45 Revoluciones (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Premiere

NETFLIX PRESENTS Don't ask how, but Maribel and I managed to fit all this in: - 73 gigs in several weeks.
- We're touring, baby! Caracol is not fucking sick! It's something else with him.
Hispamusic made a better offer.
He's doing what he said.
- What were his exact words? - He's bought Golden to finish it.
Good evening, Zaragoza! What's up, Bilbao? Don't tell anyone, but I don't know what I'm doing.
- Really? - No! You should've seen your face.
I'm glad you're here.
I like you.
I like you too.
Please change the show in Alicante to tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? - What? They are playing in Noia and it's all finalized.
We spent weeks organizing everything.
The photo of Fanny and Robert will be in all the papers.
- They can say whatever they want.
- The idea makes no sense.
I didn't ask for your opinion.
If you don't like it, you know where the door is.
It's all going to shit, Guillermo.
Not just Golden.
My family too.
The Pedro I knew what? 20 years ago? That Pedro didn't give in to anyone.
And if that Pedro wants my help, I'm ready to give it.
What's it like being the star couple? - I won't sing with her here.
- Don't sing then.
You mustn't have understood.
Either tell her not to show up tonight, or I'll tell them your secret.
I found this in your dresser.
Give me that! I won't go to any more concerts! I'm out of the tour! Your sister can replace me.
It's not easy, - put yourself in my place.
- I am.
And if someone asked me to get rid of a member of the crew, I would've told them over my dead body.
Leave! - What now? - 5 p.
my place.
Your house? You'll have to clean up all the boxes.
I'll clean this area and you can put that away.
- What are you doing? - Nothing, ma'am.
I like your spark.
That's all.
We've increased your royalties.
You'll earn more than with any other label.
If other companies find out you're offering this, they'll be so mad.
- Hi, son.
- I wasn't expecting you.
- I didn't expect you either.
- Is Mom here? She doesn't know I'm here.
I'm sorry I disappointed you.
Sorry I'm not what you wanted.
I'll tell you what I told your sister: I don't care.
- But, don't come to my house.
- Tell Mom I said hi.
- Weren't you in a concert? - Not without you.
- What about Fanny? - I have my own conditions.
You are coming with me and staying for the whole tour.
No one will ever disrespect a member of the band again, - especially when - When what? I'm really sorry.
I was wrong.
I'm tired of receiving orders.
I need you with me.
"FANNY'S LOVE" - Do you think it's true? - You mean their crisis? Have you seen that look? I wish Vicente did that.
- Or was as handsome.
- That too.
Look at them.
Such a cute couple.
You can tell they're in love.
Where's my favorite rock star? I'm here! Robert, you in there? Robert! - Coming! - Are you there? You in here? Hey, buddy! - Come here! Missed me? - Of course! - How was the tour? - Very good.
- Chimo told me you were here.
- They all left already.
- Guess how many full houses? - I bet a few.
A few? 70 out of 73.
A few, he says - Hooked up with anyone? - A fan or two.
One or two? Are the rest gone already? Yeah, I was cleaning up.
- Shall we? - Let's go.
I'll help you and we can get a drink after.
Don't worry about it.
I need to rest.
I'm beat! I've been on the road all day and need sleep.
Plus, it's never one drink.
- I'll catch you tomorrow.
- Fine.
Go get some rest.
- We'll discuss the movie later.
- What movie? What are you saying? Your movie, man.
It releases next week.
Oh, right.
We'll talk tomorrow.
- Welcome home, man.
- Thanks, boss.
- One or two fans, huh? - You are a fan, aren't you? - My biggest fan.
- Don't be too sure.
We'll have to be careful here because they can see us.
- We each have our house.
- Right.
Our separate ways.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
- Hi.
- Morning.
- Any news? - No.
Vidal? He's in Mexico making deals for a tour.
That gives us time.
Any news from Alfredo? He's talking to lawyers to see what our options are.
But, I haven't heard from him for two days.
- Don't get nervous.
- How can I not be? I remind you Vidal has threatened us.
- I know.
I was there.
- Now he's relaxing in Mexico.
I don't have a good feeling.
Can you please help with the boxes there? - Sir! Sir! That man is here! - What man? - The bad one! Mr.
- Wasn't he in Mexico? - That's what I thought.
- He's waiting in the office.
- He doesn't have an office.
- In your office, sir.
He told us to empty it out.
I'm really sorry.
- That motherfucker! - Shit! - What are you doing here? - Mexico is far and I missed you.
- You're here to screw us over.
- I had no choice.
As I can't fire you, I decided to take over Golden's management.
- I am the manager! - You were.
And this was your office.
You can go to the room upstairs.
