49 Days (2011) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

Why are you here? What are you doing here? At Kang Min Ho's request, I came here to do some housework.
Housework? Are you working part-time? Then why do you come here? I I came from Director Kang Min Ho's Secretary office.
Auntie told me to send this.
What's that? It's bone soup.
These days, even secretaries run this kind of errand.
I will give it to him.
Would you like to come in? No.
How do you know the password of this house? Well That's It's not something of my concern.
Aunt told me.
Kang Min Ho said he would come back after 11 o'clock.
I'll leave first.
Horrible girl.
She had time to cook bone soup.
Running an errand for my mom? Now I'm not surprised by your lies.
Thank you! I didn't want to prepare Kang Min Ho's meal anyway! Can't you just let him drink this? What is that? Oh my God! What is this? It's bone soup.
I didn't have this at home.
Where did it come from? Shin In Jung brought it.
Who? Shin In Jung.
She just left.
Didn't you meet her? Secretary Shin was here? She also knows the password of your house.
Secretary Shin.
Aren't you going to answer it? What is that document? What is in that the envelope that would bring him back to the house? Oh, In Jung.
What's the matter? Min Ho oppa, did something happened? Why do you have It's good then, I've just finished with the meeting.
Have you finished? You are at home, right? Let's go out.
I'm leaving now, let's have dinner together.
I need to take a look at what those documents are.
Because of something, I have to go out.
You leave first.
How about these things? Just leave it there and go back tomorrow to talk it over again.
Then, you go first.
I will leave after putting it away.
You still want me to say something.
Song Yi Kyung.
All of the documents are placed in the house.
Where are those documents? Did he hide the documents? Where did he hide them exactly? You seem angry.
Min Ho Oppa, what's going on? Why was Song Yi Kyung in your house? I heard that you let her do a part time job.
Did you go to my house? Why? Didn't I tell you that coming to my house anytime might be very dangerous? I thought you won't be able to eat properly because of the meeting.
Is that important now? How did you get in? Did Song Yi Kyung open the door for you? Did you open the door by yourself? Are you crazy now? She used to work at Han Kang's restaurant.
What should we do if somebody spread rumours? So, why did you bring that kind of woman to your house? Didn't you say that she was very rude to you? What are you thinking after all? Shin In Jung, what are you worried about? Oppa, are you interested in Song Yi Kyung? Is it worth it for me to care about this woman? Is that it? That kind of a woman.
What do you think about me now? Since I can't understand.
It's just a part-time job.
It works out that I needed her, and Kang fired her.
So I hired her.
Compared to a stranger, I thought it'd be more comfortable to hire someone I already knew.
Then why didn't you tell me? I have hired so many part-time workers in the past years.
Have I ever told you about it? But she is different.
What's the difference? Just like you said before, to take a person close to Kang and place them by your side, doing things like this is not like you at all.
In these 2 years, when I was with Ji Hyun, did I ever have feelings for her? Answer me! Did I? Never.
Then, let's not talk about it anymore.
Because her situation turned out like this, it only makes me uncomfortable.
Then just let her quit tomorrow.
At least let her work for a few days.
Recently, because of the Haemido issue, I have been very busy.
Also, I'm preparing something else.
It's not a big deal, don't be too sensitive.
It's nice to be a part-time worker, you have a lot of free time.
Right! You should at least run that quick! It was you! Hey! I was scared to death! You are a spirit too, so why are you scared of your own kind? What's the occasion? I didn't even call you.
In order to successfully complete my five years responsibility, I'm here to patrol.
Speaking of that, what are you doing? Me? I want to help Unni do some exercise.
Everyday, she only eats instant noodles.
She has poor physical capacity.
Then, are you trying to make her fit? Because there is nobody interested in Unnie.
Also, because of all the trouble I caused her, I don't have any other way to pay her back.
I should eat well and take care of her health.
You don't even have a guarantee to be able to go back to your own body.
