49 Days (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

These words, I love you always cry out of my heart.
These words, I love you, can only be whispered behind your back.
These words, I love you, I'm afraid to say for you might leave.
I love you so much, but I'm afraid of the things that could harm you.
I love you.
What are you doing? What did you just do? What? Have I just done something? You hugged me, didn't you? Did I? I must be sleepwalking.
I don't remember.
Why are you surprised? So old-fashioned You looked tired, so I hugged you to give you energy.
Don't you know a comforting hug? I lived in America for 10 years, hugging is very common there.
You didn't grow up in America so you wouldn't understand.
It didn't seem like that kind of hug Song, didn't you say you were an orphan? You don't have anyone to talk to or rely on, right? You seemed depressed so i came over You looked very lonely and tired from working hard.
Do you want to become someone who loves Song Yi Kyung? Why are you thinking about it so seriously? Let's go.
Someone who has a girlfriend can't randomly hug girls in South Korea.
I never said that I have a girlfriend.
Didn't you say that there is a woman you like? Having a woman that I like, means she has to be my girlfriend? You even sent her that huge bouquet.
Until now, you haven't gotten her to be your girlfriend.
What are you doing? I didn't send her flowers so that she would be my girlfriend.
Then why did you send the flowers? To cheer her up! Just now, did you hug me to cheer me up? What? Did I do something wrong? This woman, that woman, encouraging every woman - is it your hobby? It's not this woman, that woman.
What does that mean? Roast beef risotto, garlic pasta, margarita, salad.
Please get it done quickly.
Is someone coming? I want to eat it.
Ah Okay then.
She's still the same.
Ok, I know.
Men and women, recently, what's wrong with us? Everything's been served.
Miss Song Yi Kyung, you like to eat help me get rid of this.
Get rid of what? Sometimes, I have a poor appetite.
So just tasting them is enough.
And leaving the rest of the food would be a waste.
So are you asking me to help eat all of this? I'm just asking you to take care of the remaining food.
That's right.
Leaving the rest of the food would be a pity.
There's no other choice, I'll just eat it.
A person should know what's important.
Song Yi Kyung, why are you eating this? Didn't you tell me to get rid of this? You eat to keep living.
A person eats to keep living.
You don't eat to die.
Because you want to live! Living is more important than anything else.
Do you understand? I hear what you're saying, but I don't get what you want to say by that.
Eating tasty food,and also anger, revenge, and love, all become useless after death.
What's wrong with him? Does he know who I am? Didn't you say that you don't have many days left? You said before, that you could only live for 48 days.
Although I don't know what kind of disease you have but cheer up and eat a lot.
Does he know anything? Although I don't know what it is you're doing but survival is the primary goal, kid.
What, Kang and Song Yi Kyung? That's too ridiculous.
I'm only telling you what I saw.
Could it be that you saw it wrong? You must have seen it wrong! Here! The seal was actually hidden in that kind of place.
The day that Ji Hyun hid the seal in my house was the day that our restaurant had the big cleaning day.
On Ji Hyun's wedding day, Yi Kyung went to the hospital! On the day of her marriage, she hid her seal.
Those bastards! Want to let these guys go? On my way back home, I picked up Haemido Island's registration form.
I have already asked a sunbae to help me understand Shin's family and HM's problems.
Hey hey, is the company important now?! The first priority should be saving Ji Hyun.
About that, Ji Hyun, herself, should be the one who knows best.
However, seeing that she's still wandering around Min Ho hyung I think she must have a reason.
Just tell Ji Hyun dad about what's happening with the company.
How can I tell him that? He trusts Min Ho hyung the most, he even put his name in the will.
But there's no evidence Would he believe me? That that's right.
We can't say anything about Ji Hyun's matters! If things aren't done properly, Ji Hyun will be in danger.
Ajusshi, you saw it yourself, I'm not making it up.
I know.
I know, Kang.
It turned out to be a soul possessing the body.
How could there be anything like this? It feels like I'm dreaming.
It's not a dream, right? Cheer up! Kang, you absolutely can't do things you might regret later! The most urgent thing is Ji Hyun's father's surgery.
Yes, that's right.