Then again you don't do much either.
Take your things.
- Why are you doing this? - I told you.
If I can't fire you, I'll be a nightmare until you quit yourself.
God damnit! You've lost your mind.
Of course you had to put in your two cents.
Without Zabala, Golden is ruined.
You can't lose him.
We'll see about that.
See these people? They are my artists and I will manage them.
The last thing I need is two airheads like you.
From now on, I'll call the shots for Golden and Futura.
So what? Are you going to punish us like kids? That's one way to put it.
There is a box for you packed with demos.
- What? - They're not very good, really.
They are the last demos we got at Hispamusic.
Maybe you're good enough to find gold in that shit.
What about Robert? Did you hear me? From now on, I'll handle Robert's career.
- Don't even think - You've done enough.
Not another word, because, if you do, you and your Futura friends will be on the street.
You're joking.
I won't be managing you.
Upstairs orders.
What are you going to do? I'm supposed to look for new talent in this shit that was sent to Hispamusic half a century ago.
Basically, I'm grounded.
Look at all this! I thought Vidal trusted you.
He did until I tried to help Zabala and stop him from firing half of Golden.
But, you couldn't.
I'm more upset than you, but we have to swallow our pride if we want to keep our jobs.
Who does he think he is? The label's biggest shareholder.
We have to do something.
Don't butt in.
Zabala, Alfredo and I will take care of it.
So, what's the plan? We're figuring it out.
We'll think of something.
What do I do in the meantime? Sit and watch him throw my career away? Vidal won't do that because it's not in his interest.
You shouldn't worry about that either.
Just be patient.
Young man, Mr.
Vidal is waiting for you.
Tell him I'm busy now.
Nines, wait.
The last thing we need is for you to be against him.
Give me some time.
Guillermo is right.
So, nod along to everything.
For now, yes.
Damn it! Pardon.
Take a seat.
I guess you know why you're here.
To congratulate me for the tour's success? That's a given.
What I just learnt was what happened in Alicante in front of everybody.
You didn't kiss Fanny, so, now they are talking about troubles and a possible split.
Anything to say? Well, the tour was a success and we are on the news, - just like you wanted.
- I'll say what I want.
If I give you orders, you do it.
If I don't? Are you going to put me in a room with demos too? Listen, buddy.
I'm your boss.
You work for me.
You're my product.
If you don't want to end up playing on the streets, you should do as I say when I say it.
Got it? We launch tomorrow and I invested lots of money.
In you, in Fanny, and the movie.
I won't let you throw it all away.
Press will come in tomorrow to talk about the release and you will deny the rumors.
You go out there, kiss her and give them what they want.
- You mean what you want.
- Yes, what I want.
Got a problem with that? - I do, in fact.
- Fine.
We'll do it.
The charade will end soon anyway, and then it's over.
Well, not as soon as we thought.
You told me it would end with the movie's release! I did? Well, you're a star couple now.
We have to ride the wave.
You'll make three more movies, and one of them in Mexico.
You'll make two albums together.
Sir, I play with Los Truenos.
I was famous before him.
I don't need him for that.
You're Robert and Fanny now and will be while it makes us money.
- You didn't warn me about this.
- I'm telling you now.
I can pretend for a few days, but I can't do it anymore.
I have a boyfriend and we want to get married.
This is all too much.
Get out! I said, get out of here! Make that the last time you yell at me in front of someone.
This is not what we agreed! I don't give a fuck! I don't negotiate with you! Tell your boyfriend to relax.
He's rich thanks to me.
- What's wrong? - That guy is a jerk.
You missed the worst part.
He's horrible to everyone.
Are you OK? You worry about me now? Don't let him talk to you like that.
Being a fake boyfriend doesn't allow you to give me advice.
C'mon, Fanny Didn't you hear him? I'll see you later, darling.
- Are you Maribel? - Yes.
The front desk said I should talk to you.
If you have a demo for me, you can leave it on the table and we'll get back to you.
But, we are quite busy so, it can take a while.
- I'm not here with a demo.
- You're not a musician? No, but I know about music and I want to work here.
My name is Miguel Santos.
- Nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
What would you like to do for us exactly? I'm a producer.
Starting from the bottom, I see.
Any experience? I worked several years in a recording studio.
- In Madrid? - For Decca, in London.
Oh, wow.
And you want to join us? Yeah.
Why not? I think your work with Robert was interesting.
Like it? I said it was interesting, not that I liked it.
- So, you didn't like it.
- Didn't say that either.
I think the producer could have done better.
But, I think it's the boss's fault for assigning Quintana.
He's old school and doesn't do rock.
Of course, the album is full of mistakes.
I produced that album even if Salvador signed it.
I'm sorry.
