49 Days (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Episode 14

I found Song Yi Soo.
Do you want me to look for his whereabouts again? No way.
It's not like that.
Just look at it.
Here! Who who is this? This is Me?! It's you, isn't it? So you're Song Yi Soo.
The person that Unnie loved was you.
You and Unnie were lovers.
Wait wait a second How is this possible? So is that why you ran over here this early in the morning? This is you, right? We actually look quite alike.
That's why I said you are Song Yi Soo! Song Yi Soo? Look carefully.
Dear Song Yi Kyung, Happy 20th birthday! From someone who from now on will celebrate with Song Yi Kyung until her 99th birthday.
- Yi Soo.
Cupid heart sign.
It's a love relationship, isn't it? The reason you became a Scheduler, didn't you say that it was because of some unfinished business? Could it be because of Song Yi Kyung unnie? Are you saying that I loved this woman? Aigoo, how could it be possible? No, absolutely not.
Look at Yi Kyung?s situation.
So you're saying that because of a girl like her, I was willing to endure being a Scheduler for five years? I watched her crying and calling out Yi Soo.
She might have ended up like that because of you.
Think carefully.
You don't remember at all? Of course I don't! Before my time as scheduler ends, I won't be able to remember anything from my previous life.
But why Wasn't it you who found me? Something is definitely wrong.
Could this face be borrowed? Is it possible to also borrow a face? I'm just saying this is so strange! Then try to appear in front of Song Yi Kyung unni.
You can let other people see you, right? You really want to interfere in our business.
If a Scheduler appears in front of a person he knew when he was alive, his face will automatically change.
If I appeared in front of acquaintances as myself, then wouldn't it seem like I've come back to life ? the rules of the earth would be in chaos.
And also, there is absolutely no chance that I'd be romantically involved with this kind of woman.
But you said you had something urgent to do.
It's possible it was because of something else.
Because of parents, or someone like you who came for revenge.
You're an orphan, you know! Don't just deny it directly, stand in front of Unni and confirm it.
Then you can know if Song Yi Kyung unnie and you have had any relationship.
Don't mess this up! I can't help but think about it.
Go! I said go! I don't want to.
Jerk! Because of you, Unni is living like this.
How come after seeing the photos, you still don't want to do anything about it? It's a waste, a terrible waste.
Ah! What? What? What? What is it? Sunbae, it's me, magnae.
(sunbae = senior) (magnae = youngest) After I finish my term of being a Scheduler, I want to achieve my wish in advance This Unni's temper is really I know that.
I'm being like this because someone recognized me.
Yi Kyung unnie is really pitiful.
She lives like this, because she is a unable to forget Song Yi Soo.
If I die, nobody will remember me that way.
Except for my mom and dad.
I've wasted three days in Kang Min Ho's house.
I miss Kang.
He must've been worried.
During the three days, no one has called.
Looks like Kang is not worried but angry at me.
What exactly happened to Kang Min Ho? I investigated a bit of Song Yi Kyung's identity.
She moved three years ago.
Where to? Her ID card is not updated, so I couldn't find out.
How can people live without an identity card? She seems to have dated a guy once who already died.
From then on, she stopped working.
She stayed at home until her money ran out, then she moved out.
That guy, died? I think she found out that we were secretly trailing her.
She hasn't gone to Heaven for the past two days.
She didn't go to Kang's shop? Today, I will go and see for myself.
Whether she has resigned, it would be faster for you to find out.
I understand.
Well done.
Her lover died and she is living in self-abandonment.
The friend I made on the Internet community, is Shin Ji Hyun.
So maybe the story is right.
Sentimental Shin Ji Hyun pitied her.
Han Kang also said he is just helping her.
Three days should be enough for you to decide.
So, have you thought about it a lot? Then, what do you plan to do? Han Kang already knows about our relationship.
We don't know if he will tell Ji Hyun's parents.
Don't worry about Han Kang.
He is not a calculating person.
Then, what about Song Yi Kyung? She knows our plan too.
Song Yi Kyung also won't tell Ji Hyun's parents.
Oppa, you knew? That she knows about we are planning something.
How did you know? How I came to know about it is not important she will definitely not tell, so don't worry.