You really are a rare one, huh? The tears, it's not like I will get them by running around.
Right, nobody has cried for you.
Shin Ji Hyun's friends said, this week, they are very busy.
They don't know how urgent my situation is.
They don't even know that I've become like this.
If they did, they wouldn't be like that.
Oh, so the remaining time will still be idling.
I'll go to Kang Min Ho's house to look for information while earning some money.
Killing two birds with one stone.
YO! Some people asks for troubles themselves, (it's a Korean saying) Want to eat the pheasant and the eggs as well, (it's a Korean saying) Want to find money while cleaning the yard, (it's a Korean saying) Want to pick the teeth while eating a pear.
(it's a Korean saying) Will that really happen? Have you ever tried to sit down and just think for four entire days? Why must I do that? It's not like I'm the kind of person who needs to use my brain.
When I was confined for four days, I finally know, how long a day is.
How many things can be done in a day.
I finally know how precious my remaining 33 days are.
understood now?! I will work really hard for the remaining time I have.
You really made a decision like an active queen would.
That's something worth congratulating, but please don't work too hard, otherwise you might cause trouble! Thanks for worrying.
I'm worried about myself.
You are the last burden on the last 34 days of my term.
Humph Bye, see you next time.
I'll call you! How dare she think that we're friends! Letting women to go into your house, it doesn't fit you at all Tomorrow, just fire her.
Please enjoy.
Song Yi Kyung already left work? Forever off work.
She was fired.
Didn't you say that Han Kang likes Song Yi Kyung? Why did she get fired? She tried to seduce Ji Hyun's fiance and was caught by the president.
She was fired because she will not leave Oppa, huh? Now, even secretaries are responsible for delivering bone soup? Kang actually thought about it that much for Ji Hyun's sake? Also, I thought he hated Ji Hyun.
It's a bar.
If you're worried, go and take a look.
What? What's there to see? These are this month's accounts.
Aren't you worried that Song Yi Kyung works in a bar? Because she's sick, but she is still working in a bar.
So, just take a look.
Isn't there an address? Why would I go there? I don't want to be nosy.
It's not meddling.
It's a normal feeling.
Why did your mother take care of me? To me, someone without any blood relation, I kept this young body.
and never contacted the outside world.
If it wasn't for your mother, Hwa Joon and I cannot put one foot in this world.
I don't take after my mom.
But you are your mother's son.
I'm gonna leaving work first.
How can I take after my mom? Thanks for today, Unni.
Today, your body's a bit sore, right? After two or three days, it will get better again.
1 Americano, please.
I seem like a stalker, right? I'm not a stalker.
But I probably seem like a stalker.
At first, I just wanted to take a look and then leave.
But having seen Yi Kyung-ssi go back to work, I feel so happy.
1 cup of Americano, 4,000 Won.
Doctor! Yes? At that time, you did your best as a doctor.
It's not your fault.
You don't need to come back anymore in the future.
I know Because I'm a doctor, I will always do my best.
When Yi Kyung-ssi came to see me, I'd only been married for 3 months.
At the happiest moment of my life, I met the most unfortunate person.
After 3 years of marriage, Because I was too tired while driving, I got into an accident.
My wife died right in front of me.
But I was safe.
At that time, I just knew.
If we don't experience it ourselves, then we'll never know the exact kind of pain.
If you're not able to forget, then just continue to miss him.
I do it this way.
Although my wife might hate me, I still continue to miss her.
32 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes left.
I'm so sick of you! Song Yi Kyung.
Song Yi Soo.
Is he Unni's little brother? Oh.
Unni got burn.
This Unnie, why is she so stupid? 11AM until 3PM.
We'll use the original hourly rate.
4,320 Won per hour.
10AM till 6PM is the baseline.
If I need your help, you'll have to work overtime.
Hourly wages will be calculated according to minimum wages.
Didn't you let me, to go back and consider the hourly wage and working conditions? Just to let you think about it.
Anything that's not already mentioned, just do it your way.
