49 Days (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Episode 12

What's wrong with you? I'm a bit dizzy.
Yi Kyung.
- I am going crazy for you.
- What did I do? Yi Kyung.
Yi Kyung.
Yi Kyung.
Are you alright? Who are you? Yi Kyung, what is wrong with you? Are you hurt somewhere? What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Yi Kyung, it's me, Kang Min Ho.
Oppa! Give me a moment.
Oppa, what's going on exactly? In Jung! Why are you with that woman? Did you come here together with her? Let's go over there and talk.
Yi Kyung, don't be shocked.
You recognize me, right? You, this troublemaker! It's alright.
It's not a big deal.
I'll explain it.
You are I am going crazy, Yi Soo.
Why? Because it's so beautiful here.
I think I'm going crazy too.
Is it because I'm so pretty? aigoo.
Later when we build a retirement home ? we should have lots of blossoms.
What exactly is going on? I want to ask you what is going on here.
Oppa, aren't you supposed to be on a business trip? In actuality, you're on a vacation with Song Yi Kyung? Where did she go? Oppa! In Jung, stay here and wait for me.
What are you doing right now? I am sorry.
I'm really sorry, but, the person who came with me is not feeling well and collapsed.
I want to make sure that she's alright.
I knew something bad will happen, and it happened.
You can scold me later.
What should I do? What should I do exactly? What can you do? She woke up so you can't do anything already.
Then, what should I do? If I'm unable to bring her back home by 12, wouldn't that reduce my remaining days? Would I die just like that? You will not die.
It's not your fault.
Because Song Yi Kyung woke up on her own.
Why did she wake up at this place? Is there something here? That's a relief! Then, what should I do now? What if Min Ho and Han Kang finds out? What should I do? The problem is not with them, but that woman.
That woman? she fell asleep at home but suddenly woke up here.
Would you let that go? Didn't you hear? How a priest trick a demon back.
When the owner of the body wakes up outside of home, the host will just think that everything was just a dream.
So, we are going to erase one of Song Yi Kyung's days.
In doing that, we have to deduct one day from your 49 days.
You took a day from me because of signing father's will, yet, now you have to deduct another day again? Didn't you say it wasn't my fault? Although I don't know what it is, but you stimulated something important from that woman's memory.
Otherwise, you just leave it to Song Yi Kyung to enjoy the flower.
Where did Song Yi Kyung go? Over there.
She's with Han Kang.
Didn't I say that isn't important right now.
Let's catch up quickly.
I can tell you your fortune, and predict what will happen today, I'll predict what will happen to you today.
Please come over and have a look.
I can do a love calculation for lovers.
Unni, unni! Please give some support.
I'm a professional.
Please take a look.
I'm really good.
Unni! Please come and know your tarot fortune.
Please come and let me read your tarot fortune.
5000 won, 5000 won.
That's really Hey, Han Kang! Don't just sit there and watch, go and bring customers here.
We need to make more money for the donation drive.
Just sitting there won't make you pretty.
I don't work.
Watching the red sunset, I suddenly think of your sad face.
I looked down slowly Hey! My eyes full of tears.
This is so embarrassing! And I can't say anything, I love you.
In this world, only you exist.
Are you here to find out your Tarot readings? These things are fake.
It's not fake.
How does it work? Firstly, please pay 5000 won, then draw a Tarot card, and then I will explain it to you.
Song Yi Kyung.
Okay, then let's get started.
Please choose one.
One of you can draw a card.
Should I draw? No, I will draw it.
What is this? A minor shouldn't look at a card like this.
Is it bad? This What this card represents is unconditional love.
Really? The palm of the lovers shows that the two of you are a perfect match, and marriage, will be beautiful and everlasting.
That means the two of you are a fated and perfect match.
I chose that! This, is a special gift to the destined couple.
Wow, it's a pink rose! It's really pretty! It is my favorite flower.
Thank you! It's pretty, right? Yes.
Aren't you hungry? I'm going crazy.
Yi Soo What is it this time again? How is it possible that I'm not hungry? A rose could fill up my stomach.
- Show me.
- It's mine! Hey! Our pension's name will be called 'February'.
It's months, that February.
Plus, love.
February's love.
February is named by me.
Yi Soo At the side of the pension's fence, I will plant lots of cherry blossom trees.
Why am I a liar? Do you know about Tarot cards? We learned this in our course, how would I not know? They aren't destined lovers like you said.
