49 Days (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I am Shin Ji Hyun.
When was the last time she washed her hair? Omo.
What is this? Is she some kind of gangster? - = Episode 2 =- There isn't even shampoo.
It can't be that she doesn't use skin lotion too.
There aren't any decent clothes, not even lipstick.
How can there be such a woman? Song Yi Kyung is 28 years old, right? This unnie is also much taller than me.
She has such long fingers, and an attractive figure as well.
I'm going crazy.
I'm totally looking like a beggar.
Ah! How can I go out looking like this? Wah! It's you the Scheduler! You startled me! When did you come? What's the matter? What's with you? Look, it's me.
Shin Ji Hyun! What did you just say? Shin - Ji - Hyun? Yes.
I am Shin Ji Hyun.
Yesterday, I clearly told you.
During the 49 days, you should follow three conditions.
The three conditions are First, you cannot tell anyone you are Shin Ji Hyun.
What? I am Shin Ji Hyun! You are Shin Ji Hyun, but you can't reveal that you are Shin Ji Hyun.
You can't reveal who you are or even think about that.
If I don't reveal that I am Shin Ji Hyun, how will I obtain the three tear drops? If it's so simple, why bother borrowing another person's body? Just ask the other person whether he loves you or not.
And what if the other party says no? How can it be this way? That's true.
If you don't follow the rules, I'll send you over right away, to the other world , using the elevator.
And at express speed too.
And if you ignore my warning Ignore your warning? I didn't ignore it, I just forgot I still remember the second and third rules.
Shin Ji Hyun can only use Song Yi Kyung's body when she's asleep.
And putting that in hours would be from 10:00 am to 12:00 am.
Right? You have a double-digit IQ, don?t you? I said, you have to return to Yi-kyung?s house by midnight every night, and not a minute later.
And what happens if I don't reach her home by 12 am? If you're late by even one minute, we will deduct one day from the 49 days.
How can this be? Those are the rules of our world.
Then what is the third rule? You'll need to earn the money that you use.
do I need to earn money? I'm warning you.
Other than borrowing Song Yi Kyung's body, you shall not commit any misdemeanor or sinful deed.
And, you shall not harm that woman in any way.
All right! I understand now, please stop.
You sure look like a man by appearance, but you nag me more than my mother.
Look here, I'm telling you, in the other world, we don't discriminate between men and women.
Look here! I have no interest in your world, you know! What? I don't have any reason to go to your world, and I won't go.
You just said that, if three people are willing to cry for me tomorrow, I will be back alive, right? It must be three people who sincerely love you.
If there are more than three? I was thinking aside from my parents, there are three people who truly love me.
We can't exclude these three, even if we want to.
But I think there should be about 5-6 people If there are more than three, would you give me an incentive? I Incentive? With one more person, it converts to an additional year in my lifetime.
That will probably prolong my life another 23 years.
Wahit really seems like stepping on land mines.
If you're not too sure, why don't you try to call and ask? Hey! But you see You.
are not my parent and you're not my friend or my lover.
And? Therefore, you are the Scheduler, right? Right.
So? So telling you that I am Shin Ji Hyun, should not be regarded as a mistake, right? Yes, that's right.
What? Then, were you going to pretend you're not Shin Ji Hyun? Yah! Take this.
It's a handphone.
=There are 48 days, 3 hours, and 29 minutes left.
= - Omo! What is this? The time that Shin Ji Hyun has left.
This is the emergency button, so use it only during emergencies.
It usually does not appear.
Emergency situations refer to those other than the three stated conditions.
When you're in a REALLY dangerous situation.
This is exactly like a handphone! The latest design too.
Since you don't have a job yet, here's some money to use in an emergency.
I'm lending it to you.
Be sure to pay me back before the 49th day, whether you remain or leave this world.
49,000 Won? ThenI wish you good luck.
Why do you go around on a motorcycle? Just like the last time, when you whish whish back and forth What kind of Scheduler goes around like a human? It's my way of enjoying myself as a scheduler.
A scheduler enjoying himself? Instead of being so concerned about my affairs, focus on your own.
If you want to find the three drops of tears, you should get busy! Ah! Right.
But how will you know when I've collected three tears? You have it there the necklace Neck Necklace.
? If someone cries 100% real tears for you, Collect it there.
Here? Let's go together! Drop me off at the hospital.
The rule is that the scheduler does not interfere with human affairs.
He really has no sense of humanity.
Taxi! Okay, Thanks.
How long are you going to keep this up? Go home and take a nap.
I'm fine.
Oppa! You'll at least need to change.
I want to stay by Ji Hyun's side.
