49 Days (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

You're very interesting.
You don't just simply catch me and make me fall into your trap.
You act like you know me very well.
One minute, you act like you are familiar with me and the next, you act like you are afraid.
And now, you ignore and mock me.
Your method is really wise.
Sir, it looks like something is bothering you.
You were successful in attracting my attention towards you, but know when to stop.
I'm not the kind of person that would be easily in a relationship with you.
Don't look at me like that ever again.
Director Kang, is everything okay? I made a mistake.
I'm sorry, sir.
Secretary Shin, why are you here? I wanted to come here and eat before heading home.
Kang! You've come at the right time.
Hyung too, go in.
How could you just leave when I have something to say? I just stepped out for a call.
Let's go in.
These people are really something! How could the two of them come here together? They're probably upset because they couldn't sell my land.
Although you are Shin Ji Hyun, you can't reveal who you really are, not only through words, but also through emotions.
What do you mean by "through emotions?" Regardless of who the other person is, even if it's your parents, friend, or lover, you can't give a hint that you are Shin Ji Hyun.
And stealing is definitely not allowed.
I should be more careful.
You're telling me, you're not going to design it? What do you mean by that? You know me.
If I don't like it, I won't do it.
Hey, kid.
Aren't there other design companies? Just give this work to them.
Do you think I can't find talented people that I'm like this? Han Kang, why don't you want to do it all of a sudden? I'm just sick of it.
Do you always do things according to your liking? After you play around and get sick of it, you just dump it all aside? I'm not like this.
Hyung, don't you know what kind of person I am? Even so, how can you I will give you the drafts I have been working on.
Treat it as a reference.
Follow me.
What was going on earlier? Didn't you hear? She made a mistake.
What kind of mistake did she make? How wrong could she have been for someone like you to have been like that? You're usually very tolerant towards others.
Why is she the only one treated that way? It must be very serious.
It's no big deal.
When you worked at the hotel, and when you were attending hotel management courses, didn't you learn anything about handling customers? Why do you always make the customer upset? I only did it because you said that was your friend's fiance.
You told me not to be too friendly.
When have I stopped you from being friendly? I told you not to be overly concerned around him.
When was I ever concerned towards him? It looked like you were, the first time you met him.
I rely on you.
Really, why were you acting strange that time? I didn't really understand at that time.
I did it because I was thinking of someone.
This kind of thing will not happen again.
How can you let your feelings You think that actions are everything? I know, right? I hope things like this would not happen again.
Min Ho-hyung is my customer, and my friend's fiance.
You hate me, but you sure do take care of my fiance.
What? Why are you looking at me like that? Are you close with that friend? Why are you asking that? Go, do your work! Why isn't Kang back? I know, right? How long will he be unable to come here? How long can you keep this up? Because I was too curious.
I wanted to at least see your face.
Be careful of what you say.
I will go first.
Why are you standing? Didn't you say you are very busy today? Let's talk about it tomorrow.
You don't have to come here tomorrow.
Take it.
We weren't even done talking! In Jung, I am leaving first.
Please, can you give me a ride home? I don't feel so well.
I don't think I would be able to walk even for 5 minutes.
Kang, I'm leaving.
Okay, go.
You must be the one to complete the design.
Why are you suddenly doing things you usually don't do? What is there to worry about? No one will get suspicious with me, sitting in your car.
It's only a five minute walk! Plus, you've never been like this before.
Didn't I tell you I'm not feeling well? Tell me.
What did you and Ji Hyun's father talk about? How do we solve the problem? I will tell you, along the way.
So, you actually have a method like this.
Ji Hyun's father will not let her become legally incompetent just because she is sick.
Because that would be the same as acknowledging his daughter will never recover.
We've overcome so many obstacles, but that's not really a happy face.
I don't know if it's one month or two months, but, doesn't it feels like it's dragging? We both waited for two years, now you can't wait for one or two months? Do you know how exhausting these two years have been? It's always either places like this or hotel rooms, I really hate this.
The location is not important.
We don't have to care about what people think.
The important thing is that we can chat calmly, right? I really don't know when the day I'll feel at ease at your house.
We're going to be together forever.
Ji Hyun's father also needs time to let her go.
You really want to be like Manager Jung? To make the Shin family company go bankrupt? If we had followed the original plan, then it would have been solved at the wedding ceremony.
And I would have resigned by now.