Cheer up a bit! Hae Won.
Hae Won! What are you guys doing? Hwa Joon, you should have knocked first! I seem to have figured out something.
Come, look.
To show sincerity, it's only from the expression of the heart.
If there's evidence to prove that it is sincere, it's the eyes.
Haven't we done this before? Have we? It has been said that eyes are mirrors to the soul.
This isn't bad.
I still have to remember it like that.
There's a shadow already.
Have you investigated? Did Han Kang notice? What is there to know? I'm scared, scared to death.
Use your common sense to think about it.
In one body of a person, there is another soul inside.
Is this even possible? It's because Han Kang has become a bit strange.
Before, he was always suspicious of me, but now he tells me that I'm fine.
He must like Song Yi Kyung.
That's so sad.
To know the meaning of true love only after becoming a spirit.
Love only has meaning when there's a reverse plot.
No matter what, I can feel at ease now, right? As long as your performance has not been seen through, it'll do.
Humans know that they will die one day.
But no one knows what will happen to them after they die.
But I know.
That's funny.
Does it mean, that even if I end up living, I won't remember anything? If you remembered, something terrible would happen.
A 49 days traveler remembers only questions about the 49 days' matters.
Nothing about me, the handsome Scheduler, will be spread.
Imagine if those people who commit suicide saw me, they'd get in line.
Don't joke! If you remember, the boundaries of life and death will collapse, do you get it? How ignorant are humans' mouths! I won't remember?! All 49 days? Then I can't just let it be with Kang Min Ho! If I come back to life, I won't remember anything and just end up marrying him! Maybe, or maybe not Did you get a call from a person named Park Jung Eun? They said she's Ji Hyun's friend.
Park Jung Eun? A friend of Ji Hyun? You are sure you didn't get a call, right? I met Park Jung Eun and had an interview, and I thought of Ji Hyun.
Park Jung Eun? Yesterday she went to Jinan, and brought back suckling pig soup to give to Ji Hyun's father to drink.
Is it a coincidence that it was the same day that we went? Kim Sun Young.
Sun Young, this is Shin In Jung.
Do you have Park Jung Eun's phone number? Now, you're not someone I want to understand.
Do I have to act innocent like how I was before? So you hate me? Is his relationship with Shin In Jung that stable? Even if I'm in a spirit state and have to put up being in Kang Min Ho's home, I must in order to get the password.
Excuse me, I have to get some water.
What's the water for? To tidy the flower pot, I need some water.
Tidy the flower pots.
What you're saying is to re-soil the pots? Right, the President doesn't allow Unni to clean the toilet.
The door is open, Ajussi.
I am not Ajussi.
It's me.
I have something to do so I'll have to get off work.
Come in.
What? The wind will get inside.
It's cold so come in and say it.
Have a seat.
I I'm just here to tell you that I'm getting off work already.
I'm not telling you to sit so that I can eat you, so sit down.
I was about to have a cup of tea.
Didn't you tidy up in here? Do you like that plant? The pot is so big, I heard that you re-soiled the plants.
Did you take this huge plant downstairs? Are you crazy? My back will break carrying that heavy thing.
It will be the end of my manhood! That plant will remain in its place for the next 100 years.
What did you just say, if you hurt your back I?m a man too, Ms.
Song Yi Kyung.
Although I am a man, I am not a pervert.
Come, sit down.
There's no need to, that's not what I meant I have to go.
I said have some tea before you go.
This song It's my mom's favorite song.
That is why he remembers.
What is this? Let's go.
Where are we going? You said you were getting off work.
I am but.
for you to cheer up.
Kang and Song Yi Kyung? Mr.
Kang Min Ho! There's no way for you to understand me.
You are not the person I want to get to know.
How many hours has it been since she came to see me? I said it was okay.
So why are you coming down? I'm going for a walk to the bus station.
I don't have time to walk slowly to the bus stop.
I have to go somewhere so I will go first.
Why are you in a hurry? Don't misunderstand.
I just want to go for a walk to the station with you.
I'm not doing it to escort you.
Song Yi Kyung.
Hyung,what are you doing here? I'm looking for Song Yi Kyung.
He didn't come to see you.