They chose this.
Looks like they should be different, not fit, separated permanently, should be departed forever.
Why did you explain it in your own way? Why did you lie? They look great together.
How can I tell them that they will be forever apart? Of course you have to, why didn't you tell them? Why must I? Because it is a lie.
Do you know what a white lie is? White lies, don't you know what they are? Why did you have to make the decision? Who do you think you are? How would you know whether they wanted to listen to lies, or to know the truth? I'm asking you if you know that? They came all the way from Chuncheon.
You'd still want to be a good person until the very end? Horrible girl, you know what you should and shouldn't do.
They did leave happily.
Isn't that enough? Because they were being deceived You are also a brat who acted like you hated the seaweed soup your mother made, and even went to Namsan.
What? It's nothing! It's nothing! I said something wrong.
I'm sorry, so sorry.
Let's treat it as my fault, and let's play this.
Remove all these things.
Don't be like this.
Hey! Go! Go away! Go away! Go! Hey! Shin Ji Hyun! You should go in right away.
Okay, I got it.
Shin Ji Hyun! Hey guys, look here.
Ji Hyun will be transferring to Seoul today.
In the future, we're not going to see her again.
I don't want! What's wrong with you? Ji Hyun, Ji Hyun.
- What's wrong with you? - Please don't, Dad, I don't want to! Quickly, get in.
- Ji Hyun! - Ajusshi! Please stop the car, ajusshi! Dad.
Follow your Dad and go to the States.
You have always told me to send you to your Dad, so you won't hear me sing.
So you will have 1 day less.
I'm leaving first.
What about Unni's job? How did you get here? She's Ji Hyun now.
Ah yes, just now we were walking together, right? I just fainted.
Let's go eat.
What? Someone with such a big appetite hasn't been eating on time, that's why you fainted.
Did he not notice anything? Let's go! Yi Kyung! Song Yi Kyung! Park Seo Woo.
I'm leaving.
Yi Kyung, it's me, Kang Min Ho.
Oppa! This is your first time in Jinan, right? The meat here is widely praised.
Ajumma, please add another 2 more servings for us.
It's enough.
What is enough? I know you have a big appetite.
What is wrong with you? About what? Just recently you were like this, even though I came with Kang Min Ho, you didn't get angry.
and you're always taking care of me.
-= Kang Min Ho =- I'll answer the call.
Don't answer it.
We are eating and yet who still calls? Don't even think about meeting Min Ho hyung.
Return to Seoul with me.
You might as well tell me that, you hate Song Yi Kyung and Kang Min Ho meeting each other? The phone which you dialed is not turned on.
After hearing the beep, you will be connected to a voice mail.
So it's switched off.
It seems like everything is fine.
In Jung.
Wait for me here for a while.
What kind of man was he, that you can't bring him home? The man that Unni you are dating, can't be a a married man, right? No matter what I did, she just won't wake up so I called.
She was crying and throwing a fit.
You left her here by herself? Help me bring Seo Woo onto her car.
Isn't there someone waiting for you are in the hotel room? Seo Woo.
Could you help me call a chauffeur to send her car back? Okay.
Seo Woo.
Wake up! It's me.
Cancel my business trip.
I am going back to Seoul.
Kang Min Ho and Shin In Jung, I wonder how it turned out to be.
By now, the 3 of us should be meeting.
Why must Unni wake up at that time? Dad used to frequent that restaurant.
What? Are you getting something from that restaurant? What? Nothing, actually.
Braised pork soup? Hae Won ajusshi's favorite.
Let's go and buy some.
Get off.
Yi Kyung, are you all right? Who are you? Why would Han Kang be in Jinan? Aren't you hungry? Yi Kyung, you came.
When it's time that I should come, I'll come.
From tomorrow onwards, it'd be better if you can come 10 minutes earlier.
You still have so many demands.
First, have a cup of sweet caramel Macchiato.
Noona! I have a request.
Hey! I will absolutely not help a teenager buy cigarettes.
You are not allowed to smoke at your age.
And also.
High school students should act like high school students.
Before 12 o'clock, you must go home.
Children nowadays are really creating problems.
Does this guy even sleep ? He still comes to work in the middle of the night? Miss Song Yi Kyung didn't come to work? Song Yi Kyung is on menstrual leave.
Ah, really? Yes.
That's right.
