49 Days (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Who is it? That Hello, I am Shin Ji Hyun's friend and my name is Park Jung Eun.
Who? I'm here to get something I lent Ji Hyun before.
What are you looking for? I'm here to pick up my CD about magic.
A friend from a club are those college club members? No, it's an online networking club.
We meet online and then go together for something.
I know all of Ji Hyun's friends, but I've never heard of you.
Last year, it was during her parents' wedding anniversary.
It was around April or May.
, Ji Hyun performed some magic tricks.
She pulled out endless tissues, then gave her mother a necklace as present, and golf equipment for her dad.
Shin Ji Hyun, don't make it too obvious! You are Ji Hyun's friend and not Ji Hyun.
We practiced that magic for a long time.
Really? Shin Ji Hyun is already like that.
I'm really sorry I came like this, when Ji Hyun is in this condition.
You know about Ji Hyun's condition? You heard it from whom? Oh that I heard from Shin Ji Hyun's college friends.
Oh! Isn't this Shin Ji Hyun's stuffed toy? The one she got from Minho.
Our Ji Hyun even told you those things? Of course.
This was the first birthday present from the time they met.
That, even something so trivial like this.
She told her friends.
Why didn't she even tell me this once? I was a friend whom she met through the internet.
It's like a friend in the shadow.
Shin Ji Hyun has lots of other friends.
Oh yeah.
But what did you say you were looking for? Let me look for it.
There are so many CDs, so finding it would be hard.
If it would be alright.
You look as if you're not feeling well.
Ok, you go and look for it.
Do you want me to take this to her room as well? Okay.
Why aren't you picking up your phone? The kangaroo stuffed toy.
Are you sure that Ji Hyun's mother took it home? Ji Hyun's seal is inside the pouch.
I am borrowing this, not stealing it.
It's this one.
Okay, take it with you.
In spite of what happened, you should still eat something.
If she saw you become so thin like this, Shin Ji Hyun would feel very guilty.
Shin Ji Hyun really loves her mother.
Did Ji Hyun tell you that? Of course.
She said she wanted to be the most loving woman in the world, and that she wanted to become a mother like you.
She said she wanted to be a mom like me? I thought she liked her dad more.
I am only an ordinary woman.
It's definitely not like that! "My dad is a lucky man to have a woman like my mom.
" She also said that.
Oh, it's like that? Silly girl.
She always speaks carelessly, whatever the topic is.
That do you know if she said anything else? What's that smell? You didn't drink the cow bone soup? Ajumma? Yes, madam? It's In Jung.
In Jung is here again? Yes, I thought she had already left.
I'll be leaving first.
Take care.
Can I come back and visit again? Oh? Oh, okay.
Come again.
I'm sorry.
I left my phone, when I was cleaning the room.
Why isn't it here? I'm sure, it should be here.
Besides here, there's no other place.
Why is this here? Did the ajumma find it? Mother.
Did she know and take it? You'd never thought I would do this, did you? What do you actually use your head for? The conditions of one's soul can often change, it depends on the high IQ.
I've been thinking for a long time.
I have to go, it's urgent! Taxi! Taxi! Did he just say, the conditions of one's soul can change depending on the IQ? Could this kid be saying it purposely? I'm just saying! How did you know what I was going to say? I was "just saying" randomly too! Just think as you like.
Let me use my head? Use your head? Inside my head There's something.
What's in there? What? Song Yi Kyung.
Song Yi Kyung.
You are Song Yi Kyung, right? Right! To other people, I'm not Shin Ji Hyun! How come I didn't think of that? You should have said that you had left something in her room.
Or that you had lent her something.
I was nearly killed unfairly! Taxi! Look for it slowly, you can't find it even in your next life.
Did you find your hand phone? Yes But At Ji Hyun's ward in the hospital, there's a stuffed animal.
Did you take it back? The nurse said, it should be be taken away.
Did you put it in Ji Hyun's room? In Jung, why are you being like this? Yes? Making me run errands in far away places, and leaving the house empty.