He came to see me.
You can go in first.
Looks like you're getting closer to Han Kang.
Well that's a good choice.
Of Course.
Women know how to judge a man.
If they were to choose whom to date, of course they would choose Han Kang, rather than you, Kang Min Ho.
What? I am the only idiot because I never considered him as a man, and it is to Kang Min Ho that I surrendered .
Who the hell are you? Are you playing with me? What is your relationship with Han Kang? Why did you meet him in Jinan? You should have told me in advance that you contacted him.
Kang Min Ho! You can't expect me to answer these questions here.
This is neither the time nor the place.
You should have asked me that earlier when we met.
If you had just asked, I would have given you the answer.
Even then I knew that you would come.
I knew you would regret it.
You knew I would come? You said before that you were not interested in me.
But you were lying to yourself.
About the bankruptcy plan, the will and the affair with your fiancee's friend, I know all these secrets.
You just want me to forget them that is why you try to hang out with me.
What you and In Jung did, I didn't tell anyone.
This is my answer.
What does she want to find out from Min Ho Hyung? Why is she acting like that? I have to know so I can help.
This is so frustrating.
I have to make sure I return these things to you.
What happened to you at Jinan? You suddenly fainted and didnt know who I was.
I suffer from narcolepsy.
Narcolepsy? It is when you suddenly faint and fall asleep, when you wake up, you are confused and disoriented.
I heard about it before.
So that was why you didn't recognize me? If you had such a serious condition you should have told me earlier.
What is the point of telling that to a man who left someone behind who had a serious condition and went to In Jung? Do I need to say it all? Why did you send that text message to In Jung? I sent that text message to In Jung so that I would feel at ease.
You were too hasty.
How are you and In Jung doing? I don't know.
I don't know what I am doing.
I want to go to that restaurant, the food there was delicious.
I didn't get to eat properly.
You said that you ate there with your mother, but how can you afford to buy food if you are poor? Oh Now that you are successful, why not go there and eat with your mom? Before I went to study abroad was the last time I went to that restaurant.
Before you went to study abroad? All these years, she has been at the hospital.
Ah, all these years, the person I've met was actually not his biological mother.
Which hospital? Looks like I drank too quickly.
If I were sober, I would not talked about my mother.
It has to be six digits.
The password, has to be the anniversary of someone he knows so he won't forget easily.
It might actually be his mother's birthday.
I pity you.
There are many things you can't say, just like me.
So, when are you going to tell me your home address? When the time is right.
Sometime in the future.
then I'm not qualified yet.
I am leaving first.
Agassi! (Miss) If love did not work out for you, do you want to have a glass of soju with me? Hey.
Shin Ji Hyun you are the biggest troublemaker before my term ends.
really, really the biggest.
Did I do something wrong again? You're just a left with 20 days remaining.
You are really interesting.
You think that you're filming the Bourne series? That is Dad's car.
Perhaps your father wants to investigate his own daughter, and have someone follow you.
The driver is said to be Kang Min Ho's high school friend.
AhKang Min Ho told him to do this.
What should I do? Let's become Matt Damon and Franka Potente.
(Note: The Bourne characters).
Asa! Thank you! I didn't do it for you.
I just want to protect Song Yi Kyung.
Yes, right.
Unnie is already physically and mentally fatigued because of me, I can't let her be frightened again.
So why are you spying around? I want to unlock the password to Kang Min Ho's safe.
After you unlock the password? Will everything be resolved then? The true Kang Min Ho will be revealed.
Dad will be able to have the operation and prevent the company from going bankrupt.
Haemido Island will also be saved.
Furthermore, if I ever wake up from my coma I will never be deceived by Kang Min Ho again.
Then what about the old Shin Ji Hyun? You won't search for the tears anymore? That's what I should be doing, right? Though it is unknown if three drops of tears can be found.
Or even just a drop.
What are you trying to say? Actually hasn't it already been decided? The only reason why 49 days are given, is to give those unscheduled death souls one last gift and etc, right? In reality, there is no need to search for the tears .
Also, I can't reveal my identity, or tell anyone that I am Shin Ji Hyun.
So I can't expect anyone to fall in love with my spirit.