Sir, if you aren't ordering coffee then please do not stand there.
I'm sorry.
Look at this.
will not spend money when they don't see women.
Let's go out and talk for a while.
Minho oppa I didn't think you would come to my place like this.
Oppa! This is your first time at my home, right? In my room, also your first time, right? How I live you haven't seen before, right? That's true.
It's true actually.
When Ji Hyun was alive, because we're either at Ji Hyun's house, or in front of Seo Woo, or because you are Ji Hyun's man.
We can't talk about our home.
You were never in my home with me and we never went on a vacation together.
That woman in less than a month, you take her on business trips.
Make a clear distinction between your work and personal interest, Kang Min Ho.
I know how bad you're feeling right now.
You know? You knew and yet you still made mistakes.
Why exactly are you like this? I'm attracted by that person.
I am trying not to become attracted to her, but now, it turned out to something like this.
Why I became like this, I don't even know.
To you, I'm sorry However, subconsciously I'm attracted to her.
My heart has been taken by her.
Attraction? You mean, you really like Song Yi Kyung? I feel like I can't lie to you any longer.
Isn't because I found out? Even if you had not seen me in Jinan I was going to tell you after coming back.
Nothing will happen between that woman and me.
Wait for me.
Wait for you for what? I have been already waiting for you for five years.
And you want me to wait even more? We have already been together for five years.
I said, it's already been five years.
Lower your voice, Seo Woo is here.
It doesn't matter even if she hears it.
I want to resolve that matter, that's why we have to be so careful and cautious.
Now, you just ignored me.
You followed your own wishes and acted prudently.
Didn't I say I was busy at work? I also hate myself for being like this.
I can't help it that my heart became like this.
I hate it as well.
So now you want me to keep my mouth shut? Because of this, I started realizing what matters.
Now I I am not afraid of being found out.
The Ji Hyun I wanted to get rid of is already like that.
There is nothing I am afraid of now.
Let's talk about it later.
Take care of Seo Weo.
We have arrived, so give it to me.
I'll leave after you go inside.
I already said it's alright.
I am not comfortable.
Since you've already come all the way to Jinan.
Do you like Min Ho hyung that much? There was a reason for me to go so I went.
I've already said it's alright, why do you keep asking? If you need any help at home, just ask.
Idiot, idiot! You said you saw him in a hotel room with In Jung and you still like him?! Why not just jump over it? Just because it will erase Unni's one day memory.
I feel physically tired.
Feels good! Kang! What happened? Why were you in Jinan? Is Song Yi Kyung all right? She looked a bit strange.
what's up with you? Are you being like this because of Song Yi Kyung? Since when Since when did you and In Jung start seeing each other? Bastard! This is for Ji Hyun! This is also for Ji Hyun! And this? Are you done yet? Apply it.
You're giving me medication after punching me? Just because you failed to kill me? Tell me clearly, what happened exactly? When did you and In Jung start seeing each other? What do you mean when? Of course, it happened after Ji Hyun had the accident.
I saw my friend at the hotel.
I also saw my fiance.
Are you treating me like an idiot? You two already had an affair before the accident.
Did Song Yi Kyung say something? What is it? Why did you go to Jinan? In Jung called you Oppa.
Time does not determine the relationship between men and women.
What about Song Yi Kyung then? You like In Jung and Song Yi Kyung at the same time, don't you? If you and In Jung are in that kind of relationship then focus only on In Jung.
Don't mess around with Song Yi Kyung.
Because I will not sit idly and do nothing.
You like Song Yi Kyung that much? So Ji Hyun was only an excuse? It's something you shouldn't interfere with.
That's not something you can decide.
It's up to Song Yi Kyung.
Hyung, you were this kind of a person? The Kang Min Ho that I like is a thick-skinned person? Looking back, I don't know why you followed me.
I know it was hard for Hyung, but you were always upright.
Not being a snob and never kneeling down before the rich.
Not despising the poor, He never says anything.
Never wasting any time.
Doing what he should do, overcoming all difficulties.
I respected you.
You don't know how difficult my life was.
Why wouldn't I know, you have told us before.
There were many kinds of difficulties.
You don't understand the difficulties I had.
I couldn't afford to buy a car, My parents couldn't afford my tuition, I had no money to eat out in the restaurant.
Those were just the things you knew, right? What do you mean by that? Put some plaster on your hand, you'll find it hard to fall asleep.