What if we were robbed? The house has an alarm system.
A few days ago, there was a strange box in the courtyard.
And another thing, you have lived with me for several years, don't you know that I don't eat cow bone soup? I forgot.
I just thought that you should eat something.
I should?ve given it to Ji Hyun?s sad-looking friend earlier.
She looked quite thin and pale.
Ji Hyun's friend? Did someone else come here? You came just in time, didn't you see someone leave? No.
That's strange.
She opened the door for In Jung and left.
What? That friend who is she? Young lady, it's me, the landlord.
It's time to pay the monthly rent.
Young lady, hurry and open the door.
It's faster for you to open the door, huh? I'll take the key to open the door.
I'm really sorry, but I will give you the house rent tomorrow.
You always leave your money at home, so what do you mean by tomorrow? Give it to me right now.
I don't have the money at home right now.
Aigoo, you think you are fooling a three-year old child? Should I help you get it? What? I can't simply take the money like that.
You never pay the house rent on time and you don't vacate the room.
I really don't have the money right now, so I'm asking you please come back tomorrow.
Okay? This girl really has no idea how to live.
I'm not the kind of woman with a bank account, but I save my money at home.
What if you get robbed? So, the seal wasn't in the stuffed kangaroo toy.
Trying to push my limits? Oppa, I think that the person who called herself the friend is strange.
Her name is Park Jung Eun.
I've never heard Ji Hyun mention her.
I heard she's the one who returned the kangaroo toy back to the room.
Why? She must have had a reason, but there is none.
Why would she take away the seal, she doesn't know anything about our plan.
There's no reason for her to take Ji Hyun's seal.
Ji Hyun also didn't know.
Who, for what reason, would pretend to be Ji Hyun's friend and take away the seal? It doesn't make any sense.
Even if anyone knew, they would've just told Ji Hyun's parents instead.
There isn't a person that would come to her house, that I wouldn't know.
Everyone has their own secret.
You must have been tired, having spent the night at the hospital and now today, working.
Go home and sleep.
You're telling me to sleep in this situation? Ji Hyun's father thinks that the land deal is done.
In fact, the seal hasn't been found.
There aren't many days left, until we have to deposit the money for the settlement.
You were afraid that I would forget, so you reminded me, right? It's because I'm worried.
Don't worry, I will think of a way.
How? Give me some time to think.
I'll tell you what to do.
I'll call a taxi for you.
I need time to think again.
You met Song Yi Kyung at the hospital? It seems as if she has only 40 days left to live.
She really must have a deadline.
It's possible.
Why am I surrounded by only these people? On the first day, I should have just given her money and left.
Well, you should have just done that.
Ajusshi, why didn't you stop me? Why'd you let me take her in? You're worried, right? I'm not worried, I'm bothered.
If you are worried, then just say so.
I already said, I'm not worried.
Please stop saying these scripted lines that expose your background.
Hiding it, doesn't really mean it's hidden.
Then in this world, there'd be nothing you couldn't hide? She resembles Shin Ji Hyun a lot, that troublesomeness.
It's really annoying.
I guess we can look after her more.
Don't force yourself to do the things you can't do.
Just do the things that you can do.
Knowing that you might regret it, just do it so you won't regret it.
I should have brought a small shovel.
What to do Kang -= I love you, this world only has you =- Ah.
This fellow.
-= I try to call out =- -= But the sunset is burning bright =- -= I love you, this world only has you =- I thought that he was a friend that came to visit me at the hospital.
But he's even singing and dancing to my favorite song.
So you don't care if I'm dead or alive, do you? What are you doing here? I'm cleaning.
How do you know to clean? You don't even know when you have a day off.
I came to protest about the days off, but they were cleaning.
There was a time when I was careless with a lot of things.
And there are a lot of things that I'm grateful for.
It doesn't matter, so just go! No.
I told you to go.
It's alright.
Hey, dear.
Did you see it? Did you see it? What to do What happened to you? I really like it like this.