Wait a while, and you can go ahead and quit right after the deal.
You would let me resign? You just do it, according to the original plan.
And I'll take care of the rest.
Let's go, there are still many things we have to review.
And we also have many materials to prepare.
We used to be so close, but were you faking back then too? In Jung, since when were you no longer my friend? I never considered you, not being my friend.
Right! This is it! Why didn't I think about it before? Shin Ji Hyun, you! If only when you were alive, your IQ was this level Wah! I'm busy.
Why? This phone This phone the cellphone that you gave me can I also use it with people in this world? You haven't used it at all? Ah, how frustrating! I'm hanging up! Aish.
This is not just for sending messages to the Scheduler? Yes, this is Shin Ji Hyun's friend.
You heard of Ji Hyun's accident, right? I wish to see you because of that.
Then, I'll drop by the gallery tomorrow.
Miss! I'm right.
Miss, your rent! What's with her? Young lady! Young lady! Young lady! Why is that Ajumma always staring at me? Young lady! I said, young lady! Young lady! What to do? What should I do? What should I do? Young lady! Can I help you? Is there something wrong? I told you, you must pay your rent today.
Why are you hiding from me? I was? You have been running away whenever you see me.
I have been sleeping.
Could I be wrong? Anyhow, you asked me if you could give me the money early today.
When did I tell you to receive the rent? Yesterday.
Yesterday, during the day, I came here to collect the rent.
You came yesterday? This kind of messy life.
Could it be, maybe, she's starting to have mental problems? This young lady! Nevermind, it's okay, give me the rent money.
It's already been four days.
Could you hold on for a minute, please! Oh, she seems to be aware of it already.
I'm here to inform you from the 49 days notification center.
The situation is not urgent at this time.
So stop pressing the emergency number.
What? If this is not an emergency, then what is an emergency? Seriously.
Oh? She hasn't realized yet.
What a relief.
What an arrogant person! Why were you like that to her? Hyung, with you being like this, it seems like you are already attracted to her.
Ridiculous, how is this possible.
Good morning.
11 o'clock is still morning? Because today, the weather is very good.
Here, can you sign here that I came to work today at 11 o'clock? What is this? The time I start work, and the time I leave.
The time for returning and the time for getting off work.
I have to write down all of them, so that we can calculate my salary well.
Okay, then.
Thank you, President.
Stop calling me, President.
If you won't let me call you President, then what shall I call you? Mr.
Han Kang.
Or Han Kang, like this.
Han Kang? Really? Han Kang! Can't I? If you had lived in the U.
, don't they call you by name? Jennie, John, Brad, Kang.
Hey KANG! Because the weather is very good.
I think I've gone insane.
I will work now.
Yi Kyung, that notebook What is it about? This? I decided to work freelance part-timer.
Freelance part-timer? Because there a lot of places that I have to go.
Shin Ji Hyun must have loved her mother very much.
Saying that she's the most lovable woman, full of affection in the world.
A mother like you.
Dear, Dear.
Dear! I knew that it will be like this, seriously.
You said that you will bring pork bone soup here.
I knew it would be like this.
Bone soup? I wanted to lose weight, that's why I said, I will stew pork bone soup.
I wasn't going to eat bone soup.
But you carried this heavy thing alone.
What to do if you had injured your hands? Aigoo, if bone soup is on the menu today, then that means we would be having bone soup everyday for the rest of the week.
Whenever spring and autumn come, it would be good if you just drink this.
He doesn't really eat seafood and yet, he still doesn't eat meat.
Oh, isn't this the smell of bone soup.
Yi Kyung, you don't like bone soup either? Even if it's for a whole month I could eat just this! Really? I even have kimchi radish that has gotten spoiled for anyone to eat it.
Omo, omo.
We must be fated! Oh goodness.
Ji Hyun, Mom is here.
Dear, you haven't eaten anything, have you? Ji Hyun, let Dad have his meal first.
If the soup is cold, it won't taste good.
Ji Hyun's mother.
What kind of soup? You and Ji Hyun don't like most types of soup.
Honey, let me have a look.
I'm not crazy.
Ji Hyun's friend went to our home.
She said that Ji Hyun told her, she wants to be a mother like me.
Ji Hyun's friend said that? Yes, she said it like that.
You and your daughter are always together.
Always leaving me behind.
When did we leave you out? But she said it's not like that.
Ji Hyun, wants to be a mother like me.