Didn't you say, love will come when you can love, love whomever you want to love? I warned you.
Forget about your interest in Song Yi Kyung.
Why exactly this was hidden? Within 49 days, her spirit has to posses the body of another woman, right? When Ji Hyun came to me that day, she wanted me to let her work for just 48 days.
The day before was the day Ji Hyun got into the accident.
That's correct, 49 days.
She can't tell anybody who she is.
Every time I noticed something, Ji Hyun felt so scared.
She cannot tell anyone about it.
It's probably like that.
Then if you know what she needs to get her life back, it should be ok.
A person's sincerity is what she needs.
No matter how much I think about it, I don't get it.
She said there is something she must do, so she said she wanted to work as a freelancer.
This must have been the reason.
Proof of sincerity? Ajussi, we can't let anybody know about this.
If there is any mistake, something serious might happen to Ji Hyun.
It's a matter of a person's life on the line.
I'm too scared to even talk about it.
Why hide this thing in my house? If Min Ho knows about it he will expose her identity? Seals are often used in selling or buying houses.
Clearly, Min Ho hyung and In Jung have been in a relationship.
They have a past.
Because it's people's feelings, it's hard to do what one wants.
There's so much to think that my head will explode.
Regarding Ji Hyun, I'm so confused about everything.
Calm down and think.
There is no one except you who can help Ji Hyun.
What's this? I was asleep? Did I sleep with Song Yi Kyung all night? Ah so this type of thing can also happen.
I feel so free and relaxed for the first time in a long time.
Omo, look who's here.
Hello! Have you been well? Who is she? The friend I mentioned before.
Ji Hyun's friend from the magic community.
Hello father.
I am Park Jung Eun.
Ah this is the friend who made you full of energy? Oh how come you are here? I went to Jinan because of something I remembered that Ji Hyun had said that her father likes to eat bone pork soup.
So I bought some.
You intentionally bought this in Jinan? Even what her father likes she has told you before? She said that when her father's away, she's like a zombie and that no matter how good a husband is, one's father is always the best.
So she wants you to have a healthy and long life.
Director Kang knew you were coming to Jinan.
He wants you to wait at the pavilion on Cherry Blossom Road before 7 o'clock.
This message who sent it? Shin In Jung calling! Shin in Jung wants you to answer the phone.
Hello, this is Song Yi Kyung.
Song Yi Kyung? Yes, Miss In Jung.
Why did you send me a message? It is hard to imagine Miss In Jung would stab people in the back.
Although we are not really friends But, we know each other, at least.
Are you playing with me right now? That day in Jinan, why did you ask me to go to that place? I only said I will keep your secret.
I didn't say I won't meet Kang Min Ho.
You clearly know our relationship.
Why are you doing this? Miss In Jung, you are meeting your best friend's fiance, aren't you? He was originally my man! So you sent your lover to your friend? That's cheating your friend.
Then I can also see him.
What did you say? You even cheated your friend.
So why can't I see Kang Min Ho? We aren't even friends.
Min Ho oppa and I are not in a fragile relationship.
Of course it's a very strong relationship.
Because you're conspirators.
You don't understand anything so don't pretend to understand.
You allowed your boyfriend to become the fiance of your best friend.
In addition, you coveted that friend's possessions.
There aren't any other reasons are there? Although there are, I do not have any reason to tell you.
For two years a person who was okay with bringing together her friend and lover towards a woman like me, why are you so afraid? You didn't worry about Shin Ji Hyun.
But towards me, you are afraid I would take him away? Min Ho oppa and I will never break up.
He said it very clearly yesterday.
Of course, you won't break up because you're his informer in the company.
Informer? Aren't you the President's secretary? Because you're his daughter's best friend the president will have full confidence in you.
Moreover, you'll have lots of influence over him right? President.
That man is trustworthy, right? Secretly investigate a bit, right? After investigating, it seems he's a perfect man.
This type of man is hard to find, President.
It's really like this.
How can one break up with a capable partner? Mr.
Kang Min Ho, absolutely, will not break up with you.
So, you don't have to worry about me.
I said I'd go, but I didn't.
I'm really sorry.
It's alright, there definitely must be something, right? But, how come you were alone? Where did In Jung go? In Jung went home.
Something came up at home so she didn't come She couldn't come.
You both knew that Min Ho hyung also came to Jinan, right? Min Ho also went to Jinan? You didn't know? In Jung knew.
