49 Days (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

How about my house? Didn't you say you need money? You can work for me and I'll pay you.
There should be no problem cleaning.
You know how to cook, right? First, how much are you going to pay me? Can you pay in advance? You mean you'll work at my house? Didn't you ask me to? I'll do it.
I can start at 11 in the morning.
How many hours do you want me to work? Why are you saying you'll do it? Didn't you say you hated me without a reason? Ah, seems like you've never tried living without money.
To people who need money, of course, we work because we need to earn money, it's not like we go to work to see people.
Did you, perhaps, think that I would refuse? So, you said something like this? Come here before 11 in the morning.
Don't you need to work before 11 in the morning? I can't just trust a stranger with my house on the first day.
Think about the working conditions and the pay and then come over.
Don't be late.
Hey! Paradise Apartments.
Room 703.
Don't worry, Oppa.
I'll definitely be there.
Hello, director Jung.
I already received the statement.
There's clearly something! I'll be able to earn money and spy on him.
It'll be killing two birds with one stone.
What's the big deal about part-time? We'll just see, Song Yi Kyung, how long you can glare at me.
That look of contempt.
So far no one's ever looked at me like that before.
He's probably trying to win me over.
Oppa is just that type of person.
If he's looked down upon just a little, he can't handle it.
Ah, it seems that this time, she won't come back anymore.
Ah, she already left, Song Yi Kyung.
I let her go by myself.
Won't you regret this? Why would I regret it? Ajussi, why would you ask me that? What's your purpose? It really doesn't matter, huh? Of course! That's fortunate.
Why is it fortunate? What? Uh, last year, wasn't there a gentleman who after seeing this building, kept asking you to design for him.
Professor Oh, he said, from World University.
Ajussi, you don't mean Ah, he asked me if you've been busy lately.
So I told him you aren't busy anymore.
How am I not busy?! You said you wouldn't work with the Haemido Resort.
You rejected such a big project.
Are you going to rely on selling red wine and Italian pasta for a living? Did you take over your mom's restaurant because of that? Who said I did Then why are you all mad? Don't you need to make a living by creating architecture as an architect? He's going to call you in a second.
Ah, really She's not here yet? Has she left already? I was only delayed for less than 15 minutes.
-=Yoon Ji Seon=- Hello, this is Hyomin Company, how can I help? Ji Seon! Miss! It's Park Jeong Eun.
Ji Hyun's friend.
I'm at the cafe right now.
I'm sorry, but the professor suddenly told me to do something.
So I won't be able to meet you.
Really? Then, are you at school right now? I'll go to you.
No need, I'm busy today.
It'll only take a little while.
Consider it as helping friends.
Well, it's not that important, right? When I have time, I'll go visit Ji Hyun.
- That'll be enough, right? - Hello?! "It's not that important?" she says? It's important, okay? You'll visit me when you have time? You brat, when would that be? When I die?! At the funeral?! I'm so hungry.
Why am I hungry when I have a stomach ache? Not enough -=Beef mushroom porridge - 7,000 won=- When I was working with Han Kang, I didn't need to pay for food.
The doctor said I can't eat noodles anymore.
What do I do if this Unni eats a bowl? Excuse me, I'd like another bowl of beef porridge.
Please add extra beef.
Okay! Work harder after eating, Shin Ji Hyun.
The sun will still rise tomorrow.
Unni should hurry and rest so she can go to work.
She'll be tired.
The president didn't agree with the first design, so we were to look at others.
But this isn't right, is it? This design is too common now.
This is a mall design.
You're going to build a gallery or cafe here? I don't think this location is right for that.
This piece of land was cheap, so I bought it.
The first floor will have the gallery and cafe.
The second to the fifth floors would be for lease, that's the temporary plan.
If you build a five-story building here, the houses behind it won't get any sunlight.
What will you do about that? Sooner or later, they'll all be out within a few years.
Just bribe them with money and they'll leave.
What did you say? This is a re-development area.
In the future, there would be major road repairs.
Then it should be fine to do it according to this layout.
Honestly, the design is nothing really great.
