.
Speaking of eating, - can you get out your mom's stuff? - Already, Paco? We only just left.
I barely had breakfast and I get carsick on an empty stomach.
- Let me go next to the window.
- Bad luck for you.
Heads or tails then.
I take tails.
- Fuck no.
You should've got on before.
- Be a good loser.
It's my spot.
Yeah, right.
Have a nap and leave us alone.
- I'm getting woozy, smartass! - You're such an idiot! - I'm going backwards! - Paco, sit here.
Robert will swap.
Oh, yeah? Yes.
Or they'll be arguing the whole way.
Up to you.
Fine, swap places, I don't care.
Thanks, man.
And they say that you stars are unbearable, eh? We're going on tour.
We're going on tour, lads! Look out! Look out! Call Seville and Granada to see how ticket sales are going.
I called yesterday.
They're sold out.
All of them? Did I tell you I love your brother? With tickets selling out, you're not the only one.
Really! Please, - can I talk to someone there - I'll get going.
that can put Antoñín on? I can't reach them at any time, day or night.
Really! He? Great, thanks a lot! - Nines, everything alright? - Alright? I'm going to have a stroke! Antoñito Caracol hasn't come back to record.
- Did you call him? - Of course.
His agent too.
Neither are answering.
Zabala's going to kill me.
Relax, okay? You did all you could.
Do you think Mr.
Zabala is going to care in the slightest? This job is all I've got, Mr.
Zabala's been so jumpy lately, he's already fired three people.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, but it's horrible.
Every day coming to work thinking it's your last.
Nines, come here.
Listen to me, listen.
I'll talk to Zabala, okay? Relax.
But you're not going to say that I complained? You didn't complain.
- What? - Antoñito Caracol isn't sick.
- It's something else with him.
- Please, Guillermo, will you get to the point? - Hispamusic made him a better offer.
- How do you know that? Vidal rushed out of here yesterday after a phone call.
- He grabbed a taxi and so did I.
- You followed him.
- Are you in a detective movie? - He met with Antonio and his agent in El Comercial.
They were there about an hour.
I couldn't hear, but they weren't talking about the bullfights.
He's going to steal your artists.
Like he told me.
- What exactly did he say? - He bought Golden to get rid of it.
- That makes no sense.
- You not liking it doesn't mean it won't happen.
When do you re-sign Antonio? - End of the month.
- There you go.
He's stealing your artists.
When Hispamusic gets your catalog, why keep Golden going? - It's actually a master stroke.
- Yes, but disgusting.
I don't get why he told you of his plans to destroy me.
Because he's giving to Futura all the space he takes from Golden, - to then leave to me.
- That's great for you.
Why tell me? - Oh, you know - No, what does he want? Vidal doesn't care if he fires all of Golden, okay? I don't want to let him do it.
I hope you don't either.
- What is it now, Nines? Please! - La Niña de las Salinas.
La Niña de las Salinas? Let me guess.
She can't sing, right? She's sick too.
She says she can't record, her voice is too weak.
Goddamn her! No, tell her I want to speak to her.
And get me Antoñito's address, I want to talk to him.
That bastard will steal my house keys if I let him! - Then don't let him.
- Go on, hurry! Paquito, give it to me.
You'll get carsick.
But I just got some inspiration.
If don't write it down, I'll forget it.
Your inspiration can handle Paco's foot odor and Juan's snoring.
Not to mention the smell of chorizo, stinking up the van.
Juan It's your fault for not telling your mom to take it easy.
Seriously, I don't know how you can concentrate here.
When a song wants to come out, the rest doesn't matter.
- Another thing is if it's good.
- I'm sure.
All your songs are good.
- Go on, Chimo - It's true.
Look at all this.
If not for your songs, we wouldn't be in this van on the way to glory.
It all started in that notebook.
- I don't think so.
- Yeah, man.
If you think about it, it's kind of beautiful.
That book, with your scribbles and ideas, brought us all together.
Actually, it's new, I bought it yesterday.
- The songs on the album - Seriously? Thanks.
I'm not used to being congratulated on my work.
You're not so bad either.
What you do it's admirable playing with those I don't know how you handle all those little buttons.
Between us, I have no idea how to handle the desk.
I hit the buttons at random.
It's worked up until now.
Really? No, but you should see your face.
I'm glad you came.