Isnt that right? It will just be filled up by itself.
I said it correctly, right? Tell me honestly, all these words are for asking sympathy, right? Don't keep mentioning the tears to me already.
Everyone sheds tears when somebody's about to die.
Everything has already been decided.
Okay, it ends here.
If this conversation continues, we will cross the line.
I know.
Oh right, let me ask you, When you introduced Song Yi Kyung unnie to me in the begining.
You said unni grew up in an orphanage right? Did I? Ah, yes, I did.
Why? You said you wouldn't help find Song Yi Soo, so I have to find him! Stop trying to find Song Yi Soo.
Better think about how to expose Kang Min Ho, okay? You don't want to further complicate Song Yi Kyung's life.
I know, I'll be careful.
It must be hard for oppa to forget Song Yi Kyung Oppa has started drinking heavily now.
It's not good to randomly enter someone's apartment.
Then, you should have changed the password to the entrance.
You didn't come here just to say this right? You remember we couldn't find the seal before? Do you remember that girl, Park Jung Eun ? Ji Hyun's friend? She reappeared.
Her actions are very suspicious.
She must be the one that took the seal.
She is looking for Ji Hyun's friends, this is very suspicious.
When we went to Jinan she was also there.
This keeps bothering me.
Is shefollowing us? Don't go overboard with your assumption.
Don't be like this, oppa, you should investigate.
In Jung if you are so distressed you should go study aboard.
Learn languages? Until matters resolve themselves.
How about you go study abroad a bit longer.
You'd let me go to study abroad? You just want me to go away, don't you? You said nothing will happen between you and Song Yi Kyung, and you asked me to wait.
Now you're sending me away? What are you going to do behind my back? That is not what I am talking about! Oppa, why are you treating me like this? These two years, your heart did not move towards Ji Hyun even the slightest.
Why are you being like this towards that woman? Yes.
I like Song Yi Kyung.
But it is not because of Song Yi Kyung.
What? Think about how we've lived these past two years.
You and me in these last two years, No, it's exactly what you have been saying since.
It started on October 5, 2009 on my birthday.
From that day forward, till something happened to Ji Hyun when we were together, we were always just planning.
What do you mean by that? We have always observed Ji Hyun to see what kind of person she was.
Starting with her personality, her favorite foods, colors, clothing, hobbies, music, movies that she cries while watching.
As well as, Ji Hyun's parents' personality.
Values and so on.
Because of this, we have been awfully busy to bankrupt the Shin family, to get Haimedol, to look for the leather production, to develop the plans without President Shin being aware.
Unending research and planning, all these while suffering in pain.
So what? Wasn't it for the two of us? We've talked about the business for two years.
But there was no love.
Our conversations, our memories in the last two years we didn't have anything.
We didn't share anything.
It's normal for feelings to go bland, isn't it? Feelings? Bland? I thought you are feeling this way as well.
My heart is really not doing what I want, In Jung.
Ever since I went to Jinan, why has it become so hard to get out of her body? How can a soul rest itself? I will help you find Song Yi Soo really soon.
Be a bit more patient.
The day before yesterday, were you on leave? Could it be that something happened? Vacation? You said you'd rest for a day, didn't you not come to work? Did I? When I came the day before yesterday.
there was a boy who said Yi Kyung went on leave.
The day before yesterday? If it was the day before yesterday I thought I was dreaming.
So it wasn't a dream.
I am done for!!! Why did I make such a mistake? How can I forget to transform? About this won't there be another penalty for this? Miss Yi Kyung, where are you right now? I'm on my way to meet Yi Soo.
How can a person not change? People always change! No matter what, even though You're Yi Soo Then you just have to understand! I am crying.
I'm crying.
Oh, it's Oppa.
I am very happy when I see that man.
But That man and a woman went inside a hotel room.
I was hiding while watching them.
It seems I was very shocked.
That man is.
Song Yi Soo, isn't he? No.
I don't know that man.
What about the person watching, Is it you? It looks like me.
But that isn't me.
Don't be afraid, Yi Kyung.
You seem amusing.
Dad Unnie, please.
I beg of you, please cheer up.
