49 Days (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

Who who will save me? God save me.
I have to live.
I want to live.
This is this a tear? What will I do? It's a tear.
Who is it, who is it? It's good to see you again, Shin Ji Hyun.
No doubt, it's Shin Ji Hyun.
Why did Shin Ji Hyun hide her seal, inside your flower pot? Shin Ji Hyun has never been into my room.
Then, who put this inside? It's Ji Hyun, it was Ji Hyun.
I brought your favorite seaweed soup.
Song Yi Kyung made it.
Don't even think of leaving a drop of soup- drink everything, okay? Watch this closely Someone bought it for me, so I can use it during emergencies.
Dad bought it for me, so I can use it during emergencies.
Live well, you lowlife.
You lowlife.
My feelings are right.
So it was actually you.
Shin Ji Hyun.
It was you, you were by my side.
I am happy to see you again, Shin Ji Hyun.
Although I don't know what happened, Nice to meet you.
Where are Ji Hyun's parents? Did anyone drop by here? One lady came over and left.
When? Did she say where she go? There are people who love me.
I didn't think there would be a single one who loved me.
Thank you! -= Congratulations, congratulations, congrats for your first tear attained =- Hey! Shin Ji Hyun, it seems like you didn't live in vain these 27 years after all.
I got it! I got the tears! Hey, why are you doing this? You are not my type I think! Seems like it actually, but we can't be like this.
If I'm involved in any love acts, I will be punished severely.
I'm sorry, I'm just so happy to see you.
So you "lick your lips and lie", huh? To a person you're happy to see, you give this as a last goodbye? Scheduler, I'm leaving.
My dad doesn't want to undergo surgery because of me.
You also know that I don't have the confidence to get the three teardrops.
So I think I have to leave.
My mind is in a mess now.
I couldn't tell you face to face that I have to leave.
So, thank you so much for everything.
I knew I would see you again when I rode the elevator, that's why I was like that.
Right, making excuses is this woman's specialty.
But, whose tear is this? Who cried for me? You still want to ask me questions like that? The 1 week penalty, have you forgotten? It's Seo Woo right? There's no one else other than Seo Woo.
Believing what they want to believe is the specialty of the people in this world.
I'm sure, there's no one else other than Seo Woo.
If it's Seo Woo, do you want to thank her personally? Of course I have to, she shed tears for me.
The person who loves me sincerely.
This is Shin Ji Hyun's home, right? Is she at home? Don't you know that Ji Hyun is in the hospital? Ji Hyun's parents were not at the hospital.
They just left for the hospital.
Did anyone else drop by the house? Ji Hyun's friend came over.
Friend? Who was it? What does she look like? What is her name? I don't know her name, but she's tall, has a good figure, and is also quite pretty.
She came once before.
After she came, did she meet Ji Hyun's parents? Seo Woo! Miss Yi Kyung, are you here to buy some bread? No, I came to meet you.
I wanted to thank you.
For what? Previously, you gave me free bread to eat, remember? It's nothing much, you came here to thank me because of that? Although you may not have thought much of the gesture, it ended up being very helpful.
A slice of bread can save a starving person.
At that time, you must have been hungry.
At that time, I was very hungry.
I didn't have any friends, and I was really lonely.
Ah, really? That friend at the hospital must be really blessed, because Seo Woo is her friend.
You mean Ji Hyun? I'm lucky because I have her as a friend.
It's really you, Seo Woo.
But, why don't you have any friends? Alright.
I won't tell anyone that Shin In Jung's boyfriend is Kang Min Ho.
Who is that man? Let's see how great he is.
Manager! Give me a moment.
Let Shin family announce their bankruptcy quickly.
Oppa, you already got Haemido project, right? Are you here to buy bread? Nowadays, secretaries have good lives.
No matter when or where, they are able to go out even during the working hours.
The President is really kind-hearted, isn't he? Oh my! The President's daughter is Shin Ji Hyun.