I thought I was a secretary.
Well, I'm a producer for Futura and we're fully staffed.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't mean to offend.
No offence at all.
I have lots to do, so, if you're so kind I'll leave it with you should you change your mind.
Thank you.
Don't you think it's funny? This office saw Futura launch.
This is not an office.
I don't have a table, a line, or a secretary I'm sitting here, sharpening pencils.
I can see you are mad, but I think it's funny.
- Right, right.
- I'm sorry.
- Excuse me, sir.
I - Come in! - Welcome! - Well, thank you.
Damn it.
If we hadn't challenged Vidal, we wouldn't be here now.
It would be worse: no artist and Golden would be bankrupt.
Excuse me.
- Sorry.
- I know! You're right, but, I can't bear this! Don't let him get to you! Despite that, he doesn't know that we make a great team! Excuse me.
Go ahead.
Oh, my, Mr.
I can't believe it.
I can't stand seeing you like this.
Tell me something I don't know.
I brought some coffee and cake.
- I'm getting you a phone.
- Great.
The important thing is that Mr.
Alfredo called.
I told him everything.
I told them you had been sent to a corner like a boy.
- He couldn't believe it.
- Get to the point, Nines.
He wants to see you.
Both of you.
At 10.
It was only two minutes.
It was two.
Two hours until you all noticed I wasn't in the van.
We went back for you.
C'mon! It was funny! It was! We can do it again.
Oh, really? Leave me there? Let's cheers to the next tour of Robert and Los Truenos.
I'm afraid you'll need a new guitar player.
- Wait.
What? - What did he say? - Why? You're leaving the group? - No.
So, you're going solo.
Are you quitting music? Jeez, guys.
Let him talk! I'm joining the forces.
They called me in this morning.
I join in a week.
- Why didn't you say something? - Jeez, man.
I received the letter while we were on tour.
I didn't want to spoil it.
What will we do without you? Need anything else, guys? Can I get you something? A new guitar player.
I'm joining the army.
No way! That sucks.
It more than sucks.
Whoever replaces me, must know it's temporary.
If your replacement is better than you, which is easy It's just a year and a half.
We have to tell Guillermo.
You are coming to the premier, right? - Of course.
- You better.
A toast for the soldier! - Yeah! - That's right! Two more rounds are on the house.
There's my buddy Tino! To soldier Juan Rodríguez, a real patriot! - It's been an honor.
- Likewise.
You'll look great with a shaved head.
That's right! They shave your hair off! What will happen to all this? - You're so annoying.
- And that green uniform.
Now he can grow a moustache.
I'll get big and strong.
I'll grow a beard.
Yeah, right! I'll write you letters.
Love letters.
I'll miss you.
I'll really miss you.
I have to go to pick my sister up.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Cheers, soldier.
I'm leaving too.
I'm very tired.
We'll have the leaving party another day.
See you later.
We can stick around.
Another round, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Let's celebrate.
What's wrong? I can't stop thinking about Juan leaving.
Me too.
I'm thinking about Fanny.
- OK, then - Not like that.
Don't be silly.
I mean Vidal's plans.
Just when I was OK, I find out I have to deal with her again.
Three movies, two albums I know Guillermo will figure it out.
And, in the meantime? We should tour all year.
No Fanny.
No record label issues Just you and me, from concert to concert.
Hotel to hotel.
Hotel to hotel? What are we waiting for? Guillermo was right.
We must be patient.
It's not about being patient.
It's a matter of time.
I don't want to wait around.
Upstairs? Upstairs.
It's all your fault! Can't you see that? - You're unbelievable.
- My parents.
Wait downstairs.
- I'm annoying you? - Yes you are! Do you hear yourself? Do you hear yourself? Really Look at the time you are getting home! Don't you think you should be in bed? I wouldn't get much sleep with all the yelling.
Did you hear us? Me and the neighborhood.
Everything OK? Yes, perfectly well.
Will you stop pretending everything is fine!? Now we fight in front of our daughter? Very well then.
Maybe we should yell in the street.
I think we have had enough for a day.
Maybe there's more you want to blame me for.
Go to bed so we can all enjoy some peace and quiet.
I think we all need it.
- I'm going to bed.
- Yes.
I'm going to need a couple of sleeping pills.
You'll need more than that.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- I said good night.
- Good night.
- Good night! - Sleep well.
I thought you were working things out.
In the beginning we were, we were really trying, but We talk about everything, spend time together, but maybe too much time together.
You were gone and handling your mother isn't easy.
Tell me about it.
So, you have been fighting? Every day.
First it was over silly things, but now we can't even stand each other in the same room, without shouting.
I'm really sorry.
No, darling.
It's not your fault.