She didn't say anything about that.
How did both of you come back to Seoul? About that I drank a lot of wine yesterday It seems like someone carried me when I came back to Seoul.
I thought it was a dream.
Was it Min Ho oppa? What are you saying? I'm not sure.
In Jung and Min Ho had a fight at my house and said they dated for five years.
Five years? No.
Unless it was a dream, it doesn't make any sense.
In Jung has a boyfriend.
Have you seen the person In Jung is seeing? I haven't really seen him, but Yi Kyung has seen him.
Song Yi Kyung knows? She said she knows the person In Jung is seeing but In Jung asked her keep it a secret.
That is the reason I drank so much yesterday is because I was waiting for you at the restaurant, and I felt very sad.
I'd gone to Ji Nan and more thoughts of Ji Hyun came up.
I was also worried about Ji Hyun's father's brain tumor surgery.
What do you mean by that? What do you mean Ji Hyun's father's brain tumor surgery? So I haven't told you before.
Ji Hyun's father may not live much longer.
That's why he wrote a will.
A gift.
For me, feelings.
You know it's love through feelings.
Then how do you show evidence of feelings? Single people's way of expressing it is kissing.
Couples' way of expressing it is That's enough.
Only speak up to there.
This is really difficult.
How many did we say? It seems to be around twenty.
But, Hae Won, Why are you asking about methods of showing proof of love? Didn't I already tell you not to ask? Let's stop.
I'm here.
Where is the president? He went out to handle a few things.
Ah, really? Yi Kyung, have you eaten? Not yet.
You still haven't eaten yet? How can you do that? Go ahead and eat, go.
After receiving a cactus how can a person change so quickly? In the past, no one has ever cared so much about me.
Unfortunately, she's a woman.
Ah, really If they were in a dating relationship five years ago You still feel guilty, right? Because of you what would happen if I died? Who is Shin Ji Hyun to die in that kind of place? You are God's daughter.
If it weren't for Min Ho Oppa, I would have died.
That was done on purpose to get close to Ji Hyun.
She said she knows who In Jung is seeing but In Jung asked her to keep it a secret.
This I used a bit.
What are you two doing? Ji Hyun knows everything.
I want to stay here.
I heard Ji Hyun's father would transfer the company to Min Ho.
Father, that cannot happen! What were you doing in Jinan? Although I went there together with Kang Min Ho it was only for the ride.
You like Min Ho hyung that much so you are even going to Jinan with him? There was a reason for me to go there, so I went there.
Shin Ji Hyun.
So, it's not because you like Min Ho hyung.
Actually, there is something important.
I want to resign.
What are you doing?! You deliberately sent me a text message to let me see you together with her? She's the one you like the more, right? When you are happy with her, you let me play secretary and friend? What are you talking about? You canceled the bankruptcy.
So I do not need to provide company information for you, right? I am going to resign.
In Jung.
why are you here? Hello.
It's been a long time.
What did you come here for? What you're saying is really strange.
A friend came to visit a sick friend and you ask why.
What do you mean exactly? I think it's better to call first before coming.
But still I called the secretary's office several times but you did not answer the phone.
Even if the president is not there, is it okay for the secretary to just be anywhere? After Park Jung Eun came to interview me I suddenly thought of Ji Hyun.
That's why I came.
Park Jung Eun? Interview? What are you talking about? In order to help with Ji Hyun's EEG reading, she contacted school classmates and friends everywhere.
Didn't you know? If it's Park Jung Eun Isn't she the friend that went to your house last time? Yes.
She is really Ji Hyun's friend.
Yesterday, she said she even went to Jinan.
She bought bone pork soup and brought it over for Father to eat.
Jinan? Yesterday? She is tall, slim and very pretty.
Ji Hyun's friend was looking for Ji Hyun's classmates? How come she did not contact Seo Woo and me? Park Jung Eun.
Who is she exactly? Kang Min Ho why are you not calling? I fainted to the ground like that.
How can he just leave? It's not like he can't get to the phone.
Is he trying to reconcile with In Jung? It can't be This can't be.
He has to break up with Shin In Jung.
Why must they declare bankruptcy? I have to get the password so that I'll know.
Sending text messages to tell In Jung the place where she and I were going to meet She's not an ordinary woman, right? That's a scary woman.
She also uses a phone with a non-existent number.
That part is suspicious.
Look into it.
She must be at Kang's shop.
