49 Days (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Shin Ji Hyun, you were not supposed to die today.
You weren't scheduled to die, but due to others mistakes, you did.
Within 49 days, find three people who sincerely love you, so that you could be able to live.
But, how will I be able to prove that I've found them? If these people start crying when they think of you, that will be your proof.
You must collect three tears of 100% pure love.
Shin Ji Hyun, you can use Song Yi Kyung's body only while she is asleep.
I am Shin Ji Hyun.
It would be good if Ji Hyun was just sleeping.
But why isn't he crying? I never thought Ji Hyun will become like this.
Everything around us happens for a reason.
-= Episode 3 =- Let's eat something first.
You are still able to think about food, when Ji Hyun is in that condition? But you haven't eaten for a few days.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
This shouldn't have It's not.
You haven't slept have you? While we're waiting for room service, why don't you rest for a bit? Oppa, what should we do? So That's why I had that car accident.
What's the matter, ma'am? Are you not feeling well? Are you alright? You are the guest of this room, right? No.
Then, why are you here? What were you doing here? Why are you standing outside someone else's room? Hey! Hey! Did you see anyone you know while coming here? I didn't.
What happened? I am from the room service, sir.
I thought I heard someone talking outside.
About that A strange woman was sitting here.
A woman who was sitting? Here? It was nothing, sir.
Her mind was not there at all.
She ran that way.
Wait a moment.
Thank you for your hard work.
Oppa, how could you? How can you say something like that now? You want me to find Ji Hyun's seal? How can you ask for something like that? Fortunately, President Shin hasn't thought about Ji Hyun's ownership of the land yet.
We have to find it before he does.
Do you think I can do something like this? When Ji Hyun is in that condition? This is something that needs to be done.
It feels like my heart will tear to pieces! But it won't.
In jung It's not because of us, that Ji Hyun became like that.
But it might be possible that it was because of us.
I'm going home for the day.
Secretary Shin, you should head home too.
Yes, President.
You've worked hard.
What's wrong? Are you hurt? You went through a lot.
Oppa, aren't you nervous? I'm afraid.
I am afraid and frightened.
So, you regret this.
Can we just stop all of this? Let's stop this.
I feel really sorry for you.
But it shouldn't have reached this far.
Ji Hyun and Seo Woo have already prepared for the wedding too.
Let's just run away.
It's only natural that you feel scared and frightened.
But don't regret this.
This isn't something we should regret doing.
It would be the worst thing we could do.
Answer it.
Oh, Ji Hyun.
Are you busy? Why? Have you finished everything? I'm asking if you're busy.
So you're done.
Are you coming over to the company? Is there anything I can help you with? Mmm.
Ji Hyun is probably bored all by herself.
Just endure it for a few more days.
The place, where Ji Hyun had accident, was near us.
We don't know if she followed us.
She was just bored, that's why she called you.
She was planning to go to you but she changed her mind.
She called me and said she's on her way to see me.
I told her that we should go together.
Didn't we even agree on the place and time? I know how hard things are for you.
I understand it.
You do? But In Jung, if we stop here what kind of man would that make me? Just because Ji Hyun ended up like that, that doesn't mean that I should give up.
Whether you'll help me or not, I will do it.
I can't do it.
I won't do it.
Just think why we did it in the first place.
Why we ended up like this.
If we run away now, do you think we could be happy? If we stop, do you think it could bring Ji Hyun back? You're really abusing that emergency button.
You knew, right? You knew the reason why I got into the accident, right? Why didn't you tell me? I got in an accident because of Min Ho oppa and In Jung.
About thatI feared revealing a secret of nature to you, that's why I didn't tell you.
A secret of nature? Yes.
A secret of NATURE.
No way! Could it be that you did not know what a "secret of nature" means? You don't? A secret of nature is derived from Heaven's will.
What is it? Why? Why? Why are you This woman's tears always fall endlessly, like a waterfall.
So, you You knew, but did not tell me.
I have to safely get through my five-year term to get a chance to live again.
Those two have everything.
Good, good.
Regarding any of your romances, or love triangles, or any of that Those kinds of things, do NOT interest me in the least.
When did it start? I didn't notice it.
How can they have a secret affair? Then, why did he want to marry me? Why are you asking me? Go knock on their door and ask one of them.
You said I could not reveal that I'm Shin Ji Hyun.
Ah! That's right! That's it! That's really right! You must deal with it since it's your problem.
She's so stupid, I don't know what will happen What will I do now? Hey! Now is not the time to be crying about that.
You should really start thinking now.
You have 49 days No, that's not right.