I like you.
I like you too.
Shall we put on the radio? Him and his Hello.
We have three double rooms and a single.
- Who am I with? - You're with Paco, Gabi with Robert, - Chimo with Ignacio.
I get the single.
- What if we score? I can take Paco's snoring, but what if we meet a girl? Aren't they all after Robert? - Thank you.
- You're so cute! - Girls, keep it down! - They'll eat him alive.
See you at the gig tonight, okay? See you later.
Guys, soundcheck in one hour, okay? - Where? - It's on the list.
Got it, Robert? - Soundcheck in one hour.
- Sure.
Fanny's so lucky to be with you! Good evening, Zaragoza! START OF THE TOUR, 1963 Ernesto, you know that Hispamusic won't treat you - the way we do here.
- I'm sorry, Pedro, that's that.
Good evening, Barcelona! Good evening, Bilbao! - Good evening! - Oh la la! Good evening, Seville! Good evening, Segovia! Hey, where's Paco? - You bastards! - No, Chimo! Don't stop, Chimo! Good evening, Pontevedra! Thanks.
The radio wants to interview Robert after the Noia gig.
I spoke to the Zamora venue, they solved the spotlights problem.
Let's get a drink, we've earned it.
- I need to make a few more calls.
- No way, grab your coat.
- Everything alright? - Yes, smooth as silk.
I'm glad.
Fanny will be in Valencia to shoot a TV commercial.
- I hope she enjoys the paella and sun.
- You don't get it.
You'll have to make some tiny changes in your boy's tour.
- How tiny? - Fanny joins him in a concert.
I thought we were in charge of our artists' tours.
It's good promotion for the film.
Celia Vera will cover the show.
Why not? This way we rev up the engines for the film's premiere.
You'll have to move up the Alicante show to tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? - What do you mean, tomorrow? - They play Noia tomorrow, it's set - It took weeks to organize the tour, we can't change it overnight.
We have to cancel shows, - call venues, hotels - And people have bought tickets.
We'll lose a lot of money, and criticism will rain down.
Listen to me! The photo of Fanny and Robert singing will be everywhere.
I don't care about criticism, the Alicante show goes on tomorrow.
- This decision is senseless.
- I didn't ask for your opinion.
If you don't like it, you know where the door is.
You too.
God give me patience.
If you give me strength, I'll kill him.
I think I'm starting to fancy that drink.
Get me the hotel.
And call the Alicante venue.
Damn! - A change of plan? - You play Alicante tomorrow.
No, tomorrow it's Noia.
Tomorrow you play Alicante, orders from above.
But we're in Pontevedra, on the other side of Spain.
We won't make it.
If you leave now, you will.
- It's close, but you will.
- You're kidding, right? If you saw my face now, you'd know I'm not kidding.
Tomorrow you play Alicante.
Are you smoking what I think you're smoking? I just had two tokes.
These nice girls - brought it from Morocco.
- Just two tokes, eh? They say it's great for inspiration.
- I want to talk to Robert.
- Okay.
Maribel, you're very very yellow.
Maribel, introducing Roberto.
- Delighted, I'm Roberto.
- Hello, Roberto.
Shouldn't you be resting? The tour's just started - and there are lots of shows left.
- But I'm a good guy.
I was going to bed when these nice girls turned up and Poor guy.
I'm sorry, but the party's over.
Don't be a drag, Maribel.
Tomorrow you're playing Alicante with your "darling" Fanny.
- Orders from Eugenio Vidal himself.
- Alicante's across the country.
Tell me something I don't know.
We're spending the night on the road.
Robert, the keys to the van.
- Is he in any shape to drive? - I'll drive.
Get your things and say goodbye to your friends.
Reception in 15 minutes.
Okay, guys, that's it! Party's over! Out! It just got started! Fuck it! Get him another rum! Exactly, four doubles.
Of course, I'll wait.
Thanks a lot, Moncho.
And I'm really sorry.
The Noia venue can change tomorrow's show to next Saturday, but that means changing the next three, four, five shows.
- God, I don't know how we'll do this.
- Relax, you did it before, - you can do it again.
- Actually, Maribel did most of it, I just congratulated her on her excellent work.
Did you change the hotel rooms? It was full, a medical convention all week.
I'm booking another.
Hold on.
Yes? Perfect, perfect.