Ji Hyun said it like that.
You probably didn't know, that Ji Hyun saw me like this in her heart.
Did you come just to show off? Don't you feel embarrassed? That's why you used 'bone soup' as an excuse.
Honey, I, As long as I've lived, Hearing someone say, "I want to be like you" It's the first time.
You must be happy.
Until now, I still haven't heard it once.
In her heart, I was like that.
How can I fall now? What happens if she thinks that I gave up on her? No parents would ever give up on their own child.
Therefore, I hope to take care of her Pray for her.
If there is a God, He won't be so heartless.
She is our only child, must he take her away? It's really good.
Do you want more? Yes, and rice too.
The remaining rice is for Su Joon and Jun.
The rice is untouched.
Have you finish eating? I am done eating.
Ki Jun, bring me a cup of coffee.
You made it for Mister, it's not nice that I ate it all, but what can I do.
If everyone has enjoyed the meal, that means that I have enjoyed it too, right? Of course.
But, your appetite is really good.
I've always had a big appetite.
I think I was a beggar in my previous life.
I hate women like that.
Either don't bring your kids along, or at least keep an eye on them! Be careful.
Are you still eating? I'm done.
See, I knew there would be an accident.
I'll go take a look.
Are you hurt? Don't cry.
I told you not to run.
Unni, do you have a tissue? Seriously, continue crying then! Look! The tissue got hurt when it fell.
I should fix it.
You have to press hard.
Give me your hand.
Hold it properly.
Noona will sprinkle some magic dust.
Open them.
Jjang-jjang! Since you're a pretty child, you should use a pretty tissue to wipe.
Guess which hand? Jjang-jjang! Wow! It's candy! Wow.
That's awesome! Now watch.
You do it like this.
This is how it's done.
Now do you know? Try it! Do it again.
I have done it so many times already, now it's your turn to try.
Why should I? If you didn't want to learn, then why'd you join our club? Because I had to join a club, that's why I came.
Every year, our club celebrates with a magic show to raise money.
It's very important.
Learning this will provide the rice on your table? Then, go learn about the tarot cards.
Why should I? I'm leaving! You jerk.
Have a cup of coffee.
You know how to do magic? I saw you doing magic for the kid.
That I learned it from my friend.
When you see Song Yi Kyung, is there a woman she reminds you of? Other than Hwa Joon, do I have any other woman? Why is it every time I see her, I keep thinking of Shin Ji Hyun? Hmm Their personalities are quite similar.
Careless, cheerful, has a good appetite, curls spaghetti around her chopsticks three times, doesn't like bay leaf, has a habit of picking her fingers, And she even knows magic.
Really? And also her tone.
Her tone is the same too.
The feeling is also like that.
She even gives you the same feeling? I heard seeing things she likes can stimulate brain waves.
That's why I'm going everywhere interviewing her friends.
That's possible.
I heard that you met Ji Hyun when she first came to Seoul.
We were best friends after she was just transferred here.
We were also classmates in our third year of high school.
Then you'll do the interview? You must have a lot of memories.
Out of them, when did you feel most thankful towards Ji Hyun? What I mean to say is, what was the most touching memory for you? Can't I just say encouraging words for Ji Hyun? If she knows how much her friends love her, maybe her desire to live would be greater, and she'd wake up.
Ah The most tearful and touching moment would be the best.
Tearful and touching moment? Hey, wasn't there that time that time in our third year when I carried you on my back and ran.
In our third year, there was once I fainted.
At that time my parents weren't home as they'd gone to the countryside to pay their respects.
Right! This is the one! Ji Hyun was with me all night in the hospital.
Thinking about those grateful feelings, say a few words to Shin Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun, at that time, I really thank you very much.
I should also be in your ward looking after you.
Sorry, I cannot stay by your side.
Young Shin, please cry.
But if you can wake up, I will buy you anything you want to eat for the rest of your life.
You don't have to buy anything for me, just cry! Wake up quickly! I'm done.
That was fast.
Do I have to say more? No.
However, it doesn't seem like your tears came out.
I don't usually cry much.
And also, Ji Hyun is not dead.
Do I have to be dead before you'll cry for me? Then, you are done, right? During your third year, it wouldn't have been easy to make friends.
That's true, but, However, from Ji Hyun's perspective, the pressure to study wasn't huge.
And she wasn't very good at studying.
