49 Days (2011) s01e10 Episode Script

Episode 10

Who are you? You, you're Ji Hyun, aren't you? You're Ji Hyun, right? What are you saying now? In Jinan, at the music hall, you used to sing that song in a minor key.
I saw you playing the piano while singing.
He saw me? When did he see me? The piano That song Your behavior, your posture and your expressions, they all resemble Ji Hyun.
Changing into a minor key like this, singing Trot like this.
(Trot - An old form of Korean music) As long as you know how to play the piano, you can do it, too.
Plus, this is a popular song.
It is played in French chansons, also.
(Chanson - Any lyric-driven French song) Singing the song on a minor key is not my point, but this feeling.
It is just ridiculous.
I graduated from Chuncheon Girls School.
Before I graduated from high school, I lived in Chuncheon.
I only moved to Seoul when I started college.
I don't even know where Jinan is.
But how can you say I'm someone else? Does it make any sense? It doesn't, I know it's not possible.
But it feels like that.
I said it just feels that way.
Even though you're not Shin Ji Hyun, why does it feel like you're Shin Ji Hyun? Why do I feel like this? Why are you asking me that? Kang, please don't be like this.
Oh, spring is really nice.
Ah, yes.
Yi Kyung, you didn't know we were closed today? Yes.
Where did you go? We are out of cleaning agents meant for the piano.
Not just anybody can touch this.
I'm sorry.
I played the piano without knowing.
So he should probably be angry.
Kang's mother left this to him after she passed away.
The only thing.
Ah Han Kang, how did you know? It doesn't make sense.
If Kang is suspicious, what should I do now? I must've looked like a totally crazy person.
Uhm, seems like I remind you of your friend.
Yeah, you're very similar.
But if you think about it, you don't really.
Well, I'm leaving.
Wait, give me your number first.
Give me your cellphone number.
Since you let others worry, you should at least let us know if you're okay.
You're so inconsiderate.
Why were you like that yesterday? Did something happen at home? I wasn't feeling well, so I wanted to rest.
You weren't at home.
Did you come to my house? Who is it? You ran off like a crazy idiot.
How can this not worry others? You worry about Song Yi Kyung this much, but through Song Yi Kyung's body, he felt my presence and then got mad? Here.
If you need money I am going.
Han Kang also likes Song Yi Kyung.
I don't have any friend who loves me.
Someone who truly loves me.
I only have Mom and Dad left.
You chose a different kind of bread today.
My dad I'm buying this for someone.
Oh yeah, Kang's restaurant is closed today.
Do you have time now? Yeah, I have time, why? Because you like bread, help us try out some of our sweet selection breads.
Sitting in this seat, I do not know how many times I've sat here, but I'm happy to get to eat bread and talk to Seo Woo here again.
This is your first time here, right? Ah, yes, it's the first time.
The interior is really pretty.
My friend liked that seat too.
Really? Wow, it's so soft and refreshing.
It's just like cake! Your reaction is just like Ji Hyun's.
Really? It seems like that friend and I have very similar taste.
That friend But, that thermos How did it get into your hands? What? In Jung, is in a relationship with Song Yi Kyung's brother, right? My older brother? In Jung sent your brother soup in that thermos.
Or something like porridge, right? I don't have an older brother or a younger brother.
Then how come you had the thermos? Why did In Jung lend it to you? That You should ask Shin In Jung about it, I can't tell you.
In Jung won't let you tell me? Why are you always like this Putting me in a difficult position.
Brat, who exactly are you hiding to be like this It can't possibly be that person Seo Woo.
Looks like you are slowly forgetting about me.
What are you doing? Can't an old married couple joke around? You call this a joke? This joke is really childish.
Honey, what's wrong with you? Ji Hyun's father! Oppa, do you remember the last meal we had was here at this place, before you went abroad to study? Because you cried so much, you didn't intend to come to this place again, right? The owner seems to recognize us.
Really? We should hurry and get out then! Let's eat our meal quickly and go out for a drive I really want to go sightseeing and see the water fountain I really want to go sightseeing and see the water fountain Didn't I tell you, I have to go to the hospital and then go to a meeting? Didn't I tell you, I have to go to the hospital and then go to a meeting? Oh, right.