Thank you so much, really.
- Yes.
- Good.
Futura, hello? Yes.
Once second.
- It's for you.
- Hello? Right.
I'll be right there.
- You're leaving? - It's important.
- More than this? - You know what? It's late, we've been here for hours.
Why don't you go home? I'll take care of the rest.
And congratulations on your excellent work.
Futura, hello? Yes.
We don't know.
There he is.
The state he's in, it wasn't good to call you-know-who.
You did the right thing.
- Has it been so bad? - You're a cunning one.
- What did they tell you? - Caracol's agent says he's sick, he must have trichinosis.
And that fucking bitch Niña de las Salinas won't come to the phone.
I suppose they'll both leave like Marisol did.
They'll go to that bastard Vidal.
And you're toasting to it? Look, I'm dead and the last thing I need is you laughing at my funeral.
- You're not dead, just drunk.
- Guillermo, please, let me drink in fucking peace.
Another one, when you can.
- Another drink, I said! - You should've found another bar, I saw this one first.
It's all going to shit, Guillermo.
Not just Golden.
My family too.
I've been taking it out on them for weeks.
I don't know how Ángeles puts up with me.
Go on, say it, say: "You deserve it, you bastard.
" - No, I don't hate you that much.
- You do a little.
Watch it, eh? Sometimes you're arrogant and a classic ballbuster.
- I wanted to sock you.
- I would've socked you back.
But as much as I hate to admit it, Golden is where it is thanks to you.
You took it to the top.
For all the good it's done me - You'll have to adapt, Pedro.
- Adapt to what? You want to stop Eugenio? Play the cards you're dealt, like me.
Yes, but you have a full house and I have two sixes.
Other times it's been the opposite.
Look, the Pedro I met How long ago, 20 years? 20 years, holy shit That Pedro didn't give in to anyone.
And if that Pedro wants my help, I'm ready to give it.
You're a fucking bastard, a snake charmer.
What does that make you, eh? But it's better to dance than crawl, right? What do we do? I have only one idea, and you won't like it.
Oh, great.
- We should talk.
- Let's not start again.
I don't mean about us, I mean in general, you're going to fall asleep at the wheel.
But suit yourself.
Are you excited about going back? To Alicante.
You left with nothing and you're going back a star.
I never thought I'd go back, actually.
I'm sure your parents are looking forward to it.
You told them you're playing, right? Now you don't feel like talking? - Not about that.
- Right.
When was the last time you spoke to them? - The night I left home.
- Maybe you should phone them.
If I knew this would come up, I would've shut up.
Sometimes it's better to come straight out with it.
The last time I did that, it didn't go so well, remember? It worked with my parents.
Your parents aren't mine.
It's not that easy.
I'm not saying it's easy, but it's worth a try.
I can't tell them the truth.
- I can't tell them I'm sick.
- But you're better, the doctor said.
- Yes, I'm better.
- Then you owe it to them.
I know, Maribel, but I've never talked to my parents.
I mean really talk.
I guess it would've been easier if I'd been the son they hoped for.
The restaurant's everything to them.
They thought it was for Clara and me too.
Was I going to keep fooling myself? I've done that for too long.
If I hadn't found out about my disease, I'd probably be still dreaming about what I'm living now.
I've made a lot of mistakes, but I didn't know any better.
I'm sure your parents are very proud of you, - even if you don't know it.
- No, I don't think so.
You don't know that.
I don't know if it's better to know or not.
Sure, I understand.
Sometimes it's better not to know, especially if your parents are involved.
- I miss this.
- This? Yes, talking to you without things going on.
Me too.
But? Well I guess now you'd rather talk about this stuff with Fanny, huh? It's my fault that things went sour? What about you? - Me? - Yes, you.
If you weren't so - So what? - So weird, Maribel.
Can we stop for a second? I need to get out what I drank last night.
Yes, I'll stop in a second.
A big day, Guillermo.
Everything in order? Yes.
They're heading for Alicante and the press conference is set.
Good, generating anticipation.
And the show? Robert will play his whole repertoire, Fanny singing the last song with him.
The radio stations will spread the news and Radio Spain will make it national.
- You've certainly changed.
- Just where my job's concerned.
Well done.
- Hello.
- Good afternoon.
- 5 o'clock at my place.