Isn't Han Kang just so cool? Kim Joo Won, the male lead in "Secret Garden" is very handsome, but I think he's more handsome than Kim Joo Won.
Oh, that's great, that's just great! Dramas these days are ruining women.
All of them destroyed! Dear, are you mad? Yes, I'm mad! Come here! What are you doing? You don't have to do it, it's okay if you don't do it.
I'm really doing it because I enjoy it.
Also, today, I am not going to accept my pay.
Who said I'd give it to you? Your body is weak and yet, you're still stubborn? What do you mean I'm weak Don't faint like last time.
Go rest.
You must be feeling guilty for treating a staff like that.
What? You've already endured this long, just hold on a little bit longer.
There aren't many days left of my trouble making.
That is that thing is real? That deadline thing? Before, didn't you say something like 48 days? That's not really the deadline, is it? Today, it'll be 42 days.
Where would there be something like that? Even if it is the deadline, how much time would you need to tidy everything up.
This rare sickness does exist.
What I can say for sure is, if you endure for another 42 more days, you?ll never have to see my face again.
This face, I can make it so you never see it again.
I can promise that.
You're really bad.
How could you bet on your life like that and to me Clean up or not, whatever! You're so open to Song Yi Kyung.
Yet, you really make it difficult for me.
It hurts.
If you were going to clean then why did you shower? Ajussi, you were here? Oh The piano seems to need a bit of tuning, so I came to ask you.
Can you tune it? I lost.
I can't play anymore.
You're not going to do it properly? How can I? If you really set your heart on running, what can I do about it? No, what I'm saying is Yeah, that's the type of person I am.
Let's go.
=Oppa, what are you doing?= As you can see, there's rarely any signs of neural activity.
With brain dead patients, there isn't much difference in their brain activity levels.
Then what you're saying is that even later, there's no hope? Sometimes it takes several months, for the guardians to fully acknowledge reality.
We have to save her.
Just shut your mouth! What are you doing? Does that even make sense? Why are you so stubborn? Why don't you just listen to me? This is my life, why should I listen to you? Shut up, you punk! Hey, Il Shik! Il Shik! Leave! Quickly! LEAVE! Why did you come here? Father, let's eat lunch together.
What do you want to say? Wait till you're finished eating.
I'm going to listen first then I'll eat, besides I don't have an appetite.
Did something happen at the company? That day, I couldn't sign the contract.
What do you mean? That day, Ji Hyun mistakenly didn't give me the seal, Father.
She gave this to you? She realized it later.
While she was coming to give me the seal, she got into an accident.
She said she would get the seal but she got into an accident and it disappeared.
What? Why didn't you tell me? No, no.
Didn't you say that the contract signing went smoothly? Since you were like this, I didn't have the heart to tell you.
No matter what, no matter what happens, I want to fix this too.
If even you do, this isn't like you at all.
That's right, father.
Now, I am this kind of person.
Our corporate partners are still waiting for us.
If we want to sell the land without the seal, Ji Hyun we'll have to declare her legally incompetent.
we'll have to declare her legally incompetent.
Incompetent? I can't do this, father.
I do not have the confidence.
I also cannot do that.
Since it's your company, Father, solve it by yourself.
I only want just I only want to stay by Ji Hyun's side.
Is today your wedding anniversary? Our Hae Won said that he will not let me do the cleaning on our wedding anniversary.
It's once a month, on a special day.
Originally, our Chun really liked to eat wheat food.
But for the sake of my health, Chun eats only Korean food, therefore once every month, on the kitchen's cleaning day, he makes Italian pasta to eat.
But can we eat here with you? Ah.
Absolutely not.
You two can eat over there.
Dear, please eat a lot.
Also, your food is in the kitchen.
Ah, Kang Can you help me turn off the lights? Here, cheers.
I don't like bay leaf.
Come on.
Ahjussi and ahjumma.
Looks like they really love each other.
Can love even be fake? I'm envious.
I also want to live like that.
Ahjussi is only using this tactic to make ahjumma help him clean.