Are you saying, she won't tell because she likes you, Oppa? Song Yi Kyung does not like Oppa.
That woman appeared in our lives just now.
Obviously, she already had an agenda.
If she wanted to say it, she would have already said it, whether to Han Kang or Ji Hyun's parents.
You believe that woman? She is not Ji Hyun's friend, is she? No, maybe she is pretending to be Ji Hyun's friend.
Don't tell me that you are planning to continue to meet her? Now that I'm telling you this, the answer is clear.
Yes, what I am now is the answer.
Oppa! I am sorry, In Jung.
but why, oppa! This cannot be.
You clearly know, how important you are to me, better than anyone else.
If I lose you, you know that I will not be able to hold on.
What is wrong with you? I know that.
Then don't be like this.
You are a person, who is very determined.
There is nothing you can't do.
We planned this! The first time you had to go away, to study abroad, I gave my consent.
I restrained myself and did not say my goodbyes.
I did that because we didn't want Ji Hyun to suspect anything.
Because we made a promise to each other.
But I cannot control myself now.
Oppa, don't you also love me? I did love you.
However, my feelings have changed now.
Now, there is no turning back.
I can't.
Is it? Then, can't we let fate take its course? That can't be! You thought that you and I were doing business for two years? From now on, I will handle this business, so listen carefully.
Stop meeting Song Yi Kyung.
Otherwise, I will tell Ji Hyun's father everything.
Don't be like this, In Jung.
What do you expect from me? If I just remain silent, what else can I do? Hiding our past, betraying our friends, will also be ruined because of your feelings.
Emotions make you weak.
Is it not possible to control your own emotions? Can you not control these feelings? Now, I am even more in trouble.
You have known her for only a month, but I loved you for four and a half years! Definitely, "The Queen".
This is Ji Hyun's nickname.
Park Jung Eun passed away a year ago.
So there's no need to reply.
Passed away? Park Jung Eun already died a year ago? Then, Song Yi Kyung Who is she? Han Kang said that Song Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun's friend.
Then is Han Kang also hiding something? Because there are important things to take care of, I won't be able to work for a few days.
Where did you go for four days? I'm back.
Ajusshi, how did it go? I went to visit the temple and even the monk.
But she can't ask anything concerning 49 days traveler.
Also, didn't ask about recovering from death.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what? I know your leg hurts.
Please just sit down, ok? I heard that Ji Hyun didn't come to work today.
Did you check her home? Of course, but she was not there.
It seems like Song Yi Kyung lives alone.
I came every morning to see, however, Ji Hyun too did not come out.
Doesn't seem to go anywhere.
Where do you think she went to? Ah, Haemido project - how is it going? Did you find out? The island is divided into three parts.
All of HM's shares has been bought out by other investors.
Ji Hyun's land should also be sold to that trader.
It's someone called Park Seung Jae.
However, I just cannot find him.
The company's registered name is Jun.
However, in less than six months, it went out of business and was sold.
I do not understand all of that Therefore It looks like HM company set up this shelf company just to sell the land.
Paper company? Is it the head office? It's a fake company.
Ah, fake company.
I need to go look it up.
I'll go see and talk to Oh sunbae.
Because it's you, you can think of this and that.
If it were me, my head would explode! No matter how you think, the only way to show your sincerity is through money and gifts.
Feelings are not important, since nobody can see them.
I've already said no.
But after all is said and done, what's he up to? Well even I don't know.
How can it be like this? It's like Unni and your husband's mind which always think alike.
He went out alone for 1 day and 2 nights I don't know either.
I am here.
Miss Yi Kyung, did you have a nice trip? What? The President said that you went on a trip.
Where did you go? That Didn't you allow me to Have you taken care of your important business? What? It looks like you haven't.
How did you know? It is written all over your face.
Have you eaten yet? -=Shin In Jung=- I have to take this call.
-= If you find this letter, please give it to the people at Room 507, Min Saeng Hospital =- Why can't you answer? I asked you whether you really like Kang Min Ho.
Why do I have to give you an answer? Because if you really like him, I was thinking of letting you have him.
However, there's no need for that, right? Because you don't like Min Ho oppa.
