49 Days (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

Is there Is there a problem? I just want to ask you one thing, Song, what are you doing here? That I already told you yesterday.
If you stayed because of Kang Min Ho, just tell me plainly.
Then, I won't bother you in the future.
But if not, then you shouldn't be here.
Wait wait just wait! My hand hurts.
How could you suddenly drag me out like this? You are really Instead of leaving with me when I asked you to, you stick around and burn your hand.
Well done.
What, you still want to stay here? What should I do? Absolutely not! Even if I die, I won't allow you to stay here at Min Ho's house.
I mean I absolutely cannot have you around my friend's fiance.
Do you still want to stay here? I'm asking you.
People ought to have boundaries This isn't a place for you to be.
I allowed you to continue to work, you should gratefully follow me.
What did you do so well to keep staying here? Once again, please take care of me.
It's good to see you.
Thank you! Don't act smart, just work hard.
Ah, don't let Song do the dishes.
Ah you're so lucky.
What did you say to the President to make him call you back? It seems like it was the President who dragged her back here.
Look at the apron.
Did the President go looking for you? Ah that Give it to me.
Is your mind at ease now? Yes, it is.
It's settled then.
Is that right? Ahjussi, why am I like this? I sense Ji Hyun in her.
Is that so? What do you mean? Keep working, work.
She always thinks of me as a friend.
Ah, because she does, it makes you smile and you like it, right? I seem crazy, don't I? Who knows? Time will answer everything.
What's this? Yi Kyung, what happened? -=Secretary Shin=- Hello In Jung.
I think the President went to work to understand more on the finances.
What did he tell you? Why did he come to work? He told me the same thing.
The company obviously has you.
Why did he still need to come personally to the company? Could it be that they are aware of it already? It's not like that, so don't you worry.
I have to deal with some matters urgently, I'll talk to you another time.
What's more urgent than this? -=Seo Woo=- Kang, you know where Song Yi Kyung is staying, right? Give me her address She didn't answer her phone; I'm afraid something might've happened to her She suddenly disappeared from my place.
I sent you a message just now, didn't you see it? Message? I brought Song Yi Kyung with me.
You brought her with you? Let's go in and talk.
Please enjoy the meal.
My whole place is a mess, and she is gone.
Of course, I thought that something might have happened.
What the hell are you doing? You brought her away, and forced her to come here? I know I'm impulsive.
Why are you impulsive? Why? This is not something you should feel impulsive about.
And it's definitely not because of Ji Hyun that you're impulsive, right? It's because of Song Yi Kyung, right? Hyung, it's because you got to know Song Yi Kyung from me, so, I have the responsibility towards Song Yi Kyung to that kind of extent.
Compared to other things, the most important thing is that, hyung, you are Ji Hyun's fiance, aren't you? Not anymore.
What do you mean not anymore? Kang.
I'm the kind of person who looks towards the future.
I'm a very realistic person.
What do you mean by that? I don't think I can love someone, with whom I have no future.
Hyung, have you already given up on Ji Hyun? Kid, is this a situation where I can choose whether to give up or not? Still, how could you Hyung Don't you know how I used to live? I didn't leave and abandon Ji Hyun who had no more hope, I once lived in an innocent world with no obsession nor regret.
Didn't I say that before? Why the word 'hope' exists It always surprises me.
Even if that's the case, Hyung, Ji Hyun's accident didn't happen that long ago.
How long do you expect me to wait? If you were me, would you wait for a year? Or maybe you'd wait for Ji Hyun for ten years? Like the noble, kind person you are Is that what you call a conscience? How can people break up so easily, and give up as they want? You can give up just like that? I can.
That's the kind of person I am.
I love I love when I feel like it.
I don't expect you to understand.
Of course, I also can't accept your disapproval.
And from now on, I refuse to be Ji Hyun's guardian.
Is that why you seemed so interested in Song Yi Kyung? I already told you I wasn't.
You made a big deal over an insignificant person and fired her, that's why I helped her out.
Since you've already taken her back, everything's back to normal.
It's as simple as that.
Your friends came.
Please go up and meet them.
Luckily, we left the cake and presents here.
That's why, next time, you have to listen to me.
You're here? Kang! Where did you rush off to earlier? Min Ho's here too? Ah, since it is Kang's birthday, I dropped by.
I didn't see you at the office, but we meet here.