Oppa! Min Ho ah, Do you think this is a dream? I'm hoping it is It would be good if Ji Hyun was just dreaming.
She'll be back.
She will come back, Father Yes, right.
She feels sorry for you so, she'll come back.
This kid! Father.
Oppa! If you hadn't met him on that mountain, what would have happened? At the very least, you should have asked for his name.
I told you, I wasn't in any condition to ask.
We should advertise in the newspaper.
He found our daughter on Wu Myung mountain and rescued her.
It's immoral for a person to forget the kindness he has received.
Advertising in the newspaper isn't it a little over the top? Over the top? What you buy every winter is an over.
(Note: in Korean, the word over is also used to mean 'overcoat') He saved my daughter's life.
He carried her all the way, and kept her from the cold.
That's true.
When he was carrying me on his back, it wasn't so cold, and scary anymore.
You can't come? Didn't you say you had already left? I did.
But a call came from a sunbae.
I told you before I'm going on a blind date.
I forgot it was today.
You're the one who wanted to make up for the mountain fiasco.
I know.
I will call sunbae to tell him I won't be going.
What is more important right now, the blind date or your movie? Are you joking? Are you joking? How can a man watch a movie all by himself? It's alright.
Ji Hyun? Ji Hyun? Do well on your blind date! I'm hanging up! This fella! You've reconciled just like that and you still want me to console you? I would like to go with you, but I have a meeting the next morning.
You must take care of your body.
Forget it! Excuse me! You don't remember me? Last week, at Wu Myung mountain Wu Myung mountain? That crybaby? Oppa, I'm sorry.
Oppa, you saved me and you love me so much For hurting you like this I'm really sorry.
But why isn't he crying? He cried so much yesterday.
the tears must've stopped.
Excuse me, are you here to look for someone? No it's not that.
I am looking for a place.
If you're looking for the surgery department, please go to the first floor.
Surgery department? Goodbye.
29000 won.
Please come in and have a look.
Did your manager go somewhere? She said she won't be able to come in today.
Who are you? It's nothing.
Shin In Jung, get up! Unni has boiled some porridge.
Ji Hyun's dad is at the hospital; you must at least go to work.
Yes, right.
I should go.
Yah! Is Ji Hyun dead? Ji Hyun becoming like that.
I never thought it could happen.
Who would have thought it would happen like that? Don't cry.
Don't cry; it's only right that we stay by Ji Hyun's side and protect her and help Ji Hyun's parents.
They're not home.
Where did they go? They're not even in the hospital.
I've got to at least see them.
Looks like they're at Kang's place.
Soyou're telling me not to be so snobbish? If I can't act like a snob, how should I act? This kid is still so arrogant! But I don't know who you guys are and I haven't seen you before either.
Do you know me? This brat This jerk! Heylet's just go.
If I bump into her, my dad will kill me.
Come on, let's go! Quickly! Her father is the factory's labor manager.
You cowards! STOP immediately! Hey Hey Transfer student, are you alright? You were startled, right? What? These kids, I've repeatedly told them not to bully the weak.
Weak? Mr.
You've been living so comfortably there that you're unaware You people from Seoul can't beat us country bumpkins.
Therefore, please be a bit more careful.
Hey! Country bumpkin.
You're just a lady so why are you interfering? I am the lord of justice.
When I see injustice, I can't tolerate it.
What? My father tells me to help the weak.
I am a Taekwondo black belt, And first Dan in Kendo.
If I weren't, they would not leave me alone.
You're dead the next time you interfere! Hey, transfer student! Can you help me get my bike? You're going up to have a look? President, you came! Didn't I tell you not to call me President?! Are your ears blocked? Are you senile at such a young age? You monkey head.
I am sorry.
Why is this here? What's that too? I have told you several times not to scatter things around like this.
Ajusshi, why? What? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face? Why are you staring at my face like you've seen a devil? Ah, I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? Is it wrong to look at people? Why are you sorry? Welcome! How many people? That Not here Please sit down and wait.
There is no need.
Is that lady really a customer? Noona, you're thinking too negatively.
It's great luck to have such a good appetite! Senior , I don't think that is called a good appetite.
She's really blessed with a good appetite.
Now I think I can live! Coming to eat without money is the same as eating without paying.
I didn't eat without paying it's just that I don't have enough money.
Should I just call the police? No.
Don't do that.
Didn't I say I'll work to pay for my meal? I'll just work here to pay back the money.
Who decided that? The President decided it.
I was just so hungry.
that I couldn't stand it anymore.
I ate without even thinking about how I would pay.
Do you think I'd really do it on purpose? That The President said you can go now.
