49 Days (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Please go on inside first, mother.
What should I do? He mustn't find it.
Kang son-in-law.
Why did you come up? That bring those flowers to her.
She will like it.
I also want to carry it.
If you're okay, then you should go.
The longer you stay, the more worried you'll be.
Who are you? Who can it be? It's me, In Jung.
I heard you're not eating your lunch again.
So I brought some rice cake for you.
Mother likes the honey bean cake.
Also, I'll have the osmanthus cake to share with your friends.
How many osmanthus cakes do you want? This sweet osmanthus cake is 3 cakes for 1000 Won.
However, seeing that you're a regular customer, as a matter of goodwill, I'll give you 10 cakes for 3,000 won.
Give me 3,000 won worth of sweet osmanthus cakes.
A new bride.
Look at me.
Take a look at the neighbor's house! The seafood that we sell is the freshest and the best.
Hey, you fool! Selling rotten fish.
The eyes of the fish are already putrid! Why would they want to lure our customers? Are you going to let go or not? Hyung, it's broken now! Did he find it or not? Why did he take my stuffed toy? Ah he hasn't found it yet.
Of course, you couldn't find it.
I also haven't found it yet.
But where could I have placed it? Shin Ji Hyun, you've been believing in such a person? You thought that someone like him loved you? Mother, I'm sorry.
Daddy, I'm sorry.
I miss you.
I miss you That day was obviously the last time I used the seal.
After you bring the real estate seal certificate.
Didn't I take it out of my bag? Or did I put it in my pocket? What should I do if I can't find it? You fool.
Why are you hitting Yi Kyung? Hey! Who gave you permission to hit this woman's head?! How is it that you came here? What have you done this time? Isn't it enough that you sprained her ankle? Now, you have to hit her head as well? I told you not to hurt Yi Kyung's body.
I know.
Wait, I'm gonna buy an ointment.
Are you going to buy ointment or underwear? Say it clearly.
(Note: ointment and underwear's pronunciation is similar).
I've warned you.
Go on.
I only have you to trust.
Why are you suddenly so corny? We are not that close for you to do that.
Because I was so depressed.
How can I not remember where I put that seal? I don't know what they're planning to do.
Now, I don't know if I should find the seal first.
I better take care of myself first.
I don't know how much time I should spend looking for the seal.
What should I do if I can't find it at all? I'm scared to death.
But there's no one I can talk to.
STOP! I did tell you, I am not a human either.
Also, I'm not here because I was worried about you.
Beep, bop, beep, bop, eeeh Shin Ji Hyun violated the rule.
Shin Ji Hyun violated the first part of the rule.
Oh? is that why you came? My time is very precious too.
With the time that's left, should I waste it just to chase you around? But the last time, you gave me a hint.
When did I!? When you asked if I knew my house pass-code, you gave me the hint ? D-D-D-D, Diriri Ah! This woman is making things up about a Scheduler.
I'm leaving.
But he gave me that hint.
She really can't read between the lines.
So that's why she always ends up like this.
Didn't you say you were going home? That's right.
You are better than me.
When you come, Dr.
Jo said he wants to meet you.
What's the matter? You have to go back to the company.
Let's go together.
Are you going back to the company? Ji Hyun-ah You fool! You should look after your things.
Your memories.
Your friends.
Your precious things.
Don't ever forget them.
I I'll be sure to wait for you.
Seo Woo-yah I miss you.
Having friends sure is nice.
When in times of need.
I'm really afraid of being lonely.
I don't have anyone to talk to.
But Seo Woo, Do you love me? Hello.
I am sorry It's just I've seen you in Han Kang's shop.
Ah, yes.
That's right.
That's right! That's right! You still remember me.
Because first impression is everything.
Do you come to buy some bread? Oh, that I should've come here sooner to buy bread.
This way, I can talk to Seo Woo.
That's so good.
Ma Soon Jung.
Have you cleaned the bathroom? That is Song Yi Kyung's responsibility.
But Song Yi Kyung hasn't arrived yet.
So, she clearly said she would be back before 5 o'clock.
Ah, why is our boss acting like this? Why does he look after her? This time, I also have the same feeling.
Do you guys know what happened to Kang? He is fussy, big-headed, arrogant and short-tempered He likes getting crazy.
What you're seeing isn't everything.
You don't understand.
Chef, sometimes you sound like a priest.
Don't give Hae Weon any stress.
Aren't I here to help do the work? And I'm not accepting money.
Even if I asked you to pay, you'd still stay here right? Joon.
You haven't left? Hurry up and get home before it gets dark.