Why are you trying to get close to him if you don't like him? What are you trying to do? I don't have to tell you this either.
I know you're not Ji Hyun's friend.
How long have you known Ji Hyun? Why must you interview Ji Hyun's friends? And why didn't you let Ji Hyun see it? Why didn't you contact Seo Weo? Why didn't you interview me? It's because you're not Shin Ji Hyun's friend! Before the traffic accident, Ji Hyun did not know anything.
Why do you think she did not know anything? This is why you are definitely not Ji Hyun's friend.
Because Ji Hyun is the kind of girl whom I can deceive 100%.
If I don't even know her friends, but you would not deceive me.
You clearly know what kind of plan Min-ho and I are planning but you are saying you won't say anything? Indeed, you can explain you are in love with Kang Min Ho but the feeling is totally different.
If you are Ji Hyun's friend, of course you will hate me.
However, clutching tightly onto Min Ho hyung to despise me, This does not make any sense, right? In this world, there are lot of things that don't make sense.
In Jung, why are you being like that? That person believed in you.
She was a friend who is 100% being true.
Why did you make that kind of thing? No, Ji Hyun gave in.
She's already that kind of person.
What does that mean? Ji Hyun never told you about my situation? God did not give her any brothers and sisters, instead He gave her Shin In Jung and Park Seo Weo.
She said, no matter what they are, she will not feel pity toward her friends.
She said she'll give you anything you want.
So, I did that.
I want her to know what's it like to have nothing to give.
I want her to be like me.
Like me who can't just say anything she likes.
What is the meaning of this? Your understanding and Ji Hyun's are really alike! Obviously is not a friend.
Then why are you still pretending to be her friend? Aren't you going to tell me? It's for me to work on.
You should just concentrate more for Kang Min Ho.
Kang Min Ho's plan is to connive with Hyuk Sung production.
He is stealing dad's company and Haemido island.
So you must certainly cancel your will.
And also quickly get surgery and become healthy.
For not being at your side during your surgery, I am sorry, Dad.
I'm sorry, Mom.
Surgery? So she even knew her father's sickness.
How did she know father was in the hospital? I am very grateful to you, for all this time.
This is a permanent resignation letter.
I'm leaving for some place.
-= Resignation letter =- I was wandering alone in an endless desert and met oasis-like President Han Kang.
President Han Kang, thank you.
On my last journey, you are my only friend.
From a friend known as Song Yi Kyung.
She was planning to reveal everything to her father.
This is suicide.
Is the president in? He should be in the office.
Where did he go? Resignation Letter? Going to resign, is it? This is Ji Hyun's handwriting! Shin In Jung.
I find something, I need to talk to you.
I have some urgent matters at hand, so not right now Tell me some other time later.
In Jung! I wish you happy 18th birthday! From your friend, Ji Hyun.
Congratulations to my good friend In Jung on her college graduation.
From your friend, Ji Hyun.
How can something like this happen? What am I thinking? You will be really dead.
Why are you here again today? Today, there is something I want to ask you.
What again? Uncle, do you think that Ji Hyun is already dead? You brat! Ji Hyun is not dead, and, of course, she would not die.
But since Ji Hyun is like this Ji Hyun's soul and her heart, where do you think they are? Ji Hyun's mother what's wrong with this kid? Ji Hyun's soul, Still hasn't come back to her body by now.
Maybe she's wandering somewhere? What are you talking about? If she's not dead, it could be possible.
In this hospital room she could be watching over you.
It can possibly be like this.
If I were in Ji Hyun's place, I would rather die.
What? Not having the chance to tell father not having operation, waiting for me to wake up I might as well be dead, so that dad can have surgery.
She possibly might be thinking like this.
Threatening would not work.
Are you trying to scare me? I am also worried that uncle's surgery might be unsuccessful.
But still you can't just be like this.
You really should not be like this.
Don't you have anything, other than Ji Hyun, to think about? Ji Hyun is not my type.
If not then what are you doing? How dare you! About that I will tell you after the success of your surgery.
Min Ho Min Ho! Min Ho! Min Ho Min Ho Min Ho Min Ho Min.