You may not know I don't design for shopping centers.
Don't we need to have it redesigned? Didn't you win an award in the US, designing something? That was an art museum design.
It doesn't matter.
Go according to our plan, and your pay will be doubled.
Doubled? Aish, a young man dealing so hard.
Let's triple it.
- Ajussi.
- Ajussi? Do your business well, Ajussi.
Stop calling me.
Don't even think of putting that five-story here.
Unni, why are you awake already? It's still early, it's not even 12 yet.
Unni, I'm sorry.
It must hurt a lot? But it's really strange.
I could normally drink two bowls of that soup.
I don't know why that's changed.
How long have I slept? Unni! Why is Unni like this? Geez, he doesn't even have an ounce of a conscience.
I was very sick yesterday so I wasn't able to work.
I won't be late today.
Pardon? Where did Unni go? I still have to go see dad.
Unni, where did you go? Please stop eating instant ramen.
Until you're feeling well, I'll continue eating juk (porridge).
I'll take the medicine too.
Sleeping again? You must be having a hard time.
Even if I won't accept this money, don't take it personally.
Never Never take it to heart.
I'm really fine.
Just from the thoughts of your friend, It feels like I've received enough.
Is she trying to talk nonsense? There are only 38 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes left.
What to do, what to do, what to do?! Unni! You already don't sleep at night, you won't even sleep now? I have to go to Kang Min Ho's house.
Absence without leave? Then Unni got fired from the convenience store because of me? Right! How come you get fired just for missing one day? How inhuman.
So now, what do I do? I'm going to be late now.
It was your fault, Song Yi Kyung was fired.
I'm allowed to use her body 14 hours a day, aren't I? Ah, this is exactly why I can't stand humans.
No sense of shame or honor.
Shin Ji Hyun.
This is the woman's body.
You're only just borrowing her body.
I know that Your 14 hours were supposed to match with Song Yi Kyung's schedule.
More than your 49 days as a traveler, the life of the owner's body is more important.
Yes, I said I already know! - You know? - I know! So if Unni does not sleep, then I can't do anything? Bingo! Why is it like this? Who do you think you're yelling at? I told you not to give her any troubles.
Who's the one that ate so much and got her fired? Is it me? I was wrong It doesn't matter if you're human or just a soul.
Karma will still get you.
I know.
If you know, wait until this woman gains consciousness.
I'm leaving.
What to do What to do What to do? Song Yi Kyung's body is in chaotic state.
It's not clear how long it'll take for her to wake up.
So it's best if you shouldn't run about.
Tomorrow morning, come here before 11AM.
Don't you need to work before 11AM? You just got in? I just came from getting the results from the hospital.
You've worked hard.
You haven't had lunch, right? I'll be done right after I take this to the doctor.
Let's have lunch together, Oppa.
We're in the company right now.
There's no one but us.
Our voices aren't recorded, are you like this because of the CCTV? Like always.
Why is it always like this? Mom.
I'm already a junior in college.
When can I do that? I am the head of the planning team.
When I was in a college, my parents were penniless.
Let Oppa decide.
Hurry, get in the car! Stop! Stop the car! You bitch! Be quiet before you get hit more! Pretty good.
Just drive, you bastard.
Before someone calls the cops.
Be quiet! Damn it, come here! Come out! Hurry up! Are you OK? Are you hurt? No, no, Miss.
It's not me, I I'm not with them.
Instead of hiding this from your parent not being shocked, why not just go home early? This area, there is no one at curfew.
Do you live in this area? I come here every week for hiking.
To prevent thieves, I have to take care of my own physique.
Hiking is the best choice.
You can drink it now.
Thank you! Wipe your hands and face.
Also your lips, here.
Thank you! Go back.
If I want to return the favor How should I contact you? To someone whose name I don't even know I should just trust them and give them my information? My name is Shin In Jung.
Shin In Jung.
Can I see your cellphone? Hurry and go in now.
That On my phone What should I put down for your name? Kang Min Ho.
Oppa! I knew you'd be like this.
I didn't give you an opportunity.