Kang Min Ho's fiance Miss Song Yi Kyung! You are too much, Miss Shin In Jung.
Why are you here? Are you close with that woman? What were you talking about with her? You came here to ask me this? No, I came to meet you.
What's she doing? We have Swiss' red wine spa from overseas.
Chinese radioactivity SPA.
African potato SPA.
French author SPA.
Parisian chocolate SPA.
Malaysian coffee SPA, these and more.
Oppa! Don't leave the room, stay here and don't move.
Quickly announce bankruptcy! She must have heard everything.
Domestic agencies offer trips that include professional spa treatment.
advertise in Germany gives open-air hot spring baths and spas.
Korean public bathhouse And also, last year After that, she disappeared.
Director, he's asking you about visiting local SPA's to know about the agenda matters.
Ji Nan, Doe Chun, Sok Chu and Bu Ju.
-= Chauffeur =- Bung Lee Jun, you can arrange the schedule first.
Where does Song Yi Kyung live? Miss Song Yi Kyung's number is not registered.
It doesn't have any record numbers.
A number that is not registered doesn't make sense.
Did you check properly? Min Ho, It's not my first time.
I have done this numerous times.
Hyung, did Ji Hyun come? Who do you mean, Ji Hyun? No, I mean Song Yi Kyung.
Did she come here? Don't tell me that something happened to Song Yi Kyung.
No, I have some urgent matters so I need to see her.
She didn't contact you? What has happened? Don't you know Song Yi Kyung's address? Don't you have her resume? If she calls you, please let me know.
What's wrong with this kid? What did you mean when you asked about Ji Hyun? I just blurted it out by mistake.
What about Song Yi Kyung? Why are you looking for her? What happened? I will tell you next time.
What's the matter? It's nothing.
Ji Hyun and Song Yi Kyung, why did they talk about them? Shin Ji Hyun, where did you go exactly? Home, hospital and not even at Min Ho hyung's place.
I decided to leave.
To leave meaning she will never return? What does she mean exactly? Shin Ji Hyun, where did you go? Where? Shin Ji Hyun! What's the matter? Ji Hyun! Why are you like this again? - I said I'm Song Yi Kyung.
- No.
You are Ji Hyun, Shin Ji Hyun.
What is all this about? What exactly happened to you? How did he know that it's me? What's wrong? No, I'm not Shin Ji Hyun.
I'm Song Yi Kyung.
- Ji Hyun.
- I said I'm not! I'm not.
I'm Song Yi Kyung, I'm Song Yi Kyung.
So you can't admit you are Ji Hyun, is it? Look here, president.
I am neither Shin Ji Hyun, nor your part-time employee.
I'm not related to you in anyway.
Shin Ji Hyun, looks like you have your difficulties.
Therefore, don't appear in front of me anymore.
I hate to hear those meaningless words from you.
Alright, I know.
It's my fault.
I How did he know? Why is Han Kang suddenly like that? Since the beginning she hasn't told anyone, that she's Shin Ji Hyun.
What's the reason behind it? Song Yi Kyung, who is she exactly? Looks like he already left.
What to do, what to do, what to do! I returned early because of this, all because of Han Kang.
If I had known earlier, I wouldn't have cleaned the place.
What do I do if Unni realizes something strange had happened?! Song Yi Kyung, congratulations for becoming a middle school student.
Is this Song Yi Soo? -= Congrats, Song Yi Kyung on your 20th birthday.
=- -= Even when you are 99 years old, I will still wish you a happy birthday.
- Yi Soo =- Looks like Song Yi Soo is not her younger brother.
My goodness! Name: Song Yi Kyung Age: 28 years old Born in Chuncheon, lived in an orphanage.
That's right.
This Unnie is an orphan.
Then, who is Song Yi Soo? Even when Yi Kyung is 99 years old, he will still wish her happy birthday.
Is this person already dead? Unni, I have to trouble you again today.