Oppa! Don't mention the hospital or Ji Hyun in front of me.
I would like to forget these things.
Right, let's not do that And also, I will resign from the company tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Since the ghostly testament incident, I don't want to stay in the company What ghostly testament incident? A rumor about a ghost that has prevented the will from getting signed has spread around the office.
Everyone keeps asking me.
Even when I'm in the bathroom.
It's so annoying These people, really It's just a coincidence that the seal fell from the table.
The reason why the seal fell is to prevent you, Oppa, from inheriting the company and to delay the transfer.
What? I never thought about working here until his death.
Why is he writing a will? Hello, Ffather.
I am Ji Hyun's friend.
Ji Hyun said that you like this kind of bread.
So I bought it for you.
Dad, why are you like this? Dad, are you not well? Is it because of me that you are fatigued? Kang Min Ho.
You still have the nerve to come here? Why did you come here? You're still here because of the testament, are you? Are you sick somewhere? Did something happen? Song Yi Kyung, Let go off my hand It's because I'm worried about you His arm was suddenly paralyzed, and also had facial spasm.
Do you know how scared to death I was at that time Dr.
Joo said it's because of overwork.
But in my opinion, it seems to me like Can you call the nurse and pull this thing away from me? This, I'd pull this kind of thing out too.
I already told you to get a medical check-up and yet, you refused.
Joo said I will be fine if I take a day off.
You hear that? How can I not worry about him Brain tumor? Brain tumor? Mother-in-law, I know you're shocked right now.
But we need to make him agree to undergo the surgery.
You even try to lie to my mother.
Mom What exactly are they talking about? Yi Kyung told me she doesn't have a brother Then who is it? You met Song Yi Kyung? I've heard that you told her to definitely not tell anyone about it.
Who is he exactly, that you had to hide him from everyone.
Why do you ask such things from that kind of woman? I told you I will tell you in the future.
Actually, I already saw that guy.
What? I followed you the night that you went out.
He seems to look a little bit like Min Ho.
Park Seo Woo! What do you mean by that? Sorry, sorry.
I know it can't be.
You and Min Ho it's not possible.
It wouldn't make any sense anyhow.
Seo Woo.
I will let you know in the future.
So don't be like this again.
He's not a married man, is he? No, he's not.
Song Yi Kyung, you worked hard.
26 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes remaining.
It's already passed 1 hour and Unni is not home yet.
Then what do you want me to do? I told you before, that woman's life is priority.
I know that.
Anyway, could you come over here for a while? Why? Why, why, why, why, why? WHY?! Why do you throw your temper on me? Have I done anything wrong? No no, no, no, no, NOPE! It's not completely your fault.
But since you keep asking me for help, and because I helped you, I got punished.
My term got extended by one week.
God, how could this happen? Did the old Granny Sunbae do this to you? In the past five years, I have not even once broken any rules as a Scheduler.
But, for your sake, that day I just did it I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Sorry, I really don't know what to do.
If you feel sorry, then don't ever contact me again.
Just looking at your face makes me frustrated Imagine the military service only had a month left until they were released.
And then suddenly, their date is extended another week.
How can you not go crazy? When will Unni be coming back? It would be better if I knew.
What is she doing? You can't help me check it? Of course I can't! It's really nice, try listening.
From the check-up, your brain waves are normal.
But the anxiety in your mind, or emotional disorder, may also cause sleepwalking.
I would recommend that you proceed with hypnosis treatment.
Hold it properly.
Noona will sprinkle some magic dust.
Let's eat.
Is Song Yi Kyung here yet? No, she's not here.
She's not here yet? What time is it already and she's not here yet? Yi Kyung Noonim is a freelance part-timer, isn't she? (Noonim ? Older sister) Yesterday was like this too.
She should at least come to work on time today.
No! Didn't she say she had to get home before 11 o'clock? It can't be her father is sick, right? =Your call cannot be connected.
You will be transferred to voice mail.