This is because I'm afraid you'd be weakened.
Is something wrong, Director Kang? Don't use those sad eyes to look at me.
It's very heartbreaking.
Today, I will see Director Jung.
To complete signing the new contracts.
At least in three or four days.
The registration of the seal would be done.
Do you know what this means? Hmm, I already know So, after we have finished this work, Let us meet comfortably.
You are talking about this.
As long as we get over this hurdle, We will be able to meet again.
President Shin.
Don't you plan to have a surgery? It's not that I won't.
I cannot have it.
Don't you know that the more delayed, the more dangerous it is? If I get the surgery, You also can't be 100% sure if I can live.
It's totally scary.
You really have to be like this.
I will tell her.
What? What do you need to meet my wife? Shut up! She's being able to live just for Ji Hyun.
There's no hope for your daughter So, don't try to drag it.
At least you have to live, guarding your wife.
Shut your mouth up! You brat! President Shin.
What? What are you? Are you God? Telling me to give up my daughter.
I am your friend, you rotten brat.
Look, I told you.
Be quick to operate.
You just make it worse, rotten brat.
What did you say with Dr.
Jo? It's nothing.
Are still massaging her legs? They say you're already sleeping too long.
Your limbs will be stiff once you wake up it'll be hard to move.
Jo Bak Sun.
What exactly did he say? You really boast about your daughter.
You look so glad.
My wife What exactly did Dr.
Jo say? How come you keep avoiding it? How is it? Is there anything wrong? Oh, don't just stay here and go to the office as well.
That's what he said.
That's what I am saying as well.
Later, I am thinking of going to the Office.
You don't listen to your wife But you'd rather listen to my friend's words.
Ji Hyun! Look at your Dad.
But, my husband Min Ho what should he do? What do you mean? About the engagement.
We don't even know when they will marry Should we first I was wondering if we should say something beforehand? Or not? He is someone who really thinks and cares about our Ji Hyun.
He wanted to leave the office and come here, I had to persuade him to not come.
If that's the case Every day, Look at Ji Hyun one more time, and then go.
Say that if you are too happy Even ghosts get jealous.
It seems those words are really true.
Jeez, I bought it a long time ago.
I couldn't register it.
I'm really sorry.
It's all because of me.
Don't take too long.
It's good that it didn't take long to handle this.
It's all done.
Confirm it.
Yes Wait for the registration to come out.
Chief Kang's matters have been settled.
And you will do our job.
Are you guys still going, according to the original plan? We had planned to do it before the wedding.
I don't know how long before it'll be ready.
Five billion won.
Eight billion won.
It will.
Immediately start preparing for the registration.
I know.
You really are just a spoiled child, huh? Did something happen? This late.
Why are you listening to such a sad song? I heard that Song Yi Kyung has been fired.
Well, she did not come out here in future.
I said she has been fired.
Because she was fired, you are concerned about it? Not really.
Good job.
No, it's good.
Now, there is no longer a reason to get misunderstood by you.
Hyung, if I misunderstood you, I am sorry.
Forget about it.
Let's talk about work.
About work? A regional, but a Sea Island Resort, is the most important private residence.
We need a distinctive concept.
So we need your imagination.
It cannot have a regular design.
Even if you are angry at me, for Ji Hyun's sake, You be responsible for the design of that area.
You will need to attend the next meeting.
I am going.
Please sit down.
You're leaving so soon? Because I'm busy.
The mood between you and Director Kang (Min Ho) is getting more and more worse than before.
I know, right? When we were in the United States, I've held on this long only because of Hyung.
Is it because I'm being too sensitive? Yes, possibly.
But it could no be as well.
Ajusshi, you are not a Monk.
Do not always be filled with a mouthful of etiquette, have also some morals.
Some people's hearts can be known at a glance.
For some people, their hearts are full of twists and bends.
Kang Min Ho-ssi! What did you come here to confirm? What will happen if this girl wakes up outside.
while you borrow her body? She just fell asleep.
So she won't wake up so soon.
What if she knows of your true face? Do you think her body will be ok? Song Yi Kyung Unnie.