Women are really naive.
Is that supposed to comfort me? Men sure are stupid.
Just now, weren't you doing this because you wanted to comfort me? Why should I? He's really using her just to clean? I should ask ahjussi.
What are you doing? Why are you like that? I don't know.
You have quite a lot to be scared of.
Are you teasing me on me purpose? Ya, Song.
Take this.
Your salary up to yesterday.
It's money.
I originally spent everything I had.
Thank Goodness.
I already added the taxi fare in there.
Take a taxi.
Since you helped cleaning without being asked.
Later, if I keep doing things you didn't tell me to do, will you give me money? What did you say? Thanks! President Han Kang, See you tomorrow.
Is she for real? I can't figure her out.
I keep wanting to cry.
Nobody is crying for me.
I'm the only one crying for myself.
On a day like today, I wish there was.
at least one person I could cry in front of.
Just one person would be good.
Ah! Goosebumps! "I really want to cry.
" Is this dialogue really from 2011? Not only are these words old Hangeul, Not only are these words old Hangeul, but they are also childish.
=Scheduler= but they are also childish.
=Scheduler= .
It's like an innocent cartoon character from the 80's.
It's like an innocent cartoon character from the 80's.
Baby emotions.
Is this the time to be searching for a person? Hey.
Are you saying this to me? Goosebumps.
Super childish.
Like an innocent cartoon character role.
Baby emotions.
Noona, Noona, I was just tweeting.
Twitter? What are you doing here? This is the road to my house.
Why would you go home? Didn't you say, you would risk your life to reveal the betrayal by your fiancée and friend? Why aren't you coolly catching them instead of whining here? Oh.
that I did it! I found the seal! You must have used your brain a lot.
It's really amazing! When I was Shin Ji Hyun, I couldn't remember very well.
But now I'm a spirit, my memory is super good.
Forget it.
Then now my body also must be in the emergency standby state, right? Because of me, you were waiting here? Sorry.
It is all thanks to your luck! I missed eighth season prathers performance.
Yeah, I just should go to a club in Hongdae.
I'm off! Today, I was supposed to get married.
Today was my wedding day.
but instead, today, I end up punishing the person I was going to marry.
And jumping up and down with joy afterwards.
Kind of funny, isn't it? Life is like a comedy.
That kind of stuff happens all the time.
You said I was the third person.
What are you talking about? Of the other 49 days cases, One person chose death.
What happened to the other person? Without warning, you just suddenly ask me these things.
They must have failed.
When did I say they failed? Did they find three sincere drops of tears? That person.
had three people who sincerely loved her? Classified information.
You could just tell me.
If I told you they failed then would you give up? If I told you they succeeded, would you be cheering? Who said I'm giving up? During the time when you're curious, whether the others are still alive or dead, you should plan how to capture the tears.
There's 35 minutes left before midnight.
Go back.
I know.
Like this.
You're still breathing.
Like this.
And your hands are still warm.
They say that I have to say that you are incompetent.
Therefore After all that trouble, I was able to find my seal and hide it.
Now they won't be able to sell my land.
As long as my land can't sell, The company doesn't have the money to repair the Island, Then my dad will get involved.
As things continue like this, dad will soon find out their true colors.
Now I have to find a way to come back to life.
but it's so confusing.
If you need to see me, You have to come in and let me out.
Do you have to make me wait until Unni leaves? Haven't I said before? I don't like that room.
Why? I don't know, I just find it uncomfortable.
Get on.
Where are we going? Why are we here? Choose.
What? Clothes that you like.
Just pick some.
In order to change a woman's mood, isn't shopping the best way? I am not in the mood now.
Hey, what's this? Congratulation gift.
You said today was your wedding day.
Happy broken marriage.
Is that not it? Happy broken bond? Do you want to die? Pervert! Won't you quickly take this off me? Really? Top, Bottom, All? Just take everything off.
I'm really going to kill you.
Unnie, I'm a person who died already.
Are you that unconfident in your figure? I guess you?ve not been managing your figure.