I won't.
Let's go.
I want to go back with my darling.
Sister-in-law, why are you still here? Song Yi Kyung didn't come, so I haven't left.
She hasn't come yet? She really hasn't? It's not she isn't coming, maybe, she's unable to come.
Unni! Uncle.
I will go out.
Hey, Kang.
Send this person back home.
It's not on the way.
If you eat bread like that, you'll choke.
You should eat slowly.
I'm late.
You ate two pastries on the way here.
Song! What do you take me for? Do you see me as a charity home? Do I look like a fool? Or perhaps an idiot?! The more I help you, the more you take advantage of me.
I look like an idiot, right? Then, what are you? When you want to come, you come.
When you want to leave, you leave.
Are you a freelancer? Did you sign the agreement like you were a freelancer? It's not like that.
If you said that you would be gone for three hours, then you should keep your promise.
Even if it's just once.
What's wrong? Are you choking? Choking? Ajussi! Ajumma! OK, I know.
Water! Water! Dear.
Ajussi! What do I do? What do I do? Quickly, quickly.
Drink a little bit at a time.
You can choke on water too, you know.
Ah, are you okay now? Go spit it out.
If you don't take care of it now, there will be future problems.
I'm okay.
Come with me.
WWhy? You really know how to make people worried.
I have something to give you, do you still need to talk? What do I do? If I am fired, everything will be over.
Han Kang obviously called me in to fire me, but what's he doing? Here.
Do it Didn't you sprain your ankle? I'm sorry about what happened earlier.
I shouldn't bother you when you're eating.
He's apologizing, too.
Aren't you going to use the ice? It's going to melt.
I have bought rheumatism cream.
Cold! Cold! Cold! You have to put ice on your foot after it's been twisted.
I know.
Because I taught you that.
What is this? You don't recognize your own bag? Ah, so I left it here.
I thought I lost it.
This is for mountain climbing.
You twist your ankle often, huh? Are you really Han Kang? Why do you keep staring at me like that? Because you're always giving me things.
You don't have anything else to give me right? Did you request for anything? Ah, you're not a kid, but why do you carry around a whistle with you? A whistle? The person who worked here ran away.
How could I not possibly look through your bag? Did anyone ask you? This? Someone could've bought it for me, in case of an emergency.
Transfer student, can you help me get my bicycle? We're almost there! We're almost there! Careful.
You should be the one being careful.
If we slip again, we're going to die.
Hey! Hey! Let go! Stop pushing it! We haven't died.
Transfer student, what's wrong? Move aside.
Why? Are you hurt? You twisted it, huh? Why were you so careless? Go away.
Give it to me.
Let me do it.
Let go! My dad bought it for me, in case of an emergency.
It's all done.
Thank you! Sit down.
I must go to work now.
It's all better now.
I have to talk to you, so sit down.
What do you want to talk about? My temper isn't good.
Tired, complicated and hurt.
I can't take this.
I know.
You knew? Tired, complicated and hurt.
What kind of person would like this? Therefore, For you, When you first came here, I remembered that you needed at least one week.
And at most, 48 days.
I'll count it as 50 days.
Each hour is 4,000 won multiplied by 12 hours.
It comes out to What do you mean?.
Are you firing me now? I'm not firing you.
Originally, I didn't need to hire you.
I only took care of you, since you were in a difficult position.
Since I've taken care of you, I might as well look after you to the very end.
So you want me to take this money and leave? You can say that.
So it's because of that, you're acting so nice.
Helping me with the ice pack for my leg and returning me my things.
Honestly, getting fired like this makes me speechless.
If you were going to fire me you should have done it earlier.
Why did you act all nice and then stab me in the back? Stab you in the back?! Why would I do that?! Song.
Since you came, I haven't once had a calm day.
Why should I be upset over you? I know, right? But I'm not a beggar.
What about me?! You think I have too much money to spend? I won't starve without this money, that's why I gave it to you.
So am I.
I'm scared of expulsion.
I can't say any more comforting words.
I definitely have to work.
I must support myself with my own money.
Kang-ah, if you abandon me too, then I'll really be all alone.
No! No No! Seeing that you have to be home before 12, there must be someone sick.
And also, in low spirits, because of the matter involving your fiance and your best friend.
And living such a poverty stricken life, to the point of starvation, do you think I'd be cruel enough to let you leave empty-handed? It's okay.
Because during this period of time, I've received alot of your help.
You are really? What do you want from me? I just If I can just stay here Go up and eat! I will count every minute of your total wages.
I don't want the other staffs to gossip.