Unnie, why do you really live like this? You have such a beautiful face, don't you feel pity? Yi Kyung, it has been five years.
You have lived like this for five years.
but you shouldn't be like this.
That's right.
This Unni has a reason.
I I hate you doctor, who knows about that time.
Exactly, what the hell happened? Isn't there any albums or what? What's wrong with me? Dad.
I told you that I will come over to collect the rent today.
Why are you avoiding me? Why are you still avoiding me? Didn't you escape upon seeing me a moment ago? Unni, what's the matter? I What happened? What should I do if she finds out? What should I do? I'm tired of this! Unni, what did you say? Tired! Tired! What are you doing now? Unni, what are you thinking? Unni, don't.
You can't die! Hey! Hey! Hey! Why? Why? Why? Hey, you.
Come over quick.
Unni is going to commit suicide! She wants to commit suicide, come stop her! Again? Leave her alone! What? Leave her alone.
Whether she commits suicide is her choice.
It?s not for us to interfere with Don't be like this, come over quick.
Please, I beg you.
I have a schedule, so I am waiting.
Even if I want to go, I can't! That's really What's the matter with Song Yi Kyung? Unni, don't be like this, don't be like this.
I was wrong, so please I beg you.
Please, Unni.
Yi Kyung-ssi, Yi Kyung-ssi.
Don't do anything silly.
Unnie, someone's coming.
Open the door.
Someone came to see you.
Yi Kyung-ssi, Yi Kyung-ssi! If you do not open the door, I will break it open! Yi Kyung-ssi! Yi Kyung-ssi! Yi Kyung-ssi! Yi Kyung-ssi! Yi Kyung-ssi! What do you want? Because you did not come to the convenience store, There was no way for me to confirm that you were safe.
I'm here to return this.
This seems pretty important to you.
Doctor, why are you acting this way? Because I want to see that you are doing well.
You're okay right? Fortunately, this has not withered.
And also This No matter what happens, if you need me, contact me at any time.
Take this.
Can't you even do this? Unni, thank you Really thank you for not dying.
But Although I don't know why you wish to seek death, I envy you.
Unni You don't know how precious it is to have a body, do you? Being able to touch, and feeling warmth.
You have a voice that someone else can hear, and have people to hear your voice.
You can look at someone and smile together.
Unni, please, have strength.
You need to be strong so I can live too.
No, so that I can do something to stay alive.
Remaining 37 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes.
Remaining 36 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes.
Remaining 35 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes.
Remaining 34 days, 3 hours and 29 minutes.
Please let Unni do something.
I've been locked up in this room for four days.
Now, there are only 34 days remaining.
A Scheduler cannot control or mislead human's emotions.
That would be contradictory to common sense.
Your world is really too cruel.
Didn't you say it's not my time to die yet? I feel that with every passing day, my heart shrinks a little Please save me Hold on, let me ask around.
Hello, sunbae, it's me.
Before that, didn't I report Ji Hyun's situation? It has been four days since the incident.
In this situation, can I use tactic number three? Please enjoy your meal.
Hello! Hello! Mocha coffee with a lot of milk, full of chocolate sauce.
Please wait a moment.
I feel a bad energy.
What is wrong with this place? Ajusshi, do you work here 24 hours a day? Are there no part-time workers at night? This fellow, how dare he speak without honorifics? How dare this fellow speak without honorifics? Don't say this.
Why don't you hire a part-time worker for late at night? Ajusshi, three months ago, your mother died.
How did you find out? The dog also died last month.
Then next, it is Ajusshi.
No Then it's me, I Coffee is done, are you not going to give it to me? What? Ah, yeah! Wait, customer! Customer! Be sure to hire girls.
The age should not be over 30.
Also, someone who isn't fat.
Girls who laugh too much are also not good.
After you get over this, you may live longer.
Finished 10 instant noodles already? Yeah.
How can you live on instant ramen? Wait a moment.
Female part-time worker urgently needed - Working hours: 1am to 8am - Essential conditions: Female, age between 28 to 29, height 170cm, weight below 51kg, work experience preferred, family-like ambience, late night duty without manager supervision.