You actually should be considering how to spend your remaining 46 days.
40 days is NOT a long amount of time.
Seoul Hotel, This is where we will build a special place for my fiancé and I.
I'm relying on you.
Song Yi Kyung still hasn't come back.
Is she even coming back? Should I try to call her? Would a swindler put their real phone number in their resume? Hyung, do you think Song Yi Kyung is lying too? You owe me 10,000 won ($10).
We made a bet.
A bet? You little brat You dare make bets here? Miss Ma Jung ssi, do you think this shop is a joke? You two.
what are you doing? Brats.
Come out.
Come with me.
Oh, Sister-in-law (she's the wife of the cook, not the waitresses actual sister-in-law).
Joon Darling I told you not to come out on a cold day like this.
I clearly said that it was too cold, and that you shouldn't come here.
Did I say it or didn't I? I didn't want to come out at first either But I was all alone in that warm room, just like you told me.
And then? Suddenly, I heard a sound.
Sound? What sound? I heard someone speaking into a loudspeaker.
What were they saying? Oh.
I can't stand it.
Sis, what did you hear? We've got fresh saury (kind of fish).
We've also got fresh kelp.
The lively and energetic saury, Along the way, they met together.
It was like that, you know.
Isn't this story about us? Therefore Therefore? Why do you need to ask what's next? Because she wanted a husband Won't you shut up? Therefore Therefore, I prepared some blue fish fillet for my darling.
How come the atmosphere is like this? What's wrong with it? Is it like this because of the young lady outside? What are you doing here? Kang-ah! Ki Jun, bring her bag.
I brought the proof of my working experience.
You brought it? I clearly said to bring it within an hour.
I even gave you the taxi fare.
It's already been 2 hours and 27 minutes, so just get your bag and go.
I saw a friend in the hotel.
Are you making excuses? I also saw my fiancée.
That so So They were in the same room.
I saw them together.
This Aright! Alright! Okay, you can leave for today.
Start work tomorrow.
What should we do? Song Yi Kyung! Song Yi Kyung, wake up! Miss, say something.
Hey! Ahjussi, what should we.
what should we do? Let's carry her inside.
Don't do it! Why? You shouldn't carry her.
This young oppa should carry her instead.
Fiancée? She has a fiancee, but she was still acting like that with Min Ho? She has a fiancee with this kind of a appearance? Did she really see her fiancee cheating on her with her friend? Look at that Song Yi Kyung.
She really did work at the Seoul Hotel.
I was right! Who says the Song Yi Kyung who worked there is the same Song Yi Kyung who brought this? It hasn't been confirmed yet.
Why don't you believe her? Go back to work.
What is today's soup? I thought you don't drink soup.
Today, it is my Hae Won's favorite.
I made it to help his digestion.
It's radish soup with a little starch in it.
Why do you want to know? Bring a bowl to the room.
For whom? And bring rice with it.
Can you make it a big bowl of rice? Make sure it's a big bowl of rice.
Was Han Kang the one who put this on me? He didn't even pour cold water on me to try to wake me up.
What a relief.
He didn't fire me.
I had a car accident and now I'm in the hospital, but you two still can meet up like that in a hotel room? Don't tell me that this whole time, you two went behind my back and met like that in hotel rooms.
Miss! There's nothing missing, right? We should go check upstairs too.
What if she took our bags? She forgot this.
She's not hiding money in here, is she? I bet she's hiding $100 in here.
Leave it.
I told you to leave it! Take a look at this! If we stop, will Ji Hyun return? Just think of why we did it in the first place.
Why we became like this.
Whether you'll help me or not, I'm going to continue.
I won't give up.
Oh, Min Suk.
Today, I'll treat you to chicken and beer.
I'm on a diet.
Hey, why would you go on a diet? Everybody is getting off work, why isn't In Jung coming out? Ya How could you have an affair with Min Ho? Did you like him first? That's impossible.
Then, did Min Ho seduce you? That's also impossible.
How the heck did you two become like this? Why did you come to my house? What are you going to do there? It's not like that, right, In Jung? You didn't meet Oppa for something strange, right? It must have been because you had to discuss business with him.
That's why you met him in the hotel, right? Who is it? Ajumma, it's me, In Jung.
Yes, that's it.
You can also meet at a hotel to discuss business matters.
Hey, you gal.
Why did you meet then? What was it? Hey, Shin In Jung! You won't even let me go into my own home? I knew it would be like this.
Is Aunt feeling okay? She just took some sleeping pills, so she's sleeping now.