So how is Ji Hyun's fiance doing? With Ji Hyun in her current condition, their engagement should be broken, right? They should have broke the engagement already.
She said she met her destined one and showed off everywhere.
Has Min Ho gone to the hospital? Someone who's able to cry while reading manga, yet she says she doesn't cry? Horrible girl.
I'm already in this state, yet you're only curious about my broken engagement? Is it really because I have not died? Now she seems to have gained a little weight.
I must also massage her legs.
They say being in bed too long can make the legs numb.
Stop it and go back first.
Stop being stubborn and don't stay here.
Okay, I know.
Ji Hyun, after Mom returns home to eat and refreshen up, I will come to see you again, tomorrow.
Don't come again.
You should also go to the company to have a look.
Even though Min Ho is there, always accompanying Ji Hyun is not a solution.
You don't have to interfere with the company's matters.
I will see what I can do.
Now, go! What I am saying is Go back, go quickly.
Are you here to visit Ji Hyun? Yes.
You look after her for now.
Let's go.
Hey Shin Ji Hyun, are you alright? I brought this.
Your most favorite winter rose.
That's right, you're right here.
You are here, but I don't know why I keep seeing you.
I must be crazy.
You're here, having a hard time.
Yet, I'm actually mistaking someone else to be you.
Does that even make sense? There's no way it's possible, you fool.
That's what you should say.
Seo Woo, I'm here.
Why are you like this? Did something happen? Hello.
You like eating that bread? Last time, you bought the same bread.
Yes, because it is super delicious.
I have a friend who buys a large bag of bread per week.
She gives some to the cleaning lady and to the company's security man.
She'll also have some herself.
She really likes to eat bread.
Especially this bread.
Really? Is she your best friend? Even if she wasn't, I keep thinking of that friend.
What kind of friend was she, she's not even a man, but you were spaced out thinking about her? She's not that kind of friend, alright? What? That's not what I meant either.
They must have been such good friends, that you're able to space out.
That's it.
I mean I'm jealous.
Have fun shopping for bread.
Han Kang.
President! I called out for you, why didn't you reply and just drove away? Why did you call me? It looked like you saw me, but you just kept driving.
That's why I called after you.
You didn't see me? I didn't see.
Where did you come back from? What happened to him? Did I arrive too late? No.
What are you doing here? I bought you some bread.
There's no need.
Eat it when you're hungry.
There's no need, take it with you.
Everyone in the shop has a share.
The shop keeper, Soo Jun unni and the chef Why are you talking so much? I said I don't want it.
If there's nothing else, please leave.
Then this Is it because when I returned, I didn't ask for permission? You are working freelance, so whether you come to work or not, or what time you leave, or what time you return, it all doesn't matter.
And also this, in the future, just tell the shopkeeper to sign it.
Why are you suddenly like this? Is it because I made a mistake that I don't know about? If that's the case, just say it.
Miss Song Yi Kyung, am I your friend? You are the staff member, I am the president.
I asked you to leave and you don't leave.
Why are you so talkative? And in the future, don't enter here without permission, got it? Song Yi Kyung, do you not have a mouth? Are you mute? Why don't you answer when the president is speaking? It's because you're so apathetic, the customers are annoyed by you.
What's with him? So ruthless.
He was okay awhile ago.
Or could it be because of Kang Min Ho? He clearly likes to eat this.
Suddenly, what's the matter? What are you doing? Have you eaten? I'm currently working.
Eat your dinner happily.
[Cha Jin Young] Hello.
I am a Chauffeur.
The President's wife has requested me to run an errand.
I am now on my way to your place.
Ji Hyun's mom? Then goodbye.
Jin Young.
Director Kang, where is Oppa right now? He is at home.
I have already called the chauffeur.
Could you buy some ox bones at the department store? [Seo Woo] Oh, In Jung.
What happened? You haven't eaten dinner yet, right? Let's have dinner together.
Why am I so tired? Welcome.
We meet again.
Please come in.
Yi Kyung, You look very tired.
Get off work.
We don't have many customers today.
Go back and rest.
Your complexion looks pale.
Can I? Then I will go first.
Today, Han Kang didn't come to the shop.
Maybe he's still at the office.
Go take a look.
Forget it.
He should be working.
What should we have? Han Kang probably didn't eat yet.
Call him to come and eat together.
Should I? That part-timer before, she must be a diligent worker? Seems like the manager is taking care of her.
It is because of the President.