You're really too much! On a day like today, how can you be like this to me? What kind of day is today? Not marrying Min Ho, was the best thing that happened to you.
It should be considered a National Day for celebrating.
It's not like you're attending a funeral.
This should be celebrated with some shopping! That is true.
I know, right? That's what I'm talking about right now, choose, choose! How about starting now? Okay.
Any way in a woman's life, even in death, she still pays attention to the quality of life.
They just buy some clothes, get their hair done, and they're all smiling and happy.
That's not why.
What's not the reason why? Before.
There's still two people on my side, that's why I'm happy.
Two? You and Han Kang.
Although Han Kang isn't really on my side, but rather on Song Yi Kyung's side, but still I'm not on your side either.
I am everyone's scheduler.
It's strange, Minho, who I thought was the nicest person in the world is actually a really scary person.
Furthermore, I thought Han Kang was a mischievous and shrewd person.
Turns out, he is a warm and kind-hearted person.
How can there be such a difference between someone's appearance and inside? Humans were originally like this.
Didn't you know? What have you been doing your whole life? I know, right? What HAVE I been doing this whole time STOP.
Stop right there.
You really think of me as your friend.
Since we are done here, let?s go our separate ways.
What about me? There's no public bus at this time.
Only for today, I am giving you a ride home.
I don't want to go home.
I dont want to wait for Unni on the streets.
Then do you want us to get a room together? Are you crazy? Among the side dishes that I made, Ji Hyun loves egg rolls the best.
Eat it for Ji Hyun.
If she didn't get into a car accident, this girl would probably have already called us, telling us about her first night.
Why did she have to wear the bridesmaid dress for Min Ho to see? It's not even the wedding dress; it's for us to wear.
I told you to stop talking about it.
Why are you getting so worked up? Hey, Shin In Jung.
Ever since Ji Hyun's car accident, I have been going crazy as well, but because of you, I don't dare bawl my eyes out.
Hey! Are you Ji-hyun?s only friend? I am too! What's up with you lately? You're not even sleeping in the daytime? I am sorry.
Unni is tired because of me.
I almost missed you.
Unni, you have a boyfriend? Go drink a bowl of bean sprout soup.
There's a good restaurant downstairs.
Since I went through all that trouble, shouldn't you buy me a bowl of soup and rice? You know I am not doing this to ask you to buy me a meal.
It was really all of it, 100%, because of my mistake that caused his death.
I closed up my hospital and hid in this neighborhood.
I cut off all relations and ran away to a quiet place, living like a dead person for two years.
After two years, I finally came to my senses.
6 months ago, when I was about to leave here, I saw you at the convenience store, so I didn't leave.
For you, it has been five years.
You shouldn't live like this for the past five years.
So, what do you plan to do? Whatever you have suppressed, release all of it.
I'll help you.
Now, I can properly listen to you.
I hate the you, who remembers that time, and hate those words, too.
I don't need it.
Don't be like this.
You definitely need to let it go.
Let me be your friend.
Be what? Your friend.
Even if you have the best friends in the world, there are still problems that can't be solved.
I don't need anything.
Psychiatrists, friends, I don't need any of it.
Therefore, just go your own way.
Five years, unni, you lived like this for five years? Exactly who died? Did your entire family die all at once? What would I do if mom and dad were like this too? If anything were to happen to me, my mom and dad would be like this, Unni.
Living like this it can't happen.
How many days are left now? 41 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes remaining.
Now that I look back at this, I was content.
Dad and mom, wait for me.
No matter what, I will definitely return.
Who else is there? Park Seo Woo and Han Kang.
Of these two, I need to decide who to meet first.
Telephone numbers All the numbers are in my old cellphone.
I?m not late, right? I ran all the way here.
But, can I use your computer? You're only 5 minutes early and you want to use the computer? Yes.
Then how about after I'm done eating during my break? Use it, use it.
Really, pretending to be close.
Every day, how long does it take to see one single person? But I start work at 11AM and get off at 11PM.