I married her.
Off to bed, Dad.
You need to rest.
You're right.
I'd rather stay here chatting with you.
I miss talking to someone without having to shout.
Go get us a drink and you can tell me all about the tour.
- Just for a short while.
- Sit.
I spoke to several banks.
Some would give us a loan, but it's not enough to buy Vidal's shares.
That's it? We don't have any other options? I did what I could.
I know.
Anyways, I don't think Vidal would have sold it for even double the price.
I'm sorry I don't have better news to get rid of him.
Do you still have that rifle? Maybe we can talk to the Board at Hispamusic.
- What for? - So they can pressure Vidal.
We'll tell them he is focusing on Golden rather than Hispamusic and that it's bad news for them.
As long as there's money they won't care about Vidal.
We need to do something.
We can't give up.
I only see one option, that is going personal and finding out what really matters to him to use it against him.
What is it? No clue.
No matter how tough, there's always a weak point.
Leave it to me.
I spoke to people at Hispamusic and nothing.
Employees, representatives that work for Vidal and no one will talk.
What did you expect? A tip: a weakness, a dirty secret, anything.
You spoke to people that work for him? Yes.
They're not going to mess with their jobs.
You really want to screw that man over? Not just screw him over.
I want to end him.
You have to hit the right spot.
I know, I just don't know where that is.
C'mon, Guillermo.
You're a smart guy.
The big fish only care about one thing.
Reach for his pocket and you will knock him out.
Hey, sweetie.
I'm sorry you fell asleep.
You need to rest.
No worries.
I'm fine.
- What time is it? - Almost 2 o'clock.
My dad wanted to talk.
How are they? Fighting like cats and dogs.
I'm sorry.
Are they asleep? Yeah, but my dad fell asleep on the sofa.
Let's do it tomorrow.
I thought this would happen, but I never lose hope.
Do you know what I was thinking about before? You were counting sheep.
I was thinking that, if this is already great, it will be even better when it's all out.
We'll go to the movies or dinner.
We'll rent boats on the lake and feed the ducks.
I hate ducks.
Let's go dancing.
Whatever you want.
We can do it all.
I'll dedicate you a song so that everyone knows.
Knows what? That I'm crazy about you.
Sweet dreams.
You too.
"FANNY'S LOVE" I agree with you, but it is what it is.
Give me a second.
PRESS CONFERENCE APRIL 1962 Nervous about the premier? Do you really care or is it for your next story? Don't say that.
I'm not your enemy.
You're not the enemy, but Vidal pays you to take my pictures.
If we were ever friends, we stopped being friendly long ago.
I'm only doing my job.
I'd rather be at a rally, but this pays rent.
Another righteous journalist.
Tell me, do you sleep well at night? Tell me this: did you know that another journalist has photos of you cozying up to your friend Maribel? What? Tell me more.
Don't act so surprised.
They saw you last night, but they didn't see you during the tour.
- Did you know? - Of course! I follow you everywhere.
- But, you didn't publish it? - No, I didn't.
I don't care about your life.
They pay me to take photos of you and Fanny.
While others will get into your business.
I'm just warning you, which will also help me sleep at night.
We need to get started.
I'll go get Fanny.
The press is waiting for us.
What a crappy movie.
Maybe it's not your best film.
I always have the same role.
I've been doing the same film and the same music since I was 12.
I was too young to know what I was getting into.
If not I would have gone into nursing, typing or other "ings".
We would all have missed out on a great actress.
Don't be so nice.
I'm not that good.
But I'm still better than the old actresses.
Being famous isn't worth it.
Never, ever, have I made my own decisions.
It's never too late.
What do I do now? I can't do anything myself.
That jerk Vidal has always done things for me.
You know how he treats me.
I'm his little puppet: "Sing like this.
Act like that.
Smile for the camera to show everyone how happy and charming you are".
Do I look happy? We've all had better times in life.
My boyfriend dumped me.
Big surprise.
I'm sorry.
He had asked me to stop our little show if I didn't want to lose him, and there you go.
No more wedding.
He's the only one who really loved me.
I know he was too good for me.
I haven't behaved like a saint either.
You know what I mean.
But despite all that, I thought he would always be there and now I'm alone.
I'm all alone.
Now I have to go out there and smile like Fanny, happy and charming.
We need to start.
Give us a second.
Fanny, are you sure you can do this now? Of course.
Show must go on, right? Let's go.
Fanny, Fanny.
Do you think your love is reflected in the movie? You can see it yourselves when you watch it.
What do you think? If it's my favorite so far, it's not just the script and the scenery.
Will you be in any future projects together? I can't say much now, although I'd love to.
- Is that a "yes"? - It's a "in time you'll know".