After looking at the results of the hypnosis, it seems like the memories from your previous life are intertwined.
I don't think it is my past life It seems like something strange is happening to me.
What do you mean by that? Something strange? Yi Kyung, Exactly what are you talking about? Why? What is the matter regarding your case.
I also don't know.
I want to describe it but I have this feeling, that I can't say it.
Unnie, you're coming home late very often now.
I guess this is a good thing.
It seems like unnie is getting better.
Why did you come at this time? I want to reconsider the project on "A" region.
Have you found a new person for the project? If you haven't, let me handle it, Hyung.
Taking the project again, what happened to you suddenly? Back then with Ji Hyun being in that situation, it didn't feel right, so I didn't want to do it.
Didn't feel right? Working for someone with such an unfortunate situation, it just feels a bit weird.
Why is it not the same now? Even though it's still like that, however, now that I know relationship between Hyung and In Jung, I feel like I should at least help out.
Kid I said, I'll do it.
I will be glad for your help of course.
Then I'll do it.
Contact me when there's a meeting.
-= Park Jung Eun=- Please say it, San Yong.
-= Park Jung Eun =- Say it, San Yong! 491 4949.
Thank you, I'm hanging up the phone.
Song Yi Kyung Park Jung Eun.
Let's do something together auntie, we can eat lunch or something outside.
For lunch, since yesterday I have wanted to eat the pasta that Ji Hyun likes Then you can't eat it Ji Hyun recently said that she must eat it with her mother again.
So she only wants to eat with her mother If uncle could go, that would be good.
Do you need to call a nurse over? When did you see me eat Western Food? You go ahead.
Aunt, why did you come here? Aigoo, look who's here.
This is Kang's shop.
I wanted to try the pasta that Ji Hyun likes so I brought her here.
Take your time choosing.
It's ok, just give me Ji Hyun's favorite pasta.
I'll have the same.
I also prepared the salad that Ji Hyun likes for you.
Song Yi Kyung, didn't come to work? I don't know.
It's already ordered.
Where's Song Yi Kyung? Like I said, she still hasn't come to work.
It's an opportunity to see her mother, how come she doesn't come? Yes.
This is Song Yi Soo.
So they actually stayed together at the orphanage.
Then the next question is where and what he's doing now.
Do you not know at all? I understand Han Kang, Hello.
Where are you now? Why haven't you arrived here yet? I am passing through the park.
Then hurry, get here in five minutes.
Did something happen? You will find out when you get here.
What happened? You run.
Is the meter running? Pour more water.
Oh my, it's Jung Eun.
So you actually work here.
Song Yi Kyung is Park Jung Eun, right? Who? Aigoo, this child is Park Jung Eun.
Park Jung Eun.
What is this all about? Why did you pretend to be Park Jung Eun? No Can it be that you are actually Park Jung Eun, but pretend that you are Song Yi Kyung? Then what is your real name? Park Jung Eun, is my nickname for the Internet community.
Nickname for the Internet community Park Jung Eun.
Are there people who use pseudonyms for nicknames? Alright then, forget about this.
Then you are Ji Hyun's friend, right? Why didn't you say so? No Why did you lie to us? Are you really Ji Hyun's friend? You aren't, are you? - Ji Hyun's friend.
- She is really Ji Hyun's friend.
It was Ji Hyun who begged me to let her work here.
What? Is something wrong? I already said that Park Eun Jung is a nickname.
Song, go inside with Ji Hyun's mother for awhile.
Kang Hurry! Han Kang.
Why are you being like this? I was talking to Song Yi Kyung.
What's the matter with you? That woman is strange.
I have a few things to verify.
What is so strange about her? I think you're even more strange.
What reason does she have for not being Ji Hyun's friend? Song Yi Kyung is indeed Park Jung Eun.
Why is this so important to you? Did you really hire her because she is Ji Hyun's friend? What exactly is so important, that you would use Ji Hyun's mother? What do you mean by that using Ji Hyun's mother? I know about your relationship with Min Ho hyung.
Do you still want to continue being like this? It's too much.
No, It's too shameless.
Go inside first.
Don't let Ji Hyun's mother worry.
How did he know? She must have told Han Kang.