When can I find the time to see them? Just saw him go up the elevator.
Should be arriving soon.
Yes, I got it.
Did you invest only because of me? You gave up because of Shin Ga's investments, right? I'm an employee of Shin Ga.
The president is still healthy.
What are you doing, bringing up the daughter's accident? Excuse me, I'll call you back later.
Who is it? Why did you suddenly come? You really are a useless brat! You really underestimated me, huh? There's no way to help Ji Hyun, so you want to turn her into an incompetent person? Then what about me? You think I can let my daughter become an incompetent person? Sorry, but the company? You know as well.
If we don't have Ji Hyun's land, we have no possibility to pay the Sea Island taxes.
Find another method.
Then you should look for a method.
I don't make decisions easily.
I really don't have any confidence to work.
So you really don't care about what happens to the company? If you don't go to work, what are you gonna do? This company is your company.
I will watch over Ji Hyun.
Father, wouldn't it be fine if you managed the company? I will retire from the care of Ji Hyun.
Are you still a man? With you waiting like this for my daughter to wake up, do you think that I will give my daughter to you, giving her to an idler who resigned from work, somebody who does nothing for a living? Even if it's not your company, I will not let Ji Hyun suffer any hardships.
You really don't know limits of your actions, huh? This is what I mean.
The one who got you into this company was me.
Could it be that you came to my company because of Ji Hyun? Indeed, I came because of Ji Hyun.
If it weren't for Ji Hyun, Why would I come to Shin Industries? Is it because you have good conditions? Is the annual salary high? Or is it because I covet the position of being your son-in-law? You worthless jerk.
You still don't understand your own potential.
Perhaps Ji Hyun will be in that state forever.
You and I both know this very clearly, But why can you, while I can't? Because there's no one else I trust, but you.
The more time passes, the more you'll understand and understand me.
Why are you treating me like this? You are still healthy and well.
I can't even request this from you? Father.
It's been resolved.
There's no need to worry about it anymore.
After I meet with Director Jung, I'll give you a call.
Really the most drastic person.
Truly, Director Kang, you are amazing.
Nothing worth praising.
After all, losing the seal was my fault.
What do we do now? There's a plan already, right? We'll put Shin Industries up for sale, including the seafood management and island.
We should add clauses into the contract.
Clauses? If unable to pay off the loan in a certain amount of time, then, parts of the shares from the sea island investment will be relinquished.
I'm not done.
Also, to take over the seafood management and island.
If we find his daughter's seal, then we will go ahead with the original plan.
After figuring out the final clauses, please contact me.
In the end, we still need President Shin's signature.
Oh, Kang.
Can we meet today? What's the matter? If I could tell you over the phone, then I wouldn't ask you to come over.
Alright, hyung.
I'll wait for you.
Starting from before what's going on? I must see Han Kang first.
Do you know how worried I was since yesterday? What exactly is the matter? The curiosity is killing me.
After I hear what Han Kang has to say, I'll go home.
Wait for me at home.
Oh, not my house.
It's your house.
Right now, we should still be cautious.
See you in awhile.
Heard that you called me.
The restaurant is very busy right now.
If it's so busy, why are you doing things that make me call you? What? Like a mouse scuttling about underfoot drawing attention to itself.
Why were you constantly peeking in? Did you see? You let me see and now you are asking if I saw? What is it this time? I'm really curious.
What is it this time? Ah, that actually, I have something to negotiate with you.
The facial skin is somewhat thin.
Negotiate? Last time, didn't we agree on that? I almost died when my neck was pinched that day.
Those words, really.
No matter what, on that day, you did say something like that, passing in and out casually, saying that I signed that freelancing staff agreement, Is it not okay if you let me do that? Freelance part-timer? I dont have much time to live in this body.
So, there are a lot of things I need to take care of.
If you work here, there's not enough time.
One hour is 3,000 won.
3,000 won.
Honestly, 4,000 won an hour isn't that much.
When I looked up the average pay for this line of work, it was 4,320 won.