Because of Han Kang? Our President likes Song Yi Kyung.
Han Kang? Not only does she skip work without reason, she leaves halfway, and is often late.
No matter what she does, he will accommodate her.
Now, he even lets her work as a "freelancer".
Saying something like, as long as she is able to make it, she can come to work anytime.
Han Kang is not that kind of person.
By the way, Yi Kyung already has a fiance.
Not to mention, how arrogant she is towards that person.
To Director Kang? It's because I'm not feeling well.
So, drop by, take it and go.
What? Do you want me to go and get? The money.
49,000 won.
The emergency fund that you lent me.
You told me to return it within 49 days.
Come over and get it.
You bring it to me! The person who borrowed it should come and give it back.
Should the person who lent it be the one to go get it? I have to finish this piece, since I have this 'feel' right now, so YOU come here! If I return this body back, you know I can't touch any money then.
If it's money you're giving to me, you can hold it.
Alright? Unni, I will go first.
Oh yeah! It's good! This is not much.
You are really a Scheduler with many talents.
Club, coffee shop, motorbike, guitar.
You don't know anything.
Do you only see the guitar? It's the singing that's important! I'm a singer-songwriter.
At this point, I know this much.
I once dreamt of being a singer.
Can anyone just become a singer? You.
The syllable and beat here are all wrong.
-=I'm a scarecrow, standing on one foot=- It should be like this.
Wah! You weren't bluffing! Why didn't you become a singer? My dad didn't want me to.
He wanted me to find a good man to marry.
That was Dad's mission in life.
And that person was Kang Min Ho? I know, right? Choices, choices and even more wrong choices! Why are you like this as well? Originally, today, I wanted to give it my all to get the tears.
You know how pathetic the result was? Pitiful! This is all part of the curriculum of the 49 days journey.
Curriculum of the 49 days journey? I already told you previously at the funeral.
Humans are really complicated.
According to route of death, those who don't have to personally go to their own funeral, are people who've accumulated luck from their previous life.
You're scaring me, why are you like this? But, instead of being just a Scheduler like me, you are 100 times better off.
Because the chance to live again exists.
How did you become a Scheduler? I volunteered.
You can volunteer to be a Scheduler? Why did you volunteer? I don't know how it happened that way, but I think I died with something sincerely important left to do.
That's why I volunteered.
If I finish my five-year term without incident, I can do that thing.
That's the reason why I live as a Scheduler.
A sincere last wish? What was that? If I knew, would I be stuck, continuing working as a Scheduler? Of course, I will put aside the work as a Scheduler and do that matter.
That's true.
You are also quite pitiful.
You are still quite young.
You're one to talk! Hurry and give me the money! Excuse me.
Song Yi Kyung who works in the evening why hasn't she come to work yet? I don't know.
You don't know? She didn't call or show up for work.
Why hasn't Unni returned yet? This is really an emergency.
Why are you paging me for an emergency again, when we parted just a while ago? Song Yi Kyung has not returned.
What? Unni might probably be sick.
Hurry, go to the hospital.
Of course, I have to go but how can we take her to the hospital? How can you take her? Just go into her body.
Me? Quickly, come here.
I have a stomachache.
My head is dizzy and I feel nauseous.
Since you feel uncomfortable, then you must be responsible until the end.
I already said I'm not the one who's feeling uncomfortable.
Wait until you reach the hospital.
After you have recovered, then tell me.
You want me to go to the hospital alone? I am a Scheduler, not your Guardian.
I have a case this morning.
Take the taxi there.
Was it because what I said was too harsh? Kang ah.
You don't know Song Yi Kyung's phone number, do you? She hasn't called? She doesn't seem like someone who does things irresponsibly.
Could something have happened? What did you eat yesterday? Ox bones soup with rice during the day an extra half a bowl of rice Some bread and in the evening, I ate pasta.
At night, I ate a big bowl of ramyeon.
Did you vomit at all? What? Vomit? The contract for the Seafood Island investment project provides the funding as a requirement.
We need to give 20% of our stocks.
This is to secure the rights to operate the island.
Because they know our financial situation is pressing right now.
But, compared to loans sharks, what should we do? Father.
Wait a moment.
Dad is probably in my ward, right? The shop! Since you are a freelancer, I don't care whether you come to work or not.
When you leave or when you come does not matter to me.
He should be angry by now.
But I still have an appointment at three o'clock.