How did I not think of this? So, Ji Hyun recommended you for this job? Yes.
In Jung was eating.
Where did she go? She's here.
Sorry, I had an urgent call.
You're going to the hospital right? I can take you there since I have some time.
You have to go to work.
I'll take you then? I just want to see the customer arrive safely.
Ok then.
Song Yi Kyung, bring me a cup of coffee to my office.
Without cream.
Song Yi Kyung You're really Shin Ji Hyun's friend? Yes.
Really? Then why didn't you go along? Just now, hearing you say it like this, were you internet community friends? The magic community.
No wonder you were so similar to Ji Hyun! But president, why didn't you tell her when you already knew? Although I do not know the reason why, I kept feeling you were being weak.
What do you mean by that? I already said this before, I have a lot of things that I owe to Shin Ji Hyun.
That is one of the reasons.
Ah you should understand Ji Hyun really well, right? She is very righteous.
When small children are being bullied, she would come to their defense.
Isn't that just the humane thing to do? It's also because I do not like In Jung.
Why not? Song Yi Kyung, you already know the relationship between Min Ho hyung and In Jung.
How did he know that? Didn't you know? I do.
That's ok.
We should go out.
What? So that's why I'm helping you.
President, the guests are leaving.
Ok, I know.
I will be back soon.
In Jung will tell Kang Min Ho immediately.
Song Yi Kyung.
Yes, Kang Min Ho speaking.
I have something to tell you.
Can we meet right now? There is a meeting now so I am going out.
Did something happen? When will it end? Around five o'clock.
Then, I will go to your house.
Shin In Jung.
I'm back.
You are having lunch, aren't you? This kid! Why doesn't he let you come when you work here! In Jung took me there.
This is Han Kang, the restaurant's manager.
What's with "I control you"? Why did you come back? There is something I wanted to tell you.
There is nothing to be said between you and me! Although I may not be fit to say these words please listen for Ji Hyun's sake.
What makes you think you can speak for Ji Hyun? Ji Hyun and I are in the same situation.
What? I didn't even know when my mother died.
I found out a year later.
My mother was already gone for a year She made that decision for my sake.
What are you trying to say kid (he meant punk)? She never told me why she got divorced, what disease she had, when she was going to die.
Even while she was already dying, she still didn't tell me anything.
I was just sent to the United States.
That's enough.
I know what you are trying to say, so stop it.
My mom said it was for my own good.
But even now, I still don't understand her.
If it was for my own good, then she should have told me.
How is that like Ji Hyun? For Ji Hyun, it'll be worse.
How will she feel when she wakes up without you, and that you didn't accept surgery because of her? If she knows this Kid, who are you to threaten me? You don't know anything.
What right do you have to say that? Uncle.
The breeze feels so good.
The sky is so beautiful too.
There's only 19 days left for me to see this, isn't there? Maybe I won't be able see it.
It isn't true.
I can see this again.
I will see this again.
What are you doing? The breeze and the sun are so nice.
Let's go for a ride together, alright? I'd rather enjoy the weather than be bored at home.
Sitting in the car is uncomfortable.
The photo is seen through by you already.
I have a friend.
Although we didn't see each other frequently, that friend knows everything.
Didn't you have something to say? Come here.
I am speaking about it.
It's a friend that I met on the web.
That child was Shin Ji Hyun.
Shin Ji Hyun she is my friend.
When I knew you were Kang Min Ho, at first I was glad when I thought you were Ji Hyun's fiance.
Then I found out about your relationship with In Jung.
So I hated you.
And so it came to be like this.
Wait a moment.
Wait a moment.
You are Ji Hyun's friend? My online name is Park Jung Eun.
Park Jung Eun.
Didn't In-jung mention it? That's you then.
Why? Next time I come to this house that photo the engagement photo you took with Shin Ji Hyun don't let me see it.
Come in.
I already finished saying what I wanted to say.
What did you finish talking about? What you're about to say.
Look here.
Whether they are lies or not you can confirm it with Kang Min Ho.
Oppa, why are you distracted? What did she say? I heard, I need to think about it.
She is Park Jung Eun.
Park Jung Eun is Song Yi Kyung.
