49 Days (2011) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Ah What to do? What do I do? I will be late for the engagement ceremony.
In Jung, what do I do? What do I do? Get off.
What? Let's get out of the car.
Mmm Here.
Put this on.
Ajussi (uncle), are you going to make me wear that? Because it is an engagement ceremony.
For an engagement ceremony, do I need to wear that? Put it on.
You will be late for the engagement ceremony.
Shin Ji Hyun, you can still laugh with this kind of situation? Honestly, this is too much fun.
Don't we look like as if we are shooting a movie? Only 10 minutes left.
Dad! I have done almost everything.
Are you alright? You are not hurt, right? No.
My leather shoes.
What do I do? What do I do? In Jung.
She is crying.
She's crying now.
Hey! Cry Baby.
Stop crying.
Stop crying.
Wear this.
Quickly, wear it! What about you? Hurry, hurry! We're in front of the assembly hall gate, Mother.
We are going in now.
Hurry! I keep stepping on my skirt.
Will this do? Hey Hey! Aish What is this? At this moment, I really envy my friend, Kang Min Ho.
Next, the representative who will speak on behalf of the parents.
Miss Shin Ji Hyun's father would like to give his speech.
Please welcome him with a round of applause.
I would like to apologize for having our daughter's engagement ceremony on such a grand scale during difficult times.
As you all know, in our company, my son-in-law Ah, this fellow! Han Kang is only coming now? Kang! Ah.
The matter that Kang Min Ho has been put in charge of is very important.
Originally, they were to get married after the matter was settled.
But we are unsure as to whether the matter will be settled in a year or two.
Therefore, I would like the two of them get to know everyone first.
And I have invited all of you, distinguished guests, to this auspicious ceremony.
Thank You.
Congratulations to the both of you! Thank you! Hey you! This fellow How could you arrive after the ceremony ended? You're lucky that I'm able to come.
Can I leave now? The last one to arrive is also the first to leave? Yah! Han Kang! At least congratulate us before you go! Hyung, congratulations! Mmm Min Ho Yes? President Jung wants to see you.
Kang! Could you hold Ji Hyun's hand for a moment? Her dress Why should I hold your fiancée's hand? I don't like that idea either.
Be careful be careful You've arrived.
Mmm You met that friend of yours during your MBA studies, right? He majored in architecture.
He's unique and extraordinary.
I want to put him in charge of Area A of the Private Space.
He shouldn't have had much experience if he's Ji Hyun's classmate.
During his time in college, that fellow won the environmental friendly architect award.
He's almost a genius.
Go ahead with the conversation Ah, yes.
Mmm Huh? It just ended.
Now? You want me to come now? Welcome! Please give me a pack of cigarettes.
The one on the far right.
2500 won.
Where did you go? Where's Ji Hyun? She's tired so she fell asleep.
I can't believe that right after the engagement ceremony, you Father I mean President.
What do you mean? Dad, we got engaged yesterday! You want us to get married in half a month? What have you heard since yesterday? Are you saying I am shallow minded? You're not busy with work yet.
So, take this opportunity and get married.
Why bother getting engaged? But dad, we just had the engagement ceremony.
Why? You don't want to get married? You don't want to marry Ji Hyun? You know that's not the case.
It's settled then.
Even so, how can someone get married in just half a month when there's so much to prepare?! You guys are really strange.
Wanting to stick together every day, I wonder why is that? Your dad can't wait and sincerely wants him to be part of our family, so that he can focus on the marine resort development.
Is it because of the company that he wants us to get married earlier? Is your father the type of person who treats the company as something more important than anything else? You are the priority.
I am second.
And third, is the company.
Shin Ii Shik, don't you know him? I know that! Min Ho Oppa also feels very helpless.
Oppa! What are you doing? Because of father, I didn't get to propose to you and a wedding date was hastily chosen.
I feel bad about it.
A proposal? Hurry, Oppa! I'm hungry I'm hungry I'm hungry! How come there is nothing? You didn't order yet? Min Ho also came.
Weren't you going to the Cha Yong factory? Before the marriage, I should give my greetings to you.