I had a bit of urgent work to settle.
Hey, why have you prepared presents for me? How did you know it was my birthday? Seo Woo already knew your birthday from long time ago.
Hey! Let's eat the cake now.
What cake? Let's eat first.
What do you mean? A birthday is a great day.
You should be grateful for it, and accept the blessings from your friends, right? Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Our beloved Han Kang, happy birthday to you Han Kang, happy birthday.
This is a little awkward.
Anyway, congratulating someone like me, thank you so much! Have you eaten seaweed soup? Yes.
Who cooked it for you? Someone cooked it.
How do you do? Long time no see, Seo Woo.
I always see you, it seems like I can meet you everywhere.
Meet you everywhere? Did you two meet before? This, I borrowed it a little while.
This is my thermos.
Why is this with Song Yi Kyung? You should ask Shin In Jung why.
Did you lend it to her? It's no big deal, really.
Didn't you lend it to me? What is this? You're acting as if there is some secret over this thermos? There's no secret.
How this thermos ended up with Come and have a talk with me.
Why? Just for a while.
What's wrong with In Jung recently? She has been mysterious about her love life, don't tell me that she has other secrets too? Is In Jung in a relationship? Yeah, she said there's a man she likes.
But she didn't tell me who.
Why? Why can't I say anything about our meeting at Kang Min Ho's house? You don't have to know.
You don't tell me the reason, and you're telling me to keep quiet? It's because there are some reasons, please I beg you.
This is weird.
Shin In Jung, you are a secretary.
You said the President's wife asked you to do some errands.
Why can't I say that? Besides, Kang Min Ho-ssi is Shin In Jung's friend's fiance.
Everyone knows him.
I know.
You weren't doing some errands, were you? I was.
I was doing some errands.
It looks like he's not your friend's fiance.
I know.
Now I understand.
Why? Why don't you let me say it? Miss Song Yi Kyung.
Please don't jump into conclusions.
Weren't you like this that time, too? "Who are you? What are you doing in my man's house?" When did I do that? When did I say that? Only spoken words are words? Expressions can also talk.
Look here.
Alright, I know.
Shin In Jung and Kang Min Ho are lovers.
I won't tell anyone.
It's not like that at all.
Yes, even if it's not like that.
Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely not.
Miss Song Yi Kyung.
What are the two of you doing? The food is ready, everyone is waiting for you.
Yes? It's just women's talk.
Nothing much.
Go back home.
You will start work tomorrow.
Why are you still staying here? Yoon Ji Sun is calling! Yoon Ji Sun is calling! Yoon Ji Sun is calling you! Then I will leave first.
What kind of ringtone is that? Ji Sun, why are you calling? Really? They have a gathering? What is the time and place? You really don't want to say it? What exactly did you say to Song Yi Kyung? I already told you it's nothing much.
The person you are dating is someone Yi Kyung knows, right? It's Yi Kyung's brother, right? What? My thermo bottle was passed to Song Yi Kyung by you.
And yet, you said you didn't lend it to her.
Isn't it obvious already? Nope.
Then why don't you tell me? It's just a thermos Wait a minute She's not seeing a married man, is she? -=Meet me in the park in front of your house=- This is near my house, oppa.
What if someone sees us? Why aren't you staying in the car? I know, right? Between us, no one else knows about our relationship.
The air is really good tonight.
I don't want to hide in my car.
Song Yi Kyung found out about our relationship.
It's not about curiosity anymore.
It's of no importance that a woman like her knows; it's Kang or Seo Woo who can't know.
I wish they knew.
Now really I wish to meet you comfortably, like all the ordinary lovers.
About this subject, until it ends, we can't live an ordinary life.
We were already aware of this.
Isn't it over now? Even if Ji Hyun's father knew of our relationship, what can he possibly say now? Can he take Haemido (the land deal) away from you, or would it prevent them from going bankrupt? I understand how you feel, but we can't go against his words.
Isn't this contradictory to what you said? You obviously don't understand me, Oppa.
I know that it was you who told Kang to come by my house.
Yeah, it was me who told him to go.
I also know why you did it.
Yes, right.
I hate that woman staying in your house, even for a moment.
In front of the woman who is inside my man's home, to say "I am just a secretary", I am getting sick of it.
I'm sorry.
This thing about allowing Song Yi Kyung into my house, I'm sorry.