Robert, over here! Can you confirm your affair with a girl named Maribel Campoy? It's true.
We're dating.
For how long? What about Fanny? I'm not cheating on Fanny because we're not together.
- Let's go.
- When did you split up? Rumors have been confirmed.
The star couple have broken up.
The young rock star admitted before the press - that Fanny and him are over.
- Wait a minute.
Moments before the premier of their first film together, the leading actor gave the news.
Love has faded away.
What happened between the couple of the year? Despite having few facts, one thing is for sure: Robert has already found a new love.
The star was spotted with a girl named Maribel.
She is still unknown, but we know she has caused jealousy among the singer's fans.
Only time will tell how long they'll last and if there's hope for the famous couple.
Who will Robert choose? The great actress or simple Maribel? What the hell was he thinking? - Your kid has gone mad.
- My kid? No, no.
Robert is your problem and you're failing.
Why did he have to open his mouth now? That idiot.
That will ruin the movie for us.
The funny thing is you could have avoided all this if you had just let it be.
You have a way of driving people crazy.
Don't be a pain in the ass.
Now what? You're paying me to do nothing.
I have nothing better to do.
Excuse me.
Sir, there's a problem with tonight's venue.
What's the problem? They don't have a room for the after party.
They have a leak and it turned into a pool.
Just what I needed.
We are hours away from the premier.
Fix it or you can find another job.
Vidal! C'mon! You heard me! Out! You should treat people better if you don't want to be alone.
You have experience with that? - Will that be all? - Get out! The young rock star They must have pictures.
They asked if we're together and I'm tired of lying.
I know I should have done what Guillermo said, - but, what was I going to do? - Robert I don't like being the center of attention, but, if you think about it, they've done us a favor.
What? I know you're stubborn and do whatever you want.
You should have listened to Guillermo, but, I love that you said the truth.
- May I? - Sorry.
I told you to be patient and to be calm with Vidal.
I'm tired of pretending.
I don't want to be his puppet.
Is that it? The fact that you two are dating is not relevant.
I'm sorry you had to find out like this.
C'mon, guys.
I knew this would happen.
Do you think I'm dumb? I knew you were in the practice room the other day.
You knew? Aren't you mad? The thing is that Vidal isn't happy and that will affect us all.
Screw Vidal.
I only did it because Fanny was too afraid to.
The day of the release, she was crying and devastated.
She broke up with her boyfriend because of this.
She hates her career.
Vidal has always told her what to do and she's fed up.
Come again? Robert says Fanny is fed up.
She hates Vidal, her career, and she feels like she has made the same album, the same movie seven times.
- She has a point.
- She does.
What percentage does she make for the label? 40% or 50%? Maybe a bit more.
She's their biggest artist.
This girl only needs a push to break it off.
Vidal will never let her go.
She's tied by contract until she grows old.
She's his golden ticket.
He won't let go of his golden ticket, but, what if the ticket breaks? It works.
See you tomorrow.
- Everyone is leaving.
- Hey.
Aren't you dressing up for the premier? I have to work.
I have things to do after the tour.
If I don't finish, I don't think I'll go.
You're not missing out.
All those movies are the same.
Well, not for Robert.
Of course.
Not for Robert.
If you want, I can stay and keep you company.
Well For old times sake.
I shouldn't.
- I put on weight during the tour.
- Not at all.
You look great.
Not really.
You think? - Yeah.
You're fine.
- I look good? I don't know how many we might have had together.
I don't know.
I always thought I had counted them, but afterwards I lost count.
Blanked out.
Those were the days, huh? I have never had so much fun in my life.
Some days, even my mouth hurt from laughing so much.
Remember those two chicks that got into our room thinking it was Robert's? They saw you coming out of the bathroom and flipped out.
- I'm not that ugly, man.
- No.
You're great.
- No.
I'm sorry.
I - But Dude? What are you doing? I'm sorry.
See you tomorrow.
It's the list of names for the guest list.
Thanks, Manuela.
You still here? Vidal made me change the guest list a hundred times.
I just got more changes.
- What a jerk.
- You're telling me.
So, what's up with you? I heard on the radio that you're dating Maribel.
- I'm sorry.
- I want to know everything.
How it happened, if you're happy.
Of course you're happy.
Look at you.
I've never been happier.
She is a great girl.
I like her, even more than I like you.
Thank you! I mean it.
She is one of a kind.
Take care of her.
No more games.
What are you saying? You're a star now and it can get to you and turn you into a real jerk.
You know what I mean.
No lying or cheating with Maribel.
Got it? - I'm an open book.
- Good boy.
I can imagine you both on tour, until you're old.
Together forever.