Unni, I am in a bad situation now.
There are many things I have to do.
Even if it's like this, what exactly happened to Song Yi Soo? No matter what methods I have to use, I will try to find out.
Sleepwalking is movement during sleep which you won't notice.
So you may not remember at all.
The thought of sleepwalking feels scarier.
It feels like there's a part of me which I don't know about.
Previously, I told you about the Hypnosis treatment, would you like to try it? The hospital will be closed the following day.
There won't be any staff.
So it won't be inconvenient.
What exactly do you want me to do? Why did you insist until now? Until now, I only have one tear.
What if something happens to you within this 49 days? What should I do? Alright.
Honey, don't go for the operation.
Mom! How could that be? Let Min Ho take over you.
Be my guardian and Ji Hyun's.
It's not necessary.
Other than you, I don't need any other guardians.
Ji Hyun's guardian, I will do it.
If you are dead, I will take care of your funeral.
No matter what happens, I will make sure I live longer than Ji Hyun.
Don't you worry about it, and die peacefully.
Ji Hyun's mother, what's wrong with you? Are you like this because you can't trust Min Ho? Please don't believe Kang Min Ho.
No way.
It's not because I don't believe in Min Ho.
It's because there's no need to.
Because I can do it.
I am Ji Hyun's mom.
You have protected me for a lifetime.
From now on, I will be Ji Hyun's and your guardian.
Time remaining is 24 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes.
So it was like that.
By borrowing Song Yi Kyung's body, she was able to live.
Hey, Song Yi Kyung! Song Yi Kyung, you said you were leaving to a faraway place, how did it go? Here you are again.
You totally ignored my question.
Right now, I'm here to scout for Song Yi Kyung.
What did you say? If you have nothing to do, let's go to my shop.
Forget it.
Wait! Yesterday I was rude, because I drank too much and was dreaming.
Inside my dream, Song Yi Kyung appeared, saying that she was Shin Ji Hyun and she wanted me to save her.
In fact, I do sleepwalk a bit.
Does that even make sense? If I don't make sense, Song Yi Kyung, you really are Shin Ji Hyun, aren't you? It doesn't make sense, right? What have I done wrong? It's all because of the dream.
Or maybe I'm crazy.
Has he really become crazy? Don't tell me, you really thought I was crazy? Do you really sleepwalk? If you don't believe me, you can ask Hae Won ahjusshi.
Because I said these things yesterday, he scolded me the whole night and told me to bring you back.
Why did Manager scold you? Hae Won ahjusshi is originally a buddhist, you know.
He predicted that, if I don't bring you back, our shop will go out of business.
What are you saying? In the dream, Song Yi Kyung your help, He said that I have to be with someone with the surname Song, or something like that.
I what should I do? Looks like his sleepwalking is actually so serious.
Your part-time salary will be increased by 50%, you can still remain as a freelance worker, and you don't have to report when you start and finish work.
Really? Why did you submit your resignation letter? It made me feel humiliated.
Hurry and come with me.
He really doesn't know, right? Don't you dare tell people about my sleepwalking! I won't say until I die.
Song Yi Kyung is free to attend work, leave work and take leave at anytime she pleases.
She has the freedom to work at anytime she likes.
So it will be like this.
Ahjusshi, we need to talk.
You don't have to say anything.
Welcome back! Yi Kyung, a very warm welcome to you! Because couples think alike.
I also welcome you unconditionally.
Must know how to choose the right team.
No matter how, I'm extremely grateful to everyone.
I am not.
Song Yi Kyung.
What's the reason for giving me this? I am like a cactus; thorny and evil, right? You said you resigned to have me scolded, right? No, it's not.
Unni, you might look prickly on the outside, but you have many tears inside just like a cactus, that's why I gave it to you.
Tears? Does cactus have tears inside? Last time, I watched a drama about people who are prepared to cry anytime.