You didn't even ask permission to set the date.
The news hit us by surprise.
What? He called you five minutes ago.
I told him we need another five minutes to arrive.
Didn't you tell them that? Come.
I'm hungry.
Ahjussi, did you remove the bay leaves? I got it, remove the bay leaves and double the spring onions.
What are you doing? Serve it fast! I am going to, President! Go! Kang Min Ho-ssi! On that fated day, when you saved the life of Shin Ji Hyun, did you expect her to be a woman who can eat this much? That fated day? Ah, I almost went into cardiac arrest that day.
Come faster, In Jung! In Jung, what are you doing? Faster! Let's go.
In Jung! In Jung! Dad! Dad! Hey there! Everything's better now.
Being alive.
Liven up.
I want to go with you, but I have a meeting tomorrow morning.
Take care of yourself.
Get up! It's like a movie! It's like a movie, huh? When he was carrying me down, I was thinking about whether he was human or a ghost.
Why? You're trembling now.
If I had died, what would you have done? Who are you, Shin Ji Hyun, to die in that type of place? You are God's daughter.
If not because of Min Ho Oppa, I definitely would have died.
The wedding ceremony conference is all set and the wedding dress is ready too.
Ok then, send out the wedding invitations.
All that's left to do are the bridesmaids' dresses and shopping.
Problem is, I have more than one or two things on my mind.
It's out! It's so pretty! In Jung and I would have to do that, huh? Tomorrow, you ladies will go choose the bridesmaids' dresses.
So careless! Do you know how much this wedding dress costs? I know.
This when you marry, wear this, too! The three of us will wear the same wedding dress! This is much better than borrowing one.
Isn't it? Isn't that right, right? No doubt.
No doubt.
I heard that the room In Jung lived in before will be converted into a study room, right? Yes, during the honeymoon period.
Mother will renovate the whole 2nd floor.
If I also go to the university in Seoul, then the three of us can live together.
In Jung, try wearing this too.
I don't want to.
I'll feel sorry for Min Ho.
It's not like your wearing this walking down the aisle as the bride.
You should sleep now.
Is Min Ho-ssi a god? How did he know that we haven't slept yet? There isn't a thing he doesn't know.
Good night.
Sleep well.
Where's the money? It's not that.
Get the money that the President left here.
We came only after making inquiries, so don't act smart with me.
Yah! What are you doing? This girl isn't even moving! Show us where the manager put it! Is she insane? I'm not sure Didn't you say it's there? Do you really wanna die? Do it.
This girl! This young lady has guts facing these two men.
When someone's pointing a knife at you and asks for something just give it to him.
30 different designs, got it? If you can't trust me, then give it to someone else.
Oh, this boy Why don't you want to expand the company? With your ability Do I have to? That best man thing or what Then don't.
It's alright if you don't want to.
It's all because Ji Hyun is too naive.
Just try to understand.
Then who will do it? You said you want to find a woman if you go back to Korea.
Did you find her? It's such a small area, and you couldn't even find her? Do you want me to help you? No, thanks.
In Jung, wait a minute.
Han Kang! Kang! I want to receive the blessing of my closest friends before getting married.
You are Min Ho oppa's favourite younger brother, and you are also my friend.
I'm not your friend.
Why are you not my friend when we went to the same high school? If studying together for only a few months makes us schoolmates, then so be it.
That makes us schoolmates then, not friends.
Even if we are friends, I still refuse to be the best man.
Why not? Minho hyung and I are done talking about it, so just go.
Oppa said it's alright if you won't? Just go.
Han Kang, are you still blaming me for what happened in the past? Is that it? What kind of man would hold a grudge? I forgot about it already.
Really, if someone should be feeling bad about it, it should be me! You are still as impatient as before.
No one has said anything.
You suddenly felt anxious.
You are still as impatient.
You're right.
Because of you, I don't feel like doing it anymore.
Will that do? Han Kang If you're rude once, will you be rude for a lifetime? Yeah.
When you get married, you'll become my sister-in-law.
Will this do? We're finish talking.