So? We'll get the results in a couple of days.
How did you feel on tour? Dizzy? Vomiting? Your heart? A little tired at time, but that's all.
You shouldn't push it.
It's not good for you.
Thank you.
Keep taking these.
I heard on the radio all about your singer friend.
And? They say he cheated on Fanny with another girl.
That's not true.
That he cheated on her? No, that they were a couple.
It's all a lie.
I'm going to be late.
I heard your name.
Albums here and there.
So, you dumped Diego for that Longhair's, huh? The "Longhair" name is Robert.
And yes, we're dating.
No, I'm not his side piece.
If you are in all the magazines, people will think you are.
Can you drop it, Mom? I just want you to think if it's all worth it.
Being with him.
Didn't you say you can't live a lie? Practice what you preach.
You're a big girl.
Don't come back late.
PREMIER OF "FANNY'S LOVE" - Bravo! - Bravo, Robert! Robert! Robert! Anything to add about your breakup? Can you confirm Maribel Campoy is your new girlfriend? There will be time for questions later.
Now we can enjoy the movie.
Some more than others, huh? Remember who got you here, son.
- Name? - Guillermo Rojas.
- You're not on the list.
- What? I can't let you in.
Does this change your films? Maribel! - What is it? - Get Robert and Fanny out here.
I need to get in.
"FANNY'S LOVE" We need to leave.
Guillermo is waiting for us.
Let's go.
We need to get out.
- Get down? - What is it? Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I What happened I'm watching a movie if you don't mind.
We can talk later.
What is it? Do we all have to be here to talk? Your boss didn't put me on the guest list.
I had no choice.
Listen, Fanny.
- I don't want a part in this.
- Wait a minute.
We know you're not happy at Hispamusic.
- That's doesn't matter.
- Of course it does.
You haven't seen my contract.
I'm stuck.
You're wrong.
If you want to leave, there's one way.
Tell me.
Talk to the press.
What do you mean? It's time to tell the truth.
Tell them what he's like, that he has taken advantage of you, that you made him rich without getting more than 10%.
Do you think I'll risk my entire career? After what it took to get here? You hate your job, so it can't be that hard.
You would be free.
So, you're looking out for me? As if you didn't get something out of it.
We have the same goal: end Vidal.
But, only you can do it.
- Leave me out of it.
- Wait a minute.
Just try it.
It's very gratifying to send everything to hell.
We're actually not little rich kids with big cars or our own horses.
Excuse me.
Coming through.
C'mon, man.
Get more champagne.
Fanny is having a field day.
Is this the best you could do? On such a short notice I think it came together quite nicely.
Nice to see you.
Vidal is here.
They're pretty good.
They're still new to this.
How is it going? Not my favorite party.
I mean with Robert.
I know it's none of my business.
I'm sure you're enjoying the tours, the shows, hotels but you don't know what it's like.
Don't worry.
We separate the professional and personal side.
For now, but, it will get harder.
He'll leave on tour, you'll produce other bands, you'll be apart for more time and everything will get much, much harder.
I know.
I'm saying this because I care for you both, because I've been there and it was ugly.
Thank you.
Let's get a drink.
Bravo! Thank you! Tonight is a special night for us, not only because of the film, but because it will be Juan's last show with us.
We are all going to miss that hair, but we'll be here when you get back.
We loved playing with you, you're a great musician and we will miss you.
- Me too.
- I love you, brother.
Settle down.
Thanks, boys.
Robert, stay here.
Fanny, come to the stage.
A round of applause for her.
Go, Fanny! I hope you have enjoyed this couple's film, as it's my pleasure to announce that it's the first of many more together.
Our young stars have been in the news, But, they are still young and media pressure can be difficult.
- Are you OK? - I'm fine.
That's why, I'm here to share the news that their love is strong and, not only have they reunited, but soon we will hear wedding bells.
To Fanny and Robert! And their engagement! If you open your mouth, I'll close down Golden and your friends will never work in music again.
Smile for the cameras.
Let's have some fun! That's why we're here! You're just like a rat, finding his way where he wasn't invited.
Aren't you meant to be looking for a new star? That I am, sir.
Are you OK? Everyone is asking me that.
Of course! I'm great.
Listen to me.
Just listen! I'm better than great, now that everyone knows I'm gay.
What the hell are you saying? I saw you talking and laughing at me.
No one was laughing.
C'mon, Chimo! It wouldn't be the first time.
I swear I didn't say anything.
Listen to me.
I wanted to apologize for my behavior.
Forget about it.
Forget everything.
Forget it happened.
Will you just A wedding.
Seriously? When will all this end? He threatened to fire us if I said anything.
Are we supposed to hide forever? A honeymoon for three? I don't know what to do.