Oh But what brings you here? I remembered something as I was getting off work, I thought I'd come look around for a bit.
Ahjumma Don't let me bother you, feel free to go back to your work.
What are you doing? Aunt I thought you were resting.
I was planning to, but then I heard the doorbell.
I asked what you were doing in Ji Hyun's room.
It's just, I was thinking about Ji Hyun, so I wanted to come here.
If you wanted to see her, why didn't you just go to the hospital? Why would you come here? Isn't Ji Hyun at the hospital? Her condition isn't very Therefore to you, our Ji Hyun, is already dead? She isn't dead.
Why did you come in without asking permission? Please leave.
I don't want you to think of her as a dead person.
How long will it take? A month? A year? 10 years? Just tell me how long.
You're a doctor, but you can't even tell me that much? I'm sorry.
So you're saying we can do nothing but wait.
What are you going to do? Why are you here again? Father, if you wanted to step out for a bit, just tell me in advance.
How can you leave Ji Hyun here all by herself? I just went to see Doctor Jo Bak Sun.
Jo Bak Sun? Why? Did something happen to No.
Oh yeah.
How did settling things with Ji Hyun's land go? Everything went well.
Really? Then, I will leave the rest to you.
Father-in-law should be the one to handle that.
Just help me with it.
I have to stay with her.
I know it must be very hard for you as well, but how could you understand a parent's heart? I couldn't find it, oppa.
Her mother wouldn't let me go in her room.
What is she talking about? She didn't like me going in there.
She said Ji Hyun is still Taxi! Oppa? In Jung's brother doesn't live in Seoul.
I got it.
We'll figure something out.
Shin Young, it's me.
Min Ho, did you not hear what I said? Please, just listen to me today.
Mother-in-law's health isn't so good, you should go back to look after her.
You should go back and sleep for a bit.
Leave Ji Hyun with me.
Should I? Maybe Ji Hyun also wants to be alone with you Thank goodness, he didn't go to the hospital.
Otherwise, I might have missed him.
No matter how much I think about it, I still can't understand.
Oppa, you would send me multiple text messages a day, and as soon as you were free, you would come see me.
You even gave me passwords to your e-mail and MSN accounts.
That's right.
Didn't you do that? Even if I am just being stupid again, I know that you loved me.
It's 0505, oppa.
See? It's my birthday.
You told me your pass-code, and you said if I ever needed something, I could come over.
Was it In Jung who liked you first? Did she seduce you? What the heck happened? Tell me all the details.
Oppa! Can you see me? There's nothing more.
I have already told you everything.
You guys were in this kind of relationship? Do you think she knows something? It didn't seem like she was suspicious.
It was more like she still can't give up on Ji Hyun.
Are you sure? You think I don't understand Ji Hyun's mother? Then it's okay.
Then, why didn't you try to find any excuses? You could've told her you left something in Ji Hyun's room.
Or that you lent Ji Hyun something and came to take it back.
When I saw Ji Hyun's mother looking like that, my mind went blank and I couldn't think of any excuses.
What are you guys talking about? Are you sure Ji Hyun's seal is in the nightstand drawer? Her seal, her debit cards, and so on.
She puts everything in there.
My seal? My account book, seal certificate, and my seal.
Everything should be in there.
You're always so careless, this way I won't have to worry.
Didn't I give him my seal back then? Why would you be looking for that? I should've made sure it was in there.
Please arrange it at least three days before my wedding.
Don't worry.
How can we delay Leader Kang's Wedding ceremony? Wait What the heck is this? Why is there a lipstick instead of a seal? Ugh, that little Excuse me for a moment.
Hello? Hello.
Isn't this Shin Ji Hyun's cellphone? What? An accident? How careless of her.
It didn't even occur to me that there was something else instead of a seal and I just took it with me.
So, is that why you were so anxious when you went to the emergency room? Oppa, I can't stand to be in the same place as Ji Hyun's mom.
I already told Chairman Shin that the signing went smoothly that day.
You did? Then what should we do? We must find that seal before we've been discovered.
If Ji Hyun has land left to her, our plan will fail.
And I worked so hard to include that land.
What are you planning to do? Don't worry.
We'll find a way.
Go home and rest.
I need to go back to the hospital.
When you go out, be careful not to be seen.
What are these two up to? They're going to do something to my Dad.
You What are you doing? Preparing some clothes to go to the hospital.
You have been taking sleeping pills.
But you still couldn't get any sleep, how could you go to the hospital? I can rest there.
Ahjumma, bring me a toothbrush and a toothpaste.
The shampoo and the hair conditioner, too.
Please, don't do this.