I better take the medicine first.
Get in! You seem to be in pain.
Get in.
I'll send you back.
There is no need.
I'm only telling you to get in because it's on the way.
I'm going to see Kang, aren't you heading there too? I already said no need.
Why don't you want to get in? Because I hate it.
Hate it? Why do you hate it? Because I've gotten mad at you several times? Misunderstood you? Or is it because Kang scolded you? No, I hate you.
As this isn't a workplace, I can talk freely, right? I hate you.
Why do you hate me? A person can't hate without a reason? Liking someone without a reason Hating someone without a reason You don't understand that, do you? Having reasons to like someone and having reasons to hate someone You're like this, aren't you? It is already unpleasant for the both of us.
Get in.
Didn't you hear me? I said I hate you.
Even if it was not Song Yi Kyung, I won't leave someone who is sick behind.
Just because you said you hated me will that make me angry and leave you behind? You are not that important to me, don't misunderstand.
This is my fiancee.
Fiancee? You already knew I was engaged, didn't you? Fiancee Really indeed, she looks stupid.
What did you say? I mean she likes people and trusts people, unconditionally.
Your words are always so unpleasant.
She was an innocent and kind woman.
She was also a transparent and cheerful person.
Innocent and kind? So, is that why he deceived me? Because it's easy.
Yes, Director Jung.
I've received the decision.
I will discuss the details at the company.
Thank you! Not even a word of thanks? Thanks? Why I must say thanks? You forced me to get in the car.
Forced her to get in What happened? Why did Song Yi Kyung get off from Hyung's car? Seems like something big has happened.
Song Yi Kyung can't ride in my car? Where did you meet her? Why did you meet with her? Why do I even have to tell you about this? You are Ji Hyun's fiance.
Right now, Ji Hyun is in pain.
What are you doing now? Then, who are you? Ji Hyun's older brother? The way you're treating me it's not because of Song Yi Kyung, right? What are you talking about? Then, why are you acting like this? Didn't you dislike Ji Hyun? Didn't you hate her? Even so, Hyung, don't you love Ji Hyun? Don't use Ji Hyun as an excuse.
You're the one who said Ji Hyun was annoying, that's why you gave up on her.
That It's because of that woman, isn't it? I'm talking about Hyung's problem.
Hyung, why are you always asking me about my feelings? Did you really give up on Ji Hyun already? You're always comparing two different matters.
How can you put that woman and I It's not her, it's not.
I'm not interested, is that enough? Ki Joon Hee.
Tell Song Yi Kyung to come.
I couldn't call you and I am late.
I keep doing regretful things.
I'm sorry.
Can we stop saying the same things to each other? This time, let's finish it.
You are dismissed.
I allowed you to work freelance, but instead you meet up with Min Ho Hyung? I already told you that he is my friend's fiance.
That's that's not it.
We met accidentally.
It doesn't matter if this is the truth or not.
I can't just let you stay at Min Ho's side.
Min Ho Hyung is my friend's fiance.
I have an obligation to protect that friend.
Friend? Is he like that because of me? I can't take care of you anymore.
I won't take care of you.
I'm really not interested in Kang Min Ho.
Really! It's up to you whether you accept it or not.
Don't you ever come here again.
I?won't take this money.
You understand that, right? How dare you threaten me! I mean, even if I do not take this money Don't take it to heart.
Never never take it to heart.
I'm really fine.
I consider all the care you're giving to your friend as mine, it's enough for me.
Tell Song Yi Kyung to come.
Song Yi Kyung has been fired.
Fired? Fired.
Thank you for this period of time.
I heard that you were fired.
It's probably because of me.
Isn't it? Enough.
Moving ahead, what are your plans? Are you going to look for a new job? Don't worry about it.
How about my home? Didn't you say, you needed money? Work at my house.
I'll pay you.
You should know how to clean.
Do you know how to cook? How much are you going to pay me? Are you going to pay me in advance? So, do you agree to work at my house? Aren't you inviting me? I'll do it.
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Why is Song Yi Kyung unni living like this? Unni, how can you not sleep now when you couldn't sleep at night? Is everything planned over there? Why are you always like that, asking Oppa to take care of the matter? Please take care of this Unnie.
I've already been stuck here for 4 days.
Ya! Shin Ji Hyun, you're only staying overnight in somebody's home.
Now there are only 34 days left.
Sunbae, for these situations? Can we use plan 3?