What? What his mother said is right.
Han Kang has a good heart.
Kang-ah, when I go back, I won't forget your kindness.
My fare?! The money that you need you should earn it! There's nothing I'm qualified to do.
Part-time job? If you let me work here, I could also repay you the money I owe.
Forget the money.
We're not hiring.
You're not hiring? I graduated from the College of Hotel Management and Hospitality and worked in Seoul Hotel for two years.
I said that we don't have any openings.
My situation It happens that I must work here.
But the situation here is, we don't have any openings.
Would you like an unpaid job? I can't work unpaid Wait, wait! Just 48 days.
Exactly 48 days, won't that do? Who are you? Are you kidding me? 48 days? Consider it as saving a person.
No not even 48 days.
Just a week would do.
Can't I do it for one week? Although I'm not really sure.
But I am now an intern Take it.
Let's just say that you worked for a week.
Is the amount insufficient? Forget it! (she adds a -yo to make it formal) My father told me never to freely take money! (she adds a -yo to make it formal) Han Kang, I knew you were like that! Bad guy! Wait a moment.
This way please.
How is it? Name? What? I'm asking for your name.
My name is Song Yi Kyung.
From 11:00 am to 12:00 am, 4000 won per hour.
What? When you work tomorrow, bring a resume with you.
Wah! thank Thank you! But I don't have enough for the bus fare Can you lend me 2000 won? Where's this place? What's wrong with my body? Definitely lack of exercise.
Not enough exercise.
But where can I hide this? What's with all these things? She really used to be poor.
I'm not tired at all.
This is really interesting.
8:25 What should I do? What to do What to do What to do? I need to go out.
Please save me Please save me What kind of emergency call is this? I've called him three times.
Why isn't he here? Couldn't he have rushed here on his motorcycle? Aahhh! Daddy! What happened? What's this? Why? I called you to help me open the door.
You you couldn't have called me just to open the door? And taken up my precious personal time? It's an emergency for me! I need to go out, but I can't open the door.
You didn't know you can't open the door Didn't you know that you can't feel? How can a soul be as such? I am now a soul.
If I'm a soul, I should be able to walk through doors and walls, right? Why am I like this? Because, you're not a complete soul.
You're not completely dead But Min Ho Oppa passed though my body It's because the people around you consider you to be dead.
Don't you understand? Is it difficult (to understand)? No.
Now that you've explained it you're right What you said is right You are indeed an optimistic and simple minded princess.
The room is just quite My goodness! She must be about to wake up Since you already came out she's back to herself now.
Let's quickly leave! I don't like being with this unni A Scheduler does not meddle in human affairs And on this 49 day journey, You have to adapt by yourself.
That's the rule.
I won't help you, so don't look for me or call my name! Don't call out for me.
He's really heartless This is nice I can ride the bus without paying.
Oppa! Is this really me? Now that I look at it it's scary Don't look! The original feeling is gone.
Shin Ji Hyun What should I do? Cry for me It's just been one day but it's too long Oppa can give me the first drop convince In Jung and Seo Woo Tell them to think more about me and cry for me.
Don't hold it in Welcome! Give me a pack of cigarettes the one on the far right side.
2500 won Are you alright? Do you feel dizzy; does your hand ache? If your head hurts, make sure to go to the hospital Who are you? You don't know me? I've come here at this time for the past six months to buy these cigarettes How much was the hospital bill? I'll give you the rest tomorrow There's also the taxi fare I'll give it to you tomorrow And also.
Don't bother me anymore.
I'll come back with the hospital bill.
47 days, 3 hours and 20 minutes left.
I'm awake I'm awake I'm awake! Of course there's no hair dryer.
Oh! A dryer! What's this? Gotta do this.
Please look after me You can't be the younger sister of the young lady from yesterday? No.
Song Yi Kyung doesn't have a younger sibling.
Did you bring your resume? Yes.
It's here I am sorry.
I'm very sorry I'm very sorry How can it be like this? What crime did my daughter ever commit? What mistake did Ji Hyun make to suffer like this? Calm down, please calm down.
What were you doing? When you're the father Our child is like this and you're still acting this way? Yes.
I'm sorry.
Exactly, Why did she have an accident there? After visiting the bridal shop, and going for a massage, how could she have been in an accident on the federal highway? She Perhaps, she's not our Ji Hyun? What are you talking about? Isn't it? Look at her Does she look like our Ji Hyun? Does our Ji Hyun look like that? She is not our Ji Hyun No, it is not.
Ji Hyun's mom No, it is not.
Ji Hyun is already in this state, why also you - It isn't her! It isn't her! - My Hey.