Don't you know why I'm doing this? Honey I will be all right.
No, you're not.
You're not.
You are not alright.
Ji Hyun is also not alright.
You're not ready to see our Ji Hyun yet.
Is she still like that? Is she still in that state, where I can't recognize her? It's been many days that I haven't seen her.
Don't argue with me.
Quickly prepare clothes for me so I could change.
And fill the bath with water.
I'm sorry.
Dear, I feel like dying.
I wish to die before Ji Hyun.
Then what about me? I said, I love you.
I really love you, why don't you believe me? Withing 49 days, you need to find three people who sincerely love you.
Then you can go back.
You must take three tears of 100% pure love, and put them in there.
Mother, what should I do? How much do I owe you? Mmm, now you remember me.
Give me the receipt.
Did you get the insurance premium? You didn't get the evidence of being treated.
How much was the taxi fare? It was a capital taxi, so the fare also came out pretty high.
Aren't you curious about who I am? No.
Aren't you curious about why I appeared at that traffic accident? It doesn't matter.
Then what if I say that I knew the reason why you went there? If you're curious, you can ask.
See you tomorrow.
45 days 3 hours 29 minutes left.
Did Unni also come across such matter? Is that why you're living like this? There are only 44 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes left.
Hey, how can you destroy a gift so easily? Do you have the confidence to compensate? I didn't call you.
I'm not a Scheduler who only shows up when you call.
I didn't call you.
It's bothersome.
What is all this? You already know.
So because your loved one was taken away, you don't want to live? Is that what you mean? I don't have a reason to live.
That's why I came! To call for the elevator.
Elevator? When should I summon it for you? It is 10:35 now.
How about midnight? I should give you some time to tidy up things here.
What do you mean? So now that You will call the elevator for me? You haven't used this woman's body for over two days.
Didn't you intend to leave this world? I When did I say I would leave this world? The three people who love you sincerely, You haven't found them.
Hey, wait a minute! Even if that were true, I still have 45 days left.
It's 44 days.
There's only 44 days left? Let's go.
You don't need to look at this depressing scene anymore.
Let's take you to the other world right away.
Let's make it at 11 o'clock.
I don't want to! If I wanted you to go to other world right away, I wouldn't have given you 49 days.
Isn't it okay like that? I didn't come to work yesterday, and today, I'm even late.
I must be crazy! Didn't you quit that day? No! No! I definitely didn't.
I was a little I can't say, because it's my private life issues.
A very big problem arose.
Food? What? I asked if you ate already.
No, I have not.
I haven't eaten in the last two days.
Then what is this? I wasn't It's not mine.
Ajussi, prepare some food.
Han Kang, thanks! Really, really, thank you so much! Please enjoy your meal.
Ahjussi, is this possible? This is also possible.
How can it be possible? Two days ago, she was no good.
Two days later, she became an expert.
Also, there are people like me.
If it is this way, there should be no problem.
I really can't understand this woman.
Incoming call from Park Seo Woo.
What should I do now? What should I do to make everything right? From where should I start? Seo Woo-yah! Oh! Kang is here too.
Ki Jun, take out the trash.
I'll do it.
Thank you for the other day.
You said that you're a new worker right? Miss Song Yi Kyung? Don't you remember me? Am I supposed to remember you? Seo Woo, you said that you're helping to look after Ji Hyun? In Jung and I are staying with her at night.
Today I went to the hospital, Ji Hyun's dad isn't in a good condition.
What are they talking about? There is also work at the company.
I cannot let Ji Hyun be disappointed again.
The company isn't the problem! If something goes wrong, Ji Hyun's dad's condition could get worse.
I'll do it.
Therefore, in order to convince Ji Hyun's father, you should go and talk to him.
I understand.
I will talk to father-in-law about it.
You can leave this to us.
But Ji Hyun's mom is still in that condition? Yes.
She's at home, motionless.
She doesn't eat, drink or sleep.
You should be careful! I'm so sorry.
You'll get hurt.
She must have been startled.
Take her down and tell Joon to clean up.
Who is she? I haven't seen her before.
She's a part-time worker.
Kang ah, since everyone is here, we will go to the office.
See you later, the two of you.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
It's a 49 days contract supervisor.
It's almost time for you to go home.
Drip, drip, drip.
I said I'll be working til 12 o'clock? You can't remember? From 12 noon to 12 midnight, hourly pay is 4,000 won.
You should work at least one day right.
Get permission and leave.
They sure have received training.
Hyung, you are now dealing with it.
Seafood and island development.
Would you be able to continue with it? This is what Ji Hyun's father has requested me to do.