Min ho! Min Ho Even though I told him that I'm Song Yi Kyung's friend he still wants to meet me? You are still like before, Song Yi Kyung.
Since I still don't know whether I'll be rewarded or punished.
I'm still confused! You are Ji Hyun's friend.
Ji Hyun introduced you to Kang's shop for job you have feelings towards Han Kang Is that all? Is there something else you're still hiding? Yes, I don't have.
You will believe everything I say? Are you that kind of person who trusts everyone? Women know how to steal such people's heart.
Now I know the reason why I'm feeling comfortable around you.
You understand me very well.
We are very much alike.
We're both flawed.
Stop working at Kang's shop.
You want me to leave the restaurant? So, even when your are together with me, You would like to continue staying in Kang's shop? Whether I will leave or not, I haven't thought about that.
I'll make arrangements for you to work, so immediately quit tomorrow.
Let's talk while eating 'sujebi'.
I'm hungry.
Do you really want to eat 'sujebi' from that place? I didn't get to eat 'sujebi' that day, don't you remember? This restaurant, who have you brought here? Your mother, Shin in Jung, I and Shin Ji Hyun? Ah, you and Ji Hyun have been here together, right? This doesn't sound like Song Yi Kyung's question.
Talking about the past, that's childish.
I know.
Then, the most important person to you talking about your mother is okay, right? How old is your mother? 60 years old.
That's young.
She will be 60 next year.
When is her birthday? Why are you so concerned about my mother? Because she is the one who gave birth to you.
What type of person is she? In order to raise me she herself is shattered.
That is my mother.
Don't you wish to ask the date of my birthday? Did you forget Shin Ji Hyun and I talked to each other a lot? Then, your birthday? You have to answer my question before I answer yours.
I asked about your mother's birthday.
You don't disclose private matters to a woman whom you just met.
Don't tell me it's your strategy.
If it is like this, then I would not ask.
January 10.
Omo, it's great then.
Song Yi Kyung's date of birth is 8 November 1984.
So, you have a birthday.
This doesn't sound like Kang Min Ho's question.
About the past.
How childish.
January 10.
60 years old.
60 years old.
The year should be 1952, right? Quickly, follow that bus.
This is Unni's bag.
It needs some sewing.
Unnie, How were you in the past days when I was not around? I am here today.
Unnie, Song Yi Soo.
is already dead.
You couldn't forget about him so you've lived like this for five years? Did something happened between you and Yi soo? So Song Yi Soo voluntarily choose to become a scheduler.
Just wait a little while.
I will make sure, that he comes back to you.
When I come back to life I wish that I can meet you again.
Then I can help to keep you from feeling lonely.
From before, why has that guy been like that? I'm messing up my image as a scheduler, because of this silly thing I am doing.
One large cup of mocha.
Add more cream.
5300 Won.
Customer you must pay first.
I know.
Please wait for a while.
No, no.
No, no.
At least girls like that, They match my type.
No, no.
They are not my type either.
That kind of woman.
Is not either.
I loved that girl? I don't believe that, it doesn't seem real.
Your mocha is ready.
She doesn't recognize me.
Is it true that she is connected to me? 15 days 4 hrs and 29 minutes left.
The letter.
Where did it go? It must have fallen out.
What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? Where did I lose it? What if someone really gives it to my dad? If I reveal who I am, will I die right away? Someone picked it up, and left it at the nurse?s station.
What is this? Father, I am Ji Hyun.
Ji Hyun sent it.
Ji Hyun? Our Ji Hyun, right? Ah! It's hot! I already told you, you absolutely couldn't let it be known that you are Ji Hyun.
Shin Ji Hyun.
I Is it over for me now? Am I going to die? Traveler Shin Ji Hyun.
I want to inform you that you have been kicked out from the 49 days program.
Let?s go ride the elevator, Shin Ji Hyun.
No! No! Here, in this ward.
She could possibly be watching over you.
If she weren't in a coma, she would also feel, that you need to have the operation.
Ji Hyun! Is it really, possible that you did that? American woman in a vegetative state takes 20 years before waking up from coma.
Before I came, you said that that girl, Park Jung Eun just left? Are you sure? That is right.