Answer the phone! Answer the phone! Hey, quickly answer the phone, answer the phone! -= Kang Min Ho =- I'm going to answer this call.
She is really strange.
How did she know? Soo Jin, you have broken up with your boyfriends for more than 10 times.
Your marriage also failed.
You said you will never marry again.
You are divorced already? Alright, for Yi Kyung, I will help you interpret the dream like that.
Ahjusshi, when you were young, you were a Monk at Jinan right? Yes.
Before I came to Seoul with your Mom, I never left Jinan.
Is there anything, like 49 days? During the 49 days, The wandering soul story.
Could you tell me in detail? Why are you suddenly asking me that? Tomorrow, I am going to Jinan.
That's why I wanted to know suddenly.
You're going to Jinan tomorrow? My mother's death anniversary is in a few days.
At the same time, I can go to see my mother's home and also, get some fresh air.
President, Can I go out for a while? You will come back, right? But, you must come back.
Of course, I will come back.
Promise before you leave.
If you are going to leave when you are outside, you have to call to inform you are knocking off.
I understand.
You are really difficult person to contact.
Song Yi Kyung, why was your phone switched off? Do I have to explain to you why my phone is switched off? You should at least give me a chance to explain.
After I was ridiculed, you just left silently.
You should know how many times have I called you.
27 missed called in 2 days.
Let me tell you the reason for the 27 calls.
I'm not here to listen to your explanations.
I came here to return this.
Since you already had a fiancee, yet you are someone who has a terrible plan, and became your fiancee's best friend's man, although I know this, the desire to enter that man's home, I still seem to have it.
Kang Min Ho.
I already said I won't meet you anymore.
You should be aware of this.
I already know you are a bad person.
According to the ethical standards of the world, I'm sure I'm a bad person.
Although you find it hard to understand.
Your fiancee's company going bankrupt, the will It's not easy to understand the situation.
And not just that, there's still your fiancee's friend.
You're right.
Shin In Jung and I have been dating for a long time.
We met before I went overseas to study.
She waited for 2 years until I returned from the States.
It's not fun.
Unlocking the mystery all at once is not much fun.
Let me ask you something.
Your relationship, your problems, I'm not interested in that.
What you just said, Since you already knew, why did you still meet me? If it's an important call, answer it.
I am leaving.
Yes, Director Seo.
We can't use that money at this time yet.
Director Chung, is it? Director Seo has been working with Dad's company ever since when it was established.
I said no already! Tomorrow, I will go over.
Let's meet and talk.
Representative Nam, Kong Min Jun, I will be on a business trip to Jinan tomorrow, prepare it.
Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow, I also have a trip to Sokcho, for 2 days and 1 night.
You are too much, Shin In Jung.
Why are you always looking for Song Yi Kyung, what's the matter? Exactly, what is the matter? Oppa, you are free tomorrow, right? Tomorrow? I have a business trip to Jinan.
Why so sudden? That's good.
Let's go together.
I'm going with Representative Nam and Kong Min Jun.
We will not come back on same day.
So, you will return the day after? I have to visit Gangwon Island too.
I have some preparations to do, so I'm hanging up.
Please be careful.
Where did she go? She knows she has to come back quickly.
What are you doing in the parking lot? Why do you care? What's wrong with doing some exercise? Then please continue.
Kang! Miss Yi Kyung, we meet again.
Miss Song Yi Kyung has returned? Previously, she had disappeared, right? You Are you dating Song Yi Kyung? What are you saying? Then why are you always looking for her? Furthermore, Miss Yi Kyung Why did you look for her at Director Kang's office? That, how did you know all that? In front of the elevator You didn't see me? You were there at that time? What exactly is the matter? Didn't you have something to say? What is it? Ah, yes.
I wanted to ask you if you are free tomorrow.
I I am going to Jinan tomorrow.
Jinan? Why are you suddenly going to Jinan? It's nothing.
That's good.
I was going to ask you to go to Jinan together.