= Seriously, what is this woman up to? Dad will never doubt Kang Min Ho I should have put in more effort on company matters previously.
But I must first know what happened, then I can find a solution to solve it.
The safe box! How do I open the safe? Song! Why do you pretend like you don't know me? Who are you? What's this? Is she her twin? Unni, why did you return so late? My remaining days are decreasing.
But the things that I have to do are increasing.
Unni, I beg you.
Please come back home on time.
Could she be her twin? That means Song Yi Kyung didn't see me.
You're not the sister of that lady from yesterday, are you? No, I don't have any siblings.
She said she doesn't have any siblings.
Professor Cho, Minister Lee, I'm very sorry for troubling you twice.
Thank you! Then, I will verify and confirm the will and bring it back.
You've worked hard.
What exactly happened to Ji Hyun's father, that he must write a will? [Ji Hyun's home] Hello.
In Jung.
Yes, please continue.
Now, could you come to our place for a while? Come to your home? Come with Seo Woo.
Thank you for coming.
I have a few matters, to request from you.
That's why I called you over.
Is there any problem? Ji Hyun's father, regards you as his own daughters.
You two, try to persuade Ji Hyun's father, to make him agree to undergo surgery.
What surgery? Is Ji Hyun's father not feeling well? It's a brain tumor.
Because the size of the tumor is big, it's best to do the surgery as soon as possible.
He won't listen to Min Ho.
He won't listen to me either.
No bankruptcy? What do you mean by that? President Shin won't get to live much longer.
After a month or two, President Shin's assets will be passed to me.
We don't have to spend any more efforts, trying to make the company bankrupt and fall.
Director Kang does not have to worry about this matter anymore.
Just worry about your part.
We are only concerned about Shin Industry.
This is a ten thousand dollar trade, but we only sold three thousand dollars.
I could sell ten thousand dollars initially.
Why do I have to lose seven thousand dollars? From what I see, Director Kang is not willing to let go of Shin's family assets.
We still have our contracts.
Why would I do that? Just follow the contract according how it was written.
Why change things? Hyuk Sung and my relationship, is not as simple as the contract, right? Two years ago, Hyuk Sung and President Oh, when you bought Shin's stocks, I gathered evidence for the illicit funds.
You really think that because you have evidence, that I'll collaborate with you? I know that we will collaborate because our opinions are similar.
But how could I not have the evidence and work with you? Hurry, get in.
Let's go to the hospital immediately.
You go first.
I have an appointment to go to.
What? Hey, what kind of appointment is it? We have to go to the hospital! I will go later.
Hey! Shin In Jung! Oh, In Jung.
Oppa, where are you right now? We have to meet now.
I left some important documents, so I'm going home first.
Ok, I understand.
Then I'll go to your house.
The password may be the date of an anniversary of the people around him.
In Jung's birthday.
Kang Min Ho's mother's birthday.
You scared me! Song Yi Kyung.
How did What are you doing here? Originally, I planned to clean up your place secretly, but I got spotted so easily.
Clean up secretly? I originally planned to come and return your house key.
That day I found excuses to leave early, it made me feel sorry.
You think that makes any sense? Why, doesn't it? Don't come out, stay here.
And don't move.
Oppa! I'm in a hurry right now, let's talk in the car.
Why didn't you tell me? What? Ji Hyun's father has a brain tumor.
Why didn't you tell me? In Jung, wait a minute.
Oppa, I heard you already knew.
That's why Ji Hyun's father signed his will today.
But why didn't you tell me? I was afraid that it would be hard on you, that's why I didn't tell you.
What? If you knew that President Shin had a brain tumor, I knew how you'd feel.
Isn't it that you are annoyed and trying to appease me? Let's leave first.
Director Tseung is waiting for us.
Quickly, declare bankruptcy! Shin In Jung! Oppa, why are you so angry? Is it because it's not going according to the original plan? Don't just think about yourself, think of me too! Take my decisions into consideration too! In Jung, calm down.
After Ji Hyun became like that, the plan has already become meaningless to me.
I know.
I know, I know.