Hello! Excuse me, are you hiring? Yes! I It's best if you can start today.
You can, right? Really, thank you very much.
From 1AM until 8AM, it will save you enough time.
The rest of the time you can do whatever.
OK, I will.
I'll be extra careful.
You thought about it a lot, being locked up for four days, huh? Cause the only thing I can do is think.
Oh yeah, can you do me a favor? Again? You, woman.
The more men help you, the more you ask them to help you.
That's not it.
Can you help me investigate Unni's past? Song Yi Kyung-ssi.
I want to know why she's living like this.
That is out of my reach.
The Scheduler only works for those who aren't in this world.
If she still has family, please help her to find them.
You love to meddle in other people's business.
You can barely help yourself.
I already know I'll be sure to work harder.
But since I've been with her these past few days I can tell that Unnie is really lonely.
I know, right? Why is she living so pitifully? 33 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes remaining.
Thank goodness you haven't left for work.
I'm a little late.
Late? Didn't we decide that you'd come, five days ago? Are you playing me? I wasn't able to come because of some difficulties for several days.
And I had no way of contacting you.
Therefore You got a new part-timer? If you found one, I'll leave.
Since you were fired because of me, Come in.
This is the bedroom, and that's the bathroom.
It's quite small.
It doesn't seem like there's much work to do as well.
No need to come in every day.
This is something I have decided.
Cleaning, laundry, preparing dinner There is no need to work for the entire day as well.
First, give me your identity card.
Identity card? Resident registration card or driver's license.
I don't carry that around.
You want me to leave the whole house to a person whose name is the only thing I know? Moreover, I also don't know if the name is real or not.
Are there a lot of things to steal at your home? You don't know for certain what will happen tomorrow.
Should I go back to get my identity card? Give me your mobile phone.
You want me to leave the mobile phone? Now, can you talk about the work conditions? I thought you asked for it, right? I'm busy now, so we can talk later.
When will you come back? Try to come back before 11 o'clock.
Until 11PM.
I could come home early as well.
Can I not lock the door and leave? Only after seeing you work today.
Then I will decide if you need to come tomorrow or not.
You forget that you're a part-timer.
You want me to stay shut here the entire day? Do you know how important each day is for me? If you can't wait, then go back.
Just to match my time with a part-time worker.
I can not come back according to your time.
Okay, I'll wait until you come back.
That rude Of course, a person like Kang Min Ho wouldn't leave things at home.
But there is also the possibility of it being at home.
You still haven't gone to work yet? How come you are here like this? Monthly leave: One chance to take leave every month.
I heard you applied for monthly leave today, so I applied as well.
I also wanted to go to Ji Hyun with you.
Ji Hyun? Let's go as the parents to go back.
And stay there, the entire day.
I can't.
I have plans.
Plans? With who? There just is What time is the appointment? In short, I have no time to go to the hospital.
Do you have a boyfriend already? I guessed right! I knew it would be like this! No wonder you are sometimes in a daze.
I thought it was because of Ji Hyun.
Who is it? Later.
What, later? Who is it? Who? What does he do? Later.
Horrible girl.
Even if it is for a short time, let's go see Ji Hyun together.
Knowing that you have a person you like Ji Hyun might wake up because of happiness.
Stop speaking nonsense.
Why? At Ji Hyun's engagement ceremony didn't she say she wanted to introduce Min Ho's friend to you? Don't bring up Ji Hyun again.
Shin In Jung, why are you being like this? Ji Hyun is not everything in our lives.
Whenever you open your mouth, it's Ji Hyun, Ji Hyun.
I would be better if you stopped.
Is Ji Hyun and our relationship an ordinary one? If Ji Hyun stays like that forever will you continue to go to the hospital, two or three times a week? Because we feel sorry towards Ji Hyun We don't watch movies, eat tasty food, date or get married? Just because of Ji Hyun? It has been only a few days, Ji Hyun got into accident and you've already become like this? It's only sooner or later.
I don't know until when you will continue to be like this.
But now, I will do as I wish.