The one who asked me to work here in the first place, is you.
The one who promised to do it, is Song Yi Kyung.
I don't plan to spend all my time here.
I have things to do in the afternoon.
I just need people who is good at doing housework.
This place's housework, 4 hours, per day is enough.
About yesterday Is the bathroom towel cooked yet? Why would you cook a towel? Cooking towels and underwear is essential.
Scrubbing the kitchen, scrubbing the floors, dusting the windows and dusting under the bed.
Have you clean all of it? Plus ironing the clothes and grocery shopping for dinner.
And the clothes should be hand-washed.
Those must be washed by hand? Vacuum cleaner.
Washing machine.
I also can operate it.
I've finished ironing the clothes yesterday.
Going through the fridge, I was going to make fried rice.
You're so funny, Song Yi Kyung.
I just pity Kang's fired-part-time-worker that I offer you this work.
I don't need a conceit part-time worker like you, so what do I do? In that case You can simply fire me.
Because you look so pitiful, I can't do it.
But I personally asked you to come over.
Is he doing this to make me ask for resignation myself? I need to look at the documents.
No need.
I'm not doing your housework anymore.
Your ID, please.
The previous financial statements for the equipment replacement, at the plant have not been submitted yet? Yes.
OK, I know.
I'll leave first.
Yesterday, Seo Woo gave Ji Hyun a manicure.
Look at that, She didn't even look at Ji Hyun's face and left.
Something must have happened to In Jung.
She looks exhausted.
Originally, she was a complicated child.
Just because she left without looking at Ji Hyun you find fault with her.
They have been together since the second year of junior high.
How many years is it already? She was different during their childhood.
The older she got, the more introvert she became.
She was different with Seo Woo.
In Jung! Oppa, where are you? I'm in a meeting with the director right now.
I'll call you later.
How do you do? I'm from the President's office, Director Kang.
Is he going out for lunch? He's not feeling well.
After cancelling the afternoon schedules, he went home right away.
He went home? You came? Kang must be in the office now.
-=Resume=- What brings you here? I just settled things in the hospital and passed by here.
Shin Ji Hyun is still fine, right? Is your work still going smoothly? You will have the first meeting with the design team tomorrow or the day after, won't you? Didn't I say I wouldn't do that? What did you say? Director Kang always thought you would participate.
You really don't plan to design A region? Would I take work as a laughing matter? If you're not going to do it, you should have taken care of it properly.
Whenever Director Kang comes over, you would say you won't do it.
We thought you were just a throwing temper.
Throwing a temper? Not once did you even go to see Director Kang at the office or at his house, and formally said that you wouldn't do it.
That's the right way to proceed.
You tell him about it, when you meet him.
Then, what should I do? Director Kang left early because of too much stress.
Left early? If you're really not going to do it either you end it quickly, at least you can send the design plans over.
so there is a reference.
Well, is he at home now? He should be.
He said he went back home to rest.
It's like seeing a ghost.
Exactly, where could it be hidden? Just like in movies, there's not going to be a secret vault, right? There isn't really a secret vault right? If there is, then this room You scared me! I didn't know that you were here.
If I'm not in the living room, then I must be in this room.
Did you forget to bring something? This is medicine for the burn.
Apply the medicine after disinfecting it.
Did you come just to give me this? Then what? The injury isn't that serious.
I told you, I'm OK.
But it's not OK for me! Because I can't bear to see people with burned hand, doing dishes and cleaning, so I bought it.
Don't joke around.
OK, I know.
So please let go off my hand and give the medicine to me.
What's that smell? Be careful.
Hyung, you know I'll come.
Kang ah! This place's suction hood has broken? Why did you come here? Hyung, you now What are you Song, how did you come here? Why are you in Min Ho hyung's house? I'm working here.
Is there anything wrong? It was you who fired her.
She was fired because of me, so I arranged work for her.
You said you got a new job.
It's at Min Ho's house? Are you insane? Calm down, Kang ah.