For you, it's an extremely cruel thing.
So, Song Yi Kyung saw you.
Even if she knew about our relationship I don't have the right to say anything to you.
We've known each other for so long.
In spite of everything, that kind of woman can rattle you.
Song Yi Kyung doesn't know.
I have good reasons to lie.
When Kang pulled me out, I felt at ease.
It's really stressful at Min Ho's place.
So I followed him out.
I know where the secret is kept.
Now, I have to think of how to open it.
My friend also called me.
There would be three people coming out.
I can get at least one drop of it.
If I'm lucky, it will be two drops.
No I don't want to get my hopes too high.
Unni, you are really lucky.
Although you can't hear me, at least you can speak to people.
I wish Unni will cheer up.
Song Yi Soo! Even if the Scheduler doesn't want to find him, I will help you find him.
Dad, we just got engaged yesterday.
You want us to get married in half a month's time? If I was inconsiderate It should not have been an engagement but a marriage instead.
The original plan is to get surgery a day after your marriage.
But now that stubborn Before Ji Hyun wakes up, he will not have surgery.
From my medical point of view, Ji Hyun basically doesn't have any chance of waking up.
If he doesn't get a surgery, what will happen? Then he won't live that long.
This is really unbelievable.
President Shin.
Testament? What are you saying? While Ji Hyun has become like this We don't know what will happen in the future.
I would like to give him my company.
But still How can you give Min Ho the company when he's not even married to Ji Hyun? It is only if the daughter is here that you can be son-in-law.
I object! It's not because of this.
Min Ho is taking care of the sea island collaboration matters.
He's also clear about our Shin family business matters.
He's just too young.
Can it be you're sick somewhere? What do you mean sick?! No you're always vomiting recently.
Don't make the testament.
Let's have a medical check-up.
I think it's because of lack of exercise, that something is wrong with my digestive function.
Hurry, go Father, you're awake.
It's still early in the morning.
Why are you here? Father, please do the surgery I asked Dr.
You have a good eye kid.
If Dr.
Joo says anything about surgery, I'll pass.
Don't ever think you can convince me to do it.
Don't tell Ji Hyun's mother about this.
Father, you are really If that's the case, Ji Hyun will not heal like this.
I'm not doing this because of Ji Hyun.
I'm doing this for myself.
I'm afraid of not seeing Ji Hyun wake up because I'd wind up dying on the operating table.
So you would rather wait for your own death? You can say what you want, I don't care.
I'm not doing the surgery.
If you want to see her alive, you should undergo surgery now.
The chances of failure is 70%.
Well, there's also a 30% success rate, isn't there? The probability of death is 70%! Father-in-law.
You have to be stronger.
With your present state, you will not survive.
Only if you undergo surgery, can you survive That's why I'm fortunate to have you.
I hope today will be successful.
I usually don't cry.
Plus, Ji Hyun is not dead.
That's right.
Maybe it's because I'm not dead, that they were not pure tears.
Oh, Han Kang! President Did you just come back from exercising? Say it one more time.
What? My name, Han Kang I said, say it one more time.
You think I don't dare to say your name? Han Kang! Han Kang.
Which high school did you go to? High school? Why are you suddenly asking me all of this? I went to Chuncheon High School.
Why are you suddenly investigating my background like this? Let's go.
Ah, my stomach! I'm hungry! Do you like mussels? I don't like them.
Then why did you cook soup with mussels? What's with him? Aren't you the one who cooked soup with mussels and brought it over, on my birthday? How do you know how to cook like that? Why does he keep asking these questions? Unless he suspects something At Kang Min Ho's house, there are only mussels, so I used them to make seaweed soup.
That's strange.
Why do you keep asking questions? My friend and Song Yi Kyung are extremely alike.
Are you very close with that friend? Aren't you the one who kept protecting your friend's fiance? You endeavour on things about that friend.
No, I'm not close.
Yes, not close If you're not close then how come you always take care of her? Because I owe that friend much gratitude.
He owes me a lot? What is it? In our country, the development of a personal island is Here.
There are offshore islands under the jurisdiction of Geoje.
These two places and our Haemido Seafood Island will be thoroughly used to form the central of the island resort.
The building is divided into family-centered resort and absolutely a supreme and private space.
It's one of a kind.
Will the Haemido Seafood Island case proceed according to plan? The written information of audit is almost complete.