Ji Hyun's father? I'm sorry to trouble you again.
What is the matter? I have something to say.
Can you come out for a bit? It seems like she didn't know I was here, so she came.
Do you want me to step aside? Tell me, what is the matter? I can only work till 11:30PM.
Until 12 o'clock, I clearly said so.
I was too hungry that day, I didn't hear it properly.
Because I could not make it, I can only work until 11:30PM.
Is that it? It's not that.
No matter what happens, I must be home before 12 midnight.
Someone is waiting for me.
Someone who can't move 'til I get there.
I understand, go then.
Could I really go now? But when you say I can go, you don't mean go forever, do you? At 11:00PM, you can get off from work.
Just come to work at 11:00AM.
Thank you! So that kind of woman is your type? What do you mean? Although you seem like a hot-tempered kid Towards your work, you are absolutely dedicated.
Someone who can't do his or her own work.
you didn't like people who just fooled around.
With this disposition of yours aren't you looking after her too much? I hired her in order to look after her.
To look after her? For what reason should you look after her? There just is.
Your style was this type of woman, huh? What? I see you completely have no interest in girls.
In the end, what kind of girl are you looking for? I've been very curious.
So it's that type It's not like that.
But hyung, It really does not seem to matter when you never lose your wit and humor.
What? That's what I tried to do.
I think this is what Ji Hyun wanted.
I did? Kang ah, Ji Hyun's words don't you think that's what they'd be? She would want me as before.
She would continue to Ji Hyun.
Yes, right.
So it should be Shin Ji Hyun.
I said, that's not it.
Absolutely, definitely not! She would wish for me to be like I was before.
She would continue to, Ji Hyun So Oppa was that kind of person? If the land is still under Ji Hyun's name, our plan will fail.
Before she sees it, we must first find the personal seal.
Yes, right.
First, my seal.
As long as I stop you from taking it, it's okay.
I'll be late! Just let me touch things.
Wait for me to enter my room.
As soon as you get the seal, get out immediately.
Now, what kind of soul expedition are you up to? Just one day.
No, just an hour.
I can't use the body of Song Yi Kyung to enter the house.
It seems you need an audio recorder.
BEEP! A Scheduler does not interfere in human affairs.
Those people are eyeing my land.
No, no, even more than my land.
I have no idea exactly how much it is.
But they seem to have taken a liking to my dad's company.
That's not a matter I should know.
Then you come help me take the seal.
Repeat: A Scheduler does not interfere with human matters.
Then how am I going to manage? What should I do then? Next time, don't ask me to come to this room.
Everytime I'm here, it feels weird.
Can't you make an exception? No.
I am leaving.
This is what I know.
Well you can open, after knocking Ah, yes.
Lately, everybody is using passwords.
D-D-D-D Diriri (sound of unlocking a password-protected door) No matter how busy he was, that isn't any way of making people angry! From 3PM to 5PM, It's quite idle in the shop.
Also, we don't need any staff.
Therefore Moreover, If I'm not there, work will be better.
If you are there, the work becomes even more difficult.
You wanted to say something? Even though I'm saying these things you definitely can't fire me.
That day, you paid me 52,000 Won.
Minus the taxi fares and fares, etc.
Only 36,000 Won is left.
It's all I have.
If you fire me like this, before I find another job, I will always be hungry.
Even if it is that way, today, I have something I must go out and do.
Are you threatening me right now? I'll only be out for 3 hours.
Absent without leave, and in addition, being late, and now you want to go out? It's getting more and more troublesome.
If it's 3 hours worth of wage, then I don't want it.
Also, claiming credit for yourself.
Who's giving it to you? That means I can go right? You will be blessed.
Who is she, that she's able to run that well? I really have to act according to plan Never thought that there were so many good things here.
If this goes on, it would be bad to get caught.
This isn't it.
Where did I put it? This is my money.
Can't I use a little bit of this? The money that you need you should earn it.
Who could it be? Nobody is around at this time.
Why did mother come out? Where's the housekeeper aunt? She went grocery shopping.
Is there anything wrong? It seems like I came at a time when aunt is not here.
You go first, Aunt.
You need to take some things for Ji Hyun? Ji Hyun's favorite things.
I would like to take them and put them in the hospital ward.
The gift I gave her Or something like a photo of her parents I want to let Ji Hyun see, so she can cheer up.
How is it that, you even thought of these things? I'll choose a few that I like to bring over.
Is that alright? Oh yes, certainly.
The things Ji Hyun likes I'm sure you know it best.
Why isn't it here?