- Isn't there anywhere better? - No, we want maximum discretion.
- It's messy, it's full of boxes.
- Who told you that? - My wife.
I'll take care of it.
- Robert.
- Over here.
How are you handling being the couple of the moment? I don't know if that's the right term Very normally.
We're not going to hide away, despite all the fuss around us.
Right, honey? Robert, here.
You're going back to where you were born.
What's it like playing in front of your people for the first time? Pride and satisfaction, right? Robert.
- Sorry, can you repeat the question? - Yes, sorry.
You're back where you were born.
How does it feel to play? Oh, yes.
It's going to be special, but it's also just one more show.
Yes, but you have Fanny for the first time on the tour.
Do you have anything to say about that? It's nothing new to see us together.
We've done lots of promotions for the film lately What a hassle answering so many questions with no time to think of the answers.
I couldn't do it.
But Robert's doing well, huh? Yes, he looks comfortable.
Is it true what the magazines say, that these two are? I don't read those magazines.
And what he does offstage doesn't matter to me.
A photo, please.
- Look at me.
Smile, Robert.
- This way.
Meet me here in 30 minutes.
I'm going to my room.
- Looking great.
- Wonderful.
- The "intellectual.
" - Thanks, guys.
- It's nice to see you.
- Yeah, sure.
Fanny, the journalists have gone.
Let's cut the act, okay? You don't decide that, hon'.
You heard Vidal: While Celia Vera's around, we're the ideal couple.
There Thanks.
Is it so hard to smile and be more affectionate? I'll leave that to you, you're the actress.
- This couple this has its funny side.
- I must have no sense of humor.
You should try.
Don't they want headlines? We'll provide them.
Tonight, after singing together, give me a good kiss onstage.
But like you mean it, - like in the caravan.
- I want to see the back of you.
Are you sure? You'll never be with someone like me ever again.
- I'm going to rest, darling.
See you.
- And tell your little friend to stay in her room during the show.
I don't want her making a scene like the other day.
We changed half the tour for you, don't give me this shit too.
- If she's there, I won't sing.
- Then don't sing.
I don't think you get it.
Tell her not to come tonight or I'll tell everyone your secret.
- I found this in your caravan.
- What? Give me that.
We're going out, right? What's yours is mine.
And if you're doing drugs, be more discreet, in this world everything ends up getting out.
- You've got no idea.
- If you want me to keep quiet, you know what to do.
See you onstage, honey.
Hello, Mr.
May I come in? This is so heavy.
Here are the contracts.
And some nibbles - Nibbles? - Nibbles, courtesy of Mr.
- I didn't know you were moving.
- I've been here a couple of years.
Very cozy.
Was there really nowhere else to meet? You caught me tidying up, I'll be done in 10 minutes.
Zabala won't be here for half an hour.
- I've got plenty of time.
- 10 minutes? And the broom and mop? Good heaven, Mr.
Rojas, a little organization I'll take care of this part, you put away the boxes.
Okay, put them away where? In the cupboard, under the bed, out of sight.
We can't clean it properly, so we'll just make do.
- What are you waiting for? - I like your spark.
You're such a kidder Move it with those boxes, time's running out.
Will you go tell the guys I'll see them later at Reception? - We have a soundcheck.
- You should rest today.
- Rest for what? - These past days have been crazy, all the rush, the hours on the road.
You should get your strength back.
- Did she ask you that? - No, I think it's for the best.
For her or for you? For everyone.
She says if you're there, she won't sing.
So I spend all night driving because of her and now Little Missy doesn't want me at the show.
What did you say? If you don't want me to go, tell me, but don't use her as an excuse.
Say it: "Maribel, I don't want you to come to the show".
It's not that.
I'm dead beat, we've been in the van all day.
I just want to do the show without problems and go to be.
So? So I'm asking you, please, stay here tonight.
It's impulsive, but I don't want trouble, and she's unreasonable.
- You're more sensible.
- Relax, I won't go.
Don't worry.
Tomorrow we'll be back on the road and forget Fanny.
You don't get it.
I'm not going to any show.
I'm leaving the tour.
- I'll ask your sister to fill in for me.
- Come on, Maribel.
I have things to do there and artists who deserve my help, - and maybe appreciate it more.
- It's not easy, put yourself in my place.
I am.