Please don't be like this, I beg you.
So please declare bankruptcy immediately, and pass the company to Hyuk Sung.
Oppa, go take Haemido and settle it as soon as possible.
Not being able to leave and having to stand by and watch, it's hell.
I know already, so let's just go.
Let's continue this talk along the way.
I have an appointment with President Oh at the company.
I have to change.
Please have a sit first.
[HS President Oh] I'll explain the situation to you later.
Dad Dad Dad! Dad What should I do? Until I take over Shin's family business, bankruptcy is not an option.
Kang Min Ho is calling.
I said Kang Min Ho is calling! I SAID Kang Min Ho is CALLING! Missed calls.
Kang Min Ho: 7 missed calls.
Han Kang: 5 missed calls.
Traveler Shin Ji Hyun who refuses to answer her phone, you are no longer allowed to call anyone in this world anymore! Diri-ri -=Song Yi Kyung=- =The phone you are calling is switched off.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Voice mail will be charged= She left her place at 2PM, it's 5PM already and she's still not back yet? Why doesn't she answer her phone? -=Min Ho hyung=- Hey, hyung.
Kang, if Song Yi Kyung is at your place, tell her to answer the phone.
Why are you looking for Song Yi Kyung? She did not come today.
Then give me her address.
I have to talk to her quickly regarding a job position.
I don't know where she lives.
Alright I understand, goodbye.
She came here about 20 minutes ago.
She seems tired, so I told her to rest.
Hey, ask her to drink it while it's hot.
Drink up.
You haven't eaten again? What have you been doing until now, still haven't eaten any meals? Go to the kitchen and eat.
No, it's not that.
I didn't do anything today.
Then, if you don't eat, where will you have the energy to do things? I'm not here to work.
Then why are you here? I just came here without knowing it.
I know something's going on, so don't tell me there's nothing.
What's going on? Tell me so I know.
It's nothing important.
Is your father not feeling well? No, it's not that.
Is your Unni sick? I don't have any Unni.
So it's your younger siblings? Then the person I saw Song! Who are you? This is not the time.
It's not your father or your siblings.
Is it your mom? You said it before, right? That you have to be back by twelve midnight, because you have to take care of someone.
Ah that, that's because I had a situation I forgot I have an appointment, I'll leave first.
Shin In Jung.
How can you be like this? Ji Hyun's father has a brain tumor.
Was your appointment that important? I'm sorry.
Actually, I had some urgent matters.
Who's the guy? I want to meet him, to see how impressive he really is.
When did I say I was going to meet him? It's obvious, isn't it? Previously, you weren't like this and now you are.
Isn't it because of that guy? You horrible girl.
How can you do this to Ji Hyun? You even lived at Ji Hyun's place.
Just because I did, does it mean I have to like her? What? That's right.
I don't like Ji Hyun, I hate her.
Don't I have the right to do that? Hey, In Jung! Why are you like this? Did you always like Ji Hyun? Of course! Ji Hyun didn't want to be apart from us, so she stayed with us alone for 6 months in Jinan.
That issue happened so long ago, why are you bringing that up? Why do you suddenly hate Ji Hyun? Shin Ji Hyun thinks that the world revolves around her.
And that everytime she falls asleep, the world stops turning.
So what? Did she do anything to hurt you? You don't think she did? -=Song Yi Kyung, 010-491-4949=- Check the address of this hand phone number.
How much time do I have, to find out? Find out by tomorrow morning.
This is killing me.
When we missed that time.
Again, an uninvited person appears.
What's that tear you were talking about? You don't know what tears are? I'm earnestly looking for people who truly love me.
What's the purpose of these tears? Why are you letting steam off your Scheduler after seeing your friends? It's possible they have the heart.
They really love me, but it's possible that they don't cry.
Tears are the most accurate representation of feelings.
Humans will cry if their feelings are strong.
Either, they like it so much or it's too sad.
Too lonely, too wrong.
And so on, so forth.
Although there are tears of deceit and also malicious tears we can distinguish between them.
So, what's the problem? It's just because, I can't believe it My friends not even one of them could be like that.