If it's less than that, then really, the boss is being too stingy.
Then go complain to the Department of Labor.
No, I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely did not have that idea.
I have my limits.
Does a person who know her limits borrow my computer to check the minimum wage? It's not that I used the computer to intentionally investigate.
Then about the 4,320 won, when When, where and how did you find out? That is, I wanted to know the contract period for freelance workers.
Fair, general pay.
Using that to look for this isn't wrong.
So, it's like that.
But it wasn't really only because of the part time job contract that I researched.
This stingy boss, because of a mere 3,000 won.
Can I let you be a freelance staff? Would 2500 be enough? Think again.
Thank you for before.
I'll search for a freelance part-time job elsewhere then.
Wait, wait! I was just joking.
You know my situation and you were joking? It's not like that.
Okay then, sign the contract for freelance workers.
How much, 3 thousand? 4 thousand? 5 thousand? 10 thousand? The original, no, it should be 4,500.
That's right, the Department of Labor minimum amount is What? Are you making fun of me now? No, I was joking too.
I surprised you huh? You thought I was really mad? Did you come to drink because you couldn't find my seal? Ki Joon, tell Song Yi Kyung to come here.
Song Yi Kyung.
If you don't want to be misunderstood, then don't do things that people will misunderstand.
Like now.
Why do you always do things that make others misunderstand you? Right now, I'm just standing here, customer.
Talking back when a customer is speaking, Pretending not to see when a customer is smiling at you.
At first, overly close and then overly distant afterwards.
This shouldn't be the attitude of a service staff.
I understand.
You're not apologizing after being scolded? Aren't you going to apologize? Remember, if the necklace breaks, Your 49 days will also end.
I apologize.
Having a fiancée, who did you hear it from? So you don't have a fiancée? I did.
Although I have I am just an employee.
I have no interest in a customer's personal life.
Hyung, you came? (Hyung - older brother) Come to the office.
Why are you here? Let's go.
Drink it.
What kind of a girl is Song Yi Kyung? Why? Could it be that she has some relationship with you? What could there be? She's just an employee in the shop.
Then fire her.
What? She's way too arrogant.
What's the use of an employee that ruins the customer's mood? She needs to be re-trained.
That Are you helping her? What kind of situation is it? It's her privacy.
You're really strange.
Is that person your friend? Your lover? Well, she's only a part-time worker.
She may be just a part-time employee, but she also has her private life and self-esteem.
Hyung, what is with you? You're behaving very oddly.
It's really unlike you.
What's with me? You're very tolerant with others; why is she the only one to be treated this way? Knowing your heart is for Ji Hyun, Knowing your feelings for her, that's why you say such things.
But it's also not fair to Ji Hyun.
If we don't consider Ji Hyun Hyung's reaction can be seen as being interested in that woman.
What? There are feelings, but I can't acknowledge them; I can only bully her.
You understand? Childish and vulgar, immature men doing these things.
Say something that humans can understand.
Who asked you to do these incomprehensible things? Unable to explain yourself and being overly sensitive.
I'm not saying that you're really like that.
Did you call me here because you wanted to talk about this? No.
Then say it next time, I'm not in the mood.
Hyung, what you're doing now shows that you're interested in that woman.
I have? It's possible you like her, but can't say anything so you bully her.
Like a childish reaction boys have when they like someone.
Me? Towards that woman? Scared me to death.
Really in the way.
Song Yi Kyung, why do you look at me like that? In what way is that? That look of despise.
Until now, no one has looked at me like that.
Thinking that I'm glaring at you like that Perhaps you think you've done something to deserve this glare.
What? If not, then that's good.
You?re acting pretty funny.
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Compared to me being a scheduler, you're a hundred times better.
How did you become a Scheduler? I came here yesterday.
Are you crazy? Looking at that girl, why do I keep thinking of Ji Hyun? So annoying.
Why aren't you bothering me? Didn't I say that I won't bother you? Let's end this.
You are fired, don't come here anymore.