Go get it at the counter later on.
Whwhy are you crying? My tears won't stop flowing, so I'm crying.
So why the tears? I won't be dismissing you anymore.
Because I'm thankful, I'm really thankful that's why the tears are flowing.
Because you feel grateful? Tomorrow, Ji Hyun's wedding ceremony has been cancelled.
Help me call them again.
And also, tonight, can I ask you to visit Ji Hyun at the hospital? Today, I'll accompany Ji Hyun's mom.
Is that okay? Certainly.
It's okay, Father.
The seal? I didn't see anything like that.
Tomorrow, we will clean up in here.
If we find it, do you want me to call you? Could you do that for me? Here.
Shin In Jung.
Shin In Jung-ssi.
Shin In Jung.
Shin In Jung-ssi.
So you're that In Jung What? In Jung That girl was always saying, she'd let In Jung do that Didn't you know that she already picked the bridesmaid's dress? She said that among Min Ho's best friends, there is this handsome oppa.
she'd already thought of, who would be a good match for In Jung.
She even said she would let Miss In Jung look at the bridesmaid's dress first, wearing it as she left.
If the seal can't be found, our standpoint is to directly carry on.
This won't do.
Please wait.
If I keep waiting Then you will have to compensate us.
Since Ji Hyun's land is still on Shin's house, it will not be easy to apply for the down closing.
You know how much her land is worth.
In addition, if President Shin sells the operational rights of Hei Wei island, what should we do? Manager Kang.
The matter of President Shin's daughter is your responsibility.
How come I didn't know this before? Since you know now, how come you still can't find the seal? Humans are like this.
Why do you insist on this scheme when we only have one or two days? I told you to stay at the counter.
You don't listen to me.
I'll be alright.
There's a customer.
Won't you take his order? Unni, you go.
Why should I? Please make your order.
You have to give me the menu, so I can order.
I have seen everything, why don't you stop now? Wh-what? I know something about people's feelings.
I'm giving in , so please don't always get in the way.
Help me arrange a meeting with the President.
I would like to have a drink with him.
President, he's not here.
Should I give you something strong? Very strong? Secretary Shin.
Secretary Shin.
What's the matter? Wait for a moment.
Secretary Shin.
Now what? Don't cry.
What's matter? What? In Jung.
Two years.
This matter can cost us two years of hard work.
But right now, you still You go to the hospital first.
I'll meet you at the hospital so we can talk.
Two years ago? Did you spend two years of hard effort? I've known Min Ho oppa, since December 2009.
Why say it was two years? Waste of effort? Could it be that Song Yi Kyung.
You're Song Yi Kyung, right? You learn people's names really quickly.
Song Yi Kyung.
I have a request.
Can I ask that you stop doing unnecessary things? I know women like you very well.
Who treat men like single-celled animals, because you watch too many dramas.
The kind of woman who plays hard to get to win a man's heart.
In my opinion, that is the most boring woman.
What did you say? Therefore.
Let's stop these nonsense things.
Do you think that I am like this now because I'm interested in you? This is the next stage.
where the thief cries out to attract the attention of the other party.
I thought you were only good at remembering names, but you're good at being delusional, too.
Even if I were a good actor, would I be anywhere near as good as you? Did you say act? You're being such a gentleman but not sincere at heart, and your face is not your real one.
You claim to know a person's heart so well, but you use people and con them quite well.
Ah! So hot.
So hot! Shin Ji Hyun! Are you taking my warning as a joke? Despite what you really feel, you cannot let your true identity show.
Remember this, if the necklace breaks, the 49 days would come to an end.
What are you doing now? Didn't you say that you were the President's friend's fiance? It is because I misunderstood, thinking you were trying to seduce others, that made me angry like this.
What are you doing? It's my first time seeing you look in the mirror.
Don't show interest in me again.
I'd like to, but there's no way I couldn't, because we're already related.
Try to remember me.
We are in a relationship where we can talk about anything.
Yi Kyung.
Why did you go to the accident site at that day? Yi Kyung.
How's the injury on your wrist? When it comes to you, I know a lot.
Psychiatric Department.
You remembered? Long time no see.
Don't provoke me.
Because I don't want to remember.
You said you went to see my mom.
Did you go see my mom? She stands around, waiting for you all day, Oppa.
It is not the time, yet.
It may be too late if it continues like this, Oppa.
Your mother's condition seems to get worse and worse.
It's alright.
That's because you don't know my mom.
Until I go back to see my mom, she isn't someone who will ever leave.
You have enough money now.