We will find a way to put an end to this.
- Don't worry.
- Good evening.
Good evening.
Me again.
I don't want to be a pest, but, it is my party, so, if you want to leave, leave.
I would like to sing a song for you.
A short one.
- Fanny! - Listen.
I wasn't planning on it, but, since I'm getting married I thought, what the hell? He's almost 20 and tired Of dreaming Behind the cement, his home His world and his town He thinks the fence is just A simple wire That will never stop him From dreaming he can fly Free, as the sun in the morning I am free like the sea Free as the bird Flying from the cage And spreading its wings Free as the wind That carries sorrow and grief I continue my path Walking in truth To know that, at last, I'm free Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! That's enough! No! The show isn't over.
I think it is.
C'mon, dear.
I said no! I'm tired of receiving orders! Mr.
Eugenio Vidal! President of Hispamusic! Get down from there.
I won't say it again.
- No! - Do you want to end your career? My career? You ruined my career a long time ago.
- Let go of me! - OK then.
"Spain's golden girl.
" - Stop taking pictures! - It was all a lie! It's not true.
Robert and I will not get married because we were never even engaged and we were never a couple.
It was all this man's idea to make more money.
He took my childhood away from me, to get richer than he already was.
And, I'm not the only one.
- Not at all.
- That's enough! Many people here tonight work for Eugenio Vidal.
They are right here.
You can ask them their earnings percentage compared to the label's.
They might not want to talk because they have more to lose than me.
- I said stop.
- No! I'll say it! This man is manipulative, a liar and an opportunist.
That's it! Come here! You have signed a contract.
Sue me! No one can force me to sing.
Fanny, wait! Wait! Let's go.
Leave me alone! Let go! Fanny! Fanny! Fanny! - What's this? - Drink up.
Where am I? In my house.
You're OK.
What am I doing here? Do you remember anything? We went to the premier and then to that place - I had a couple of drinks.
- A couple.
And then You didn't want to go home because you said the press would also be there, and you fell asleep in the car.
We thought it would be best to bring you to my place.
Oh, God! I made a scene, didn't I? - No.
- Not a big one, right? I wouldn't say a scene.
You sang a song.
Is that all? The song wasn't your style but it was very good.
I didn't know you liked that type of music.
Is that it? What? You gave a speech, said a few words.
A few words? - Yes.
- Oh, no! What did I say about Vidal? In front of everyone? My career and my life are over! What am I going to do? I'll take you home, lend you some clothes.
Take this and have a coffee with the breakfast my parents made.
Who? My parents.
We're not used to having breakfast with big movie or pop stars.
Can I make you something? Some eggs, maybe? I'm fine, thank you.
I'm not hungry.
You should eat something.
You can't tell on the screen, but you look very thin.
Leave her alone.
I'm just being kind to our guest.
What now? I can't speak in this house.
Will you stop acting like this with people around? I'm not acting in any way, I'm just giving advice.
She looks too thin.
- Beautiful, but too thin.
- No, thank you.
Could you let me talk to Fanny in private? Of course! Yes.
Of course.
It's been a pleasure.
I can make something to take with you Will you stop? Are they always like that? No.
Just after Well, it's recent.
I see.
How do you see your career now? As dark as your parents' future.
What am I going to do? I've lost everything.
My whole life, years of work for nothing.
Not necessarily.
Do you want to sing? Not what Vidal wants.
Do you want to sing? Yes.
After last night, Fanny's career is over.
No one is going to believe she's the same little girl as her movies and albums.
She has a chance to show another side.
A girl who sings like a woman and isn't a little girl and doesn't want to be treated like one.
You were there.
You heard that.
That Fanny is much better and more interesting.
We were busy looking for Futura's new artist, when we had it all along.
- What have you done to her? - Nothing.
She's just like you.
If I close my eyes, it would be you talking.
Are you sure about that girl? We were just starting to push her away.
If you made the same movies and albums for 15 years, you would do the same.
It would be an excellent deal.
It already has sold itself.
Everyone wants to know what Fanny will do next.
- And, also - That too.
Two birds with a single stone.
We would have a big artist for Futura and it would strike Vidal.
I don't think Vidal would be too happy that we are taking her on.
He won't have a choice.
It's like living at home.
Come again? If your girl lived alone, you could take her home and come inside for a cup of coffee, for example.
But, if she lives at home, sometimes they'll be home and others they won't, so, you have a 50% chance of - Having coffee.
- Exactly.
Have coffee.
I hope this metaphor gets to something.
Even if you go up half the time, it's worth it just because half the times is better than never.
To put it in normal tongue, I think he's trying to say that Vidal wins from us signing Fanny, so he can get at least 51% of the profits.