You are always blaming on others.
Can you shed tears for someone else? Tears of 100% purity for them? What? You, Shin Ji Hyun, can you really cry 100% pure tears for someone else? Can, can, can! Of course I can! For this reason, I don't like humans.
They all think they're so great.
If you haven't tried it, don't brag.
Tell me the truth.
Is there anyone who genuinely loves me? How am I supposed to know? This is not my thing, Because I'm so tired.
The human heart is fickle.
There's no such thing as permanence.
Love, then hate.
Hot, then cold.
Upset, then grateful.
Full of resentment, then understanding.
And so on and so forth.
Ultimately, tears are this.
If she doesn't have older or younger sisters, then who exactly is the woman I saw? She could possibly be a relative.
I said she looked exactly the same.
But she was pretending she didn't know who I was.
Then go confirm it.
Go and confirm it? Are you curious whether Song Yi Kyung is lying or not? Or are you wondering why you keep feeling like Song Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun? Or maybe you are worrying if Song Yi Kyung might be going through something difficult? Go.
Then you can understand your own heart.
I think it might be all three.
I must be home before midnight.
Someone is waiting for me.
She obviously said there was someone.
How come the light's not even on? She really came on time.
So she lied to me? Who was that woman yesterday? Pretending not to know who I am? I definitely need to ask.
Who is she going to meet? What? She has two jobs? Welcome! One Americano, please.
4000 won.
-=Song Yi Kyung=- Customer you need to pay first.
Song Yi Kyung? Yes, it's me.
Are you Song Yi Kyung? You also asked me this yesterday, right? Do you know me? So you're saying that it's Song Yi Kyung? But you're saying it's not the Song Yi Kyung we know, right? Hae Won If you say that again, it has been said 30 times already.
Is it because of difficulties, so one person is working two jobs? Han Kang If you say it two more times, it'll be the 20th time already.
The more I think about it, the more I contemplate.
Starting from the 48 days, the time limit is very strange.
So she had a time limit? I've heard the story of 49 days.
It's the first I've heard of 48 days.
There is also a countdown for the 49 days story.
It was when I was a young monk, there was a monk at the temple for devotees.
He said that someone, that person was not going to make it alive.
Clearly he was a living person, what did he mean by not going to make it alive? For 49 days, the soul is searching for something.
He said the heart is confused, so they're unable to leave.
Don't say such imaginary things.
Don't have anything else? Han Kang, you're also speaking imaginably now.
Ji Hyun's father has a brain tumor, why didn't you tell me? That's why Ji Hyun's father signed his will today.
Quickly, declare bankruptcy.
What kind of friend was Shin Ji Hyun? She's so kind-hearted that it's annoying.
But that was really all just condescending.
It seemed like she wasn't very perceptive.
In 49 days, if you can find three people who really love you, then you can go back.
People who truly love you, the tears while thinking of you, is the evidence.
Pure love where the purity is 100%.
Three drops of those tears.
The remaining time is 25 days, 4 hours, and 59 minutes.
He definitely seems like he knows me.
Song! Why do you pretend that you don't see me? Miss Song Yi Kyung? Why was he so surprised? Unni, you're not sleeping today? It is because you already know that I'm going to leave today? Unni! During this period of time, thank you.
Also, I'm sorry.
It can only be like this.
I have to leave.
I know that even if I keep trying, keep waiting, there's no one out there who truly loves me.
I must have lived my life badly.
Ah, right! I cannot keep my promise to you.
Song Yi Soo.
I already promised that I'd help you find him.
Unni! Take care! First I have to erase traces of myself.
Even if she found out, I won't be back anyways.
Unni, you don't have to be scared.
I'm doing this to express my gratitude to you.
And also Don't be afraid.
I won't appear anymore.
Dad It's me, Ji Hyun! You must have seen Song Yi Kyung unni before.
I was afraid that you wouldn't believe Unni's words.
That is why I have written this letter.
You have to believe what Unni is saying, and then read this letter.
Inside Unni's body, is Ji Hyun.
It's your daughter, Ji Hyun.