The approval should not be any problem.
The business groups are building family consultations.
Great facilities in the resort.
In addition, the development will take place according to guidelines for the environment.
Make sure that later on, there will be no problems.
How's the preparation of the river side tender? Have you checked the status of the Leather Mountain situation? I've heard we can't have high expectations on the tender of the leather mountain.
Don't believe all the rumors that came out.
I don't want the tender to be taken lightly.
If the river levels increase, it would be a huge trouble.
Yes, Director.
(Resignation Letter) Director Jeong, you have come.
Is the President here? He is currently in a meeting.
Well then, please have him take a look at this.
If there are no problems, then the witness can come over.
Yes, I understand.
Witness? (Testament) You said the President put my name in his will? The will said, all of the President's shares, will be transferred to you, Oppa.
To have the management rights of the company transferred to me.
Ji Hyun's father, do you know why he's suddenly like this? Who knows.
We will know when the time comes.
Shin Yeok Ji Seon Seon Yeong How have you all been? You are Ji Hyun's friends right? Miss Park Jeong Eun? That's right.
We only found out recently that Ji Hyun was in a car accident and that she had very serious injuries and underwent surgery.
If that's the case then you guys did not cry yet.
A person named In Jung, who is Ji Hyun's friend from her hometown said that her parents are refusing all visiting requests.
So we can't even go to the hospital.
Ji Hyun must be so upset.
Oh Ji Hyun right now is in a vegetative state? She's said to be almost brain dead.
Yes I heard there's almost no hope.
What to do? How could such a thing happen? Right before her wedding.
The right timing is now.
I have to hurry up and add some emotion to make them cry.
Caring people around their environment will bring good vibe in the surroundings.
This will be given to Ji Hyun for her to see.
I will use this to record.
The three of you were very close with Ji Hyun during your college days right? During university, We were the Four Musketeers.
During the graduation performance, Ji Hyun and I performed a duet.
We always went shopping together because our tastes were almost the same.
In that case We won't know if we'll get to see Ji Hyun again.
Each of you please say something to her.
What to do? Ji Hyun's going to die? What to do? What to do? Do you think as long as they cry, as long as the tears are falling, it is crying? That Tears of sympathetic friends who died young.
The ajumma next to the lady it is because they see her friend dies young.
and cry for her own situation.
That woman tried so hard to squeeze her tears completely.
You guys now exactly what are you crying about? These tears What do you mean by that? Basically, human could just disappear at any moment.
I have to prepare for my Master's thesis, but I'm also suffering from alopecia.
(Partial/complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows; baldness) It's because of your own hardships that you are sad? No wonder she seemed too perfect.
Acting condescendingly towards others will hurt you.
Looks like it's really true.
Condescending? After she met Min Ho she kept saying he was her destined one.
She went everywhere showing off.
For now.
Money and men there's simply no use for them.
Shin Yeok.
Don't cry.
Jung Shin Yeok, for what reason are you crying? I Really All this time it's been really hard.
This double eye lid I had the surgery done again because it was done wrong.
You don't know how much I wanted to die because of one double eye lid.
I actually let myself go through all this torture.
I really don't know what to say.
Ji Hyun is too pitiful.
Shin Ji Hyun.
What kind of friend was she? Ji Hyun wasn't kind? She was.
She was really kind.
The problem was, she was too kind.
This is okay that's also okay.
Do what you want to do.
It's a bit kind to the point of annoying.
Why would kindness be annoying? Really, that was all condescending.
I feel like she doesn't have any perception.
That You know the boy I had liked from our 2nd year Sun Woo.
He liked Ji Hyun.
But until the end, she never noticed.
She was always trying to match-make me.
Shin Woo I really didn't know.
How should I say this But still she was kind, a kind kid.
Of course, of course.
Within 49 days you must find three people who really love you.
Then you can go back.
People who truly love you.
The evidence is, thinking of you will make them cry.
Pure love where the purity is 100%.
Three drops of those tears.
A testament? Then what you mean is that Father wants to give the company to Min Ho? But Father is so healthy now.
Why would he want to do that? I know, right? That is can you ask In Jung if there's something going on at the company? It would be better if you called In Jung to ask.
Don't you know that Ji Hyun's father told In Jung not to talk? She does not even come here.
Ah, yes.