That means, Song Yi Kyung is Shin Ji Hyun's friend.
I already heard.
That's ok.
Don't you think there is something fishy about that? I will think about it, so please go.
Oppa! Leave me alone to think about it.
It's all over.
Kang Min Ho will not just give up.
If it ends here like this with Kang Min Ho then I haven't been able to find out anything.
Dad, what should I do? Why did In Jung come out so quickly? Where is Kang Min Ho going? Unni must be shocked.
This time, Unni will be even more shocked.
I have to wait in front of Kang Min Ho's door before he goes home.
Sorry, Unni.
If I wait until Unni goes out, I won't be able to enter Kang Min Ho's house.
This is not good.
It's a good thing I did not go out.
Look at this, Hae Won.
All day, I really worked hard thinking.
Just look! Of course I am very thankful.
But, why not tell me the reason? I'm so sad.
It looks like a typhoon came.
When did you arrive? You really knew, right? About Song Yi Kyung being Ji Hyun's friend? I knew.
Previously, Ji Hyun said she wanted to introduce me to a friend.
Then why didn't you tell me? Every time Song Yi Kyung and I were together, you told me to stay away from her because I'm Ji Hyun's fiance.
I've told you many times from the start about that.
Because I believed in you.
I believed that you loved Ji Hyun.
I was too naive.
She is your fiancee and my friend.
Then why must you keep Song Yi Kyung around? Just let her go then.
You don't know? That I like her? You should also know that.
What? I like that woman.
So you like Song Yi Kyung.
That's right, I already knew that.
Not Song Yi Kyung, Shin Ji Hyun.
Unni, I'm going this way.
I'll be gone for a few days, take care of yourself.
Where did she go? Has something happened? I'm going to be late.
Unni, do you really have no place to go to? You really don't have anyone, do you? I want to see someone too.
But I can't meet anyone as Shin Ji Hyun.
I feel alone.
Unni, are you lonely because you have no one to talk to? I'm searching for Song Yi Soo.
But, the orphanage doesn't know where he is In Unni's school no one knows who he is either.
It's really frustrating.
I have to go.
Don't stay here for too long.
It's late, so it'll be dangerous.
Time remaining is 18 days, 4 hours and 29 minutes.
Time remaining is 17 days, 4 hours and 29 minutes.
Time remaining is 16 days, 4 hours and 29 minutes.
Unnie! Am I feeling heartsick? Am I feeling depressed? I told myself not to fall in love again.
Please forget.
Please try to forget Have the determination to do it.
Please don't do that to me.
Don't be like this.
Your presence in my heart becomes more obvious, don't do this to me.
Your presence in my heart is more obvious.
Yi Soo.
Please forget Please forget Unnie Until now, until now you come, until now you come.
In a few days it will become better.
? In a few days, it will be better.
? ? In a few days it will be better.
? ? Weep for a moment, smile for a while, then sleep.
? ? Again, I pick up the phone and then put it down.
? ? Like a fool, just like a fool.
? What to do, this Unnie, what to do, what to do.
? Fool are the same, just the same.
? What do I do? About unni, what do I do, what do I do? Unni has been like this for days What can I do? What can I do? What can I do? Unni, what can I do? what to do? Unnie, what to do? ? I wish to see you till I'm crazy.
? ? I wish to see you so badly.
? ? I want to forget you so badly.
? ? Like a fool, simply just like a fool.
? ? I can't forget you.
? ? I don't even dare to call you back ? ? I ? Why didn't I think of this? Graduated from the Haemyoung College, Tourism Department.
The yearbook should have contact numbers of the graduates.
"Hotel Tourism" Unni seemed happier back then.
Oh goodness, this is Song Yi Soo.
They attended the same college.
But this person But this guy looks like the Scheduler.
This is an extremely urgent matter! I'm busy composing music, So I can't go now.
Say it over the phone Composing music? Then are you in the music room? Don't come here! Hanging up.
Ahh My God I already told you not to come.
You really will not listen.
I have something to show you.
I found Song Yi Soo.
You want me to investigate his whereabouts again? No way.
It's not like that.
Just watch.
Here! What is this? This is This is me?!!