Which is more than 0% of his biggest star.
You could have said that.
I'll talk about the creative side, which is the least important, and you can talk numbers.
51% of Fanny is better than 0%.
- Excuse me! - What's going on? - Nines! - I'll be right with you.
One second.
What's going on? You have no idea! Rocío Dúrcal just left the label.
She's the third one today.
Vidal is about to explode and I'll explode after that.
It's been a crazy morning.
Like no other I've lived.
Wait a minute.
You can't do this to me.
After everything The third artist today? Apparently, after what Fanny said she wasn't the only one.
It must be a standard.
I mean, just by seeing how he treats people.
Did they say why? Just that they don't want him.
Not even for free.
- Zabala.
- On it.
I'll call Dúrcal's manager.
- You go ahead and - I know how this goes.
It might sound a little strange, but I need to know if more artists leave the label.
- I'll keep you informed.
- Nines! Where the hell is she? Sergio.
Vidal won't be there - Not even in spirit.
- Nines! I can promise that.
You know that we don't work like that.
I understand you need to see other offers, but, no one will give 10% in royalties.
You know that.
That's perfect! You won't regret this.
I promise.
You won't She's in good hands.
Thank you! We'll be in touch.
Talk to you soon.
Thank you.
Boom! That's right.
This is great.
I've called you five times.
You and your brother will do the music you want! I can personally guarantee that.
I swear.
- The Toronjo brothers! - I love them! They're great! Really? That's wonderful! Nines! I have to go.
I'm sorry.
Hello? You'll like it! No one else will give 10% in royalties.
Yes, but OK! Antonio! I'll give you 15% if you promise right now you'll cancel any other meetings you have.
Who am I? It's Guillermo Rojas.
What do you say? Got him.
- 15% Guillermo? - I'm feeling generous.
- How did it go? - Look.
- Oh, wow! - You? - Here.
- Damn.
Let's break the news to Vidal, huh? - After you.
- Let's go.
Last night was fun, huh? The office looks great.
What do you want? I'm not in the mood.
I think you'll like this.
I have found a new artist for Futura, like you said.
I couldn't give a shit about Futura right now.
You know her.
Want a drink? It might help.
Please help yourself.
Fanny for Futura? You've lost it.
Fanny is done.
She's done as a little girl, but we're giving it a new spin.
She won't work ever again.
Not with you anyway.
She's working with us.
Like other 12 singers of Hispamusic.
Give this man a drink.
- He looks pale.
- Oh, right.
What are you talking about? We've called several of Hispamusic's artists and some didn't even want to hear our offer, because your name keeps them away, but others did and wanted a change and to join Golden to work with us.
That is, Guillermo and I.
We've made good offers and promised them they would never see your face again.
See? He needed a drink.
We also have a few conditions.
- I have a few.
- Mine are three.
Then so do I.
I won't have any less.
What the hell are you talking about? Should you explain or should I? - I'll do it.
- Go ahead.
Let's see.
How can I put this? Have you ever had a girlfriend who lived with her parents? I love that metaphor.
To Golden's new deals! And to Futura's new star! And to Vidal's face of absolute shock! Amen.
It's been great working with you, like the old days.
It's true.
It's been quite a ride.
Sir, your wife called.
She said she's waiting in the restaurant.
- Right.
Excuse me.
- Don't make her wait.
Take this.
All this happened thanks to you.
That's an exaggeration, sir.
I think there's no need to call me sir.
You can buy me a drink to discuss it more.
What do you like? I like a lot of things.
What have you got? At home, anything you want.
I'll have to see it for myself.
Honestly, it's the same song since you were 12.
You think I don't know? If I have to trust you, I don't want any distractions.
If Robert's life is going to distract you from mine, I'd rather know, so I can work with someone else.
That won't happen.
I'm a professional.
I'd rather not think about it.
Think about what? Where there was a flame - Police! - Hands against the wall! Jesus Christ! You bunch of fags! We weren't doing Shut the hell up or I'll smack you silly! Move! Sir, please No one can know.
Open the door! What is it? Ignacio was arrested.
- I've heard enough from you.
- What did I say? Your little comments, Elisa.
Stop mentioning Diego.
I can't open my mouth in this house! You can serve your own food! Someone with a new perspective will come in handy - for the team.
- Join the team? You asked for help with Robert.
He can help.
He's talented, has experience We'll try it out.
You can show us what you did in London.
I won't let you down.
Do you have the results or do I have to guess them? I've got to say, they are much worse than we hoped.
Can you get me out of here? Not even paying bail.
They said it's not the first and that you have a record.
Ignacio, I'm going to be honest.
It doesn't look good.
Thank you, Guillermo.