Trace her, look up where she lives, her family, go over through her past relationships with men.
Pay special attention to things related to me.
Ok, I know.
And also go to the hospital, Min Saeng hospital.
You haven't been there.
I'm not known in Jinan.
Research cases, give me a thorough investigation.
I want to know what hand I can play.
Ji Hyun's father they said he won't live long.
Ji Hyun, you still don't know, right? It would be better for you not to know.
In this situation, knowing your father's sickness, how will you hang on? Hey, kiddo! Shin Ji Hyun! What are you thinking about? You can't even tell anyone, on your own There are only 23 days left.
Yi Soo you should not appear in my dream.
Don't come even in my dream.
Don't come.
Time remaining: 20 days, 4 hours and 59 minutes.
Hello, President.
Wow! Why? Where are you going, that you're dressed up so handsomely? The flower delivery is here.
What is this? Where are you going? I am going on a date.
A date? Why? Why? What a joke.
I can't even give flowers to my girlfriend? You have a girlfriend? That's funnier.
Am I not allowed to like a woman? It looks like you really have a girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend, but a woman that I like.
There is a woman he likes, but to me No to Song Yi Kyung, he flirted with her? You sure are a playboy.
What! Why am I a playboy? You even bought flowers for her.
In addition, a man that gives that many all of a sudden is definitely a playboy.
Whoever it is, I pity her.
Puts me in a bad mood she even likes the same flower as me.
Why is she acting like that? You are really strange.
I told you not to come, why are you here again? I want to be responsible for the design.
If you let me try once again, I will work hard for it.
Enough! I do not want irresponsible people to handle this work.
Ji Hyun doesn't need those flowers, don't come here again.
This is Ji Hyun's favorite flower.
This is not a matter you should care about.
Honey, please stop saying that.
Today, I will leave first.
I will come again next time.
Why will you come again? I already said not to come anymore.
Don't be like this.
I'm sorry.
He is not feeling well, so he's a bit sensitive.
I know, it's alright.
But, about the surgery He can't leave Ji Hyun to undergo the surgery.
I stand by him.
But, can I ask you something? Go ahead.
What is it? The day of Ji Hyun's accident I heard that she was supposed to give something to Min Ho hyung then she got into the accident.
What was that? It was her seal.
The seal? What is it needed for? Because of the contract for Ji Hyun's land to sell the land to fund the Haemido project.
For the Haemido project? Originally, I didn't want to contact you.
Really? Shin In Jung made a lot of trouble, right? To actually just deliberately send text messages to ask you to come out.
Your relationship as lovers is shaken by me.
What In Jung said was right.
I sent the message.
I heard earlier that Shin In Jung wanted to come to Jinan to follow you.
Why? Why do you think? Song Yi Kyung, what exactly do you want me to do? I want the same thing as you.
What is it that I want? Miss Song Yi Kyung.
What do you think it is that I want? The same thing I want.
What is it that you want? Are you trying to play word games with me? There's nothing that I want from you.
I am like this.
The things you say that you want are exactly the same as what I want.
What is this? Letting people become curious.
Why aren't you saying anything? You just read my mind as if our thoughts are the same.
Arousing my curiosity.
Why is he being like this so suddenly? So you cannot go too far ahead.
It will all be revealed.
There's no need to contact me.
I will never be caught.
Kang Min Ho, you will never know me.
You are not someone I want to know.
Only 20 days left.
Appa, what should I do? The things that I can do with my strength are slowly becoming useless.
She brought the seal to my home after the accident, because the seal cannot fall into the hands of Min Ho hyung.
Do I have to do that? Being a groomsman or whatever.
Then don't do it, you don't have to.
Hyung had no plans of marrying Ji Hyun in the first place.
I saw my friend at the hotel.
I also saw my fiance.
She knew that after the accident.
Freelance part-timercan't you let me do that? There are a lot of things I need to take care of.
If you work here, there's not enough time.
Ajusshi and ajumma, looks like they really love each other.
Can love even be fake? I'm envious.
I also want to live like that.
It's alright, because you've been a big support to me during this time.
I consider all the care you're giving to your friend as mine, it's enough for me.
Song Yi Kyung is an orphan.
She doesn't have anyone to talk to or anyone to lean on.
She doesn't have anybody who loves her.
Satisfied? All this time, standing in the space between life and death, you've had such a hard time.
What can I do for you?