Let's just take the money, and bring your mother overseas and live together.
Are you saying this is the reason why you brought up my mother's situation? It is because of Mother, too.
Ji Hyun's dad also makes me sad.
Having Ji Hyun end up like this, then doing this to her dad's company I'm very sad.
I really I had hoped it wasn't so.
It is like that.
In order to get to this point, you and I have done everything.
Have you forgotten? In Jung, come quickly.
In Jung-ah.
Let's go.
In Jung-ah.
In Jung-ah.
Oppa, even if you didn't mention it, I still remember.
No, continue.
If it's for you, that's more of a reason why I must do it.
You can't come? Didn't you say you left? I did say that, but I just received senior's call.
I mentioned it before, we had a blind date.
I forgot that it was today.
You're the one who wanted to apologize because of the mountain accident.
I understand.
I'll call senior and tell him I can't go.
Now, your friendship is more important than your date? Are you kidding? Are you kidding? What man goes to watch a movie by himself? Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun.
Good luck on your date, I'm hanging up.
You punk.
Just because the condition has been good now, you called me to comfort you.
Enough boy.
Excuse me.
Don't you remember me? Last week, in the mountain of destiny.
Then we're here today.
Also, tomorrow is our wedding ceremony.
If Ji Hyun had not turned out like that, our plan would have already ended.
And another thing, It means that President Shin Il Shik and I will become strangers.
Father already know that Ji Hyun won't recover.
If President Shin is like this, will he always stay in the hospital and watch over his daughter? He will think about business, and think about what to do with Kang Min Ho in the future.
Therefore, I'm sorry, but can you come back later? Yes.
If he didn't have a daughter, do you think he'd ever entrust his business to me? Therefore, before he leaves Ji Hyun.
Choose a man who suits you.
When she made you her bridesmaid, it made you feel guilty.
It's because of Ji Hyun's condition, that you started this work.
Isn't it right that because of Ji Hyun's blissful ignorance, you are more upset? You Is that what you really want? For Ji Hyun to be living normally, then for her to gradually go downhill.
But Ji Hyun has become like that.
Does that make it not your business anymore? So you're telling me, to take the stolen money and escape under the cover of the night.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop it! I'm sorry that I couldn't see this to the end.
I'm the one who's sorry.
It's all my fault? I'm sorry.
Did you plan it all out? For him to save my life.
For us to meet again by chance, so I would think that Min Ho oppa was my destiny? To let me think this it was all a plan? Ji Hyun.
Forgive me, don't forgive me I won't say a thing.
Playing with my life Playing with my heart were all because of money? All because of money, you did this to me? You had a hand in this too? The reason I became like this was because of you.
I hope you can understand that.
Because of you, I had the accident and will die soon! Did you know that? Did you? You really are ? Even to the end, you're without worries.
What? That you've become like this now, you won't feel pain again.
Or maybe it's a good thing you didn't know.
It's a good thing I didn't know? I already know everything, you bad woman! Right.
It's there.
I put it there.
What should I do? A Scheduler doesn't interfere in human affairs, that is the rule.
Then you go and take the seal, then leave.
REPEAT! No matter what, a Scheduler does not interfere with human affairs.
42 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes remaining.
And so on and so on and so on and so on I am not a messenger, but a Scheduler.
I will not answer the phone, so just hang up.
Later, you will be called.
Right now, I need to do scheduling.
Telephone? Yes.
Could you hold on for a minute, please! Why'd you call? I'm in the middle of a mission.
Where are you, right now? I won't tell you to come.
Hurry and tell me where you are.
Where? After saying such straight-forward words, why must you work here like this? Where? Oh, you're doing very well.
He can do that with people? Oh.
You came? See you again.
What is this place? It's still your world.
But? how could that woman Are? all of them Schedulers, too? If this ability is easy to get, everyone would become a Scheduler.
Fine, what do you want to say? No matter what I have to do, I will get the seal and take it out of the hospital.
I will also tell father about Kang Min-ho and Shin In-jung.
Among the three absolute conditions, that would directly violate the first and third.
Then what will happen? Will the elevator come right away? Moreover, it will come at express speed.
Violation of the agreement gives no time for looking back.
Game Over.
Say goodbye to this world.
I won't try to escape.
Just push it back an hour.
Discovering the truth about your fiancee and friend is not like a deceased person's power.
Are you intending to self-explode this time? Amongst the three people I trust the most, two of them were Min Ho oppa and In Jung.
But at the least, I cannot let my parents suffer because of me.
Losing myself and losing the company I can't let this kind of thing happen.