He said he won't do it? Isn't Han Kang a little extreme? How can he treat his friend this way? Is that how you want to treat Kang? How I had.
Did you forget how awkward it was for the both of you during those few months? That was a long time ago.
What's the use of you seeing him as a friend when Kang said he isn't your friend? Where can you find a one-sided friendship? Isn't it, once a friend, always a friend for life? Kang hates you so much, don't you hate him? I don't hate him.
You are really like an angel.
Sometimes he's bothersome but I don't hate him, OK? Whoever dislikes me, I also dislike him.
I think it's human nature.
Why don't you dislike him? There 's just something about him.
In Jung, you're going to be late.
I need to get home quick before I head out again.
Today, I'm especially busy.
We'll chat again next time.
I'm going! We really put her on the spot.
The register, Bank Certificate, Bank Seal I didn't leave out a thing, right? That is really fortunate! But Oppa You told Kang it's okay not to be the best man? He has always been a shy guy who doesn't interact with people.
Do you think he's willing to stand right in front of so many people? It was the same in the US.
He still needs to observe people's emotions to do his work? Han Kang? He's not as strong as he seems.
He has gone through a lot.
So is that why he didn't want to do it I'll handle looking for my best man.
That friend of mine certainly has to be my bridesmaid.
If you can finish before 4 o'clock, give me a call then.
Let's go together.
The probability of failing is 99%.
Forgot something? Ah handphone! Absent-minded.
I'm going.
I made a 5 o'clock appointment on the south side.
I will contact Manager Jung after receiving the money.
In order to solve the seafood problem with the land development, This period of time was tiresome.
I'm grateful to you, you have to tie-up the loose ends for the matter I started.
It's only the beginning.
Is it? Now is the real beginning.
Yes, right.
I will get off work directly Secretary Shin can also go home early.
Yes, Director.
You have worked hard.
This seems to suit In Jung.
Is something sexier better? What do you think? Choose the one that you like.
On the wedding day, as long as the bride is pretty, then it is enough.
Amidst the bridegroom's friends, I have a 'chosen' person.
In Jung must be very noticeable.
Then tell her to come and check it herself.
Kim Jin Su-ssi.
Five minutes.
Leader Kang is really young and promising.
You know that my wedding is in a week, right? Who doesn't know that? At least let me get my work settled four days before the wedding.
Young Lady, Young Lady! Thatthat is me.
That's me Move aside! How can this happen? That's impossible! It's not It's not! Hey Hey Young Lady, Young Lady, Young Lady! That Ajussi, ajussi! Young Lady, Young Lady! What happened? Daddy! The patient needs to rest.
My daughter Shin Ji Hyun.
Where is the patient who was in a traffic accident? Father-in-law.
You're here.
Ji Hyun.
What's the situation? Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! Ji Hyun! The guardian cannot enter.
Doctor, please save our Ji Hyun.
Oppa! It's me, Ji Hyun! Dad! Oppa! I'm going crazy! Mother.
How is our Ji Hyun? Is she severely injured? We'll know more after the surgery.
What? Aunt.
How could this happen? What's happening? What to do? Could you hold on for a minute, please? That You still remember me? You saw me just now, right? Ya.
Shin Ji Hyun! Why don't you pay attention when you drive? He's already dead.
What? - Daddy! - Husband, husband! Husband.
- Daddy, daddy! - Husband! Wake up! Husband, husband! Father.
You should open your eyes.
You've worked hard all this time.
You, get up! Get up, husband! Get up! Let's go.
Go where? Just follow me.
You were so good.
Dear husband, husband.
What was that? What is that? Who are you? Come.
Follow me.
Then, you're You're the Death Angel? Ahhhh! So old fashioned! What century are we in now? When was that? I am not the Angel of Death, I'm the Scheduler.
Scheduler? Once a human is born, the length of his or her life has already been decided.
Certainly, there's a reason.
We shall discuss this later.
In conclusion, to adhere to the time schedule for the deceased, it's my job to keep in touch with that person.
I know, right? Isn't that the Angel of Death? Aaahhh! I told you, I'm not the Angel of Death.