Seo Woo and I decided to go Jinan tomorrow.
The cherry blossoms there, are in full bloom now.
Is it? That's good.
Then, we can go together tomorrow.
I'm going to leave early tomorrow.
There are lot of matters I need to handle during the day.
But at least we will eat dinner together, right? Miss Yi Kyung, what are you doing? Do you have something you want to say? I have nothing particular to say Can't I sit here for a minute? How can you not? Now that I think about it, that day, I didn't greet you properly.
You mean the day that I kept the secret? It might be difficult to explain, we also have our own difficulties.
I also thought of that.
Therefore, I already said I will not tell anyone.
Really? Was it because you saw me at Seo Woo's shop, that's why you can't let go? I am sometimes a little bit rude.
So it's like that.
I thought you misunderstood me.
That's why you deliberately made it difficult for me.
I didn't know your difficulties, and in this kind of situation, it's difficult to let people think the right way.
Until we meet again, let's chat.
It will be great if we can catch a movie together.
How about tomorrow? Not tomorrow I have some work to do in Jinan.
Jinan? Right now, in Jinan it's the cherry blossoms season, right? We, do you want to go to Jinan tomorrow? Since you moved to Busan, you no longer went to Jinan.
I'm not interested.
Han Kang, also is going to Jinan tomorrow.
We should also go.
I can help arrange a meeting between you and Han Kang.
Miss Yi Kyung, in front of you, you see a door, right? First, try to open that door.
I cannot open it.
Then, try putting some effort.
I opened it.
I beg you, unni.
Miss Yi Kyung, it's alright.
It's alright, Miss Yi Kyung.
Come on.
Open your eyes, Miss Yi Kyung.
What's wrong, Miss Yi Kyung? What did you see? Doctor! What I'm seeing what was it? What did you see? You are really becoming more and more careless.
Why did you come? You didn't even call.
That's why.
Now you didn't even ask, and caused trouble straight away.
I did not cause any trouble.
Aren't you on your way to do it now? You borrowed someone else's body, and planned to go for holiday with a man for two days and one night.
Do you know what are you doing now? Is this body yours? It's not an overnight visit.
Look here, I booked a bus at 8:30PM, I will be able to return before 12AM.
Kang Min Ho thinks it's a two days and one night trip.
You really don't understand men, do you? Even if it's the same day return trip, In the end, it will be two days and one night.
This is what man is.
You, right now are worrying about me? Or worrying about Song Yi Kyung? What did you say? The person whom you are responsible for, isn't it me? However, why are you acting like you are Song Yi Kyung's oppa? As long as it's later than twelve, every single minute means one day less for me.
Do you think I will stay overnight at Jinan with Kang Min Ho? You would pull me away, and put me inside the elevator.
That's why I don't want you to go.
It's really dangerous.
Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung the two of them are going to Jinan.
So you plan to start a love triangle in Jinan? What exactly are you going to do there? I will do what I can.
My father, because of Kang Min Ho, endured it until now because he doesn't want to have the operation.
Even if my life is in a vegetative state, Dad will still trust that Kang Min Ho will help Mom be my guardian.
I have to break that trust.
Only then will Dad do the surgery.
Just receive 2 more drops of tears then.
That, is not something which I can do easily.
That time when you received your first drop, you even thanked the gods and heavens.
That, is because I was touched when I received love from someone.
Thanks to that, I have the will to carry on.
However, I have also found out that people don't love me.
This is something which I knew when I was alive.
Even if I rush, Love, is not something which I can get, even if I pray for it.
Matters that happen after you leave this world, Lets just leave it be.
These things have nothing to do with your life when you leave.
It's my dad's life at stake! Hey! This person is really Go away go! Go! Even if you get into trouble, I won't care.
That won't be my responsibility.
Don't look at me like the trouble-making Shin Ji Hyun I was before.
I already died once, because of an accident.
After dying, I died again a second time.
I am not afraid of death.