Hyung, what are you doing right now? Get out now! Why you are mad? The person who fired me was you.
Do you know why I fired you? This is my friend fiance's house.
What does that have to do with me? What? The house of your friend's fiance, how does that involve me? I take back my words about firing you, okay? Quit this job immediately.
Kang ah.
I want to stay here.
What? I'm sorry, Kang ah.
I can't go back.
I still have things to do here.
What did you just say? I said that I want to stay here.
In the end, isn't it because of this? You're pretending that it wasn't this.
So, it is actually this.
Look here! Look here! It hurts! Seriously funny.
It hurts! Hey, Ma Soon Jung.
Ki Joon Hee.
General Manager.
When nothing is said, that is more frightening.
This is the last time I will tell you this, I'm not interested in your friend's fiance at all.
Why isn't he leaving? No, I just hate you.
I want to stay here.
What will you do tonight? I want to go grocery shopping, give me money.
Let's eat out.
What? Such hands can't get wet.
You just go eat out and I will go home.
I'll clean up here before I go.
Didn't I say to work until 6? And if it's needed, you'll have to work overtime? Why do you want to have dinner with me? How do you do? Director Kang, long time no see.
I'm busy these days.
Are you doing well? Of course, please have a seat here.
Two bowls, please.
I've never come to this restaurant before.
Looks like you're a familiar customer.
It's my mother's favorite place.
Also, mine.
It's the only restaurant where I eat out with mother.
You probably came with your fiancee, right? It is alright to go with other women as well? One woman isn't necessarily all woman.
I do not want you to treat me like a woman.
Then, why didn't you leave with Han Kang? He said he wanted to let you go back and started working afresh.
You still stayed here because you were interested.
I don't believe in poor women and poor people's self-respect thing.
I heard that you desperately pleaded to Kang to get the job.
In my view, that's really lacking spirit.
Must endure.
I can't be fired.
Do you think your attitude towards me is one of self-respect? It's impolite.
From now on, just use this to get in.
Today's wages for the hard work.
Overtime wages have also been added.
I am going back.
Get in.
I'll take you home.
There is no need.
A part-time worker should have the part-time workers' look.
What are you doing, giving me a ride again? What are you doing, having dinner with a part-time worker? That place is also the place where you usually eat with your mom a place where you've never taken me to before, and a place with memories of your mother.
Yet, you brought Song Yi Kyung here.
Get in, you seem to be in pain.
Get in, I'll take you home.
This is the medicine for burns.
Apply it after disinfecting it.
Kang Min Ho, what is the meaning of this? Kang Min Ho-ssi! Could it be that he likes Song Yi Kyung? No Does he like me? Unni, does that make sense? Kang Min Ho likes me.
That's not right! Does he like Unni? Unni, let's go together.
Why isn't he here? Hey, what kind of Scheduler are you? How do you have no sense of time? Why are you nagging? It's good enough that I came to see you.
Calling you to meet here is already not bad! Why did you call me here? You told me not to call for you in Unni's room.
Here or there Hurry, speak up.
Today is Hongdae club day! Help me to find Song Yi Soo.
What is Song Yi Soo? Song Yi is something like mushrooms? It's a name of a person.
It seems to be Unni's younger brother.
That woman's younger brother? Whether Song Yi Soo is dead or alive, where he is and what he's doing, why should I go check these trivial things? I I am a Scheduler, not a Help Center.
I just want to help Unni.
If you want to help that person, then go ahead.
Right now, my time's more precious to me than gold.
Why cling onto me? In the remaining 33 days, do you know how much I still have to do? Scheduling life and death can be a very full schedule.
So you just can't do this thing.
It's not that I can't, I won't! Ruthless bastard.
What? You were a person once.
When you were alive, for sure you must have liked someone and loved someone.
It had to be like that.
It is also possible I never had the chance to love.
I died too early, at 23 year old.