And if someone asked me to get rid of a member of the crew, I would've told them over my dead body, considering - Considering what? - Nothing.
Go! I don't know, I imagined your place more I don't know, less - I imagine it differently.
- You think the worst of people.
No, not people, no.
Just you.
A "thanks" would've done, Zabala.
Guillermo, I owe you one.
Marisa, as pretty as ever.
Come in, please.
Kid, making me come here Sure, Marisa We just wanted to have a more one-on-one conversation, more private.
After so many years of working together Right? - Can I get you anything? - No, thanks.
- What's the emergency? - I don't know if you're aware that our contract is about to expire.
- Really? I didn't know.
- You didn't? - These things - Sure.
We wanted to assure you how much we value you.
You're La Niña de la Salinas, one of our top artists.
If there's no change, your contract will be renewed automatically.
Unless there's a problem or someone wants to change the deal.
- On our side, there's no problem.
- Your wife's so pretty, Zabala.
Marisa, is there a problem with renewing the contract? No problem, I'm delighted with you.
There's something you're not telling us.
If there is, we should talk.
After so many years Alright.
I may have another option to consider.
But it's not personal, I have no complaint.
I just have to look at what's best for my career.
- You've been at Golden 10 years? - 15.
15 years.
That's a special relationship, no? Will you find another record company with that level of trust? - Because trust is the main thing.
- No, it isn't.
- It isn't the main thing? - No.
Guillermo's approach to business is different to mine, - and I don't believe in it much.
- This isn't the time But he's right about one thing.
I know you very well, and I believe you when you say it's not personal.
I'm a businessman, I understand that you want the best deal.
That's why I have this offer for you.
It's much better than the one with Hispamusic, because you're sounding out Hispamusic, aren't you? We're raising your royalties.
You'll earn more than with Hispamusic or any other company.
We'll make much less, but that's not the main thing.
The main thing is that you stay with us.
If other companies find out you're offering this, - they'll be so mad.
- Maybe.
But lately I've learnt that, if you want to stay in the game, you have to change the rules.
To the hits of the future.
- Guillermo Rojas.
- Nice to meet you.
And Sergio.
- Sit down, please.
- Nice to meet you.
Manolo, we've been working together a long time and have a special relationship.
No record company can offer you this, because they don't know you.
We do.
Then he felt the call of nature in mid-show and ran off with his accordion to the bathroom.
- Well, down to it.
- It's almost a family relationship.
In the end, that's the main thing.
Yes, that's molto bene, but I already have famiglia.
Yes, I understand you perfectly, Peppino.
That speech rings a bell.
With some you hit the wallet, others the heart.
Manolo, what do you say? At Hispamusic you'll never be family.
- May I? - Sure.
Begoña, you can read it first.
MUSIC GROUP CONTRAC - To the coming hits.
- To the coming hits, yes.
- Do you know this Irish joke? - Fuck, Ignacio.
- Guys, let's go.
- Aren't we waiting for Maribel? She's not coming.
She says she has stuff to do.
- Any problem, we tell Chimo.
- Make sure the guitar's tuned.
And there are plenty of sticks, they fly out of my hands sometimes.
And some snacks in the green room, we get hungry afterwards.
- Shit, Paquito.
Priorities, eh? - Relax, Chimo.
I'll give you a hand.
- Hold on to this.
- Go, guys.
I'll be right there.
We leave in 15, don't be long.
Sorry, I can't now.
I thought I saw you before, but I figured it was my imagination.
- What are you doing here? - A nice way to say hello.
Hello, son.
Hello, Dad.
I wasn't expecting you here.
And I didn't expect you back and here we are.
- Is Mom here? - She's had a hard enough time.
You run off, and suddenly we see you in magazines and ads And not a call from you.
You're too lazy to pick up a phone.
That's why I left.
Don't mumble at the floor, speak like a man! You know why I left without a word? Because you wouldn't have understood.
I could've at least slapped this nonsense out of you.
This is my work.
Playing and singing isn't nonsense.
- Work? You never worked in your life.
- You've got no fucking idea.
Watch it.
Even though you abandoned us like dogs, I'm still your father.
A little respect! I'm sorry I disappointed you, that I'm not the son you wanted.
But this is what I am.
Being here today, or anywhere else, playing, the audience singing my songs, is what makes me happy.
And it seems a lot of people like what I do.