Kang Min Ho and Hyeok San Industries are working together to take Haemido Seafood Island and our company.
You must abolish the will.
And also Accept the surgery as soon as possible to recover your health.
At the time of the surgery, I'm afraid that I cannot be by your side.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Mom.
During this period of time, thank you everybody.
It's a lovely morning, Han Kang! Why are you so surprised? It is the first time you hear people speaking informally to you? Miss Song Yi Kyung.
That's right, Song Yi Kyung.
Song Yi Kyung is a year older than you.
You lived in the United States for ten years so you may not know.
In this country, if I'm your noona, I can use informal speech.
This woman really has multiple personalities What are you talking about? Wait, wait, wait! Just 3 minutes.
Just listen to me for 3 minutes.
3 minutes will do.
No, 2 minutes, 1 minute? Someone once said, that love is letting someone misunderstand you, because that will cause them less pain.
If you love someone so much, I think it's like that even if you were misunderstood, you wouldn't explain.
You'd rather that person not get hurt and let yourself continuously be misunderstood.
You know, you keep changing the argument but in fact, it's the same thing.
Really? How much it hurts to do that, I know that now.
Hiding your heart, is a lot harder than not knowing your heart.
1 minute has passed.
This is the end.
-=Resignation Letter=- Thank you for taking care of me all this time.
Take care of yourself, Kang.
What is this? My permanent resignation letter.
I plan to go somewhere.
Leave? Where to? Uh A place that is far far away.
A good place? I have to talk to her quickly regarding a job position.
I have nothing to say! The good and far destination that you are going to is Kang Min Ho's place? Huh? Why, you thought I didn't know it was there? I am not going to Kang Min Ho's place.
You tell lies as much as you eat.
I am not going to Kang Min Ho's house to work.
Don't tell me you are going to live there.
If you liked Kang Min Ho from the start, why didn't you just say so, instead of confusing people? What exactly is your intention? I heard you are not that close with Shin Ji Hyun.
Why are you always taking care of her fiance? I'm not talking about my friend's fiance or anything, I'm talking about you.
Why do you hate it when Unni is with Kan Min Ho? What kind of person are you really? A person that lives for money? Living with several facades? Exactly how many truths are there? Playing around with people, with this and that face! What were you doing last night? Who was that woman I met last night? Stop it! What do you want to know? Are you that curious about Song Yi Kyung? Song Yi Kyung is an orphan.
She has no one to lean on or talk to.
No one loves her.
Happy? Live well then, you jerk! Fine! Go! Don't you ever come back! Don't you dare come back Couldn't you just have wished me a safe trip? This is the last time.
You should have sent me off with a smile.
Where are her guardians? Both of them went home already.
Shin Ji Hyun, this period of time was very hard, right? Let's wait a little longer.
I will return to you.
We will go together.
Since I let you do what you want, and you just put Min Ho in your will, this time please listen to what I want! You know I'll do whatever you want as long as it's reasonable.
What else can you do except surgery? What else can you do for me if you die without the surgery? What are they talking about? Brain tumor? If he doesn't undergo surgery, he could die? Can't you please consider my feelings? I said I won't die.
Before Ji Hyun wakes up, I will not die.
5 months? 3 years? Even if it's 10 years, Ji Hyun may not wake up.
Dad Because of me, you won't undergo surgery? Just please listen to my wishes.
I I don't want my daughter to lie alone in a vegetative state while I undergo surgery myself.
Dad Ji Hyun is lying in the hospital, very lonely How could this happen? She can't promise anything.
She can't greet.
If she leaves, I need to send her off.
If she comes back I want to be the first one to hold her.
Why is it, that in order to survive I have to accept the surgery? I don't want to have a surgery.
I don't want any surgery.
Hey, Kang.
Hey, what is this? Why'd you hide this secret thing in here? It shows how smart our Kang is.
What is that? It's a seal.
Seal? I didn't leave a seal over there.
Shin Ji Hyun? This is the seal of Shin Ji Hyun.
Shin Ji Hyun? Who? Who can come and help me? God, save me.
I have to live I want to live