But Why didn't I see that woman? It is impossible! Maybe she hid somewhere.
That woman And Ji Hyun's mother.
What did they talk about? I am not sure about this, but it seems that she has a good relationship with Ji Hyun's mother.
She even knew that mother does not drink bone soup.
Maybe she just hide to avoid me.
She accurately knows where Ji Hyun's things are located in her room.
And she also knows auntie's diet.
Even the handwriting is exactly the same.
Why is that, she's similar to Ji Hyun? Your daughter is lying here.
Why are you still looking at her photo's if she's already here.
You might be bringing more bad luck! Honey.
As for me I Actually, I'm happy that Ji Hyun is breathing even like this.
I think it's pretty good.
even if it's for a lifetime, I wish she could always be with us.
That's right.
Let it be like this.
I don't know about me, but I will make sure that you can stay by her side for a long time.
But you have to keep your promise, What does that mean? This woman.
Let me be clear about this.
Whether she lies there for a long time ? 5 yrs or 10yrs, Even if you have to do it alone, You have to watch over her till the end.
I don't want to hear Ji Hyun scolding me.
So I am having the operation.
That is really fortunate.
Thank you for calling me, Mother.
Thank you! Ji Hyun's father agreed to have the operation? He agreed.
That's great! Hurry and tell Ms.
Ji Hyun! But then, what should I do with this? If she knew she lost this, she will be worried sick.
First, tell her to come quick! Jung Eun-ah! did you receive a letter? A Letter? Did Father go somewhere? He went to meet Dr.
He agreed to have the operation.
Really? Did he really agree to have the operation? That's great! That is really fortunate.
Why did he suddenly decide to have the operation? Oh, it's Ji Hyun's friend.
Right, it's all thanks to your restaurant's president.
Our president, Han Kang? He came here several times and convinced Ji Hyun's father.
I don't know how he spoke to him but he agreed promptly.
President Han Kang, convinced Ji Hyun's father? The way I see it, he seems to like Ji Hyun.
All this time, look at those roses, Pink roses.
He has always kept them fresh.
That rose Answer the phone.
Hurry, answer the phone.
Hurry, answer the phone.
There's an emergency at the restaurant, come quickly! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Is it that, Park Jung Eun also heard about the surgery? Ah, yes.
She's so happy.
I am so grateful.
Ji Hyun! How did this happen? You are here, so what's with Yi Kyung, that I feel that she is you.
Did something happen? Hurry go to the locker room, change quickly and come out.
What? Fine.
I shouldn't be here doing this.
I should be at the hospital to keep watch if someone brings the letter.
My phone! Why did he touch my bag? Aigoo! (Korean expression similar to "oh my") Kang must have read it! What do you mean she did not come out when I saw her go out.
I told you she didn't come out! Miss Song Yi Kyung.
What should I do? What should I do? I seem to have been discovered! Kang Han Kang, he seems to have read my letter.
NO! He read it! He did! I wrote to my dad in case I die in the process.
Even if I complete the 49 days and I don't come back to life, I told him not to trust Kang Min Ho.
I carried that letter around.
that is why Han Kang read it.
Your necklace is fine, isn't it? Why is this fine? Why didn't it break? Didn't you say it'll be over if my identity is exposed? It appears that Han Kang knew even before he saw your letter.
What? That's why the necklace did not break.
Before you expose yourself, if humans find out on their own, we don't count that as your fault.
That could happen? Is that possible? There has been an estimated 11 percent chances of that happening during the 49 days .
Finding out by oneself.
So you won't take me away, right? But this does not mean you will able to be with Han Kang recklessly.
You can't talk about this with Han Kang until the 49 days are over.
You still can't expose your identity.
Ok, I know.
But why did Han Kang pretend he didn't know? If you're finished talking then go.
Do you remember Song Yi Kyung Unni? I told you until my term is over, I wont be able to remember.
Ah! You are really a troublemaker! Why did you have to do something you didn't need to do and make a scheduler feel confused.
But then, why are you so worried? You said that since you aren't human, you don't know much about how humans feel.
I'm gradually recovering human feelings, that's why.
Because my term as a scheduler is going to end soon.