Julie also went abroad to study.
What are you doing here? What happened? Nothing You look so pale.
Didn't you say there's good news? Kang! Kang! Oh, Kang.
Big news, big news! Ji Hyun's father is going to give the company to Min-ho.
What? Today, he is going to change his will.
Ji Hyun's father treats Min Ho like his own son.
Why did Ji Hyun's father suddenly decide to do this? That, I also do not know.
Joo will soon go to the company to act as a witness.
No! Over here Father is going to write a testament to give the company to Kang Min Ho.
Not even to other people, but to Kang Min Ho.
Lets just unconditonally believe them for now, regardless if it?s lie or not, just believe it for now.
There are no such genetic relations.
I'm sorry.
I was wrong.
It's all my fault.
I won't do it anymore.
Please help me once.
Go and tell my father not to write the testament.
Or just tell him that Kang Min Ho is a bad guy, don't trust him.
I absolutely cannot help you with those things.
The "me" who gets involved 100% in human matters will 100% get the punishment.
Then, what do I do? I can only use Song Yi Kyung's body to meet my father? Wait a moment.
There's only one way You can touch if you want to, but as a consequence you'll lose one of the 49 days.
I can touch things? OK.
I'll do that.
Think a bit before you decide.
This is the wandering ghost who cannot get a single drop of tear after 49 days, giving up one day just to get one chance to have the sense of touch.
This is really important! Initially, we don't inform anyone of the first half of 49 days.
Take away 2 days and let people be able to hear my voice don't you have something like that? I don't have anything like that.
Giving up one day can possibly determine your life and death.
You're absolutely sure I'll be able to touch once? What is she doing? Just once.
So you must think about it carefully.
Also, I cannot do anything to help you.
Whether you go inside or outside, you have to make your own choice.
All right.
I understand.
First First, I have to go home, returning Unni's body, then I'll go out.
One person Oh my God! There's no time.
On the way on the way, I'll think it over.
Taxi! Can you drive faster? Drive faster? Did something happen? That's really Telephone number.
Driver, do you know the number of the express courier company? Yes If something happened, you have to say it before leaving.
Then you're saying you still don't know Yi Kyung's phone number? That's right.
I'm stupid, aren't I? Kang.
You know Song Yi Kyung's home address right? Give it to me.
She's not answering her phone.
I'm afraid something happened.
-= Not connecting.
Please leave a message =- President! President! Song Yi Kyung is totally crazy.
You saw Song Yi Kyung? Soon Jung.
You shouldn't speak rashly like that.
Okay, what's up exactly? She was on the road.
She was alone talking to air.
Absolutely not normal.
Absolutely crazy.
Song Yi Kyung was? When people are suffering or going through sad times, it's entirely possible to get rid of those feelings in unusual ways.
When? Where'd you see her? Where is she now? Like a crazy woman, she ran, said to go home and took a taxi.
So her house is in Ma Li Dong? Luckily, she's back home now.
If it's home, something must have happened.
Is that so? Say that again.
What did she say to herself? All the best.
Ajussi, is it okay to take this? Take it.
Manager, Yes, Yi Kyung? A guest left this yesterday.
I forgot.
When the mailman comes, help me send this message.
OK, sure.
All of the shares under President Shin's name are being transferred to Kang Min Ho in the will.
The two witnesses, please confirm this.
This is for President Shin.
Mountain leather industry The leather industry, why would they contact the President? Why are you looking at that? That's so rude.
Go inside quickly! The Testament.
I'm sorry for interrupting, President.
This is a file regarding the leather mountains.
It is said to be urgent.
Leather mountain? What can Ge Shan possibly give me? What is this? Is this a joke? Who Dad, I'm sorry.
An American girl woke up from her vegetable state after 20 years.
What is it? In the United States, An American girl woke up from her vegetable state after 20 years.
Who sent this to you? 20 years, is it? Dad, it's not that.
I will not let you wait that long.
So, don't write your will.
Let's continue.
What happened? Are you all right? I did that, Dad! You can never give the company to Kang Min Ho! It seems like someone touched it, President.
Dad, it's me.
I'm Ji Hyun.
It's me who did that! Dad, no, no! Dad, please don't do it! Please! I really can't stand it! Enough! Why did this fall? I considered you as dead.
Were you upset? Dad.
I'm sorry I made ??you come for no reason.