I'm afraid my dad is going to die because of me.
Growing old and dying is not something that humans can change by working hard.
This This is Hwa Jun prepared this for you; food for the road, a rice ball.
And also some fruit.
This is the name of the convent.
How did you find about this? At the top of the pagoda Once you arrive at the other side of the pagoda, look for the abbot there and then you'll know.
Ajusshi! I didn't say anything before.
How is it that, you seem to know about this? What do I know? I don't know anything.
I was afraid to say it.
I also know why you didn't say.
There must be a hidden reason.
Thank you, Ajusshi.
Why are you here? I also have to go Jinan.
I need a ride.
What are you going to do at Jinan? Because Kang Min Ho wanted to go.
What kind of woman is Shin Ji Hyun? You shouldn't worry about the kind of woman Ji Hyun seemed to be.
What kind of woman exactly is she, that she was cheated by her friend and her friend's lover? She is not an interesting woman.
Extremely innocent, pure.
Kang Min Ho, you are also not an interesting man.
Not interesting means that, doesn't it? Easy to see through.
So you're saying that you can also see through me? I can see everything.
But there's one thing I can't see.
Why must you make them bankrupt? Shin Ji Hyun's family.
Do they have any conflict with you before? It's hard to say There's no such thing.
I've also said before, right? She is a kind woman.
Her parents are also good people.
Then, why must you make them bankrupt without a reason? They are unlucky, just like me.
Like you? Yes, like me.
What do you mean? Knowing too much details wouldn't be good for you.
I am just asking because I'm curious.
I do not feel obliged to let Kang Min Ho think that it's interesting.
It's just, if I explain it clearly all at once, it'd be too boring.
It's your first time at Jinan, right? Jinan is a place with natural landscapes and sky blue water.
I know better than you.
Over there, you can see Maisan Mountain.
This is my playground.
It seems like a lot of fun.
- You are the abbot of the monks, aren't you? - Yes.
I heard you know this monk.
Who is it? That I came to find this elderly.
I heard he has been practicing here for 50 years.
Does your heart beat fast when you see me? Certainly, not you.
It's not like that, elder.
Would it be a bother to tell me? I absolutely won't tell anyone.
It is clear to me that it should not be told to anyone else.
Since you know it can't be said why would I say it? Rotten brat.
In the future, do I have to live for another thirty years? Also it has been said, during the 49 day period, One cannot absolutely admit who he really is, right? I don't know.
Others may have possibly said that.
After the 49 days, if you want to come over to live How? What do you need to do? To meet with Director Do SPA which will take about 3 to 4 hours.
But then, how are you going to spend your time alone? Can't we go to the factory together? Didn't I already say that I have to go to the factory? Didn't you say you'd meet with the factory director on the phone? I will not go to the factory.
When my work is complete, I will give you a call.
Until then, you have freetime.
Okay, I got it.
Geez Are you threatening me? Director Jung means Director Kang, you are delaying bankruptcy.
Let me meet with you once.
Meet? That's a threat, isn't it? I have planned it so that by the end of March, after the factory closes down, thus I bought the land.
Buying land in advance is your plan Director Seo and not mine.
How about I tell Chairman Shin Il Shik about everything that happened? What's going to happen? He also can't do anything about it anymore.
He sent me to the factory to fix things up.
How can this be? How to do it? Before I give the order please try not to make trouble.
If I didn't move to Jinan because of my allergies.
then I wouldn't have been able to meet you in this lifetime.
Maybe Although, my allergies are cured now, and my skin is as smooth as honey you remember how I looked when I first moved here, right? You became the village's object of attraction.
That time, it was you and Ji Hyun who scolded the kids for me.
That was when we were The Three Musketeers.
It was so fun.
For you, Jinan is full of good memories.
Let's go look around our old school.
Also, at the water courtyard by your home.
And all the places we had been.
Let's go to all of them! Well, you go ahead and have a look, I have to make a call.