Shin Ji Hyun, have you experienced death at 23? Dying at the age of 23, how do you think that feels? Why wouldn't I know? It feels totally awful.
No, it's a pity.
It's a pity and driving me crazy.
But I'm extremely sad.
What other people pity is that when you were alive, you enjoyed life.
Until you were stabbed in the back, and then felt sadness.
You said you don't have memories when you were alive? Although my memories are gone, the feeling remains.
Do you think I'm living large as a Scheduler for no reason? I died so young that I'm living out the life I didn't get to live.
You really are quite pitiful.
If you knew, don't let me ever again use my precious time on that kind of woman.
In the future, don't call me to that woman's place anymore.
Then, Oppa, are you at home now? I guess so.
They've all gone back.
I just came out, I should go home to take a look.
I really don't know how it is.
Oppa is never late.
What is it? When are you going to Kang's shop today? Today is Han Kang's birthday, isn't it? You're not coming? Aren't you gonna buy Han Kang a present? I'll go with you, set a time.
I have to buy a gift so I should go.
Forget it! In the future, I'll just pick any time and give it to him.
Later when? You're the type of person who can't go by yourself to see him.
Wait until his birthday passes, then run over to deliver presents? Before, it was always Ji Hyun that came with me.
Since Ji Hyun can't, I'll go with you.
Stop being angry.
Because of Ji Hyun, we even have to spend our days like this? Ji Hyun is still in that condition.
Taking care of Kang's birthday makes me feel sorry.
If you continue like this, what will happen if Kang has a girl that he likes? He has a girlfriend? Despite how he appears to have no interest in women, he can't be like this forever, right? Just what exactly is the password? Agent Park.
How is the progress of the investigation of world's SPA company? It's almost done.
Please hurry it up.
Hold on a second.
Ah, yes.
Min Ho.
President wants to go back to the company now.
Right now? He didn't contact me at all.
We need to set out now.
I'm hanging up.
President, why did you come without saying anything in advance? Can you tell Director Song and the finance manager to come in for a while? Yes, Director.
I've called Director Song and the finance manager.
Any progress? You've arrived.
How did you know to come? I heard that you came to company.
I just wanted to come to say hi.
Did something happen? Since when The President's working time has to be reported to the Planning Office? I apologize.
I was about to go to the hospital to see Ji Hyun.
If you also want go to hospital, I'll drive you there.
Okay, let's do that.
You have worked hard.
Please take care.
How did he come to company so suddenly, without saying a word to me? Why did he call Director Song and the finance manager? You came together.
We just met at the company, so we came together.
There's nothing going on at the company, right? You, Go back Honey.
What's with him? Why is father-in-law being like this? For lunch, did he eat something bad? Father-in-law.
Wait a moment.
I said, why are you so stubborn? Why don't you listen to me? This is my life now.
Why do I have to listen to you? Hey, hey, Il Shik.
Brain tumor? Does father have a brain tumor? Good-for-nothing fellow.
so easily seen through by others Why don't you say anything? How is his condition? Please tell me his condition in details.
Here! A tumor has formed near his skull.
Because it's relatively large, it has created high intracranial pressure.
It is pressing the other brain's tissue.
What will happen and when, nobody knows.
Surgery will be difficult.
Now, this is considered very dangerous.
Oh Is that to say that even surgery is useless? Although the probability is very low, this really is the only method.
President Shin doesn't listen.
Why? Originally, he decided to undergo surgery two days after the wedding.
After Shin Ji Hyun became like that, he said that before Ji Hyun wakes up, He absolutely would not do the surgery.
So stubborn.
Ji Hyun, she From a medical standpoint, the probability of waking up is low.
Then what if he doesn't undergo surgery? What will happen then? There is not much time left to live now.
If the password is six digits, then there would be a million possibilities.
If there's a million possibilities, Every day, I'd have to try 32 258 times.
It's too unrealistic! I must find another way.
Now, there are only 32 days left.
Han Kang's birthday.