I'm the Scheduler.
SCHEDULER! In the end, doesn't that mean I'm dead? Yes, right.
You are truly dead.
Then you came to take me? Thus, you know my name? That's not exactly right.
My schedule today was Kim Jinsu.
You saw, right? The person who just left.
I was waiting for that ajussi.
Originally, he was supposed to die of angina pectoris while driving.
Because of the accident, his death was postponed.
It delayed the angina pectoris.
It?s the type of case we, Schedulers, hate the most ? when our schedules get messed up! Then, why did I become like this? Why didn't anyone come to get me? Because you weren't scheduled to die today.
What? You, Shin Ji Hyun, are not fated to die today.
You say I wasn't fated to die today? Occasionally, really occasionally, trouble makers mess things up like the person who wanted to commit suicide.
Why don't they follow the order? When their time comes, we will come and collect them.
Where is there such a thing? Ah! I almost dropped my liver! Obviously, it is not the time to die.
There is no reason for dying like this So I said this is an accident.
Therefore, there is no such truth.
You are lying, right? I did not die.
Right, I haven't died! Where would one find an Angel of Death like you? Who said there is no Angel of Death like me? Have you met someone who already died? Even if you did, you wouldn't have any reason to remember us.
I haven't died.
It's impossible for me to be dead.
I .
I'm now undergoing surgery.
I saw with my own eyes when I was taken inside the OR! Can a deceased person also undergo surgery? Can a living person undergoing surgery see that surgery with her own eyes? Because we want to get the blessing of our beloved friends, You are Min Ho oppa's favourite younger brother, and you are also my friend.
I am not your friend! It's because it's you that I don't want to do it! Ya.
Han Kang! Park Seo Woo.
Why didn't you answer your phone? Han Kang, Ji Hyun was in an accident.
What happened? Why isn't she waking up? When will she wake up? Why hasn't the doctor come? He will come he will come soon.
Just wait a while.
You see? I haven't died.
Will you keep your mouth shut? In Jung! Uncle! Ji Hyun! They are my friends.
I know.
Shin In Jung.
Your fiancee, Kang Min Ho.
Your Dad and Mom.
Seo Woo will come.
Han Kang will come too.
Uncle, You came.
How is Ji Hyun? How did she get into an accident? Ji Hyun! What happened? Dr.
Jung, How is she? How is she right now? She's in a vegetative state.
It is equal to a nearly cognitive death (brain dead).
She's brain dead.
If it's brain dead.
Aunt! Mother! This is not a place where you should meddle.
What is the meaning of this? She underwent surgery.
Why? Ji Hyun! Have you seen it? What will happen to me now? Come follow me.
Where are we going? I will not let you go on the elevator so follow me! Ah It's so upsetting so upsetting How can you all do the exact same thing? Don't you have any new ideas? Don't.
Don't come near me.
I said I won't let you go on the elevator.
Why are you running away? Don't fool me! Do you think I will believe your lies? Lies are things only humans say.
In your eyes, Do I look like a human being? Save me.
God actually allowed me to save your life.
You really don't know who I am? Let's go.
I don't need you.
Who is your leader? What? Are you not a messenger from hell How can I believe the words coming from the messenger of hell.
There should be someone above you.
God, Buddha, no matter who it is, That's right.
I am just a nobody that goes by the book.
Regardless what is said, I am still the one responsible for the matter.
My job is to complete the tasks I've been given.
I'm responsible for them.
I'm getting married in a week.
My dad and mom, I'm their only child! I died when I am not supposed to die! You are being so irresponsible! Upsetting matters happens everywhere.
However, in the case of a wronged soul I will not force a wronged soul on to the elevator.
You mean it? I've worked as a scheduler for a long time.
You belong to a very small group of souls.
There are only two prior situations similar to yours.
Your situation is the third.
Twice before, in this kind of situation, if the death was not scheduled, but the person died due to the mistake of others, there were two options.
You just have to choose one.
What is that? One option is to follow the scheduler's guidance - Leave this world.
Are you joking? Doesn't it mean letting me die? There was someone who said that he had no lingering feelings for this world.