Let's end here today.
They stopped the 'will signing'? Why? The lawyer said something strange happened inside.
Strange? I'm really thankful! I'm thankful, thankful and so thankful.
This favor I won't forget it even when I die.
Did they not notice? Why are you looking around? S-s-s-sunbae! I knew sooner or later, you would make a mistake.
Sunbae, what did I do, that you're like this with me? Granny, why are you being like this? Grandma? Who are you to hit him? Just talk to him.
Go home! Go now! You, who told you to meddle with human matters? Sunbae, let her go first! I need to protect my image as a Scheduler.
Human affairs.
We cannot directly intervene.
A Scheduler's first rule.
How dare you go against it! It was not like that I was forced to help.
It's not like I wanted to.
In my whole life as a Scheduler, I have never seen such a human like that.
You, Are you dating that girl? No! You don't know how stubborn and depressed she was.
Sunbae, have you met someone who paid back the 49000 won that fast? No.
Is there even someone who pays it back? So, this is why you cannot listen to people who die young and who volunteer to be a Scheduler.
The feelings for humans recover too quickly.
Is that why you accept my apologies? It's you that begged not to die, like an annoying brat so I took special care of yourself, your rotten brat.
Afraid that you might do something impulsively and your soul will vanish.
So, since you let me off the hook before, Can you forgive me this one time? I'll extend the mandate for another week.
One week? No, Sunbae! Only 30 days left.
I'm waiting like crazy for the end of my scheduling to come! One week? Kill me instead! My hard work of five years! Sometimes we can pretend that we didn't see.
Sometimes we can't.
I will not agree to the one week extension.
What will you do about it? 5 years.
The 5 years of hard work will go, poof! Wow, you really don't have any feelings.
I'm not a person, how could I have feelings? OMG! I am going out for a while.
Mmm What brings you here? I'm too busy, I missed your call.
Let's have a drink.
Please eat something before you go back.
Dude, I came over to see you.
I was just about to leave.
Director Kang, Please sit.
Did Song Yi Kyung skip work? Well, kind of.
Do you want the usual wine that you drink? Unni woke up very early.
Unni must be scared.
May I ask where this is? Here, in front of the red roof and turn left.
When you see that red roof of the bar Thanks.
Hello, I'm Nho Kyun.
Doctor it's me, Song Yi Kyung.
Who could it be? If she's not at home, where could she be? Tell me comfortably, Miss Yi Kyung.
As you know, I don't tell anyone and have no one to talk to.
I'm sorry.
I'm thankful that you called me.
What happened? On the phone, your voice sounded like you were frightened.
I think I'm going crazy.
Why would you think like that? First, my hairstyle has changed.
I smell like the shampoos that I don't often use.
Second, the ankle pain.
Then, the landlady said that she came over the day before.
I also vomit out things that I have not eaten.
When I woke up, I found myself sitting in the middle of the room.
After I woke up from sleeping today, I found my door open.
What you have been saying up until now These are all things that I do not remember.
Do you remember when it started? Just it just happened suddenly one day.
Are you okay? Do you feel tired? Before yes, but recently I am not sure.
It sounds like sleepwalking.
Sleepwalking is when you move while you're asleep.
So it's possible you may not remember anything.
Sleepwalking? No need to worry too much.
Come to the hospital tomorrow.
It would be better to get it checked first.
Didn't say anything, but just left.
Kang must be worried.
What brings you here? That just wanted to help change that.
What makes you think you could change the flowers for my Ji Hyun? I heard that you quit the job for the gallery design.
You are too irresponsible.
I am sorry.
Did you know how much Director Kang asked me to entrust it to you? I am sorry.
In the future, I hope you won't come here anymore.
-=Closed Today=- Ajushi is not cleaning up today? Manager Nobody's here.
Who are you? You, are you Ji Hyun? -= Episode Preview =- What's the matter? Are you sick? Song Yi Kyung-ssi Let go of my hand! Sorry.
No, no, no, no, no, no! If you are sorry, If there isn't anything, then there's no need to contact me.
Tell me honestly, is there really a person who truly loves me? Humans' hearts are fickle.
There's no such thing as forever.
A really good morning, Han Kang! Up until now, thank you.
What is this? I plan to leave to a very far place.
Song Yi Kyung-ssi? Are you Song Yi Kyung? Do you know me?