Seaweed soup? Since this is his first birthday here after returning from America, Of course, it's necessary to cook seaweed soup.
Yes, of course.
I'm good at everything else but my seaweed soup doesn't taste very good.
In that case Then, I'll cook seaweed soup.
Dear, help me prepare a few side dishes.
OK, I know.
Oh, Ajumma.
How come you're here? Ajusshi, what is it? Just eat.
I don't feel like eating.
You have to eat.
Get up! Whose birthday is it today? Isn't it your birthday? My birthday? You're so young.
How could you forget your own birthday? You should be grateful for your birth.
Otherwise, how do we know that it's your birthday? You even prepared this too What? Mussels! Adding mussels into the seaweed soup.
Did mother tell you this? No Then how come you know to cook it like this? Oh, this.
Song Yi Kyung brought this.
Song Yi Kyung? how did she know its my birthday? Because she has cooked too much, so she brought it here.
What? What's the matter? This is seaweed soup, and there's a lunch box.
I said it's enough, why'd you even come to school? It's your birthday, you have to drink seaweed soup.
Since when have I drank seaweed soup for my birthday? There's no need.
Mother was busy at the other time I have put things you like to eat inside.
Eat, my son.
I don't want to.
Go inside, mother's leaving.
Kang ah.
Kang ah.
I will make this cap disappear.
If anyone can guess where it went, I will treat that person to spicy fried rice cakes.
Here, bet, bet.
Me, me, me! Han Kang, you aren't playing? So childish.
Hey! If you don't have confidence, then say you have no confidence.
You're afraid I don't know your small tricks? Small tricks? There's no need for you guys.
Han Kang.
You and I, one against one.
The loser must do what the winner says.
Do it without questioning.
What do you say? Quickly! Why? No self-confidence? If you don't have confidence, then forget it.
Who said I don't have self-confidence? Let's do it.
Then it has started.
Look carefully.
Han Kang, try to guess.
Yeah, down the arm, hidden in the sleeve.
Really? Nothing.
Where is it? You lost.
Follow me.
Follow her, follow her, follow her.
Huh, what's all that about? Let's have lunch together.
Eat it! You're not going to eat? You saw? Extremely delicious.
Did you see it? Look at this shameful person, How can you treat your mom that way? Ai If you dare, try to flip that over.
The school, no Each passing street will have your photo on it so that you can't lift your head up in the future.
Do you think that by threatening me, I will eat this? What are you doing? It's not a threat, it's a promise.
You loser! stupid like a donkey.
What? Eat this, it's part of the promise.
Turn around.
What? Turn around while I'm eating.
Don't leave a drop left, you need to finish it all.
Han Kang, How come I can't hear the sound of you eating? Rotten girl, you are really impatient.
Have you finished eating? Let me see.
Hey, Kang-ah.
What is it? Ajusshi! Was Song Yi Kyung really the one who brought this here? Yes, it was.
Why? The person who fired me is you! I want to stay here! I'm going crazy.
Why is this woman like this again? Are you angry because she made this at Kang director's house and brought it here? No, it's not like that.
Yi Kyung-ssi knew that you'll be like this, she won't let me tell you.
Did she tell you to not say anything to me? I can't tell lies, can I? But why? This is my mother's seaweed soup.
What? Ajusshi! I don't know what this feeling in my heart is.
Is it because of Shin Ji Hyun, or Song Yi Kyung? I don't know.
Oh, it's Kang ah.
Kang ah.
Where is he going? Kang ah.
Kang ah.
Song Yi Kyung-ssi.
Song Yi Kyung-ssi.
Song Yi Kyung! Song Yi Kyung-ssi.
What what's the matter? I'd like to ask something.
Song, for what reason are you staying here? This I have already said yesterday.
If you're staying here because you're interested in Kang Min-ho, then say so.
I won't care about it anymore.
But if that's not it, then don't stay here doing this.
-= Episode Preview =- Do you really want to stay here? Do you or not? See you.