Then try to remember quickly,okay? The reason why you feel uneasy coming to Yi Kyung's place could be because your heart feels pain.
I DON'T KNOW! You are you Ji Hyun? You're Ji Hyun, right? Song Yi Kyung appeared in my dream, saying you're Ji Hyun and told me to save you.
I am sleepwalking.
It is also possible to love people who are already engaged.
She is indeed Ji Hyun's friend.
For someone with such a big appetite hasn't been eating on time, that's why you fainted.
Han Kang, you knew that's why you did that.
Not a girlfriend, but a woman that I like.
This woman, that woman, encouraging every woman - is it your hobby? It's not this woman, that woman.
It wasn't Song Yi Kyung Unni but me.
Han Kang likes me, is that right? What should I do? Ah, this is really terrible.
I cannot say this or that.
I cannot ask her directly.
And I can't say that I already recognized her.
Where exactly did you go?! What's wrong? Did something happen? You you later Go out for a while.
You leave, then you work, then you leave for a long time.
You tell people your whereabouts later than sooner, isn't that right? Because you ran out like a crazy person.
Didn't you? That's right.
Ran out like a crazy woman.
I didn't mean that! Are you alright? Are you okay? Then that's enough.
Go inside.
But you said there was an emergency here in the restaurant.
My friend Ji Hyun, Her father decided to have the surgery.
I know.
You know? How? I dropped by the hospital.
Thank you! Thank you for what? Because you convinced her dad to have the surgery.
I'm thanking you on behalf of Ji Hyun.
Shin Ji Hyun is also my friend, you know.
Shin Ji Hyun, is so lucky.
there are two people who say they are her friends.
President! I went there.
Are you stupid? How many times should I say it for you to understand? Be careful of what you say! Follow me inside.
What's the matter, why is he keeping it a secret.
Who is it? How does he look like? In short, thank you for telling me, President Lee.
Take care.
It seems people are investigating the haemido island acquisition process.
This is Song Yi Kyung's address.
You have worked hard.
Take it.
Go to Haemido and meet President Lee.
Okay, I got it.
What do you mean you know all about it? And why are you asking me to quit? I know what you are trying to do to Ji Hyun?s dad company.
So stop everything you are doing.
I am telling you to stop everything.
If Ji Hyun's father surgery fails, you also have to reject the contents of the will.
You have to give up all your plans with Shin Island home related industries and seafood and everything that is connected with it.
I'm telling you to give up.
Han Kang, you better give up because you can't stop me.
Hyung (Brother).
I don't even need to find out how much you know and how you figured it out.
Ji Hyun is not here.
Hyung, you really don't understand me.
Even if her dad recovers from surgery, he still can't run the company.
Even so it isn't your company.
It's not about President Shin's brain tumor, and not about Hyuk Sung either.
So it's you.
When did you start checking up on me? I can't believe that you are like this.
Why did you do such a thing? Did her parents do something bad to you? Did you like money that much? Ji Hyun and her parents didn't do anything bad to me, and it wasn't for money.
Then what was it for? To those people who did nothing wrong to you, why do things like this? Why are you trying to steal what belongs to them? For my future, I am trying to change it with my own hands.
What? Ji Hyun and her dad, they were unlucky, just like me.
I was born unlucky.
Are you using your poor background as an excuse, to do this to Ji Hyun?s family? Excuse? People like you won't understand.
What do you know when you had good and rich parents.
Don't use that as an excuse.
No one can be born the way they want.
It?s up to God and not for us to choose and decide, how and to what family we will be born.
Someone like you can talk that way because you live in comfort.
Han Kang you also live like that.
Your parents, Especially the scar your mother left.
It's the one thing you can't escape from even if you try.
you can waste your days at your wine bar, You treat problems lightly.
Because you grew up without worries.
Don't be a hypocrite.
when you first started learning how the world looks, I have started it off each day.
When I was four years old I had nothing to eat.
I was so hungry that I cried in pain.
I sucked on my mother's milk but I was still hungry.
Have you ever been that hungry? Because of my father's gambling addiction.
My father took my mother's hard earned money everyday.
Instead of buying food to eat, he bought soju.
My mother's hard earned money served as collateral for me not to be beaten by my father.