He said he wanted to seek a new opportunity in the next life and he willingly stepped into the elevator.
Really? Who do you think I am, a human who lies? Ok, I know.
I already know.
Don't come so close to me.
What did the other one do? That one chose the second option.
What is the second way? In 49 days, find three people who will truly love you.
Then you can come back.
This will also show you that the value of being alive is way over the boundaries of life and death.
Then, it'll be worth it for you to live your life again and return to the human world.
It's not even 30 people.
Where can you find a person who doesn't even deserved to be loved by at least three people? It that really so? It is to re-cross the boundaries of death.
Will it be that easy? Didn't you say three people? You have seen it before.
My dad, my mom, and my friends included, there are already more than three people.
Parents and siblings are exempted.
Why exclude those who are blood related? Because those who are blood related give unconditional love.
But, how do you prove this? People who truly love you.
Tears rolling down my cheeks is merely evidence of me thinking about you.
Pure love where the purity is 100%.
Three drop of those tears.
That's it? Why didn't you tell me before? You also saw it a moment ago.
Min Ho, In Sung and Seo Woo were all crying.
Do you think that crying with tears is really crying? Why do we have to come here? Look carefully.
What? The tears of people who are crying.
Look carefully.
Those are tears of sympathy for a friend who died young.
For the aunt beside her, it's because seeing a friend pass away so young reminded her of her own situation.
That woman's tears is just out of manners; it's courtesy.
Those are 100% pure tears.
Where, where? Pure water is the tear.
So that lady sincerely loved the person who died, right? Yeah.
It's the younger sister.
That is the husband.
The person who died left behind a huge amount of insurance money.
Although the husband is sad, he still carries the hope for his dream in the future.
Also, there are two people who secretly feel glad.
Humans are really complicated.
How do you feel? It's interesting.
Your disposition is pure and optimistic.
My nickname is optimistic queen, pure princess.
What are you going to do now? Do you want to do it? What do I need to do? Finding three pure teardrops are you gonna do it? Don't do that.
I'm different from the person we saw earlier.
You don't need to explain all this to me.
The choice is up to you.
I want to do it.
Ok, I know.
Come follow me.
He's always asking me to follow him Name: Song Yi Kyung Age: 28 years old, Song Yi Kyung.
She is an orphan, born 28 years ago in Chuncheon.
Finished high school in Chuncheon.
She graduated from Sea Bright University with a degree in Hotel Management.
She has worked in Seoul Hotel F&N department for 2 years.
In April of that year, at the age of 23, she resigned from the hotel.
After being jobless for a year, she started to work in the convenience store.
Wait a moment.
Wait a moment.
That Will you write it down for me? My ability to remember is a bit weak.
Now, going to work two days a week from dawn until 9 am.
I said write it down for me.
Eh? I just memorized it all.
Don't use your way of thinking to look for questions.
But is it necessary for me to borrow the body of that woman? What's wrong with her? She looks strange.
Her hair and her clothes too.
I don't know how things work where you're from.
Here, things happen for a reason.
Everything is connected in one way or another.
Are you saying that I'm connected to that woman? What is that? What were you thinking during the traffic accident? I can't remember.
Instead of getting sidetracked, you should listen.
Pay attention.
There is still a big truck.
Father and mother wait for me for a few days.
Min Ho-ssi, wait for me.
I will come back soon.
You need to wait for her to fall asleep.
Don't be afraid, don't be frightened, and don't think it's difficult.
You just need to give yourself to her.
I am Shin Ji Hyun.
I'm Shin Ji Hyun.
Next episode preview I'm going crazy.
This is totally a beggar's nest.
In these 49 days, you need to get used to your current situation.
This is the principle.
Work part-time? Just 48 days.
Can't it be just 48 days? 8 days.
Are you cracking a joke? But how do i know i already collected 3 drops of tears? Isn't it there? The necklace.
Necklace Necklace Put it there.
Here? I never thought that Ji Hyun unnie would become like this.
Shin Ji Hyun, what should I do? Oppa I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry for making you so sad.
But why didn't you cry?