- I wish you and Mom saw that.
- How could we like it? What you do isn't honorable.
If I died tomorrow, wouldn't you be glad that your son was happy in his final days? I'll tell you what I told your sister when I put her bags at the door: Do what you like, but never come back to my house.
Give Mom a kiss for me.
- Didn't you have a show? - Not without you.
- We talked about this.
- You're why I'm here, I need you.
- And Fanny? - I don't care about Fanny.
Everyone has their impulses here.
She has her conditions, I have mine.
This is my show, so you're coming and you're staying on the tour.
I won't let anyone disrespect a member of the crew, - especially when - When what? I'm sorry, Maribel.
I was wrong.
I'm sick of people telling me what to do.
I need you by my side.
- Shall we go? - Let's go.
- What's this? - New contracts for Manolo Rubiales and La Niña de las Salinas.
Their commitments are ending, but I'm happy to tell you they'll be with us for some time.
5 albums, to be specific.
We've had to tighten our belts, but it's the only way I could scare of the record companies that were trying to negotiate with them behind my back, so To Golden and our artists.
- You just shot yourself in the foot.
- Anything to stop Hispamusic from sticking their mitts where they don't belong.
Really? At what price? The one you forced me to set.
I won't let you sink this company.
No, sure.
You did that by offering this madness to the artists.
Do you know how many records you'll have to sell to make a profit? All I know is that there are no records without artists.
It may piss you off, but the best are here.
Careful, Zabala, you're not getting into a bullfight with me.
Show me your cape again and you're out.
That's not up to you.
The final decision at Golden is Alfredo's.
- It's in the contract you signed.
- The old man's eating out of my hand.
He'll do as I say because he knows what's good for him, not like you.
And this is just a patch, a leak blocked for a time.
Have a drink and celebrate, but your ship is leaking everywhere and I won't stop until I sink it.
- Eugenio.
- This was all your doing, wasn't it? - What? - A pity, you were this close to having it all.
- What's so urgent? - Eugenio Vidal wants to destroy Golden.
We stopped him, but the patch won't last long.
It's a matter of time before Vidal achieves his objective.
If you called me, there's something we can do.
Yes, there is.
It's risky, but it's our only option.
We have to shut him down before he shuts us down.
You've been a great audience, Alicante, but all good things must end, so, until next time.
See you soon! 'Bye! More! More! More! No! We've played all of our songs.
We could do one thing Do you want to hear a song we've never played live? Yes! Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
But we need you to give a big hand to the person who's going to help me sing it.
Presenting Fanny! It's a pleasure to be here with you tonight, but you should've told me! I'm just giving the audience what they're shouting for: to sing with you.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! You guys! You guys, really.
We have to give the audience what they want, right? One, two, one, two, three - It's the last time you do this to me.
- What? What happened? You know.
Never make fun of me in front of everyone again.
- Your friend was to stay in her room.
- Look, babe, it's fine by me if you want to play the diva.
But don't forget, you're a guest at my show.
- I set the conditions here.
- You want war? Get ready, you haven't seen my dark side yet.
I'll tell people about your pills.
- And say what? You have no idea.
- Well Sure, we can tell everyone things.
Why don't we tell your fiancé the fun we had in the caravan? Nobody was cheating on us.
- You wouldn't dare.
- This public feud is fine, but you and I are nothing.
Don't tell me what to do.
And Maribel will always be with me, whether you like it or not.
I'd rather cancel the tour than do one show without her.
Is that clear? Is it true you're having an affair with another girl, Maribel Campoy? - Yes.
I'm going out with her.
- Since when, Robert? - Answer the question.
- What the hell are you doing here? - Mexico was far away, I missed you.
- You came to screw us over.
I can't fire you, so I'm taking over the running of Golden personally.
- I'm the director of Golden.
- You were.
- You want to work with us? - Yes, why not? You did interesting work on Robert's album.
The producer could've gotten more out of him.
It's your bosses' fault for hiring Salvador Quintana.
I produced Robert's album, even though Salvador signed it.
At the show I'm dedicating a song to you so that everyone knows.
- Knows what? - That I'm crazy about you.
I've never had so much fun.
The expression when you left the bar I'm not that ugly.
No, you look great.
There's been a big fuss around our stars, but they're young.
Not only are they past that bump, we'll soon be hearing wedding bells!