-=Year 2006.
=- They started meeting from then? Before Min Ho Oppa went to study abroad.
Kang Min Ho, Shin In Jung.
You guys, really! You are too much.
OK, I'll wait until you come back.
So, he still uses my birthday as his password? Ah really! Ajusshi why are you like this? Come.
Stretch your body.
Am I a child, Ajusshi? Why are you treating me like a child? Are you a bean sprout? For three days, you have not been out in the sun.
A young man, always at home alone.
I go out with friends too, once in a while.
Stretch your body.
Oh my goodness! Ah come on, and streeetch This way.
Good, stretch Like this Stre-et-tch During the day, what are you doing? Who is this? Manager! How are you? We haven't met for days! Exactly.
It feels like I'm back in my hometown.
Why are you here again? I came to get my last day's wages.
Did you work on your last day? Oh, I didn't.
I'm not here to cling to you and ask for work.
Then why did you come? Hey Han Kang-ssi, what do I look like to you? A part-time worker? Han Kang-ssi? I don't have to address you as President since I'm not your employee.
I came to eat pasta as a customer.
A paying and eating customer.
"I'm sorry, customer.
" You should say like that.
Ajusshi! It's alright, Manager.
It's not that his bad personality is unknown.
Oh, have you found a new job? Of course! If you haven't found one, just say it.
I'll help you look for one.
I really did find one.
The pay is higher, and I can go out whenever I want.
There's only one person to serve, so it's not tiring at all.
You look tired.
It's really not a tiring job.
It looks like you're tired emotionally.
Emotionally, it's more comfortable here.
Don't accept her money.
Ah, yes.
Yi Kyung, you'll come again? Of course, maybe I'll come every three days to eat pasta.
I paid already.
Didn't I say not to accept the money? Am I a beggar? Why won't you accept my money? How am I going to accept your money? You fired me, now you're going to pretend to care? And I'm going to tell you one last time.
I don't have even the smallest interest in your friend's fiancee.
Is your body alright? Is your new work really okay? That's good.
I'm gonna go.
It's a nightclub! High pay, freedom to leave whenever.
You only have to serve 1 guest and being able to wander during the day.
It sounds like it.
Oh no, what do we do about our Yi Kyung? A nightclub Song Yi Kyung, Song Yi Kyung.
Kang, I know you're worrying about Song Yi-kyung and not me, but still thank you.
I'm lucky to have a person like you in my life.
Where are you, Song Yi Kyung?! Don't do that- it keeps making me want to go to you when the person you're worrying about isn't me.
Has she gone crazy? A nightclub? Yah, Song Yi Kyung.
I'll try my best to come back before 11.
You're gonna make me wait til 11PM? Here's the business contact list for the shipping industry.
It's really tough on In Jung.
Didn't we agree for you not to come to my office during work? Aren't you the boss' chauffeur? Sorry.
What's the matter? Is there some problem at the company? No, but right now I'm a little busy.
We were supposed to eat dinner together today.
To celebrate the closing of the deal.
Did you forget? No, I didn't.
Okay, I'll wait until you arrive.
Oppa, hello? I'm sorry.
I'm in a meeting right now.
It's still going on? Weren't you picking me up at 6? Because this is a public issue, The problem is kind of important.
Either way, having dinner tonight will be difficult.
Why does the meeting have to be today? What about dinner? You can only have a sandwich cause of the meeting? I promise to make reservations for tomorrow night.
He won't let me out But I have to make dinner from what's in the fridge? There has to be food inside for me to make dinner at least.
Next Episode Preview.
Where have the files gone? It's like there is a ghost here Just like in movies, there's not going to be a secret vault, right? Doctor, it's not your fault, so please don't come again.
For it can't be forgotten, then just continue on yearning.
Song Yi Soo.
Unnie's little brother? Help me find Song Yi Soo.
Shin Ji Hyun, death at 23 years old, how would you feel? I don't know how I'd feel Is it because of Ji Hyun or because of Song Yi Kyung? Song, why are you here? Are you crazy? Kang ah.
Quit this job right now.
I want to stay.