Do you know? When I was 13 my father passed away because of alcohol.
That was the happiest day of my life.
We couldn't give a proper burial for my father.
I escaped with my mom while I cried from happiness.
And finally there are no more beatings.
But even though there were no more beatings, do you know what awaited me? Worse starvation.
My senses died.
Insulted, ignored, disregarded.
It wasn't easy in high school.
My mother was over 40.
Without money she had to carry her child going into the city.
That was how hard my life was when I was 13, did you know that? In the winter time my hands and feet were frozen.
and my whole body was wet with sweat during summer.
The two of us lived in a room.
She educated and fed her son.
I asked countless times.
Why must my mother and I live that way.
What did we do wrong? Who did we wronged? No one answered.
But it was not Ji hyun's family who made that happen to you.
I told you.
Like how we were unlucky, they are unlucky too.
Even so, why did you? But why do you need to take out your bitterness on Ji Hyun?s family who didn't do anything wrong to you? On top of that, you even stole Ji Hyun?s heart.
Didn't you feel sorry for Ji Hyun? Why do I have to be sorry? Then to whom will I vent my anger out on? To God? To God, Buddha, and others.
God let me suffer.
Then why will I not let other people suffer the same too? They are born lucky, they enjoyed everything in life.
Thanks to president and Ji Hyun, I won't live a miserable life.
That miserable life, I will change it myself.
That's not right.
It's not right.
No matter how you suffer, What you did is wrong.
Don't talk to me like that, as if you know how hard I lived before.
So You have no intention to stop, do you? That's because there is no reason to stop.
What will I do? I will stop you.
You go try.
Okay, I will try.
Although your life, is very pitiful, you can't let innocent people, pay that price.
Seo Woo, you see this.
This is Ji Hyun's handwriting.
It is isn't it? What is this? Is this Ji Hyun's letter? What are you doing? In Jung, how have you been doing lately? What is the problem? Seo Woo, in this world, are there really ghosts? or a spirit that can go in another persons? body? Do you believe in this? Do you believe that the soul of a person can enter another person's body? Isn't this called being possessed? That means the person is possessed, right? In Jung-ah.
What are you doing here? I have something to ask you, but you asked me not to go inside whenever I wish, so Why are you trembling so much, what is the matter? Shin In Jung, are you crazy? What is this? I also feel that I'm going crazy.
So tell me, am I really crazy or not? Song Yi Kyung is Ji Hyun, do you think that this is possible? That is why I need you to confirm.
Oppa, this is not due to jealousy.
Even if you've had a change of heart, don't you understand me? Think of the times that you were together.
But still Just treat Song Yi Kyung as Ji Hyun for once, that will do.
Also think about what I said.
So you would understand.
Yi Kyung.
Something came up in Daejeon, I'll see you on my way there.
why are you not coming for the hypnosis treatment? The Hypnosis treatment? What's wrong? It's nothing.
I'm just not feeling well.
Miss Yi Kyung, there may be difficulties in the start but you can't give up in the middle.
Also since these days weird things Then I'll go inside, first.
Yi Kyung- What should I do,what should I do, what should I do Invalid password.
Invalid password.
Did he change the password? It wasn't easy to know the safe's password.
Yes, this is Song Yi Kyung.
Where are you now? Let's go out for lunch together.
Have lunch? Just treat Song Yi Kyung as Ji Hyun for once, that will do.
What are you trying to do? Get in.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Let's go.
He said he wanted to eat pasta.
Why did he suddenly wants to get shoes? That looks pretty good.
How is it? Both are not bad, this one will do.
How will I find out his new door code? You don't need to wrap it.
She'll just wear them out.
No, I want to wear what I am wearing.
This is too old, that's why we came here.
Just throw it out.
Those are not mine.
This is the one I really like.
What is it? It was me who didn't like it.
What's the matter? It's these, right? Go on.
There was a strange woman squatting over here.
Song Yi Kyung, why are you squatting by the corridor? You will know soon, Song Yi Kyung seems to be Ji Hyun.
I just confirmed that Song Yi Kyung went into her house.
Song Yi Kyung.
What's wrong, Kang Min Ho-ssi?