Director Kang Min Ho who came today from Seoul, his room is ready, right? What is the room number? Shin Ji Hyun, all this time you must have been so lonely.
Nobody recognizes you, and you can't tell anyone about it, doing everything alone.
You must have been really lonely.
Kids, today, we are splitting in groups to raise proceeds for the donation drive.
Like this, form a team with the person who has the same set of tarot cards.
Here, choose the card.
Here 1, 2, 3.
This cannot be! Being in the same group as him, I'm really unlucky.
Hey, who wants to swap with me? Swap with me? Swap with me, how about it? What should I do? Ah, really! I also do not want to be in same group as you.
Hey, Miss Song Yi Kyung.
What should I do? What should I do? How come you are here? That, that is, like Oh, you also heard that this school is famous? I did go to this school.
But our school is not famous.
You probably didn't hear my question correctly.
I should be asking, what are you doing here in Jinan? How did you get to Jinan? I came here with Kang Min Ho.
Min Ho Hyung? Although I came with Kang Min Ho, I just came with him, not for any other reasons.
Of course, you probably still like Min Ho hyung.
I don't like that engaged man.
You make it seem that liking an engaged man is like getting the death penalty.
I am not in any kind of relationship with Kang Min Ho.
Liking an engaged man is very normal.
Loving a person is one's own business.
It's very painful to hide feelings.
Han Kang, what's up with him all of a sudden? Why isn't he angry? Hello.
Where are you? In Jung.
Then before 6PM, please come to the restaurant at Sakura hotel.
Well, then I'll see you soon.
Then, I will meet you at 7PM at the pavilion.
Oppa, when will you be done with work? Call me when you're done.
I'm going to have a drink with Representative Nam and Go Mi Jin.
I will call when work is over.
So, you are really happy? Of course! All this time living in Seoul my skin has become worse, and my sensitive skin is coming back.
Now, it's becoming tight like this.
It feels really good.
Tell Kang that I'll go over after I visit home.
You two eat first.
When are you planning to return? Where can I go? After thirty minutes, call me and ask why I haven't come yet.
Then I'll say that something came up at home so I can't come over.
You're really not planning to return? Definitely.
Give me your car.
You ride in Kang's car.
and don't mention anything about Ji Hyun.
You are going to your parent's home, right? Hmm Director Kang knew that you'd come to Jinan and asked you to come to the Pavilion, in front of cherry blossom road at 7PM.
You're meeting Min Ho at around seven, right? You still have time, what are you planning to do? I will do as I deem fit.
You are not familiar with this place, how are you going to do that? Since it's your first time at Jinan, I will guide you around.
Get in! Thanks to you, the tour of the town was really good.
Have a nice meeting with Min Ho.
Hey, Park Seo Woo.
Kang, why aren't you coming? I'm leaving.
Seo Woo should be waiting for him, right? I'm coming over right now.
Where were you all this time? I was having fun.
What did you do by yourself? This place seems beautiful.
Let's walk for a while.
Aren't you hungry? Let's eat dinner here.
I just want to walk around for now.
Is something wrong? I'm a bit dizzy.
Yi Kyung, It's because of you that I'm going crazy.
What did I do? Miss Yi Kyung.
Miss Yi Kyung.
Miss Yi Kyung.
Miss Yi Kyung.
Miss Yi Kyung, are you alright? Who are you? -= Next Episode Preview =- Regarding Ji Hyun's strong possessiveness.
You were wiling to follow him to Jinan.
Do you like Min Ho Hyung that much? Do I need a reason to just follow him? Bastard! What is wrong with you? Is it because of Song Yi Kyung? You clearly know about our relationship, but what are you trying to do? You are afraid that Kang Min Ho will be snatched away? Where are you going? You're dressed up so handsomely.
I'm going on a date.
Oh, so you're a playboy right? Song Yi Kyung, what do you want me to help you with? Kang Min Ho, you will never know.
I don't really care to know right now.