Cannot let that happen, huh? Only five minutes left.
When did he have time to change clothes? Dear, wake up.
Sweetheart, sweetheart! Is it a cerebral concussion? Quick, call the ambulance.
Hurry and call! Miss Woo Mi Yung ssi I'm here to announce that you're dead.
What did you say? Now she's scared.
Miss Woo Mi Jung ssi wasted too much time.
You've worked hard.
Did I die? You replaced your deep love for a married man.
I don't know this woman.
We met just now.
Until when do I have to wait for the police to come? He doesn't know me? Hey! Park Taeshi! You said that you would get a divorce for me.
Now that I died, you pretend not to know me? Therefore, why date this kind of man? All right.
Go in.
Are you crazy? Why do I have to go? Not going.
Let's go.
It can't be like this.
It can't.
I won't go.
I'm not going! I'm not going! Let go of me! Let go of me! Why was she carried off forcefully? Previously, that uncle wasn't like this.
For this, you have to look at how this person lived her life.
Doesn't this make sense? Want to drink coffee and chat at the same time? I have no free time right now.
Just answer me.
Only an hour.
I won't escape.
I know that you won't escape and will behave well.
You must get permission from above.
Can I believe you? I said before, only humans lie.
I know.
Thank you.
Perhaps, when I come to your world later can I see you again? Why should we see each other again?! There are many reasons.
I've grown attached to you.
Why are you like this? Why aren't you crying, but pretending that it's nothing? It's not like you.
I won't cry.
It's so embarrassing.
Who cries when they get conned? You don't cry.
You get mad.
Because a person will sacrifice themselves because of anger.
So okay, the right to choose relies on you.
I'm only responsible for the implementation.
I will not be the same as her, being dragged away like that, right? We'll find out when the time comes.
When the time comes, you'll be beside me, right? What exactly do you use your brain for? The conditions of one's soul can often change, it depends on the high IQ.
I've been thinking for a long time.
I have to go.
It's too late.
Now, she doesn't even ask me to carry her.
This generation of women are really evil.
Let's go.
I've called the driver to get ready.
You go and buy the beef bones and the abalone.
Madame can't even drink seaweed soup.
It was Manager Kang who told me to come.
I'll also help clean up Ji Hyun's room.
I clean Ji Hyun's room every day.
Curtains, bed, under the sofa do you clean it? How much dust is there underneath? Does Aunt also know? Closed? What? Why didn't they say anything? Today is the most beautiful day in a woman's life.
You know that today is your wedding day, right? Is it that you actually know, but can't come? Or did you not come because you didn't know? Why didn't you take me away? How could you? Didn't we agree not to cry in front of Ji Hyun? Aunt, That The fur on these toys are not good for the patient's breathing.
Hey, Han Kang! If you wanted some rest, why didn't you tell me beforehand? Do you know how worried I am right now? Song Yi Kyung.
Why did you come here? Here? Of course, I'm here because I have certain matters.
What is it? Although it's not very certain, but I have a limited amount of time.
You didn't come to see me, right? Do you come to this hospital even when you're in a hurry? Well, not exactly Right now, I have an urgent matter.
So she really was sick Uncle, we will leave first.
You go back.
Where did she put it? Where's Han Kang? Oh, right.
Is he in the car? Why don't you contact me? I didn't find it, Oppa.
No matter where I look, I can't find it.
How did this happened exactly? No.
How could this happen? I have searched everywhere.
I even looked through all the clothes in the closet.
Oppa! Oppa! Put everything in order, and get out of there, quickly! They are on their way home.
This one is really cute, really adorable.
Isn't it really cute? He's cuter.
Your soulmate.
First surprise gift for you ? a stuff kangaroo.
What did you regard him as? Necklace? Bracelet? Is there anything else? That's enough for today.
From today on, you will be my treasure box.
Put in the necklace and the seal as well.
It's there! Driver, please drive faster to the hospital.
Faster, please.
Secretary Shin.
Jo said, Where are the toys that were here? They're been brought home.
Oppa, pick up.
Why isn't he picking up? Sir, please drive faster.
Hurry, please.
Can you please drive faster? I'm in a rush.
Who is it? I -= Next Episode Preview =- If we don't have the seal, in order to sell the land, we have to have Ji hyun be interdicted.
Interdiction?! Theres only 40 days to live.
From the looks of it, this seems really serious.
She's just like Shin Ji Hyun.
Can't shopping change a woman's mood? Miss Song Yi Kyung, why do you always cause people to misunderstand you? Sir, I am just a waitress.
I have no interest in the personal life of a customer.