Shin In Jung! Give way.
Eat this quickly while it's still nice and warm.
Auntie, If you don't have at least a bowl, Uncle will kill us! Why don't you listen? Do you find my words funny!? Leave right now! Father-in-law You smell so bad.
How can you be near my daughter? I'll wash and change and then return.
This could be a long battle.
Therefore, go eat, wash, have a good rest and change your clothes.
You still have to work at the company.
What about Father-in-law? Here, I'll stay here for the time being Thank you, ahjussi! Let's have Song Yi Kyung-ssi get off work already Welcome Please sit here.
There is no need.
Hyung Welcome How Have you eaten yet? Song Yi Kyung-ssi He looks like he hasn't eaten What happened in the hospital that brought you here? Let's drink! Good.
I'll get it for you Instead of wine, get something stronger What to do? Hyung, on an empty stomach? I want the strong one Wait here Shall I bring you some potato soup? I am.
a new employee, Song Yi Kyung.
Right, Song Yi Kyung-ssi Yes, please speak I'm grateful for your thoughtfulness but I wish to be alone Alright Oppa, you don't have to do this Drink up! It will all turn out well Song Yi Kyung-ssi Ahjussi, let her get off work Big brother.
Stop drinking Go This is not right.
Ji Hyun cannot be like this.
She will get better.
It can't be like this.
I I'll rely on you! What are you doing right now? He's my friend's fiance Are you interested in him? I just want to be kinder to the visitor And you waited outside for an hour? You.
Starting from tomorrow I'm late! Shin Ji Hyun You're looking really good now, for someone who's always seen bustling around.
Because of you dad, I don't think I can live on.
So conservative.
Who would look after the patient like this in the hospital ward? The nurse is around.
Please wait a few more days.
Oppa , In Sung , Seo Woo Shouldn't they cry at least once? But It seems that people do not really like to cry? I thought they would cry for a whole day because of me.
I'm very sorry I'm very sorry I am sorry.
Whoa, you're doing it really well! How could you do it so properly? Do it well? I learned this during my part time job.
You've even done thisbefore? I've said itpart time job.
But I'm not even a hotel management graduate.
That is because I have experienced a very difficult situation, And I'm not in the best of spirits.
What kind of situation could make you forget how to properly pour water? I think it's because, I rested for too long, My mind is not alert and therefore I forgot a lot.
Miss Song Yi Kyung did you really work at a hotel before? Yes, I did No.
You haven't even carried a serving tray before.
Thatthat is.
that is I had a traffic accident, and lost my memory.
Amamnesia? It is short term amnesia, and one forgets many task-oriented things You can check it out on the internet.
It's shown in many tv dramas too Go to Seoul Hotel immediately and get proof you were employed there.
Ah Otherwise, you can resign now.
I'll get it for you now.
Within one hour.
How is it possible for me to reach Seoul Hotel within 1 hour? Take a taxi there! But I don't have money for the taxi fare Yesterday's 12 hours and 20 minutes, Plus today's work of 30 minutes, Here, take your 52,000 won.
Gi Jun! Start the stopwatch.
Hold on a second.
Wait a while II've come to obtain proof of my employment.
Oh my.
Yi Kyung.
You are Song Yi Kyung, right? We haven't seen each other in such a long time.
How do you do? Why are you speaking to me in this manner? Like a stranger.
Ah! I was nearly scared out of my wits.
But why would a person who's worked in such a big hotel, want to live her life this way? Like a ghost.
Oh, it's Oppa.
Where is he going? Is he going to the restaurant? In 18th floor? How canthis be? Just choose the one that you like, Ji Hyun-shi.
On her wedding day, the bride should be the prettiest.
No way, I have picked someone amongst the groom's friends for her.
Why don't you get her to try it on? Then that's settled? Can I wear this out for a short while? It can't be.
I must have seen it wrong.
I saw it wrong.
I saw it wrong! The buyer is at the southern state.
I'm planning to go there.
Why don't we regard it as an outing and go together? Impossible! This is impossible.
Does this make any sense? Shin Ji Hyun, what are you doing now? What are you thinking? It's Min Ho Oppa and In Jung.
It's Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung.
I should ask them directly to be certain.
==Next episode preview== Kang ah, if you chase me away too, Then, I'll really be all alone.
You want me to look for Ji Hyun's seal? We're in luck that President Shin did not bother considering that piece of land.
You must find it before that time.
You knew it beforehand.
You know why the accident happened, right? I am not interested at all.
What should I do now? 49 days is not a very long time.
Miss Song Yi Kyung.
Don't you remember me? Should I remember you?